Welcome to the bigs Jeff Bailey

Nice story tonight in Detroit — where I’m not — as Jeff Bailey will put on a Major League uniform for the first time. Bailey, by all accounts, is a great kid. Terry Francona never stopped raving about him the last two springs.

Bailey came up as a catcher but developed throwing yips and was since moved to first base/DH. He’s got some pop in his bat. He’ll probably just be around through the weekend and it gives the team good depth with Youkilis hobbling. Bailey is 28 years old so this first trip to the Major Leagues has to be a thrill.

Ellsbury went back down, but he showed that once he comes back, he could be here for a very long time. That guy can flat out play. What a baserunner. That play where he went from second to home on the wild pitch will be in the 2007 Red Sox highlight tape — you can take that to the bank.

And I’ve hedged on this before, but now I can say it with certainty. Coco Crisp is BACK. They finally have the guy they thought they were getting from Cleveland. He is jumping on fastballs and gives the Red Sox a very solid hitter in the lower part of the order. Also, if this guy doesn’t win a Gold Glove this year, there should be an investigation. I loved that over the shoulder catch he made last night. He’s been a joy to watch out there.

I fly to San Fran for All-Star festivities on Saturday. i’ll talk to you from the Futures Game on Sunday.

Thanks, talk to you then,



Well there should probably be like 8 investigations a year pertaining to “Gold Glove” awards.


Last night’s catch was awesome. I think it got overlooked because of the fact that the game was a blowout.
Joseph’s right about the gold glove. I might be biased, but I thought for sure that Lowell was going to win it last year, but it seems like Chavez has his name engraved in it before the year even starts.

Jeff Bailey?? I guess it’s because all I follow is the big club, but does anyone know anything about him other than the fact that he’s a good kid?? Sorry, Ian, no offense, I’m just wondering if he’s got some pop or if he’s a defensive replacement type of player.

Ellsbury is such an exciting player. He’s fun to watch.

Seems Red Sox players are overlooked for Gold Glove consideration. Lowell, A-Gonz last year. Maybe Coco can get one.

And it looks like Tito knows what he is doing. Coco’s coming around, Drew came around, Pedroia too. Hope he can work his magic on Julio. Even Tavarez, I thought he should be traded, but he is proving me wrong. Way to go Terry!

Patsfan, seems sentinel didn’t take your advice.

Well, it wasn’t Lowell not winning that upset me, it was Jeter winning…THREE times. The Palmeiro one is the biggest joke of them all though.


If the past 6 games was any indication, Ellsbury will be fun to watch for years to come, arnie. I think it was Ian that said it originally, but without his helmet on, this kid looks just like Damon.

I should know this, but I don’t so I’ll ask for help. I thought I read where some offensive consistency is actually considered when voting for the Gold Glove, which sounds absolutely absurd to me. At least I thought that was the excuse for A-Gon not winning it last year. I think even a Yankee fan would tell you that Gonzalez had a better defensive year than Jeter.

jeff bailey dh/1st base tito loved his stuff the last two springtrainings..so far i’ve liked david murphy,ellsbury and hopefully bailey willdo good iread today that buckholtz is going to the pawsox and we may see him sometime after the allstar break which i’m looking forward to..at least they can bring these kids up and not throw them to the wolves like last year…its taken delcarmen a long time to recover and hansen hasn’t been the same since ….ellsbury does look like damon i heard in a radio interview he dressed up like him one halloweenlol

gosoxred … there is no offensive stat involved in the Gold Glove Award voting process. The managers and coaches vote in their own league ( but not for their own players ). Maybe sometimes they tend to look too much at the whole value of a player. They’re only human.

But as for Palmeiro, i have no idea how a DH can win a Gold Glove when playing only 20something games at first base. I guess it was more of a reward for past performances or something.

could be but then that means ortiz should have won a gold don’t you think for the last couple of years ???

I meant, Palmeiro was playing 1st base for a long time before becoming a DH, longer than Ortiz i think. I don’t know if he was Glold Glove material, though. That was just a guess.

As for Papi, he sure deserves at least a Silver Bat, for best hitter at his position.

