Pitching plans

OK, so we know that Josh Beckett won’t pitch Friday night. We don’t know who will, though all signs point to Devern Hansack. Yes, Hansack was scratched from tonight’s game at Pawtucket, which seems to be a dead give-away that he’s Fenway-bound. In fact, he was seen leaving McCoy in civilian clothes before tonight’s game, another pretty good hint.

Now, we also don’t know who will pitch Sunday. Tito was very coy about that. He said it will all make sense once they announce it. Wake was supposed to pitch Sunday, but he’ll know twirl his knuckler in the Bronx on Monday night.

The strong speculation is that Kason Gabbard will get Sunday’s nod. That is his day in Pawtucket anyway. Both of those guys pitched well when the Sox called them up last year, and they were both impressive in Spring Training. So with a nine-game lead in the standings, I don’t think you can go wrong with Hansack and Gabbard.

Ortiz is sick, so Manny will DH tonight. Wily Mo will play left. J.D. will be in right.

Anyway, I have to start writing, so I’ll add to this entry later in the day when I have more time.




Ian do u think that means John lester will get that start ? That would be sweet.

no, i actually asked him about that just so he could quiet the conspiracy theorists. Lester will take the ball saturday in ottawa.

Could it be Breslow? would be nice to see what he can do up in the bigs. Who do you think it will be Ian?

Breslow is a reliever. I think Sunday’s starter might come within, perhaps Kyle Snyder.

Why the heck would he keep that a secret ? I think Snyder reminds me of Arroyo wouldn’t be a bad spot started any one in AAA that we might see beside Gabbard?

Anyone else realllly getting annoyed at the constant ***** Sporting Goods commercials on mlb.tv?

alriiiight way to go censors

Solid win today, great pitching and timely hitting were the story in the the first game. Both Sox runs were scored on 2-out RBIs and Papelbon looked off the charts with all three pitches. Did anybody see that slider he broke off on Rodriguez? Nasty.

More importantly, he only threw 13 pitches so if it’s another tight one tonight (which it should be), we’ll have Paps good to go.

Also of importance is that Tavarez gave 7 strong innings, meaning that he saved the bullpen some work which could prove crucial in the next 2 series.

I don’t mind missing the game if the make-up is a victory for the Sox and a good performance by Hooligan. Go Sox! But I did get bored last night and ended up eating the whole container of B&J’s ice cream, haha.

Great to see Tavarez have a solid outing. I wish he was more consistent, but holding the Tigers offense to one run is nothing to sneeze at.

From what I have read on the Globe looks like it’s going Gabbard on Saturday and Hansack on Sunday. This only means that Beckett may go on the DL, Which is not a bad thing considering we have 8.5 game lead and We will need Beckett more later in the Season.

This also means Wake will pitch against Yanks.

Gabbard, Matsuzaka & Hansack Vs Braves. Wake, Tavarez & Shilling Vs Yanks.

Schilling has to come up big tonight. Keep out of the bullpen early, get us a victory. Then it will be easier to take 2 of 3 from Atlanta and take the Yankee series, hopefully. This weekend the bats have to be hot, take pressure off the kids. That’s my plan. Tell Tito.

Gabbard for Friday, that is what I think, as for Beckett, if they place him on the 15 day DL they could make it retroactive to the 11th which means the 26th he could come back. This would allow Hansack to be recalled before the 21st. If no DL for Beckett then some one else must go on the DL for Hansack to come back.

Maybe they have made a trade? Linecum? Maddux?

Why isn’t it Wily Mo at DH and Manny in his regular LF position ?

I wouldn’t count on a trade. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I’m sure Manny is DH’ing to give him a rest. Also it doesn’t hurt to give Wily Mo some experience at all of the outfield positions, although I foresee him getting a bad read on a deep fly ball to left field and possibly running right through the Monster.

WOW, Hinske just pulled a Coco ! What a catch !

OMG!!!!! Hinske just made the best catch of the year and almost knocked himself out in the process!

I don’t think that Synder should get the start. The way Schill is pitching we may have to use him, I would bet Hansack or gabbard getting the start. Synder is a reiliver, he hasn’t pitched many lenghty outing, while gannard and hansack have din AAA

Apparently, it will be Hansack tomorrow and Gabbard on Sunday. The most exciting matchup, of course, will be Dice-K vs Smoltz on Saturday.

That’s the kind of matchups that make baseball so special.

Is Smotlz pitching Vs Sox? I thought he injured his finger or something.

Snyder is definetly not going to get a start. Tito is impressed by the job he is doing in the pen so far and he won’t like to disturb the balance in the bullpen I guess.

Hinske is having a great night. 2 run dinger and a great catch. Go Eric!

Smoltz is for sure pitching. The only thing that happened because of his finger is that he’s pitching Saturday when he was scheduled to pitch tomorrow.

Anyone know if Papelbon can go two in one day? I only ask this because he hasn’t pitched in about a week.

I am excited about seeing Hansack and Gabbard start this weekend. Both are able back of the rotation type starters, and I look forward to seeing them produce. How about Eric Hinske with the jawdropping catch and the clutch two-run home run. One of the main reasons why I think the Sox will win the AL East and content for the World Series championship is the fact that so many different players come through on different nights. That is the sign of a great team.



Speaking of bullpens. What was supposed to be the 2007 Sox Achilles Heel has turned into a major strength….arguably a large reason why the Sox sit 27-12

Take Snyder, Donnelly, Okajima and Papelbon (6-7-8-9) stats combined through 39 games

IP: 58

H: 33

ER: 9

BB: 19

SO: 60

ERA: 1.40

WHIP: 0.90

That’s gettin the job done. Of course they are being helped by lots of rest.

