All-Star selections

For the most part, it was what we expected. Ortiz, no-brainer because you knew the fans would vote him in. Beckett and Papelbon were as automatic as they were well deserving.

Manny? It’s a below par year but I’m not surprised the players voted him in because the context these guys think of is, "Who is the last guy we want to see at the plate when our team is trying to win a game?". I think Manny qualifies as a consistent answer to a lot of players in baseball. Mike Lowell had a great line when he said that Vegas Oddsmakers were probably setting a line on  whether or not he shows.

Mike Lowell? He got off to a great start and third base isn’t a deep position in the AL. And when Manny and Ortiz weren’t hitting for their usual production, Lowell carried a big part of the load early in the season.

As far as snubs go, Youkilis is the one obvious one. I think he’s been the best hitter on the team this year, but the whole thing about Ortiz being considered the AL first baseman for All-Star purposes basically crushed Youk’s chances.

Okajima being on the Final Vote is a great story. I wonder how much they considered putting Matsuzaka on there instead. Dice-K measures up statistically to many of the pitchers who are All-Stars this year. But there’s no doubting Oki’s dominance. I’m thinking he’ll get a lot of on-line votes in two countries. As Jonathan Papelbon said dryly, "I know they have a lot of computers in Japan." And Red Sox Nation has always hit the on-line ballots heavily.

Once I actually get to San Francisco, you know the Bonds story is going to rise above all else. Regardless of what he’s done in his career and how he achieved it, it’s going to be a compelling story watching this all-time great play perhaps his last All-Star game in his home city. Whether or not Bonds cheated on his way to glory isn’t for me to decide. But I do know this. Long before that guy’s body started expanding, he was a first ballot Hall of Famer without question.

I’m looking forward to watching the whole show unfold.

At any rate, I’ll be at Fenway in a little bit.




Way to rub it in, Ian! While most of us are roughing out a Monday at work, (Don’t tell my boss), you just had to throw that last line in there, didn’t you? “I’ll be at Fenway in a little bit.”
Way to ruin my day knowing that I’m working (kind of) and you get to be at Fenway “in a little bit”

Hopefully you know I was joking.
Anyway, back to tonight’s game. Francona made it sound like Lug-out might get a shot tonight. Tomorrow will be more of a show of Tito’s faith. Sox are facing a lefty and Francona always like’s to do the lefty/righty combo. If he starts Cora with Kazmir pitching, you know Lug-out will be on the bench for a while.

Can you imagine how far a Wily Mo ball would go if he actually made contact with a Kazmir fastball?

Problem is, the league has realized that a heater is the only pitch he can hit and I don’t think he’s seen one in his last 10 games!

Not to mention that Lugo played for the Devil Rays for most of his career.

The scariest thing about the power outage is that it’s happening against pitchers with sad era’s…and at home to boot. Man did Pettite get lit up yesterday or what…lol

Both scary and sad. Not really looking forward to Kazmir and then Detroit’s pitching if they can’t hit this rotation.

A little less attention should be paid to a meaningless exercise like how many Red Sox will be in the All-Star game,and more on how to get things straightened out a little bit.
The Sox no longer have the best record in MLB,and some cracks are starting to show…

Runs per game (monthly):

April: 5.2

May: 5.5

June: 4.1

Season: 4.9


Angels: 5.0

Tigers: 5.9



I, for one, am really impressed tonight,with both Kason Gabbard and Jocoby Ellsbury. They have both played terrific games. I know that Kaason gave up the HR but still.. he’s still very young and has some seasoning yet to happen. As far as Jacoby, his name doesn’t lend well to any nick name I can come up with. “JE”? no, Jaco? no. Ellsby? no. So how ’bout we just call him “Wheels” until we come up with something better?? Works for me, anybody else???
Sox are doin’ it tonight!!!!

Great job by Eric Hinske!!!!

Red Sox nicknames:













Nancy Drew




Papi/Big Papi


Anymore, feel free to post them.

