Schill regains heat

I have to admit, i was very curious to see how Curt Schilling was going to pitch Monday night. Let’s face it, he had looked mighty ordinary in his last three starts. Combine that with his less than spectacular second half last season and it was only fair to wonder if, well, the aging process was getting the best of the big righty.

But the thing about the great competitors — and Schilling is definitely one of them — is that they just keep searching until they find some answers. It sounds like Schilling had worked overtime with pitching coach John Farrell leading up to this start. The result was Schilling having his best fastball in weeks, and, according to the pitcher himself, his best splitter in years. A large number of Schilling’s 10 K’s came on diving splits. It was definitely a good momentum boost for Schilling goingi into the Sunday night game against the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees, how in the world are they 13 1/2 games back? Roger Clemens must feel like he’s returning to a lost cause. Sure you can’t rule out the Yankees coming back. Just look at 1978 as a reference point. But I don’t see this Red Sox team squandering such a big lead with their pitching as good as it is.

Papelbon started out rusty in the ninth last night, but was good when he needed to be. The radar gun reading on his last pitch of the game? 97-MPH. It blew right by Hafner.

As if there wasn’t enough going on between Schilling and Papelbon and Trot coming back, the red-hot Youkilis put the ball in the perfect spot for an inside the park homer. What is the most exciting inside the park homer you all have ever seen? I’d take Pokey Reese’s in May, 2004 against the Royals. That was a photo finish with Pokey sliding in safely with a cloud of dirt following him.

Beckett is back tonight. For those who wondered if the Red Sox would cool off while he was out, consider that they boosted their lead from eight games to 11 1/2 during his DL stint.

Times are good right now for the Sox.




The Strong keep getting stronger…….

Winning with Ortiz resting, Lester and Timlin almost ready in Pawtucket, Beckett back 100%, Pedroia showing with 12 pitch at bats and a high On-Base Percentage that he’s a legit major leaguer….. WOW!!

d reinbold, people feel sorry for Yankee fans because they have human feelings; compassion, empathy. Sox fans know what it is like to suffer, we’re tougher mentally and emotionally. Yankee fans cannot help but have a rich-kid “This can’t happen to US” mentality. So they don’t know how to suffer, and you can see it if you take a peak at the Yankee blog. The overwhelming feeling there is shock. Like a collective, “What the….?” So we as Sox fans can sympathize. It must be doubly painful for NYY fans to have Sox fans feeling sorry for them. But it is human nature, if you have suffered you feel for someone else who is suffering.

How can anyone feel sorry for any other team, particularly one in the Sox Division? We’re only 50 games into the season. Things can change. Look back at last year, and how well the team came rolling out of inter-league play. They looked unstoppable last year, but along came the second half.

The Yanks have an awful lot of talent, and are not likely to finish the year with more losses than wins. How many games will they win, will it be enough to get them into the play-offs? As a play-off team, I would not feel sorry for them. So, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Lets also face it. The Sox are unlikely to play .700 ball for the entire season. That would mean at least 113 wins, which seems improbable. The one thing that some of the commentators are saying that I am buying is how much older the Yanks appear this year. Last season they did get Abreu and the pitcher who died in the airplane crash, but what did they do in the offseason? Pick up Kei Igawa and let Sheffield and Bernie Williams go? All that I read seemed to suggest they relied heavily on Carl Pavano’s return. That’s like the Sox relying heavily on Matt Clement’s return.

The amazing thing seems to be how each of the Sox are picking the other up at the plate. Lugo seems to be struggling at the plate, right about the same time Pedroia has found his hitting shoes, and JD Drew seems to be finding some hits again. And then there’s Youk. Would someone step on my head the next time I mention the name Todd Helton! Let the Yanks have Helton if they feel the desperation.

I do have a couple of questions. I have heard Tito say that he won’t disturb his rotation in anticipation of an upcoming series. However, any chance that he might skip over Julian Tavarez and pitch Schill and Beckett in the last 2 games of the Yanks visit to Fenway next weekend, taking advantage of the day-off on Thursday? Or hold Dice-k off to pitch on Friday, with Schill and Beckett following. If the Sox win the 2nd game of the Cleveland series tonight, they could bring Kason Gabbard up to start Game 3, particularly with the lefthanded bats in the Indians line-up. I know that disturbs the rotation by skipping over both Wake and Julian, and I remember reading Tito indicating he would not gerrymander his rotation in anticipation of a series with the Yanks. Just a question.

