Ortiz takes it to the house

David Ortiz was not taking when Dustin McGowan threw him a 3-0 fastball in the first inning tonight at Fenway Park. Not when he had gone some 34 games without going deep at the place he has often referred to as "the House".

And this has very much been Ortiz’s house since he arrived here in 2003. So he took that 3-0 pitch and sent it sailing into the visitor’s bullpen. As Ortiz rounded the bases, I’m thinking he felt a big weight off his shoulders. This is a guy who takes his responsibility to this team and this city pretty seriously.

When he doesn’t come through, nobody takes it harder. You could see Ortiz’s shoulders slump last night when he had a chance to deliver a walkoff special but instead flew to center.

The Red Sox would become a very scary team if they can get Ortiz and Manny hot together for a prolonged stretch. Consider that they’ve gotten to this point — a 10-game lead in tow — with both guys lagging from their usual production.

On to other matters, what a throw by Coco Crisp to nail Glaus trying to get a double. Sure, Glaus was safe because Pedroia never tagged him. But nobody ever expected Coco to make a no-hop throw from the left-center field wall to second base. He’s having an all-around great year in the field.

J.D. Drew remains day to day with the bad hammy. Eric Hinske gets the start in right instead of Wily Mo Pena. I know it’s a lefty-righty thing, but don’t forget in Spring Training that the Red Sox were adamant about getting Pena every available outfield at-bat when any of the starters didn’t play. It hasn’t worked out that way in the least and Wily Mo is struggling with the bat. He has just 122 ABs.

This is what Theo Epstein said on Feb. 16, 2007 about Wily Mo:

"If you take a look at how many plate appearances
there are left after any set of three starting outfielders, let alone our
recent history of injuries in the outfield, there are plenty of plate
appearances. Wily Mo is going to scoop all of those up because of his ability
to play all three outfield spots. We’re very committed to him and his development. Just like last
year, there are two goals for him. We want to continue his development to
become more of a complete player so he can ultimately reach his ceiling, which
is tremendous. At the same time, he’s got to contribute to us winning
ballgames. He’s a little bit farther down the line than he was last year. He
went out, made some adjustments, hit .300, battled through some injuries. I
think he showed that he can help us win games.”


Here was Tito talking about Wily Mo Pena on Feb. 16, 2007:

“On one hand, I hope he gets 400 [at-bats]. On the other hand that
means that somebody else isn’t playing. I think if you realistically look at
our ballclub and what could happen, because of his ability to play center
field, left field and right field, every time somebody needs a rest or somebody
is nicked up, he’s the perfect candidate to get at-bats. Our responsibility
will be to find him enough at-bats where he can be productive. I’m confident we
can do that.”

So what happened? Well, Coco emerged into a pure Gold Glove center fielder and the Red Sox never want him out of the lineup. And when Coco was hurt, they went to Ellsbury and not Wily Mo. Also, they now like Hinske more than they did in Spring Training, even though he’s hitting a buck 90.

Some of these matters are viewed differently under the sun of Fort Myers than the reality of Boston in July when the team is desperately trying to win games. Wily Mo’s development has gotten a little lost in the shuffle here, and it’s showing when he does get at-bats. You wonder where they go from here with WMP.

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I like Hinske as a backup corner infielder, but not an outfielder. I do think the Sox should deal Wily Mo Pena, and if they don’t want to use Ellsbury as a fourth outfielder (so they can get him regular at-bats at Pawtucket), call up David Murphy, who I think is ready for the big leagues. People say he will be a fourth outfielder at best in the majors. And? Doesn’t every team need a fourth outfielder? Murphy can hit for average, and plays solid defense at all three outfield spots. The Sox don’t need to go outside the organization to find a productive fourth outfielder. They have Murphy, Brandon Moss and Ellsbury, and Michael Tucker, who is starting to hit a little better at Pawtucket and is a Major League veteran. Of course, if Drew has to go on the DL, it would be nice to see Ellsbury play every day, if he can play right field. Not sure if he can or not.



Great AB by Tek. First he saved Lowell’s a** with his foul, then he drives in 2 with a bomb.

Brilliant mananging by John Gibbons there leaving in McGowan after the Jays tie it. He’s right there with Eric Wedge for dumbest manager in the league

Lug-out is slowing morphing back into Lugo again

If the bookends can get hot along with Papi/Manny opponents better watch out. I do not see a weak spot in the lineup other than Drew/Hinske

It will be nice to get Matsuzaka a win (knock on wood) after he was gipped(sp) out of all those wins in April and May.

I feel the same exact way about gibbons and Wedge.

Dice K also stole wins by pitching non quality starts against the yankees when they had no starting rotation and were shelled by the Sox early in the season…..Just saying.

Yeah all pitchers get screwed out of a few wins but he only got that one in April against the Yanks that was a fluke. I looked and he lost once versus Seattle, at Seattle, at Toronto, at Oakland and at Arizona where he pitched well enough to win. By my calculations that is 15 wins.

Wily Mo is a mystery. Will he ever cut down on his strikeouts with regular time? And who would be willing to give him that time, and be able to absorb all those non-at-bats? Add to that the defensive abilities of a tree and you’ve got a real piece of work. But he seems like a nice guy.
Hinske seems to have more flair for the dramatic and I think he would benefit more from the playing time, and he’d help the team more.

Just some quick thoughts on the WMP/Hinske debate.

Willy Mo right now is a guy that is playing without any confidence and it is showing. The best thing for him is get shipped out of Boston, he is in there way, dead weight on the bench. Good to see Lugo with 3 hits tonight, it looks like he is slowly coming out of his slump. Delcarmen was solid again, he has been just AWESOME out of the pen, what a difference a year makes. Good to see the Sox take 2 so far this weekend and a great chance to take 3 with Beckett going. As we all know Toronto has owned Boston the last 2 years. Very weak scheduele for the Sox to open up the 2nd half and let’s hope they take advantage of it.

Here is a thought though; If an outfielder were to go down for like 75 games would you want Hinske or Wily Mo to replace him?


Actually The Paw Sox need Murphy down there, in last nights game, Brandon Moss slipped and injured himself, so Murphy must pick up the slack. So everyone be happy, the second half is a new slate, the offense is rollin’, Lugo is hittin’, Coco is throwin’, Papi’s shoulders aren’t slumpin’ . . . . LETS GO RED SOX, LETS GO!!!

Need to win today to keep the 10 game lead since Edwin Jackson is pitching for Tampa vs. NY. That is an automatic batting practice day for the Yanks.
Nice to see the Sox come back right after Toronto tied it last night. Good thing it was the sixth when it happened, since it seems the bats go home from the 7th inning on lately!

Dice K did not look comfortable all game. He started the 3rd inning pitching from the stretch…with no one on base.

I have never seen that from a full time starter. Relievers do that all the time, but a starter?? Makes me wonder how comfortable he is out there.

For what it’s worth, I’d rather have Hinske out there instead of Wily Mo. Any time Wily Mo plays, he lessens his potential trade value.

Didn’t see your question prior to my previous post Joe, but good timing re: the Hinske/Wily Mo question. Since we know it is inevitable that Drew will go down, it’s a good question to ask.
Hinske, while he strikes out a lot, is a former ROY and former starter for the Blue Jays. His average doesn’t show it, but more often than not, he does something to contribute when he plays.

Now isn’t the time to roll the dice to see if Wily Mo has that everyday ability.

That should have been tested when the team tanked last year in August. Wily Mo should have played every day so we knew what we would have. Knowing Trot was leaving, WMP should have been given a chance. Instead, we waste 5 years/75 mil on a guy that’s going to miss more games than play because Theo didn’t see any other Right Fielders out there and essentially he out bid himself on Drew. No one wanted him!

Sorry, pretty sore subject with me regarding the Drew situation. I can’t believe the Sox paid so much for so little knowing the guy is so fragile.

Remember its Dice-K’s first year in the league (if you want to say rookie, go ahead), the adjustment is still coming, half the season left.

Also, its not like Drew is adjusting to the energy of the fans, Dodgers, Braves, Cardinals, pretty serious baseball cities.

J.D. Drew is not a gamer, never has been never will be. Sox gave him 70 million for 5 years, what were they thinking on that one? I never read or heard anyone say that is was a good deal. A classic case of a g.m. falling in love with someone over the years and Theo wanted him bad and would do whatever it takes to get him. Since Theo has been g.m. it has been his worst signing yet, Reintera was but Drew has taken it away.


to answer your question, it’s Hinske right now.

Although the smart way would be to platoon ’em for a while ( Hinske vs righties and WMP vs lefties ) and see how it goes. I’d put good money that Hinske would win that spot easily but you never know. It would also be a matter of how many games WMP cost the team with his poor defensive play.

