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How much fun was that to watch last night? As a sports writer or sports spectator, there is nothing more enjoyable to watch then a master at work. That’s how I used to feel when Pedro was on the mound. That’s what it felt like with Daisuke last night.

The amazing thing was Varitek saying after the game that Dice-K had great command of his cutter, but he sensed in the bullpen that a lot of the other pitches weren’t working. he’s going to pitch complete game masterpieces when he only has one or two pitches working? That’s going to be interesting. And it’s sort of a depressing thought for opposing hitters. Jim Leyland, who doesn’t toss praise around loosely, was impressed.

The real star athletes always seem to elevate their level when the crowd gets electric behind them. And I suppose it takes a star to generate such electricity. You saw that in the ninth last night with the crowd basically standing on every pitch.

It seems like all of a sudden, Dice-K is getting it. He’s getting the type of workout routine that works for him. More running,less weights. He’s getting used to gripping the bigger baseball. He’s making do with a smaller strike zone.

The Red Sox are just rolling in every possible way right now. The offense is hardly dominant, but they always seem to get that hit when they need it. And it has to be so much less taxing for an offense when the starting pitching is getting it done basically every night. And the bullpen is getting so much rest thanks to the starters.

Sure, the Sox got off to a great start last year. But didn’t you always see the flaws in that team? This team looks loaded, and you feel that "winning vibe" in the clubhouse that I never felt as much last year. The ’03-04 teams had a special feel from a chemistry standpoint, and I think these guys are starting to get that.

Hopefully we’ll get more of an update on Beckett today, and whether he can make his next start. The way things are going for this team right now, Snyder will step in and allow two runs over seven innings.

I’ll talk to you later,



The offense is hardly dominant?

Ian, the Red Sox are leading the league in runs scored. You can’t get much more dominant than that.😉

And that’s with Manny and Drew batting .248. Imagine how much better this offense will be once they heat up…

RedSox MLB rankings in selected offensive catagories:

Runs 1

Hits 6

2B 10

3B 8

HR 9



TB 6

BB 1

SO 25

SB 10

CS 29

SB% 4

(the RedSox???)





Ian’s right, that’s not dominant, there’s still room for improvement.😉

Ian,I remember years ago reading that Nolan Ryan used to soak the fingers of his pitching hand in pickle brine,to toughen them against abrasions,blisters,etc. Has anything like that been proposed for Beckett? It sure seemed to work for Ryan.

Let me clarify the offense “not dominant” part of my post. that was in the context of the 2003-2004 Red Sox, and even the Red Sox of 2005 from April through August. We saw some historic offense those 3 years. As for Beckett, he has tried every blister cure under the sun , including the pickle juice.

I just hope he sticks with his other pitches regardless of the blisters. maybe he needs some rest every now and then…miss a start here and there…does his skin wear down, or is it just something that happens all at once because of a certain pitch? does any of this make sense…lol

They have insisted it wasn’t a blister, Ian do you have any reason to doubt this?

If it is a blister i would be fine with him laying off those pitches a little, perhaps in the middle of where he is htis year and was last year… yes he had a crappy ERA and gave up a lot of HR’s last year, he still won 15 games though… i’d take that if it means he’s healthy and pitching..

blister and avulsion. I don’t believe there’s that huge a difference. Just semantics.

i’m watching the game right now looks like another night of no run support for wake. hopefully beckett will be able to make his next start, but i dont think it would be a big deal for him to miss 6 or 7 starts this year because of the blister troubles, he could still win 18 or 19 at this pace

Kyle Snyder coming in the game. Does this mean he doesn’t get the call on Friday if Beckett can’t go? Or is he simply pulling an Andy Pettitte?

Can’t win them all, eh? However the Brewers lost, we’ve still got the best reocord by far. Verlander outpiched us tonight, Wake had one bad inning, Donnely was to blame for letting the game get out of reach.

I actually dont think they are the same thing (blister and avulsion) an avulsiuon pretty much means a bad rip of a body part, but this obviously wasn’t as severe as the definition suggests. When it first happened they described it as a small bit of skin cut partially off, making it like a flap. Kind of like a deep paper-cut at a weird angle. Doesn’t sound so bad, hope he’s up for the braves.

We finally get a nationally televised game and we get stuck watching Tavarez???

When is Lester going to be ready? What the heck is going on with the “cramping in his forearm”?


June 28, 2007

For more information:

Ted: 813-749-8560 ext. 22


Any chance we’ll see Ellsbury in the bigs if Coco continues to stink up the place?

We know Pena is not a great fielder, but maybe his better bat would help the club?

In any case, Crisp’s atrocious average, OBP, and slugging % need to be addressed one way or the other. We can’t wait forever.

I’d rather have Coco hitting poorly in the 8-hole, acting as a legitimate stolen base threat and making phenomenal catches out in center then have Wily Mo making errors and striking out 50% of the time.

Crisp is going to come around, I know we keep saying that but you have to have faith that somebody with his talent will put it together eventually.

Drew is going to be out for a couple games anyways due to the bad back so Wily Mo will get his hacks in for the rest of the Detroit series.

Here is a nice counter to the Yanks standard BS comeback… “Once we get our rotation healthly…”

I checked the box score today… Phelps, Abreau, Cabrera, and Cairo bringing up the rear in the lineup…. along with Mussina and his 5.64 on the mound. This team really does stink. White Sox came in with a .220 team batting average and lit up Mussina. I can’t even imagine a team average of .220 this far into the season.

It’s actually pretty painful watching the White Sox and Yanks. White Sox win and you have to deal with the worst homer-announcers in the game. Yanks win… you get the point.

Beckett out Friday. maybe lester or hanseck i dont know. also everyone take some time to visit my site at

honestly we need to see lester replace tavarez as soon as possible i mean, our 1-4 pitchers are all doing very well if not amazing. but i hate to say it tavarez isnt impressing me at all. i really hope he proves me wrong tonight.

Yup, Beckett is officially out for Friday. I would be very surprised to see Lester called up now and Kason Gabbard pitched on Monday. Hansack seems to be the logical choice, although ….. Clay Buchholz, anyone ?

Well, here I have a rare night off, the game is on espn-hd. I got my hdtv fired up, my dinner ready, Ben&Jerry’s pistacio ice cream softening up on the kitchen counter and the game is rained out! Oy!!!


Well, because of that, i think we have our starter for Friday :


You forget we might have a double header tomarrow so we still will need a starter for friday .

You’re right. I should’ve thought of it. They’re actually playing at 12:35 and 7:05 tomorrow.

Problem remains the same and Arnie is wasting a night off !

Coco is hitting the ball much better now than he was even a few weeks ago. Ellsbury needs to get seasoning and regular at-bats at Pawtucket. If Pena is traded, you will likely see David Murphy or Brandon Moss, both of whom are decent defensive outfielders with a solid bat.

As for Friday, Hansack will definitely be fresh, but he might be ineffective because of a lack of action lately. Gabbard pitches to contact and, though he did pitch Monday, I guess he could give the Sox five or six innings since he only threw 63 pitches in the PawSox win on Monday. I think that Gabbard and Hansack would be decent back of the rotation starters for many major league teams right now. The Sox are fortunate to have pitching depth this season. I would even be comfortable with Runelvys Hernandez making the start, but I know he is reocvering from hamstring issues and has not gone deep in any of his starts (though he does have an impressive ERA).


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