I’m not really comfortable (although I’ve found myself yelling it from time to time) with DP; it scares me especially when we have a runner on 1st and a DOUBLE PLAY could be the outcome… we need a better one for him too. I hate the ones like Smoltz-y, and Farns-y (that one makes me look for Richie Cunningham and Ralph Malph!) So anything other than that should be a good start.
And your name For Drew?? Anyone who knows anything about me would know I would HAVE TO LOVE THAT ONE!! Someone took offense earlier in the season when I borrowed the name that the Dodger fans used to call him: Instead of (pronounciation) JAYDEE they called him JUDY> I thought it was cute, but someone didn’t like it.. and for Wily Mo, for the future: W(weapon) of M(mass) P(production).

I love your thoughts on this.

How about Jay-Bee ( JB ) for Josh ? And don’t forget our manager : Tito. And according to Tito himself, AC for Alex Cora. I’ve never heard the coaches call him Alex.

AC is what I’ve always called Cora. I call Beckett, MR JOSHUA. Do you remember the “Lethal Weapon” movies, and Gary Busey?? he could burn himself with a lighter and not flinch. I would like to think that Josh will be that way one day!!lol Maybe that explains the blisters; trying too hard to be like Mr Joshua. i thought about Dusty, for Pedroia, but I don’t really like it.


Ian, could you please take a look and see what’s up with this “sentinelofgods” blogger??

You must know a lot about garbage, don’t you ***** ? Or should i call you pathetic human being ? How about 11 GB ?

Poor guy, it must be tough to live with such a low I.Q. That’s a tough world out there for stupid people.

G’night Nationers!! Great win tonight!! Tomorrow? Another W

rsox… just try to ignore and it will go away!

Clearly i’m the one with brain damages. You sound so mentally balanced, it can’t be you.

See you tomorrow RSN. I’m gonna be in Fenway Wednesday. Can’t wait.

You’re right ellen. I’m just a little too quick on the gun. Crazy dudes like that make me sick.

Since Jacoby is playing place of Coco in CF right now, why don’t we just call him JaCoCo?

Speaking of which, Ellsbury looked really good tonight again, especially on that hustle to take home on the passed ball. Besides his speed, I think my favorite thing about him (so far) is his ability to put the bat on the ball consistently. Having players in the lineup who rarely strike out (Pedroia, Youkilis, and Lowell) is a great luxury.

Dustin the Menace— that’s for DP.



Guys,I will not tolerate sentinel ****.I love Red Sox Nation with a passion.Ive been through many hardships,but for some reason,a Red Sox “W” always wiped away pain.I love the Red Sox and I will make a few points to that nuisance.First off,stop being a hater.Your hating on us because the Yankees choked in 2004 and they are 11 games behind and they don’t show any signs of making the play offs.He just snapped,that’s all.Let us all forgive this mentally ill man.Or should I said,the mentally lower life form.Let him go and bang his head against Yankee Stadium for a while.I’ll just be at Fenway Park July 5.My first time at Fenway,I cannot wait!I’ll be in the G27 section row 16.I cannot wait!See,unlike Sentinel,I am am going to watch REAL baseball.I will not settle for garbage like the Yankees.Sometimes when I am in a real big baseball mood,I would actually go to Shea since I live in New York.But NEVER Yankee Stadium.I don’t care to see a steroid juiced line up of crybabies get beat and then complain about it.I really do not care.If anyone wanna talk during the game,come on to my section and row and ask for C.H. Alright take care Red Sox Nation. Lets go Sox!

Also,we need to stop calling Lugo “Lug-Out”.The guy is a good hitter that is struggling.I think we need to rally and support him through.Thats all.

In all fairness, Lugo is 0-for his last-33. The name Lug-Out is completely warranted at this point in time.

As for support, what more do you want than having an entire ballpark chanting “Let’s Go Lugo, Let’s Go” while he’s up at bat?

