Home sweet home

A three-city, nine-game road trip is in the books and all was good until the final stop. Swept right out of Seattle, the Red Sox jet home for a seven-game homestand. Thursday’s off-day comes at a good time. The team has to be a little weary.

Some things to ponder heading into Friday ..  Coco Crisp has found his stroke. This is the most authority I’ve seen him hit the ball with in his entire time in Boston. I think the finger is finally 100 percent … Poor Julio Lugo is utterly lost. I’m pretty sure he won’t play Friday. Cora has great numbers against Rangers starter Jamey Wright. But fans should keep in mind that with a nine-game lead in the division, there’s no reason to boo Lugo. He’ll probably snap out of it quicker with positive reinforcement. WIll that actually happen? Who knows, but why not throw it out there? … I like the idea of keeping Schilling down until the All-Star break. Of course he’s not going to want to do that. He’s a fierce competitor. But I can’t help but think this break is going to be good for his overall health … It’s too bad it came in a losing effort, but Jonathan Papelbon threw some of the most devastating fastballs he’s thrown all year on Wednesday … Did anyone notice that Daisuke Matsuaka had a 1.59 ERA in June? … Can we really go the entire first half without Manny and Ortiz going on a power binge? I think it will happen this homestand amid the warm summer winds.

Anyway, I have a flight to catch in a few hours. You’ve been a great audience. I’ll be back at the park on Sunday.




I does look like Coco’s finger is fully intact, is it just me or is it flapping with more vigor? Boston is a baseball town, pure and simple. I think Lugo is having a hard time ajusting to it. Remenber he has been in losing baseball cities his whole carrer,(maybe thats why he failed on the Dodgers and is failing on the Red Sox). This is just a possiblity, but if I remember correctly isn’t Pedroia certified at the SS position, and he did play SS through the minors. Schilling should stay out until after the break, give him all the rest he needs to become dominate again(just don’t treat him like a primadonna). Actually I did know Dice-K was pitching terrific, but I wasn’t aware of his tremendous ERA.

We can’t go the entire second half without the pop of Manny and Papi. Lowell is slowing down, Pedroria and Crisp have minimal expolsion, and Youk is okay in that respect. So in short, they need to heat up.

Does anyone know who might be pitching on July 4, I’m attending a game, because of the Schill resting I’m not sure.

I live in Chicago and bought tickets to the Friday, July 6 game in Detroit (road trip). Just checked the schedule and it looks like i’m getting stuck with Tavarez. What a bummer. One rainout before then I get Beckett. Everyone pray!

Our offense needs help right now. It really looks like we do the “How many baserunners can we put on without scoring” thing 75% of all games. We’re 4th in the majors in GIDP. I can’t seem to find Left on Base stats, but my guess is we’re first or second (Yanks probably right there too).

I’d tend to agreen with you re: left on base rayman. The fact that the Sox are so far up right now is a real testament to their pitching. Their bats have been inconsistent and it’s been rare that we get the 10-2 blowout. Every game seems likes it’s close because we don’t have the big hits. Hopefully it will stay the same regarding the arms and eventually the bats will wake up.

Rayman if you have Tavarez, I have Wakefield. The only day until my date that even has a remote chance of rain is today,
Forecast: Scattered Thunderstorms / 60% chance of precipatation

Rayman, until your date,

July 5th Forecast: scattered thunderstorms / 60 % chance of rain

July 6th Forecast: scattered thunderstorms / 60 % chance of rain

I agree with all of u guys our offense stinks.

Batting Ave(.273 – 5th) – That is not bad.

OBP(.354 – 2nd behind Yanks .355) – Very Impressive

Home Runs(80 – 11th) – Power Outage for a team that has best record in the major. Not Good.

Runs(386 – 7th) – Behind all the AL teams who have a chance of making it to the Playoffs and the Texas Ranges, Yanks & Philies. This is very bad.

Walks(317 – 1st) – Very nice.

Stolen Bases(43 – 15th). Blame the @%#$@%# Short Stop who also bats 9th for this. His only job on the team is to steal bases, but he is busy chasing the longest streak of games without getting a hit. And He is the only player in the Majors(AL & NL) with qualifying number of at-bat hitting below .200.

The team has good average , very impressive OBP & draws a lot of walks but scored very less runs to be in 7th place(not even close to the best Detroit Tigers – 460). Papi is not driving in the runs even though he has a very good Batting Average. Manny is not driving in the runs. And let’s not even talk abt the SS who also bats 9th.

I blame the new hitting coach Dave Magadan(who was FIRED by Worst Hitting team San Deigo Padres). And if %@#hole SS is in such a bad slump isn’t it the hitting coach’s job to work on his hitting. What the heck are these 2 @$@holes(Magadan & SS) doing. And why is this %$%hole pissed of at being lifted for a pinch hitter in the 11th. This @#$hole should be grateful to Tito for giving him a chance to get out of his slump. This @#$hole doesn’t even deserve to be on the team.

The pressure is really on Theo to make a few deals in the next month. It’s very likely our bats could disappear in the playoffs against good pitching. We just made Weaver and the rookie look like Cy Young candidates and they had the worst ERAs in the league. Before that, it was Oakland. I really think we need to improve a few key spots to go all the way.

Totally agree. This offense struggled against good quality pitching(Jeremy Guthrie, Felix Hernandez at Fenway, All Oakland pitchers etc). We should stop comparing our offense with Yanks offense and be satisfied. The Yanks offense is not the benchmark. Detroit Tigers have the best offense. Tigers offense is the benchmark this season.

Other than this forum, I think Boston fans have been very patient with Lugo. He certainly hasn’t received the Renteria treatment despite playing much worse than Renteria did. However, I agree with you Ian, and it would be a good thing for the Boston fans to show him positive reinforcement. He is better served, and so are the Sox and the fans if it results in his playing better.

Papi had at least two chances to blow that game wide open yesterday. In fact, he has been leaving quite a few men on base in recent games. If there are power outages, it’s usually the middle of the order that doesn’t perform, particularly Manny and Papi in key situations. That being said, Youk, Dustin, Lowell have picked up the slack; Drew and Coco are coming around, and Tek hasn’t been too bad, and the Sox are 9 games up with their best ball in front of them. It’s a matter of time, particularly for Manny.

I think Manny lost the wall in the 11th yesterday for just a second. If he jumps a half of a step sooner, he doesn’t get jammed into the wall and he makes a nice catch. Manny has played pretty good outfield this year and made a nice effort on that play.