I don’t think anyone feels sorry for the Yankees themselves, ie the players, the management, and certainly not for George, but some people may feel badly for Yankee fans. True, some NYY fans are not deserving, as some Sox fans are obnoxious and difficult to stomach, I’m painting with a broad brush here. But surely you have some feeling for a guy like Vince, as an example, someone who is respected even on a Sox blog. He certainly is unhappy, but he holds his head up and keeps the faith, as we like to say in RSN.
You are correct, the Sox will have to win at least 6 of every 10 to stay where they are. The Yanks won’t stay down forever and the Sox almost surely have to cool off. I just don’t see a complete collapse like last year. It’s possible but not as likely.

The Red Sox are doing what they have to do injumping out to a good lead when the Yankee team is not playing well. But there is absolutely no way this is over, things can change very quickly. The Yankees are going to start playing well soon. Look at it this way – the Sox took 1/3 of a season to jump out to this lead – the Yankees have twice that amount of time to erase it. I think this series against the Yankees is huge as we really need to cash in while they are not playing well. We did not do that last year.

I for one don’t check how far ahead we are of division rivals – I check how far we are ahead of the Yankees alone because you know at the edn of the season they are going to be the one’s to worry about.

Question for y’all. It’s been fun watching Youk go on a tear. I noticed he’s had 8 multi-hit games in a row. Anyone know the general or sox record for multi-hit games in a row?

Come on Camp, I just found it, ahh, you took my glory. Kudos. Its 11 games by Tony Perez in ’73, the most consecutive extra-ase hit games is 14 by Chipper Jones in ‘o6.

The most impressive thing about Youk’s streak is that he has 39 hits in the 20 games. A 20 game hit streak is nice, doing it with 2 hits per game is outlandish.

the sox are doing what they havent done in the past and that is jump out to the big lead when the rest of the division is struggling. brendan said it best, even though 11 1/2 is huge, theres 2/3 of a season left. at least it isnt like past years when the yanks started slow wand we were ony up 4 or 5 games.

and youk has single handedly carried my fantasy team the last 3 weeks or so.

The Sox are claiming their place as the best team in the East division, we shoud all feel happy that we are in first place, and we shoud not expect that the yanks rise up.
This year maybe the first year when the Red Sox claim there place in Baseball History

Times are good right now, and with the team we have Im thinking they will be good for the balance of the season. The yankees, fans et all I’ll never feel sorry for. Just as they wouldn’t feel sorry for us ever. We all know they will turn it around eventually, otherwise Im sure George would have the whole team changed before the end of the season…lol, but Im comfortable with the lead and with the horses we have being our pitching staff. All they have to do is maintain the lead, and Im positive they can. Go-Beckett-Go-sox…Beckett’s my starter in the fantasy league tonight too.

i will never feel sorry for yankee fan either. they are finally getting a taste of what sox fans experienced for 86 years.

Yeah No kidding. Hopefully the Yanks won’t win a World Series for all of 2000.

Hi Redsox Nation. I have been a diehard redsox fan since the days of Yaz and I am finally going to buy some tickets to my first game ever at Fenway. I have 2 questions for anyone who might like to respond. Which seats might be better- Bleacher Sec 40 front row, Loge sec 116, Infield or Outfield Grandstand? Also is there a decent hotel within walking distance of Fenway?



bbush, It really depends on what type of fan you are. Im a college student who enjoys being heard at the game, so the best of those options for me would be the bleacher front rows. you’d be right there with the visiting bullpen, ready to raise some havoc. If you wanna spend the money for a great seat, go with the loge. although anywhere in fenway is nice, as long as you dont get obstructed view. hope i was a help, and enjoy your first game at fenway! its an awesome place, you will have a great time

Im knocking on wood right now, but hey, does beckett look GREAT tonight or what??!?!?!

He sure does bosoxmonsta, and how bout Youk, the guy is absolutely scorching!! Both of whom happen to be on fantasy team so I am doubly happy

Youk deserves to be player of the month: .415 6HR and 22RBI.

I’m not sure Magglio Ordonez’s numbers but he would be the only guy who I could see as giving Youk competition.

Youk Has been hitting good and not just today but the whole month!! Has anyone been surprised by the way Tek has been Hitting this year?

Tek is about where I expected him .260-.270 range (right now .272) and 15/65, the guy I am surprised with is Pedroia, I figured he could be a .270, .280 hitter at best but this guy is over .300

Yeah your right Pedroia has surprised me the last couple of games. Getting at least 2 hits a night.

Wow!!! Holy Walks! What was that the third straight batter he just walked? Or was it the fourth?

whos comin on for the ninth?

Jeff, I want to comment on your post last night regarding Nixon and Drew. What facts and stats are you basing your assesment on?? If I remember correctly, I think that JD has spent as much time on the DL as Trot, and has posted very very similar numbers. I know I’m partial toward Trot, but I don’t think that the bundle of money that they spent on JD was a good deal. I know that the numbers are likely to change but I still don’t think jaydee is worth what they are paying for him. I think that Trot at say 4-6 mil per year would have bought us a solid right fielder, and could have purchased another couple of players.