Brian, I don’t think the Renteria deal was that bad at all considering his track record. It just didn’t pan out for the Red Sox like they hoped, and now look at Renteria in Atlanta tearing it up.

As for this Drew deal, I agree that Theo definitely overpaid BUT I really think that Drew will finish this year with solid numbers (.280, 70 RBI, .390 OBP) and only continue to get better throughout his career in Boston once he knocks a few more balls off of the Monster. Who cares if he misses a few games here and there against the Blue Jays, I’d rather see him sit then play through it and go for an extended trip on the DL.

I don’t know why, but I’m not as against JD Drew as most Red Sox fans are, probably because I see his upside and am confident he will perform.

Dice-K throwing from the stretch to start the 3rd inning was a matter of him trying to make adjustments on the fly. I give him credit as some pitcher’s (ie: 2006 Beckett) are too stubborn in their ways to change their game.

Zach, I feel the same way ’bout Drew . . . hopin’ for Mickey Mantle to surface.

I wanted Cabrera back like everyone else did but for some reason the front office did not want him back for some reason. When the Sox signed Renteria I thought it was a good move and then when you watched Renteria play it was obvious he just did not fit in. He also complained of the infield at Fenway, the funny thing about that was he made more errors on the road than he did at Fenway. Renteria that year had a hard time with balls that were hit right at him, he did make some really spectacular plays at times. My mother always complained about Renteria because after a couple of innings his shirt would not be tucked in, my mother said you would never see some of the greats play with there shirt untucked. I thought that was funny. J.D. Drew does get the pitcher working out there and this day and age pitch counts are so important. Drew does have a very accuarate and strong arm but I wonder about his intensity, that has and always will be the knock on him.

Sox are hitting the ball pretty well today, but the “big” hit isn’t there.

How does Lugo get thrown out on Cora’s sacrifice? It was a pretty good bunt.

Everything all right with Tek today? Or is it just because there are no off days for a couple of weeks. It is a killer to have 3 guys around the Mendoza line at the bottom of the order. The reason I wonder if he is hurt is because he is not even pinch hitting in the 7th.

An afternoon game the day after a night game, for a 35 yo catcher. Nothing more than that, i guess.

Tek got hit twice with pitched balls while catching last night. He caught on under the mask that caused him to bite his tongue, and one around the wrist of his catching hand on what looked to be a crossup with Dice-K.

This is a real frustrating game. We can’t even make up a 2 run deficit. Now that Manny and Papi are starting to hit, its like no one else is!!! This really stinks. We NEEEEEEED to come back. We NEEEEED the big hit!!!!!!!!

Here is that black hole at the bottom of the order that needs to come through in the 9th or else this turns into a bad loss. Unless physically can’t swing a bat he needs to hit somewhere in the 9th, maybe even Wily Mo as well

*Unless Tek*

I’m sure Tek can.

What a horrible game. 11 hits, only 1 run!!!!! Unbelivable. Can’t get one more **** run across. What a stupid series. The Yanks r probably gonna win too, so there goes another game. This game is just completely ridiculous.

Another game where the offense takes the last 3 innings off.
Boy, I sure felt confident with Mirabelli up there in the 9th. Nancy Drew couldn’t have swung the bat? Tek got hit hard yesterday, but he couldn’t have gotten an at bat? Since Mirabelli is an automatic out, what harm would it have done to have our designated whipping boy Wily Mo come up? Since they are both automatic outs, at least Wily Mo might accidently hit one out.

Only good news is that Toronto and NY play each other Mon-Thur. If the Sox do what they are supposed to do against KC, they should gain their games back.

This game stunk.

Nice job by Beckett, but other than that, it was like they were sleepwalking through this one.

I never thought when the season started that biggest concern for the Sox would be there offense. dj992 said it best 11 hits and only 1 run, PATHETIC!!! Sometimes in sports it doesn’t make any sense at all, Halladay gets roughed up on Thursday and today they struggle against this no name guy.

Alright,our offense is really beginning to scare me. Eleven hits and only ONE run to show for it?Right now I would be betting on Detroit to win the World Series or MAYBE the Angels.THESE Red sox now have no chance in the post season.If they can start swinging the bats a little better,then maybe we would be favorites again.

The Blue Jays pitcher was a junk baller and the Sox hit him pretty well. Unfortunately, they grounded into double plays early which got him out of some jams.

Hinske-Mirabelli-Lugo? That was awful. I was almost positive we wre going to see either Drew/Pena and then Varitek, but I guess not. Did anybody expect a comeback with those three hitting? I mean I realize that Lugo is heating up but the guy isn’t going to tie the game up with one swing of the bat.

Beckett has been the beneficiary of a lot of run support this season so I guess just chalk this one up to a lazy Sunday afternoon game and hope the Sox can steamroll right through the Royals and White Sox. I would go as far to say that anything less than 5-2 in these next 7 games should be deemed unsuccesful.

The Jays pitcher was a Rookie who managed to control the Sox hitters by getting them to hit into double plays . As for Beckett he is not infallible, Jays managed to hit him and the Sox defense gave up runs . It was a well played , close game

I would have to agree with chman, with the way things have been going, the red sox are not going to be favorites in the post season. Right now, i’m still a little worried about those yankees.

Hey guys, Jessie Litsche did the same thing to Oakland in his last start. The kid has a great sinker.

And tell your 3rd base coach-don’t run on Alex Rios-he’ll gun you down every time

The Sox need to turn it around offensively.


Don’t compare what your no name picture did vs the A’s. For some reason the Jays give Boston a hard time.

I do not like the idea of Hinske as a backup o.f. Filling in for Lowell and Youk and as a pinch hitter. Toronto is paying for most if not all of his salary this year, it is about time Boston has turned the tables on another team. A few times over the years the Sox are paying salaries for players that are not members of the Red Sox. Boston has to look into grabbing a backup o.f.–prefer a right handed hitting o.f. but someone other than Rob Deer, I meant to say Willy Mo. I think most would agree that it is time for Willy Mo to go. There was a report in the Boston Globe today that the Reds could be getting rid of Arroyo, now that would be AWESOME if he came back. Talking about a guy that belongs playing in Boston. Give Willy Mo back and some $$$$$ to get Arroyo back. Reds I am sure would not want Pena back, no way would they do that.

Getting back Arroyo would be awesome.I was looking at his website the other night.He only has photos with him as a Red Sox and the webpage had a pic of him and Fenway in the background which was a nice effect.We know where he loved playing…

Jeff at soxandpinstripes,

I try to leave comments on your site but for some reason I can’t do it. I think there is something wrong with my computer, I’ve tried just to let you know. It is good work and I appreciate good baseball writing. Obviously I do since I grew up in the Boston area with all the great baseball coverage up there. Yours ranks right up there just to let you know.

bosoxnonamebrian Bottom line we won.To the rest of you red sox fans we are happy to get out of Boston with a split you have a great team.

What a terrible waste of a great effort by Beckett. This would have been a good one to win to maintain the double digit lead.

This series with the Royals is more critical than it seems. The Sox could pick up some ground since the Yankees and Toronto will be beating up each other. A sweep here is almost imperative but somehow my confidence isn’t real high with Gabbard, Wakefield and Tavarez slated to pitch. Any of the three can give you a good game on a given day, but the likelihood of all three excelling, even against the Royals, isn’t good.

Hinske is beginning to hit a little. He had a nice clutch hit yesterday. However, I think I can run faster than Big Papi. Baserunning hurt the Sox in that game. I still can’t believe Lugo got forced at third on Cora’s bunt.

Yesterday was another one of those… “Do whatever it takes to lose while maintaining decent looking stats” games. It’s just hard to believe that we can throw 3 guys up in the bottom of the ninth in a one run game with LUGO as the only guy hitting above .200. Truly pathetic. I have never seen a weaker attempt to come up with 1 run in my life.

I think Gabbard and Wakefield will pitch well. Tavarez may, but he has been getting roughed up lately as we all know. And I really think they may need to seriously consider finding someone else in the system to take his place. If Schilling comes back soon then they should keep Gabbard in the rotation assuming he pitches decent until then.


Sox are 14-14 in One run games so far this season. The team with the best bullpen in the AL should have a way much better record than this. But the offense painly stink in the close games and wasting away the good work done by the our bullpen.

Sox are 6-6 so far this month and interestingly 5 of 6 losses have been 1 run games.

1-2 Texas

2-3 Detroit

5-6 Detroit

5-6 Toronto

1-2 Toronto

Also even though the record of 14-14 in the 1-run games looks alright but the thing is Sox are 2-8 in the last 10 1-run games. Only means that Sox were winning those games in bunches earlier in the season and they are losing those games now.

The bench is very crucial in the one run games and Wily Mo wasting one roster spot and contributing nothing to the team should take some of the blame. Wily Mo is useless on the sox bench and is hurting the team. He can’t play any of the outfeild positions and strikesout each and every at-bat. He should be traded or let go.