Coco has made some spectacular catches. The one he doesn’t quite get to costs a game. The way he was shaking his hand, I thought he may have reinjured himself. I was thinking what a tragedy that would have been for a guy who has worked so hard to get back to playing well. Glad he’s OK. (By the way, Manny made a nice hustling backup on that play.)

I see the biggest concern being starting pitching. Beckett has be awesome and we can only hope he continues that way. Dice-K is coming along nicely. I have doubts about Schilling. His velocity was real bad in his last two starts, but has been below par all year, with a couple of exceptions. Being a fiece competitor does no good if you can’t throw. It’s too early in the year for him to be having these kinds of problems. Wakefield and Tavares are .500 pitchers and will have good days and bad. I think the Sox need another solid starter and it’s unlikely to be Gabbard or Lester.

The only reason y Lugo is not getting the Renteria treatment is bcoz the Sox r winning & we had double digit or close to double digit lead over the 2nd best team in AL East for most of may and June. When Renteria was playing here we were in a tight race for AL East against Yankees when every game was important and every error was costly.

Congratulation to Frank Thomas on his 500th Home Run. Those are 500 Legit Home Runs I am talking about.

The 4 games against the Texas Ranger should be interesting. The Sox have to take advantage of the Rangers weak Starting pitching. They have very good bullpen(Otsuka & Gagne) and r 3 best bullpen behind Sox. Their Offense is alright. The Rangers for a day off yesterday because of the rain and they shuffled their roation a bit. The pitching match-ups are

Wakefield Vs Robinson Tajeda

Beckett Vs Jamey Wright Tavarez Vs Kameron Loe

Gabbard Vs TBA

Last time we faced Tajeda He shut the Sox out in April.

I would put starting pitching near the bottom of my list of reasons for concern about the 2007 Red Sox. How about finding a shortstop who can hit his weight for the season? Or a strong righty bullpen arm?

You only need two dominant pitchers to ride through the playoffs (think Johnson and Schilling on the 2001 D’Backs) and the Red Sox have that (Beckett and Matsuzaka) plus a bonafide big game pitcher in Schilling. This 3 week break for Schilling can do nothing but help his velocity and overall effectiveness, so I’d expect to see a stronger second half from him.

Coco is hitting .262 right now, how great would it be to see him at .270 by the break? I couldn’t be happier for him, he looks much more relaxed at the plate and is even making some tough outs to go along with his torrid hitting.

And Pedroia used to play SS and I remember last year when he was called up, he played a few games there and it was like watching David Eckstein minus some arm strength. Any slow rollers that should be automatic outs suddenly turned into photo finishes because of his lack of arm strength. Plus the guy is playing an amazing 2B right now (3 errors in 272 total chances, .989 fielding percentage).

Even though our team fielding percentage isn’t anything special, the Sox have 3 legitimate Gold Glove contenders right now: Youk, Pedroia, and Crisp. I would love to see Coco win a Gold Glove this year, especially since he is competing with two of the game’s best (Ichiro and Hunter).

Dice-K appears to be this year’s Wakefield, at least in the last month or so. In his last 5 starts, all in June, he’s 2-2. With an ERA like 1.59 for the month of June, he should have had at least a 3-2 record, if not 4-1. The offense is failing him miserably. I believe ESPN mentioned this morning that in his last 6 starts the Sox have scored a total of 7 runs.

I’m not really worried about Schilling. He’s had a couple of rough outings, but his overall numbers are pretty good, in the middle of the staff as far as ERA, Walks/Hits per inning pitched, etc. And his K/BB ratio, K/9 ratio and BB/9 ratio are at the top. I think this rest will do him good and I would expect to see him have a strong second half of the season.

Kumar, you are right about the Sox needing to score more runs. All the other offensive stats are meaningless if you cannot get the runners in.

And Coco did not lose the game yesterday because of his dive. The announcers made a big deal of that but really it was not as simple as they made it sound. He was moving to his right not charging in on the ball, so he would have had to run deep into the outfield to cut the ball off. It was not guaranteed that he could hold Burke to a single on the play. And 0 for 8 with RISP is the REAL reason the Sox took that loss.

As I wrote in once before,I hope that Lugo snaps out of it and comes around,but there is not ample reason to suspect that he will. He has basically not hit consistently well since the middle of last season when he was with the Dodgers. He could be in an early decline.

Imagine how much grief Lugo and Drew would be getting if the Red Sox were in a tight race but Lugo and Drew better show some life soon!!! I liked the Lugo signing, only thing I didn’t like was the 4 years I thought 3 would have been better, I thought when the season started he would hit .290 or so and steal around 35 or more bases. Lugo is going to probably steal 40 bases or more but hit .250, imagine if he got on more how many bases he would steal???? Definetely rest Schilling until after the break and the Sox better be looking for bench depth just like in 2004 and of course a guy from the right side out of the bullpen!!! Red Sox for the next 7 games get the Rangers and the Devil Rays, Sox better not have a hard time scoring runs against those teams, they will see Kazmir and he seems to pitch great vs Boston and he owns Oritz and Ramirez!!!

COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC, but while Boston is Red Sox first, then everything else, somebody please tell me *** the Celtics are doing?!?

I honestly don’t care since I’ve been a Bulls fan since Jordan (hey, I was a little kid back then, who didn’t love Jordan?), and I’m loving their pick of Joakim Noah.😀

But back to baseball, Kumar, I’m definitely with you on this one, we need to beat the stuffing out of the balls some more and I remember bringing up the point about our current hitting coach being one that seems to preach too much patience. However, I will say one thing: I’m sure he’s helped Coco get back to form at least somewhat. And like RSJ said, Coco’s finger has to have healed completely now; just look at that finger flapping batting stance, heh.

Something for Theo and Co.: this team is eerily similar to the the 2004 WS team, but like that one, a few changes (ahem, SS and perhaps our hitting coach), may just help us get over the top.

Just curious for the sake of talk, any possible SS available out there for trade?

Or are we going to eventually platoon some more with Cora? I feel that could possibly work, but you never know when it could all fall apart.

Heres something interesting:

When the infield is drawn in, a players AVG is increased .50 points. There is always a constant bunt threat from Lugo, so why doesn’t his average go to .250. Oh wait . . . . he /s/u/c/k/s/!

Sorry, that was harsh.

RSJ, you’ve been harsh yes, but our buddy Kumar takes the cake.🙂

::hands Kumar his cake::

Lugo: 0-31 and strikes out with the winning run on 2nd in the 7th yesterday. What was wrong with francona for not pinch hitting for him with Cora???

Then he gets pinch hit for later in the game with cora and slams his bat in the dugout! I’m sorry, but when you’re 0-31 you don’t deserve to be getting angry at the manager for sitting you down. You should be thanking Francona for still allowing you to even be in the lineup!

