Game 2 at the Safe was an ugly one

OK, first of all, Manny wasn’t hurt. it was just a day off. I think this is was a pretty good righty (Felix Hernandez) for him to get a blow against. Lugo was out of the lineup. Hardly a shocker.

Lugo is going to be a daily decision for Tito as long as he stays in this funk. He is 0 for his last 29 and is hitting .191 overall. Cora is in there tonight. Expect Lugo back in there tomorrow against the lefty. I have to say, Lugo has proven to be a pretty good guy. Despite his struggles, he remains accountable and cheerful.

Boy, was Gabbard painful to watch tonight. Four walks and a hit batter. And that was just the first inning. This was the last thing anyone expected. The one thing he’s always had is composure and the ability to keep his team in the game. Well, the Red Sox kept themselves in this game by working Felix Hernandez.

Just two batters in, Hernandez had given up more hits (two) than he did in that entire gem back in Boston in April. Delcarmen made some big pitches in relief of Gabbard in the fourth. It was the shortest outing by any Boston starter since Kyle Snyder on September 24 of last season.

All night the Sox were one big hit away from taking control of this game. They never could quite get there. Oh well, tough to blame the offense on a night they score seven runs.


How is life in general here in Seattle? Just great. Had some awesome sushi today at a place called Nijo. I recommend it to anyone who ventures out this way. I brought my jacket tonight and of course it’s warm, unlike last night when i didn’t have my jacket.

Daisuke in the daytime tomorrow to avert the sweep. By the way, the Sox have not been swept in a series of more than two games all year. They did lose three in a row in Oakland, but that was a four-game series.

Talk to you from the Safe on Wednesday.


This is painful to watch (in my case, to hear). Kason is having a Scott Proctor moment

All things considered, 3 runs isn’t that bad. This is far from the Felix Hernandez that 1 hit us at the Fens. We should score around 6-8 runs tonight.

Pure proof that walks kill.
Sox…3 hits and get 1 run.

Mariners…1 hit and get 3 runs.

JD and Lowell really hurt us not coming through in the 1st with the based juiced.

Drew’s 32 RBIs hitting behind Ortiz and Manny is laughable.

No Manny tonight rayman, hence why Drew is hitting there. If Manny were in Drew would lead off and Youks .333 avg would be behind them

Willie Bloomquist?!!?! I want Jonny L

Good thing we have Lester sitting in the minors twiddling his thumbs. Does anyone have a tournequett?

Who can pitch long-relief tonight? Snyder threw alot last night so will Kason have to take one for the team?

well thank god for the double plays. that saved a few runs

Wow did Delcarmen look good or what? 98 mph fastball right by Richie Sexson with one out and the bases loaded.

And Lowell missed a homerun by less than a foot, although I’m not complaining about the 2-run triple.

Man, that was an un-Gabbard like performance. He usually has great control. He looked scared in just about every inning, unlike his other appearances. Hopefully, he recovers in his next start, or the Sox give Lester a start, or even Buchholz. That was painful to watch.


Sheesh, let’s hope the Mariners don’t make the playoffs, the Sox pitchers can’t seem to keep these guys under control.

Man, the Mariners are this year’s version of the Blue Jays for the Sox. Seems like Toronto had our number the past few years, but the Sox just can’t win in Seattle.
That’s the last time I make a prediction. I thought 2 out of 3 should have been expected.

I hope Dice K stays true to form and gives a solid start. More so, I hope he can find a way to keep his pitch count down yet be effective. This isn’t hte Padres lineup, if he walks the first 3 guys, odds are they’ll score more than 1 run. You’d have to think that if the Sox teed off on Hernandez last night that they’d be able to handle this rookie with an 8+ ERA, right? But I guess we thought that abour Weaver too.

Might have to cut out of work a bit early today to catch the game. Thank God no more West Coast games for a while. I can’t stay up that late anymore!

I think the long & brutal road trip has taken it’s toll on the team. But there is only one more game and we r out of the west coast for a while. I think this is the most brutal road trip of the seasson – 9 game, 6 of them in different time zone. Glad it is almost over.

The RedSox walked in 5 runs all season and 4 in the last 2 games. Is it the brutal road trip taking it’s toll or all of a sudden the Sox pitchers have control issues. I think it is the brutal trip.

After all is said and done the Sox r 4-4 so far on this trip. Is that great? Maybe not until u consider yanks r 1-7 so far on similar 9 game road trip but much much easier.

“Boy, was Gabbard painful to watch tonight.”

Actually, I didn’t think so. Maybe it’s just me, but that umpire was extra hard on him, calling even obvious strikes balls. Obviously the kid is now trying to throw as far from strike zone as possible.

It’s not fair to blame him for the loss.

And by the way, is it just me or umpires getting a lot tougher on Red Sox? How many questionable calls can you have in a single week?!

I was thinking along similar lines, but I don’t think the umps are singling out the Sox. It just looks like the strike zone is pretty random. One time a pitch outside the zone is a strike next time it’s a ball. But there have been a LOT of pitches outside the zone that have been called strikes against the Sox this series.

And all year I’ve noticed how the umps seem to miss so many calls on balls and strikes. Both the hitters and the pitchers look frustrated.

I agree with u abt the umpiring calls. Gabbard was getting squeezed by the home plate umpire. He was much more favorable to Felix Hernandez though. I am not blaming the umpires for the poor performance of Gabbard. Good pitchers make adjustments accordingly and maybe that comes with experience. It appears that the Home team pitchers get slight benefit on balls and strikes. My guess is it happens even with Sox at Home. As the team was on the road trip for more than a week now it appears the Sox r not getting those close calls in their favor for a week or so. That may be one of the reasons why most teams have better Home record than on the road.

and with more on the officials, what about mike lowell’s called third strike?! i dont care how much confidence you have in mike lowell getting that extra pitch and driving it (which i did, he was making solid contact during the at-bat) that was an extremely bad call.

4-4 on this trip so far. Hopefully they will win this last one. Should be interesting 3 series before the ASB. Texas has very good bullpen but one of the worst starting pitching. Tampa for the first this season. Tampa bullpen other than Al Reyes is horrible. Starting pitching other than Kazmir & James Shields is horrible. The Detroit series after that should be interesting as well. The Yanks stretch before is ASB is relatively tougher. Sox should gain couple of games over the Yanks before the ASB hopefully.

I agree with you guys. Maybe it’s not just against Red Sox, but there certainly were a lot of bad calls. Fore mentioned Mike Lowell, Youk a couple of days back, Ortiz…
Of course if Gabbard were Shill, he could adjust. But the thing is — he is a rookie. Not “Matsuzaka rookie”, but a rookie-rookie. And for the being a rookie he did pretty well yesterday.

Umpiring in general is god-awful and has been for a long time. The addition of espn k-zone and other instant replay capabilities show these guys are really bad. I’m OK with pitches on the corners going both ways… but there are plenty of pitches at least 3-5 inches off the plate that are consistenty called strikes. A few inches high or low… I have no problem… the pitches are still hittable. Someone throws a pitch 6 inches outside and low… the batter has no chance.

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