No one-hit wonder

That was an incredible performance by Curt Schilling. But the agony of it all, giving up a hit with two outs in the ninth. And congratulations to Schilling for reacting with complete class and having a big smile on his face over a victory his team desperately needed.

"We needed a win more than anything today," Schilling said to NESN’s Tina Cervasio immediately following the game.

And he’s right. A 1-0 win ends the four-game losing streak. Who would have thought a Big Papi solo shot in the first inning would make all the difference?

More on the near no-hitter later. should be a great read. I wonder if the Red Sox are going to start revving up those extension talks with Schilling soon.

It was an interesting day for Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein, who was trying to get ready for the draft and watch a no-hitter in progress all at once. Here’s what Theo had to say about the odd juxtaposition:

“It was an interesting day. This is the one day where
none of us really get to see the big league game. We were all in the draft room
and we had the game on outside the room and kept kind of poking our head out
and getting updates and trying not to jinx things. It was funny because the
ninth inning came around right when the 55th pick was about to be selected. We
were trying to do two things at once. We actually closed the door to the draft
room with one out in the ninth inning and asked people not to make noise
outside no matter what happened in the big league game. We actually saw the
basehit right before we selected. It was great to be able to see our club win
and than have two guys we weren’t sure would be at our pick get there at 55 and
62. All in all, it was a good day."

Speaking of the draft, you know this Red Sox regime doesn’t worry a whole lot about karma when they take a shortstop named Dent with their second pick. Fear not, Sox Nationers. From all the research I’ve done, Ryan Dent has no relation to Bucky Bleep. And he also has far better speed than Bucky Bleep.

On that note, my car service will be arriving at my house in five short hours, and than it’s off to Phoenix. I’ll catch up with you all from the desert.




I feel so sad, I really wanted Shilling to get that no-no. It would have really helped him get into the hall of fame.

I wanna feel bad for Lugo too, but im pissed at him. Could have been a perfect game.

Schilling gave up that one hit, not Lugo.

Jeez, can’t folks just enjoy the win?

Curt pitched an amazing game. Perfect or not.

Right on Cyn! I came home early from work today to watch the game. How often do you get to see a masterpiece like that?

I think he had one three ball count all day. It was an amazing effort.

Obviously it would have been nice for Schilling to get the no-hitter, but it’s not like those are worth extra points in the standings. A win is a win, and Schilling really bailed the sleeping Sox offense out today AND gave an overworked bullpen another day to rest.

Just a huge performance by Schill today. Even though it was only a 4-game losing streak, his outing today could be looked back on as a turning point in the season.

I for one am REALLY happy to see that Curt still has that kind of game in him. AND Cyn is right, Schilling did give it up, man what a nice game.

Did anyone hear the interview afterward?? Curt was more than willing to accept the blame. Schilling shook off Tek when he called for a slider, and Schills next pitch hung a little. When asked if Tek was giving him a little ribbing about that he said no. He allowed that Tek said Petey did the same thing in his bid,…. shook off a slider. Then Curt said now I get to play … WHAT IF…

But his class truly showed through when he remarked that even though a no hitter was possible a win was really all he started out to get, and that he REALLY want to pitch a complete game.


Curt showed huge heart today. No sign of struggling at all. Complete domination.
And we can see that this team may go thru a little dip in production with the bats, but they still find a way and we also know that this will be a temporary hitting slump. It’s a good feeling.

That was pure domination. An EXCELLENT pitchers’ duel and wow, almost a no hitter.

I don’t care if Lugo almost made the catch, it doesn’t matter. We won and with a no-hitter to boot.

Actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but this would have been a perfect game right?

Talk about confidence booster for the Sox.🙂

You know, I’m thinking that if the Sox were 20 and 35 or some such, and out of the race, then the no-hitter would have been nice. But this team has bigger goals and the win and complete game are much more important for everybody. Especially the win.

Very good point Arnie. But even if we were 20-35 or whatever, if Schilling had been in this situation then, no one could have faulted him if the 1st thought in his mind at the time had been for the no hitter, instead of “just” a (and I use that very very loosely) win. Human nature taking over: the pursuit of perfection. I do, however commend Curt Schilling for his eloquence and presence of mind in his interviews.

