Julian and Lester

Don’t look for the Tavarez/Lester shuffle to take place just yet. Lester struggled tonight at Pawtucket, throwing 70 pitches in 2 2/3 innings. At a time when the Sox are looking for Lester to start working deep into games, this was definitely a short-term setback.

Then again, what’s the rush? Tavarez is doing just fine. Every start, it seems like he goes five or six innings and gives up three runs. For a No. 5 starter pitching behind an offense like the Red Sox have, that’s more than adequate.

And once Lester returns, the Red Sox will have yet another tough roster move to make, so there’s no reason to rush it. More development in the Minor Leagues can only help Lester and get him stronger by the time he does re-join the Red Sox.

You know that isn’t what Lester wants to hear right now. He’s a true competitor and I’m sure he just wants to pitch at the highest level. But he has a long career in front of him.

Once Lester is cleared to come back, Tavarez should become a key factor in the bullpen. He can be the guy Francona leans on to get double plays. Okajima can use all the help he can get in the seventh and eighth inning and I wouldn’t be surprised if Julian turns into a key guy out there.

The roof is open here in the desert. Nice night for baseball. But the Red Sox can’t get anything going with the bats against Micah Owings.

Everyone ready for Sunday’s Dice-K-Unit showdown?



Great running effrt from JD on the smack from Tek to tie it up… Don’t Schrew with this years RedSox!!!

I agree with you Ian. There is no hurry on Lester. Of course, his outings up until today have been pretty good. It’s reasonable to expect an off day now and then. I wouldn’t view this as a setback. It’s another outing after which he felt good. Not a bad thing.

Speaking of bad things…. Lugo is hurting this team badly. He’s pretty shaky defensively and how can anyone justify a leadoff hitter batting .215 with OBP of well under .300. 76 million dollars between Lugo and Renteria and by far the best they’ve had is Gonzales. That’s of course unless you consider letting Cabrera get away.

Another good night for JD Drew! Like I said, I’ll admit when I’m wrong, just keep it going in this direction..GoodJobJD!!!

How about JD Drew? This series he is 6-10 with 2 HR’s, 7 RBI’s, and 4 R. How’s that for breaking out of a slump? It’s nice to see that “sweet swing” of his spraying the ball all over the field.

Bases loaded and nobody out, I know the Sox are used to being on the wrong end of this situation but that doesn’t mean there has to be the same result. Somebody knock a run in so we can get Pap in to shut it down.

Sox seem to thrive in interleague, it will be interesting to watch them this year. Perhaps things will get ironic and they will struggle.

These D ba(g) announcers are cracking me up. I feel like they should be playing shuffleboard in a retirement home while they talk.

Jon-Bon was having some control trouble tonight, but he got the job done. Life is still good, I’m fine and I love our Sox…… ‘NIGHT NATIONERS!!! See (text) y’all tomorrow! Ellen.

Hey Vince, The “color”guy was Joe Garagiola, used to do all the games for NBC with Kubek. But there was like 30 minutes when it was just the other guy, whoever he is. I think that Joe had to take a nap!! He was really good in his prime. Any way, I finally have my computer at 100 percent, so check your mail.

LOL @ Vince and Ellen. Yeah those D’Backs announcers (mainly the other guy) made me want to pack it in for the night and hit the hay.

I still REALLY wish the Red Sox brass didn’t let Cabrera get away from them. He’s not old and he was one of those great players the Expos had. Clearly they should have learned from past experiences to keep those players (Pedro anybody?😀 ).

Maybe it’s time to move Lugo down and put Youk or Dustin at leadoff, just so Lugo can fix his mechanics.

Ellen, with all due respect, can you please find a more macho name for Papelbon? Jon-Bon is a little…, shall we say– girlie? and Paps sounds like baby food. “Eat your paps, Jon-Bon”.
Not very intimidating. Thanx in advance. JK

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