No MRI for Ortiz

Red Sox manager Terry Francona just said that there’s been no MRI for David Ortiz’s right knee nor is there one scheduled. Ortiz confirmed that after the game, but also added that he’s been playing with a torn meniscus since early last season and seemed to be leaning toward surgery this winter.

So when Ortiz fouled a ball off his body last night, naturally he pounded it squarely off the right knee. Hopefully he won’t be too sore tomorrow. I thought tonight Ortiz took some of the best swings he’s had in a while. Manny swung the bat well also.

We’ll see what Friday brings. Tonight was a good night all around for the Sox.

I’ll have more in-depth blogging tomorrow.



Let the games begin!

This is the time for Papi and Manny to set the tone for the second half. I’m looking for back to back homers from them tonight.

LET’S GO RED SOX! (clap, clap, clap)

Hey J.D. Drew do what Rudy Stein did for the Bad News Bears, LEAN INTO ONE!!!! I am sick of seeing him leadoff, Crisp should be leading off!!!

Last time the Red Sox faced Halladay they hit him hard but he went on the d.l. the next day or so. Are the Red Sox bats waking up??? Let’s hope so, I still would like to see Crisp leadoff and Drew 2nd but if that is the case back to back lefties with Nancy Drew and Oritz!!!

Frank can’t run, Mannys got an arm, ha ha. Lugo ha 2 hits, ortiz two too, wow.

Nice play DP, Lowell,and manny, Wake basiclally got all the counts to two strikes, hes’s dealing.

Good to see Lugo on base twice tonight!!! I have confidence in him turning it around!!! Delcarmen sure looked good tonight, certainly a nice surprise to the season. Delcarmen gives them another look, a hard throwing righty.

A-Rod is getting ready to Ram-Rod the NY Yankees. He said he doesn’t want to negotiate during the season. He’s going to make the Yankees beg on their hands and knees… knowing how bad the team is and how badly they need him back. I love it. Perfect backdrop to their crash and burn.

Drew, getta hit raise that ol’ BA

Boston should have fun at Fenway this weekend against this very weak Blue Jays pen. These 11 games at Fenway against very weak teams should be at least 8 wins, perhaps some guys like Lugo and Drew can battle out of there slumps against some weak teams!!!

Don’t let your allegiance blind you Ray.

Who is going to outbid the Yankees if it comes to that? The Angels aren’t giving up a third of their payroll and if they do the Yankees can still outbid in the extension. If the Yankees want him, they will get him whether it’s through extension or not. And if they don’t expect them to have a major offseason which would probably improve them anyway.

You’re talking about a team with 3 starters projected as two aces and a 3 man coming up next year. In the next two seasons plenty of payroll is coming off the books, the Yankees aren’t crashing anywhere even if they don’t make the playoffs this season.

Del Carmen was awesome and has now put together several great appearances in a row. He could provide a lot of answers to the Sox bullpen questions. He throws harder than Papelbon and has a nasty deuce. Good stuff.

Sox “O” is clicking a little. Not so much that they’re beating the ball all over the park, but they’ve had some timely hits by the big guys.

I’d sure like to see Manny back up a few steps in left. He couldn’t get to a routine fly ball in left center if he had to.

Lugo was out at first base on the tag play. One view showed that clearly although the Rem-Dawg missed it. First base ump should have asked for some help from the plate.

The question on A-Rod is whether or not he wants to go back to New York. Scott Boras said today that A-Rod could be the first 30 million dollar a year ball player. Will the Yankees pay that much, or will he take less to play somewhere else?

If the Sox part ways with Manny, he could be playing SS in Boston next year. He has talked about playing in Boston more than a few times.

The good thing about the Sox O is that there hitting with men on base. Too many times in the first half runners were being stranded in scoring position. Manny Delcarmen is a great compliment to Okijima, and the other good thing about Delcarmen is if he comes in with guys on base he can blow it buy them and you certainly need a guy that can come in and do that. I would like to see some bench help added come July 31 and a front line starter would be nice!!!!

Can I call them or what. Routine fly ball over Manny’s head for a double. It’s the 9th inning, why isn’t he playing back a little?

If A-Rod was a free agent I do not like the idea of the Red Sox giving him 30 million per season. That would be about 25% of your payroll for one guy. Of course if they ever did sign him they couldn’t have A-Rod and Manny, there would have to be a trade worked out for Manny. To me A-Rod seems like nothing but a distraction and I would also say he is probably one of the least respected players on his own team!!!! Obviously just a guess on my part about how his teamates feel about him but something tells me I am probably accurate about that one!!!

First of all in his current contract there are clauses where A-Rod would make 32 million in 2009 anyway. Yes, the Yankees would pay that much if it were an extension because then Texas still pays 81 million dollars. The difference in A-Rod this year and A-Rod’s extension years is less than Carl Pavano, who would be off the books in 2009 anyway, so the money is not an issue.

If he doesn’t want to return to NY, he will not go to Boston. Nothing points to that. The fans mistreated him? What did the Boston fans do? Exactly.

