Dice-K trying to restore order

Day 3 here at the Safe, and Daisuke Matsuzaka will try to prevent the Red Sox being swept in a series of more than two games for the first time this year.

Pre-game news: Curt Schilling will be re-evaluated on Monday, and perhaps he’ll start throwing early next week but he will not pitch before the All-Star break. Not really a big surprise. He only could have squezed in one start before the break … Joel Pineiro was hobbling quite a bit. In a bizarre injury, he tripped on Eric Hinske during the team’s stretching exercise on Monday …. J.D. Drew is getting the day off against the lefty. Wily Mo is in right.

Here is the lineup:
Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Varitek C
Pena RF
Lugo SS
Matsuzaka SP

More later,



Hope this time Dice-K listens to Tek more than he did in the past…

Matsuzaka needs to give the team a solid 7 inning performance. With the bullpen tired from usage from the last two games nothing else is acceptable.
Every time I watch Dice-K pitch it occurs to me that he doesn’t have an “out-pitch”. His array of pitches is hard to ignore, but his control is lacking with most of his pitches which is leading to walks (we know from last night that the M’s capitalize of BB’s). I know he is Strikeout pitcher, shown by his 100+ K’s, but his count runs high because he runs the count to 3-2. If he can get out the manual way he’ll go deep. Dice-K also must stop focusing on Ichiro, and Jojhima, he loses concentration against the others hitters.

Doesn’t it seem like dead-weight at the 8 & 9 spots in the line-up, several strikeouts should result from the bottom.

*If he can get outs the manual way.

*but his pitch count runs high.

rsj, that’s exactly what I was saying on the previous thread. It seems like he goes to way too many 3 ball counts and the Mariners are the 3rd best hitting team in the league, so he won’t have as easy of a time getting outs as he did agains San Diego’s lineup if he gets behind in the count so often.

I have a question and maybe someone can make me see the logic behind it. I understand the lefty/righty debate when it comes late in games blah, blah, blah. But when you sign a guy for $75 million AND you have an off day tomorrow AND you are playing after losing 2 in a row, wouldn’t you put said $75 million player in the lineup to try and give you the best lineup possible? This is a rookie that has an 8+ ERA and from what I hear, doesn’t throw that hard. Since Wily Mo can’t hit anything except a 93MPH fastball, I’m confused as to why JD isn’t playing. Is it too much to ask to have your big free agent signing play 3 games in a row? I understand Francona wants to get Wily Mo at bats, but sometimes I just don’t get it. He’s a weaker fielder and this Mariners team can hit, so right field should be busy.

Simple numbers… JD Drew OPS vs. lefties is .651 (terrible). Wily Mo against lefties is .772. Big difference.

If you would prefer batting average: .213 vs. .268

Last, but not least, just because Drew’s making that much money… doesn’t mean he deserves it or deserves to play when he’s stinking up the joint.

Well, that answers that.

Good points on the first 2 rayman. I’d have to say, though, based on the 3rd point, I’d wish someone would use that rational on SS!

On that note, is today the day the streak is broken? If we want to add some side bets: How many pop ups/strikeouts does Lugo hit today? I say 3 combined.

Than what explains Bobby Aberu playing everyday. . . .

Bobby Aberu

OPS: .713

OPS v. LHP : .634

OPS v. RHP : .748

BA : .257

J.D. Drew

OPS: .732

OPS v. LHP : .651

OPS v. RHP : .761

BA: .249

Neither player has the right as of now to play on they’re respected fields in RF.(Drew does have the better number)

Any chance we can get Maggs?(ha ha)

What is Bobby Aberu’s payroll anyway?

I’d say for Lugo, since were facing a no-name pitcher, Feierabend (M’s pitcher) is 1-2 with a 8.20 ERA, if the offense goes smooth against the pitcher, he’ll get 4 to 5 at-bats, a hit on a bunt single, or infield single.

A strikeout, a popup, and two grounders, rayman, thats my prediction.

Lugo goes 1-4 tonight… grounder through a hole or a blooper like the one that Varitek got caught in “no mans land” on. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

I don’t care if Lugo deosn’t get a hit anytime soon. But I hate to see him Pop-up to infield on the 1st or 2nd pitch.

So far today 0-1 on 2 pitches

The Offense is making Ryan Feierabend look like he is Cy Young. Isn’t this the same guy who got thrashed for like 9 runs in 2.2 innings in the last game?

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.”

But we r not talking abt a blind squirrel here, we r talking abt Lugo. He will never ever get a hit again in his Life.

Any bets Lugo will face less than 10 pitches in 4 At Bats combined today?

I think it’s time to consider sacrificing a live chicken for Lugo. Maybe some rum for Jobu too.

Ortiz has left 5 guys on base, blame the hitting coach, lets sacrifice Magadan for Lugo, SACRIFICE!
Wasn’t our hitting coach last year Ron Johnson, or was it Ron Jackson, if it was Johnson then we sent him to AAA Pawtucket.

That has to be the last straw for Lugo. Just a single and its game over (Okajima/Papelbon will close out 90+%). 3-0 count. Just rock bottom. Can’t possibly get any worse… unless we keep playing him.

I could strike out Lugo and I could take Timlin deep for sure!!! Dice-K looks awfully sharp and he will have a MONSTER second half!!! This Red Sox offense has disappeared in way too many games!! I can see if you struggle scoring runs in San Diego but in Seattle, come on now!!! Seattle’s starting pitching is near the bottom!!!