BoSox Brian, thanks for the compliment. I research several Red Sox and baseball sites to get ideas, and then I write my viewpoints and my insights. I sent you an e-mail to try to figure out how to fix your posting issues. Hopefully, nobody else is experiencing it.

Joseph, I think that Kason Gabbard is a decent back of the rotation starter right now, and not just a fill-in from the minor leagues. I would be comfortable if the Sox moved Tavarez to the bullpen (in place of Pineiro) and kept Gabbard in the rotation when Schilling returns. If Buchholz has a couple dominating starts at Pawtucket, they should consider giving him some starts with Boston. I imagine, at the least, he will see some time in the bullpen with the Sox later this season.

WIth Schilling’s questionable right arm, Wakefield’s up-and-down tendencies and Tavarez’s struggles, this team needs another starting pitcher. I’m not sure if Jon Lester will be ready in time to contribute this season. Theo Epstein knows this, and hopefully he won’t deal away Buchholz or Ellsbury to get that starter.



Clay Buccholz is making his AAA debut today at Pawtucket by the way.

Hopefully Sox sweep the Royals. My guess is Gabbard & Wakefeild pitch well and Tavarez gets roughed up.


I am hopeful that Schilling will be back soon and should be able to contribute soon. Once Shilling comes back Tavarez can be moved to the bullpen and Gabbard can stay in the Starting rotation until Lester returns(which seems unlikely this season).

Can Lester really be any worse than Tavarez? 17 starts, 5 wins, ERA of 5.15, 1.52 WHIP, all terrible stats. Lester was 7-2 with a 4.76 ERA last year with cancer! How can he be any worse than Tavarez?

Remember a few years ago we finished tied with the Yanks at the end of the season??? Yes, every game counts including the puke that passes for Tavarez’ outings. So he was hot for a month or so… that just means the other games he must have pitched to an ERA of 6 or 7 to end up at 5.15!!!

As Jeff said, Tavarez should replace Piniero in the pen. I just think that due to the fact that Tavarez hasn’t started in over a decade (give or take) that he is basically worn out. He is way over his inning totals of years past. Since we know the bats are hit or miss (literally) the Sox can’t afford to be down 7-2 after 4 innings with Tavarez on the hill. That only gives the Sox 2 innings (5th and 6th) to make up the difference, since we know they don’t hit in the 7th, 8th, or 9th anymore!
Knowing Tavarez will go a max of 4 innings hinders the bullpen the day before and the day after he pitches. I’m just guessing, but I think deep down Tito knows that the most the Sox will get out of Julian is 4-5 innings at this point. (sad, but true) Well, this means Snyder and Lopez are out the day before because they are going to be needed for 3-4 innings. I know a coach is going to say they don’t think ahead like that, but you’d have to be silly not to.

Hopefully Gabbard doesn’t have any rust after being off for 9 days. The Royals actually have a better record than the Sox over the past month, so while we think this should be a cakewalk, I have a feeling it’s going to be closer than we like.

OK, here’s my ray of sunshine for the day, prompted by the fact that the Sox are hosting KC.

Kyle Snyder.

When they picked him up off waivers from the Royals last year with his 22.50 ERA, I thought “what the heck is Theo doing?!?!?” Well, he did OK last year, finishing with an ERA just over 6.00, but this year he’s really doing well. In 33.2 innings pitched so far, here’s how he’s done:

ERA: 3.21

K: 25

BB: 18

HR: 2

Not Cy Young numbers, but gosh darn it, the dude is doing a credible job. I guess Theo knew what he was doing (again).

That’s just it Rob. Our pen is set. Granted, you can’t throw Delcarmen, Oki and Paps out there every day, but Timlin has come on strong since coming back from the DL and Lopez has been solid. Snyder is a strong long relief, 2+ inning guy. Pinier is a lost cause. If we see him, the Sox are either up by 10 or down by 3 or more in the 8th or 9th. The only reason I say 3 runs is because it’s hard enough for these guys to score 1 in the last 3 innings, so being down by 3 is insumountable at this point. Piniero’s only purpose at this point is to eat worthless innings in games that are out of control.
That is why Donnelly’s setback, while disappointing, isn’t that big of a deal.

The only things the Sox need is a starter to replace Tavarez (then he’ll be a solid pen option) and a magician to somehow make JD turn from Brittle to a Bonified Major Leaguer. Other than that, the starting 9 is all set. They just need to start becoming “clutch”. The point was made earlier…They beat up Halliday, yet only get one run yeterday. Humbling game this baseball.

Yeah, Snyder has been pretty impressive. Who would believe he would come up this big considering where we got him (scrap heap). Tavarez will probably be pretty good back in the pen as well. That just leaves some major holes in the rotation. I think between Schilling, Gabbard, Lester, Buchholz, or *TRADE*… we’re probably covered.

Hey, can anyone tell me exactly how a simulated game works? Is it pretty much the pitcher facing batters as if they were hitting in a game but there’s nobody playing defense and the batters don’t run? I see it referred to in articles about rehabbing pitchers and I’ve always wondered what it meant.

Snyder has had some good outings but it seems to me he allows a lot of inherited runners to score. I think the same could be said of Lopez over the past couple of weeks.

Gabbard has to learn to get ahead in the count. He’ll get killed if he keeps pitching the way he has been. He was pretty lucky last time out because he got away with a lot of 2-0 3-1 counts.

The two pitchers we have that have learned that lesson the hard way are Beckett and Del Carmen. Look what they are doing this year compared to last and the reason????? – They get ahead of hitters. It’s why Schilling can be sucessful even though his stuff isn’t as good as it once was.

Looking at the Pawsox box scores, I noticed Ellsbury is playing a some right field. I’m thinking we might see him again if Drew’s hammy doesn’t loosen up. He’s only hitting .275 right now, but he’s stealing bases like crazy. He’s got 26 or 27 now, so including Portland, he’s probably over 40 for the season so far. He’s going to be fun to watch.

Jeff, are we good for the 28th in Tampa?

Snyder has certainly pitched beyond everyone’s expectations. I think Tavarez is wearing down, his pitches are staying up in the strike zone and when he is up he gets hit hard. Even some of the outs are loud.

I agree with gsm52, getting ahead of hitters, very important. That old saying is the most important pitch is strike 1. If your pitching to hitters counts you will get hurt most of the time. I would love to see the Sox sweep the Royals, these are games they need to take advantage of. Put some distance betweens the Yankees, let the Jays rough them up. Chances are they’ll split that 4 game series.

For those wondering, Schilling had a very encouraging session today.

Sox offense struggling against another no name pitcher.

Looks like I jinxed Banister..2 Home runs.

Yep encouraging session for session today…Clay Bucchholz is making his AAA debut today…He is also scheduled to pitch again on Saturday, which is also the day Schilling is supposed to make his rehab start. I was planning to go to that game on Saturday but PawSox Saturday tickets are sold out already.

Gabbard looks great so far tonight. If he can stay away from his bouts of wildness he can dominate. It is encouraging to see all these young pitchers in the Sox system. The rotation could stay the same for the next 5 to 7 years. Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Gabbard and Buchholz. And you can mix and match them so it goes right left r l r. Speaking of Buchholz he had a tough first outing at AAA. 5 hits and 2 earned in 3 innings with 4 k’s and no BBs.

I definetely agree with saying see ya later to Pinero when Schilling comes off the d.l. Gabbard or perhaps a starter thru trade and of course Tavarez to the pen. I still want a right handed hitting o.f. thru a trade as well. We all know Drew is going to be in and out of the lineup all year. Good to see the Sox taken care of the Royals, when a layup is there you must take it. That is what the Red Sox have here with K.C.

Game Over and the Yanks and Bluejays are still in the 6 innings…Love the short games….good rest for the players and fans.

Tonight was a broadcaster’s dream and sportswriters as well. Jays and Yankees will be playing a 3 hour and 30 minute game for sure. Yankees must play the longest games of anyone. Just a guess there. What a game for Gabbard, I don’t care if it was against one of the worst teams in baseball. Bullpen is in great shape considering the Red Sox don’t have a day off until July 30th, that to me is huge for Gabbard to go the distance.

Good trade by the A’s, got rid of Kendall, who’s best years are way behind him and they got Marshall in return. Why is it the A’s always seem to pickup good pitching. I would love to see the Sox get a front line starter, of course Bucholtz and Ellsbury are not a part of it. It will be great to here all the rumors in the next 2 weeks or so.

Same thing with Yankees…even they don’t have an off day until July 30th..Also they have to play a double header this weekend. GREAT job by Gabbard.

The Yankees pen by the 30th will be torn up by then. We all know how pathetic that pen is. A walk a thon by those guys.

Great job by Kason Gabbard.Offense was fine.Manny and David with Dustin.Great sign,lets keep the momentum going!

