Live from San Diego

This park is state of the art. Got to love it. It would make a Red Sox fan want a new Fenway in a heartbeat. 0622071522

At any rate, Lowell and Drew are both out of the lineup. Here is how it is looking tonight:

Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz 1B
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 3B
Varitek C
Pena RF
Lugo SS
Matsuzaka P

Also, Murphy was called up from Pawtucket and there is at least one report that it will be Gabbard on Tuesday in Seattle and not Lester. The Red Sox are still staying mum on that one. What a first inning for Dice-K. 32 pitches, but only one run. And this is the one mound he’s familiar with after pitching here in the World Baseball Classic. I love San Diego. I also love the next city we go to on this trip — Seattle. There’s a lot to love on this trip.

More later,



The fact that Drew is not in the line up makes me wonder if his “twing” the other night was something more. I don’t know his stats against Maddox, so maybe it’s Tito playing the odds, but I wonder….. Also, I know it’s because of the NL park regarding Papi, Youk and Lowell, but this is the 3rd game in a row that Lowell is out of the lineup. His average has dropped 40 points over the past couple of weeks since he sprained his thumb.
Ian, any word on either of those items??

Also, I assume Murphy was brought up due to the spacious outfield in San Diego so he can be used as a possible defensive replacement this weekend if needed as well as some speed on the bases??

God help us if any line drives are hit in the vicinity of Wily Mo Pena.

There could be a record set for most inside-the-park homeruns in one series.

Exactly zach. Dice K will probably be pitching in to all the righties and keep it away to all the lefties tonight! Coco is going to need an oxygen tank in the dugout with all the potential running he’s got ahead of him.

Big weekend. Looking forward to an exciting series.

Wakefield vs Young tomorrow. About 20 years and 30MPH difference between the 2!

San Diego just lost 2 to Baltimore, so maybe they’re going into a funk at the right time?? Wishful thinking.

Somebody asked about our batting coach, I don’t know if he was at SD but it’s Dave Magadan, I believe he played for the Marlins, if I’m not mistaken.

….as well as other teams.

We all know about Dice-K’s infamous sleepy innings; I hope that this 1st inning was the one for the game!! LET’S GO SOX!!!!

Lugo is totally clueless at the plate. This guy is a disgrace.

Another hit for Coco. Now, let’s get some ribbies.

Maybe Francona was giving Lugo to the Mendoza line… Earth to Tito, Earth to Tito… we’re here! Cora, Cora! I read somewhere a few days ago that Lugo had the lowest average of all qualifying players (both leagues). That’s bad.

You r right. I just checked the stats on and Jugo is in fact at the very bottom among all the AL players with atleast 3.1 at-bats per game.

I just wanted to apologize to everybody on this blog.

Scott Proctor gave up a homerun to Barry Bonds. I don’t know what got into him but that is completely unacceptable.

Right as I turned on my television the YES announcers were talking about the luxury Proctor has of “challenging the greatest hitter of all time” and right away I thought if Proctor is gonna actually throw something hittable, Bonds is going yard. After fouling off a couple of tough pitches, Bonds absolutely crushed a fastball to center.

Is it just me or does David Murphy look exactly like a left-handed hitting Gabe Kapler when he’s in the box?

Jon-Bon was lights out as usual, save for the one hit he gave up… We win tonight and for this Sox Fan, in this time span, all is right with the world. G’Night Nationers and Vince….

..and a p.s to Ian who has been to Fenway mpre times than he can count. I don’t want a “new Fenway”‘, at least until I’ve been able to sit in the old one!!!

Man, after the first 3 batters of the game I figured this was going to be a long one. I wonder what Dice K would do if he was ever “on”. The guy can get himself into situations and almost always gets out of it. Nice game to watch. Good pitching all around. We’ve heard about the Padres pen, and they look pretty good.
As far as Lugo, it’s almost comical at this point.

We’ve talked the past few days about how much his contract is and that’s why he’s still playing.

But if you’re going to pay a guy 10 mil a year either way, why not have him on the bench NOT going 0-4 every game instead of him being the equivolent of a pitcher at bat. Actually, our pitchers have more hits than Lugo this trip!

Anyway, good game tonight. Once I changed positions on my couch, the Sox scored twice, so naturally I couldn’t change spots the rest of the night or I might have chimed in at some point.

Vince, don’t feel bad homeruns with asterisks dn’t count…LOL.

I think that Barry, Sammy, mark, (and I put mark in lower case because I’m sure he’s seen the deflation that astersiks can cause) will all have their day for their ballot and they will make it in, and for my thinking, that’s sad, but, even more sad is that I think Canseco is right when he says that ‘roids will be universally accepted one day and not too far in the distant future… That will be very sad for baseball and the guys who want to do it right!! Sckhrew Bonds, Sosa, McGuire and et al…..