Doesn’t want pressure? Fenway is not the answer and he’s demonstrating he can handle it.

Wants to go to a contender? He would be foolish if he thinks the Yankees will not be a contender in 2008.

Wants to play shortstop again? That is a media fabrication and maybe Boras mentioned it so increase his value.

And even so, acquring A-Rod goes against Epstein’s theory of going after players entering or in their prime. A-Rod is 33, by 2013, the minimum his salary would have to go through, he would be 38, surely not putting up the numbers he is this season.

A-Rod to Boston has zero chance of happening.

And if it did I take Olney’s advice and get Lowell to replace him then use the other money on Zambrano, Linebrink and Rowand if they are available.

Or you go after Miguel Cabrera if he hits the market.

I love listening to Yankee fans about A-Rod not going to Boston, did you just have an exclusive interview with A-Rod???? LOL….Obviously if A-Rod did opt out of his contract there are only a handful of teams that could afford him anyway and Boston is on that list!!!! So for you to say A-Rod has zero chance of it happening, well you are sadly mistaken!!!! A-Rod would play in Baghdad if he was offered 40 million to play!!!!

Well, A-Rod isn’t 33, he’s 31, he’ll turn 32 the 27th of this month. He’s as much in his prime as he’s ever going to be. He’s a superb athlete and barring injury, there’s no reason he can’t play at his current level for 5-6 more years, and better than most longer than that.

If you think Epstein’s theory is to go after players entering their prime, I submit Lugo and Drew, the two major off season acquisitions as proof positive that’s not necessarily true.

A-Rod is a multiple gold glove winner at shortstop. He’s not griping about playing third for the Yankees, but you can bet whatever you want to bet he’d love to get back to short and why wouldn’t any team except the Yankees play him there?

Boston fans treat him like **** because he’s a Yankee. I remember some obscure catcher who was a Yankee coming to Boston. Oh yeah, his name was Elston Howard. The fans loved him when he got here.

To quote a Yankee fan above, (oh yeah, that was you) don’t let your allegiance blind you Vince. I didn’t say A-Rod would wind up in Boston, but parting with Manny to bring in A-Rod makes sense, so it wouldn’t surprise me. Manny is 4 years older, Ellsbury is waiting in the wings, and a ton of money is cleared to help pay the salary. I would say his chances of winding up in Boston are at least as good as the chances of his returning to New York.

I’d respond to you Bosox, but you have so many !’s it’s difficult to read your content.

I tell you what, if the Sox offer A-Rod 40 million a year and he single handedly brings their payroll up 31 million, you can have him.

GSM, how are Drew and Lugo not entering or in their prime? Lugo is 31 and not signed up for 6-8 years. Drew is the same deal. Just because they aren’t working out, doesn’t mean it didn’t follow that philosophy.

You guys want to lose Manny, Schilling, Lowell, Tavarez, Pena, Donnelly and sign A-Rod, go ahead. Lugo is under contract through 2010 at shortstop, what is he gonna do be a role player for 9 million a year?

Name one reason A-Rod would prefer going to Boston besides “so he can play short”?

The Yankees in a non-blind bid aren’t going to be outbid by Boston with their own player on the line, Boston has never been able to move Manny in the past and now that they have to they aren’t going to get the same return, especially with the off year he has had so far, you think he doesn’t forget what the fans do to him there? Granted Yankees fans have treated him badly too, but that doesn’t translate equally. It is extremely unrealistic at best that Boston lands A-Rod. If anything, Boras will market towards that to squeeze more out of the Yankees.

I suppose when Boston pays 35 million to A-Rod and their payroll is around 145 million and the Yankees are around 160 million by 2009, I’ll keep hearing how we buy our rings too, right?

I wouldn’t pay any player in baseball $30 million. I would go get two good $15 million dollar pitchers over the next few offseasons. Or three $10 million dollar players.

RED SOX WIN! offense did its job especially off a tough pitcher.great way to start second half.

Lugo, Drew, and A-Rod are all about the same age, which is why I used Lugo and Drew as examples as to why age would not be a factor if the Sox decided to go after A-Rod.

I’ll give you one big reason he would rather play in Boston: Fenway Park. A-Rod will have a shot at Bonds’ record. Where better to take it than Fenway.

Would you pay 5 million extra for A-Rod over Manny. You’d be a fool not to. Don’t include me in “You guys” when you’re talking about Mike Lowell. I hope he retires in Boston. He’s a rock solid ball player.

A-Rod isn’t happy in New York, it’s that simple. Look at the year he’s having and his relationship with the fans and media is luke warm at best. They’d be going crazy over him in Boston.

Do I really think he’ll wind up in Boston? Probably not. Will he stay in New York? Almost definitely not unless they pay him ridiculous dollars. I think warm weather and west coast suits him fine.

Joseph, I slightly learn towards your point of view, but that all depends on the free agent market.

GSM, can’t argue with him there but I just don’t know if the Angels or Dodgers can afford him. You’re talking a third of their payroll. And I do think the Yankees would pay him ridiculous dollars to lock him up for good in extension form because they are getting 81 million from Texas still. That is generally the path I think this heads down.

