Bittersweet Sunday

You can’t beat today. I’m searching, searching, searching for a cloud and can’t find one. And, oh yeah, the pitching matchup isn’t bad either. Beckett vs. Peavy. I’m thinking you’ll see this one again in San Fran on July 10 if you catch my drift.

At any rate, it will offically be Kason Gabbard on Tuesday and not Jon Lester. It just made more sense at this time, I’ll get into that more later.

It’s very sad to hear about the passing of Rod Beck, the former Red Sox right-hander (1999-2001) who was just 38 years old. Spoke with Jason Varitek about it before the game.


"He was such a great teammate. A great guy. I’m just a
little lost for words.”

By the time Beck got to Boston, he didn’t have the same heat he displayed in his years of dominance for the Giants.

“You learn
different ways to succeed," said Varitek. "He could pitch. Moreso, he was just such a great
teammate. A great person to be around. I just can’t say enough about what a
great teammate he was.”

“Besides, his numbers are going to show what a great baseball
player he was. He was such a joy to be around and to compete with.”

Does everyone remember when Beck was traded to the Red Sox on Aug. 31, 1999? The next day, he actually arrived at Fenway in mid-game and Varitek actually didn’t meet the man until he came to the mound for the save opportunity to start the ninth.

“My eyes were this
big. I have to catch Rod Beck right now," Varitek remembered Sunday.

Beck was one of those real down and dirty baseball guys. He just loved the game. I remember when Bernie Williams took him deep in the 10th inning of Game 1 of the 1999 ALCS. Beck had a great way of keeping it in perspective. Some battles you’re going to win, some you’ll lose. I guess that’s why his teammates always seemed to enjoy him so much. Any way, it’s just real sad.

Tim Wakefield was pretty close to Beck, and as you can well understand, looked pretty distraught before the game. This is the second time some of the Red Sox have lost a former teammate this season. Josh Hancock died in April.

Talk to you later,



What’s with the Mark Buehrle to the Red Sox rumor? I read somewhere that RedSox are the front runner for Buehrle. If this rumor is true then Curt Schilling’s injury may be much more serious than we know. If this is true and Sox get Buehrle than this may be the end of Wakefeild + Mirabelli with Sox finally. Buehrle is a much better pitcher than Wakefeild and is a inning eater like Wakefeild. But if the ChiSox want Elsbury or buchholz then forget it. And finally Wakefeild can stop throwing batting practice to the Yanks(3 of 5 Yanks wins Vs Sox this Season were against Wakefeild). And also Wakefeild can stop throwing BP to Padres the Worst htting club in the whole of MLB other than ChiSox.

Coco looks like a different hitter these last few weeks. Now we all finally see why we traded for this guy. Meanwhile the guy we gave up to bring him in is in his second year of a 4 year contract and is breaking down at a scary rate. I thought this Johnny Damon deal was going to be good for the Yanks the first two years and then the next two would be dangerous, but so far he is proving he deserved only a 1 year contract.

I looked up Peavys OBA which is .269. I predicited that if the Sox could tally off consecutive singles that we could score . . . . looks as though it came true in the top of the 3rd.

Apparently Lugo is attempting to enter a fielding slump now. He had all kinds of time to throw out Michael Barrett with 2 outs and a runner on 3rd, double clutched, and then short-hopped a throw to Ortiz.

Thankfully Big Papi flashed that Gold Glove-caliber defense and picked it so no runs scored.

Beckett currently has a better BA than Lugo (.222 to .194) he should seriously have been considered for the 8 hole today, plus if Lugo COULD get on, him and Coco could have done some hitting and running. I think I once saw Dontrelle Willis hit 8th but thats the only P I have ever seen do it.

More amazingly bad numbers for Lugo: He is hitting .095 (7 for 74) in June. Yikes

Buehrle would be a great pickup for the Red Sox, I assume the White Sox would want Lester in that deal and that certainly would stink to see Lester in another uniform. Lester has certainly captured the hearts of Red Sox fans everywhere!!! Buehrle is a free agent at the end of the year and he certainly would want big $$$$$!!!

I remember being at that game in Fenway when the Sox just acquired Beck from the Cubbies I think. When he arrived the place was going totally nuts and then when he came in it went up a notch. He will be missed

Wow…poor Lugo…

Then again, it doesn’t seem he’s doing much to get out of the slump besides just hitting the ball.