All of these people who claim that Sox fans aren’t supporting Lugo enough make me laugh. If the guy continues to tailspin and goes 0-for his next-75, are we still supposed to support him? When is the cutoff exactly? Perhaps when he is batting under .150?

Knowing Red Sox fans, all Lugo needs to do is come through with ONE big hit to get himself back into our good graces. He had a couple of opportunities tonight and did not get the job done, so there’s always tomorrow night. Until then though, the guy is as close to an automatic out as you can get in the American League, and he is currently batting leadoff.

chman, I appreciate your attitude towards Lugo as a fan, but zach is right. Lugo heard the 36,000 fans last night chanting his name, trying to will him to get a hit. He’s not on this blog concerning himself with whether or not we call him Lug-out. If all we did on this blog was kiss *** to everyone on the team it would make for pretty boring reading.
I think it’s pretty obvious we’re all fans, but there are frustrations that we as fans need to vent on at times and this is the forum to do it.

The cutoff was when Lugo (see, didn’t use the nickname) crossed the Mendoza Line.

Piece of advice: “people take unessacary actions, so that they can get a reaction”

Wow, I knew Papi and Manny had trouble against Kazmir, but I didn’t know it was this bad.
Papi .192 with 9 K’s. Manny, .138 with 9 K’s.

Something tells me Francona might be giving Ortiz the night off.

Ah Yankee fans make me laugh, the last 12 years, what kind of random number is that sog? How about we pick a number like 7? Who has more championships in those years buddy? It seems like you only post after a Yankee win, like one win somehow will catapault your team to the top. But check the roster that team is going nowhere fast. The problem with you is you give Yankee fans a bad name. It is unfortunate but I think Vince is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to Yanks fans. I hope you continue to post here throughout October sentinel.

Anyway on to happier things like the play of our team last night. It is refreshing to see young talent in there like Ellsbury and Pedroia. I was hesitant at first but now I wouldn’t mind seeing Coco get dl’ed and have Jacoby play here for a few weeks. Travelling to Detroit tomorrow to visit my sister and then going to the game Friday nite. Hopefully somehow Beckett will pitch (rainout?) but might have to settle for Julie.

It is a huge positive that we get the DRays 18 times in the second half, a team we can very easily go 14-4, 13-5 against. Here’s hoping for a good and patient night against Scott Kazmir.

Sen did you get kicked off your yankees blog any way your own fans hate you and keep living in the past i am sure you were their for all 27 of them lol looks like the roid testing has killed the yankees go figure like clemens has to be a roid head no way he goes form being a broken down skinney redsoxs to a jacked up 44 year old go red soxs

Also, I don’t know if its been said by anyone but Oki really deserves to be on that All-Star team. I would say he is more deserving than Manny, Papi, Pap, and Lowell. Only Beckett should be there over him.

I have no idea why Halladay is there, he is having a horrible year by his standards. Could they not have thought of anyone else who is not on the team and has a lower ERA than 4.27? Like Jeremy Guthrie or Eric Bedard?

This would be my final 5 list:





(Not to mention Youk, but obviously not a P)

If these were the 5 I would go with Bedard. Look at these numbers:

112.67 Inn, 99 hits, 36 walks 3.67 ERA and most importantly 134 K’s

haha that sentinel guy is ridiculous! It’s pathetic really, I wisdh Vince would answer this guy and show him what it means to be a respectable fan. Besides my good friend Adam, Vince is the only Yankee fan I can tolerate, they both rise above the rest as they don’t cheer on the Yankees past victories, and they certainly don’t boast when the Yankees are fighting to stay above .500.

anyway, I am going to the game on Thursday when Beckett is pitching, and I have GREAT TICKETS!!!!! I thought they werE skybox tickets but I don’t see anything called skybox on the seating map, I’ve only been to Fenway once before so this is really exciting.

Hopin he gets NUMBER12!!!!


A word on Bonds. What really disappoints me the most is that the guy was a great player before he starting juicing it, but apparently didn’t feel he could stay competitive in the majors just on natural talent.