It is nice to have decent guys in AAA to back up the staff. Hansack, Gabbard and to some extent Pauley all have a bit of successful experience as well as a good track record at Pawtucket.

From all the guys who you think would do it, Hinske hits the 2 run go-ahead bomb. The mark of a championship caliper club is one that gets contributions from the stars (Papi, Manny) all the way down to the 24th and 25th men (Hinske, Dougie). And tonight the latter hits a HR and makes a spectacular catch. 3 more outs and the lead will be 9 and a half.

I am especially excited abt seeing Gabbard. I thaught he did an excellant job in the limited starts he made.

The sox are in comfortable position now and Beckett should get all the rest he needs even if that means placing him on the DL. He is too important in the late half season.

Well having not read the prior posts, I guess I have just seconded Jeff’s motion, lol. Looks like Oki for the ninth against the same 3 he dominated earlier today in the 8th. OKIDOKI!!

Looks like OkiDoki for the 9th.

rizzo I was abt to post same exact comment u posted…U beat me there.

lol kumar, I am not that clever they say it all the time on WRKO, thats where I get it from

great job Okidoki.

I still think Tito could have used Paps. He pitched only 13 pitches today and didn’t pitch for a week. Just to give him some work.

9.5 …I guess u know what number I am talking abt.

We will be thanking Tito for not bringing him in Sept/Oct

9.5 games. Feels great!

Didn’t even need Big Papi tonight. Was he just rested tonight?

I’m glad Pap didn’t pitch. Don’t overuse him.

He sure can throw more than 13 pitches on the same day, but with 6 hours between the 13th and the 14th pitch ? I’m not sure.

credit should go to Tavarez for pitching so well in the first game today and helping us rest the bullpen for the night game. Tavarez pitched great today.

Shill didn’t have hsi best stuff and control today but he pitched well to get out of couple of bad jams.

Wow. I can only imagine how hard Fenway must have been rockin’ once Ordonez came to bat. I think we can once and for all say that Okajima is NOT just a stable pony signed to keep Matsuzaka company.

Speaking of that 9.5, when’s the last time you can remember seeing 4 out of 5 teams in the AL East with sub .500 records? Talk about your injury ravaged teams.

Well, Schill did not seem to have his best stuff but he did not give up a lot of runs. The bullpen comes up HUGE again. And Hinske out of nowhere hits the game winner. If I were to be telling someone about playing the Sox right now, I would say; They have great starters but don’t be too anxious to get into their bullpen and DON’T let them get into yours. If you knock the starter out you better have a 7 run lead. This team will keep coming at you for all 27 outs. That’s my scouting report.

So far watching this team I can say this just keep the game close leading/trailing and hand it over to the bullpen and u r sure to get a win.

Also no lead is safe Vs Sox even a 5 run lead with 2 outs in the 9th.

It’s official from TITO.

Gabbard will pitch.

Beckett will go on DL. He will make his next start on 29th. I think that is good decision to move Josh to DL.

Hansack recalled from Pawtuket to take Beckett’s place.

No, they’re recalling Hansack so he can start tomorrow.

Let Beckett get his avulsion situation taken care of while the Sox are up 9 and 1/2. Hopefully by the time he gets back it will be double digits.

Papi got the night off because he has been battling a cold the last couple of days, nothing serious.

And it was great to see Hinske make some big plays tonight. Whenever they show the Sox bench, he always seems like the first guy up to congratulate a player and once again, the importance of character players and team chemistry cannot be stressed enough.

I’m not watching the game. Anything wrong with Big Papi or is he just resting?

I’m not sure that it was Shilling who got out (or into) the jams, it took a lot of good defense. Some of those ‘doubles’ were such bloop hits, it’s hard to hold those against Shilling. The dude sums it up himself in the post game press conference, ‘weird’. You just have to love the character these guys are playing with though. ‘In your Face’ has some extra meaning for Hinske today, what a great play. Funny, Tavarez pitches a gem and looks like Schilling, Schilling pitches a head shaker and looks like Tavarez, and combined they give up what 3 runs?

Wasnt Schilling pitching short of rest? Should be an interesting weekend, Im hoping we can win tonight. Saturday could be anyone’s game awesome pitching matchup, and Sunday they have there best so far against our call up. We need tonight’s game to set up a 2\3 weekend. Maybe if the gods be willing a continued dominance of the senior circuit. Is it me or due the sox seem to have a problem hitting rookies and call ups?

Great. Another game rained out.

We’ll have a doubleheader tomorrow. So we won’t have our Dice-K vs Smoltz duel, since Dice is now slotted in the first game against Lerew. I’m not sure why. And i don’t know who’s gonna start the 2nd game. If it’s Hansack, it doesn’t make any sense.

Ian, who’s pitching the 2nd game tomorrow vs Smoltz ?

Well, it’s hard to argue with a manager that sit atop of the entire MLB, but i have to say : i don’t like the way things are turning out as for pitching matchups. Tito prefers to keep Dice-K in his scheduled afternoon slot and move Hansack from Friday night to Saturday night in a David vs Goliath type matchup against John Smoltz.

At least it’s nice for the afternoon game tickets holders. They still get to see Dice-K on the mound.

Is there a difference? if you have Dice-K face Smoltz you have two rookies against each other. You have to assume Dice-K beats the rookie and then Smoltz beats your rookie, isn’t that a wash, or is there that big of a concern with the rookie on the Braves, in which case both games would be a disadvantage anyway?

Not at all. I don’t even know that Lerew guy. I just happen to like good matchups like the one we were expecting for tomorrow afternoon. I was all fired up.

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