Drew and Crisp are just getting hot and that’s a plus🙂

Sad news about Beck, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.😦

Hi everyone, long time no post. Well, last time i was here, about 2 weeks ago, the main subject was Lugo digging himself a big hole offensively.

Here i am 2 weeks later and guess what ? Yup, Lugo’s still in the news and not for the good reasons. Poor guy, he doesn’t even hit his weight in June … which is hard to believe giving that he’s about the same size as the bat itself.

I’m a big believer in things getting back to normal by the end of the year, in any sport, so i think Julio will come alive in the second half of the season and reclaim his place at the top of the order. That’s where he belongs and he will do something about it soon. I’m sure of it. He has to.

And Pap is about to finish it.

Beckett pitched an excellent game, the middle of the order did it’s job, and Paps was dominating as ever.

All is right in RSN once again, with the Yankees en route to losing 5 of 6 on the road, and more importantly, the Red Sox took advantage of these loses by gaining games in the standings.

To me, these games in June are among the most important because instead of playing .500 ball during the road series and allowing the Yankees to stay within single digits of the Sox, they pushed it to 11.5 games. It would be beautiful to enter the All-Star Break with a double digit lead over whoever the 2nd place team is.

And I know Vince usually doesn’t pop up around here unless the Yankees are winning, but I personally don’t think Kyle Farnsworth is going to be a Yankee much longer. I know he is locked up for big money but he is just not a good fit in New York. Today the Yankees made a few defensive miscues behind him and he looked like he was ready to blow. He was dominant in Atlanta and Chicago (two bigtime baseball city’s), so I’m not sure why he can’t handle New York.

I expect to see him traded, with the Yankees (once again) being forced to eat a part of his contract.

Jon Lester is not who the White Sox are targeting. They are interested in Buchholz, Ellsbury, Bowden and Lowrie, according to a couple different reports. I would trade Bowden and Lowrie, but now Buchholz or Ellsbury. I don’t think the Sox interest in Buehrle has anything to do with Schilling’s injury. I do know that Epstein has been interested in acquiring Buehrle for awhile, and since Schilling likely will not be back next season, Buehrle would be a good pickup to go along with Beckett, Dice-K, Lester and either Tavarez or Gabbard (I am hoping that Wakefield does not return).


Lugo is going to get murdered/killed/burried alive when the Sox come back home and play at FenWay after the Seattle Series.

Kumar, your negative fascination over Lugo is a bit…disturbing to put it best.

Honestly if we keep harping about it, it definitely won’t help his psyche. Like I said earlier and what rsox_34 has said, the second half is like a new season for many players and I expect him to rebound.

Although i too am totaly disappointed in Lugo, the important thing is we had a good roadtrip\didn’t lose any ground to the evil empire\got bigtime performances by almost everybody. Like was said ealier “great time for the rsn”. Lets have fun with it and wish Lugo a great July!!!!!

Topic: My Thoughts on Buerhle / Sox Farm System

Mark Buerhle is only 28 years old, meaning he is just entering his prime. Buerhle also has playoffs and winning experience in the ’05 World Series. This season Buerhle has a 3.39 ERA, pretty good for a AL pitcher, plus its not like he is changing leagues from the light hitting NL to the heavy weight AL. Also he is a lefty.

According to Jeff the White Sox might want Ellsbury, Buchholz, Lowrie, and/or Bowden. I would wait and see hoe Coco pans out, he’s only 28, I think that will determine Ellsburys future with the organization, Ellsbury isn’t putting up great numbers in AAA (.283 with O HR’s). Buchholz is a must keep combined with Lester, Dice-K, and Beckett, wheh! He does have 100 K’s for the Sea Dogs. Bowden is the most expendable, since we already have a rich pitching crop. As for Lowrie he is our only major SS prospect, and with Lugo playing like ****, he is only a few years removed from the majors.

As for the clubs future . . .

I doubt that Lowell will be resigned, that means that Youk will be stationed at 3B next season. If Heltom is in sight it should only be for a few years, mainly since Aaron Bates and Lars Anderson as putting u solid numbers in Lancaster and Greenville. Bates: .313, .445 OBP, .586 SLG, and 18 bombs.

Anderson: .327, .412, .512, and 7 HR’s.

Gotta go but please look at our prospects its amazing . . . . ( Theo said his goal was to build a solid sysytem like that of Rickey in the old days) Were loaded.