Talk about a complete waste of money! I’m sure he’s really gonna hear it from the Fenway Faithful when they back to Boston.

lynnith28: Knowing Lugo’s personality (not first hand obviously), he was probably very angry and frustrated at himself. He’s a team player and clearly a guy who adds to the clubhouse chemistry in a positive way doesn’t “curse out” the manager.

Of course, I didn’t see the game so I’m not 100% sure with what may have transpired…

I will say this about Tito: he’s a player’s manager to like the bitter end. That probably helps a lot, but sometimes one can forget about the end result.

However, I couldn’t blame him; along with skill and talent, baseball is very much a psychological game also. Lugo’s confidence is pretty much in the gutter at the moment and having Cora PH for him might have killed anything he had left; however, this is just my assumption of Tito’s managerial decision-making.

If I was getting paid several million a year guaranteed and I couldn’t be fired I’d feel pretty fortunate. Add to that the fact that Lugo is the worst in the majors at what he does( BA-wise) and he should be counting his blessings every day.

You guys ****!!!! You know us Yanks will stomp your butts later in the year and break your hearts

The Sox offense is not impressive so far this season. But the Starting pitching has been one of the best in the Majors. Having said I do think that the Starting pitching will be much better in the Second half of the season. First, Beckett is Legit and his performance so far is not a flash in the pan. Matsuzaka is much better than expected. I expected him to adjust to the baseball here after one season atleast. If he had the got little bit of run support in couple of games he would have had more wins than Beckett.(Lost 1-0 to Felix, 1-0 to Randy Johnson & pitched 8 innings for 1 run Vs Seattle). He was incrementally getting better in April, May & June – June being the best. If Curt Schiling comes back healthy and Jon Lester is back after ASB, WOW. The best of the SOX 2007 is yet to come.

actually sentinel let me correct you. it is we Yanks will stomp your butts not us Yanks, but you knew that right???

Us doubt knew he that hey. Okay Lugo…pressures immense to break out of it, I think Cora’s getting the nod tonight based on past hitting performances against tonight’s pitcher. Lets hope the bats wake up and so does Wake. We could sweep this series, but we need some timely hits. Then tomorrow Lugo can get his first hit in eons and take it from there.

On paper, I would say the Sox should sweep the series, but I also said they should win 2 of 3 in Seattle, so who knows. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t pad the lead any more with NY losing twice in Baltimore.
Going back to the topic above. Agreed: Pitching has lead the way this year. The hitting has been untimely and inconsistent. You’ve got to think the bats will get hotter as the summer moves on. (hopefully anyway).

I’m sticking to 2nd inning Saturday the 30th. Lugo hits yet another pop up to the middle of the infield, yet all 4 infielders converge and no one makes the call. The ball falls in between them all and bounces off the rubber and kicks into the 3rd base line. Lugo, hustling down the line winds up at 2nd with a double, since no error can be credited because no one touches the ball. This hit begins Lugo’s 33 game hitting streak which subsequently raises his average .70 points.

Of course, Francona will probably (hopefully) wind up playing Cora and Lug-out goes hitless for the series

All four Texas starters that are scheduled to pitch have high ERA’s . .

Wright: 7.43(only has made a few starts)

Tejeda: 6.57 (owned us, but nobody else it seems)

Lee: 6.02 (we lite him up last time)

McCarthy: 5.90 (blister problems, and inconsistency)

As d reinbold said, key hits are the key.

Something interesting about Dice-K:

1.75 ERA in Day games

4.84 ERA in Night games

4.81 ERA at home

2.95 ERA on the road

4.04 ERA on grass

2.08 on turf

The day to night comparision is not a good sign since most games, and playoff games are played a night. Home is wre the heart is, aka the fans. Also, not many stadiums have astro-turf anymore, maybe in Japan they do.


I would say that the scenario you describe is completely plausible, except for one little detail, as explained in a clarifying comment for Rule 10.12(a)(1), which reads in part: “It is not necessary that the fielder touch the ball to be charged with an error.” So the scorer COULD charge someone with an error on the play you describe, but might still take pity on Lugo and award him a base hit.

I don’t care how he gets a hit. I just hope it happens soon and gets him started.

Hey, Ian, that was an awesome article about Josh Beckett. I’m particularly pleased to hear his comments and feelings about his current salary. It’s refreshing to hear a top-tier athlete say “The money is not that important. I want to win.” 30 million is plenty of dinero, and he is willing to say so. No regrets about signing a contract that, given his current performance, is less than what he would command on the free agent market.

Yet another class act on the 2007 Boston Red Sox. Thanks for telling us the story.

It will be interesting to see how Francona puts the lineup together from now on because both Crisp and Drew have had success in the leadoff spot over the past couple of weeks.

I would personally prefer having Drew hit first since he really has not been effective in the 5-spot all year yet has had his most success leading off.

And it seems Crisp’s hot streak has nothing to do with where he’s batting, so if he is hitting 8th then at least we have some stability in the bottom of the lineup where Lugo is sure to loom with his endless supply of automatic outs.

I would love to see a 14-2 ballgame tonight, the Sox need a couple of offensive explosions and poor Texas pitching coupled with returning home should do the trick.

And I agree with Rob on Beckett, the guy is a class act. In his postgame interviews it seems as though he is always the first to give credit to his teammates when he wins and shoulders the blame when he loses.

Nothing to add that hasn’t been said many times above, except this — anyone else think Papi’s book has gotten to him. If I were in Sox managemnt, and if I had the authority, I would stipulate to all players — no books until you are off the team. The margin between a hot and cold is so very paper thin in major league baseball.

I don’t think Papi has had a clutch hit all year — I think when you write or speak publicly, either in ridicule of others, or in self-praise, it usually comes back to haunt you — its so conspicious in sports — I don’t know why major league players never seem to learn to stay humble and quiet with their boasting until their business in thoroughly done.

I haven’t read Papi’s book, so I am definitely speaking blindly here. Has anyone read it?

Anyway, that’s my read on a significant contribution to Papi’s trouble this year — I sure hope I am wrong. Only the rest of the season will convince me otherwise.

rob, If Lugo can have a hit to right field erased because Varitek gets thown out at 3rd, then odds are if my situation happens, the scorekeeper will probably wind up ruling the play an error on my situation. That is just this guy’s luck, or lack there of.
I’m with zach. Crisp has hit from leadoff or the 8th hole this past couple of weeks. Drew seemed locked in while in the lead off spot.

Here’s a scenario that might break Lugo out…..man I’m just trying to figure some way to make this thing happen.

