Power outage

How does one of the great power pitchers of the last, nearly 15 years, go out to the mound and not have any power? Curt Schilling just wishes he knew. The righty was throwing mid 80s most of the night. It was so bad that you almost couldn’t distinguish his fastball from his changeup.

Is he healthy? Schilling wouldn’t give a straight answer to that question, which leaves one to wonder if he’s at least dealing with a nagging injury.

Here is the transcript of everything he said tonight:

No life on the fastball? “That’s an understatement I think.”

The game in general: “Yeah, that’s embarrassing. I never gave us a chance. You
want to walk around the room and apologize to everybody. Your manager, your
teammates, and fans. There’s just no excuse for a game like that to play out
the way it did. It just happened.”

Last two starts, can you pinpoint why so bad?

“Not any one thing, no.”

Usually you bounce back after a bad start: “That’s what I expect. I would like to think
it’s not something I’ve done a lot in my career. Like I said earlier in the
year, my goal is always to be consistent and to give the team innings. I’ve
been as far from that this year as you can be and it’s frustrating.”

Back to the drawing board? "What I’m doing is not working. I’m not executing, I’m
not … it’s not any one thing. It’s a combination of a lot of different things.
To pinpoint one thing would probably be wrong. It’s more than just any one thing.
Above all else, it’s execution. I’m just not executing.”

Suggested that pitch to Johnson — deep flyout to Coco — was his best heater of the night. Schilling rolled his eyes and said,

“What was that, 89, 90? “

Lack of fastball chiseling away at your confidence? “I’m not pitching well. That’s what chisels away at your
confidence, when you ****. That’s what’s happening. Especially with this team,
you can go out and not thorw well and still win games. Like I said earlier, I
didn’t even give us a chance.”

Giving up a hit to the pitcher after an intentional walk:

"The only thing that bothered me probably more
than anything there is I wanted so badly to step off and to bring Manny in 15
or 20 feet because I watched him swing today just for that reason, to kind of
get a feel for it. He’s done that a couple of times this year and I didn’t. I
was kicking myself in the [behind] after that because I should have.There’s a lot of
things that led up to that that I could have prevented as well.”

Pitch that McCann put out of the yard?

“It was supposed to be a slider down and in and it was a
ball that just backed up belt high, middle.”

Explanation for secondary pitches blending together:

“I don’t, I can’t.”

Anything from a health standpoint, “There’s no one thing right now.”

How is your health?

“Like I said, it’s not any one thing.
I struggled and these last two starts have been just terrible. I’m better than
that and it’s frustrating.”

Clearly Schilling is at his wit’s end here trying to figure this out. You have to think the extra day of rest — thank you Thursday off-day — won’t hurt going into his Sunday start in San Diego.

Kind of ironic that Coco’s huge game offensively (4-for-4, 2 homers) comes in a losing effort. It just seems that even when things go right for Coco over these two years in Boston, they aren’t quite right. By the way, Coco is in the midst of a weird media boycott. Not sure what the deal is there.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


Coco’s probably sick of us and the media dogging him. Seriously, he probably is and I wouldn’t blame him.

Yeah he’s not doing so well, but I’m sure media and fan negativity isn’t helping either.

So, to Coco I wish all the best to fixing his offensive woes and I hope tonight’s game was a start. Like Zachary said in the a reply in the previous blog post, I’ll also take a .270 CF with the defense and speed he has.

I hope Coco improves too, but his leash is getting shorter.


At this rate, Schilling’s next blog is only going to be a couple of sentences. Pretty hard to do an interesting post if you can’t last 5 innings.
I can’t believe it’s past the mid point of June and our starting short stop is 4 percentage points above the Mendoza line. This guy is terrible and really looks lost at the plate. How many more times do we have to watch him pop up and then yell to himself as he lolly gags to 1st??

As far as Timlin, I agree with Jeff’s post on the previous entry. I can’t remember the last time (last year included) where I watched a game and he didn’t allow an inherited runner to score! I know Francona is loyal to his guys, but there’s a difference between being loyal and not being smart.

It will be interesting to see if the Sox can hit Hudson like they did last time, or if they are back to their 1-2 run/game ways.

Schill is pitching like a 40 year old man. He went out reached as deep as he could and threw a sparkler unfortunately the residual two subsequent stinkers makes the sparkler less sparkly. I know Schill has an ego and doesn’t like to be pulled from a agame after 5 or 6 but Francona needs to do his job and pull him if he can grind out a good 5 or 6 (if it’s still possible). I agree with statsmagician too. Time to start relying on the younger core in Pawtuckett as the old crew is beginning to break down. Do it before it’s too late and the Yankees have caught up!!!!


Something is telling me that Schilling’s got some sort of injury and his ego is preventing him from telling Tito.

That’s just my two cents

I put in my post a few weeks ago my opinion that Schilling is a #3 starter with an ERA that should hover around 4. That’s OK if Beckett stays a solid #1 and Daisuke improves a bit to a solid #2. Schilling was mediocre last year (3.97 ERA) and stunk the year before. How can we expect him to be better this year?

Im affraid schilling may have an injury and hes not coming clean about it, hopefully **** be ok, figure whats wrong and fix it for sunday.
About coco i think we should all give hom a break(althoug i do agree his leash is getting shorter),hes not producing as he should, but hes doing a fantastic job on defense, ive seen a couple of games where he might have not produced 3 runs, but he shure has prevented other teams to score them against us on terrific almost impossible plays.