Now I see why the Yanks picked up Clemens. The old fat man fits into their buillpen so well, check today’s box:

Vizcaino 5.35

Clemens 5.09

Farnsworth 5.16

Villone 5.25

Looks like 5 is the number of the day.

I hope the baseball gods give us a nice, predictable outcome when we face probably the worst pitcher in the game tomorrow night: Jeff Weaver (1-6, 8.56).

No way we trade Buchholz or Lester. Isn’t logical, they are young and cheap (when they get up to the bigs that is).

My question is, would Beurhle want to be here? He’s mentioned in the past that he’d love to pitch in St. Louis.

And I’d like to not give up a lot to get him either.

I’ve noticed, and I’m liking, how well the Sox are playing against teams that are leading or are contending in their division. Detroit, Cleveland, San Diego, Arizona, Atlanta(they were doing well for awhile) LAA earlier in the season. Did not do well against Oakland recently, but that’s an exception. If they are going to be in the playoffs and do well, those are the teams they’ll have to beat. So it’s good to see them get on a winning track now, so they know they can beat them later. Just an observation.

Arnie, that’s a great point. Didn’t even think about that, although as for Oakland, they’re just one team that’s the little thorn in the Red Sox’s side. Sometimes we as fans don’t take them seriously enough and then they burn us. Billy Beane knows how to put together a team.

Now, as for our prospects for Mark Beurhle, here are my two cents:

– 1-2 pitchers for him

– 1 pitcher and 2 OFs for him

– 1-2 pitchers and 1 OF for him

– Combo of the above

That’s what I see likely. If a pitcher is involved, I don’t expect ChiSox GM Williams to take anything less than a SP that’s close to MLB ready if not ready already. If I were to pick a specific player, I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see Craig Hansen be used as trade bait; we have our closer now in Papelbon, so right there, he becomes expendible. However, he could still be used as middle relief, so who knows?

My guess, if the trade happens, expect a SP, RP, and even possibly an OF to be sent to the ChiSox for Beurhle. I expect the SP to be MLB ready while the RP and OF may need a bit more time at the minor league level. Also, I’d gather Theo and Co. would want to get Beurhle signed to a long term deal as well.

Let the rumor mill churn, ladies and gents.

I’d hate to see more top prospects traded away, especially since the rotation is already strong. I would have to admit though that this rotation looks tempting for 2008/last half of 2007:

Josh Beckett

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Mark Buehrle

Jon Lester

Tim Wakefield/Julian Tavarez

On Lugo: Just remember Pedroia. We were all sceaming for Francona to dump him a month or two ago. I believed Lugo is a good player looking at his numbers for the past few years, and will straighten out. The Red Sox have had trouble finding a long-term shortstop ever since Nomar was traded, mainly because they weren’t patient enough with them. Look at some former Sox SS stats for this years:

Edgar Rentaria: .324 avg., .385 obp

Alex Gonzales: .260 avg, 12 hr, highlight reel defense

Don’t let Lugo become another statistic in the pile, Theo.

ras567, I admire your patience. You referenced Pedroia and you’re right, we were all getting impatient with him. The difference is, his was a one month rookie slump, Lugo’s is the whole season. People talk that when the season finishes, he will be at his normal numbers. I just don’t know how that is going to happen when he’s never started a season like this. To get to his “normal” numbers, he would have to have a 2nd half with numbers like A-Rod’s first half just to get to respecability.
Also, Buehrle is a free agent after this year, so there is no guarantee that he’d resign with the Sox. I heard that the Sox (our Sox)were talking about a contract extension if they do the deal. I see no problem giving up a prospect if that is the case. That is one of the reasons you build your farm system, so you can develop trade bait. The odds of a prospect turning out to be a star are so remote, that trading one for a pitcher in his prime is exactly what this development was intended for.

I know Buerhle doesn’t have good numbers vs. the Yankees, but he’s good against everyone else, which is what matters.

Plus, when he pitches, he games are usually over in 2 hours, so you have time to do whatever you want after the game!

Would everyone please stop saying… “We all were ready to bench Pedroia”… I’m probably “king of the impatient fans”, but I never called for Pedroia’s benching. Cora is a career .245 hitter (that stinks). Granted he was pretty hot early on, but you need to give the rookie a shot if the Sox management put that much faith in him (letting Loretta go). I’d vote Yes right now for Cora to replace Lugo. .193 is inexcusable. Maybe he needs to see a shrink?