Maybe a hit and run scenario with Coco on. This way, it’s not as much pressure to get a hit, but just make contact. Who knows, he might just get lucky and have a ground ball go through the spot of the fielder covering 2nd. The only problem is, a hit and run only works if you don’t swing and miss and if you don’t pop up….so there’s the rub.

This isnt good, were playing .500 ball, our offense is awful, barely any power, where are papi and manny? drew? lugo? crisp? even lowell is cooled off now. we need something to happen

Hmmmm…not sure what play you’re refering to, but if it’s that bloop shot to short center that Varitek had to wait on, that was a pretty clear fielder’s choice. To wit, Rule 10.05(b)(1) The official scorer shall not credit a base hit when a runner is forced out by a batted ball, or would have been forced out except for a fielding error. Another one of those rules that covers most situations fairly, but doesn’t catch every possibility. The rule doesn’t really seem to give the scorer much leeway to award a base hit.

But I take your point. It’s probably going to be some fluke that gets Lugo going, just like there have been flukes that have kept him from getting hits. I’m not letting him off the hook since he certainly has more than his share of pop ups and strikeouts, but he’s also had some hard shots that have not gone for hits because of extraordinary defensive play or just plain bad luck.

Oh I know, I wasn’t debating the call, I know it was a fielders choice. I was basically stating that the guy is so cold that only he can wind up hitting into that type of play. That isn’t something that you see every day. When that happens, you know you are in a TRUE slump!

XX, true concerns all around. However, I saw where the Sox have played the toughest schedule year to date among teams in the top 2 of each division. Yes, Lowell has taken a dive since he sprained his ligaments. I personally feel he might have taken a trip to the DL if Lugo didn’t **** so bad. If Lugo was pulling his weight, Lowell might have been able to take some time off and let Youk, Cora, Hinske do the 1st and 3rd shuffle. But because Lugo can’t hit a barn, Cora has to platoon at SS.
For some reason, I see Drew coming along. When he was hitting 5th, he basically crapped himself because he always had RBI chances and didn’t come through and it ate at him. In the leadoff spot, all he has to do is get on and start it off. For some reason, he seems to be more relaxed at that. Youk is fine in the 5th spot.

Hopefully the Rangers and Devil Rays spotty pitching will be just what the doctor ordered this next week.

What was the point in suspending the yankees game in the 8th? are they gonna play one inning on another day? why didnt they just end it then and have the yanks win?

You can’t award the Yanks the win because Baltimore was the home team (Yanks took the lead in the top of the eighth). I’m wondering if the Yanks were losing in the top of the 8th, would the game still be suspended or would it have been a win for Baltimore?

Just a quick couple of thoughts:

Please let the Gods of “flutter” be with Tim Wakefield tonight.. and..

I am so thankful that we’re back home, for the at home “edge”and we’ve got our announcers back tonight!! I was really getting tired of the West Coast Homers!!!!

I LOVE Jerry, Don and Tina!!

home sweet home!

Well that inning more or less summed up June for the Sox. Runners at first and third no outs; 2 weak ground balls and a strikeout for no runs. C’mon guys, CLUTCH HITS!!!

Hey Arnie, how’s it going??? I’m sitting here manning the phone tonight (I’m the on call dispatcher) and watching the game. You and everyone else knows Vince (yankeevmm), right?? Well, his birthday was yesterday, so I think everyone should reach out and say Happy Birthday to our resident Yankee fan. (Actually, I think he is definitely a closet SoxFan, LOL). HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN PINSTRIPER!!!

Let’s Go SOX!!!!!

rayman has it right, XX. A game is suspended if it’s called due to weather while the inning is in progress and “the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead.” (Rule 4.12(a)(5)) I can’t find a rule that explicitly says so, but by the implication of omission I believe that Baltimore would have been given the W if the Yanks hadn’t scored in the 8th.

(Boy, this official rule book my brother gave me for Christmas sure has come in handy lately.)

I know it was a typo from SOG’S ( I think that those initials are just a LITTLE bit off), but speaking of hosers…. OOPS I guess I had a typo too!!!

Wonder what Mario Mendoza looks like today, founder of the “Mendoza Line” here is a glimspe . . .


Looks like he is wearing Lug-outs clothing line!

Any yankees fans … (you know who you are) The Red Sox don’t play the Yankees till August.

Yeah, the game will be finished July 27th, Melvin Mora and all pitchers used are not eligible to play, but anybody else, even if they are not on the roster right now, is eligible.

Yankees play the Red Sox again on August 27th I believe.

Ian, do you happen to know (or can you find out) the last time the Red Sox and Yankees won home games on the same day, 2-1? I just find that odd.

Hey Ellen,doin’ fine. Got a weird Friday nite here, slow to start off then busy, now slow again.

I know Vince had a b-day, I sometimes visit the soxandpinstripes blog. He’s getting quite old now.

Hey, I like Dustin getting in JP’s face to get him away from the ump. Way to take control, rookie or not.

Yep, Dustin got right in there and it’s a good thing because Paps looked like he was going to blow a gasket.
This game was similar to what we talked about today. More LOB’s and no timely hitting, yet the pitching held it together. (Although Delcarment looked like he wanted to walk in the tying run!)

Ian’s article made it sound like Coco’s thumb isn’t too bad, but they showed it wrapped up pretty good. I hope it’s not going to take him another 14 months to get his stroke back!

I thought that little incident at first base was going to unnerve Paps, especially after he hit the next batter. But thankfully he did a little paint job on the outside corner and caught Young looking.

When NESN showed the replay of Papelbon getting in the ump’s face, you could see Youk in the background screaming at Pedroia to grab Papelbon since Dustin was the closest one, but it would have been disastrous if our closer got tossed. Who would come in to get the last out? Timlin? Piniero? That’s a scary thought.

Once again, Delcarmen is proving himself as capable of pitching in important spots. Everybody at Fenway knew he was throwing Sosa a fastball with a full count and the bases loaded, yet he still blew it by Sammy.

Yeah zach, it was pretty cool to see the replay and realize that it was 3 home-grown products involved in making sure that the situation didn’t unravel. Paps, Pedroia and Youk.
Something the Remy pointed out and might go overlooked is the way Youk scored the 2nd run. It’s the intangibles like that that help you win games. He busted his tail down the line to score before Papi got tagged out.

27 runners left on base(LOB) that is a disgusting performance by the Sox Offense. The Rangers pitcher today had an ERA over 7 before the start of this game and they were able to score only 2 runs. The game before this one the Seattle pitcher had an ERA over 8 and sox got only 1 run. This offense is terible. No hits with RISP and no clutch hitting from any one on the team.

