MBM and other thoughts

That’s right, Manny is Being Manny again, which means he is raking. He is about to enter one of those zones where you expect him to get a hit just about every time he comes up.

To me, Manny having a slow first half could only mean he’s going to have a monster second half. He’s been too good for too long to think otherwise.

Curt Schilling had a whole different demeanor to him today. You can tell that the guy is healthy again and feels primed for the stretch run. That is a very good sign for the Red Sox. Getting back Schilling — even if it’s the Schilling of the first half of 2006 — that’s a pretty good pitcher. Plus his history in big games is well-chronicled. A 1-2-3 of Beckett-Dice-K-Schilling could be mighty tough for any team to deal with in a Division Series

I’d guess that he’s going to start a rehab assignment next Saturday. Figure he makes two rehab starts and that puts him on pace to come back right around July 31 or Aug. 1 at home against the Orioles.

Has Tavarez finally gone South on us? That could bring up an interesting dilemma. Would they bring up Lester or Buchholz? Or would they simply keep Gabbard in the rotation alongside Schilling? Tavarez gets pulled in the fifth with a lead, taking away his chances of getting the win. I’m thinking Tito is getting tired of Tavarez not throwing first pitch strikes.

Drew left the game with  right hamstring injury in the same spot where it was bothering him in June. Hinske now in right. That’s all from Fenway for now. Donnelly had a setback in Lowell tonight with his forearm and couldn’t pitch.



Manny sure loves Toronto pitching. I would love too see Manny’s numbers vs Toronto over the years. I would like too see Lester up and I’m sure most Sox fans want that as well. Tigers in a short series will be tough as we all know, Verlander, Bonderman and Kenny Rogers. Something tells me that will be the A.L.C.S.—Boston vs Detroit—What do you think of that Yankee fans???

Lester has MLB experience, Buchholz hasn’t. Maybe you can call Buchholz up in September in a deeper roster but for now, for a regular starter spot, you have to bring Lester up. SOON !

* ON the roster


you forgot something. The red sox have this habit of going into an August swoon. Coming soon. The Yanks are going to pass you guys dude. Count on it.

Didn’t think you guys let dumb dumb’s like Bosox post here.

I thought all the dummies were relagated to Tamp Bay. ROTFLMAO

Actually Lester is pitching tonight v. the Syracuse Chiefs (Toronto’s AAA affilate). (lronic, huh). I’m watching it on T.V. Anyway Lester didn’t do so great . . . .

5.0 IP, 6 H’s, 5 R’s, 4 ER, 4 BB’s, 6 K’s.

However, the Paw Sox made some costly misplays, dam “turf”.

What is this like, troll season? Yankees and Sox blogs alike, is the heat getting to you guys?

To answer your question, I would enjoy that series. Bonderman, Beckett, Dice K, Verlander and others in a series against each other? That is great baseball, especially for two old time franchises. Of course, I’d be rooting whole heartedly for the Tigers.

Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t expect that answer, did you?

As far as the new Yankees fans here trying to stir up trouble and warn Sox fans their team will fall apart. Come on, it’s not necessary, you’re just making us look bad. If the Yankees pass the Sox, feel free to unleash whatever wrath you want, the same happened last year, but until then, respect the fact the Yankees were built more for 2008 and 2009 with last year’s off season and the Sox were built for right now.

Schill threw 25 pitches in the ‘pen before tonights game, and Remy + Orsillo said he looked “good”. If we want Oswalt we’ll have to part ways with Buchholz. They don’t want Ellsbury . . . . they have Pence in CF, duh. Oswalt is 28 and entering his prime, its swapping good arm for good arm, simple as that.


Your surprising me here, you actually have some good insights here. People ask me at work if I hate the Yankees and I always say no because at least there committed to winning and I like that. If Steinbrenner owned the Red Sox it wouldn’t have been 86 years between championships. I still say and have been saying all year that the Tigers are the team to beat in baseball. If Ortiz/Ramirez start bringing the longball and the front office makes the right moves they can win it all for sure. Let’s face it the N.L. is like the East in basketball, the J.V. league.

You say that and I agree, but you never know what happens in the playoffs lately.

I said before the season the Yankees would lose in the ALDS this year, obviously I didn’t count on injuries and underachieving to the amount they have had it. I still think the Indians fade but the other three teams will almost certainly be in the playoffs. At this point I don’t know if the Tribe can fade enough for the Yankees to make a move, so I will be off by one in the AL.