And for the record, i too think that Palmeiro’s Gold G was a joke. I’m just trying to understand. There must be a reason.

politics i’d say,just like most awards look at the hall of fame jim rice should be there and he not…just like papi and the mvp

So much for Bailey “just being around” as he is starting at 1B and hitting 8th tonight. You know it’s bad for Lugo when a call-up whose never played in the majors is hitting in front of him.

Hopefully this guy can at least put the ball in play, or else the bottom of the order is going to provide a lot of outs (Pena, Bailey, Lugo).

Also, Ortiz is taking the night off and Manny is at DH, with Lowell hitting 3rd.

The good news for the Red Sox? Pudge Rodriguez was given the night off.

Jeff, What’s the deal with the DevilRays-Sox game trip?? Can just anyone attend or did you get a block of tickets??

I think that Bailey hitting in front of Lugo has more to do with ” strategy ” than Lugo’s hitting problems. I’m no manager but imo there’s no way a 6’2 200 guy with some pop will hit in the 9th hole, with Lugo in front in the 8th hole.

Lugo can serve as a pre-leadoff guy. I suppose Bailey can’t. I don’t know him but i guess he’s no Brandon Inge. At least not yet.

Actually it’s sort of unwritten that offense is considered in the gold glove.
That said, Gonzalez most definitely deserved the gold glove last year, as did Lowell. Jeter also should have been MVP and I think he’d trade awards if he can, but what are you gonna do?

Coco has probably made more great catches this year than any other center fielder…. and how many games has it been since he’s made an error? He can go get ’em with the best of them. However, throwing, especially for an outfielder, is a critical element to overall defense and the reality is that Coco has one of the weakest arms in baseball. I think that will hurt his chances for a Gold Glove.

Maybe Gonzo should have won the Gold Glove last year, but I have no real problem with Jeter. There is more to defense than stats and Jeter is one of the smartest players in the game. He makes his share of errors, but you almost NEVER see him make a stupid play, or be out of position. Vince is right though, he should have been the MVP. I’m not a Jeter fan, but you can’t help but appreciate a good ball player.

I liked Mauer for MVP last year.


Agreed, especially considering that he played unquestionably the most demanding position on the field and still led the AL in batting average.

Mauer’s offensive numbers of 13 HR and 84 RBI, plus a .429 OBP, were comparable to those of Jeter’s (14 HR, 97 RBI, .417 OBP), but defensively Mauer was outstanding with a .996 fielding percentage. Plus you have to factor in the effectiveness of the pitching staff and hand some of the credit over to the catcher.

Mauer is also noted as a “Gold Glove” quality catcher, and yes “game-calling” skills cannot be accurately measure, which is why guys like Rob Neyer say they are overrated. He actually had a higher OPS than Jeter too, by 36 percentage points. Mauer’s was actually 2 points higher than Morneau’s.

If you believe in “Win Shares” then Jeter had the most with 33, and Mauer was second with 31. But I do not fully understand them yet.

But Mauer played 120 games behind the plate where he had something to say about every single pitch. He won the batting title as you noted. And Jeter won a Gold Glove I know, but research shows that last year he improved on his defense but was still slightly below average at the SS position.


You’re also conveniently leaving out stolen bases and baserunning in general. How many more times did Jeter score from second or go first to third because he is quicker than Mauer and a heads up baserunner? Mauer also had a cy young and another MVP candidate in Morneau, how does that effect how valuable you are? With A-Rod not his usual self, a who’s who in the outfield and nobody else really emerging offensively (except Cano and Abreu) in the second half, Jeter was more singularly impressive. Wang did finish 2nd in cy young votes, but Santana won unanimously and also won the triple crown in pitching.

Clark Griswold checking in… I just got back from Detroit… 5 hours of driving from Chicago yesterday and 5 hours back today. No Big Papi in the lineup, No Youks, Tavarez on the mound…. Essentially a Red Sox forfeit. I definitely felt like Clark Griswold when I saw that starting lineup… Park’s closed… moose out front should have told you. Pretty hard to explain to a 3 year old why Papi was out of the line-up. Oh well, I had to explain to everyone that there is a lot of randomness in baseball. My hatred for Tavarez has never been higher. He easily could have given up 15 runs yesterday. I think there were at least 2 420 foot flyouts and a diving stop by Pedroia. I can’t tell you how much I hate Tavarez… hated him before he joined the team… hated him all the way through… culminating in last night’s painful performance.