Ortiz, Lugo and Manny seem to be waking up, I’m going to have to suggest to MLB that they start counting the Yankees wins as double.

It was very encouraging to see Ortiz and Ramirez produce, and Lugo hit the ball hard again.

By the way, Tavarez has an option to next season, which will undoubtedly be picked up by the Sox since he is versatile. I think that, since Timlin and Pineiro won’t be back, Donnelly will be resigned. Schilling will likely not be resigned, nor should he since the Sox have Buchholz and Lester prepared to step in, Wakefield available for a $4 million option and the fact that the Sox could acquire Roy Oswalt or just sign a veteran free agent in the off season. I think the only way Manny is not back next season is if the Sox do sign A-Rod. And I agree with you, Garry (GSM). I think that, even if A-Rod is signed, the Sox should resign Mike Lowell. If not, do a sign-and-trade to keep him away from the Yankees.


For some reason, Epstein is not as enamored with Lowell as he is Miguel Cabrera, who would be a mistake to sign because he is a terrible third baseman.


Terrible third baseman who will eventually move to first anyway and is unhappy.

Why are we responding to yankeevmm????!!!!! LOL….The guy ( I am assuming he is a guy ) is making very little sense here!!! A-Rod is so valuable to the Yankees success, ya right!!! He is having this GREAT year and the Yankees are still under .500!!! To Jeff if the Red Sox did go after Cabrera he would be at 1b and not 3b, I agree with you he is a bad defensive 3b. My big concern about Cabrera is he looks like a guy that could put on alot of excess weight. Roy Oswalt would be a nice pickup for sure, I don’t know about what you would have to give up to get him though. Why would any team give A-Rod 30 million? Not a good bussiness descion at all!!!

Well Vince, it should be a fun off season. It will give us a lot to talk about. Whether A-Rod is there or not, the Yanks will find a way to put a competitive team on the field. With some of the prospects they have, the need to buy a team will be diminished. The same is true for the Red Sox.

I agree Jeff, I don’t think Manny is going any place. First, Vince is right, it will be tough to find someone to take his salary. Second, even though this isn’t his best year, he’s still playing pretty good ball and he looks happy.

Mike Lowell brings a lot to the table. He’s picked up a lot of slace for Manny and Papi this year. Tough times for him early in the season in the field, but he’s looking like his old self now.

Did anyone see Bucholz pitch in the Futures game Sunday? He’s the real thing. This kid is poised, and he has unbelievable stuff. He throws 94-95, with a devastating changeup and a deuce that reminds me of Bert Blyleven. I predict he’ll be #3 behind Beckett and Dice-K next year.

Wakefield is a good option for a fifth next year. He’ll give you lots of innings and be better than .500. He’s a lifesaver for a pitching staff.

You think pitching is the strong point this year, wait until next year.

It’s past this old man’s bed time.

Oh my!!yvmm: Can we talk about defensive records with regard to our respective 3rd baseman?? (and ours doesn’t even slap or own a white glove!!) Please, Vince don’t even make me laugh that loud!!!!! I’m holding my sides as I typew, (oops one handed typo there) hard to typw (see??)
with one hand and hold your ribs with the other!!

and who brought up Miguel Cabrera?? Take a look at the personal info listed for him and when it comes to his weight??; Add another 45 lbs. Not muscle, but late night FAT! (and it’s been documented down here: Taco bell, Ale House etc!!, and not the late night lean menu, either!!) Even Ozzie Guillen has had a discussion with him regarding this. I know that every time there is a trade deadline or such mentioned, Mike Lowell is the fat (oops, Miguel, no pun intended!!) of the rumors, but with him leading the Sox in HR’s and having the year he’s having , I don’t see him going anywhere. (BUT WITH MY LUCK, MAYBE I JUST JINXED THAT!!!)

If Manny ever got traded at the end of the season, he would be looking for a contract extension and of course whoever traded for him would want the Sox to pickup part of the contract. I am amazed that we haven’t heard any Manny unhappy stories. I watched Bucholtz pitch to a few hitters on Sunday and he certainly looked impressive, Pedro signs with the Mets and the Sox draft Bucholtz with that pick they got from the Mets, nice move there. That is why the A’s do well, Giambi signs with N.Y. and the pick goes to Oakland and they take Joe Blanton, Tejada goes to Baltimore and the A’s grab Huston Street with that pick. The Red Sox rotation in 2007 looks young and impressive, Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Bucholtz and the only negative is if Wakefield is back does that mean Marabelli has to be with Boston? I would like to see Mirabelli gone, nothing but an automatic out when he is up.

Well to our yankees fan on this blog if a-rod does get extended the rangers will only have to pay next years contact wich is 32 mill and then the yankees wil be screwed and why wouldn’ the redsoxs take a look and he wil be playing as a cub with mark cubin trying to buy the team bet on that

Bosoxbrian, we respond to Vince because he, like myself, Jeff and a few other regulars here, are original members of The Brownie Point Blogging Crew. He doesn’t throw down on the Sox or disrespect them the way that MOST Yankee Fans would do.. He is very, very knowledgeable, and well read on the subject of baseball, RedSox, and Yankees, and very not bad to talk to.. Plus I think he’s an ok guy!!!