I had the Tigers beating the Dodgers in the WS this year and the Yankees returning to WS caliber by next year, which I still believe, A-Rod or not. They are a tough, tough team with a great home field advantage, a better lineup than last season and I think their pitcher’s can even throw it to first.

Again, personal attacks, not necessary, that’s a dark road if you choose to go down that path.

Your quite sensitive here my friend. Beggining of the Year I thought Tigers vs Mets, but Boston would be right there to the end. I still think the Mets and right now the Tigers just ahead of the Red Sox. I don’t know why you think personal attacks for but your entitled to your opinion. I disagree for sure, I don’t even know who you are, how could anything be personal?

When the Mets didn’t make any move for a starting pitcher they lost stock in my mind. The Padres are better than I expected, but I don’t know how deep they are. I would also be weary of the Cubs catching fire in such a weak division in the second half.

Bosox it’s begining, not beggining fool. Next time ask your kindergarten teacher how to spell.


You say the Mets didn’t make a move for a starting pitcher, remember they have until July 31. Jose Contreas his name has popped up there and his fellow Cuban El Duque is there so that could be a good fit. Roy Oswalt is a possibility there as well, Mets were after Oswalt last year just like Boston was. Cubs to win there division but I don’t see them as a threat in the playoffs. Padres need a bat, even though Barrett and Bradley were nice moves, Glaus would look good at 3b there.

I don’t think loyalty to a team is personal, if that is what Vince is referencing to. Vince, are you saying that your loyalty to the Yankees is your “personal” belief and that Brian is attacking it in a way? I a vague way you have a point. Thats what being a fan is, defending your team.

No, I mean attacking Yankees fans on the whole for a few people you come in contact with. But the whole personal thing is adding “dumb” “not knowing what he’s talking about” and the overall instigating that was in his posts up until now that I took as personal attacks. Of course, attacking all yankees fans and placing them in the same boat, especially being a fan in such a similar and large fanbase, didn’t help.

At the trade deadline of course I would reevaluate where the teams stand, but I was going stricly based on the offseason moves.


Defending your team is good, we as sports fans have our opinions and that to me is a great thing. This guy says personal attack, I don’t even know him, how could it be personal? That to me is quite strange but he has his opinion and I have mine.

Don’t take bosox personally. He’s a misplaced Tampa Bay fan who needs a place to post.

As you can appreciate, he really doesn’t have a lot to say about his own team-after all what other team in baseball has been in the dumpster as long as the Devil Rays?

Brian do you have a subscibtion to SI? If so, in the latest issue, Beckham on cover, there is a very interesting article on the Cubbies playoffs chances.


You must admit I am not the first person and I will not be the last person to say Yankee fans are loud and obnoxious. I make the observation and that is my opinion. I’m sure you’ve been to Toronto, most there are great people, extremely corteous. They didn’t address there starting pitching needs in the offseason but I think Minaya will this time around. Last year he could have had his hands on Zito and was gun shy on that deal. I would assume San Diego deals Linebrink for a bat.

gsumner, the Rays have only been around since ’98, so the team in the dumpster for longer is the Royals. ROTFLMAO that ou didn’t no that.


I do not have a subscription to S.I. I do from time to time look into it though. That magazine used to be great back in the day. What is the big deal about Beckham???? Cubs will pass the Brewers in the divison but I don’t see them going far if they make the playoffs.


Baseball, not Beckham . . . . .


Of course you don’t have a subscription to SI. That needs a credit card which is not given to a 14 year old. But ask your mommy whe might help

I figured he was prob just from Tampa, not necessarily a D-Rays fan.

Bosox, of course you’re not the first or the last. I have no issue stating some Yankees fans are loud and obnoxious, it’s part of being a new yorker. Some Yankees fans are also courteous, helpful and brilliant, that’s also part of being a New Yorker. When you have a city of 9 million and a state of nearly 20, you’re going to have all walks of life and that doesn’t include transplanted NY’ers and other Yankees fans not from NY. You go into Boston and you’ll find drunk idiots that know nothing about baseball hating the Yankees and you’ll find intelligent Sox fans that make intelligent points. My point is you can’t say because you ran into the negative side of Yankees fans (which I believe is necessary in a fanbase as odd as that sounds) that they are all idiots, that itself is an idiotic statement.