Anybody think Papi/Manny have officially heated up for the 2nd half?

On “Baseball Tonight” Steve Phillips just said he thought Brad Lidge’s best fit would be in Boston. I don’t see that happening both because I’m sure the Astros would be asking for too much and Lidge seems like a bit of a headcase, which is obviously not a good fit in the high pressure city of Boston. Delcarmen-Okajima-Papelbon: so far, so good.

Not much to say about Gabbard’s outing tonight. Solid in every sense of the word, he looked pretty fired up after that last strikeout which was good to see considering he has been labeled as pretty quiet and stoic in the clubhouse.

I don’t think the Sox need another reliever. I would rather they acquire a starter, and move Tavarez to the bullpen. Gabbard should stay, even when Schilling returns, unless the Sox do acquire a starter. I have a proposed deal – Wily Mo Pena to Kansas City for Reggie Sanders, who is a good bat of the bench and has a lot of post-season experience. I would like to see David Murphy serve as the fourth outfielder next season, with Ellsbury starting in center, but for this year, it would be nice to have a right-handed bat like Sanders who can fill in when Drew is on the DL. Of course, Sanders has spent a portion of his career on the DL, but he is productive when he is healthy, as his pinch-hit single tonight showed.

Lugo continues to hit, and Crisp hit the ball hard tonight (though he had little to show for it). Everyone is hitting except for Drew (though Youkilis is in a bit of a slump, but I’m, confident he will climb out of it soon).



Oh, Garry (GSM), all is set for the July 28 game. It will be you and your significant other, Vince and his father, and me. Hopefully, if any other Florida Red Sox Nation member who posts here and on Sox and Pinstripes attends the game, he or she will choose to join us at Ferg’s after the game.



Yeah good point bosoxbrian about the pen. Beckett essentially gave them a day off yesterday and a full one today. Not only because they are not off for a couple weeks but also because Wake and Tavarez go in the next two days. It is easy to bad mouth KC but somehow they have a better record than the Sox in the last month and a half (something like 20-19 to 20-21 according to BBTN) so beating them is tougher IMO than beating Tampa or Chicago.

I wish I could join you guys in late July to see the Sox in Tampa but it is so far from NY and I’ve got work. I am going down to Baltimore in mid August and some of you guys should come up there and check it out. That place will be transformed like it always is to Fenway Park Mid-Atlantic, even moreso than the Trop.

I just read an article in the Kansas City Star that said the Royals are trying hard to trade Reggie Sanders and would take little in return, so chances are the Sox could get him for a mid-range prospect. I say do it. I like Sanders as a veteran right-handed bat off the bench.



That is exactly the kind of guy that would fit in great with the Red Sox. Another good thing about Sanders is he alot of playoff experience.

If Jon Lester isn’t being brought back anytime soon then as soon as Curt Schilling is healthy I would like to see Kason Gabbard as the Red Sox 5th starter instead of Julian Tavarez.

Jeff – Thanks, look forward to meeting you, Vince and Vince’s dad in Tampa.

A real masterpiece by Gabbard. Rem Dawg said he made it look easy and he did. He pitched a “heady” game, making good pitches when he needed to get out of what little trouble he had. A bunch of DP’s didn’t hurt either.

I’m not ready to concede Manny and Papi are heating up until I see them hit in some clutch situations. Of course, I like it better with games like tonight where you don’t need clutch situations to win.

Lugo is starting to hit, but he’s lost his brain on the bases. His defense is picking up. He could be a real contributor in the stretch drive.

Mike Lowell is magic at third base again. He’s making it look easy.

Magic Number: 61, but who’s counting? If the Sox could manage to go 40-30 in their last 70 games, the Yanks would have to go 51-21 to win the division.

In 5 games since the All-Star Break…

Ortiz: 9-21, 2 HR, 7 RBI

Manny: 7-20, 2 HR, 8 RBI

Papi/Manny have collectively knocked in 15 out of the 26 total runs the Red Sox have scored in the past 5 games.

If this isn’t considered “heating up” for them then I am certainly looking forward to whenever that happens.

You would be hard pressed to find any 5-game sample from this season in which both sluggers were simultaneously hitting for power and carrying the team’s offense in the way that they are right now. Facing the Royals and the White Sox at home is the perfect remedy for our two heavy hitters to find their power strokes, and so far, so good.

Hey Bosox get your facts straight

You stated:

” Good trade by the A’s, got rid of Kendall, who’s best years are way behind him and they got Marshall in return. Why is it the A’s always seem to pickup good pitching. I would love to see the Sox get a front line starter, of course Bucholtz and Ellsbury are not a part of it. It will be great to here all the rumors in the next 2 weeks or so.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 16, 2007 09:41 PM

The facts are:

CHICAGO — The Cubs geared up for the stretch run when they acquired veteran catcher Jason Kendall from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for catcher Rob Bowen and Minor League pitcher Jerry Blevins.

**Next time before you rush to post something get your brain engaged; you might not look so foolish if you do.

In all fairness to Brian, BBTN initially reported that it was Marshall who was involved in the trade so I wouldn’t be so harsh just for the sake of busting his balls…

Rob, I think you asked about a simulated game eariler?? From what I understand, the pitcher (in this case Schill) take the mound against the bench players and pitches like he’s in a game. Essentially, he pitches to Wily Mo, Hinske, Cora, Mirabelli until 3 outs are recorded. (I don’t think they have fielders, but rather judge whether it’s a hit or not by where the ball lands..that type of deal). After 3 outs, the pitcher sits for about 10-15 minutes. (just like he would in between innings). Then he goes back out to work another inning. Basically it’s to get a pitcher back into “game situations” ie. pitching, sitting down, pitching again etc.

About last night’s game. Nice outing by Gabbard. They cynics will say it was against KC, so it isn’t that big of a deal. But after giving up only 2 runs against Detroit, this is a nice building block on top of that.

Hopefully the Sox can pound Nunez, who is making his first big league start, tonight.

Also, hopefully Halladay regains his form against NY tonight. You had to figure they were going to win against Josh Towers last night! Big week coming up with the Yanks playing TB again and the Sox against Chicago this weekend and then going to Cleveland. Should make for some heated debate if the lead shrinks a little bit.

I really liked WMP when they traded to get him, but in my humble opinion I think he need to be down at AAA las year. He needs to play and with the big team his doesn´t get playing time. Im preety sure that some team will have an intrest for him. And we need to trade him and get something in return for the playoff run.

This is my first post ever, Go Red Sox!

Welcome elvergun. We agree with you re: Wily Mo, but he is out of options and can’t be sent to AAA. The Sox are stuck with him unless they can trade him.

Gut check time in the next month for the Sox. Looking at the schedule:

The Yankees next few series are against:

Toronto, TB, KC, Balt, Chicago, KC

During that same time, the Sox have KC, CWS, Clev, TB

Bottom line, if NY does what they are supposed to do, they will win a majority of those games. The Sox need to get hot and stay hot. .500 ball isn’t going to cut it against the schedule coming up. 2 of 4 from Cleveland would be great, but they must win each of the other series. August starts on the road in Seattle and LA…tough places for the Sox. 20-21 (their current record over the past 41 games)over their next 41 games is not going to cut it.

I’m heading up to Boston for Friday and Saturday’s game. Barring any rain, we see Beckett Friday night and Gabbard coming off last night’s gem Saturday.


Thank you for letting me know where I heard it. I was very surprised when I heard Marshall’s name in that deal. He is not a front line starter but a decent back end of the rotation guy and he is lefty on top of that. I didn’t think I was losing my mind there but I guess you never know.

This Red Sox team reminds me of 2004. Off to a quick start and ever since late May nothing but a .500 team. The 2004 team got hot in late August and maybe this team will get hot but I hope it is sooner than that. Any thought? I would like to here what people have to say.

I didn’t mine grabbing Willy Mo but not for Arroyo. Arroyo was one of those guys in my opinion that was meant to play in Boston and when he pitched he had stones. I really liked his toughness/ his grit and he signed a very friendly contract right before spring training that year. That was a trade where Theo dropped the ball on that one. Willy Mo has that dreaded word attached to him, POTENTIAL. As we all know he has such raw ability, look at the homer he had in K.C. last year. He also has the longest H.R. in old Busch Stadium as a visitor. I wonder if he will ever put it all together and if he ever does he must play on a daily basis and that is not happening with the Red Sox.

Welcome elvergun,

the problem with WMP is that his stock has never been that low, and each time he plays he finds a way to lower it even more. A lot of Ks and below average defensive play are not exactly what other teams are looking for, whether they want to improve right now or build for the futur. Soon, his reputation as a potentially-great-hitter-if-given-opportunity-to-play-on-a-regular-basis will disappear and become … well, a reputation of a bad player.