PS.. He said he was very proud of his complete game, and so am I.

I agree Ellen, I would be thinking abt the no-no also, it’s only human, as you say; but after the fact the win is huge. The no hitter would have been a bonus.

I flip on ESPN, and its covering NESN, I think whats going on? Well, I look at the inning, bottom of the ninth, outs none, Schill still pitching. The scroll on the screen says “special broadcast of Schilling atempt at a no-hitter”. I’m gleeful. My friend comes in and asks whats happening, I respond by motioning that I need to keep my mouth shut, in fear of a jinx. Of course I blabber and at the next moment I turn around to see a hit by Shannon Stewart.


Yeah, I think it was a perfect game, no walks, and the error by Lugo doesn’t count becasue it wasn’t Schills fault.

I think it would have been a Perfect Game, if the no-no was accomplished. Correcting myself.

In the 9th all Schilling was throwing were fastballs, however locating and keeping them down leading to the 1st and 2nd out. He was tired that was all he could throw. But, when Stewart came up to bat he was sittin’ pretty on a fastball after noticing the pattern.

rsjones, I know how you feel. Every time I have been to a Sox they have lost. I’ve never seen them win in person. They could play the AARP all-stars and if I attended the game they’d lose. I’ve even thought that if I had the chance to go to a Sox WS game I might decline so as not to ruin it for everyone. Why are we so superstitious?

That’s….”been to a Sox game…”

No, rs, I jinxed it. I was coming home from work on I-95 listening to sports radio 790 The Ticket, and I heard aout Schil having a possible n-h. All of a sudden, 2 lanes open up I though Oh My God, It’s like the Red Sea opening Or the Red Sox Gods opening up my way home. I did way over the limit (for me), got to my exit and home, which usually takes another 20, minutes in about 9 minutes. I get home, they are wrapping up the 8th. I see the rest. If I hadn’t been home(not supposed to bethere for another 20 min’s or so), he’d have pulled it off, LOLOLOLOL

Hey Nationers, I bid you all a goodnight. Game on… tomorrow night at, is it 9:40??? It is always good to be a REDSOX FAN!!! Let’s Go Sox…Keep it up!

Guys, you can all stop torturing yourselves. The announcers jinxed it ! LOL

I got home in the 7th inning and from that moment on, i think they talked about it every 5 minutes. I mean, not the actual words NO HIT- NO RUN but the facts that only Dan Johnson reached first base. And it was because of Lugo’s error.

Can you be less subtle than that ?! LOL

Just kidding.

Diamondbacks & Giants are just into extra innings. Hopefully they beat up on each other for like 18 innings or something and will be tired for the Sox Series.

A perfect game is exactly what it sounds like… 27 up, 27 down. No walks, hits, HBP, errors, catchers interference, etc. Has to be perfect. Lugo’s error ended the perfect game.

We didn’t have a first round pick in the draft this year because of the Julio Lugo signing… the gift that keeps on giving… or taking in this case. .217, can you believe it? Thats even worse than the .219 he hit for the Dodgers last year.

Congrats to a great game by Schilling last night, lets hope the bats wake-up tonight for Beckett. Maybe a little interleague action is just the tonic for some former national leaguers!

I just saw an interesting segment on ‘Pardon the Interruption’ where I learned that the Yankees were watching the end of the Red Sox-A’s game yesterday and erupted into cheers after Schilling lost his no-hitter.

I didn’t read about this incident anywhere in the newspapers but if PTI is reporting it, then it obviously has some truth to it. After researching it online, a lot of people seem to be upset by the Yankees actions.

I am personally indifferent to this story, although it’s kind of amusing to think that the Yankees are so concerned with the Red Sox that they take broken up no-hitters as a means for celebration. Just goes to show you that not only are players lying when they claim not to be scoreboard watching early in the season, but they also are apparently concerned with personal accomplishments. Bob Ryan is a special guest on PTI today and he put it well when he said something to the effect that “All major league players should appreciate what Schilling was trying to do, it would have been a part of baseball history, regardless of the rivalry.”