Ian, you are joking about that mall they call a ball park in San Diego, right? A beach for kids? When I went to Fenway as a little guy, I kept my mouth shut except to have my dad point out Yaz, and was happy to get a Fenway Frank and a coke. I never built a sand castle. That was what we did at the Hampton Beach. That is not baseball, I grew up outside of Boston and I have season tixs to the Cubs, so my only point of reference is Wrigley and Fenway. But I’ve been to 15 parks or so and all of the US Cells with its water cooling off systems (ya that rights you can walk through a spray system and shoot water at people) and pools ie: Arizona, make me really miss old Tiger Stadium, Comisky, and I’ll even adimit I’ll miss Yankee Stadium. Am alone hear on these new parks or am I just a very old 38 year old?

Connor, I understand where you’re coming from with the traditional aspect. But keep in mind, you’re talking about California baseball, it has never been the same feel to begin with. Personally, if Arizona is not going to be a dome I think they should have things to cool people down, it makes the game itself more enjoyable when you’re not burning alive even at night. As far as San Diego and the beaches, it’s San Diego, will their baseball ever be taken seriously anyway? That’s the California mentality to begin with so I think it kind of fits the park.

Wow, I just noticed that Coco went 3-4 last night leading off (no, I didn’t get the watch the game).

Now if that translates into hits when we face the AL again, that’ll be awesome😀

And Ian, in no way would Petco park want somebody from RSN want a new Fenway.

At least not until Fenway start crumbling and even then a new Fenway would have to be just like the old one; gotta have the Green Monster.

Ellen, yeah I asked about the hitting coach. Thanks for the info!🙂

I just checked and found out that he was with the Padres last season.

Padres had a .252 BA last season when he was their hitting coach. Granted the Padres hitting talent isn’t the best around…

We have the talent, so something might not be working with some of our players, although at this point, it’s only Lugo that’s not really hitting (I’m only counting regular players).

Right now the Red Sox are 47-25 or 22 games over .500, there are 14 games till the All-Star break. If the Red Sox go 9 and 6 till the break we will be 56-31 or 25 games over .500. If the team wants to reach 30 games over then they would have to go 12 and 3 for a 59-28 record.

Though a talented hitting coach who the players can identify with is a plus, really he has little to do with a team’s batting average. The Padres win with a solid rotation, a strong bullpen and effective defense. It doesn’t matter who their hitting coach is with the lineup they have. They need more bats, plain and simple. The Sox have a decent offense, so it really doesn’t matter who the hitting coach is for Boston. Sure, Magadan has helped Crisp, and hitting coaches do make a difference with certain hitters, but they do not dictate the productivity of an offense.


The Giants just beat the Yankees. Seeing the Yankees lose never grows old!

Yeah good result for us. I figured there was a good chance the Yankees could gain two on us this weekend given we’re playing the best team in the NL and they were playing one of the worst. Now the worst case scanerio is a one game gain.

Did anyone get to watch the game last night? Did you see what the Padres did to the Sox players on the Jumbo Tron when they were up to bat? It was pretty funny, actually.
They gave every player new looks.

They put a mohawk on Youk and had Big Papi with a spiked dog chain with a nose ring. Not sure if they’ve done that before, but I have never seen that done. Remy pointed out Varitek had to step out of the box and laugh for a second when they showed his picture.

Chris Young has a 2.26 ERA? I knew he was doing better since he left Texas, but that’s pretty impressive. Peavy is at 1.98. If this team had some bats, they’d run away with the National League.


I couldn’t sleep well last night bcoz I scary dreams after seeing Ortiz on the Jumbo Tron. But I liked the Youk look they showed on Jumbo. Youk should consider going for that instead of the clean shaven HEAD.

And by the way even though Young has a very good 2.26 ERA. What is even more scary is his ERA at Petco this year is 1.10. Yeah you saw that right 1.10 ERA for young at Home. I won’t blame the Sox bats if they don’t hit tonight.

What makes me happy than yanks losing in 9 innings?

Answer.Yanks losing in 13 innings burning their already exhausted bullpen and not pitching Rivera and Jeter getting hurt and Damon hurting the Yanks by not going on the DL even though he is really hurt and can’t play on the field.

And Lugo successfully achieved the unachievable….GOING BELOW THE MENDOZA LINE. He is a disgrace even to be mentioned in the same line as Mendoza(who ever that is)

Mendoza line is a phrase coined by former KC 3B and HoF-er George Brett in reference to his own BA one time.

He either is talking about Minnie Mendoza or Mario Mendoza; not sure about which person he was referring to since it was never confirmed (what makes it “scary” is that Mario Mendoza was a shortstop).

Google the Mendoza line and you’ll find out.

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