At the Safe

Safeco is in my top three or four visiting ballparks, without a doubt. There’s nothing not to love about the Safe. 0625071737A three-game series kicks off tonight and the Red Sox have their regular lineup for the first time since June 16. June 17 — the last time they had the DH — was a Wakefield game.

Schilling blogged and held court with the media today ,marking the first time he’s said much since going on the DL. Curt is not a patient rehabber. He wants back on the mound. But he also realizes it would be stupid to risk re-injury. He did not agree with Theo Epstein’s view that full rest and rehab could be a blessing in disguise in that it could enable Schilling to recharge to the point that he can have a dominant second half.

“I agree with Tito. It’s easy to analyze that when you’re
not in uniform and you’ve never been in one, that’s a good way to look at it I
guess. It’s different when you’re in here.”

Schilling just wants to pitch. He’s fairly miserable when he’s not doing so: “That’s what they pay me to do. They pay me to pitch and
win games. When you’re not doing that, it’s not fun.”

Speaking of not fun, Julio Lugo isn’t having much of it right now. He just popped up and his slump is at 0-for-28 and counting. The average has tumbled to .192. It’s debatable who will tear his hair out first: Lugo or hitting coach Dave Magadan. I’m looking forward to watching Kason "Steve Stiffler from American Pie clone" Gabbard tomorrow night.

Also, I was idiotic to not wear long sleeves. We’re not in San Diego anymore. It’s a little chilly here in Seattle. Note to self: Wear a jacket tomorrow night.





Just wondering Ian what do you think of the idea of Buehrle coming to Boston? I read where Eckersly doesn’t like the idea of him coming to pitch with the Red Sox. I personally like the idea of him pitching with the Red Sox, not only for this season but beyond that as well. He seems to be pitching much better this year, of course he had the no hitter earlier in the year. I think one of the reasons why I like the idea of him with the Red Sox is how well he pitched in 2005 and if you can pick up a guy that already has big-time post-season experience I say go for it!!! Red Sox had a hard time scoring runs in San Diego this past weekend it should be different in Seattle, there starting pitching is bad, they do have one of the most under-rated closers though!!! Sox should take 2 out of 3 in Seattle!!!

We’re about to witness history… the worst pitcher in the league vs. the worst hitter. What wins over? Bad pitching or bad hitting?

I was viewing the game on “Gamecast” and saw the result for Lugo… “In play, no outs”… I said to myself, it must have been an error… no way this guy is getting a hit. Sure enough.

Papi, a steal o.O

I can’t bear the pain anymore dealing with Lugo. Somebody stop the pain. Please somebody stop the pain.

We should have at least 5 runs against this bum.

Oh my…our pitchers apparently can’t find the strike zone anymore…

Somebody explain how we only have 2 runs off of Weaver?

Oh My?? that’s really putting it nicely Pacol!! I was about to apologize(again) to Julian for my earlier seaon and statements from last year when he made me REALLY stop in my literary tracks!!!
I made a promise that I wouldn’t say anything bad about him, since he had been doing so well…. DANG IT, I’M GOING TO KEEP MY PROMISE AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE WE’LL PULL OUT OF THIS!!!!

Geez, what was it my mom always told me??? If you don’t have anthing nice to say don’t say anyth…..

PS I was just looking at the picture that Ian has at the top of his current blog. I absolutely DREAD the day when (Oh God please make it never) I have to read that Fenway park is then sponsored by dog food or underwear (dolphins stadium was once known as Fruit of the Loom Stadium for about 47 seconds), or a telephone company….) Just the names make me ill!!!

LOL Ellen…just imagine if Fenway Park became, say, Verizon Field or MBTA Park.

I think I’d vomit, to put it bluntly.

Tavarez = bad outing, that’s all for tonight. His career numbers against the M’s are pretty good. Then again, the M’s have been hitting decently lately…

But I still don’t understand why we’re not hitting the stuffing off the M’s pitching…

I really do despise Mike Timlin.

Or how about “Trump Towers Park!!>>” Oh I don’t even want to think about that!!

Well here;s your RS girl who NEVER turns the game off…. Timlin nearly gets taken out then gets one of his pitches taken really out of there.. Well I’ll be true. I won’t turn the game off, I’ll just go away from it and maybe we’ll do better!! LET’S GO REDSOX LET’S GO!!!!

zach: Is it possible that you feel about Timlin, the way I feel about say JD or Tavarez???? I don’t think that you are old enough to garner that much negative emotion toward somebody! OR ANYBODY!!!!

Sorry, I shouldn’t assume age or anything else about somebody, again I’m Sorry!!!

My biggest pet peeve has to be middle-inning relievers allowing runs to score when the team is already down. And Timlin gives up 3 of them.

The bases loaded with 1 out situation at the top of the 8th would actually meant something if this game was still 6-2, this situation. But Timlin killed all hopes of that with his incredibly ugly inning of work.

Loyalty is the only thing keeping this guy on the roster.

The Sox were going to pinch hit for Lugo with David Murphy. How’s that for confidence in your $36 million investment?

