First signs of trouble

It took the first week in June for you to be able to say it: The Boston Red Sox are in a slump. It’s rather impressive it took this long. As any astute baseball observer knows, baseball is full of highs and lows and it’s the team that can minimize the latter that plays baseball in October.

I’m not in Oakland, as you can probably tell by reading the site, but just watching from afar, it looks like an entire offensive slump. The pitching is fine, which is the way you want it to be. Hitting slumps happen. This team has too many bats for it to keep going like this.

One quick fix for the offesne would be for the leadoff man to start hitting. Julio Lugo’s latest 0-fer leaves him at .221. With Drew sitting for the second day in a row, Youkilis was again out of the 2-hole. So, in other words, the other key is to get Drew going. Then they can keep Youk at 2 where he’s most effective.

The two big offensive signings haven’t gotten it done, and for the first time all year, the struggles of those two players are starting to hurt the team.

But I’ll say it again. As long as the Red Sox keep pitching like they are, they are going places. Schilling in a matinee on Thursday. One thing I like about Schilling is that he badly wants to be the guy to take the ball and end this four-game losing streak. I’m sure he’ll be revved up. And fortunately for Boston’s slumbering bats, the ball always carries better during the day-time in Oakland.

I’ll be back on the beat Friday night in Phoenix. I’ll be busy with draft coverage on Thursday.

Talk to you soon,



Getting a wee nervous s/u/x fans?

“Where is Roger?” you chant?

about to headline the following rotation: Clemens, Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Clippard

and what is it that you guys have lost? 6 of 7? and no major injuries yet? and the yankees starting to play like the yankees?

get ready, cuz we’re about to slice this deficit

have a nice day, and remember what the scoreboard says: 26 to 6

lol, what a loser. the yankees starting to play like what????? The mini slump will be over soon, and you can keep your 3 old wise men, and clippedhard. goff off to another site, funny how we don’t see any signs of the whinners until they think there’s a slight hope. Then they are all mouth…and who was it that felt sorry for them again?

What a detestable fella.
You’re right, d_reinbold, no more sympathy.

Hey goof, so you like numbers ? How about 11 GB ?

I think its hilarious that Clemens waited for an NL Central patsy to come back. I guess he wants to feel all cozy and comfy like in his mama’s womb. Hopefully they’ll slap his fat a-r-s-e back into retirement.

What a joke you are goff. Typical Yankee fan, only opens his mouth once his team wins a few. I’m not nervous, because the Sox are better than the Yankees this season. It’s as simple as that. Just as Ian says, baseball is full of highs and lows, we’re in a lull right now no denying that. But a 6 game skid doesn’t nearly match that of an entire quarter season slump. Your Yankees are getting a little hot by beating the worst offense in the majors. Big deal. The A’s have pitching and hitting, just as the Sox do, and the Sox were due for a slump. So guess what? As soon as the Yankees cool down, which I suspect will be right when we heat up again and we start putting more games up on the Yankees, I’m going to personally email you and give you a good razzing. It may happen again every time we put a game up on the Yanks, since evidently you like talking smack. Don’t you even realize you’re not even a .500 team yet? Good job. You just became my target for the rest of the season.

The good thing about the Sox situation is that they still have a nine game lead. They don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing, they just need to get their own house in order. They’ve lost six of seven, but only two games in the standings. It’s not like anyone else is on fire. They’ll be OK.

A nine game lead despite the lack of production from Drew, Lugo and Crisp isn’t bad. Also don’t overlook the fact that neither Papi nor Manny are putting up the power numbers we expected. If you said all this was going to happen before the season started, you would think it would be the Sox nine games behind. All things considered, we have to be pretty happy with where the Sox are knowing that at some point, the 106 million they spent on Lugo/Drew is probably going to start paying off, and Manny and Papi will do what they always do.

I’m not too worried about the Sox right now either. Our deadbeats are either going to wake up soon… or Theo/Terry will make some changes through either the minors or trades. We have enough talent to make some deals.

I think our schedule is pretty favorable as well… We have 38 games left against the Orioles, Devil Rays, Royals, and Rangers.