Think about it: in his seven years with the Pirates (before his ‘roid use, I think), he won three gold gloves and two NL MVP awards. His OPS climbed steadily every year and was over 1.000 in his last year there. Always a consistent base stealing threat, a solid fielding percentage of 0.980 or above every year.

I guess that wasn’t enough for the guy. He was a great player, and still is a great hitter. Now he’s a joke to a lot of fans.

Alright,well as I said before,I live in New York City.So I couldn’t actually see the game last night.But I love how you guys cheered for Lugo last night.He’s bound to break out soon.Now back to Sentinel.He is a big idiot.Guys let us forgive this mad man.He snapped because the Yankees keep on losing.He lives in the past.Anyways,I will be at Fenway Thursday for the game that night.Hopefully I’ll meet some of you guys.My first time at Fenway,I am so excited.I am leaving for Boston in a few hours.Lets go sox!

Oh, come now, we’re all baseball fans. But I, a Yankee fan, will apologize for sentinel’s nonsense: we can’t control him in the Yankee blog either. I don’t think he really likes any team, or anyone. But I can’t resist saying…..

Go Yanks!!

Good to hear from an actual sane Yankee fan, vater. I still stick to my assumption though that there are more bandwagon Yankee fans than there are like you and Vince. I know every team including the Sox has a few bandwagoners but the Yankees when they are going good can have packed houses but if September rolls around that stadium may be 20, 25,000 full. On the other hand, look at Fenway last year the fans kept showing up right until the last day in the pouring rain.

I was just browing your site for the first time, and shocked (well maybe not) to sentinel on this blog too. He and I have been going at it with each other since I started posting about 1 1/2 months ago. This guy is an idiot!!!! He brings nothing to the table, his stuff is as stale as three week old bread, he doesn’t say anything intelligent (as you may have seen already), I’m not sure if he really knows a lot about baseball because he just repeats everything someone else says, he is totally disrespectful of people who have different opinions from his (that’s why we absolutely hate each other), and he makes real Yankee fans like myself look really bad. we’ve been trying to ignore this clown for weeks, but I don’t think that works, you guys may be stuck with him for the duration like us poor Yankee fans. Something bad has to happen to you guys this season after all (just kidding). Good luck with him.

look to all yankee fans on this site…steinbrenner will buy you a new team next **** it up this year and let the rest of us enjoy a yankee-less season

ellsbury looked great,the sox at least scored some runs last night…forget about tampa hopefully we can score some runs in detroit…looking forward to dice k tonight

Scott Kazmir is doing his best Dice-K impression by having that one terribly wild inning.

Lugo got a …… hit?

It must be a cold day in **** lol

now that was nice!! Lugo get’s a hit and the players and fans alike applaud him loudly.. i like that alot. Way to go RedSox Nation!!!!

about time maybe this could be the start of a long hitting streak. I hope!!!!!!!

Generous of Wily Mo to give up his at-bat so Lugo could break out of his slump with an RBI hit. JK

Maybe this month will see the Sox start to play like the best team in baseball again. Let’s hope.

Poguehorse (what a lame name), shut the **** up, fool!!!!!

arnieschmuck,you’re still a retard, maybe this month you can acting intelligent!!!

The key for the Dice Man so far tonight

first pitch strikes: 15

f.p. balls: 2

Getting ahead and staying out of bad counts and numerous walks. Keep it up Dice K

Ol’ Lugnuts just got lucky with that hit rizzo!

Feierabend (the guy who magically turned into Cy Young against us last Thursday) tonight against the worst hitting team in the AL, Kansas City:

1.1 IP, 8 hits 2 walks 10 RUNS.

And how could we not hit this guy again?

hey screw ball go back to your teams blog leave the winners and good yankee fan to talk here and this is hard to say a good yankee fan my tongue almost caught on fire fingures to crazy that how much i think you make them look go away and nice to see lugo get a hit hope this is the spark he needed

I really think that if we ignore that blogger he will just go away or, we could alert… again.