Having gone to the game last night as well rayman, I was confused with some of the decisions made. First off, why would they not pitch to Casey, a guy with little to no power and let Thames hit, the guy with the most raw power on the team. With 1 out it sets up the DP but there were 2 down. That confused me as well as why he stayed in so long.

Tito really hung him out to dry. After hitting Sheff,(who is a complete and utter hothead by the way. I mean yes Gary of course he tried to hit you with 0 out, man on first down 3. Give me a break) you could tell Tavarez was done. But what does Terry do? leave him in there to give up 4 more.

The blowout was also not fun due to the endless heckling of the Detroit “fans.” I hate calling them that because before the WS run last year they never even showed up. The purest definition of bandwagon fans are in the Motor City. But anyway, thats my rant for the night, let’s hope for a better outcome tonite, in what is essentially a loss on paper.

Can’t wait to see which Kason Gabbard we’ll see tonight; the good, the bad or the ugly. When it’s the good, he just wows us.

Does anyone else think umpiring in general has been really poor this year? I can’t ever remember seeing so many bad/missed calls. Seems like these guys are anticipating calls or are just out of position. I would say the strike zone has been pretty inconsistent as well.

Looks like Gabbard has pretty good stuff tonight. However, he’s been pitching from behind and now he’s walked a couple in the fifth. Oh man, great play by Hinske – heads up by Cora (very Jeter like). Walks will get you every time……

A couple of you mentioned attending the game in Detroit and being disappointed in the Sox lineup Francona put on the field. I agree with you. You’re paying top dollar to see a game and I think there’s an obligation for the Sox to field their best team.

I agree. At least they’re on the road. If there’s a good time to rest a player, it’s when you’re on the road.

But i was in Fenway on Independence Day. Nice, sunny Wednesday afternoon. The grass was green and the girls were pretty ( ! ). Then came the lineup :

No Manny

No Youk

No Pedroia


One reason I was really angry to see Papi sit was the short porch in right in Detroit. The stadium is cavernous outside of right. I didn’t see where Papi’s HR was tonight, but my guess was right. He would get another 10-15 HR a year in Detroi hitting the same high flies he hits to right in Fenway. Should have started Papi and Hinske last night.

JD Drew has 33 RBIs hitting behind Youks, Papi, and Manny just about all year. That is really bad for $14M?

rsox_34 you were at the game on WED, were did you sit, I was in Section 4 (the outfield grandstand, right field)


He still can save his season in the second half. I’m confident he will.

The worst part of Drew is he signed for 5 years, we have potentially another 4.5 yrs. left of this stuff with him!!! This is just the begginning, classic case of another team bidding against themselves and that is what the Red Sox did when they signed J.D. Drew!!! Was there another team this past winter after J.D. Drew???? I don’t think so and if there was they certainly weren’t offering a 5 yr. deal!!! Theo has done an excellent job with the farm system but his big free agent signings have been pretty bad!!! Once again Manny Delcarmen pitched well again, it is good to see him do well, nothing is better than when a local kid does good!!! Yankees will be under .500 at the All Star break, what a shame!!! That team is freaking pathetic, they made 5 errors today!!!

Todd Jones on the freaking hill, are you kidding me. How in the world is this guy still getting guys out???? When he pitched for the Red Sox he ******!!! Boston should score at least 1 run off this guy!!! He looks like a guy that would be sitting at the end of the bar and complaining about how bad his job is!!!

Pretty close to you, actually. Bleacher 42. I took some pictures of the grandstands, maybe you’re on one of those. When Pap started loosing up in the pen, our section went crazy ! You may have seen the 5 guys that started the wave ? They were 3 rows in front of us.

Nice seats there r_sox, betcha saw the fabeled knuckler in action(minumully perhaps). Coco hits a 2B off of Jones, hope he come around to score.

With Lugo up, he will bunt and get Crisp to 3rd and then they will give Ortiz the free pass and let’s see if Ramirez can get Crisp in, he failed in the 8th.

Manny, Manny, Manny, you fell into the clever old managers trap, I think those braids are pulling your scalp too hard, huh.

And he Failed in the 9th.