I got you there. S.I. as I said was great when Gammons was there and Dr. Z as well. I will buy it over the weekend and check it out. Thanks for letting me know. Tavarez had another bad start and Timlin is looking good again, I hope I am wrong about him.

how did the Sox give up the lead, what happened?

I am born and raised in the Boston area and have been living in Florida for almost 8 years. My parents to this day still have night season tickets with the Red Sox and they sit right near canvas alley. When I go up there I always try to hit a E.S.P.N. game because that is where Erin Andrews will sit, Wow on her looks. I know there are dumb fans of all fan bases but most Yankee fans are very loud and quite obnoxious. I have been to many games and have seen it and not just Fenway. You go to the Trop and you see it, 2003 World Series as well and other places. I call it the way I see it. It doesn’t mean all Yankee fans, your taking offense so maybe and just maybe you could be one of the. I might be correct on that and I might be way off on that one.

Jays got 2 runs in the 6th off of Snyder. Yankees are hurting themselves tonight, Boston is trailing and the Yankees are down as well. It is the Rays pen though.

lol Well you said “all” first, so I assumed that’s what you meant.

We’re not the fan base yelling “red sox ****” at games where they aren’t playing.

Yankees fans are loud, that makes sense. They are mostly from the NY area, where most people are loud and at Yankee stadium in the WS, I think you should probably expect them to be, that’s 55,000 strong.

Thanks, Rays made some great defensive plays to help them savage this one. They really could have used this win though

Red Sox fan base that says Yankees **** is dumb to me. I have never and never will say that chant. They have won the World Series 26 times so that doesn’t mean **** to me. When I say loud I am not saying during the game, of course you have 55,000 people in one place it will be loud. When your in line going into the game, bathroom, at the workplace. For the most part any Yankee fan that I have worked with have always been the loudest person there. They need to be seen and heard, some sort of attention. That is how I see it. I am not saying Red Sox fans are wonderful, believe you me I am not that dumb.

Crisp has a chance here

Right, but im saying that’s how they are in real life. I don’t know how familiar with New Yorkers you are, but living in the city, maybe it’s the distractions or the atmosphere, they are loud people (on the whole). I don’t think being a Yankees fan makes you loud, I think that’s how they are haha.


You’ve never been inside the trop-you probably don’t even know where it is.

So keep ******* on the popsicle son and enjoy the game

It has nothing to do with the atmosphere. I have attended a few football games in Gainesville and the Swamp is alot louder than Yankee Stadium and it isn’t even close. Most people up that way are loud and that pretty much sums it up. Other New York sports teams fans aren’t that loud but Yankee fans are LOUD and they have to be heard and seen.

No, when I say atmosphere I mean the atmosphere of NY. I think New Yorkers, themselves, whether at a game or not, as loud people.


Do you really know where Gainsville is? I think the only swamp you know about is the everglades!!!You’ve never been to Yankee Stadium or Fenway so you can’t really comment on either; now can you?


As I said the other game sites there fans aren’t that bad. Yankee fans are just over the top for some reason. Like Miami Hurricanes fans, Yankee fans are way more loyal than Canes fans but as in how they act quite similar. What is going on with Clemens on the road???? He has pitched very poorly on the road so far.

Red Sox haven’t had many walk off wins this year. That would be nice if they had one tonight against this weak Blue Jays pen and Lugo is schedueled to lead off the 9th. Does Cora pinch hit for Lugo??? Does Lugo stay in????

Lugo is due up in the 9th.
Will he get the chance to start a rally ? Knowing Tito, i’m putting my money on Cora.

Brian, you’re reading in my mind !!!!!!!!


How would you know, since you’ve never been there?

I would like to see Lugo hit. Just a hunch here, I sound like Joe Morgan here and Jimy Williams with the hunch going on here.

That is scary that I am reading your mind. Last year the Sox had alot of walkoffs wins last year and I am not sure how many they’ve had this year. Time for one tonight folks.

Bad idea batting Lugo here… I really hope he proves me wrong.

Lugo’s in, and he’s on. I’m glad i lost my money !


Do you even know what a hit is-just wondering?

I know you’re quite limited so maybe I shouldn’t task your feebleness.

