Back at the Fens

Following a delay of two hours, tonight’s Red Sox-White Sox game has at last started.

As for news, J.D. Drew is out of the lineup.  and Wily Mo is in. J.D. just can’t seem to get over this hamstring thing. At this point, the DL is not in the plans, according to Terry Francona.

Wily Mo said that Tito called him this morning to tell him he was playing, so the J.D. situation must have gotten a little worse over night.

The Yankees game was on the clubhouse television this afternoon and Jonathan Papelbon had a nice time poking fun at what he perceived to be the media’s obsession with the Yankees. When the Yankees lost, Papelbon did a mock celebration, which elicited a smile out of Theo Epstein. Paps is obviously trying to make a point that the players aren’t sweating the Yankees at this stage. Coco Crisp wonders why the glass isn’t more half full and that the focus isn’t more on the fact that the Red Sox are just percentage points behind the Tigers for the best record in the league.

FYI, White Sox 2B Tadahito Iguchi knows Matsuzaka about as well as any hitter could. He’s 31-for-85 against him in NIppon Professional Baseball. I wonder how much of the scouting report he is sharing with his teammates.

All for now, I’ll be back later,

P.S. — I’ll leave you with tonight’s lineup.

Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Varitek C
Pena RF
Lugo SS

Matsuzaka SP



Personally, I’d rather have Hinske in right.A little better defensively and he sometimes comes up with the big play or big hit. He has, IMO, more of that “In the right place at the right time” kind of presence. Just my own preference.

Good to see the Yanks finally lose one they should. Their lineup was a joke today… Damon at .233, Abreau batting third at .266 with no power, Cabrera, Phillips, and Nieves… geez. Things will definitely even out over time.

Well isn’t that a surprise?? JD Drew is hurt?? Man, the guy was known to be such and iron man when Theo outbid the world and signed him for a very reasonable $15 mil a year even though he doesn’t play against lefties and can’t produce in the clutch.
Well, at least the White Sox pitching staff knows they have 4 easy strike outs tonight in Wily Mo.

I’m glad Paps is enjoying watching the Yankees lose. Unfortunately, the way the Sox have played, all that does at this point is guarantee that we won’t lose another game in the standings. I will be nice to see if they can capitalize.

Here’s hoping the rain subsides.

Ian, do a rain dance for me. It’s my only trip up your way this year for tomorrow and Saturday’s games. I’d hate to have one of them rained out.

I guess if there is one pitcher that can handle a rain delay or 2 tonight, it would be Dice K. I know pitchers generally don’t go back out there after a lengthy rain delay, but Dice K is such a freak of nature in regards to his conditioning regimine, that this might not affect him as much as others?? Maybe??

A rain delay for Chicago could mean that our Sox get a chance to beat up their really bad relief pitching.

Here’s hoping for a nice but kicking.

Cabrera and Phillips have been around .300 and delivered big hits, they are no holes. Nieves starts once a week and Damon should really not be playing and prob won’t so much when Giambi returns, so I’m not sure those are signs that the Yankees struggle, though it is certainly plausible that the sox play better soon.

I have an odd feeling the (Red) Sox win like 12-2 tonight, just a hunch.

as a blue jay fan I was happy to see the yankees line up.we had need for a break,our pitchen has not been to bad but our offence stinks,I hope we helped you out.

121-2 sounds good to me. 3-2 would do, though, so long as the ‘W’ goes to the Red Sox.

I’d feel a little happier with Pedroia and Youk being swapped in the order. Youk seems to be able to get something out of those ‘pre-Papi’ fast balls and Pedroia could get on nicely for Lowell to bring him home. (I liked the description of Pedroia from one of the commentators a while ago “Dustin Pedroia, the psyche destroyer” as he was grinding down the pitcher with a long at-bat.)

obviously that should have said 12-2🙂

It would be nice to see some more home runs from the BoSox. Come on guys the Monster is hungry, feed the Monster.

Ian, i’m a little late, but still …….
Thank you.

Can anyone give an update on the rain for those of us overseas?

Ian, or anyone else in the know: Any estimated time of game start for tonight, or does it look like a postponement???


Rayman, I took your advice and looked at Sure enough, there was a need for someone to take over the Orlando Boston Red Sox Meetup Group, so I signed up. I sent an introductory e-mail to the existing membership, of which there is 34 right now.

For those of you Red Sox Nation members who live in Central Florida, I will be coordinating an event at a place like Celebration Town Tavern (the New England-themed sports bar and restaurant in Celebration near Disney), likely on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon game. Anyone who wants to attned, feel free to join the group, even if you don’t live in Orlando. You can go to, type in Red Sox in the search area, and it will provide a list of Red Sox Meetup groups across the country. To access the one I’m heading, of course click on Orlando.

As for tonight, it would be great if the Sox can regain a game on the Yankees, especially since the Sox have been in a funk and the Yankees have been playing well. Not sure when it will start. I have the game on MLB Extra Innings, and all it has on the screen right now is a list of all the games being played today.