On another tact, I’m just so psyched that the Sox have jumped out to such a huge lead right from the start, and they don’t seem likely to let this lead slip away. I keep saying that the words team and teamwork have suddenly reappeared in the RedSox dictionary, that really makes me one very happy Nationer!!!

Two more now Oki, here we go OKIDOKI!!!

PS: Yanks lose AGAIN, 14.5 anyone?!?

Oki is more than oki-doki!!

its good to have a guy capable of being your closer just in case.

Jamie, I haven’t seen you here in forever, maybe I just missed your posts, or.. where in the heck have you been?? Studying??? I didn’t think so!! lol

It’s weird checking out the MLB Scoreboard and being more preoccupied with whether or not the Orioles are losing to the Royals instead of being happy that the Yankees lost another game.

Youk is some sort of hitting freak lately, he has suddenly developed a good looking opposite field stroke.

And Pedroia is a pleasant surprise (although some of you hypocrites better relect back on your older posts in which you complained that Cora should be the starting 2B before completing your jump onto the Dustin bandwagon).

do Torre and Cashman keep their jobs?

We have absolutely nothing to worry about with the Orioles and Jays. They have 0% chance of catching us. The only bad news with the 14.5 game lead over our only competition is that they might be so far back, that George may throw in the white towel soon instead of throwing more money or prospects down the toilet (preferable). We might have to be content with the big, fat, flop known as Clemens.

Countdown to Pedroia moving up to the 1 or 2 spot… 6 games. I know times are certainly good… but Crisp has absolutely nothing at the plate… no power, no average, and no OBP. Lugo isn’t much better… does he leave the bases loaded every game?

JD Drew is a 5-tool stud. Fantastic fielder, great arm, great baserunner, hits for power and average, good plate discipline…

By the end of the year, barring injury, he should have 20+ HR, 100+ RBI, .400/.500/.280.

I loved Trot, but JD is going to be awesome.

I doubt they move Pedroia. Look at it this way, guys we count on, Manny, Papi, Lowell, Drew, and Youk. Guys we hope that 2 out of 4 produce on the same night Pedroia, Crisp, Lugo, and Tek. Right now it’s Tek and “doubles” Pedroia acting as the supporting cast, hopefully they keep producing until Crisp and Lugo get completely turned around (both actually had good games Monday).

In fact

Lugo had a .500 average this season with the bases loaded (4 of 8) before Monday’s game, so no he doesn’t always leave them loaded. He leads the team with 22 RBIs in the last 30 days and he’s tied with Youk for 4th for the season to date with 30. He’s making his hits count.

Anyone want to research Coco, I’m on my way to bed.

ellen were you talkin to me? im not jaime. ryan. but yes it has been awhile since ive been on

Ellen, Trot Nixon is a career .278 hitter with 135 home runs and 544 RBI, with a bulk of his better numbers posted from 1999-2003. He has played 1,022 games overall and had 3,423 at-bats.

J.D. Drew is career .284 hitter with 164 home runs and 525 RBI in eight full seasons (1005 games total, including this season, and 3,312 at-bats). The difference is, as their career numbers show, Drew is much more consistent than Nixon. Though he has spent chunks of time on the DL like Nixon, Drew is a threat in the field, on the basepaths and at the plate, and he is not helpless against left-handed pitching. And if you look at the last four seasons, Nixon has been injury prone, while Drew has posted more productive numbers. I do like Trot, but his time had passed in Boston. Drew is a more appealing long-term answer.

I know you are a Trot fan, and you prefer Trot over Drew. That is something we will have to agree to disagree on because I would much rather see Drew in right than Nixon.

Regarding the bullpen, it is indeed a great feeling to know that we have two legitimate closers on this team in Papelbon and Okajima. Javier Lopez has gotten some key outs, and Kyle Snyder is a guy I hope sees more action in crunch time because he is very reliable. I wrote a post tonight saying that I hope that Pineiro, and not Romero is the guy who is cut loose when Jon Lester is activated and Julian Tavarez is moved to the bullpen. Either Pineiro or Romero will likely go because Lopez and Okajima (the only two with options remaining) are pitching too well to send them to Pawtucket. I prefer that Pineiro is sent packing. I think Romero can help this team for the duration of the season.


i know that lopez has been freat so far but he probably will go cause pinero and romero are both making too much money to be sent down. but if that is not a factor in the decision is would be romero because we would still have 2 lefties in the pen. but i also would rather have pinero go cause he is just about as worthless as a headless chicken.

Crisp is starting to come around. And Lugo is driving in runs. Batting average is highly over-rated, it’s RBI’s and runs scored that count. And Crisp scores runs when he gets on. If you project the numbers Crisp is on his way to score 81 runs. Not bad for a guy who is not playing to his potential yet. Lugo is on pace to drive in 90. So don’t be too anxious to mess with this lineup.