2008 I meant on that rotation, I guess it is past this old man’s bed time as well.

Who cares whether Arod negotiates with Yanks or Yanks negotiate with Arod during the season. And y r we so bothered abt something that is of no concern to Redsox Nation until Arod opts out. If ARod opts out then we can discuss it here until then I guess u can go to some yanks blogs and discuss the issue.

And by the way some Gold Glove predictions from my side. Hopefully they are right at the end of the season.

1st Base – Kevin youkilis…not a single error at 1st base this season

CF – Coco Crisp

Pitcher – Daisuke Matsuzaka

2nd Base – Dustin Pedroia. Long Shot. 2nd base is the toughest to predict for Gold Glove this season though. Lots of good ones all around.

1st base Youk might get it but Texeria of course is going to be tough to edge out there. C.F. it will go to Hunter or Wells, P-Mussina maybe, 2nd base Pedroia has been solid but he is a rookie and that will hurt him. One of the strange things this year for the Red Sox is Lowell’s errors this year.

We can discuss abt Arod contract once he Opts out at the end of the year. Until we have lots of things of interest to RedSox Nation that we can discuss/argue/shout things like for example
(1)Will RedSox get Brad Lidge at the deadline.

(2)Will Sox try to get Gagne/Otsuka or atleast try to drive-up the price for Tiger/Indians.

(3)Will Curt be back anytime soon and if he is back how effective will he be.

(4)Can we trade Wily Mo Pena for NOTHING to free a roster spot.

(5)Will Curt Schilling retire after the end of the season and come back from retirement in the middle of next season to take prorated salary like Clemens, who has been doing for the last 94 years.

(6)How long do I have to wait to see Lester back in the action in the majors.

(7) And What happened to the Boston Globes Amalie Benjamin’s tommorrow at noon abt the RedSox Minors leagues. That link was there until yesterday on the Globe’s RedSox. I don’t see that today. Is the live chat still ON tommorrow noon Eastern.

Lidge, Wheeler and Qualls are names we will be hearing in the next few weeks and of course Linebrink as well. I would like to see Boston go after Oswalt and see what it would take to get him. I wouldn’t risk everything for him but I certainly would look into it. I would like to see the Red Sox get some bench help as well, like they did in 2004.

Jerry Remy mentioned during the game that during the all-star people most of the questions he received from redsox fans were about JON LESTER. Questions like how is his health? How is doing in the minors? When is going to be back? Lester’s return to majors to me is one of the most anticipated among the redsox fans.

Why would A-Rod go to Boston? Why would the guy NOT go to Boston?

Vince, you said there is “zero chance” that he winds up in Boston next year which is a pretty bold statement that also appears to be quite unjustified. has been (obviously) following this contract situation closely, pumping out columns about potential teams, with the Red Sox being the 2nd likeliest to land Rodriguez. Now I’m not saying that these columnists are 100% truth and everything they say comes to fruition, but I mean no offense when I say I put more stock into their reports than of your opinions on this particular situation.

Considering that the Sox are one of the handful of teams that could afford him, A-Rod has expressed an interest in playing in Boston, and would probably make a run at 70 HR’s and a .350 average if he played 81 games at Fenway, there is tremendous upside to his signing with Boston.

With that being said, I would seriously question my allegiance to the Red Sox if they signed Rodriguez next year. Nothing against his baseball skills, since he is obviously one of the greatest, but after having such disdain for one player for the past 3 years and then all of the sudden being forced to cheer for him, I seriously don’t think I could put up with that. Plus he inexplicably gets purple lips in the colder months of the season.

Zachary, A-Rod’s lips are purple most of the time. It’s really kind of disturbing.

But yeah, I prefer not to pay any attention to any of this “A-Rod goes to Boston” b.s. I have a feeling the front office might be murdered by angry fans if A-Rod ever came to the Sox.

I know someone else mentioned it, but I’m curious as to the rumor that Theo isn’t that enamored with Lowell. I know this year has been out of character for him errors-wise, but he’s still a great guy to have in the lineup and just a great everyday player with the right attitude. I mean, Miguel Cabrera?? That’s just crazy talk😉

Miguel Cabrera is an awesome player and is only 24 years old. He needs to change positions, but he is one of the best players in the game.

Zach that opinion changes every day and is dependant on which ever analyst is talking at the time. a week or so ago mlb trade rumors had the Red Sox the 4th likliest, Olney had them as unrealistic and didn’t think anybody could outbid the Yankees, it changes every week.

Ellen, thanks.

Joe, I’ve been able to see Miggy live twice now, e is one of the best in the game and what many don’t realize is if he plays in front of major league crowds at home he may get even better, not to mention he hasn’t hit his prime yet, but it will probably be as a first baseman. As long as Beinfest has control over his future, the team that wants him will get raked. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking him though.