Nice to see Lugo get a couple hits. And Dice-K is looking really sharp in his last 5-6 starts. Now we need Papi to get his stroke back(he looks lost at the plate) and the 2nd half will come together.

I can’t believe Lugo got over the horror of being criticized for not hitting on a blog he’s most likely never going to read and pulled it together en route to 2 hits and 2 RBI’s.

Now if he could just tighten up his base-running game, we’d be back in business.

Dice-K has given up 2 or fewer runs in HIS LAST SIX (6) OUTINGS. That is insane. To give you a better idea, Matsuzaka has surrendered 6 ER in his last 42 IP.

He also is going into the All-Star Break with a minimum of 10 wins, so it appears as though he’s primed to set a pretty high ceiling for himself in his rookie year. And it’s not costing us $1 million per start, which is always a bonus.

It’s pretty amazing to consider that the Red Sox have three legitimate Rookie of the Year contenders on their roster right now (Dice-K, Okajima, and Pedroia). I’m pretty sure everybody considered Dice a ROTY candidate before he even threw his first pitch, but NOBODY could have seen Oki-Doki and Pedroia coming.

Dice-K is cruising now. He has a chance to win 20 games, just like Beckett. He has allowed two runs over his last four starts. Pretty impressive. Good to see Lugo get that two-run single and add another hit as well. Now if Ortiz and Ramirez can start hitting, this team will really be humming. By the way, the Sox once again have baseball’s best record (51-31), not bad for a team that is playing .500 baseball since early June.


A Happy and safe 4th of July to all of you. This is Independence Day, please try to remember the men and women who throughout the years have fought to keep us free.
.. I thank you veterans of the past and present day armed forces for everything you do. Ellen.

It was nice to see Kazmir throw 53 pitches before the 3rd inning last night. The hitters really worked the counts. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did in the game.
Good news: Dice K, Lugo getting 2 hits

Bad news: Lugo’s baserunning, Papi looks absolutely LOST at the plate. I have never seen him like this.

Have a safe 4th of July everyone.

So who is pitching for the AL?

Weird seeing so many yankees fans here, it’s not like we’ve gone on a hot streak.

All I can say about sentinel is ignore him, he is here solely to stir up emotions. I haven’t seen him anywhere else though, so I don’t know where these other guys seem to have.

On an objective note, saying he is just a yankee fan that snapped over 2004 and their current place in the standings is childish, come on, what would you do if Yankees fans had done the reverse before this season or even worse, before 2004?

Not to mention, I endured 2004, I’m a Yankees fan, just ignore the guy, but don’t generalize all Yankees fans to be this insane breed of jealous and bitter people. That’s almost the same level as “I’m rubber you’re glue” in the schoolyard.

Whoever brought up the number 12 compared to the number 7, they are two very different numbers. Winning the division, while in this day and age means absolutely nothing, but it is still an impressive feat, especially from a span of 1998-2006. Making the playoffs from 1995-2006 is still an extremely difficult feat that only the Atlanta Braves have accomplished. While it’s true the Red Sox won a title more recently, in the grand picture (because 2004 is the past just like the late 90’s were) the Yankees have won 4 and made the playoffs every single season.It’s not necessarily about winning when Yankees fans bring up the consecutive postseasons, it’s about consistancy.

Sox fans like to use 2004 and right now as their defense against anything Yankees fans bring up.When the Yankees lead the division, Sox fans then bring up 2004 and payroll, it’s a common trend on both sides.

This season is legitimate, but you can’t harp on Yankees fans living in the past and then use 2004 as some sort of eraser for everything. The Sox didn’t make the playoffs consistantly. They lost to the Yankees twice in the postseason in the last 8 years and beat them once in historic fashion and won a title.

It’s not that 2004 was not impressive, it’s that the remarkable consistancy of the Yankees (and you have the 2nd highest payroll so you guys should appreciate this)gets overlooked, particularly by Sox fans, hence why Yankees fans tend to shove it in your face repeatedly.