Some of you need to learn a little patience as well as discretion.

Just because Pedroia has had a solid 2 weeks at the plate doesn’t justify moving him from the #9 slot to leadoff hitter. The guy is a rookie playing in a city which suffocates it’s players with pressure, so that probably would not turn out well.

And through all of Lugo’s struggles to piece together multi-hit games and a high average, the guy is an RBI machine at the top of the order so if you take him out of that slot you are erasing all the potential RBI’s he is clearly capable of driving in.

As soon as Papi gets back, Crisp will go back to the 8-hole where he has done an adequate job. Or maybe some of you would rather see Wily Mo bumbling around in CF instead of Coco? The game-saving plays Coco has made in the first 1/4 of this year alone trump anything that Wily Mo has done in his 2-year career with the Red Sox.

I would be interested in getting a Yankee fan perspective on something, which I guess would be Vince. The Yankees are not starting Clemens against Boston. In my view, this is a bad move on their part. The Yankees desperately need something to jumpstart their season and this could have been the perfect catalyst to it in terms of getting people on the team going, getting them to show some fight, etc. And if he got pounded, (I don’t think that would have happened), it’s not like the Yankees had much to lose. They needed to try something. I for one am glad his start will be in relative anonymity against the White Sox on a Monday.

There are many reasons why the Yankees aren’t going to start Clemens v. Red Sox. First off the Sox ave the highest team OBP in the majors at .362, while the White Sox are 30th in that catergory, this would make for an eaiser transition, also what if he gets pounded?

I am as thrilled with Okajima’s performance as anyone else. However, did I read where he’s on a one year contract? Given how well he’s performed, particularly in his “part-time closer” role, I’m concerned about the amount of interest likely to be shown in him at the end of the year. I hope the front office has been seriously exploring options on extending his time in Red Sox Nation.

I know brendan.graham asked for a Yankee fan perspective on not starting Clemens at Fenway this week-end, but I think you can only see it one way. The Yanks are desperate for some sort of spark to ignite their season, and see Roger as the great hope. If he were significantly roughed up in his first outing vs. Boston (it has happened before, remember his 1999 start in the play-offs in Fenway vs. Pedro), it might dose the fire before its even flickering.

If I’m anywhere near correct, it doesn’t say much for one’s confidence in a $20+ Mil. investment that has just been made and is good for only the remainder of the season. I also wonder, with the troubles they are having at first base, with Mientkiewicz not hitting and Giambi and all of his adventures, if they will look to acquire Todd Helton.

I know you weren’t looking for my thoughts, but there they are anyway.

I think its time to take off the kid gloves and give Pedroia a chance. If you asked any manager before the season whether we would prefer his lead off guy to have a .300 OBP with more strikeouts than walks or .400 OBP with twice as many walks than strikeouts, who do think he would pick? I think we need to be careful to avoid the “fat, dumb, and happy” syndrome. The “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” isn’t applicable here… a .291 OBP from the lead off spot IS broken.

Just a coupla thoughts.

On moving Pedroia up in the order: I’m pretty sure I remember Francona saying at the beginning of the season that they had Pedroia batting 9th in order to have some pop in the bottom of the order. That’s exactly what they’re getting from him, so I think it’s unlikely that they move him any time soon.

On Clemens’ slow move to the majors: The Yankees are being smart to bring him along slowly. This is his spring training, and one win against the Red Sox isn’t worth messing things up.

On Clemens going to the Yankees: I know it’s been a while since anyone really discussed this, but it occured to me the other night that it makes perfect sense for Clemens to pick NY over Boston this year. The way I see it, if you’re a big name player, it’s probably a much bigger ego stroke to think that you’re going to a team and be a big part of what turns that team’s fortune around, as opposed to going to a team that is doing well enough that your presence is not going to have anywhere near as much impact. I know that may come across as sounding snotty, but it’s honestly not intended to be.

On bbush’s seating question: Personally, I’d go for the infield granny seats, as good balance of price vs. view of the game. Every time I’ve had one of those seats I’ve been able to “upgrade” to a box seat by the 5th or 6th inning. Keep your eyes open for empty seats in the box seat section. If nobody shows up by the 4th, it’s pretty safe to move up. If they do show up, you can always go back to your ticketed seat.

Sox on the tube tonight, and I have a 7:00 public meeting. Crud.

You know, I got started watching the Sox as a kid thanks to the Rocket, but at the moment, I could care less when he came up to the majors. Honestly, at this point, if I were him, I’d have one more start at AAA just to be safe. Because at the moment, the pitching isn’t the major problem for the Yanks, it’s their hitting. The Yanks big 3 are doing pretty well but they’re getting almost no run support. With that lineup, that’s no excuse. They have the ability to manufacture runs with some players, they should do it. It’s like they’re becoming lazy hitters.