When and if the Marlins ever decide to trade Cabrera it will not be Beinfest’s descion it will be someone higher than him in the organazation, such as the owner. That will not probably happen for another 2 years or so, why would the Marlins deal him now? Not happening folks!!!! Who is the say that the Red Sox are the 4th likeliest or the 3rd or 2nd, way too early there Vince!!!

Looks like a game of chicken with A-Rod… He says he won’t talk during the season about an extension… The Yanks say they won’t enter the bidding war if he doesn’t talk extension… So either one side is lying, or A-Rod is gone. If I had to guess which side will cave, I’d have to go with the Yanks. A-Rod holds all the cards right now.

I really hope we don’t trade any prospects for a middle reliever. Our 8th and 9th innings are complete locks. Delcarmen, Timlin, Donnelly, and Lopez can take the 7th… preferably Delcarmen if he keeps up the good work. Even Snyder is putting up good numbers this year. Why all the ridiculous talk about another middle reliever? If anything, we need a starter… Notice we have Gabbard and Taverez in our rotation right now and 4.47 ERA Wakefield as well.

IF(that’s a big if) Sox do get Miggy and his 3rd base feilding is suspect then he can play at 1st and Youk can go back to 3rd. No big deal.

I like Mike Lowell, he is a pretty good player, but Cabrera is very good and should eventually be great…and just turned 24 last month. If we have the opportunity to get him without giving up Buchholz, shouldn’t we try and capitalize on it? I mean lets see also how the first few weeks play out before the deadline comes around. Last night was a very good start.

I’m with you, Ray. Doesn’t Boston still have the lowest bullpen ERA in the league? I agree with the old adage that you can never have enough pitching, but it doesn’t seem like the bullpen should be Theo’s biggest concern right now. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure there’s any real urgency to make any really big trades before the deadline. If Manny, Papi and Lugo start hitting like their past years’ performances indicate they should, and either Schilling gets back on the hill or Lester gets called up, then the Sox should be in pretty darn good shape.

Speculation is Miggy is the next 200 Mil dollar hitter once he becomes a free agent.

Totally agree about the pen. Take out Piniero and everyone in that pen has been solid. If the Sox don’t dump him, he can usefull in garbage time games to save the arms of the valuable guys out there.
While the team could use a solid starter, there is absolutely no one out there. I would take any of our guys against anyone whose name has been tossed around.

I would hope that if Tavarez has another tough outing that Lester would be brought into the mix.

Tavarez hasn’t been a starter in many years. He isn’t accustomed to this many innings this late in the season. He did his part, but another shaky outing and we’re looking at Beckett, Dice K and then 3 guys with 4.5 ERA’s or higher.

FYI-Pray for no rain in Boston this next week. I’m heading up for the series with the White Sox and if it all plays out with no rainouts I get to see Dice K on Friday and Beckett on Saturday.

The Sox are pretty solid heading to the second half of the season. If they just beat the teams they should beat, they’ll be OK.

Wily Mo has got to go. It’s not even so much that he’s a bad player. He hasn’t really been given a chance. It’s just that he serves no useful purpose to the Sox right now and his roster spot is more valuable than he is. He might have some value on the market or he could even be traded for future considerations.

They certainly aren’t in a position where they have to do something drastic. A solid starting pitcher in the event Schilling doesn’t recover might be something to look at, but as previously mentioned by someone, there’s not much out there.

Let the count down begin. The Red Sox magic number as of right now is 66. Any combination of Red Sox wins and Yankee losses totalling 66 guarantees the Red Sox the Eastern Division Championship.

I agree that Wily Mo should probably go. He’s batting stats are terrible and he’s a lousy fielder. His numbers in the NL as a “starter” are pretty darn good (.259 average, 26 homers, 336 at bats in 2004). We can probably pull someone from the minors for a part-time RH batting.

I hope the can trade him. After a decent year last year in limited playing time, his value has gone down significantly since he’s still horrible in the field and hasn’t done much except for a grand slam off Chris Ray in Baltimore. That was a sign of his “potential” but without consistent playing time, his true value with never be known. He’s obviously not going to get a full time gig here, so he has to go. A 4th outfielder is a great luxury, but it needs to be someone that can make contact and actually play the outfield. Wily Mo is nothing but a roster spot and trade bait at this point.
The more Francona plays him, the more his potential trade value goes down in my opinion.

Hi I’m rsjones’s brother

I agree that we should not deal prospects for a middle reliever. Papelbon, Okajima and Delcarmen are an effective late-inning trio. Snyder, Donnelly and Lopez are reliable. Timlin is throwing the ball well. Craig Breslow, Travis Hughes and Bryan Corey are options at Pawtucket. I’ve heard that Buchholz could join the bullpen later this month. I do think the Sox could use a starter. Lester is appealing and Gabbard is decent, but it would be nice to get a Roy Oswalt or even a Jason Jennings if it does not require Buchholz or Ellsbury.


If Papi has to go a short stint on the DL to rest his knee a little and then if Wily Mo is assigned a everyday DH(remember DH doesn’t have to field) will he be useful in that situation as a everyday DH.

PS. Is there anyway I can format(like italics, bold) the comments here on mlblogs.