So you’re saying it’s not fair to generalize the fans of one team yet you are lecturing an entire fanbase on why the Yankees are the better team?

Anyways, I was considering this last night: if the bases were loaded with 2 outs in the ninth and the Sox were down by 1, and you HAD to choose one of the two, who would you rather have up: Wily Mo or Mirabelli?

I was thinking Mirabelli, because while he strikes out an alarmingly high rate (roughly 36% of his AB’s), it’s nowhere near as bad as Pena (about 40%). And while Pena has the “potential” to hit it out of the park, I’m sick of waiting around for Wily Mo’s potential to come through, it’s been a year and a half already.

Give me Dougie and hope he can hit his patented groundball in between 3rd and SS.

Not at all, both fanbases have things to be happy about right now. That does not mean, Yankees fans are miserable and bitter though, and that is my point. Would they be happier if we were in first? Yes, of course, but to trash the entire franchise based on right now is stupid.

I was also pointing out why we say the things we say (this does not apply to idiots like sentinel) in response to when you guys say the things you say.

yankee, he is on bryan hoch’s blog. He has been there since the beginning giving real Yankee fans a bad name.

Pretty good game all the way around today, except for Javy Lopez. Julio hit the ball well, but he needs to hit line drives not fly balls, he’ll come around. Even Dougie got a clutch 2 run single. All is right in the Nation today.
Happy 4th, remember the guys fighting for us.

Personally, I hope sentinel hangs out some more. I mean, really, he makes us all look like geniuses. Even me, with just a high school education. And as Vince was saying, there are idiots in all fan bases and it is good for us to remember that. Who better to remind us than SOG?

Careful Vince, Please don’t say “SoxFans use 2004…” please say “MOST Sox fans use 2004…”
If all Yankee fans were like you, we’d probably have no more reason to keep the rivalry alive!! Happy 4th to y’all…

Sentinel may be a retard, but he makes a good point in regards to the 12 years to 7 year thing.

Go Yanks!!!!!!

I wouldn’t mind sentinel if he actually offered sometthing intelligent. Comments like “shut the **** up” and calling us retards don’t really add to the debate, and waste our time.

Besides, he’s just a stinky poopy head.

Why aren’t there any red sox players in the MLB all star game commercial? Barry Zito and even frekin Jason Giambi made it in, why no red sox players??

dj992- I thought the same thing when the commercial 1st came out, now they’ve added Papi in there, but he’s not in uniform, I guess he got put in there as a “late addition.”

Just what the Sox needed, a dose of Tampa Bay to fix the hitting challenges.

Stinky poopy head? LOL! I’m lost for words.

Living in Jax, FL, I have the MLB Extra Innings program from Comcast. So I get to see a lot of the NESN broadcasts. Unfortunately, Extra Innings is blacked out when the Sox play the Devil Rays so I have to listen to the ****** who broadcast their games. Some of their comments are right up there with “Stinky, poopy head”. They pointed out Jerry Remy and his partner, um, ah, oh, um ……….. Daniel Orsillilio.

OK, on to more serious poop!

One of the beautiful things about baseball is that what has happened over the past 100 years, or 12 years, or 7 years has no bearing on what’s happening today. I’ve been an avid Sox fan for a long – long time. Growing up, I learned to hit left handed because that’s the way Yaz hit. Being a Sox fan is more than being a basefall fan with a favorite team, it’s a way of life.

That being said, anyone who tries to compare the accomplishments of the Yankees and the Red Sox is a fool. There is no comparison. The Yanks have won one in four championships for 100 years. No franchise anywhere in sports can claim anything close to that and the only team achievement even close is the Russell era Celtics.

When the Sox won it all in 2004, I was 54 years old and I sat there and cried like a baby. It wasn’t just that they did it, it was how they did it. I wouldn’t trade that pennant 2004 banner for all of the 26 hanging in Yankee Stadium. The Yanks have a rich history of great players and many championships, but they’ll never have anything like 2004. The Sox will probably win more championships, but he reality is that we Sox fans will probably never have anything like that again either. It was magic, pure and simple.