I heard they had a new hitting coach from last year and heard rumors now he’ll get fired. Funny how players can’t take the blame. Although, I will say that why would they make the change from last year for their coaches; if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What I’m loving is the fact that we essentially have 2 closers. Okajima is just plain awesome!

So why are we picking on Pedroia again? He’s finally providing the pop with his bat that he was going to anyway. Plus like Tito has said, it’s nice to have some of that pop at the bottom of the order. For a leadoff and then #2 hitter, the BA is an over-rated thing to look at. What Lugo and Crisp (and before Youk, but we know how he’s been) have been doing is getting on base and scoring runs or RBIs thanks to the bottom of our order. 1 through 9 we’re getting it done, so tinkering with a good thing = bad idea.

A 14.5 game lead…never thought that would happen🙂

re: Lugo & Crisp

OPS+ is arguably about the best pure hitting stat out there in my opinion as it combines on-base ability and slugging but adjusts for league and park.

Lugo – 67

Crisp – 66

Lugo and Crisp are offensive dissapointments – SO FAR, but if you look at their career numbers

Lugo – 91

Crisp – 95

It is highly likely that both will hit better over the course of the season.

-although some of you hypocrites better relect back on your older posts in which you complained that Cora should be the starting 2B before completing your jump onto the Dustin bandwagon.-

I don’t know who you are talking about zachary but I for one was never a huge fan of Pedroia when he was slumping because of his size. I also never wanted Cora to start b/c once you start playing utilitymen every game their play begins to decline and their “true” skill shines through. As far as Dustin goes though, I hope he keeps proving me wrong. With the Sox playing so well, there is no need to start chastizing people and calling them hypocrites. All’s good within Red Sox Nation, let’s keep it that way

And I also just noticed on the preview of tonight’s game, I see the upcoming schedule has Becks going on Sunday. Is this true? If it is it kind of surprises me seeing as how we are screwing with our rotation to try and beat a last place team who seems to be going nowhere fast

There is an off day inbetween the two series so he will still be going on five days rest. Tavarez is getting skipped this time.

Thats my point tj, I just think that we shouldn’t have to skip anyone, with how well we are playing and how well Tavarez is pitching. If this race were closer I wouldn’t have a problem starting Beckett, but I don’t see the necessity to mess with the rotation.

the asking price for helton would be too high for the yankees to go after him. plus the rockies probably would make whoever gets him pay all his salary

Rizzo, I like the idea of starting Wakefield, Schilling and Beckett this weekend, and moving Tavarez to Monday at Oakland. True, the Yankees are in disarray, and they are tied with the Devil Rays in last place. But the Yankees are the only team that has a legitimate chance to contend with the Sox in the American League East this year. It’s important that the Sox do all they can to bury the Yankees deeper into the recesses of the division.

I agree with you that we should not stoop to personal attacks on this, or any, blog. There is nothing wrong with stating a strong opinion – such as reminding people that they were wrong in clamoring for Cora for Pedroia (patience, patience, patience! – but it is wrong to call someone a name. That is what made the Red Sox blogosphere are miserable place at times last year.


Rayman, we will agree to disagree. I believe that Pedroia is best suited as the No. 9 hitter (which is like a second leadoff hitter). He has pop, gets on base and makes the bottom of the lineup formidable. Lugo has speed and can get on base with a bunt, and he can swipe second once he gets on, which is something Pedroia cannot do. I’ve seen Lugo play many games in Tampa Bay (I live in Orlando), and he will turn his season around sooner than latter. Gotta have patience. There is no reason to make a move right now when the Sox are 36-15 and 11.5 games ahead of the second place team. Ditto the patience for Drew and Crisp.


jeff, thats why i took 6 months off from here. but it looks like its all good now

With Crisp and Pedroia at 8 and 9 in the batting order, you have in effect a second set of leadoff hitters. Crisps numbers are going to improve and now we have seen what Pedroia can do. It makes the Sox lineup that much deeper.

Brendan, I support the idea completely. There is no benefit to starting clemens against the sox in his debut.

If he does well, with the Sox moneyball approach he would prob last 5-6 innings like all sox fans think he will every start and it would prove them right. If he did poorly, well then he obviously is a terrible pitcher and the Yankees are doomed.

The main reason, is we have mussina, pettitte and wang pitching against the sox, that’s the big three right now, and I doubt clemens does better than any of the three of them in his first start, especially at Fenway Park.

Starting him in Chicago makes sense to me, easier lineup, easier atmosphere, easier transition.

plus if he did start and fenway and if he did get rocked then there would be that ring of doubt. “we gave this guy 30 mil for that?”