We saw very little of the knuckler but we were still able to see the fire that came out of Delcarmen’s hand. That guy is for real.

Aaaww Manny, come on. Not a DP ?!?

Lack of clutch hitting by Oritz and Ramirez are hurting the Red Sox so far this year. Of course it is all on Ramirez tonight!!! How about a freaking fly ball!!!!

Why don’t rsox and rsjones exchange phone numbers!!!

Very funny, buddy.

At least you had a sense of humor over my comments. No harm mentioned there!!! Okie is in big trouble here!!!

With Crisp at third, a medium fly would have scored the run with his speed.

OKI DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where would the Red Sox be without Oki???? Last year at this time Pap was blowing away everyone but he had nobody in front of him, that has certainly changed this year!!! I’m sure Leyland is sitting in that dugout and saying to himself between puffs of his cigarette man this Okijima is good!!!

OKI !!!! Great way to get out of the jam !
No problem bosox, he and i are discussing from time to time on this blog since … i think March.

When Drew and Lugo go up does Francona tell them to lean into one, like Buttermaker told Stein to do with the Bad News Bears!!!

I wish.

OO ****, its timlin.

0 for 5. Huge blow to the big ego, hey Scheff ?

If Timlin makes it thru, does Francona turn to Wakefield? Nice too see Sheff struggle tonight!!! Some guys you respect and well there are some guys you don’t!!! Sheff is a great hitter and perhaps off to Cooperstown but is there a more ignorant person?

9 hits = 2 runs, is this the Twilight Zone? The offense is like Bondermans disappering slider, its there, and then its not.

To the 12th we go.

AC on. Now we have Coco, Lugo and Papi. Just no DP guys.

Comon Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A walk is better then an out.

J.D. lean into one, make Rudy Stein proud!!!

3 on and 2 outs in the 12th. Now would be a great time for JD to make a lot of friends.

And begin second half on the right foot.

My bad it’s Youk !!!!!!!!

What is up with the Red Sox playing long games right before the break, remember last year, last game in Chicago and that game lasted forever!!! It was Paps first blown save in 2006!!!

who’s going to pith the bottom of the 12th? Snyder or does Timlin go another.

Since Infante and Sheffield are righties, i guess Lopez is there for Granderson only ?

Good lord, I think this game is going to give me a heart attack. We keep getting on base but we just can’t seem to get anyone home!
Let’s go Sox!

I think a 70 million dollar player ought to be able to bagt against a left handed pitcher. I can’t believe they hit Youk for Drew. Drew has been hitting pretty well and Youk is hurt. Oh yeah, then you’re left with Wily Mo in right field. Also, what’s with Bailey for Hinske? A freakin rookie just called up in that situation? Where’s Tito’s brain?

You’re right gsm. The only reason i can think of is maybe Youk hits a zillion vs Grilli in his career and Drew hits a buck 50. Otherwise it’s playing by the wrong book.

Great effort by Coco, but I’m betting if the lumbering Wily Mo is close by, Drew makes that catch if he’s in there.

ooo wat a game. Pitiful offense from the red sox. We cannot score with runners in scoring position. We havent even scored in 12 innings!!! Ever since Papi’s blast in the first we didnt do anything. Dice k will have to go at least 8 tomorrow. At least its all over now, huh? When, o when is Manny gonna be Manny. Will he smash 30 homeruns this year?? will he get his 110+ rbis? If he continues on this pace, he won’t. Papi and Manny need to work on their clutch hitting. Manny was terrible. This was a pitiful loss. We shuld won in the 10th inning but we culdn’t. Manny cant hit at all right now, neither can the rest of the team. Pap tried his best, but i think he used up a lot of energy on his frequent pickoff throws to get sheffield. Is it me, or has Varitek lost the ability to throw runners out? He used to have a cannon, but i guess age took its toll on his arm. OOO well, this is why baseball is a very forgiving sport where u can make up for bad performances for the night b4. Hope we can get the bats going and the pitchers throwin tomorrow!!

This game reminded me a lot of that game in 04 against the Yanks (“Jeter flies into the stands”). Both teams had loads of opportunities but none were cashed in. The home team wins long extra inning games 90% of the time.