Congrats to Okie-Dokie on his selection to the All Star team. He deserves it.

Great post GSM52. And you’re right, we may never see anything like that in any sports.

I was in Fenway yesterday and i thought, finally a decent run support for Wake. But 9 runs after 2 innings tonight ? WOW ! Is the hitting slump starting to fade away ? We ‘ll have the answer this weekend vs the high flying Tigers pitchers.

Well they all but owned us last year. I think the guys got tired of getting beatup by the likes of them….

gsm…same deal here in Orlando. These guys are putting me to sleep with this game.
You know how teams generally spot light one player when they are showing the lineup for game? Usually something like..Ortiz is 5-11 with 2 HR’s vs today’s starting pitcher. Well, today they spotlighted Manny. And the best they could show is “Sometimes Manny takes a break in the Green Monster when there is a pitching change.”

No joke, that is what they gave as pregame commentary.

Anyway, it’s nice to have a game like this.

Hopefully Beckett gives 6 or 7, then trot out Timlin and Snyder for an inning and save the big guns in the pen if needed tomorrow.

gosoxred ……. you or any of the other Florida bloggers heading to Tampa when the Sox come down? We should get a bunch of us together for a weekend!

Yeah, I either head down with my wife or a group of friends. We should be going down during at least one of the weekend series with the Rays.
I’m actually heading up to Boston the weekend of the 20th to see the series with the White Sox. Judging by the rotation that way it’s set up, we get to see Dice K and Beckett. Should be a good weekend.

I would have to agree with gsm52 about the D-Rays announcers. Joe Magrane is a total IDIOT!!! During yesterday’s broadcast he said the Red Sox reacquirred Mirabelli because Varitek was having a tough time catching Wakefield, well we know it was Bard and not Varitek!!! Magrane tries to be funny during the telecasts but comes across quite DUMB!!! I’m sure most would agree if you ever heard him during a game!!! At least this weekend in Detroit the Red Sox will miss Verlander but Detroit having there bullpen problems I wonder if Verlander will have an apperance this weekend, perhaps 1 inning!!! It is great to see Crisp continue his hitting, he looks like the guy that played for Cleveland, even his outs are good!!! I would love to see Boston add some bench help like they did in 2004!!! Another arm in the pen would be great but who knows maybe that guy can be Tavarez and Delcarmen!!! How much longer does Boston stay with old man Timlin???? If he was a horse he would have been shot a longggggggggg time ago!!! He hasn’t had a solid season since 2004, in 2005 he let of inherited runners to score so his stats that year are quite misleading!!!

Got a quick question for everyone– What is the tune that’s played when the bottom of 7th starts? The one with the trumpet-like sound..

If you meant the bottom of the 8th, it’s “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. But you probably meant the bottom of the 7th, like you said, in which case I have no clue.

Coco came up to bat with the bases loaded 4 times, that has to be some sort of record. And 5 RBI’s to go along with his 2 hits isn’t too shabby either. It’s such a relief to see that his thumb injury didn’t slow his hot hitting down, as last time he injured that thumb he essentially was slowed down for a year and 1/2.

And Lowell with 5 hits and 5 RBI’s is currently on pace to shatter his numbers from last year. He seems to have rebounded from a semi-swoon at the end of the 1st half, so hopefully that was the worst of it as his average is back above .300 and his RBI totals are crushing Manny/Papi.

GSM, I’m in Orlando, and I’m coordinating a Sox and Pinstripes outing to the Sox-Devil Rays game on Saturday, July 28. Perhaps we could get seats in the same section, or just meet after the game at Ferg’s (which everyone who attends Sox-Devil Rays games at Tropicana Field knows is the sports bar by the train tracks next to the stadium that is taken over by Red Sox fans). I will be at the Friday and Saturday game. Not sure about Sunday. It anyone wants to meet, let me know. Just visit Sox and Pinstripes and drop me an e-mail.

