Schill getting looked at

As was freely suspected Monday night, physical woes seem to be a culprit to Curt Schilling’s sharp decline in his last two starts. The big righty is back home in Boston getting checked out by the team doctors.

You don’t all of a sudden go from a 92-mph fastball to 85 with no reason. Perhaps it’s just tendinitis or some kind of fatigue. Perhaps there will be an update later tonight.

No Lugo tonight. He’s 0-fer in his career against Hudson. At this hour, the move looks pretty solid as Cora — shocker — has come up big a couple of times tonight. Beckett is back in form. Only rain could stop him tonight. Play resumes at 10:25.

Ortiz put one out to the opposite field. Is it me, or does he not go Oppo as much as he did when he got here in 2003 and 2004. Spray chart anyone?


If Lugo sat everytime he was 0-fer against someone, he’d be the most expensive bench warmer in the league!
How’s the weather Ian? I read Edes’ chat today and he made it sound like there was some heavy rain looming.

Hindsight sure looks good right now by not implementing Lester in for Tavarez right away since it sounds like Schill might have to miss a start or 2. This way, Tavarez stays in his routine and Lester could jump right in fill (hopefully) Schill’s void.

By hopefully, I mean I hope he can fill the void well, not that I hope Schill is hurt.

Last night he did it with his bat, tonight Coco is doing it with his glove.

That catch was similar to the one he made on Wright last year. Unbelievable.

What a play by Crisp. That’s why he should not be on te trading block because by saving a certain double he has probably saved a run.

Anyway, I know I’m going to seem like a bandwagon jumper but he was getting hot before last night’s game. He had a couple of hits on Saturday and in his pinch hit single on unday he looked like he had a bit of a swagger about him at the plate. No way should we trade this guy.

The point in the first paragraph was his defense makes up for his offense. Though I believe he’ll get his average up to about .260 by the end of the year.

Instead of Lester, the team brass may opt to have Gabbard make a spot start. He did beat the Braves last time he was up.

However, Lester may come in to make a spot start so it can be seen how his stuff will translate over to the bigs.

So J.D. is 0 for 4 today and Crisp is 1 for 3. Any chance we’ll see J.D. be dropped down and perhaps Crisp lead-off? The team did originally have him tagged as lead-off hitter before his injury and his current slump.

Drew has generally been productive in the leadoff spot and Coco is getting hot hitting down in the lineup so I wouldn’t mess with a good thing right now.

Also, I was just watching Baseball Tonight and the crew labeled Coco Crisp as the best defensive CF in baseball right now. They also talked about some statistical system which verifies this, so for everybody who is so quick to write him off as a bust so far, I would tend to disagree.

How about Kyle Snyder this year? Even last year with such a high ERA you had to like the guy, and this year he’s putting up solid numbers.

Well as long as Drew works the count (which he’s good at doing), I’ll take that and walks even if he doesn’t hit as much. However, only if he’s leading off will that work. If he’s anywhere else in the line-up, he needs to deliver. And I don’t care if it’s just a single.🙂

Snyder’s been excellent out of the ‘pen. Even though he wasn’t so great last season, there was just something made me feel good about him coming out of the ‘pen last season and he’s proving that this season. Plus, he can provide a spot start if he really needs to.

Coco’s been just awesome patrolling CF. And it seems he’s starting to come around hitting-wise. Like I said with Drew, I’ll take singles as well and especially with Coco since he’s a threat to steal every time he’s on base (J.D. can run, but he’s nowhere near Coco or Lugo in that regard).

So J.D. is 0-5 tonight but he has been hitting lately. Coco was 1-4 tonight with the same trend. However, until I see consistent hits from them facing AL competition, I’m taking this with a slight grain of salt.

Slice it anyway you want, the AL is simply better in regards to competition.

Oh and if the Yankees don’t score anymore runs, then we’re going up a game folks.

Great job by JB tonight. Congrats on the 10 Ws!

Josh only got 3 K’s?
the headline says he spins a 10K jewel, but my fantasy thing and the box score say 3. If it is only three, thats not like him.

Wow is all I hav e to say about coco’s catch. Seems he is getting it together lately offensively, always had it defensively. Definately saves runs out there which should be worth something. Too bad they can’t come up with as stat for defensive plays that save runs….kind of like an assist. The slide after the catch made the catch even cooler…lol. Lets hope Schill’s problems are minor, you just can’t write off a guy with that much grit. Hard to beleive he can throw a one hitter then lose his skills. We need him back and soon, doesn’t matter how well his replacement does. If I had to pick 10 pitchers to go to war in the playoffs with, he would be on my list. Beckett too…lol.

I’ve got a feeling that coco is going to start turning it around. he’s a lifetime 275 hitter. He has a lot of hits in that bat. You want a prediction? By August he’s hitting 300!!!! There. I said it!

Here’s another prediction: Gabbard comes up to take Schilling’s place for two starts and pitches lights out. I think Gabbard is the forgotten arm in all this Lester publicity. I think Lester is solid, but Gabbard has a world of talent. We shall see.