Plus, whats up with Sheff and his little kick right there at home plate? He is angry b/c he got hit by a pitch, yet that is the run that wins the game? I really didn’t like him as a Yankee, now he is beginning to get under my skin in Detroit.

All that action and this is not even the longest game tonight. The Mets and Astros are currently in the 16th and the Yanks went 13. It really is 7/7/07

For those watching on GameCast, Coco did everything but catch that last flyball. It took a ridiculous effort to even get close, and even if Drew was in RF he wouldn’t have caught it. Pudge hit a slicing ball to right center, it was pretty much uncatchable and when Crisp made his dive, I would have been shocked if he came down with it.

But I was even more shocked when Francona pinch-hit Youkilis for Drew. Drew has been hitting well for the past month and Youk looked completely uncomfortable at the plate (not to mention his 1-for-15 lifetime pinch hitting numbers). The fact that the end result of this move was having a complete liability in RF (Wily Mo) made it all the more unfathomable.

Papelbon isn’t Rivera, he should drop the cutter from his repetoire and go back to the slider. He threw one cutter in that inning and guess what, it was hit hard for the game winner.

But all of the other pitchers did a good job of getting out of trouble, especially Okajima with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 9th. Timlin, on the other hand, got 2 quick outs and I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it was 2003 all over again. But true to form, he loaded up the bases with a hit and two walks but thankfully got out of it.

I hate these long extra inning affairs right before the All-Star Break, it can’t be good for our guys who are headed to San Francisco.

And rizzo, I saw that little move from Sheffield too. He is a complete punk, Yankee or not. The guy is notorious for being a team cancer and I’m glad the Sox didn’t sign him even though he stated publicly that he wanted to go to Boston. Completely unclassy.

I did not get to see the game but had the gameday on in the office toward the end. Seemed every time I checked, the Sox had runners on. You’d think that by shear luck they’d be able to plate at least one run, but no, they can’t seem to drive in runs. That’s how it was early in the year and now since June they have been woeful in the clutch. Kumar has planted a seed of doubt in my mind. Could it possibly be that the new hitting coach’s philosophy just doesn’t get the job done? Remember Charlie Lau(sp)? The revolutionary new hitting technique? Except that it sacrificed power. Maybe Dave magadan has developed a new hitting style that does everything except score runs. Who knows. I just find this whole clutch-less hitting thing hard to fathom.

“Yankeevmm,” this in a response to your last post. Are you honestly trying to make us feel bad for the supporting cast that Jeter had last year? Yes, Matsui and Sheffield were out for a significant amount of time. So you had Cano, Abreu, and Wang as you mentioned. But you forgot to mention Giambi’s .971 OPS, AROD’s “off year” of a .915 OPS (as you stated, but it was still a good year), Damon’s .840 OPS and 24 HR from the leadoff spot, Posada’s .866 OPS. Even though they lost two players, they had 7 of their nine spots in the lineup filled with All Stars by season’s end. And don’t forget Mussina, who’s ERA was actually lower than Wang’s.

And yes the Twins had better pitching, but remember they lost Liriano.

The Yankees scored 129 more runs than the Twins last season.

Jeter is not good on defense, do not forget that. Jeter had even more protection and more opportunities in his lineup.

I have heard this a lot lately about the Yankees not having anyone to help their stars. For instance, this year I heard someone say no one is helping AROD. What about this year’s Jeter or this year’s Posada. Ask Jason Bay a few years ago what it is like not to have any help, or ask Bonds this year in his lineup. Or Mike Sweeney when he was good.

Catcher is the most demanding position, Period. It can not be accurately measured because “game-calling” cannot be measured properly.

I am not saying that Mauer was DEFINITELY the MVP. This is just my argument for it, but to argue Jeter didn’t have any help is not an accurate viewing at all.


Even tough Sox lost today we are guaranteed atleast minimum double digit lead before the ASB.

Plainly speaking this Offense stinks. 4 runs in 24 innings is ridiculous. With the way Ortiz and Manny are playing and with Lugo in the line-up this offense is really struggling.

