Second half begins

A 10-game lead entering the second half. All of you would have taken that right? I’m not sure what is more surprising. That the Red Sox have a 10-game lead or that they’ve done it with such little resistance from the other teams in the division.

Some key issues to wonder about down the stretch:
Will Ortiz and Manny start hitting like Ortiz and Manny?
Will Ortiz’s legs hold up or will he have to be shut down?
Will the Red Sox get a dominant Curt Schilling down the stretch?
Will Theo go out and get a top-line setup man?
Will Coco establish himself as the leadoff hitter?
Will Drew and Lugo finally start producing?
Will Beckett keep up his Cy Young pace?
Will Okajima fall off as hitters adjust to him?

What are some of your questions? Those are mine.

See you tonight from Fenway. Wakefield vs. Halladay. two of the fastest workers in baseball which probably means will have a five-hour game!



Can I predict 2-1 Red Sox for this game?

I hate to do it but Wake gets no run support whatsoever and Halladay is nasty….But I don’t want to predict a Sox loss because then I know they won’t lose.

Maybe we can trade Wily Mo for Scott Linebrink. The Padres need a bat off their bench and Linebrink can be a potential set up man to back up Oki. I’ve heard that there are some trade rumors revolving around Brad Lidg too. Maybe a new league will help him clear his mind. We can definitely use a power arm like Lidge out of the pen. However, on the other hand, he may cost too much for the sox. I think Linebrink is our best option.

I actually posted the same in the previous posting. He is what I said

For the Sox the 4 important factors which determine if Sox play deep into October are

(1) Manny & Papi. Neither of these guys is the team leader in RBIs or HRs.

(2)Curt Schilling – His experience will be the key for going deep into October.

(3)Drew & Lugo – Drew has to play better in the 2nd half than he did in the 1st. He has shown signs of improvement and I think I think half a season should be enough to adjust to the AL for a career National Leaguer. Lugo has to get on base more consistently so that he can steal bases.

(4)Lester – I think Sox are being super extra cautious with Lester with the double digit lead in the division. Once he makes a comeback we have the Starting rotation in AL.

Manny & Papi hitting are the Key for the Sox for the rest of season. So is Schilling’s health. And every redsox fan will agree that Drew & Lugo will have to play better.

Even though many would argue but I would say Lester comming back strong & domnant as the 5th starter is also key. I say this because he is/will be the only Lefty in an otherwise righty rotation(Beckett, Dice-K,Shil, Wake).

I agree, because if Lester pitches like he is capable of, based on talent, then he will be better than Tavarez, with all due respect to Tavarez. And if they think Buchholz can pitch, bring him up as soon as he is ready. I want to watch Hughes vs. Buchholz this year! HAHA. And yes having a lefty would be nice.

lol Joseph can you imagine if they pitched in a battle of 5 starters in a meaningful game in September? That would be insane.

Why would the Padres give you an effective setup man when their strength is pitching for a bench player? WMP is effective when he starts and good luck starting him in that canyon of a field.

But “Yankeevmm” doesnt it make sense for the Padres to trade what they have more of to get something they have less of? Now I am not saying they want Wily Mo because his value decreases when he plays the field. He should be a DH, and of course they do not have a DH. But if they need a bat, and they do, then they are probably going to have to trade one of those relievers to get one.

There’re rumors about Lidge being on the market for about a year now. There’s a reason why Wheeler and Qualls are now in front of him. But he does have a good season so far. The thing is, the Astros made it clear earlier that they want to keep the 3 guys.

While i’d like to have Linebrink with the Sox, if the Padres GM makes that deal for Wily Mo, and Wily Mo only, he’s fired. ( no offence, dj992 ! ) Sox would have to include something else in the deal. Is Tavarez and WMP for Linebrink makes sense ? Not sure.

Vince, don’t be shy with your prediction, Halladay owns us.

Ian, those are excellent questions. The one about Papi’s leg and the one about Schilling’s old form ( like kumar said as well ) are my 2 biggest ?s right now. Let’s cross our fingers.

Right and RSOX kind of summarized my point. I’m not saying the Padres shouldn’t trade a reliever for Pena, I’m saying it shouldn’t be Linebrink, it’s not a fair deal. Why would the Padres trade their setup man (one of them) for a 4th, if not 5th outfielder?

Tavarez and Pena for Linebrink, I think that’s more fair. You’re getting a lesser reliever that is still an effective arm, AND a poor fielder that carries a big bat in a lineup where you are sorely missing power and offense. That is fair.

My bad guys. I meant to say someone LIKE Wily Mo. I meant like maybe we culd trade WMP and some blue-chip prospect or w/e to the Padres. Scott Linebrink has been rumored to be traded a lot of times. I think that the Padres do want to trade him, and that the red sox could reeli use him, dats all.

I dont really want to give up a blue chip prospect for Linebrink though. No way we can part ways with Penny or Shaq.

If the Padres do trade Linebrink there looking for a bat. There offense as we all know ranks at the bottom in almost all offensive categories. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Lowell’s name there and maybe Rowand for Linebrink as well and others as well. Scott Linebrink would be a nice pickup for the Sox, they definetely need another arm out there to compliment Okijima.

I’m not saying I would trade Lowell for Linebrink but I’m sure we’ll hearing those rumors just like we did a year ago. What would it take to get Garland? Oswalt? Get proven arms!!!

Speaking of having another arm to complement Oki, when is Donnelly returning ? It seems like he’s been out for a month.
And yet it was supposed to be a 15 days stint.

I read something somewhere that Donnelly was going to retun sometime near the end of July. In the article it said he has been throwing off flat ground, Donnelly this year has done well but he doesn’t seem to face many hitters when he is in there!!! How many times has he pitched 1 inning this year???? Not too many times and one thing about Donnelly he doesn’t seem to pitch with confidence, nibbling the corners too much!!!

True but i would rather have him than Pineiro. But i know, he’s injured too.

So i wonder : in order to keep the roster at 25 players, who’s going to be sent down when Schill, Pineiro and Donnelly returns ?

1- Jeff Bailey, for sure.

2- Gabbard, probably

3- Delcarmen ? He’s throwing fire !

You know what ? I’d keep Delcarmen up and send Pineiro elsewhere. Anywhere.

*return, not returns.

I will drive Pinero to where he wants to go, Gabbard and Bailey can go in the same car and go back to Pawtucket. Manny Delcarmen sure looks good and his confidence right now is high and Francona certainly will not hestitate to put him in the pressure cooker!!! Donnelly could be dealt!!!! Timlin has pitched well recently but I still have very little confidence in him!!! It usually works out in the end!!!

I say the **** with pitching. We should go after Mark Teixeira. We have plenty of pitching we need someone to give us a spark. The line up is not getting it done. We start the 2nd half of the season with a 10 game lead and all the sudden they start playing like they don’t care. My team is 10 games up and I still have to look to see how the other team is doing cause I know at any time my team could choke. I’m tired of this. There is enough talent on this team to get the job done so why aint it getting done.

Oh, Can someone tell me how we dropped 2 games to the Royals? I thought they were just a glorified triple A team. The Yanks don’t have the best pitching staff in the bigs but at least they can hit.

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