I’m sick of hearing about Pedroia’s woes too, mostly for the reasons cited by GSR.

Lugo is not in a month-long slump, he is mired in a first-half slump so why would any fan have to be patient with that? It’s not like he’s a longtime Boston player who has produced in the past, so we don’t owe him anything.

I don’t care if Cora hits .240 as an everyday player, that’s still 50 points better than Lugo right now and if the Sox are playing good baseball with a .195 hitter in their lineup, imagine how much better they will be with somebody hitting .240.

As for Buehrle, I’ve always liked him for three reasons: he has an imposing presence on the mound, he is a lefty, and he works quickly. You wouldn’t hear any complaints from me if Theo can somehow spin Buehrle for Hansen and any position player (except for Ellsbury).

I really feel like there is no way Lester would be traded, the Sox have invested too much in his return as a mainstay in the rotation for the future for that to happen. And I would not be happy if Buchholz was shipped off because I’m really excited to watch him pitch at the major league level soon.

Remember, Lugo hit .219 for the Dodgers last year in 50 or so games, so “stinking outside of Tampa” was already on his resume. My fear is that he only hit within the safe haven of meaningless games (every Tampa game). Maybe he has head issues.

I know hindsight is 20-20, but the revolving door at SS would have been avoided had the Sox kept Orlando Cabrera after the triumph of 2004. Lugo stinks. A little bit of Tampa Bay in Boston.
Nice to see Coco hitting, though.

I’d include the overrated preppie Hansen in a deal for Beuhrle, and maybe Delcarmen too. Keep Lester and Bucholtz.

ras567: Like rayman said, not everybody was ready to bench Pedroia. Being this good as an everyday player as a rookie just goes to show how good our farm system has become (and this includes Youk).

I’d prefer not to trade many prospects away but if Theo and Co. can make a trade for Buerhle without gutting our pitching prospect collection, then I’d do it. Lester, for example, is a player I’d never see traded mainly because of what Zachary said and on top of the fact that he’s a lefty. Also, Delcarmen is somebody I also don’t expect to leave either. He’s young and has too much firepower on his pitches to be let go. If he can harness some more control, we’ve got ourselves say, a “mini Joel Zumaya.”

As for Lugo, perhaps he’ll fix his hitting in the second half, perhaps not. Regardless, we do need more SS prospects in the minors. I’ve only see Lowrie as a “top-prospect” and that’s about it.

Here’s the deal. most players hit within 10 points of their average. Lugo has a 275 lifetime avg. The point is, he can’t be this bad. he has a lot of hits left in that bat.

We should have never traded Cabrera. We should have been more patient with Renterea! So what are we gonna do? Dump Lugo this year and watch him hit 300 somewhere else while we’re paying for his salary.

We’re in first place. If he continues to hit 198 and we keep playing like this, I say keep him in the line up and let him make the outs. who cares? if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This may seem like a stretch of a trade, but how’s this:

Gabbard and another pitcher (perhaps Hansen), and a minor league OF or player to be named later for Beurhle.

That’s something that seems completely feasible.

Personally I’d hate to see Gabbard go, but with Lester in the waiting and with the possibility of Beurhle coming in, he becomes somewhat of a trade bait commodity as well.

I think we need to give Lester more of a chance… Some people tend to point to his 4+ ERA last year. Let’s remember his ERA was in the much better early on and it steadily rose over his latter starts. Nobody can tell exactly how the cancer affected him. My gut feel is that it had something to do with his ERA climbing.

I agree with Rayman on the subject of Lester. His ERA was high but that may be from a few bad starts, and as a season progreses its harder to lower it, look at how long it has taken Dice-K to lower his from 5.00. However Lester has to learn better control, show by his 43 walks in 15 starts.

Buerhle would be a nice addition, but have we all forgotten about Schill, he will be back. This trade would be released,trades, and demotions by the bundle. If it does go through, I agree Wake should go, but let Mirabelli stay, we don’t have a back up catcher.

This is how the trade should go down(depending on Schilling ):

We trade Hansen, Bowden (maybe Gabbard), and / or David Murhpy or Jason Place, in return we aquire Buerhle.

Schilling returns to the rotation, we release Wake, but keep Mirabelli as back-up. The rotation looks like:






The bullpen is revamped to look like:








As for Lugo, its a wait and judge situation.