Its good to see that the yanks and that little cry baby arod have had to resort to childish pranks to win games.

yeah because they didn’t already lead 7-5 and were leading throughout the entire game. Real sophisticated. There is nothing illegal about it and who are you to say it’s not done more often?

it seems proper justification on here to say “sure you caught a bad break, but good teams get around that” so simple solution: A: don’t put a rookie in in a big situation against the heart of a lineup and B: Next time retire Giambi and minimize the damage, right?

You know people can say it’s just part of the game but I know that a player like Jeter would never do something as cheap as to call off a fielder while running around the bases like A-Rod did. I don’t know if it’s against the rules – I don’t think it even matters – but I know what A-Rod did was completely unsportsmanlike and is inidicative of the type of player he is.

It’s one win in six games, are you sinking low enough to try and dejustify it?

Yankeev – the reaction of the fielders and managers should tell you it doesn’t happen that much.

Unsportsmanlike? Yeah, probably. But again, it seems like one of those things im sure a lot of players try and it never works. It’s like the fake to third, throw to first play.

I’ll take a guy who will do the dirty work on a team that looks like they need to be kicked around a little bit. And no, it is not against the rules, A-Rod never touched him.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is – it could be a complete blowout, they could be on a great winning streak, a terrible losing streak, whatever. I deon’t think certain situations give right to act in an unsportsmanlike way.

Brendan, my belief is it doesn’t work that much, as opposed to not happening. Rivera set everyone in order anyway, it’s a moot point.

Sorry but it is nothing like faking to third and throwing to first.

The outcome doesn’t matter. It’s the fact he did it. Also, he tries to protest his innocence after saying he didn’t do anything. If there’s nothing wrong with it, why bother lying?

Yankeev – have you seen many people try it before? I have been to a lot of games and have never seen it happen. Nor I have never seen any commentator pick up on it or mention it as something that happens.

i think arod just needs a hug. maybe his blonde chick will help him out🙂

I mean in terms of success it is, not the type of play. The outcome doesn’t matter? I don’t consider Manny pimping his fly balls very sportsmanlike but it’s a **** of a lot less unsportsmanlike when they are fly outs because then he just looks stupid. Maybe Macdonald should learn how to catch fly balls or learn the guys voice he plays with every single day constantly and not the sound of a man running.

Players do little things all the time that get overlooked, Manny especially being one of them. No team particularly plays dirty baseball.

Because saying “yeah i tricked u” looks a lot worse than just denying it. That to me would be more unsportsmanlike.

Brendan, even oplaying in little league I’ve seen it done, can you honestly say you can prove otherwise? No because the players aren’t Miked and its not something you can visually see. In fact, even in this game nobody heard for sure what happened except that Macdonald got angry.

The guy he played behind “every single day” was brought up from Triple A for this game so you can throw that one out the window

Fine, well i’m sure he didn’t have a voice transmitter on for the inning, so you can reinstate the fact he probably sounds a lot different. Not to mention it makes less sense a AAA guy, shortstop or not would call off a veteran who was already lined up on the ball.

So it’s more sporting to you that he (i) calls off a guy (I’m sure you believe that he did it, even if you say it can’t be proven) and (ii) then lie about it? How does the lying make him more sportsmanlike?

I guess the bottom line is that it is unsportsmanlike. On that much at least we can agree. In my view, unsportsmanlike condust like that doesn’t have much of a place in the game.

And no obviously I can’t prove it’s not done. Primarily because it’s a lot harder to prove something that’s not done than something that is done.

It’s not the most courteous thing to do if he did it, I agree. I don’t necessarily see a huge problem with it because A: it had no bearing on the final outcome (7-5 and 10-5 aren’t different in the wins column), B: I would imagine things are said all the time on the basepaths and it’s not something I can prove one way or another, C: It is Macdonald’s responsibility to catch the ball (what if he heard a fan shout they had it and he was wearing a Yankees hat? Is that unsportsmanlike) and D: Yes, had he told the truth I would have viewed that as showing Macdonald up. The call wasn’t going to be reversed so what was the point?

The fan argument is irrelevant. People can tell the difference between a voice coming right behind them and one coming from the crowd.

You imagining these things are done all the time is pure conjecture. I really feel that if it was something that was done all the time, even if it worked or not, it would not have gotten the reaction it did from the shortstop, catcher and manager.

Here’s what the Yankee announcers say: it’s one of those unwritten things, you just don’t say anything.

no guys he wasnt saying i got it in terms of the ball. his blonde chick blew him a kiss from the stands and he was just giving her confirmation that he got it

lol Ryan.

Brendan, yeah, what the announcers said makes sense.