He is pushing 0-for his last-30. Is he going for some DiMaggio-type streak of not hitting? Plus, he has shown zero signs of breaking out of his slump since that game in Atlanta where he had a couple strong swings. And on top of that, in the 4th, he popped up to the infield and didn’t even run it out.

PS: I am 20, Ellen. Is that old enough to despise somebody? If so, my list goes: Mike Timlin, Julio Lugo, the Chicago White Sox announcers.

I honestly would have preferred keeping Romero than Timlin considering how Timlin has been.

They’ve been too patient with Timlin and they weren’t patient enough with Romero.

As for Lugo…I don’t even know where to start. Heck, even I’m starting to lose my patience on him. He better hope the All-Star break comes early for him, that’s all I have to say.

This game is pathetic. Snyder: 2 bases loaded walks, Timlin: 4 pitch walk, 2 more pitches, 2 HR’s, WMP: bases loaded inning ending DP. And the rest of the guys making Weaver look like an allstar.

Zach, Timlin’s on the team for one reason; he wants to get his 1000 appearances and the Sox feel they owe it to him. But what is the point of doing that if in your last 40 appearances you s/u/c/k?

Just curious, if you designate somebody for assignment, does the player automatically go to the minors when waivers are cleared? Or does the player have a choice of not going to the minors and signing elsewhere?

Also, if another team picks up the player before waivers are cleared, what happens with the contract they had with their now-previous team?

This may seem off-topic but I want to know so I can possibly give out an idea without sounding like an idiot.🙂

What’s up with Lugo? It seems like Boston has a new curse…The Curse of Nomar..No shortstop has played or stayed since!

cabrera played.😛

The curse of Nomar…nice.
Sounds like Lester has been struggling since he found out he wasn’t getting called up. Deflated ego maybe?

Sounds like the Sox deal for Buerhle isn’t going anywhere.

Jeff Weaver? I guess we can chalk up last night’s game to “one of those days”

Good news for Lugo. I just read that the longest 0-fer in Sox history is 0-44. So, technically, it’s not the worst slump ever!

Let’s play a game. Since we don’t have a way of paying the winner, let’s do a “gentlemen’s” bet.

What date and inning do we think Lugo will get his next hit??

I’ll go out on a limb and say 2nd inning Saturday, June 30th

I’m going to say the sixth inning of April 10, 2009.

If Lugo goes on 0-for-200 and breaks the record for worst redsox slump ever(0-for-44) by a wide margin and if he gets a hit at Fenway in his 201st at bat, will the Fenway faithful boooo him or mockingly give an Ovation? Forget Mattingly’s 54 game hit streak, think of Lugo’s 54 game no-hit steak. Does Lugo ever take batting practice or talk to hitting coach or does something to TRY to get one hit atleast for the rest of his career.

PS. Lugo going 0-for-200 is very very possible and he is already 1/6th there.

I was lucky enough to see the last hit ever in Lugo’s career. I was sitting infront of my TV on June 12th, 2007 watching the RedSox Vs Rockies not knowing what to expect and then it happened “Oh, my goodness gracious!Of all the dramatic things, of all the dramatic things I’ve ever seen, Julio Lugo got a hit”

That deal is actually turning out to be incredibly even.

Lowell has performed both offensively and defensively in his first year and a half with the Sox and Beckett has gone 27-12 so far.

Meanwhile, Hanley Ramirez was the NL Rookie of the Year and Annibal Sanchez threw a no-hitter last year before blowing out his shoulder this year, he is out for the remainder of the season.

How about Wily Mo + Hansen + another pitching prospect for Buehrle. Any takers?

PS: Julio Lugo’s will reach first base on catcher’s interference tonight, thus sending him off on a 32-for-36 tear leading up to the All-Star Break.

Well, at least Beckett is working out for us. Otherwise I would have nightmares of letting Hanley Ramirez go.

Zach, when a player id DFA’s they have 10 days to sign with someone else, if not they return to the minors.

Kumar, Dimaggio had a 56 game hitting streak, Mattingly did not have a 54 game hitting streak. And I really have no idea why Lugo is this bad, it’s crazy. He’s andruw Jones without the power.

You may be right, I’m not 100% sure, but I thought when a player is DFA, the team has 10 days to trade that player. If they do get a trading partner, then whoever takes him, takes the salary.

If a trade isn’t competed within 10 days, then the player can elect to become a free agent or go to the minors. If he’s signed as a free agent, the signing team only has to pay a certain percentage of the salary while the team that released him has to pay a majority.

I know there is also something about teams with the worst record having 1st dibs on claiming them, then working their way up. That is why we sometimes saw the sox pick players up, so that they could block the Yankees from getting certain players.

I’m not sure what the stipulations on that rule are, though.


Lugo already got his last hit ever of his career on June 12th(I am a Witness) so there is no way he will get a hit on June 20th. The only way Lugo is going to get a hit is ig he Pops up to the infeild and the feilder has to drop it and when he throws to first base the 1st baseman will drop it so Lugo with his tremoundous speed reaches safe at first and the Official Socrer has to give him a hit instead of errors on infielder.