We release Pineiro and put Tavarez in that role.

Timlin is released, Donnely returns.

Someone, can you tell me :

1- that rumor about Buehrle, is it supposed to happen this season or in the offseason.

2- does he become free agent at the end of the season, and if not, what is his situation, contract-wise ?

And rayman, you’re right about Lester’s health being related to his ERA last year. When you’re chasing after your breathe as soon as in the 4th inning, you can’t have Cy Young’s type numbers.

We might see a whole new Jon Lester this time, and it’s just great.

The fact that they’re entertaining getting Buerhle makes me wonder just how soon Schill will be back. The ultimate blogster himself hasn’t updated his site since he got beat by Colorado. I’m sure there is something in his contract, or team rules that state he can’t talk about an injury, but if he was OK, wouldn’t it be fine to say so??
Also, there is no way they are releasing Wake. They guy is the longest tenured player on the team with strong ties to the community. I don’t think they’d would do that. Plus, don’t forget how he started the year. We’ve seen it for years. He’ll throw 2 solid games, throw a rough one here and there and ultimately finish a few games above .500. He’s a number 5 pitcher! Every team in the league would take that from a number 5 guy. Yes, Tavarez is technically the # 5 guy now by default, but the projections for the 2nd half of the season once Lester was comletely back were Schill, Beckett, Dice K, Lester and Wakefield. While it can be brutal to watch when he is not doing well, that’s as good of a number 5 guy you are going to find (Unless you’re Detriot).

One last thing on the trade rumor. Remember last year around the deadline. Weren’t there supposed to be 3 or 4 blockbusters? Soriano was supposed to be a lock to go to the Yanks, etc. Bottom line, if every trade scenario we heard about came to fruition, we would have Helton, Tejada, Ichiro, Andru Jones, Torii Hunter, Jake Peavy and Scott Linebrink all in the same lineup right now.

Basially what I’m saying about the trade is, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Three questions,

(1) One, just a lament– when would Cabrera be available again?

(2) Is there more sympathy than wisdom in the hands off Lester? Why not trade him for Buerhle? He certainly lived on the edge even in his successful games in the majors last year, and never went deep because of his lack of control. His minor league record is not all that impressive or consistent thus far? As much as one can admire a personal triumph, it doesn’t not necessarily translate success on the field because of that? Personally I would consider the trade. Crazy?

(3) Why doesn’t anybody think the Yanks my poach Buerhle, are they just too burned out of expensive pitchers that busted — seems like they got as many or more old pitchers than the SOX?

Last night I got home after a grueling day at work, busy all day, 13 hours non-stop. And I had let one of my cooks have the day off because he’s been working a lot and it was supposed to be a slow weekend. The local rodeo started this weekend and usually we stand around looking at each other while it’s on. Anyway, I get home and I’m winding down reading the blog and checking the scores. And of course all the Lugo griping is on my mind–Why can’t he just hit?!?!– So this morning I wake up and I’m having a dream that I’m watching a Sox game and here’s Julio hawking his new line of men’s fine fasion wear–yup, you guessed it—the “Mendoza” line of fine men’s clothing! In the dream I’m thinking “This is really weird” and of course the bloggers here were all howling with outrage that the Lugmiester would spend his time selling clothing instead of taking extra BP… I gotta get a life!!

dgneubert, There are going to be so many teams that are interested in Buerhle that the White Sox are going to be asking for some top prospects. While the Yankees have made improvements in their farm system, they don’t have as much as the White Sox will demand. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. The fact that our Sox have loaded up their farm gives them the supposed “front runner” status that Jay Mariotti wrote about.
Poor Lugo, everyone on the team is doing their part and team has a decent lead and they guy just can’t get it going.

Has anyone noticed how it seems like he’s choking his bat? Not choking up, but litterally sqeezing it to death and he’s hunched over like he’s trying to make himself 3 feet tall.

I’m obviously no pro, but I distinctly remember my high school and college coaches say to loosen your grip, don’t strangle your friend (the bat!).

I heard Magadan talked to Coco about standing up a little straighter in the box and since then he’s been hot.

Maybe Lugo should take the same advise. But like someone mentioned earlier, maybe he needs a shrink.

But if all else feels, he can call arnie and get started in the fashion industry!