That’s the difference between Coco and Lugo. And of course I’m saying this the day after Coco goes 4-4 so it sounds like I’m on his bandwagon, but Coco produces in other ways. Not that it’s the ideal situation for us fans, but it’s OK to have one semi-weak link in the armor in the batting order if he can do the intangibles. Coco can field and drop a bunt down every now and then. Plus he can run. (Yes, I know Lugo can too, but you have to be on base to run). The post from the very long email adress above is true, Coco has save numerous runs this year with his glove. Last night’s game aside, he has been terrible at the plate, but if everyone else was doing their job, it would be overlooked, just like Lugo and Drew’s ineptitude was overlooked when the Sox were 14 1/2 games up. Drew seems to look more comfortable in the leadoff spot.
Lugo just s/ucks. I haven’t seen him make one play this year that made me say “wow.” He couldn’t even get a bunt down the other day with the Sox up 9-5 and runners on 1st and 2nd. He’s terrible both at the plate and merely average in the field.

As for Schill, I think something is wrong too. He was asked if he was injured and he didn’t answer with a direct “No”. I’m not in the media and don’t have direct knowledge, but as a fan, I would feel a **** of a lot more comfortable if a guy came out with a sraight answer to a question like that. The fact that he didn’t, leads me to believe that Lester will be up soon to fill a spot in the rotation pretty soon…only it won’t be Tavarez’, it might be Schill’s.

Sounds like rain in the ATL tonight.

Exactly what I was thinking: Schill didn’t directly say yes or no about a possible injury.

If he was fine wouldn’t he have said so? Perhaps we’re reading too much into this, but we’re RSN; we’re born cynics.

Doesn’t it seem like Rent-A-Wreck has more hits vs. the Sox this season than he had during his whole season with the Sox? Did Orlando Cabrera (I loved that guy) leave some sort of voodoo doll underneith the dirt at SS after the 2004 season making it absolutely impossible for any one person to both hit and field at a decent rate for 162 games?

It sure seems easy from a distance, doesn’t it —

I have lamented the release of Cabrera since announced, which you can’t do in baseball. But I just gotta wonder how much more time and money the SOX have spent 3 years running now, than they would have spent to close the deal with Cabrera.

That was was the first horrible sign/fear to me that Theo was having a little beginner’s luck back in 2004 and not so infalliable after all, can’t believe they let Cabrera go.

About Schilling and Timlin, its awfully hard when working with people for years, especially when these two guys helped us win our first WS in 86 years ( to turn them out as soon as they show signs that they can’t maintain it anymore), but hey with millions of dollars flying around, someone should be paid a million or two to see past egos and contracts and do the right thing for the team.

I just noticed that at least for Schill, his almost no hitter was a day game — maybe he has more energy mid day than at night?

Doesn’t help at all — its so frustrating when this organization lets a proven clutch player go, like Cabrera, and seems to stick so long with other decsisions that seem overdue, but hey — if Lugo, Drew, Coco, Pena turn it around in the 2nd half — what we all say then?

Anyway you slice it though, letting Cabrera go was the most regrettable move we have made post 2004 — no doubt.

Hows everyone doing? I know I haven’t been here in a while . . . .Does anyone know who might be pitching on July 4? I think its Julian, but do you think Lester will make the start it seems right around the time he’d be back, I doubt however that they would start him right before the ALL-STAR game. I’m going to the game. . yes, I know its vs. Tampa. Responses are greatly apperciated

Letting Cabby go…yup dumbest move post ’04. He wasn’t old or anything, so why couldn’t we give him a 5 year deal anyway?

Plus, looking at where he went when he came into the league, we should know from experience that Montreal, minus the whole aspect that the entire organization was really in the wrong city and poorly managed, churned out plenty of good players in it’s farm system and the team itself had several players tons of potential.

We should know…his name is Pedro. Pedro Martinez.

Cabby was batting .294 while he was with Boston. Seriously, why not keep him. Plus his defense was very good.

Like Lugo, he’s great for clubhouse chemistry, but unlike Lugo at the moment, Cabby can hit and play defense.

Oh, and what about Schill? He’s off for an MRI…I’m just hoping it’s a dead arm period due to age and that CG 1-hitter he had. But I’m crossing my fingers…

I think the Red Sox need to seriously reevaluate Curt’s role as a starting pitcher, especially considering how well the rest of the bullpen has been performing. Beckett, Dice-K, Wake, and Yo-Yo have been fantastic all season as starters, and Okajima, Papelbon, and Snyder have been nothing but solid as set up guys and closers. But let’s look at this thru the lens of sabermetrics; Curt is getting old, the injuries take longer to heal and happen more frequently, and Curt’s expensive – he has the highest yearly salary in the bullpen and is the fourth most expensive player on the team, and his numbers aren’t great. So he threw a one hitter against Oakland, big deal. We need consistency and the stakes are much too high to keep sending him out to the hill, especially with how hot the NYY are right now. Maybe the MRI will reveal something, or maybe this is the Red Sox finding a classy way to get Curt out of the game, but I’d hate to think the team would make decisions based on clinging to memories of one bloody sock. I think it might be time for the team to make some hard decisions, and while it might be a hard pill for the fans to swallow, I happen to like it when the Red Sox win baseball games.

If Curt really does have an injury, he needs to get over himself and tell Tito what’s going on because his ginormous ego has now cost us two ball games which we should have won.

Speaking of the bullpen, I think Timlin is going to be problematic. I don’t think his rehab stint in Pawtucket did enough to help his control and delivery.

And people need to lay off Coco and give him time to work thru his hitting issues. The man has talent.

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