J.J. Putz is perhaps the most under-rated closer in baseball, he is just plain nasty!!! Hopefully I can jinx him here!!!

JP comes in and cleans up the mess… again. Simply amazing. But how can you leave 11 men on base and only score 1 run?!!?

Uh oh, Joel Pinero is now comin into the game. He waa injured becuz he rolled his ankle during the first game of the series. This is gutsy by francona, but who else do they have?

I wonder why you take Paps out there? He had only thrown 17 pitches. I can name countless times when he threw around 30 pitches or so in one inning. Instead they bring in a gimpy Piniero. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite them


Cant win at all in seattle. Dis stinks. We started out winnining back to back seies, and now we get swept. Good thing we got a day off tomorrow. Need it.

The offense is the key issue, but give some credit to the M’s ‘pen.

Green: 2.57 ERA

Sherrill: 1.48 ERA

Morrow: 3.41 ERA

Putz: 0.99 ERA

Davis: 5.51 ERA(should of scored off of him, he was throwing all fastballs.)

How ’bout bringing back Ron Jackson, our hitting coach from the ’03 season, we did set records on the offense side of the ball that year.

*offensive side of the ball

Still have the best record in baseball however, since the Angels got swept by the hapless Royals. Mariners are only 5 back of them and have shown this week that they are a pretty **** good team. Overall picture, 4-5 against 3 of the top 10 teams in baseball ain’t all that bad and the Sox are still the best record wise.

I think the doubt over who should get shown the door when Lester comes back and Tavarez has to go to the pen is over. Joel Piniero is not a good pitcher.
What I’m about to say is almost sac-religious, but I can’t remember Papi getting a big time homerun or game breaking hit this year. I’ve seen all the games and I’ve got to believe there’s been one, but it seems like he’s had lots of opportunities lately and not driven in the BIG run. I mean, it’s silly to even make that comment, I know because his average totally disputes what I’m saying, but I can’t remember a late inning big time hit.

That’s all. I’m not trying to start a big debate here, just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Nice game by Dice K today. The bats were just terrible. No clutch hitting. Not sure why Francona let Lugo hit in the 8th. What, was he playing a hunch. Who cares if they bring the lefty in to face Cora at that moment. Cora against a lefty is better than Lugo against a righty.

I guess the silver lining is that when this trip started they were 7 1/2 games up on NY. Worst case scenario they’ll be 9 1/2 when they get home if NY wins today and tomorrow.

Did we just get swept by the M’s? Woah…

I did know there were on the rise, but I didn’t think there were that good.

I do agree about Ortiz not coming up with the big hit late in the innings this year!!! We all know in baseball that if you had anyone to bring up in those late inning situations you would want no other than David Ortiz to come up with the big hit!!! How about Clemens tonight, didn’t even strike anybody out, he is now 1-3, safe to say he hasn’t provided a spark!!! Clemens is looking his age out there and with that pen he is going to lose close to 10 games!!!

I know pacol. It’s official, I hate the Mariners. They have a pretty nice looking bullpen, though.
I guess I wasn’t crazy in my assessment above. I just saw this stat on the Dirt Dogs web site:

“Think about what kind of record the Red Sox might have right now if their two best hitters ever came through in big situations. David Ortiz is has just one RBI in 31 at-bats in close-and-late situations this season, and Manny is hitting .233 with four RBI in 30 at-bats. Ortiz’s struggles are probably a fluke. Manny, though, is frequently being overpowered by top relievers. It’s a definitely cause for concern.”

Hopefully they can forget about the last 3 days on the flight home. Texas comes to town so there will probably be a couple of 9-7 games, hopefully in our favor. Oakland goes to NY, so hopefully they can pitch vs. them like they do vs. us.

One article I read said that the Mariners run came because of an ill advised diving attempt by Coco on that ball hit by Burke. Not sure who saw it or not, but yeah it looked like there was no chance but Coco has made at least 6 of those this year. I’ll take those odds any day. More often than not he’s going to make that catch.

I didn’t see the Coco dive (listening on Audio), but did it dump in front of him, was it to his right or left, or was he running backwards? If he had played it on the hop he could of held Burke to a single. Dice-K’s nickname over Japan is Monster, he looked like one on the mound today.

I saw Coco’s dive and he was running to his right. I don’t think he could have held Burke because it appeared the ball would have gotten by him if he didn’t dive. Maybe if he takes a different angle to the ball he can cut it off but that is hard to say.

I was thinking the same thing abt Papi but I also thought that it was good that the Sox were not depending on him so much. But looking at the stats they jump out at you and you have to wonder.

The Sox should have won 2. The pitching match-ups were leaning that way. The 2 games that the Mariners starters had era’s over 8 the Sox don’t hit and the game where they do hit the bullpen can’t stop the Mariners. And Tavarez was not sharp. Zero for 8 today with RISP. Pathetic.

There is a new entry in the RSN lexicon of slang. lugo-verb, meaning to fail utterly and continually. You might say the Sox lugo’ed this series.

RSJ: I loved “Papa” Jackson but I think the idea behind the hiring of our current hitting coach, Dave Magadan was get some patience in the bats. Several of our guys struck out a lot more than they probably should have.

However, IMHO, there’s too much patience in our bats at times. What Theo and Co. need is to find a hitting coach that knows when to be patience and when to just swing away.

Maybe that patience could explain why Big Papi, Manny, and J.D. haven’t been hot with the bat as they should be.

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