The “class” of the Yankees has been in question lately with their actions both on and off the field, and it’s kind of funny to see the roles reversed since the Sox are usually the ones painted as “obsessed” with the Yankees every move.

I’d be very curious to hear whether their cheers were more about the potential for the Sox to lose the game or about Schilling himself. He’s not universally loved throughout the Majors, although not universally reviled, either. He does have a reputation as being rather opinionated.

Personally, I’m surprised they cared that much either way.

The impression I got having worked at ESPN all day today was that it was Schilling himself and not the fact it was the Red Sox. I would cheer too, I think that has nothing to do with class.

Hey, who was it that predicted a big day for Drew? 3 run jack. And Lugo is waking up. The Sox are rolling again!

So, it’s Nick Hagadone, a 6’5, 230 lbs lefty from Washington Univ as our first pick ( 2nd round ). Ian said on this site that he’s a former teammate of Tim Lincecum, the young Giants phenom. Now if only Hagadone could develop as fast as him ……………… 🙂

Arnie, i think it was Zachary, but that was yesterday. Never too late !

Zachary, tell us when it’s Coco’s turn !

Re Yankees cheering. Way too much scrutiny. #1, who cares, #2, maybe let the guys have just a little privacy. It’s going to be like Prince Charles and Diana soon. Too much press!

Is Zachary a Biblical name? He’s our new prophet.

How about a prophecy on when Jon Lester will make his 1st start ? June 25th ?

It’s now official : JD is alive !

I have tried to sign on since JD hit his first HR.. NICE SHOT JD DREW!!!! I wanted to say ..Let’s have another one. Before I could sign on (difficulty due to the WONDERFUL CORPORATION OF DELL, I call it Dell h ell)he tags another one.
I think he’s turning his game around. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. I hope he can keep his game going in this direction.

I wonder??? Will a D-Back batter go down tonight?? I really hope not. I hope that we can be bigger than that, especially with the lead that we have (and Thank The God’s for that!!)

PS, Does anyone think that Schill will ever shake Tek off again??? LOLOLOL!!

Who the lleh are these announcers?? i guess they borrowed them from the local Junior High radio station. Earlier they were trying to say that JD was a dirt dawg; They likened him to a dirt bag. Even I couldn’t agree with that. I wasn’t by myself and wasn’t the only one that heard it, I was laughing my bhutt off.

Offense must have been lost in the desert during the Oakland series.

Drew, Crisp and Lugo will all hit better going forward. Lester is looking ready and check out the past three starts by the big 3!!

This is why this version of the Sox will not fold….

I’m really impressed with the game that JD is having tonight. Good game JD<

Just like you Ellen, I was hoping for another dinger when JD got up to bat with 2 on…
I swap to the local news recap just to check tomorrow’s weather and I missed ANOTHER 3 RUN HR…!!!

Go figure, huh? I’m thinking he’s gonna have a big series here and I think it’ll carry over too. Plus, if you look at him swinging lately, he just looks a bit different. Same goes for Lugo and to a slight extent Coco.

I’m thinking our dormant guys are due for a big second half.

There, that’s my prediction: JD, Lugo, and Coco have a very good second half of the season.🙂

As the Yankees cheering for Schill’s loss of the no-hitter, I can’t blame ’em. It’s a rivalry cause of stuff like that. Honestly, I don’t care less cause I bet plenty of Yankee fans did the same and in the rivalry, I expect the players to be just as passionate. So just chalk it up to a meh. ESPN like to report on much ado about nothing at times, even if it is PTI.

I got home tonight and was thrilled to check the box score and see JD collected 3 hits, 2 of them home runs, and 7 RBI’s! Amazing. That must be a huge load off of his mind so I’d expect to see a much more relaxed hitter at the plate, which will obviously translate into the type of results we had been hoping for in the first 60 games of the season. I’m also happy JD made me look good with my prediction because that 1-4 he put up last night just wasn’t cutting it.

The thing I love about our rotation is that it seems like the pitchers thrive off of what the previous guy did the night before. Beckett saw Schilling hand in an Ace-caliber game so he turned around and gave the Sox 8 innings, 8 K’s and no walks. Aboslutely huge.