It’s astonishing how moronic some NYY fans are. Come on, if you take the trouble to post something here, at least be a little clever. Show a molecule of intelligence. I guess cheering for the Yankees kills brain cells! “This is your brain as a Yankees fan” Fried!

It would seem unlikely that the twins will be able to make the postseason. It would also seem unlikely that they will be able to resign Torii Hunter. I wonder how much it would take to get him away from the twins? That way he could finish out the year in center and next year Elisbury takes over in 2008. Unfortunatly, the twins would probably want Elisbury or Bucholcz.

I like it that Francona got himself tossed. If he had just kicked a little dirt on home plate he would have been positively Weaver-esque. It might help to fire up the players a little bit. They need something to put a flame under them, they’ve looked pretty lethargic the last couple games.

Cute how the first person to respond to Ian’s post about a slump is a Yankees’ fan with no class. Yeah, perhaps you’re right that you’ll slice that deficit, but by how much do you think it’ll get sliced.

Playing the White Sox vs. the Athletics from the past several weeks should have shown you that the AL West has somehow gotten much better than it was last season (minus Texas which has consistently been down). Not only that, but the A’s have been pitching REALLY well. Heck, thanks to two of their starters I’ve made the comeback from 7 to 4 in my head-to-head fantasy league. So give the A’s some credit before sounding stupid.

Plus, granted Mussina is a good pitcher, he hasn’t been that great lately. And I’m still not sold on Clippard yet. So that leave the Yankees’ fans 3 starters to brag about. Heck, I’d only brag about Wang and Pettitte cause nobody has any real idea how Clemens will be versus the AL. The Pirates simply don’t count because we know he can dominate over them.

So I guess it boils down to this: think before you talk, Goff. Take a lesson from Vince, he’s a die-hard Yankee fan yet clearly thinks before he talks.

As for the BoSox, well, Ian said exactly what I was thinking, but here’s to hoping there isn’t a sweep.

Schilling always says that he prides himself on being the stopper when his team is losing, so today is his time to prove it and get the Sox back on track.

The beautiful thing about this rotation is if Curt can get us going, it’s all but certain that Beckett is going to hand in a strong performance, and we’ve seen that good pitching is contagious in the rotation. Now if we can just get the bats going…

A right-hander on the mound tonight for the A’s so Drew will be back in the line-up. Hopefully the little break Francona got him going. I haven’t seen him play much in the NL, but it’s my understanding that he’s a big OBP guy so it was good to see him go down 0-2 last night and then use his good eye to take a couple of close pitches and eventually walk.

This worked when I predicted Manny would have a big game against the Yanks so I’m going to test my luck: JD Drew will have a solid game today and get back on track.

There are dumb fans with every fan base.


Owned? Yeah, owned.😛🙂

Yes but it’s proven that the Yankee fans are the dumbest.

Yeah Vince, stupid fans everywhere. But we have to defend our territory.

The best way to deal with dumb or ignorant fans is to ignore them. They either go away, which is good, or start talking to themselves, which is entertaining.

When you respond, it’s like giving a kid ice cream. The more you give ’em, the more they want.

Coco isn’t hitting, and he’s got no arm, but he can sure run down some fly balls with the best of them.

Hard to believe Schilling has only thrown two or three pitches just over 90 mph. Wonder if there’s something wrong with the gun?

How terrible would it be if a game of this nature was ruined by an error?

Wow, got home in the 6th to see Schill pitching a _____-_____ (no jinxes), I don’t care if it could be a perfect game or not, I will just love to see the W.

Ahhh you said the word!!! You never say the word!

You mean W? lol, i wish i could affect games outcomes that easily😉

Knock on wood

1 more….

Congrats Curt, thats as close as you can come

Way to go Curt!!! Thanks!

Sad for Schill but hey, it’s a huge W. Slump is over and our ace showed he still has it.

Still an ace.

hahahah Brendan check out some Yankees blogs. You can see a different representation of your fans than the intelligent ones here. The worse your team is, the dumber other fans come off, it’s that simple.