Put Lugo in and hit, give him some confidence. The Sox have a cushion here. I am glad that Tito put him in and he produced, Lugo will be at second in no time. Let’s hope Lugo doesn’t try to steal third again.

Wily Mo is as close to an automatic strike out as there is in baseball today.

Navarro and Willy Mo are easy outs. You don’t even have to throw a strike to get them out. Willy Mo is Rob Deer, no difference.


Please don’t try to understand or analysis the game-it’s above you son; just sit back, watch TV and enjoy.

Or do you not have TV?????

Ortiz and Ramirez against this weak pen. I like this scenario for sure.

Ugly loss. 5.15 Tavarez… please go away. Papi and Manny in the ninth… nada.

Ortiz and Ramirez are not coming thru in the late innings this year. I don’t know why that is but if they continue to perform the way have been, Sox will not take that big step.

I can’t wait for Schilling & Lester to be back after seeing Tavarez & Gabbard in the last couplbe of games.

Manny and Papi have been hitting well after the all star break, now all they have to learn is to hit in the ninth. Manny hit the ball hard to right field, and the way he stood there, i thought he had a chance for a line-drive, but unfortunately Rios got in the way. Its iight, we have the cusion and both sluggers r still startin to heat up. Whose pitching tomorrow? Is it Beckett, or someone else? Is it Gabbard?

Gabbard goes tomorrow and Beckett on Sunday. Beckett went 2 innings during the All Star game and they don’t want to push him. Never thought I would ever read about Ortiz and Ramirez struggling in the 9th.

Beckett is pitching on Sunday. I guess it’s Dice-K tomorrow.

Dice-K tomorrow, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote Gabbard. Past my bedtime I guess.

Make no mistake abt the good job Tavarez & Gabbard have done so far. They are both good for spot starts here and there and not so good to pitch every 5th day.

Even though it is sad to see Sox lose today but it is impressive what they have done so far this season with all the injuries(with all due consideration to numerous injures sufered by Athletics & blueJays). Let’s Our ace was on DL once, 2nd Best 7 experienced pitcher is on DL, & out supposed 2-3 starter(Lester) is not available so far through out the season.

Again Can’t wait to see Schilling & Lester back in the rotation.

POSITIVES from the game-: Mike Timlins 2.1 innings

NEGATIVES -:Papi & Peneiro


Tough ending to an ugly game but Manny put a pretty good charge into that last one, too bad he lined it right at Rios. Hitting the ball hard is becoming a common theme with Manny lately so things are looking up for his 2nd half. 6 RBI’s in 2 games sure seems like a good start to me.

And NESN put up a stat that said Manny has 13 game-winning RBI’s this season, which is good for most in the MLB. Where was I when these runs were knocked in? I remember his 2-run shot in Toronto a while back, but that’s it. Maybe they were sac flies and base hits in the 7th inning that ended up holding up for the Sox? Not sure.

Tavarez did a great job holding down the #5 spot in the first half of the season, but his time sure seems to be coming to an end. He’s going to be a great weapon in the bullpen when the Sox need a ground ball. Lester pitched a sloppy game tonight so I wouldn’t be shocked to see Gabbard stick around after Schilling comes off the DL.

JD Drew’s early exit from th game was a killer, even if it isn’t anything major and he’s playing again tomorrow. With Lugo on first in the 9th with no outs, you can hit and run with Drew. But of course Pena is up and he swings a ghost bat, so Tito couldn’t get the runner moving. Very frustrating.

Dice tomorrow night DJ, pitching against the Toronto pitcher with the mutton chops who almost threw a no-hitter. I don’t know how else to describe him.

When they say game winning R.B.I.’s, you could get drive in a run in the 3rd inning and that puts the Sox ahead for good and that computes into a game winning R.B.I. How many have been from the 7th inning on???? Less than 3 I say.

I don’t if the BlueJays fan who suddenly appeared here today is aware that his team is 10 games beyond Sox and are still below .500 so far this season.

Ok anyway I would like to remind him that bluejays are 10 games behind Sox and still are playing below .500.

Even though I an angry with you, I wish u all the best when u play yanks in the 4 game series after this series. Hope u sweep the Yanks.


Isn’t it past your bed time son?

Did any of u get a chance to see the blockbuster movie released today “BRONX ZOO”. You can’t miss this one man.