People should be able to tell the difference between the guy they’re playing next to for 9 innings and a base runner on the opposing team in mid stride too, but Macdonald has issues there.

My belief is when it works, it is something that would cause that reaction. It usually doesn’t work, so it’s never really an issue, just one of those things. John Gibbons isn’t exactly squeaky clean as a manager either so it is completely expected he get heated. I don’t exactly trust a guy who punches his own players.

and there worse things he coulda done. someone on my team this year trucked a guy trying to make a catch. his argument: “he was in the baseline.”

best part was it worked

So it’s John McDonald’s fault. And Gibbon’s fault. Fair enough.

I’ll let you all argue the fine points of did he or didn’t he, and is that a wrong thing to do if he did; but as Ronald Reagan said,”There you go again.” A-rod does something extra to help his team and ends up looking foolish. He’s the Homer Simpson of baseball–“Doh!!!”

No, it was Macdonald’s fault he didnt catch the ball, period.

You asked why it was made such a big deal and my point is Gibbons is a hot head.

Macdonald dropped the ball, the Yankees lead by two anyway, A-Rod probably distracted him, but he did not chop his arms off.

hahahahaha ok on 2nd thought, his excuse of “I was excited to run the bases” makes him just seem like a fool. But it is absolutely hysterical reasoning.

I don’t think it’s illegal, maybe inappropriate regardless of what Gibbons feels, and I guess it doesn’t happen on a major league level, but I’ve definitely seen it done firsthand. But reading A Rod’s comments, I think this whole thing just became comical.

Just to sort of conclude:
“I played minor league baseball and we were taught, yes taught…by Jose Cardenal and Sammy Mejias, that with 2 outs and pop ups in the infield to yell out “I got it!!!” if we were on base…it is rare that you get such a great opportunity like AROD had (being right behind the 3rd baseman and actually coming at him at the same angle as **** would be)…but, like others have said- that is just AROD luck.”

that was from a commenter on Pete Abe’s blog, you can think of it what you like.

I do agree with some of the people there, it is like the hidden ball trick. You feel stupid if you fall for it, it’s rarely attempted, and it almost never works. Was it wrong of Manny to hide the ball when he robbed Cairo and then show it off? Maybe inappropriate, but not wrong. Is it wrong to pretend you missed a throw to try and draw a guy off base? No. Is it wrong to drop a fly ball intentionally? Not when the infield fly doesn’t apply. If The Jay’s third baseman drops the ball intentionally with a runner on 1st and 1 out and posada running and he goes for the 5-3-4 double play, then is anybody here really complaining? No. That’s my point.

He said that??!! “I was excited to run the bases.”????
OGM that’s rich!

guys tell me what you think. my friend wrote it for english class:
No amount of taunts

No amount of cheers

No amount of sweat

No amount of jeers

No amount of blood

No amount of tears

No amount of doubt

Could take away this year

One upset shortstop

Some hyped up hair

A crazy pitcher

Fans in Kenmore Square

Team of new owners

Taking on the Boss

Wonder who he fires

Now that the Empire has lost

A glove to the face

A pitch up and in

A few extra innings

Then belt out a win

In October chill

Down three to none

The Nation admits

We thought we were done

Three outs away

From getting swept

We bit our nails

We curled up and wept

Who is that pitcher

They say cannot miss?

That’s Mo Rivera

The best that there is

Time to go home

The Yankees have won

There’s no way now

Papi hits a home run

That’s only one game

Have you checked the polls?

No one’s come back

From this deep a hole

On to game five

With a tired bullpen

Longest game ever

Ortiz does it again

“Who’s your pitcher?”

Wouldn’t you like to know

He’s got a bloody sock

And he’s ready to go

Where is Pokey?

Why is Bellhorn hitting?

To jack one over the fence

And extend the inning

Just have to hold on

I’m going to hurl

A slow grounder to first

A-Rod slaps like a girl

First team ever

To force a game seven

Ghosts in the Bronx?

We must be in heaven

Who’s going to pitch

In this winner-take-all?

Everyone else is tired

Give D-Lowe the ball

Give him a few innings

Then go to the ‘pen.

A battle of relievers

Should decide the end.

But Lowe goes though six

One run, one hit

Damon grand slam

“HOLY S—!”

Crossing our fingers

Shaking our legs

Sox fans all know

Not to count all their eggs

As the game winds down

Fans start to breathe

Some even smile

Is **** starting to freeze?

The last pitch

The last out

Let’s go put an end

To an 86-year drought

It seems like defending A-Rod is becoming a 24-hour job for Vince.

Between the controversial slide, his little league style of running the bases, and now the latest, his escapades in strip clubs with some blonde who isn’t his wife, the guy is really building a reputation for himself.