Another possibility for Lugo getting a hit is when the pitcher releases the ball he has to steal the first base with his tremoundous speed.

It is very difficult to predict when Lugo is going to get a hit again. Instead I suggest we have a bet on when Lugo is going to have an At bat where he takes more than 1-2 pitches or when he is going get a Fly ball out instead of a infeild Pop out.

Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo is hitless in 29 at-bats after going 0-for-3 on Monday. It’s the longest such stretch of his career, and his .191 average is the lowest among major league qualifiers.

Kumar, I’d gather that Theo and Co. would probably trade Lugo or would DFA’d before he reaches 0-200. That type of record is only possible if they actually let him keep going at the pace he is, which if he does, he may not even be around in Boston any longer.

Just my two cents, but I’m with Zachary; he’ll break out of it soon enough.

With all the joke mixed in, Kumar has point with Lug-out. Every at bat is seems he’s down 0-2 and fighting for air. Then he inevitably pops up. I don’t know why he wouldn’t concentrate on hitting the ball down and try to utilize his speed. He can’t even get a bunt down correctly.
The friggen guy is Willie Mays Hayes from “Major League”.

Kevin, you got it, that’s right. I gave an extremely broad interpretation but I forgot they can also trade him in those 10 days.

I was only kiddding when I said 0-for-200.

And by the way what happened to JC Romero? Did any team claim him or sign him ….

I heard he signed a minor league deal with Philly

Just a thought… can I propose something lower than the Mendoza line? It is the point where a player is hitting so low that it goes from becoming painful to becoming sport. Perhaps the Lugo Line would be an apt name.

GSR, my bet is Thursday 5th July. First at-bat.

Since we don’t know where it’s going to end up… We can call it the “Lugo Limbo Line”… How low can you go?

This is the best!! Lugo’s gone from team goat to being team buffoon. Kind of like the guy at the carnival that you dunk. Dunk Lugo!! I love it.

Seriously though, I predict he gets a hit in his first at bat in Fenway this weekend. Then he goes 0 for 40. Finally, when he’s hitting a buck-ten he cracks and does a Jimmy Peirsal, hurling epithets at his tormentors in the crowd and leaves fenway for the last time in a strait jacket.

Or maybe he calls me and we open the Lugo Line clothing store. LOW prices.

I have an idea on Lugo.

One of his biggest issues is confidence. Nothing boosts confidence more, and reaffirms someone’s ability more, than being on the All Star Team. Therefore, I suggest everyone gets behind Lugo and tries to vote him on to the All Star Team. If nothing else, it will be entertaining to watch.

I wholeheartedly agree with the theory that Jon Lester’s recent two ineffective starts are directly related to the fact he has not been summoned to Boston. I think he will do fine once he becomes part of the Sox rotation, as long as he has fully built his strength and stamina. I like Gabbard, though. I think he would be a 12-game winner as a No. 5 guy right now. And I still think Devern Hansack will be an effective Major League pitcher, whether it is as a starter or a reliever.

Regarding Lugo, everyone here and at Sox and Pinstripes knows that I am a Lugo fan. He has a proven track record as a productive hitter. It is tough and frustrating to see him ground out and strike out so often, and whoever said that is is seemingly down 0-2 in the count is correct. He should be more aggressive at the plate. The patient approach works for the most part, but when you are in a funk like Lugo, I can’t see how you can let a first pitch fastball go right by you.

I think Cora should get more playing time, but he is best suited for a utility role. Lugo will emerge from his slump, and we will forget that he ever struggled, just as Pedroia’s early season struggles are forgotten. At this point, if Lugo finishes at .260 (which is 10 points below his career average), it will be a plus. Once he starts getting on more more often and causes havoc on the basepaths, Red Sox Nation will like him. The second half will be much better, I think, for Lugo.


Also, regarding trade rumors, I think it is amusing when someone proposes a trade of quantity for quality. I’m not talking about any specific person on this site, I am talking about fans’ trade suggestions in general. Before thinking about a trade, put yourself in the opposing general manager’s shoes. If you are Kenny Williams and are taking offers for Mark Buehrle, or Jon Daniels and taking offers for Mark Teixeira, for example, would you take a collection of spare parts for your superstar? Of course not. You will want something of value in return.

The Sox will not land Buehrle without giving up two of the following prospects – Buchholz, Ellsbury, Bowden, Lester and Lowrie. I wouldn’t mind if the Sox traded Bowden and Lowrie if they could sign Buehrle to a five-year deal since Buehrle is only 28. Otherwise, no deal. No way Buchholz and Ellsbury should not be with the Red Sox. Lester as well.

The bottom line is that the Sox are loaded with prospects – many of which are at the lower levels of the minor leagues – and it will take a highly regarded prospect or two to land a front-line starting pitcher. It will take a Wily Mo Pena to land a decent middle reliever. And it will take a complete package of top prospects to get someone like Teixeira.

Appears that Gabbard has never competed in a baseball game in his life.

We have 3 hits and a walk in the first and come up with one stinkin run. Looks like its going to be a long night.

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