He needs to start to show flashes of his ” great hitting potential ” and he needs to do it soon.

Best thing is for Willy Mo to get shipped out of Boston and go to a team where he can play everyday. Right now as rsox34 said his stock has never been so low. I assume by the end of the month he will be dealt.

I do feel sorry for Bronson, I mean the guy takes a hometown discount and we shipped him off, but thats baseball, and I remeber I thought that was a preaty harsh thing to do by the FO although i did like the idea of adding WMP. But now I really feel sorry because we didn’t play it cool with bronson and for nothing.
They really need to trade him. I hope Wakefield gets some run support.

Arroyo seemed like he fit in so well with the Red Sox. He signs that nice deal, as you said a hometown discount. You can never have enough pitching as we all know. Arroyo was one of these guys that could spot start and then go to the pen, he has a rubber arm from what I can tell. Arroyo was a fan favorite and he will always will be.

I would think the 2nd and 3rd time around in the order the Red Sox will get to this kid. Another no name pitcher giving the Red Sox problems. One thing you can count on is Wakefield not getting any run support. Funny how that works out, remember Derek Lowe a few years back, the Sox would score a bunch of runs for him.

If I were a big league manager I’d throw all my rookie pitchers against the redsox, I just can’t believe how this guys have been dominating this lineup. As I’m writing this I hope they prove me wrong and pound this guy.

I dont like the looks of this game already. I hve a bad feeling about this.

Haven’t had much time lately, but tonite is a little slow. Seems like the higher the ERA a pitcher has or someone with NO experience shuts down the Sox. What is the problem? You can’t tell me this is coincidence. How many times now have the Sox done well against a teams better pitchers and struggled against a poor or no-name? Are the Sox ALL head cases now? Gives me something to whine about and for that I’m thankful(JK), but c’mon Sox!!

WMP’s time has come and gone, I’m afraid. Tho’ the FO may not know it yet.

WHEN IS FRANCONA GOING TO BACK MANNY UP IN LEFT FIELD? How routine fly balls over Manny’s head that bounce in front of the wall for doubles is it going to take? Manny has been burned a lot out there this year. The only thing he can field is something hit right at him. That’s gotta change!

This is shaping up as another one of those nights for the Sox. Can’t get the big hit, make a couple of mistakes, post an L.

Another double over Manny’s head that bounces to the wall. Playing where he should, he makes the catch. Should be 1-0, not 3-0.

I’m not so concerned about Manny playing in. He’s saved many runs that way this year.
What I am concerned about is the fact that they only have 2 more innings to score, the 5th and 6th since we know that the bats don’t show up for the last 3 innings.

With the lack of heart and sense of urgency the offense has shown in the past month, this game is as close to over as it can get.

It pains me to say it, but I just don’t have confidence that the Sox can score 4 runs off the friggen Royals.

gosoxred, I might agree with you if he were any place but Fenway Park. Not many runs score from second at Fenway on a base hit to left, no matter where the left fielder plays. I’m pretty sure he’s given up more, just on this homestand, than he’s saved all year.

I’m a little mad about this game tonight, i just dont want to get all over wake/mirabelli so i hope the sox can put some good swings before the game ends and we get a W, which is the least we could do aganist this team. On the WMP subject im done with this guy, he has to go.

I agree with you gosoxred about where Ramirez play’s. He has taken away more runs than he has given up. He plays o.k. out there at Fenway. My biggest concern regarding Ramirez is his lack of offense. I wonder if the Sox can pull this one out, I would lean towards no. They have to prove it to me first and then I will believe in them for a comeback. Never thought that I would ever say that against this minor league team the K.C. Royals. When will J.D. Drew be taken out of the leadoff spot? I hope real soon.

That first run is the toughest sometimes, now they should open it up a bit. Do it soon though because the strength of KC lies in their bullpen. Dotel, Soria, and Grienke all rested. And Grudzielanek just makes an error. Oh those poor Royals

Against this team the first run and so on should be easy. This Red Sox team makes no name pitchers look like Sandy Koufax.

If the Sox do in fact make the postseason, there is no need to worry about rookie starters there. The only one is Miller for the Tigers, so there will be no let-downs against bad arms when the games matter most

Red Sox will make the playoffs but this offense I have very little confidence in right now. That could change of course. If your facing a John Lackey, Verlander or Bonderman I can see where the offense will have a hard time scoring runs but against this guy tonight and others as well in the past. Sox with a threat here, do they know how to hit with runners on base?

Mirabelli CAN NOT get another at bat tonight if men are on base. He is an automatic strike out and it’s getting frustrating watching this enimic (sp?) offense.

Next time Mirabelli is do up, Varitek will be hitting for him. If not I will have to pray hard for Mirabelli. I could strike out Mirabelli, that is not saying much though. Lugo is coming around and that is a good thing.

Exactly right bosoxbrian, which is exactly why I’m not convinced that Manny and Ortiz are “heating up”. Papi looks like Wily Mo against left handers with breaking stuff. Manny can’t yank anything over 90 mph any more.

The problem is as much as Mirabelli strikes out he also hits into numerous DPs with runners on/in scoring position. That is why I was so frustrated when he caught the entire game on Sunday. He should never catch another game in the majors unless the pitcher is named Wakefield

I just can’t believe that Oritz and Ramirez are struggling like this. I would have never ever thought that. Sox have had there chances to break games wide open but time and time again they fail to do so. You can have runners on base all night but if they don’t cross home plate what good are they. Last Thursday they pounded Halladay so I figured like everyone else that this offense was going to bust out of it. What was I thinking? I do have hope but it is not going to happen too soon.

If Manny’s back, he cuts that ball off and it’s a single. That’s three tonight.

Make it four, routine fly off the base of the wall.

I think gsm52 you are right on that one. I do believe for the most part he does take away more runs. Red Sox should put 8 on the board just showing up against the Royals.

Manny has always played shallow, but never anything like this year. There is an adage, and anyone who has played any kind of ball knows it’s easier to come in than it is to go back on a ball.

This stinks. The red sox are now down 5-1. Y do the sox stink against no names, and soft throwing lefties?? I need an explanation!!!

Wakefeild threw a stinker against one of the worst team in the whole of the baseball. And the offense stinks as usual. GIDPs, runners left on base against one of the worst pitching staff. This offense really really stinks, do these players even try to get a hit or get on base.

Can’t win 2 games in a row against below .500 teams and worst teams in the whole league.

Been switching to keep track of the Yankees. Halladay is throwing a brilliant game. He’s only given up three hits. A-Rod had one chance to drive in a run, and he did.

Blue Jays look like the Red Sox. Seven hits, one run.

Halladay sure did bounce back after his last outing. Sox hit Halladay hard and tonight they struggle against this team, the Royals will lose 95 games. First game of the year was bad enough but tonight is pretty low. It looks like Wakefield will have another descion, on the negative side it looks. Last year at this time I would have said Boston will win in the 9th. If and when the Red Sox ever pull one out late, that could be a big turining point but that looks like a dream right now.

Well mirabellis offense smells really bad, apparently he cant do any defense either, come on give me a break!!!

Man, the boo birds are out at Yankee Stadium for Johnny Damon. He popped out with two men on. Still 1-1 after seven innings.

Damon is one banged up guy. Alot of nagging injuries with him this year. He has been there D.H. He is going to look real old at the end of his contract, Yankees will regret that signing for sure.

I look at it as they have played .500 ball for going on two months now and we still have at worst an 8 game lead after tonite. I’ll take it

I am officially switching over to the Yankee game and see that Krazie Kyle is in there, that is a great thing. I’ll tune back to the Sox if they can get within 3

Farnsworth has all that talent but a 2 cent head. That bullpen the Yankees has is terrible. I have a hard time listening to Michael Kay do the games. Jim Kaat was great when he doing the games.

Low Points this season

(1) Sweept by Seattle

(2) Sweept by Detroit

(3) Losing to kansas city at Home today and offense scoring only one run against a bunch of no-name pitchers.

(4) Stinking Offense throughout this season.

2-1 Blue Jays, top of the 8th, one out, still a man on second.

Kyle Farnsworth is the best.

Yeah Jim Kaat was my favorite Yankee announcer as well, possibly my all-time favorite. He was always very objective. The best now is probably Girardi. I also cannot stand Mercer do the games. Obviously you feel for the guy because of what he is going through but a baseball announcer he is not

Farnsworth for President. He could be the biggest dope of all time.

That first game of the year was a low point as well. I would agree with all of them though. Another no name pitcher who will be riding the bus next year shuts down the Sox.

Not only was Kaat a great announcer, but also a great pitcher. 283 wins, a billion gold gloves, why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame?

LOL! I’m listening to the Yankees announcers and they sound just like us. They aren’t too happy about what’s going on with the Yankees.

Sox **** tonight, but it just goes to show you…. you gotta play every game, even against KC and TB.