What a shame!!!!! A brilliant effort, and a huge win!

God………Schlll really went after them in the 9th. NO BS, no picking corners, just go get ’em. Way to go Curt!

Ignoring ABUSIVE posters is correct. But dumb and/or ignorant fans have a right to post here, there is no intelligence requirement. But that does not mean we cannot respond to them. And maybe this person will come back with a witty rejoinder, you never know.

The only good thing to come out of it is maybe Lugo won’t be beating himself up as much as he otherwise would have. But a superb effort and an (almost) perfect riposte to those who said he was too old to be effective

Never said any fan shouldn’t have the right to voice his/her thoughts. It’s just that many post without any thought with no goal except to stir the pot. Why patronize them?

But right now, let’s just revel in Curt Schilling’s effort today. The Sox still didn’t hit, bit if they’re not going to hit, today was a good day not to hit. Curt carried the load!

Brendan I think it is the exact opposite for Lugo. If he makes that play, Stewart never comes up in the first place. Had it not been for the error, Schill would have retired the first 27 he faced, perfect game

interesting to see you ****** riled up…knew that would happen

no class, loser…that was predictable…how many of you guys were out there at fenway holding up the pics of the blonde woman? was that classy?

is derek lowe pointing at his crotch after wrapping up a playoff series classy?

and as far as bragging rights go, yeah, you guys have the big lead, but we’ve won the last two series against the sawx, one at home, one at fenway, and you guys say they are so much better than us this year

we’ve proven we can hit all of your pitchers, including **********

if you guys can keep this up, great…keep telling youselves you’re not nervous

nice season, congrats on the trophy and everything, oh wait it’s not over yet ******

(special thanks to shannon stewart btw–much appreciated)

goffcg – I don’t think we are much better than you this year. We do have a better record against you this year though, despite losing the last two series.

By the way, if we keep this up and actually win the world series, will you send the “congrats on the trophy” post again?

I guess you are right gsm. Ah well…so much for a WITTY response. Plan B..ignore.

What a pathetic loser ! That was predictable ? No kidding !!!!!! Of course, it is, you must be used to be considered like bull. I’m sure you find it easier on the net than in person, hey goofy ?

Time to take out the trash. If only we could get some kind of cyber garbage truck or something.

I love how he clutters his response with ****

That’s a sure sign of stupidity and ignorance.

Yup, Plan B: ignore.

rsox34, you’d know something about pathetic losers wouldn’t you?

AL east titles–yankees 15, red sox 5

Pennants–yankees 39, red sox 11

Championships–yankees 26, red sox 6

how’s that for witty? can you manage to get your brains around that?

you ****** don’t know **** about baseball, you’ll be ******** in september when the s/u/x are folding like a 5-button suit

you turds are so stupid, you celebrate a HR fisk hit in a series you LOST!

and if the roles were reversed right now, you fake fans would be giving up on your team like you did after the 5-game massacre last year

and you root for a guy named manny ramirez who doesn’t give a **** about your team or fanbase and tries to leave every year and yet you tools wear his jersey everywhere and chant his name like he’s some kind of godsend

yankee fans would boo the **** out of someone who didn’t want to play with us

thank god i’m a yankee fan and not another jealous sawx blowhard

enjoy your lives and have a nice summer, i’ll check back in like august and we’ll see what’s going on then

Go Yankees

I’m hoping to cross your road someday. Trust me.

Everybody here on this blog, and Ian, i’m sorry. I shouldn’t overreact just because a stupid ***** post a hatred comment. I don’t know why but he got under my skin. Let’s forget it and good job Schill.

No need to apologize, rsox_34.
He’s almost kind of funny. Almost.

Thanks Arnie. Yeah, ALMOST ! And he almost got me.

What the sad thing is about goff is that he probably defines his life through how well the Yankees are doing. Obviously he’s bitter right now because the Yankees are *******. I feel bad for you, goff, because you may commit suicide when we win the division. Actually that may be a good thing.

Additionally, I must point out that we have the lead in the season series right now fool. And now, on to ignoring you.

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