Starring-: AROD, Cash & Invisible George.

Supporting Roles -: Torre, Jeter

Guest Appearance-: One and Only Gary Sheffield

TAGLLINE-: Will he opt out or will he stay. And if he stays will he be traded in less than 2 weeks.

Another TAGLINE-: Will he negotiate or won’t he.

BoSox Brian, actually Vince is a knowledgeable and insightful Yankees fan who has his opinions but presents them without resorting to attacks. In fact, when I decided to start Sox and Pinstripes, it is Vince who I approached to write the daily Yankees posts and be the Yankees moderator at the site. You should pay the site a visit on a daily basis and see what he has to say. It is a good way to learn about what is happening with the Yankees, which (whether they admit it or not) is on the mind of most Red Sox fans, myself included.

Perhaps you, and any other Florida member of Red Sox Nation who posts here, would like to meet at Ferg’s after the Sox-Devil Rays game on July 28. There are five of us who will be sitting together and heading over after the game.

As for tonight, it was frustrating to watch Tavarez pitch poorly again. Since Schilling’s health is uncertain and Lester is clearly not ready to return to the big leagues, the Sox need another starter. Tavarez is better suited for the bullpen, where (last year not included), he has decent career numbers. I like the idea of keeping Gabbard in the rotation, even when Schilling returns.



I didn’t get to see the game tonight so I thought I’d stop by here and get updated with some of usual good discussion we have here. Instead, I see we’ve been invaded by yet another fool who contributes nothing. Just put yourselves above these ****** and ignore them. They are like bugs and to them controversy is like food. If there isn’t any, they’ll go away. Enough about that.

Jeff and Vince do some very insightful stuff on their Sox and Pinstripes site. If you haven’t visited with them, you should. Good baseball stuff there.

Yanks announced tonight that they would not negotiate with A-Rod if he opts out of his contract. That puts the ball sqarely in A-Rod’s court and I think there’s no doubt Boras thinks he can get more someplace else.

I’m not a huge Joe Torre fan, because I don’t think there’s anything special about his managerial abilities. However, I believe him to be a man of good moral character who treats all people with dignity and respect. Gary Sheffield is out of line making the comments he did and of course the media reports these things without any substantiation. I hope some of the current Yankees will quickly step up and put this thing to rest. If Sheffield has these kinds of issues with Torre, he should have confronted him while he was with the Yankees and resolved them right there. There’s no doubt in my mind that if there was any substance to Sheffield’s claims, they would have been dealt with immediately.

Early tee time tomorrow. I get to play with some obnoxious Yankee fans.

Good luck Gsm, I hope you get a firm second place:)

I’ve spent a solid hour or so (I’m not big on sleeping) posting my thoughts on Sheffield at the aforementioned sox and pinstripes. I’d like to know your opinions on the matter. I think it will be pretty clear what mine is if you choose to read.

The difference between 2006 and 2007 in regards to last night’s game:
In 2006 I knew the game was over in the bottom of the 9th because Papi would have either won it or tied and Manny would have finished it.

In 2007 I knew the game was over because Papi and Manny were coming up and neither of them can hit past the 7th inning.

So, JD Drew has to come out of a game every friggen time he has to leg out a double?? By year 2 of his contract he is going to be the right fielder equivolent of Matt Clement. Terrible signing.

Did anyone not know that Wily Mo was going to strike out in the 9th?? Seriously, there should be a new rule that if Wily Mo Pena gets to an 0-2 count, the at bat is over. Because everyone in the world except for him knows that a slider/curve is coming and so is the swing and miss for strike 3.

Julian, thanks for a decent 1st half. It is obvious that you are wearing down. Please tell me that was going to be his last start.

Sorry, frustrating game. Especially when you have a chance with the Yanks losing. This makes it 1-39 when trailing after 8 innings. Not quite sure that gets you past the ALDS.

In regards to Manny’s game winning RBI’s, I be willing to be not more than 2 of them have come past the 5th inning.

I agree with you gosoxred about this year and last year’s game. One thing I would like to see the Red Sox do is to get rid of Pena and get a o.f. to replace him. J.D. Drew has left too many games this year and as this season moves along it only becomes more grueling. One thing about Drew is he is not a gamer and never has been and probably never will be one. It was a bad sigining as we all know and I guess we are stuck to watching him play in r.f. when he is healthy. Timlin looked sharp again and I hope I am wrong on him.