You know, hindsight is 20-20, but I have really mixed feelings about Wily Mo. On the one hand, here’s a guy who’s only 25 years old, so you expect he needs time to develop his potential. But if I understand the situation correctly, for whatever reason, you can’t send him down to the minors. So in order for him to develop, he has to take a spot on the big club’s roster. And in this case, it’s FIFTH outfielder, not just a fourth. If you’re going to develop him, you’ve got to play him. If you’re not going to play him, why trade for him?

On the other hand, the dude hit .301 in 73 starts last year and only made 3 errors. That shows me that he’s not as horrendous as we might think, if he just got some consistent starts. Maybe it’s all part of Theo’s grand plan. Lord knows he knows more about running a team than me.


I usually just use caps for emphasis, like I did above. You could try using html tags, but I don’t know if they work. Heck, I’ll try it [i]here[/i] and see.

Nope, guess not.

You have a point Rob, however the problem (although it’s a good problem to have) is that the Sox currently have 3 solid (OK, Drew hasn’t been solid yet, but you get my point) outfielders, so there isn’t a way for him to get the time he needs.
With Hinske being a 4th outfielder if needed and knowing that Ellsbury is waiting, I can’t see the point in holding on to Wily Mo.

In regards to the errors: 3 isn’t that many, but when you factor in the balls that were misplayed into hits it seemed a lot worse.

my theory about arod is this i think another place he may want to go is sf…and they give him all those perks that bonds had…bonds after he breaks the the hr record is done in sf and probaly needs to dh in the american league….as for lowell we would be stupid not to sign him….we can always convert him to 1st base if we need to and put youk at 3rd…wily mo is probaly going to be traded at some point…so is pinero…i would say to the nation league…anyways all this is just speculation go sox lets take the division and leave all the complaining to yankee fans

If Mark Cuban actually does get approved to buy the Cubs, I’m betting that they are the new favorites for A-Rod. Boras is all about the money and Cuban is probably the only person that could match the Yanks/Sox in that aspect.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, there was a report today that Dallas Mavericks owner put a bid in to buy the Cubs. This guy lights his cigars with $100 bills, so he might want to make a splash right away and offer the moon.

Back to the Sox

Which Tavarez will we see tonight? 8 runs in Detroit, or 7 innings of 1 run ball?

I’m just glad the Yanks have a major side-show starting up now. The topic of A-Rod negotiating or opting out will hang over their head and be a major distraction… especially if he continues to play well while the team stinks it up.


Excellent reponse, and it amplifies my point. With three solid outfielders, Hinske as the fourth and Ellsbury in the wings as you state, it would seem that when they got Drew they should have actively been shopping Pena instead of holding on to him. Maybe they did and couldn’t find any takers.

And yes, Pena’s defensive performance was not as good as 3 errors would indicate. Despite the fact that the rule book says a fielder doesn’t have to actually touch the ball to be credited with an error, it is rare to see it happen. He certainly misplayed more than his share of balls that came his way.

i think mark cuban buying the cubs is a great idea and icould see arod there to…i think also that after the yanks shelled out all that money for clemens, boras was probaly foaming at the mouth for what he could get for arod….i’m hoping the good tavarez shows up tonight but i love watching him he’s just to much fun

Not sure who it was that they had on the line this morning, but either FSN or ESPN was talking to someone who said they thought it was very unlikely that MLB would approve Cuban’s bid to acquire a Major League club. I hope that’s true. I can just imagine him as a baseball owner. He’d probably insist on sitting in the dugout during games, and wind up jumping on the field to argue with umpires once a week. I admire the guy’s passion and intensity, but IMHO there’s a limit as to just how involved owners should be.

I think Ichiro impacts A-Rod’s future deal more than Clemens ever would, but that’s just me.

Put it this way, if it is a guarantee A-Rod is not coming back, A-Rod will be traded. I am pretty certain he will not just walk away, I really don’t think that’s the case. Say what you will about the no trade clause and opting out options, but the Yankees will get something in return regardless.

Ray, opting out has been hanging over their head since Spring Training. I don’t think it will really have an effect, maybe it impacted them already, who knows.

For the record, speaking of Yankees, Gary Sheffield is a *****.

Hopefully the bats stay hot tonight. As they r playing at home that should not be big deal. And hopefully we will see 6-7 innings of 1 run ball from Tavarez. My only worry is Alex Rios. He is hot right now and he owns Tavarez.

“I think Ichiro impacts A-Rod’s future deal more than Clemens ever would, but that’s just me.”

I totally don’t understand why Ichiro & Clemens impact Arod’s future. Either u r in a totally confusd state of mind or u r trying to confuse us.

How do u guarantee whether ARod comes back to the yanks or not before he opts out.

Does Cashman have some magical poers to find out if ARod Opts out of the season?

And why exactly would ARod give away his no trade clause to be traded away to any other team? And if ARod doesn’t give away his no-trade clause how exactly will the yanks trade him?

there was an article around the time clemens was signed and a ny york newspaper writer said that boras knew he could get the yankess to fork over the dollars to arod on the fact that they were so willing to overpay clemens so yes it does make sense don’t you read the ny post or daily news? maybe your confused or don’t read

Considering the NY Post consistantly reports complete ******** and is written on a 3rd grade level, no I don’t tend to read it. Do you have any more snide comments for me?