I agree about Joe Magrane. He is seemingly clueless, and I did hear him say that Jerry Remy’s broadcast partner is Dan Orsilillio. I watch the D-Rays on occasion, and Magrane and the other guy (can’t think of his name right now) are truly amusing. It’s like they don’t do their homework.

Good to see Lowell and Crisp knock in five each tonight. ALso, good to see Lugo deliver another two-run single. Hopefully, he can get some confidence, get his average above .200 and then start his climb to respectability.


Well said GSM.

Isn’t there a song at Fenway about dirty water? Could that be the song you speak of?

D Rays announcers are awful, regardless of who they play. Right up there with Texas, Washington, and of course, Chicago.

Sentinel…it’s great that you have a passion about something, why don’t you invest your time in understanding the stats, plays, roster and overall baseball etiquette instead of slamming Sox players and Fans. The fans in this blog have one thing in common, that is love of the game and faith that this team can win a championship again regardless of who’s at the plate…or at the mound. The only thing you are bringing to the table in this blog is someone looking for a fight…you can’t even debate anything because your responses are not even well-thought out sentences…they are 4 and 5 letter words. Spend some time online browsing or a Thesaurus…it’s time well spent! What you do here is a waste of everyone’s time. I am sure the Yankee’s club would agree would rather fans like you go away!!!!!

Im going to play stats man for once…all-time percentage of championships won
celtics 26.7

yankees 25.5

canadians 25.3

Nice to see some runs being scored, when do you all think papi and manny are going to start cranking them out again…maybe this weekend in detroit??

Does anyone think the celtics are ever going to win another…man what a long drought. And it seems to be getting worse. We need Bird running the show.


You’re thinking of the song “Dirty Water” by the Standells, which they play after the game. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond is played between the seventh and eighth innings, I think. They used to play them only if the Sox were winning (in the case of “Sweet Caroline”) or had won (in the case of “Dirty Water”). I’m not sure if that is still the case.

The only song with trumpets that I can recall hearing is the intro to “The Final Countdown” by Europe, which they play when Manny is coming up to bat.

dreinbold (I’m not sure what your first name is!), I agree with you about the Celtics. It would be nice to see Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ and Ainge on the floor again. I’m skeptical about the Ray Allen deal. Personally, I think they should have kept Delonte West, taken the fifth pick, traded Paul Pierce and built their team around young players who have great potential. Pierce and ALlen have 3-4 productive years left. I’m hoping that Danny Ainge doesn’t trade Al Jefferson or Gerald Green. I do not want to see Kevin Garnett in a Celtics uniform. That 17th banner is not in the near future, as long as Ainge is running the show, in my opinion. I think they need to cut Ainge and Rivers loose as well. That’s my two cents worth about the Celtics. Now back to a winner – the Red Sox!


I’m sure Manny did not choose The Final Countdown. He doesn’t strike me as a fan of hokey 80s music!

Come on Jeff! You mean you can’t picture Manny asking to come out to Cherry Pie by Warrant!!

I’m actually looking forward to this series. Sheffield wasn’t hitting when the Tigers were in Boston when the Sox took 3 of 4, now the guy is destroying the ball. This should be a real good test. The Tigers bullpen has been theirr issue so far, so the Sox need to wear down their starters.

I hope Bonderman isn’t holding a grudge about not making the AS Team and takes it out on the Sox tomorrow night.

hey Jeff…guess you werent around the other day when I announced my name as Derek and got blasted for it…lol, yankee like it..haha, I agree on the Allen thing…why do they keep going back to the same formula with these older players with past success…why not try young like you suggested…totally agree giving up a high pick for 4-5 years left for Allen doesnt seem right unless you think that player could take you to the title…im sure Allen is great but we have more holes then being just one player shy.

This tiger series could be great, good measuring stick going into all-star break and on thier turf! Im hoping for a sweep, think 2-3!

Great. Now I’ve got The Final Countdown stuck in my head.

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