Going to see Dice-K pitch tonight from the right field roof; can’t wait!

Sumner, if you’re gonna be a co¢k and correct people’s spelling, sending ’em “back to kindergarten,” at least get it right yourself. “Beginning” has two N’s.

(in a row, of course)

Hey Jeff, I’ve read some your stuff and Vince’s as well. Good stuff there, one thing I disagree with Vince is that the Yankees trade A-Rod. I say there is absolutely no way the Yankees trade him, not going to happen. I have my opinions just like everyone else on here and mine are strong and that is a good thing. Where will A-Rod go after the season is over, who knows for sure. We will be hearing everything reagarding that situation, Olney said on E.S.P.N. that who knows maybe Boras would be looking for part ownership with A-Rod as well, that is crazy in my opinion.

“The difference between 2006 and 2007 in regards to last night’s game:”

Also last year Jason Johnson was our fifth starter during this time. Last whenever our fifth starter was pitching they had no chance of winning even before the 1st pitch was thrown. Last year Lester was supposed to be our 3rd starter. This year he has to fill in as a 5th starter. Not bad pitching wise.

Don’t even compare last year’s bullpen to this year’s bullpen.

Also the offense is a mystery to me. They beat up couple of aces in the last few games pitchers like Halladay, Kazmir, Felix,Jake Peavy, Maddux. But they really struggled against any pitcher who has an ERA over 7 or even 8, pitchers like Feierabend, Weaver etc.

Kumar0330 you are 100% correct when you talk about Jason Johnson, what a disaster he was. Matt Clement was in the rotation as well for part of the season, he certainly was a disaster as well, he pitched like Johnson with ZERO confidence and it showed. The Sox bullpen before Pap was pretty bad as well, Hansen was rushed, Delcarmen did not pitch well for the most part, Lopez not good, trouble throwing strikes and Timlin got lit up last year as well. The Sox offense left alot of guys in scoring position last year, Ortiz/Ramirez though did have the longball though. Perhaps this team will make some nice moves come late July and take off after that. I really want the Sox to get a backup o.f. because Drew is constantly missing time and Willy Mo we all know the story there.

You’ve got plenty of right to disagree, it would be pretty boring writing a blog if people only agreed with me.

The Sox are a lot better than last year, I don’t think anybody can deny that, but 1-39? That is unbelievable, I did not know that, it looks like that is a mutual AL east problem. I’m personally mortally afraid of the Detroit Tigers even if my team is not going to make the playoffs. If Zumaya comes back, I can’t see anybody stopping them. They ran over the AL last year and they weren’t nearly this good offensively.

Remember when Clement started off his first season with the Red Sox at 9-2 or something like that and was an All-Star? That seriously feels like 10 years ago. When/if Clement returns this season, it assuredly will be a role in the bullpen, essentially giving us 5 long-relief guys: Pineiro, Snyder, Tavarez, Clement, and Buchholz (assuming he gets called up).

Is there ANY team out there who will take Pineiro off of our hands? We’ll even throw in Pena, free of charge. Ellsbury is such a better fit as our 4th outfielder, at least for the remainder of this season, as opposed to Wily Mo. I know the Sox are saying when they bring up Ellsbury, it will be as a starter but he will be plenty valuable as a defensive replacement/pinch runner for these last 75 games and the playoffs.

Ellsbury is a contact hitter (0 K’s in his only 16 AB’s). Guess how Pena did in his first 16 AB’s? 8 strikeouts. When it comes to defense, there is no contest. The same goes for speed. Ellsbury is an all-around better baseball player, even without the major league experience. Wily Mo is taking up a roster spot, and the same goes for Pineiro. I’d rather see Bryan Corey or Devern Hansack pitching those innings.

I don’t care who offers what for Pena, the Red Sox should take it.

The Red Sox certainly had there come from behind victories in 06, of course the only one win going into the 9th when trailing was the Orioles game. Thanks to Sam Perlozzo, he took out Guthrie and the O’s pen gave it away, other than that no wins going into the 9th when trailing. I thought last night was going to be one of those come from behind victories, that Jays pen is poor without Ryan.