I said I think Ichiro impacted A-Rod a lot more than Clemens, I didn’t say Clemens played no hand. Why? Because Clemens is a completely different situation. He was signed for nto even a full season and given a completely special contract that only he has both earned and received so far.

Ichiro was just resigned by his own team and he is their superstar, and many feel it was a lot more money than he maybe deserved. That, in turn, makes the market for contracts in a situation of the offseason or extension form much more crazy than it already is. So yes, when you compare Clemens and Ichiro, I think Ichiro is a lot bigger impact.

And Kumar, maybe you just completely didn’t catch my point. Ichiro’s contract impacts the amount of money A-Rod can command, it has nothing to do with his future with or without the Yankees. I meant it in a contract sense.

A-Rod would waive his no trade to win a ring. Say hypothetically the Yankees are out of it by August 1st? Say they are 13-15 games out, by all accounts not making the playoffs. You think A-Rod doesn’t accept a trade to a team like the Angels, who have the money to extend him in the offseason and A-Rod has the chance to win a title right here this season? You think he wouldn’t jump at that chance?

So maybe the answer is I was trying to confuse you because I am certainly not confused.

And if the Yankees are out of it and have the chance to get some players in return from an extremely deep farm system in the Angels (position players especially) and the Angels have the chance to get a bat with Vladdy that is still somewhat young and would more or less make them WS favorites.

And in turn, by doing that the Yankees keep A-Rod away from the Sox that a lot of you feel he has a good shot to go to, plus give the Angels an advantage over the team that beat them last year and again, their arch rivals, I’m thinking they don’t mind doing that. Rather than face the worst case scenario, which is seeing him walk to a different team and getting nothing in return even though I maintain that it wouldn’t be the end of the world to get 4 guys at 32-40 million instead of one.

And Pogue, did it ever occur to you they couldn’t write about Ichiro’s impact because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN YET when Clemens was signed?

whats to compare ichiro isn’t greedy arod is…ichiro’s contract has nothing to do with what boras saw which is if the yankees are willing to pay that much money it means he can get it for his client why are you on this site don’t the yankees have there own site why are you here i’m not over at the yankees blog bothering you am i

Okay, everybody relax…

I heard on SportsCenter that Boras might cook up some sort of deal for A-Rod which isn’t necessarily all about the salary. For example, he A-Rod will be given a certain part of ownership over the club which he signs with after retiring. Pretty interesting stuff, especially when you consider all the perks Dice-K was given (personal masseuse, flights to Japan, etc.) compared to the possibilities Boras could get for Rodriguez.

Tavarez’s start tonight could go one of two ways: either he pitches well and the Sox win, or he puts up another weak performance and hopefully prompts Theo to consider calling up Lester to fill that #5 spot in the rotation. Win/win situation.

if you don’t read the post or daily news what papers do you read there the times??? most sox fans don’t want arod most of this is just media hype no more or less in the end arod is about the money and as the old saying goes follow the money and thats where arod will end up

The Yankees are not going to trade A-Rod, Not happening, will these dumb Yankee fans stop writing that please. I love reading what this guy yankeevmm writes or tries to write. He doesn’t have a CLUE at what is going on. The Yankees trade A-Rod to the Angels, are you high or something? I am amazed at the end you actually wrote something that made sense, WOW!!! Payroll flexibility is a very good thing, giving A-Rod 25 to 30 million per season is insanity, talking about locking yourself in. That to me is a dumb bussiness move for sure. I hope the Yankees sign A-Rod and screw themselves over, now that to me would be the best thing ever!!

There will be 12 extra people at the Devil Rays game on the 28th. Maybe the extra income will enable them to afford A-Rod.

Ichiro is an icon in Seattle. He’s been the heart and soul of their team for years and both of those factors meant more $$$$$ for him. My guess is that nobody coming to Seattle could replace Ichiro in the eyes of the Seattle fan base, and the Mariners knew that.

A-Rod is an icon in baseball, but not in New York. My guess here is that most New Yorkers could care less if A-Rod stays or leaves, as long as the Yankees get a reasonable replacement. Would you agree with that Vince? The Yankees are not under the same pressure to keep A-Rod that the Mariners were to keep Ichiro. The only time that pressure will come is if the Red Sox get involved, then there will be huge pressure to keep him out of Boston. I believe the Yankees will pay almost anything to keep that from happening, and Boras knows that.

Epstein isn’t stupid. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Sox enter the A-Rod sweepstakes just to drive the price for the Yankees to keep him up.

The Sox put up their money for Dice-K. Other than that, they really haven’t entered too many bidding wars, as was evident with Damon and Pedro. In both of those cases, it appears the Sox made the right decisions.

That being said, I do think they spent way too much on Drew and Lugo. Spending that kind of money on that caliber of player makes me shudder. And one wonders why it costs $199 to join Red Sox Nation to have the right to buy 2 Monster Seat Tickets at a gazillion dollars apiece.