Why even bother trying to justify what Rodriguez does? He’s walking after this year and when he’s playing for some other team I guarantee Yankee fans will absolutely let him have it the first time he steps back into the Stadium (think Shea Stadium’s reaction to Benitez times 1000).

Nothing against A-Rod’s baseball abilities, but he just doesn’t seem like a very likeable person right now.

Great now we just need t-shirts that say:

“A-rod being A-frod”

(poor spelling intended)

Somehow I like the “Manny being Manny” quote better. Probably cause ‘goofy’ is likable and ‘bush league’ is laughable.

Help me out here, I can’t find “comic relief” on my all-star ballot. How am I going to vote for A-Rod?

lol Zach, assuming he leaves, I don’t think it will be quite that intense. A-Rod has won an MVP with the Yankees, and may win a second one this year if the Yankees sniff anywhere near the postseason, he isn’t quite a failure like Benitez.

If he leaves next year I certainly will not boo him any more than any opposing player, but will also not root for him like he is a Trot Nixon type on the Sox. The guy simply would not have spent enough winning years on the team.

Back to my favorite topic of the month…

Pedrioa is now over 100 points higher in OBP vs. Crisp and Lugo. Unless things change quickly, it’s a matter of days in my opinion before Francona makes a switch. There has to be some level of accountability. If you don’t perform anywhere near the norm for a player at a certain spot in the order… you will get replaced by someone who will… regardless of your salary, past accomplishments, name, etc…

Living on the border of New York and being surrounded by Yankee fans (including in my own family), it seems to me as though A-Rod has never been completely embraced by the fans of New York like he was when he was in Seattle or even Texas. I really do believe he is going to walk out on his contract after this year and I also maintain that Yankee fans will have no issues disconnecting themselves from A-Rod.

When he’s not playing up to his expectations (which are ridiculously high when you’re getting paid $252 million), New York has no problems with laying into Rodriguez with endless amounts of criticism, booing, etc.

119 HR, 357 RBI, .300 BA in his first 3 years in New York. Those are unbelievable statistics, yet I doubt you will see many Yankee fans up in arms about Rodriguez moving on at the end of the year.

But when a player like Trot Nixon’s best three years (79 HR, 269 RBI, .270 BA) are significantly less impressive yet his release is endlessly disputed, I think that is pretty telling of A-Rod’s career in New York: From a professional standpoint, the guy is a phenom and the fans respect him for it. But on a personal level, the fans really never connected with him and in some ways feel slighted that he never delivered them a championship.

OMG!! The Yankees won and the Red Sox lost last night! What are we going to do?!? The lead is down to 13.5 games! Here comes the June swoon! I told you so. It’s 1978 all over again. Why, oh why, dear Lord, did I have to be born a Red Sox fan??

But seriously, folks…

Two things I’m tired of hearing sports announcers say during Red Sox games:

“Pick your poison” in reference to the Ortiz-Ramirez duo in the lineup. Can’t they think of something else that conveys the same concept? How about “six of one, half a dozen of the other” or “out of the frying pan and into the fire?” How about a little creativity here, guys?


“Manny being Manny.” Enough already. They never say it’s Manny being Manny when he makes a great catch or a nice, alert throw like the one he made to pick off Barfield last night. He’s not a clown in the outfield like he used to be, or at least nowhere near as often as he used to be.

As for A-Rod, I honestly do feel some sympathy for the guy. He’s most definitely not the only guy in the majors who MIGHT be cheating on his wife (who knows the full details behind the picture, or if was even authentic), or who does the things he does on the field that everyone is getting worked up about. But because he’s A-Rod, everything is magnified. I don’t care how much money he makes, he’s human. Whether you make $50,000 a year or $5,000,000 a year, that much constant attention and hounding is unwarranted.

There was an interesting point made on Mike & Mike in the Morning today, that being that up until now, sports stars haven’t really gotten the Britney Spears type paparazzi treatment, but this could be just the beginning. I certainly hope not.

stars, that’s a great poem… I got goose bumps. I’m going to print it out and have it framed. Thanks to you and the author!!

I just read… “RHP Phil Hughes has a grade three ankle sprain and won’t resume pitching off a mound for four to six weeks, Cashman said.”… Roid Monkey Giambi out indefinitely… Pavano goes for reconstructive surgery…

Are the Yankees still blaming that conditioning guy they fired for all this?

Nah, it’s the Curse of A-Rod, as Jeff has pointed out many times.

Finally someone is doing something about the strike zone (balls 2-4 inches inside and outside are strikes as long as the catcher sets up there)… Sheffield had the right idea around throwing a shard of bat at the ump last night.

I almost felt bad for the Yanks last week… I think a game ended on a call on Abreau that was about 6-7 inches outside. He said afterwards… “I couln’t even make contact with it.”

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