Even if Paps blows a few games in learning to throw that cutter that is OK. Paps is still learning to throw that cutter and he will only get better with an extra pitch. Sox can afford Paps to learn the cutter in game situations even if it means a few loses. Sox can afford a more than a few loses with that 11 game lead in the division. Paps will be that much more dangerous with a extra pitch in his repoitore.

lol yeah Jeter never makes great defensive plays, he is such a liability at short, esp last season. The Twins bullpen was superior last year, the Yankees had Abreu for 2 months, cano missed 6 weeks, and the Twins don’t play the same brand of baseball as NY. They are a defensive minded, pitching team. Last year’s Yankees relied on slugging primarily, hence why when A-Rod hits 10 hrs short of the norm and you’re missing Sheffield and Matsui’s production, it’s going to hurt a lot. Instead of telling me the runs the Yankees scored, how about the run differential between the two teams? Yeah, of course the Yankees have a better offense, but that doesn’t mean the injuries didn’t make it lacking and Jeter picked up a ton of the slack at the second most demanding position. What Mauer did was great, but when you talk value, you can’t place too much on a guy when Morneau had the second half that he had (and eventually finished first in MVP voting). Or when you have a starter that didn’t lose at home all season.

I don’t know if what you said regarding Jeter’s D was sarcasm or not. I assume it was though. THe fielding metrics that show he is bad, usually seem to have him as the [absolute] worst in the game or AL. I do not believe that he is the [absolute] worst, but I do believe that he is no better than avarage, and probably below average. He is a “smart” player which counts for something, and he does have a strong arm, and he does usually have have a decent Fielding percentage, but his range up the middle is extremely poor. And I have this “Jeter/defense” argument all the time, the topic is exhausting itself. But I must include it when I talk about things that include him.

Run Differential:

Twins +118

Yankees +163


Talking about a starter who only won at home is an arbitrary statistic. He won the same number of games as Wang. You could equally say “the Yankees had a pitcher who won more away games than the ace of the Twins rotation”.

I think if you tapped Sheffield’s head, you’d hear a hollow sound. He’ll get hot in today’s game.

I need reassurance that the sox won’t fold again. I’ve been a diehard fan since the early 70’s, and have seen big leads evaporate in the past. My reasons for concern:
1) The Sox have played 500 ball since late May

2)Their record on this date last year was identical to their current record, and they were only 3 games up then.

3)The Yankees and Blue Jays have been playing sub 500 ball up until now. If either of them has a second half like the Sox first half, and we continue to play 500 ball or worse (implode like last year), there’s some more sorrow coming for Red Sox Nation.

4)Our hitting and ability to score runs has been suspect for the past month or so…similar to what happened last year

Is my analysis faulty?

What ever happened to the yanks arrogant predictions that they will be within 6.5 games of the RedSox by ASB. So much for the Yanks Schduele being much easier and RedSox Schedule being much tougher before the ASB.

I don’t understand what to make of this offense. The 3 & 4 guys are supposed to be the ones driving in the runs. Both Manny & Papi are failing to drive in the runs. Hopefully they will get better for the rest of the season.

And all these recent struggles for the Sox offensively have come on the road. Yesterday’s loss was 5th straight loss on the road(3 Vs Seattle & 2 Vs Detroit). And by the way only 3 teams including Sox have better than .500 record on the road. Inspite of those 5 straight road losses Sox have one of the better records on the road.

Offensive struggles continue . . .

Red Sox: 11 hits 6 walks (Ramirez left 6 guys on base, Ortiz had 4 walks,not sure how many were IB’s)

As said earlier on this thread of comments, props to Coco, but the major mistake of the game is WMP in RF. I undersyand this move from a managers standpoint . . put in WMP because of his offense, however he K’s way too much, also Drew might need some rest. If Drew was in RF(the ball dropped in right-center) he would have had it. Even if Coco caught it his arm isn’t great, however Drews is. It was a mistake sending jacoby down, he would have been perfect then. Hinske can play a solid 1B, Bailey wasn’t needed.

The Tigers annoucers pinned all the blame of Paps, but it was a team failure, when Sheffield stole 2B, Lugo was late to the bag, don’t forget about Ramirez.

A blown save or hold situation is always blown the same way . . . HBP and/or BB plus XBH.

I understand why Paps went in on Sheffield, with Sheffs swing he has a tendency to pop up and be jammed, its ironic that Sheffield who struggled that night, scores the winning run.

