And now leading off for the Red Sox …

The leadoff man du jour at Fenway is, yes, J.D. Drew. Very surprising, but not altogether a bad move if you think about it. The one thing Drew always does is work the pitchers and swing at strikes. That is part of the qualification of a good leadoff hitter. He also has above average speed, another nice thing to have up top.

This doesn’t sound permanent by any means, but if it works, all bets are off! At any rate, J.D. Drew lifetime as a leadoff hitter: 42 games, 148 at-bats, 31 runs, 37 hits, six doubles, one triple, five homers, 13 RBIs, .345 OBP. I’m not sure how relevant those stats are because, by J.D.’s own admission, he has no clue when the last time he led off was. Upon further research and a lot of web clicks, I found the answer on The answer is June 18, 2003, when Drew went 0-for-5 in a Cardinals romp over the Brewers.

Curt Schilling is obviously amused by the panic on the streets. When he walked through the clubhouse today, the Yankees game was on the television and the ace shouted in the direction of reporters, "Oh my God, the Yankees are winning!". Ah well, a little levity never hurt anyone, I suppose.

Who gets a louder ovation Friday night? Barry Bonds or Dave Roberts? Hmmmm. OK, I’m thinking Roberts might just bring down the house. Barry? After the blonde masks the fans brought out for A-Rod, I’m not quite sure what the Fenway faithful will have in store for Bonds, who will be playing his first career game in Boston.

That’s all for now.




Isn’t this all a bit panicked? We lost 3 out of 4 to a very good A’s team, won the series against the D-backs, and will hopefully win the series against the Rockies. It could be better but it could be a whole lot worse. I think the concern with the team is more of a product of how the Yankees are doing.

Hey check out my ideal lineup at my page if you find the time to associate with the “normies.” haha. seriously check it out and tell me what u think though.

That said, if you read this Page 2 thing, maybe we should be concerned:


It’s the day most of us have feared even when the Yankees fell 14½ games behind the Red Sox: it’s clear they’re still going to make the playoffs for the 13th consecutive season. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. A-Rod is on a mission (well, besides checking out as many strip clubs as possible).

2. They have 14 games left with the Devil Rays.

3. The Devil Rays have a guy with an 0-8 record in their rotation.

4. Bobby Abreu has quit trying to bunt.

5. They have 15 games left with the Orioles.

6. O’s will be primed for their annual second-half collapse.

7. They will trade for a first baseman.

8. They have 10 games left with the Royals.

9. Yankees are 75-26 vs. K.C. since 1995.


With the Red Sox currently 8 games ahead, it’s way too early to start freaking out about the Yankees catching us. A strong, clean Beckett outing tonight should put any worried mind’s back at ease.

And I kind of like seeing Drew at the top. The one thing that has surprised me most about him is his above-average speed, plus he’s hits lefty so he’s out of the box that much quicker.

By the way, I find it hilarious that all my Yankee fan friends are sending me text messages saying “8 and 1/2” and stuff like that.

Since when is it okay to hang your hat on being 8 games out of 1st place?

Also, as Simmons said: You swept the Pirates? We’re all impressed.

1. we just swept the d backs in addition to the pirates in addition to the last 3 from the white sox and only after 2 of 3 from the red sox. Even dominating teams find a way to lose one against bad teams at some point, the run is a lot more impressive than beating on bad teams.

2. Since cutting 6 games off the standings in two weeks. Just like it was impressive how quickly the lead got to 14.5 games, it is impressive how quickly it shrunk to 8.5

3. You’re right, it is too early. If it is 4-6 at the asb, then it might not be. Our schedule is simply easier in the second half.

4. Brendan hit the nail on the head. The Yankees fell 8 games below .500 which is awful, but even when they were playing .500 ball it was magnified because the Red Sox were playing .700 ball. It’s one thing to be playing .550 ball, it is whole different feeling when your arch enemy is playing .1000 ball.

Theo said we were building for the future, but we lose our spot in the 1st round of the draft because we signed Lugo, waste . . . .

OOO boy this is depressing. There goes the win right there. Ofense cant do anything. Beckett stinks tonight. This has been a bad week for the sox.