If u look at the offensive stats for this season so far. The Sox are in the top 1-2 in OBP, Walks, 5th in Batting Average. But the total number of runs they r in 8 th place, almost 100 runs behind the Detroit Tiger. The Sox have working the pitch count, getting on base consistently but are not able to score lot of runs. Ortiz and Manny have to start bringing someof these runners home on a regular basis.

To bad Huffs cycle coulsn’t lift the O’s to victory over the Halos, I was hoping that the Sox would become the first 50 win team.

Vince, your not the average Yankee fan, thanks for being mostly understanding, . . .

happy belated B-Day.

That fact could come back to haunt them. It’s easy to 2nd guess, but if Wakefield wasn’t throwing so well I have to imagine that Francona would have pinch hit for Mirabelli with the bases loaded and one out. The fact that Wake was cruising meant Doug hat to hit in that situation. Did anyone NOT know that he was going to strike out? It’s pretty bad as a fan when your team has the based loaded and no outs or one out and you’re hoping they can score at least one run. It happened in Seattle the other night against Felix in the 1st inning.
Again, the lead is nice, but you have to wonder just how much further the Sox could be up if they capitalized.

It feels kind of weird to be comlaining with a 10 game lead, but it could be so much more. The guy going tomorrow has a 6+ ERA and shut the Sox down in the beginning of the year. So the last 2 pitchers they faced had ERA’s of 8+ and 7+ and the Sox only scored 2 and 1 runs. At this rate, someone with a 6+ ERA is going to shut us out.

I must have missed that post about your B-Day Vince.
Happy belated.

How much do you think that 95 MPH heater Papelbon plunked off Hairston’s wrist hurt? That’s going to leave a mark tomorrow.

I was looking ahead and it looks like we catch a break next weekend in Detroit and don’t get to see Verlander.

Yo sentinelofthegonads-(did I get that right?) feel free to discuss all things Sox, Yankees, and baseball here. But your posts are pretty closed ended, if you know what I mean. Perhaps you could take a tip or two from Vince and say something cogent. Maybe start a discussion. Just a suggestion.

Sorry SOG there’s no “the” in your screen name, my bad.

arniejoeschmo, at least I have the guts to tell it like it is on your own blog, can’t say the same about you. You don’t even have the balls to come the Yankees blog. I know you have no balls.

It was good to see Wakefield rebound after a couple awful starts. The bullpen continues to be reliable, and Delcarmen is stepping forward on a go-to guy in the seventh, which is what the Sox need. The return of Donnelly will bolster the pen as well. I am concerned about the Sox offense, which is lackluster of late. Manny has been overpowered by many relievers, and Ortiz has no home runs against left-handed pitchers. I think Theo needs to make a big deal, like the rumor that is circulating where Lowell goes to the Twins and the Sox acquire Teixeira. I imagine it would be a three-team deal, or previously agreed upon and simultaneuous separate deals. We will hear lots of trade talk in the next 30 days – most of it crazy rumors. I would like to see the Sox acquire a bat, and though I like Lowell, and I like the top prospects in the Sox system, I would not mind dealing some of them away (except Buchholz and Ellsbury) if it would bring a young veteran power-hitter like Teixiera in return.



No, SOG, you were attempting to tell the future in your post. If you want to tell it like it IS, then let me help you: Sox 49-29 first place; Yanks 37-39 third place. THAT’S how it is. How it will be in September is anyone’s guess. And please, leave my huevos out of this discussion, I’m not a switch-hitter, sorry to disappoint. So go elsewhere and have THAT conversation.

Jeff, I was thinking along similar lines. We need some more offense.

lol thanks everybody, I didn’t even know there was a post about my B day, unless it was Arnie’s?

I can’t tell you how much it annoys me to see Wakefield pitch well. Not sure why, it just irritates me. Even if the Sox lose 1-0 it will still bother me.

Oh and RS, you’re welcome.

Anybody see anything familiar about this SOG guy???

…and I was just thinking about how wonderful it’s been here in IANland lately.

Thanks Vince, and your welcome too.

Don’t worry Ellen, SOG will go away. I have to admit I find his type mildly amusing in small doses. Repeat, SMALL doses. Meanwhile, we have Vince, who is a paragon of Yankee-fan intelligence and reason. Whatever happened to yankee_indian, by the way?

I just thought that he reminded me vaguely(sp) of someone we used to know.

Oh yes, the “un-named”.

There is a fundamental difference between Yankee and Red Sox fans. Yanks fans look to the past for reassurance, to find past glory, while Sox fans reassure themselves by looking toward the future (mainly because of dispointments). However that statement doesn’t mean SOG, yes you, should gloat.

I haven’t been blogging here for long so would anyone care to fill in the blanks about the “un-named” (no names nessacery).

PS. if it brings back bad memories and/or tramua, please dont torture yourself.

RS, there was a blogger here last year who was, shall we say, unstable(to be kind), and he posted some of the most vile and hateful trash. I used to read the blog but not post because I felt I would probably be pulled into the fracas, and I just wanted to avoid that. SOG is amusing but this dude was sick. He targeted Ellen, Vince, Jeff mostly. Everyone was traumatized and quite sensitive afterward. Understandably so. Ian had to play referee and censor. It was a grim time on the Brownie Points blog.

I find this sentinel guy very amusing. Because his team is playing terrible ball he becomes obsessed with the Sox. No big surpirse though I’ve seen it happen before. There should be a rule no smack talk until your team actually makes it to .500. That may take a while because you got Haren and Santana coming up then the Angels. The Yanks will be under at the ASB. The difference between ’78 and now is that team was actually GOOD. But continue to post SOG, your posts bring humor and satisfaction to my day.

“But fans should keep in mind that with a nine-game lead in the division, there’s no reason to boo Lugo. He’ll probably snap out of it quicker with positive reinforcement.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Ian. I mentioned it a week or so ago that we should cheer for him at least a bit but don’t boo him. Heck, we should get on our other players for not coming through when needed, but we don’t cause you just don’t boo your own team unless the player is a cancer in the clubhouse.

Arnie: I forget who it was but I think I might have went at it with him last year just to keep him quiet…or am I thinking of somebody else? I don’t remember, but a name would help (or is that taboo now?). But I do remember the craziness last year. Poor Ian and those who got flamed for no reason.😦

The All-Star Break is almost here, and I’m wishing everybody a good 4th of July and All Star Break as well. Hope our slumping players get things straightened out. Oh and it seems Vince had a birthday, so Happy B-Day, buddy!

Anyways, I won’t be around as much for the next month or so as I need to find a new job and I need all the time I can get to find one and I need to straighten things out with family as well so until then, I’ll see y’all on the flipside!