He definetely won his share of gold gloves, Maddux and him the best fielding pitchers of all time in my book. Mussina is another one that is very good. Kaat won 20 games 3 times in his career. He gets in then Blyleven as well. I think those guys will get but perhaps the veterans committee will get them in. Jim Rice as well will get in eventaully.

Kaat was a great announcer, he did a great job with **** Stockton back in the day for CBS. Here’s hoping Kaat gets in.

This offense stinks and doesn’t look like it can get any better. Hope Theo makes some move to improve this offense before the deadline. But this offense looks like it can never be fixed as long as that as shole Dave Magadan is the hitting coach. Get rid of Wily as shole Pena who rest his fat *** on the bench doing nothing and completely useless. I don’t know what moves can be done or should be done but if Sox stick with the same offense for the rest of the season then good luck for the rest of the season.

I know some of u might argue that Dave Magadan has got nothing to do with the struggles of this offense. But this offense has been stuggling the whole year and he has done nothing to fix any flaws of this offense. Sox offense never struggled this bad ever under Papa Jack in the previous years.


eventually I will spell it correct.

How’s everyone doing, I can make the assumption that the moods a little pessimistic, my computer busted itself. That WMP trade looks even worse tonight with Arroyo’s performance . . . . 7.0 IP, 3 Hits, 0 R & ER, 2 BB, 9 K’s vs. Atlanta. He has pitched better as of late . . . 2-1, 20.2 IP, 18 Hits, 6 ER, 5 BB, 16 K. Despite a 4-10 record (inculdes tonights win.)

Scotty Downs gets into……..and out of trouble. Robbie Cano-Don’t ya Know! Strikeout

Isn’t Jim Kaat the only living person linked to Ted Williams? Kaat faced him, I might be way off on that one or dead on. Someone help me here. I know a knowledgeable Red Sox fan will help.

*and statistics inculded

I would think Phil Rizzuto played against him, and Dom Dimaggio would have played with him in the OF, there both still alive, don’t forget Yogi. The list goes on and on. Hope that helps Brian.

I wonder if Madagan has the respect of the players? Last year in S.D. he didn’t do too well as there hitting coach but S.D. does have alot of outs in there lineup though. On a positive note John Farrell has done an excellent job.

Don’t forget Johnny Pesky!

I am talking about Pitchers that faced Ted Williams. Thanks for your reply, I didn’t clarify it. As I said I might be totally way off but I thought I read that somewhere when Williams passed away or some other time.

Johnny how could I forget!! maybe its because I haven’t seen him out and about a Fenway in a long time😦.

Pesky is the best guy ever. If everyone was like him this would be a great world for sure. Always a gentlemen. Pesky is getting up there. Just wondering has anyone had the chance to listen to Pesky after the workouts down in Fort Myers and listen to him talk about Ted Williams and all the other greats? If you have not, you are missing out. Just brings your ears and you will love it.

Here are some of Ted Willaims hitting tips (all basic) …. Magadan should read them, and on second thought so should the players . . .

1) Get a Good ball to Hit

2) Have Proper Thinking

3) Be Quick with the Bat

Whitey Ford is one who is alive who I’m sure faced Ted Williams. I’m sure there are a bunch of them still alive. Ted retired in 1960, which isn’t that long ago.

Magadan’s theory is make sure you don’t hit when guys are on base because that worked for me when I played.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why MLB won’t allow Pesky to sit in the dugout any more. What the **** is up with that.

Yankees tied the game on a balk.

I wonder what I read then about Kaat and Williams. I wish I could remember. You are corrrect about Ford. Good help there. 47 years ago is 1960 and that isn’t exactly last week.

If you’re Ted Williams, having 20/10 vision certainly helps too. I was just looking at his stats. Unbelievable. He only hit under .300 one time. He had 29 homers in his final season.

47 years ago isn’t last week, unless you’re 57, then it seems that way.

Beattie is the one that complained about Pesky sitting in the dugout. Beattie gave up Yaz’s 3,000th hit back in the day. Williams won a batting title at the age of 38 or 39, he said he saw the laces on the ball. I guess he could see well. Safe to say. I got you about the years there gsm52, I remember as a kid and seeing Yaz’s 400th H.R. off of Mike Morgan and it seems like it was just last week. That anninversary is right around the corner, in late July sometime, 23rd or so. A balk for the Yankees tying run, luck is always good to have.

Prime example of why I’m concerned about this lead not being big enough.
Yankees tied the game against the same releiver that shut down Papi and Manny in the 9th with men on.

The difference is, they Yankees did their rally with Andy Phillips and Melky Cabrera.

On the trade front, Wily Mo lowered his value with yet another strike out tonight.

With this payroll and this lineup, winning every other game isn’t acceptable. Someone needs to wake these guys up. Francona can be too much of a players manager at times. Too much of a good guy to the players. Screw that… do something to make these guys realize that their lead will be down to 2 games in a week if the Sox can’t beat KC while NY plays TB and Kansas City.

This *****

Brian, now you’ve got me looking back at old rosters. I’m seeing some names that really bring back some memories.

That is why I love baseball, the old rosters, old highlights. Guys you forget about and then you see there name and your like uh oh or I forgot all about him. One guy I want to forget is Kevin Kennedy, I did not like him at all.

Some good memories gsm52? Like what? Some bad with all the years watching the Red Sox I am sure. 2003 and 1986 are memories that are not good, the end of those years were bad.

I’m just curious how a guy who cannot hit a breaking ball is a major leaguer being paid millions of dollars to pinch-hit and strike out twice.

Yeah, there were some tough times. Bucky F’n Dent, Bill Buckner (although you can’t blame him for losing the series), and a bunch more. Was there a better time than 1967? The Impossible Dream Team. Carlton Fisk’s homer against the Big Red Machine in 75. Even before those time, when I was 12 or 13, it was safe to jump on a bus from Quincy to Columbia Point and then take the T to Kenmore Square. Bleachers were 75 cents, but it didn’t matter, because you could move to almost any place you wanted to. Hot Dog and a Coke for a buck. Did you ever see “The Monster” pitch? For a couple of years, **** Radatz was the most dominant pitcher in baseball. I’m not sure there has ever been anyone more feared than **** Radatz and Goose Gossage. Don’t get me started, I could go on forever. Like I’ve said before, being a true Red Sox fan is more than just being a fan, it’s a way of life.

I totally agree with you about being a Red Sox fan. I have never seen Radatz pitch, too bad he passed away, he fell down, what a way to go. He owned Mickey Mantle, he struck him out countless times. Mantle could never solve him from what I have read. Goose Gossage is another one that should be in Cooperstown, he dominated when he came in. He did the old way for the save not this 1 batter and you get a save. Fisk was a guy that should have worn #27 for his whole career, what a mistake that was. We could go on and on there. I tried getting Bucky Dent to autograph my Red Sox hat this past Feb down in Sarasota but he said no. Dent is not the nicest guy, he has an edge to him. I remember when I was a kid you could afford to go to the game and get tickets the day/night of the game, now ZERO chance of that. It is a totally different era, some of it good some of it not so good and I am sure you would agree with me.

Absolutely.Oh and for Sentinel,shut up.Foulke did better in October 2004 than Mariano Rivera and even today,our closer is better than yours.So shut up.Man im already worried that our lead will shrink.The Yankees continue to ride that offense like crazy.It annoys me.If it wasn’t for their offense they wouldn’t be winning at all.

If it wasn’t for Foulke the Sox would have never won it all. He was just AWESOME in the playoffs. What a total jerk Foulke was but he pitched his tail off when it counted. Yankees are surging a bit and the Sox better wake up soon. If not the lead will 5 by the end of July.

There is no doubt this team will not advance past the ALDS (if it makes the playoffs at all) if it continues to play uninspired baseball. The Sox are now 20-21 since June 1. Pineiro and Pena definitely need to be replaced my more capable players. They are not only worthless to the Sox, they are a hindrance to success. Ditto for J.D. Drew. What the Sox need more than anything is an extra outfielder who can push Drew for playing time. That is why I like the idea of Reggie Sanders. Regardless of how much Drew is making, the Sox should bench him and put in someone who consistently produces because time after time Drew falters when a hit is needed with runners on base. It is not time to panic – the Sox have an 8-game lead – but changes need to be made to make this a great team and not just a good team that is resting on its first-half laurels.



I thank God every night for all you guys on this blog,you guys are just amazing peope.I recently started going on this blog but I love it.And yes,I even thank God for you Sentinel and I also ask him to bless you with a brain some day,but seriously,Im thankful for Brian being here.He always makes sense and knows what he is talking about.Once again,I love you all.Let us all hope the Sox wake up.

Why is J.D. Drew still leading off? Someone needs to answer that for me. I can’t figure that one out. It was a bad idea from the beginning and it still make no sense at all.