I vote they give Lugo a week off to work on his swing. Cora takes over. See how he does. If Cora starts to quickly drop back towards his career ave of .245… bring Lugo back. If Cora stays near .280, let him go until he tires.

goredsox: how ’bout quantity vs quality?

Personally, I would trade Lester, Wakefield, Mirabelli, and Hansen for Buerhle. So for the rest of the year, you hope Schill holds up for the rest of this year (replace him next year) — Buerhle replaces Wakefield (essentially) and you unload Mirabelli and Hansen as compensation, and try to hold the deal there — replace Schilling with someone in the farm next year.

What are the odds the Sox can tee off on Weaver like they did earlier in the year?
Gabbard vs. Felix tomorrow. Felix owned the Sox last time, but until his most recent start he hadn’t been doing too well since coming off the DL. Then we face a rookie that got lit up Friday night. 2 of 3 should be expected, capping off a very nice 6-3 trip. That would be a heck of a lot better than the last time they went out West.

Yanks face Baltimore’s 2 best pitchers Tuesday and Wednesday. Since Baltimore doesn’t have Perlazzo anymore, maybe Guthrie will be kept in the game in the 9th if he has a gem going!

I’m with rayman. If the Sox intend on letting Lugo try and get out of the slump, I say give him these 3 games in Seattle. If he doesn’t snap out of it, give Cora the weekend. Like we’ve said, Lugo is going to get crushed by the crowd this weekend. Some time off, then the All-Star Break will give him plenty of time to visit Dr. Melfi. She’s got plenty of time on her hands now.

dgneubert, Buerhle is a free agent. Unless the Sox can sign him to an extension, you’d essentiall lose 2 of our starting 5 plus the catcher for one of those guys for a guy that’s only going to play 1/2 a year with us.
I might be in the minority, but I’d hold tight with Wake right now. Mirabelli’s only use is catching him, but what the heck, we’ve gone the whole year with one dead bat in the lineup anyway, so him hitting once every 5 days isn’t going to kill us.

Chicago wants to rebuild. They want young players. I’d guess the Sox pony up Hansen and a top of the line starter.

But I’ll go back to my comments earlier, I’ll believe the hype when I see it. I’m a betting man, but I wouldn’t put money down on this deal happening.

I think it’s more that the Yankees don’t have enough talen they are willing to give away for another guy that doesn’t have his prime ahead of him.

Yeah, despite Baltimore’s struggles, this series will not be easy.

Hey there, Sox fans (and Vince):

Haven’t had any time to read or post, since a friend of mine was in town for three days of fishing. Just wanted to catch up on a couple of minor things from the SD series (I’m going to leave Lugo out of it; plenty has been said on that topic).

Zachary: I couldn’t agree more about that announcer they called “The Colonel.” Not only was he the biggest homer I’ve ever heard, he could hardly pronounce half of the Sox players’ names. He pronounced Matsuzaka’s name at least five different ways, four of them wrong. It’s no secret how much I dislike announcers, but he’s pathetic.

I also agree with you about Buerhle, mainly from the aspect of his working quickly. No nonsense, get the ball back to him and get ready for another pitch. None of this walk around the mound, adjust your cap, rub the ball, etc., etc., etc. Never having pitched a the major league (or any other) level, I can’t say for sure, but I would think it takes a huge amount of concentration and focus to be able to do that for two hours plus, as opposed to pitchers who take their little break after each pitch.

Pacol: The ump that missed those two calls was actually a AAA ump called up for “vacation relief.” At least I think that’s what they called it. Whatever it was called, he was basically a sub. Good for him to get some experience I guess, and at least the crew worked together to get the calls right, but it’s no surprise he missed a couple.

And as for Wakefield, I believe both he and the team have an almost infinite option on his contract, so either side can extend it if they want. That doesn’t guarantee him a roster spot obviously, and I don’t think it prevents him from being traded. But he’s a 10-5 player, so I would think there’s a pretty slim chance of ever seeing him pitch in a different uniform.

I’d really like to see the Sox jump all over Jeff Weaver tonight. I just don’t like the guy. My favorite memory of the dude is a game back when he was with the Yankees, in which he gave up a few runs in the first inning before being yanked, without even recording an out. He had an ERA of infinity for that game.

Everyone is griping about Lugo, all he has to do is take off those batting gloves. My god they look like boxing gloves.Any good hitter that i`ve seen never wore gloves they like the feel of the bat, so take off the gloves and start hitting.

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