The headline of Beckett throwing a “10K Jewel” means that he won his 10th game and pitched a gem in the process. And even though he only had 3 strikeouts, he was pretty much pitching to weak contact the entire night. Had it not been for the rain, he would have gone 7 innings minimum.

Drew’s 0-5 was rough but you still have to like the way he takes pitches in his at-bats. It seems like he always sees at least 4 pitches before putting the ball in play.

And it’s about time Papelbon started putting up 1-2-3 innings consistently. For one thing it keeps his pitch count down so he can pitch on back-to-back nights if necessary. He seems to have his electric stuff back (96 mph and with a lot of late life) so that’s a great sign heading into July.

The headline says Schilling received “welcome news” that his shoulder is perfectly fine.

Is it just me, or is that bad news for him? All that means is he has been crappy all on his own lately and his velocity is inconsistant and weakening naturally.

Bad news would have been some sort of arm problems that would have resulted in an extended stay on the disabled list.

Being healthy enough to pitch is always welcome news, regardless of effectiveness. I really doubt he suddenly lost 6-8 mph off of his fastball overnight because of age. He is going to skip his next start and figure out what’s wrong and with a 9-game cushion it’s not a huge deal.

I wonder if Lester will be ready to come up or if they will go with Gabbard? I’m big on both lefties so as long as they don’t re-sign Jason Johnson or Kevin Jarvis for a spot start, I’m happy either way.

I need to preface this by saying I don’t hope Schilling is hurt, but I have to agree with Vince on his point. Even if it was diagnosed as a “Dead Arm” a la Mike Timlin last year it would have gave some answers as to Schill’s inconsistency. The fact that there is nothing wrong just make the situation that much more confusion and worrysome. Here’s what I mean:
With Wake, we know we’ll get 6-7 innings or 3-4 run ball and keep us in the game 4 out of 5 times.

With Dice K we know we’ll get the same thing

With Beckett, we’re pretty sure we’ll get a solid start

Even with Tavarez, we’re pretty sure he’ll keep us in the game whether it’s a 3-2 game or a 7-6 game. (if that makes sense)

Now that we know nothing is wrong with Curt, we basically know that we are either going to get a gem or a blowout.

Pretty concerning if you ask me.

Also, any change Lugo is 0-fer vs. Buddy Carlisle so that Francona gives him tonight off, too?
Last nights game would have been totally changed if he was in the lineup. I think we all agree the odds of him hitting a triple and starting that decent inning would have been pretty slim.

Here’s hoping Jeff Francis treatst he Yanks the same we he treated us last week just like Josh Fogg did last night.

If we want a Shill for the post-season, wouldn’t it make sense to put the 40 year old on the 15 day disabled list to give whatever’s ailing him a rest before the All-star break and call up Lester to take his start against the Padres in the cavernous canyon called Petco Park (where Coco Crisp can catch up to any mistakes he makes)or back in Boston against weak hitting last place Texas? The Sox have done great job not rushing him back but I think Lester is just frustrated at Triple A and needs a major league challenge. He proved he can compete at the major league level last season and deserves a shot at it now! If Lester doesn’t perform well and Shilling doesn’t recover his form after the break, the Sox will have time to make a deal for an arm before the trade deadline and Lester can be optioned back to Pawtucket and recalled for the September Stretch to see if he can help the Sox win a Championship in October. Just a thought Theo!

Exactly. The Sox held their ground when Beckett was out. Granted, the Sox have stumbled a bit and lead has been cut into, but look at it this way. With 2 off days coming up, the most starts that Schill would miss would be 2. Add to the fact that if he’s hurt, he wouldn’t do us much good pitching anyway. In fact, he could only hurt himself for the long run. Worst case scenario if he goes on the DL, the Sox lose 2 games in the standings if they lose and the Yanks win when his start in the rotaion comes up. Missing 2 starts isn’t going to cost the Sox the division, but continuing to pitch and prolonging the injury could.
We learned last year what long term injuries can do to our chances, so I think it would be wise to air on the side of caution.

Then again, we could all be over analysing this situation as we fanatical Boston fans tend to do.

As the wise guys here wished Schilling goes on the 15-day DL which makes perfect sense. We have 9 game lead(was 7.5 just a couple of days ago) over the next team in the division and we need a healthy Schil in the postseason. Beckett is going to start on Sunday on noraml rest instead of Schil and we don’t need 5th starter until next Tuesday. So, Sox will probably bring up some reliever until Tuesday and will probably bring up Gabbard/Lester on Tuesday. Tuesday is Lester’s regular pitching day in Pawtucket. I hope Gabbard gets the call. Sox have been very patient with Lester and don’t want to rush him so Gabbard may get the start.

ginod42 put it best: Gabbard is the “forgotten man” of the rotation and I expect him to get the start.

psalm40u2: I don’t know of many arms that are out there available for a trade (at least, not off the top of my head). I’d rather take my chances with our farm system and use Lester or Gabbard.

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