Thank You Jeff.You calmed me down a bit.Your right.We still have time to turn everything around.We do need to pick up a guy like Reggie Sanders and sit Drew down sometimes.We had a train going in the 8th inning until Drew struck out which I kinda saw coming.

Hmm,I can sorta toy around with the thought of maybe Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis batting one and two.Then again,what about a Coco and Lugo one and two or the other way around.I like what I am seeing in lugo lately…

How about doubleheaders? Six or seven Sundays and days like the 4th of July, there would be scheduled doubleheaders. Two games, one ticket. Rainouts were made up as twi-night doubleheaders, one ticket, two games.

Yeah, The Monster. In 63 and 64 he won 31 games in relief, pitching almost 300 innings. I remember his pitching 9 innings in relief in an extra inning game one time. He was unbelievable.

Billy Rohr with a near no hitter in his major league debut (8.2 innings)in 1967 and then went on to do nothing.

The Sox had another pitcher back then by the name of Dave Morehead. He did throw a no hitter. He had some of the most electrifying stuff in baseball, but couldn’t throw the ball over the plate. He never amounted to much, but he was fun to watch. Great curve ball.

And on, and on, and on

J.D. Drew is the tin man. He is not a gamer and is gutless, a jellyfish in my book. Nobody liked the signing back when it happened and it looks worse every game.

I am losing my patience with Drew day by day.









I’ve heard about schedueled doubleheaders, that to me is the bomb. I couldn’t even imagine that now. Look at the Red Sox they sent a trainer to watch there 3 pitchers in San Fran during the all star break, that to me is insane. Never heard that one before. You talk about Radatz, he would be a huge Dice-K fan because of all his pitches he throws, 115 per game which we all know is so rare now. Monster would love it.

Put Lugo infront of that fool drew >.<

OK, back to the present. The Sox need a win tomorrow night and they send out Tavarez to get it. At least the bullpen is well rested.

It is unlikely the Sox will bench Drew. They paid 70 million for him for a reason. They thought he could produce and with that kind of investment, he’s going to get every chance to do it. The only way he comes out is if he gets hurt.

Lugo or Crisp needs to lead off followed by Youk or Pedroia. Move Lowell in behind Manny. He’s a better RBI guy then Youk. Move Drew to sixth. Then you have some combination of Tek/Lugo/Crisp/Pedroia in the seven, eight and nine slots.

I feel bad for Wily Mo, but Wily Mo has got to go.

The order really doesn’t matter. The Sox are getting plenty of men on base. They just need someone to drive them in. It’s got to happen at some point.

GoSoxRed, at this point, the Sox just need to cut their losses with Wily Mo. They need an extra outfielder who can produce when called upon. Pena has no confidence. Since Drew is failing, the Sox need an extra outfielder they can turn to. Deal Wily Mo for whatever you can get. I can’t say the name Reggie Sanders enough, since it will cost the Sox very little to bring him here.



“The Yanks Are Coming”

I’ve watched both the Yanks and Sox play us over the last 6 games.

I got to tell you guys, The Yanks are stronger than the Sox. I guess it’s all the history in Yankee stadium.

They’re getting the big hits at critical times of the game with a lineup that’s more balanced, with more power and better situational hitters than yours.

Their bull pen is coming around as is their starting pitching. But the big difference is, I think they know how to win better than Boston.

Wish us luck in wupping them in the next couple of days.

But heade this warning-The Yanks are coming and your guys are flatter than stale water.

GSumner, unlike Blue Jays fans, who are about as loyal and knowledgeable as Braves fans, we in Red Sox Nation understand and know the game. You don’t have to tell us that the Sox are playing lackluster ball right now. The Yankees are bound to play better since they have struggled most of the year. This a a rough stretch, and the Sox need to overcome it.

However, the fact that you say that the Yankees are stronger than the Sox indicates that you are like most Blue Jays fans – you know hockey, but not baseball. The Sox are 19 over .500 and the Yankees are three over. The Sox have been mediocre and lifeless since June 1 (they are 20-21 in that time), but still have an eight-game lead.

As for the Blue Jays, you have little room to talk about the Sox when your franchise is mired in mediocrity. Your posts on this site offer nothing worthwhile – either smart aleck comments or insults of BoSox Brian.

Feel free to continue your posts here. You embarrass yourself every time you write.


Hey Bosox gets very little of what he gives on our site-he gets what he deserves on the Yank site-we’re much more polite.

The Jays have had a tough year-then again where do you think your team would be if you had lost Papilbon for the year, Okinawa for 4 months, your best hitter for OBP for 4 months, have at least two or three or your first 3 starters out all year. The Jays have losst over 700 man days due to injury. And yet, we’re still hovering around .500. I doubt if either The Yanks or your Sox could have done better.

What I stated about the Yanks and Sox, is fact-they’re coming on and your guys are faltering. You can accept that or keep your heard in the sand and wring your hands.

They have more balance and power in their lineup and are better situational hitters than either your team or ours.

And I will continue to post to bosox here, I’d rather clutter up his site with gibberish than my own

JD Drew has the 14th highest OBP amongst all active players who qualify. As poorly as he has played at times this year, he is still fifth on the team in OBP. He [should] be batting in front of Ortiz/Ramirez. And definitely should be if he is not going to hit with as much power as in the past, as opposed to batting fifth as they originally planned. The guy is an on base machine who has a great ability to work the walk. He has a great eye of the strike zone. He and Youk should be batting in front of Ortiz and Ramirez. And as for Crisp, he is playing much better since his rough start but his career OBP is .328. He should improve on this as this year is only the start of his “prime.” But the guys that bat at the top of the lineup have to get on base.


No need to blast the Jays fan, all he said was the Sox look flat and the Yankees are playing well. When one has won 10 of 13 and the other has been .500 for 6 weeks, that’s bound to happen. He never said the Yankees were better on the season, so the standings are no crutch, except the 8 game lead, which is shrinking, which is exactly the point being made.

I wouldn’t worry, the Yankees have been down this path before this season and while history certainly indicates this current trend going on, it hasn’t this year. This is a team that wins 14 of 17 and then drops 9 of 11, it makes no sense. The one thing you should be weary about, there is no team that could run over the Yankees until August 9th when they play the Tribe, whom they swept already this season. Then after a brutal rest of August, September is relatively easy again. The Sox need to beat the bad teams just like the Yankees do, or else you have a role reversal which spells division race.

And the Yankees keep riding their offense? Are you out of your mind CH? They just won a game 3-2 where it was 1-1 after 7 innings. Their last 5 wins and 7 of 9 the opponent has scored four runs or less.

The bullpen is inconsistant, but Vizcaino and Rivera have been brilliant of late and Proctor and Bruney are solid more oftan than not (Bruney for all of his control problems has a 2.52 ERA). They also have Edwar Ramirez, whom Torre never lets pitch because they are prob trying to get Farnsworth out of here, but he keeps failing his auditions for other teams.

Torre is making this bullpen look a lot worse than it is and when Hughes comes back to replace Igawa and if Pettitte turned a corner this start after 3 mediocre to bad ones, the bullpen is only going to get better.

Joseph, Drew was not acquired for OBP. He was brought in to be a run producer, thus the reason he was inserted into the No. 5 spot. It does the Sox little good when he has games when he has a walk and a single with nobody on base. The fact is that he disappears when the Sox need a clutch hit. It doesn’t matter where you put him in the lineup, the bottom line is that he is not doing his job. The Sox desperately need a corner outfielder who can take some of Drew’s at-bats. And it’s time that Drew started producing – when runners are on base. I was a proponent of signing Drew, and he has had solid seasons in the past, but he is just not giving the Sox what they need, which is a guy who hits .280, belts 20-25 home runs and knocks in 90-100. Drew is not even close to achieving those numbers, nor will he be by season’s end.



Unfortunately, I agree with gsumner. The Sox are a .500 team over the last 2 months and have not had a clutch hit in what seems like forever. The fact that the Yankees play KC,Baltimore, TB and KC again only bodes well for them since they are on a roll.
It’s all about timing. Right now, they are confident and they have the perfect teams to play when you’re riding high….crappy ones. Unfortunately, the Sox do NOT have a killer instinct right now to take advantage of these bad teams.

I don’t know what’s a worse feeling. Losing to the Royals 9-3 or knowing that we are depending on Julian Tavarez to salvage the 3rd game of the series.

In regards to Drew…useless. Take away the game in Arizona when he hit 2 bombs and I dare you tell me a game this year in which he made a difference. Theo gets a lot of props, but he bit the big one on this deal. He overbids himself by at least $25 mil.

Maybe he should stick to signing import free agents (Oki, DIce-K) and building our farm. He seems good at evaluating that talent.