Is it just me or do the Red Sox have a knack for making marginal, slow-throwing lefties look like Cy Young? Ted Lilly, Gustavo Chacin, and now Jeff Francis.

It isn’t just you. Drew just stuck out again looking and it really ******* me off. Someone has to step up.

Ok, bottom 7th. The Sox can still pull this one out. But, Jeeez, if this isn’t a wake up call then nothing is. Outscored 18-2 in 16 innings is just pathetic. And the threesome, hitting one right after the other I noticed, haven’t come alive. C’mon guys wake up! Hey, any of you Mainers out there still say, “Jeezum Crow!”? Just curious.

And we’re done.

Hello 7.5 games.

Like I said, I expect us to go on a small slump and the Yankees will cover that ground a bit.

If this continues, Theo may pull the trigger on some trade and I expect Crisp to the be one leaving…

One word describes the last several games: Unacceptable.
We should be winning games, and we need to start soon if we want to stay away from the bombers.

Let us hope that this Beckett goes away quickly. Another lefty tomorrow in Barry Zito.

I am really excited for Roberts to return to Fenway tonight, I’m sure he is going to get one of the loudest ovations in recent memory when he first steps into the box.

Although good pitching has been contagious throughout the rotation so far this year, it seems so has bad pitching. Schilling and Beckett both turned in ugly performances, hopefully Tavarez can give us his 6 IP, 3 ER although with the way our offense is going, 3 runs might be too much.

Francona either needs to stick with this lineup, make one final change and keep it, or go back to the way it was before because it can’t be good for some of these players to not know where they’re batting from day-to-day.

While Zito’s career numbers aren’t staggering against the Sox, he fits the description of “the soft-throwing lefty” who Boston struggles so much against, so I think it’s important to work the count and get Zito’s pitch count up.

Ah the “soft-throwing lefty” that Red Sox bats can’t seem to hit lately…

Actually, they can’t seem to hit ANYTHING lately, PERIOD. Even if we were in second place in the AL East, this hitting is unacceptable. I know our schedule is a bit harder for the rest of the month than the Yankees (when the heck do we play Tampa Bay??), but that’s not going to be an excuse when we’re behind 4.5 games or something.

Perhaps the All-Star break will be a nice break.

>”4. Brendan hit the nail on the head. The Yankees fell 8 games below .500 which is awful, but even when they were playing .500 ball it was magnified because the Red Sox were playing .700 ball. It’s one thing to be playing .550 ball, it is whole different feeling when your arch enemy is playing .1000 ball.

Posted by:

Hmmmmmm… Yah… Ok… That’s the problem with you, Yankee fans — you don’t know math. It’s not “.1000 ball” (which is light years below .500), it’s 1.0. But then again, that’s why you don’t feel bad about 7.5 game difference. You just don’t understand how far behind you are.

Eh it’s half the lead we had less than two weeks ago. No way we can get complacent or cocky.

Yuriy: Way to blast the only Yankee fan on Red Sox boards that actually isn’t a jerk. Congrats on that. By doing that, you’re just making yourself look like a jerk instead…

I think we all knew what he meant man come on.

No he’s not a jerk, but he is still a yankeee fan on a sox blog…lol, I was going to comment on how funny it is that he’s appearing so often lately and wasnt to be seen but for the rare occasion earlier. maybe ill just pipe it…go Tavarez, nothing breaks you out of a slump like your no. 4 & 5 pitchers holding up the fort!

I know how we should fix our bats. We should hire the hitting coach that got fired from the Dodgers and now lookat their bats we should hire that guy and fire him to. I mean come on we need to look alive at the plate. O and one more thing that guy that got fired he was the hitting coach for the Indians last year and they fired him and they started hitting big time. And i am sorry i forget the guys name i know he is a hall of famer sorry . And go red soxs and never feal bad for bashing a yankees fan on a red soxs blog

Ortiz got run? Unreal hey Randazzo call balls and strikes no need for you to be the center of attention. That is all the Sox need, now we lose our best clutch hitter. Thanks Tony

Well I’m not feeling bad, but what was said was essentially questioning Vince’s intelligence when we could all see it was most likely a typo.