Peace out!

Thats horrible, as I said it was your choice to share. I hope thats the extent of the rivalry.

See ya, Pacol

Does anyone know what happened to r-sox ?

Pacol, if you haven’t left yet, the name fagan ring a bell? His first and last names had 6 letters each and if this guy had a middle name I’m sure it would also have 6 letters, making him the blog anti-christ. Always thought he had a severe case of bi-polarity(is that a proper term?)

Hey, wait, fagan only has 5 letters. Ruins my whole anti-christ thing! Oh, well.

Okay…im thinking the sox break out of the hitting dulldrums tonight…maybe even…na i wont say it, Beckett’s pitching and the sweetest thing is the games broadcast on the west coast this afternoon..I can watch it on my 52″…YES! Beckett hits the dirty dozen, Ortiz and Manny both homer, and ….na I wont say it…lol

Arnie…maybe it Fhagan!…and not to mention f’s the 6th letter of the alphabet!!!

Oh ya incase anyones getting sick of typing my email name when addressing me my name is Derek…don’t hold it against me…lol

Funny, actually I will prefer to call you by your email address, Derek reminds me of Jeter, ugh.(I’m not saying your name /s/u/c/k/s/).

Derek, Derek, Derek you are blessed!

A no trash talking rule to .500? You guys like to make rules when it’s convenient for you, don’t you? Now you know what we had to go through all those years of non competitiveness. Winning has its perks, but let’s not become elitists here, that would be a very “Yankee” thing to do, would it not?

Boston Globe reports that Joel Peneiro is placed on 15 day DL and Sox are calling Jacob Ellsbury from pawtucket. And also Ellbusry will start in Center Field today. I am very excited to see Ellsbury but what happened to Coco. He ws playing well and his finger injury maybe more serious than reported. If that is the case that’s bad luck for Coco when he just started to hit well.

It’s not really a rule, more like common sense. If my team were playing pathetic baseball why come in enemy territory and glaot about how things will turn around b/c they always do? It makes no sense. I for one would like to see him back. But only for his own dignity (the morsel he has left) did I make that statement.

Lot to look forward to tonight.
Sox for for the 50th Win of the season.

Beckett is going for 12th win.

RedSox Center Feild Phenom Jacoby Ellsbury is making his Major League debut.

Vince, though the Sox have finished second to the Yankees for several years, rare has been the year when the Sox have not been a pennant contender. They have had few years at .500 or below in the last 25 years. The Sox are not the Cubs, though a lot of people seem to act like they are.



If you really did just turn 20 Vince, then you never had to go through non-competitive years in your lifetime. Unless you followed baseball really close at age 5. If you did, more power to ya but I know I started watching the Sox routinely around 10 or 11 years of age.

Sorry to disturb anyone agin, but I did read some of the older posts. Vince you really hated fagan didn’t you, is this his email address . . .


Is horrible, absolutly, positivly, extremely, indefinitly, horrible.

Nice to see Jacoby being called up, Ellsbury, Ellsbury, Ellsbury.

RSJ, that is not the only email or alias the great fagan had. He had million other. My guess is Fagan is the one who brought Vince and indirectly helped Vince(a yankee) make friends with the redsox fans here. Weird.

It will be nice to see Ellsbury in center tonight, but like Kumar said, where has Coco gone. He was fine in Seattle unless I missed something and now 2 straight days off. Ellsbury hasn’t exactly been tearing it up at AAA either. IMO, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Regarding Ellsbury’s callup, I feel like Coco’s injury is much more serious than was reported. Why then would they call-up a Outfeilder to replace a reliever.

Coco’s injury was supposed to some minor finger injury and he was supposed to be back in the lineup today. Hope his injury is not serious.

So thats why on the older posts it looked like Vince was yelling at himself.

RSJ, definetly a possibilty. It maybe a part of grand plan hatched by the Vince. He might have created a alias as fagan(and million other). He used that alias to curse Vince. Thus he got the sympathy of the redsox fan here and made a few friends. As a part of this plan it sometimes appears Vince yelling at himself. LOL.

PS. This is entirely my imagination and is definetly not true.

arniejoescmo, you are an absolute idiot, go blow yourself. You classless fool. You’re just hating because the Yanks are the most successful team in sports history, period. IF you’re interested Boston Massacre III will be coming out sometime this season. By the way who said you can think retard!!

Yankees might be the most successful team in baseball history, but not sports.

Real Madrid have won round about 30 titles in their history. Or does the good game of football not count🙂

LOL SOG! Seething with rage and hostility?

simon, a lame sport like soccer, doesn’t count. Why? Because no one gives a **** about the sport!!!!! Idiot!!!!!! whoop-dee-freakin’-doo!!! OOOOO!!!! Real Madrid has won 30 titles!!!!!!

Funny stuff sentinel!!!!!! Simon & arnie can shove it!!!!!!!!!

best of luck, Pacol!!! See ya soon…. We’re missing a few more than have been mentioned, and I’ll say I really miss some, like Jamie and Vik(yannkeeindian) and we very rarely ever here from Cyn anymore. But I think the blog has a much better feel than last year.
i hope that we can continue in the W column tonight. We need to keep the distance between The Sox and 2nd.

Uh oh, the level of discourse here is plummeting to that of a middle school cafeteria. You guys are one trick ponies. Come up with some new material, please. Otherwise it just isn’t worth responding. Good luck.

I wouldn’t say that DF was the only one who made Vince a friend here, I remember when he had a girlfriend who was, OH NO can I say It??!!! A SOX FAN@!!!!

I know sentinel ( not personally though, thank God!!) He is always posting idiotic garbage on the Yankees blog, and getting into it with other fans. This fool knows nothing about baseball, and insults fellow Yankee fans because and shows total disrespect to anyone who has different opinions. Sentinel is a jerk period. Now he has come over here to spread his STDs on to us. This guy says nothing of interest. One last thing he obsesses about 14 -year-old children, and underaged girls.

….. HEEEEE’S BACK!!!! I thought that it had been just TOO TOO peaceful around here. DANM HIT!!

I think that we need to follow Mark N’s advice and ignore the statements made by the person named Sentinel.. The demeanor is just way too close to the one of the person from last summer for my comfort!!!
I want Beckett to kick some serious bhutt tonight!!!



sentinelofgods – soccer is the most popular sport on earth, and is watched by more people than watch baseball many times over. Just wanted to let you know that when you say “no one gives a ****”, you’re wrong.

Brendan, don’t bother trying to reason.. Reasoning is not a strong point here!! It’s probably best just to ignore!

ellen, you’re right!! I’ve seen some others try to deal with this fool, and it did no good. You would think he were only 5-years old the way he talks. Yankee fans should have gotten on sentinel, but like you say, don’t bother.