He’s gotten the wool pulled over his eyes on his free agent signings (Rent-A-Wreck, Lugo, Drew, Piniero, Gonzalez)


J.D. Drew should be dropped to the bottom of the order. I have no idea why Francona even put him in the leadoff spot and I am more baffled for keeping Drew in the leadoff spot. Boras Drew’s agent said that at the beginning of the year that Drew’s stroke is made for Fenway. How many times has Drew hit the wall at Fenway? What we always heard about Drew and it is showing here with the Red Sox already, he shows no heart at all, no intensity.

The offense has been bad all year. It is justgot worse in the last couple of weeks. The offense is the reason Sox are playing .500 baseball for the last 6 weeks. Something has to be done to lit a fire under this Offense – A trade, shuffling the batting order etc. Having said that the offense is the Sox major weakness. Some of the trades/moves that can be done to improve the offense.

(1)Trade for Kenny Lofton from Texas to play CF. Get rid of Coco(even though he is playing better of later but he can only hit a fast ball and nothting else). Kenny Lofton will Lead Off and can steal bases as well. Lofton will be a one year rental and can be replaced by Jacoby Ellsbury in 2008.

(2) Get rid of Wily Mo Pena and get someone like Reggie Sanders whom the Royals are willing to trade at the dealine.

(3) Move JD Drew to 7-8 in Order.

(4) Shuffle Manny & Ortiz for a while until both of them find some grove.

The batting order should look like

Lofton, CF

Pedroia, 2B

Manny, RF

Ortiz, DH

Youk, 1B

Lowell, 3B

Varitek, C

Drew, LF

Lugo, SS


I agree the bluejays have been ravaged by the injuries. Staying close to .500 with all those injuries was very very impressive. It’s not like Sox didn’t have any injuries. Josh Beckett Was no DL once. Curt Shilling is on DL now. These are 2 Aces that we are talking about not sport starters or back-end starters. Lester was never available throughout the season. Why do u think Tavarez is out 4th starter right now? Brendon Donolley is on DL. Even with all these injuries to our pitching staff it is our Offense that is struggling. The yanks on the other hand are very healthy in their pitching department.They didn’t have even a single injury to their pitching staff in more than 2 months. They are healthy right now and playing well against some weak teams. Will they continue to be healthy & keep on winning for the rest of the season, we will see.

The Sox have been alternating between wins and losses since the all-star break. They have to string together a few wins and go from there.

Drew is 14th among active players in career OBP. He is right ahead of Jeter and AROD. And what do sabermetricians value more than anything? OBP. Bill James works in the front office and obviously that monster OBP had something to do with getting him. I haven’t had a chance to watch Drew much in the past. But I know from watching him lately and hearing experts talk of him that his prime objective is trying to get on base and he can almost be too patient at times. Now, his power is not all there as we all see, so why wouldnt you want him ahead of Ortiz/Manny. He has only driven in 100 runs one time. In his best season of 04′ go look at what stands out, it is his walk total, 118. He finished fifth in the NL that year. That year he also hit 31 homers. Now let me ask you all a question, do you want a guy batting fifth whos primary goal is to draw a walk? And by the way I think Drew will only get better because every player’s stats go back to the mean right? Well, in this case he can only go up.

An one more note. He was overpaid. I am not denying that. But what was worse than the $14 million, was the 5 year length of the contract.

You know what, Vince, gsumner and, gulp! sentinel are all correct, the Sox are playing like ****, underachieving and playing down to the competition. I knew they were going to lose last night, not because I thought Wake would pitch so badly, but because the Sox just lay down for any bad pitcher or rookie. It seems they lost their competetive edge when they built up the big lead. Now they’ve got themselves in a pattern and they can’t get out of it. Bad momentum has set in and it will take some sort of shake-up to get the good momentum back. You notice they can’t seem to get over the 20 games above .500 mark? They’re stuck there. I’m convinced it’s a mental thing now. My fear is that when the wake-up call comes they can’t get it together quickly enough or at all. Someone will challenge them in the division or take it away if they don’t shake themselves out of this funk.

I never liked Drew and now I can’t stand him! But I say keep Coco at least until next year. Theo should get a good rbi right fielder and keep Drew on the bench in case Mirabelli or Pena are unavailable and the Sox need a pinch-hit K.

Looking at Drew realistically though, he is a pretty good player. But I do not feel comfortable with him batting in the clutch, and I had a feeling about that before we got him. I saw his postseason numbers and his numbers in “late & Close” situations. And they aren’t good. Actually his career average between the 7th and 9th innings is .253, but his OBP in those situations is .371. So what does that mean? If we need a hit late in the game don’t count on him. But if we need someone on base, then he could come through in that situation.


Joseph, if you look at Drew realistically, he is not a winner, not a guy you want anywhere near the plate with the game on the line. Why Theo got him is beyond me. Give me Trot back! Numbers crunch all you want, but just watch the games and you’ll get the feeling that if the game is on the line and Drew is up, the game is over, and not in the Sox’ favor.

Isn’t that funny how we base his injuries, around him not being a winner. I agree that he seems like he doesn’t care sometimes and he has had injuries. But only two of his nine seasons have been on teams with a losing record. And he does hustle. Remember the other night on that weak double he hit to left and he hustled, barely legging out the double. That is why I believe he should be batting second. So if he comes up in the ninth he can get on base, by the walk or anyway he can. Then leave it up to Youk to move him over, most likely by another walk (haha) then leave it up to Ortiz and Manny to drive him in.

This is the same reason Youk should be batting third in my opinion. His greatest ability is his recognition of the strike zone which in turn allows him to walk often. He can hit too, and definitely has a huge heart on the field. But these are the guys that should be on base ahead of the run producers. I don’t really like Youkilis batting fifth either.


This blog is so funny because when the Red Sox win a game and it is a solid team effort, the morale of all the people who post is incredibly high and everybody gets along. And then the Sox lose an ugly game, it is like doomsday is on the horizon, people start bickering, and a Blue Jays (?) fan whose fall-back team is apparently the Yankees pops up to give Red Sox fans some tips on baseball.

It’s one game, and yes, losing 9-3 to the Royals is probably one of the lower points of the season, but so what? I’m guessing the Sox will wake up and knock the cover off of the ball tonight and everybody will forget about Tuesday night’s game.

By the way, according to some reports in the Boston newspapers, Reggie Sanders is excited at the prospect of playing in Boston and is apparently good friends with Schilling.

And I really don’t like the idea of getting rid of Coco. He is entering his prime years as a hitter, fielder, and base runner yet people still want to shuttle him off? Is it animosity towards his year+ of non-production or what? In June he was showing flashes of the player he used to be and he has continued that through July, so barring an injur to that finger, expect to see all of his numbers on the rise.

I doubt that drew’s injuries keep him from being a winner. He just does not get the job done. Have you seen him this year helping? He’s been mostly healthy. But I never liked him so I am prejudiced.

I think the 20-21 record in the last 41 games has most of us feeling a little down. If it was one loss to the Royals it would be another story.

I agree, keep Coco.

And Gsumner, the Yankees had 7 starters on the DL, have used a record setting amount of rookie pitchers, and have lost giambi, mientkiewicz and Pavano (not that he matters) for most of the season. I don’t really want to hear about injuries but kudos to the Jays for trying to handle theirs.

Kumar, Schilling is not an ace. He is a 2-3 starter at best, especially in that rotation, plus Gabbard is 3-0 so you can’t be missing him too much.

Also you don’t want Lofton, ever, trust me. Lofton will not only crack under pressure and mail it in from time to time in center field, but he will also hit around .200 and steal you 7 bases. Unless he has a legitimate issue with NY only. The guy is a bad teammate and when all is said and done he will imply your manager is a racist and your owner doesn’t hire enough blacks and seeing as the only black guys (that is “all the way black) on your team are Crisp who he would be replacing, Cora who is a backup and Delcarmen who just got there, he’ll probably support accusations that the Red Sox “run their ship” a little differently.

“Yankeevmm,” I am missing Schilling because now with Gabbard’s success it seems we have found an upgrade over Tavarez. So with Schilling’s return, our rotation could be better than it has been all year. And I know what gabbard has done is such a small sample, but he has much more upside than Tavarez. Tavarez is 34 and he is not going to get better. And he has been decent at times, even good at times, but he is not the answer. If we can keep him in the pen instead of Piniero, and have him as insurance and spot starts during double headers then it would be ok. And he could be used in the pen during blowouts and such.

As for Reggie Sanders, his experience and desire, and 05′ NLDS of course would be welcomed. But he isn’t some savior to the lineup or anything like that. I mean if Ellsbury can contribute then do we really need him? I mean like I said, the experience would be nice down the stretch, and of course the RH bat, with Wily Mo being absent from being effective. So if we gave up little to nothing then by all means, bring him in. But Ellsbury straight up for Miguel Cabrera. I am in. Let’s do it. HAHA.


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