Hopefully Tavarez can keep the ball rolling tomorrow night and hand in a solid performance, it seems like the bats finally have woken up so here’s to hoping that the Sox interleague dominance continues.

Off-topic, but I was looking at the highlights of the game on the site, and they’re from FSN Arizona…and they have most BORING announcers in the world it seems.

Seriously, I wish they’d show the highlights from the team’s broadcasting network/channel; so FSN Arizona if you went to the D’Backs site and NESN if you went to the BoSox site.

Of course, that may be a bit harder to code, but it’s not that hard.

Or is this something to do with baseball’s STUPID AND IGNORANT AND INSANE (oh and did I mention stupid?) black-out rules?

Well Clemens didn’t pitch as great as I thought he would but then again, this is probably why he was to be pitching against either the ChiSox or Pirates; neither team is doing well so it would be like another tune up game with the added pressure of live bats and the game actually meaning something.

I’m sure the Yankee brass was happy with those 6 IPs though. I’d assume he’ll only get better. And it’ll only make things interesting in the AL East…

While I was watching the Yanks-Bucs game today, I noticed something dtrange, the Yankees seemed to feel. . . . . confident. Right now they are winners of 5 strainght, a whole trip through the rotation. I’ve looked at their rotation and to me it seems solid (Wang,Pettite,Moose,Rocket, and Clippard.) The top four are argueably inning eaters.Asumming injuries don’t occur. The ‘pen seemed set, scoreless for Bruney, Farnsworth, and Vizciano. The Yanks are two games under .500, ha ha, but they are heating up piching wise, and the offense is consistent. I think a race is about to start.

rs- Hopefully looks are deceiving!! We can still keep the BELIEF that while we’ve got this division lead, we can keep it and go further!!! LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!!

Vince – I feel you’re right. Cheering the breaking up of a no hitter does have NOTHING to do with class.

I still don’t have COMPLETE faith in the Yankees’ bullpen, but perhaps they might be coming around. That of course is a bad thing for us, but good for them.

However, if we keep winning at our pace yet so do the Yanks, then that’s trouble for them and THAT’S what I’m hoping for🙂

Wow these Arizona announcers are horrendous. Through 3 innings, here are some gems:

(Lugo asked the umpire to check the ball while he was at bat, and on the next pitch he grounded out)

“Check that ball why don’t you, Lugo is OUT!”

(discussing whether or not the Red Sox would bunt with a man on first and nobody out)

“Most of these guys can’t even spell the word ‘bunt’ let alone do it.”

I can’t prove it, but I just zoned in on the voice of one of the broadcasters. Unless my hearing is hooribly wrong,,,, It’s Joe Garagiola. He used to do the NBC Game of the Week and all the Play off and Series games. This is not the guy I heard last night@!!!! This guy has seen and broadcast some of the BEST GAMES!!!

Those are the same wise guys that talked for a half-hour about Dice-k’s ” GYRO BALL ” during an exhibition game back in spring training. Very smart dudes.🙂

(on Tavarez shaking off Varitek’s signals until he agreed on the original sign ‘Tek flashed)

“Boy I used to hate that. What’s the league minimum today? $125,000, you got a rookie making that shaking off a superstar catcher bringing in $125 million.”

Really comical stuff.

By the way, the league minimum for a rookie is $380,000.

Joe Garagiola may be getting up in age and a bit of a “rambler” when it comes to the narrative, but I’ll match him against anybody on TV today. He and Tony Kubek sure had quite the broadcast team going back then. I think that he still does a better job than Joe “Hey AROD can I kiss your bhutt again??”Morgan.

I didn’t hear who we had put in as the reliver. I took one lok and knew it was Donnelly. Does anyone else think he looks like a Marine Corp Drill Sargeant??

PS No disrespect meant there, he just has an authoritative stance.

Eric Byrnes,”Byrnsey” could swing at the ball with his hair and get a hit, that’s a lot of mousse for a guy playing in a ball game. When he was with ESPN last post season I saw something that said his hair stylist got upwards of 400 dollars per session. Man I’d love that job.. Take a mans hair and make it look like a dog put his bhutt on Erics head and get about 400 dollars to do it??? My kind of task!!!

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