Calling somebody stupid in a not to eloquent way when you’re rarely on the boards (esp. when the person being the target of the mockery is far from stupid) is just plain not cool. Then again, it’s also a pet peeve of mine in regards to “netiquette” but I digress…

Back to the game, Ortiz should have NEVER gotten ejected. Just like Rizzo said: call balls and strikes, Tony.

However, in reading various baseball news in the past about Ortiz and his complaints at the plate (mainly reporter blogs and ESPN stuff), the umps are tired of Ortiz’s “antics” cause he’s good at bothering them without getting tossed. And I’ll definitely say Ortiz is good at getting his point across without getting tossed; only what, 6 ejections in his career? Regardless, right here was an example of an ump being over zealous.

But hey, we’re actually leading right now, so that’s a plus. And J.D. is 1 for 1 along with being HBP, so I’ll take that as well.

Woohoo, JD and DP are 5 for 5. Zito is not that bad a pitcher either from what I can remember with Oakland.

I didn’t see the Ortiz ejection, but I’m sure it was the umps fault. Home plate umps calling bad balls and strikes (outside and inside 2-4 inches is a strike) is probably the most consistent bad call in all of sports. A guy throws it low and outside, with the catcher lining up there, is completely unhittable and often called a strike. Someone who is watching the game… correct me if I’m wrong… but I pretty much guarantee it.

I only heard the call on the radio and then tuned into NESN when I got back home to see the rejection. From what I could tell, the call for a pitch that was outside but not that low. It was really a ball that might have gotten called a strike other times as well.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure, but the rejection was really the lame call.

Oh well, 7-2 us, without the benefit of Big Papi. Not to mention J.D. and DP are 3-3 and 4-4, respectively. If J.D. can keep hitting consistently at the top of the order, we might just have another Johnny Damon on our hands here…

lol you can clame the umps for making the wrong call, but you can’t blame an ejection on them, that’s a player losing his cool.

The reason I’m not on here as much when the Yankees are struggling is because I am not on any blogs as often. Blogging is not fun when your team playing uninspiring baseball. There is only so much pessimism I can read on yankees sites and gloating on Sox sites, so when somebody shows me the point of blogging as much (I was still around on this site through thick and thin) then I will take you up on some sort of implication that I hide when the Yankees are doing poorly.

Secondly, you knew what I meant by 1.0 so get off it. And bragging about 7.5 games after what’s happened the last three weeks is nothing to be proud of when taking a shot at me, I actually consider it a compliment.

claim…..I have no idea where clame came from but that’s awful.


Besides J.D. and DP, I just noticed NOBODY else on the team has a hit…granted plenty of guys have walked, but still…

Finally someone else got a hit. Thank you Coco

Rayman, I remember you saying that Tavarez would never get his ERA under 5, with that last out in the 7th, it is 4.97. What a job he has done. After the first month his ERA was around 7 and it knocked a good 2 points off it, way to go Julie

*he knocked*

Just wondering everybody’s preference: Lugo-Crisp at the top of the order, or Drew-Pedroia (8-9, 8 RBI’s, 5 R)?

OK… Maybe I have been a little hard on Tavarez… but my support for Pedroia more than makes up for it. All of you out there that ever suggested that he should hit in the 9 hole with Lugo/Crisp at the top should be ashamed. The guy has nuts the size of watermellons… surprising he can even run the bases.

Well if Lugo and Crisp continue to get on base at a sub-.300 clip then I want Drew and Pedroia up there. I actually addressed this in my blog entitled “The Ideal Lineup?”

Ortiz’s problem is he never takes a called third strike.

And even with 10 runs, this has to count as a game where offensive struggles continue. Two guys in the lineup getting all but one of our hits is not a good distribution. However, a win is a win.

Brendan: great point, but yup, a win is a win.

However, with the way J.D. and DP were hitting, it would have meant nothing had we not gotten the 8 walks as a team (1 for Pena, 2 for Ramirez, 1 for Youkilis, 1 for Lowell, 1 for Crisp, and 2 for Lugo).

I know some of those were just bad pitches but a lot were close so good job by the rest of our hitters in drawing those walks.

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