Ellsbury in the lineup tonight!!!

This looks just like a Red Sox rally… 2 walks, a hit, a wild pitch, Manny strands 2, intentional walk to Drew… Lowell double play. Please someone break the cycle of bad O!!!!

If they won’t score any runs from this bases loaded situation I will be very very very pissed.

The Sox offense gifted wraped 2 outs(Manny & Tek) to a guy who can’t throw any strikes. They had a good chance to break that game wide open in the first inning. How many times have we seen this so far this…bases loaded 0 or 1 out and score no runs or only 1 runs. The offense has to pick up now that we r back home.

If u don’t know already I hate Catalanotto.

Does anyone else get the feeling they are testing Ellsbury to see how he’ll, so maybe they can use WMP or Coco as trade bait? More likely WMP for a trade and have Ellsbury as a backup. Then they go out and get a big bat.

No way they r going to use Ellsbury as a backup. He won’t get enough at-bats as backup and that will be bad for his development. My guess is this is very short stint for Ellsbury, just to give him a feel of the majors.

Almost failed to bring home the lead-off triple. Good job Youk.

Here to stay or not, man ! that guy can run. Goog ‘ol fashion infield hit.

I of course meant GOOD ‘ol fashion … not GOOG !

I hate to be gloom and doom when we have such a huge lead, but after the All Star Break the Yabnkees have 28 games in a row against teams that are currently less than .500. We really need to stick the boot in while we can and stretch this lead because they are capable of reeling off a lot of wins in a row and cutting this lead right down.

I know that our first reaction is usually “the sky is falling”… 90% of the time in the past that’s been true. I think that we should have that in the backs of our minds and err on the side of caution. I really think that we need to look forward, but keep the rear view mirror clean so we don’t have to look over our shoulders.. Did I make ANY sense there at all??

… (I meant to add)…. I HOPE I DID!!

PS Brendan, I know it was a typo but, I’m kind of liking the name:”THE YABNKEES” I think it has a definite ring (Not a WS ring)to it..

COME ON GUYS, Let’s put this thing together!!!!

This years Sox offense got to be one of the worst in the last couple of years. Should Dave Magadan to blame? I think so.

I agree that the offense is leaving too many runners on base, but it’s not Magadan’s fault. He isn’t doing the hitting. A hitting coach gets too much credit when things are going well and too much blame when things are not so great. The bottom line is that these are Major League players. They need to do their job, especially when runners are in scoring position.

Jeff http://www.soxandpinstripes.com

I left home right after the Youk homer… 4-0 against a complete scrub pitcher at home with Beckett on the mound. Well, its pretty safe to say with a 3.38 ERA Beckett has blown his chance to start the all star game and we’re down 5-4. Unreal.

Coco wasn’t hitting for most of the year.
Drew didn’t hit for most of the season

Lugo is in one of the worst slump in the RedSox history

Manny & Ortiz can’t get runners home.

And the whole team doesn’t hit with RISP.

Yet Hitting coach is not to blame. Come on.

I agree with Jeff, also, PLEASE remember we were all having this SAME discussion last year.. We left an ABSOLUTE TON of guys on base then… I wonder how it measures up to this year??? Ok you stat guys, time to go to work!!!

I’m leaving the game up on the computer but I can’t keep my eyes open, I’m getting ready to have back surgery and haven’t been sleeping well so I’ll check in later!!! Let’s Go REDSOX LET”S GO!!!

Wow, 7 walks, 7 hits, 9 LOB. This is just hard to believe!

I do remember last year was the same, and I was worried this spring when the Sox did not get another RBI man. So here we are, hope the FO has some trade magic up its sleeve.

Kumar, saying that the lack of offense is hitting coach’s fault means you would also say that offensive success goes to hitting coach credit. No offense but Papi, Manny and even Drew were good hitters before Magadan’s era and will be after him too. And the hitting coach has little to do with it. When Papi strikes out, it’s Papi’s fault, not Magadan’s.

Think about it : if Manny has the best second half of his career, will you be giving credit to Magadan ?

I think Magadan’s biggest challenge is to make a big league hitter out of Dustin Pedroia, cause he’s a rookie, and he does a great job so far. I think that working with rookies is how a hitting coach earns the most part of his salary.

Kumar, Manny and Ortiz have been two of the most productive hitters in baseball in rcent years, not because of the hitting coach, but because they can flat out hit. If you want to blame Magadan for Drew and Crisp starting slowly, then you have to give him credit for their recent hot streaks. Like I said, the hitting coach is just that – a coach. He doesn’t play. These are Major League hitters. It is their responsibility to hit. You think if Leo Mazzone was the pitching coach of the Devil Rays that they would become a World Series contender? No. The same applies to hitting coaches. I think it is amusing that you think that a hitting coach will determine how successful the offense is? It’s not like football where plays are run. You either go up and hit the ball, or you don’t.



Caught stealing third base with 2 outs and Youks/Papi coming up. I didn’t think it could possibly get worse with Lugo and he proved me wrong.

Hitting coaches will mostly tweak mechanics when they get out of whack. So, maybe Magadan’s not good at that. That’s as far as I would go in criticizing.

The worst thing is he didn’t slide. And I don’t think he even got a sign.

Rayman, this time, maybe it wasn’t Lugo’s fault. Looked to me that there was a miscommunication with 3rd base coach. Why didn’t he slide ? If Lugo’s good at one thing, it’s running.

That was probably the worst game I’ve watched all year. There really isn’t any other way to put it. To know that the Yanks lost, they’re up 4-0 and then to basically quit? This game was really frustrating. Lugo HAS to slide on that play. That’s just basic fundamentals.

Caught stealing third base with 2 outs and Youks/Papi coming up. I didn’t think it could possibly get worse with Lugo and he proved me wrong.

Posted by: rayman94@yahoo.com | June 30, 2007 10:13 PM

Yep…unreal. Just curious. Why bother even having him run? A hit to center or right and Pedroia scores. A hit to left and it’s no guarantee that Lugo makes it anyway. Either way, that’s just one of the many offensive ineptitudes of the night.

Man, Papi looked foolish in the 9th.

Just a truly disgraceful game. I have no confidence this team could go all the way right now. None.

Not with the offense in the shape it is right now. With Tavarez and Gabbard going the next 2 days, odds are the Sox are going to need to score 6-7 runs a game. Not quite sure how that’s going to happen. Then they face Kazmir Tuesday night, who absolutely owns them.
I hate to be a downer right now, but this game really s/u/cked.