Manny is really going to have to wake up soon or we should drop him down in the lineup. Maybe put Youks in the 4 spot? Manny is batting .250 with RISP with 3 homers. He’s on pace for 21 homers and 85 RBIs batting in front of the guy with the most walks in the league. It’s ridiculous. He’s 35 years old… are we finally at the point where Manny isn’t going to be the old Manny anymore?

Hey guys.Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately.I got back from Boston two days ago.I went to the game on July 5.It was an awesome game.I had a great time and I sat in the G27 section of the grandstands.Anyways,time to look to today’s game.I feel good about it.Im sure if our guys can get Dice K a few runs,we will be fine.The Dice Man has been pitching well and has been adjusting to the American League real well.So how have you guys been?What’s new?Has Sentinel finally gotten a life or a dose of common sense?Fill me in guys.

SOG hasn’t been around at all this entire article, not a single comment, hope I didn’t jinx it, knock on wood. Its essential for the Sox to win today. If possible Dice-K would win his 11th, and we would have some confidence heading into the second half, also we would be 21 G’s above .500. (that statistic is making me dizzy). As for Manny, it may just be a off year, however it is a concern.

Anyhow, game just started, the dice are rollin’, hopin’ for a win.

Sheffield tortures us again, @$$hole.

How do you call that prediction arrogant, Kumar? The Yankees had an easier schedule and they underachieved, both Sox and Yankees fans felt the Yankees could get closer and considering at one point this division was 6 games before the Yankees fell apart again, it was not out of the question. Just because someone says something that benefits the Yankees and not the Red Sox, does not make them “arrogant”

and fine Brendan, if you don’t like the never losing at home stat, than how about the fact Santana won unanimously and won the triple crown? You guys can’t have it both ways. You can’t say into this season Wang is not an ace and then say Wang was as solid as Johan Santana last season.

Sports for some is based on opinion, for others its factual, a happy medium would be good.

WMP is awful in the outfield. I know a line drive is hard to judge and play, but you’re in the bigs, man.

Well,it was another tough one guys.The thing that really concerns me is,well I beleive we will hold on to make the play offs.The thing is,I do not see any national league team out there that could really beat us,the best would be the Mets.Even at that I believe we have the depth to beat the Mets in 6 games or so.The key thing if you ask me is making the play offs,then surviving through the American League play off teams in the ALDS and ALCS.Lets say we face a team like Detroit or the Angels in the ALDS.If we cannot score runs,we won’t win.I trust our pitchers to be consistant but the offense is worrying me a bit.We need to get through these AMerican League powers to get to the promised land and to have a championship brought back to Boston.We can do it if our offense can get going.I mean,we need Manny and David to hit like Manny and David.If those two get going and our pitching holds up,we will be unstoppable.This is all making me sort of nervous but I am confident we will have a hot second half.

Lot’s of good things from the first half.
From Pedroia to Okijima to Lowell and the solid pitching.

The biggest concerns I see going into the 2nd half is the clutch hitting, or lack there of.

Papi, Manny and Drew have done nothing in the clutch this year. We saw the stats in 7th inning or later situations and it’s just terrible.

What does is say about our big $15 million dollar right field aquisition when Francona pinch hits for him in extra innings Saturday night? Yes, I know Youk is guy that pinch hit for him, but he hasn’t played in 5 days and you’re going to put him in that spot? Now, let’s say Youk does have to go on the DL, it will be retroactive to the last game he played, which was Saturday instead of Wed. I don’t get it.

Wily Mo is a liability. He does nothing at the plate (the whole world knows to throw him curve balls and it’s an automatic wiff) and he does even less in the field. We hear talk of him needing playing time and that he’s got potential. Enough. If he needs playing time, he should have got it last year in August and September when the team mailed it in after the 5 game Yankee massacre. Trying to hold onto the division isn’t the time to give him an at bat once every 5 days. All is means is at least 2 strikeouts with men in scoring position and that much more open territory in the outfield.

We’ve gone on and on about Lugo, so I won’t hammer that point. Figures, the one guy that has a good game on Sunday, now has to have 3 days off to ruin his momentum!!

Anyway, I hope Manny and Ortiz find their stroke in San Francisco.

Let’s enjoy the break and revel in the good things that happened and hope for positive outcomes in the 2nd half.

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