GO BLUE JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yankees would have lost only 5 more this season without A-Rod, good for 38-48, tied with Baltimore, and 16 back.

The one thing I didn’t like about the Lugo signing was the length of the deal. To me when I think about the J.D. Drew deal, it is a classic case of an organization falling in love with a player and they bidded against themselves on that one. I don’t think I spoke to one person that said Drew was a good signing by the Red Sox.


I guess you just did a copy and paste huh? I’ve read that post before.



I wrote part of that before but as you know some Yankees fans have a hard time reading. I am quite surprised that you can read it in English eh.

Funny one about the win/win situation, zachary. I tend to cheer for the 2nd one ! As long as the Sox come back to win once Tavarez is out.

Pogue maybe you should stop being a ***** for one second and consider I don’t live in NY. I work for ESPN Radio in Florida and am around the A-Rod gossip 6 hours a day, what connections do you have? Same with you Bryan, who thinks all Yankees fans are ******, what exactly are you basing that on? I’m offering my opinion on the matter and my reasoning as to why, you’re offering yours, we are debating, yet you insist on making it personal. So really, who’s the ***** here? Certainly not me, not Yankees fans and not the other Red Sox fans on here.

I don’t read the post or the daily news, when I lived near NY, I read the Star Ledger and the NY Times and occasionally Pete Abraham’s paper in Westchester, three legitimate newspapers, not that the Daily News isn’t, but it is not the only ticket in town.

Welcome to the 21st century, newspapers are not the only media outlet anymore. There are blogs, websites, TV, Radio and newspapers, three of which are part of my job and I am around them constantly. I blog on the Yankees site, so yes there is one, I blog on my own site, a combination of Yankees and Red Sox with Jeff that comments here, and I blog here. Why? Because before you and this other idiot, everyone here had rationale thoughts and treated each other with respect and there is no point in holding myself to one fan bases thoughts when there are so many others out there. It’s part of being objective and not relying on one source for your opinions which you evidently do.

Bosox Brian, while it is unrealistic, it is not out of the question for the Yankees not to trade A-Rod. For it to happen they would have to know there is zero chance they make the playoffs or get Rodriguez to extend his contract. Will that happen? Probably not, this probably boils down to the 10 days after the regular season ends and before A-Rod can opt out, but the point is, the situation will change every week until that happens, so talking about it and speculating is useless at this point.

And yes GSM (can I call you Garry?) I think that’s a fair grasp, Yankees fans do not have a personal attachment to A-Rod we have an attachment to his value, production and spot on the team. If they can receive something in return for the absense of that, if they can maintain that, then I am in support of it.

Making the statement that the Yankees overpaying for Clemens was the biggest impact, especially over Ichiro is just not logical. It took Roger Clemens to convince Boras that the Yankees overpay for guys because they could? I doubt that, I think he figured that out around 2001.


You are being quite dumb here in my opinion. There is absolutely ZERO chance of the Yankees trading A-ROD, ZERO. A-Rod is one of the greatest individual players I have ever seen and will go down as the GREATEST statiscal player of all time. What am I basing it on is my dealings with Yankee fans over the years. I attended both games 4 and 5 in the 2003 World Series. Game 4 Yankee fans were acting like total IDIOTS and well game 5 I can’t even put into words on how they acted. It was pretty sad and most of the ones I am talking about were older guys, not too mention all the Red Sox–Yankees game I have attended as well at Fenway. There loud and quite obnoxiuos, looking for trouble. Once again there is ZERO chance of the Yankees trading A-Rod and catching the Red Sox. Focus on the wildcard there guy.

You just defended your point of zero chance the Yankees trade A-Rod on fans you ran into during the 2003 world series?

Or was that your rationale for ALL yankees fans being idiots?

What do you think Yankees fans deal with at Fenway and Yankee stadium? You think we live our life in this rivalry and Sox fans are courteous and not obnoxious or loud? You think they are pure and respectful and Yankees fans are evil and rude? You couldn’t seriously even begin to feel that way, could you? You were in a rowdy section of Yankee stadium during a world series your team was not apart of. Do you see how there is rationale missing that that means all Yankees fans are idiots? Do you notice how I was successfuly able to seperate who is acting dumb on this blog and who isn’t even though both are Sox fans? I have met Sox fans I wanted to strangle because they talk out of their *** and I have Sox fan friends that I am close with, some of which are my best friends. I interact with Sox fans here, and on my own site,

Any fan base, anywhere, you meet the ugly and you meet the great, it’s when you generalize that you look the worst.

I think most folks agree that Yankee fans are very obnoxious. Listening to them you think they actually had a hit in the game. My best friend is a Yankee fan and he complains all the time when they lose, it is the umpires fault. Perhaps your one of the few that actually have it in perspective, I know I do. I go to D-Rays games here when Boston is in town and most of them act like they have never been out before. I become quite embarrassed for them. The best fans in baseball are in St. Louis and I think most agree. I generalized there, I guess I’m off on that one as well.

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