Lugo needs to go away…far, far away….Lowell, Sarasota…he does not even merit a demotion to Pawtucket

One last thing. I hate Kenny Lofton

GoSoxRed, Lofton would look good in a Sox uniform this season. This was a pathetic display of baseball. Lugo’s baserunning blunder was costly. He should never have even tried to steal third with Youkilis (the Sox hottest hitter) at the plate. The offense is helpless with runners in scoring position. As I wrote in my post moments ago, Ortiz and Ramirez continue to be overmatched in critical situations. They look nothing like they did even one season ago, and I have more confidence that Youkilis and Pedroia will produce in key situations right now than Ortiz and Ramirez. I usually agree with nothing that Rayman says, but I do agree that, right now, this team does not have what it takes to win it all, or even advance past the first round of the playoffs (if they get there). The Sox have the pitching (both starting and relief), but if the bats cannot come through when runners are in scoring position, it won’t matter.



Hey guys, I’m back for a bit while I’m at my cousin’s house. He finally got DSL and he’s all excited about it like a new toy.

Anyways, what the **** was that steal Lugo tried? First of all, my opinion, why bother stealing when you’re already in scoring position and have plenty of speed? Second, you have to slide into third especially with the type of arm Laird has. Did anybody see the look on Tito’s face? It was like “Um…why did you try stealing 3rd?!?”

Back to our hitting, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m not saying Magadan should be canned but it is a thought that I’ve had. That perhaps his approach to hitting isn’t working with our power hitters. Then again, it’s quite possible we’re going through an offensive slump most of this first half and we’ll break out after the All-Star Break.

Beckett just didn’t have his “A-Game” today, plain and simple and pretty much deserved this loss from a pitching standpoint. However, we had plenty of RISP and didn’t do jack so I’ll blame the offense first before I pile on Beckett.

Anyways peoples, I’ll see ya all around; I won’t have much internet access until at least mid August

Remember when Steve Lyons tried to steal 3rd with Boggs at the plate late in a game the Sox lost(I think)? Pretty soon he was in a White Sox uniform. You just don’t do that!!! In the 3rd inning, maybe. But not in the 8th.
13 and 14 for the month of June, hope Tito can light a fire under our hitters in July.

hahah this was an enjoyable day to blog read. Nobody lucked out today. Beckett kicked the bucket, the Yankees looked like the 2007 Yankees (brendan, I wouldn’t worry, we are a sub .500 team, so it’s like playing equal teams at the moment though I don’t think they will be this bad all year) and I went to the Marlins game and they lost too. BTW, if you ever go to Dolphins stadium, remember where you parked, it took 90 minutes for my parents and I to find our car and my ankle feels like it might explode.

Ellen, I know, I’m sorry, I wasn’t planning on going, this was kind of late notice,ESPN gave me free tickets for my b day so I had to go.

Kumar, interesting theory, but unfortunately I would need Fagan’s personality to pull off such a plot, and I’m just not that talented. Whoever asked, yeah, wasn’t a big fan, if you saw some of the things he said about me, you wouldn’t be either, but eventually you learn. When I first came here, he was like a grandfather figure to some people on this site, a normal guy. I feel like I almost short circuited him as he was never nice to me from day one.

I have to say, the Sox loss was especially gratifying tonight (not because of just Beckett, Jeff) because I had two obnoxious and drunk Sox fans in front of me, chanting to themselves “Yankees ****” during the Marlins-Braves game. It didn’t catch on and he was mostly boo’d. When Beckett blew the game, another fan nearby told his gf to look at the scoreboard and she started shouting aosmething about 13-1 yesterday. It was weird, but they were extremely annoying and rude. And no, I did not have Yankees stuff on, I was wearing a Gators shirt.

Jeff, Sox are rarely non competitive, but then again, neither are the Yankees. Only the 80’s in fact, ever. I mean you can point to the late 60’s but it can be simplified with this. Since the Yankees have been the Yankees they have had 11 losing seasons, period. So I stick by my original elitist accusations.

So I just bought the MLB Extra Innings package for Digital Cable and I watch the first 3 innings of the game tonight before having to leave. It’s 4-0, we have Beckett on the hill and he is cruising through the Texas lineup with no problem.

I come home and read the headline “Beckett Denied 12th Win” and was in absolute shock. I checked the game log and it looked about as ugly as a 5-4 game can be. 4 runs on 5 hits in the 4th inning?

And I read “D. Ortiz Strikes Out Swinging” one too many times, what is going on with him? Ever since that mishap with the umpire, he hasn’t been the same guy. Karma, perhaps?

If Tavarez and Gabbard decide to have similar performances to their last outings, this is going to be a very unwelcoming homestand. The back-end of the Rangers bullpen is about as good as you can get with Otsuka and Gagne, so somebody better light a fire under the Red Sox hitters because even the 4 runs they scored were ugly (aside from Youk’s 2-run bomb).

And Lugo got thrown out stealing 3rd? Yikes. I wonder if Ellsbury can play SS once Coco heals up…

Ya maybe we can’t blame the pitching coach for everything, but how about the hitting theory they are using. Preaching about running the pitch count up and getting rid of the starters. Yes it’s a good theory and everyone seems to be on the band wagon. I believe we are leading or close to the lead in walks issued. As in the past they have preached patience at the plate…which I agree on, but maybe it’s being carried a bit too far…maybe papi and others are concentrating on the count more then figuring out which pitch they will deposit into the stands…I don’t know, just a theory.

Okay, the loss is in the column, and it’s another day. Let’s get over this negative thinking and try to look toward todays game with a little more positive outlook. We can’t change what happened yesterday, (really WE CAN’T!) We can hope that our Sox don’t like what they are seeing as a result of their respective and team performance. GO SOX!!

You can always count on Ellen to bring the positive renforcement back to the group! New day, that’s right. Let’s hope Tavarez keeps the ball down and the that Sox treat Loe like the 6+ ERA pitcher that he is. Let’s also hope that Logo doesn’t sniff the field today. If he wants to play, put him in the bullpen so he can play catch warming up whoever is playing right field today between innings.

Well, It’s really getting ready to storm here in So.FL., and it’s game time, I thank my stars everytime I get to see The Sox and I thank them for MLB>TV!!!! GOOOOOOOO SOX!!!!

Boy, Look at Sosa!! That was “SOME KINDA DIET” he must’ve gone on, Just look how he trimmed down lol!!

This Red Sox team is garbage like my Yankees!!!! The last few games prove that. Dice-K is overrated and Ellssbury is going to flop. The Red Sox will crash in flames later this seasson, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Toronto take the division. Love Taunting you idiots!!!!

Go Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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