I thought when the Tigers traded for Sheffield that he would bolster there offense for sure. He was quite moitvated there in Detroit after his injury plagued season of 2006. I would assume Dombrowski will get someone for that pen in Detroit, if he does uh oh, with Zuymaya coming back perhaps in August that would be a tough team to beat out. In a short series they have 2 power arms with Verlander, Bonderman and then the old vet in Rogers and by the time October rolls around Rogers will be alot fresher because he has pitched only half the season. Angels never seem to add anything come the trading deadline, they didn’t in 2002 and they won the championship. Don’t make a trade just for the sake of making one.

Zach, as much as we want to see Ellsbury as a 4th OF, they’ve pretty much said we won’t see him until September. The Sox want him playing everyday and don’t feel that once every 3 or 4 days would be fair to his development.
Heck, if Nancy Drew keeps getting hurt legging out doubles, put him on the DL and bring Ellsbury up to play right. They had him playing all 3 OF positions in AA just for that reason.

Vince is right regarding Detroit. They are going to be scary. Hopefully the Sox can hang on and just pray that the Tigers pitchers forget how to field like they did in the World Series last year. I don’t see anyone beating Detriot right now.

Sounds like encouraging news on the Schill front. Maybe he’ll be back by the start of August.

Just to add to the Piniero piece. I’m not sure what the Sox could get, but I’ll say it again and apologize for repeating it: Piniero and Wily Mo serve no purpose on this team.

OMG are these fools still here? How many games ahead do we have to be before they disappear? How long before it’s mathematically impossible for the Yankees to catch up, factoring in how many times the Sox play Tampa Bay?

And while we are figuring things out-how much have the Yankees paid Clemens per strike out? Vince, you’re good with numbers-what does that come to?

Bosox, you’re a retard, learn your baseball before talking about the Yanks, you can’t hang with real Yankee fans so don’t try you classless jerk-off

thats funny i guess these yankee fans must be losers because they keep hanging out on red sox sites because they can’t deal w/ the yankee team that can’t beat tampa bay….oh did any yankee fan read the article in the post about boras arod and the money factor and clemens and how it will make the yankees beg to keep him lol i googled yankee blogs there’s plenty of them yet your all here on a sox site pathetic really

Manny and Papi are both starting to really heat up.

And for the Yankee trolls on this blog, you should check your team, they are currenly down 3 in the first to horrible DRays

Imagine how good DiceK could be if he got his pitch count down. His stuff is great but if he could throw approx. 15 pitches an inning instead of 18-20 like he is now he would be unstoppable. He reminds me of Kazmir in that sense. He has a lot of pitches but hitters are able to get a piece of all of them. Maybe that is something that, going forward in he next 5 years he can work on, one good put-away pitch that hitters can’t touch rather than the 5 or 6 good pitches he has now.

I guess Big Papi and Manny talked to each other during the All Star break and said “Wonder twin powers activate! Let’s stop this **** and produce in the second half.” Dats my only logical explanation.

Pogue, no need for that, I already said there were plenty of Yankees blogs. I prefer reading Pete Abe and posting on Marks.

You guys may be new to trolls but you’re not quite grasping it, they want you to get annoyed. Making fun of the Yankees has no effect on them. They aren’t actually fans, they are antagonizers, the more you mock the Yankees, the more pleasure they get out of it because they know they’re winning. Just leave it be. The names are only going to keep multiplying because it’s probably the same person.

CT, to answer your question, the Yankees don’t have a prayer in the division right now, there is nothing to worry about at the moment, your concerns should be with Detroit and Cleveland.

Clemens is not a strikeout pitcher so that’s a dumb comparison. He is a savvy veteran that for the most part has done his job on the mound, pitched deeper into games than some expected and has yet to leave the team on a road trip, rather preferring to stay and talk to the other pitchers.

If all of you New York or Boston fans are wondering why gsummer a Toronto fan like I am is insulting bosoxbrian it is because he came on our site and insulted our team and our GM for no reason.I belive he is ignorant and immature and has no friends.Go to the Blue Jays site and read Jordan Bastiens blog and make up your own mind. As Blue Jay fans we want to beat New york and Boston but we dont hate them. Nor do we hate their fans.

Thanks Garry. We didn’t know that. At least i didn’t. Good to hear from civilized non-Sox fans from time to time. I mean, besides of Vince.

But gsumner isn’t our biggest problem here as you may found out already if you read some of the posts. But it’s sure good to know.

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