I’ll try and do my best Ian impression🙂. According to WTIC, they have just taken the tarp off the field and are looking at an expected start time of 8:55. Hope this helps Ellen, et al

I wonder how long it is going to take to get “Francoma” out. If you count the games he has lost because he tried to wring out the starters until they collapse, not neccesary with the pull-pen he has to work with. He should know by now in what inning the startes are vulnerable, even though they sometimes go past that.

Alright,I said last night before i left,give JD Drew a night off and let HINSKE get a couple of swings,not that fool Wily Mo!Well there is an automatic free out for the opposition.

Guys,you only win a game by ONE run.If you win 10 to 1,u really actually won it 2-1.The other 8 are just extras.

Sox already down by one. So far, we have left 2 runners on.

So the worst hitting team in baseball gets a clutch 2 out hit in the 1st.
Our team, once again..nothing.

Walks kill. Dice K throws too much junk. 1st 2 batters and Dye were straight fastballs and 3 easy outs. He tried to play with Thome and Konerko and wasted at least 10 pitches.

So far we are getting baserunners just fine the problem continues to be clutch hitting. Don’t worry though, the White Sox are just about as bad as our team is when it comes to hitting with RISP. That first could have been a lot worse but Dye helps out and swings at the 2nd pitch of the AB

Not how I would have envisioned it but 2 singles, 2 groundouts, 1 run, I’ll take it


Dustin making a strong case for ROY in the last couple games

I’m with you ch on Hinske, but WILY MO MAKES CONTACT!!! Tomorrows headline.
Fun inning to watch with all the running down the first baseline. Except for Dustin’s baserunning mistake. A mini rally, it’s a start.

Even if we don’t break this game wide open… we’re getting to the league’s worst bullpen pretty quickly.

Dustin is ROY… slam dunk.

Does Youk look comfortable at the plate to you? He seems to be pulling off a bit.

Youk is in pain.I can see it.And thanks Arnie,you make your point loud and clear my dude,lol.I dont know why,I just feel better with Hinske patrolling right and maybe even at the plate.Just want him to get an AB or two…

Plus Hinske the lefty to face the righty Vazquez.

I agree on Hinske. But I wanted to celebrate WMP’s ground ball.

Dude,im witcha,imma go get the champagne!(he didnt connect with a fastball did he?)

The magic is gone.Wily Mo is back.

I sometimes think,I would rather have Josh Beckett up at the plate than Wily Mo…..Wonder if Josh can play right field.

Come on Coco!Single does the trick!

Random thought of the night: Maybe Wily Mo runs into one and hits it about 500 feet.

Hope you are right Ian.

Ian, do you read all the posts here? Just curious, is it your job?

Yeah maybe Vazquez will throw the same first pitch he threw to Damon in game 7 of the ALCS….

My mistake check that….*Demon.

Don’t read all the posts, but I do go in as often as I can to monitor the overall behavior.

I really think I’m going to puke. Can anything else possibly go wrong? We get a million hits and can’t score. Matsuzaka gives up a zillion walks. Ump calls Pedroia out on a ball outside. He can’t give the home team one single call? Papi, Crisp have hit liners everywhere and one can’t drop. Unreal.

McClennan blew that 1-2 call, plain and simple. When your struggling everything seems to go against you

Oh man!!!!! Dice K keeps walkin ppl and walks always kill. Now the sox are down 3-2, and they havent done anything against Vazquez since the early part of this ballgame. This is really bad for the sox right now. I dont have a good feeling about this game now. WE NEED RUNS!!!

You could see this inning coming a mile away. Sox get runners on and can’t get them in and DiceK had yet to have his one terrible inning. Vazquez isn’t long for this game. We will get 2 cracks against that crappy bullpen before Bobby Jenks.

Does anyone know a good Doctor who treats people who sleep walk?? Matsuzaka has 1 inning EVERY game where he falls asleep. I really want to have faith in this guy who the Sox have plowed MILLIONS of $$’s into, but it’s difficult with the repitition of the sonambulism (sleepwalking) inning…..


Dice Man only gave up 2 hits,but 6 stinkin walks.

If one more run scores,we pretty much aint winnin.

Wow great job by Manny(Delcarmen).

You guys check out my blog and tell me what you think.

Now Lets score some runs!!! LETS GO RED SOX









Yes, Delcarmen was good, although he wasn’t locating as well as I would have liked. But he got out of it.

Joseph,your blog is pretty darn good.Keep up the good work dude.

Im pleased with him getting the job done.Imagine how much worse the defecit coulda been?

****,three up and three down.

WMP draws a walk?O.O next thing ya know….ill become the next Wade Boggs.

Every line drive hit right at someone. Lugo’s ball is in RBI in the gap or down the line… Dye didn’t have to move 5 feet.

Mana nd we are approaching that 7th inning and beyond territory where the Sox bat like my high school team with RISP. O.O

I want to direct this to the OLDER fans here on the blog.

I was at work today and answered a phone call. A gentleman told me he was having trouble with his A/C. I asked his address and his last name. “Stennett” he replied. I had a flag go up in my brain. Before I could stop myself I asked if he was Rennie Stennett. He was totally taken aback and replied “yes”. I said “you played for the Pirates right?” He was again surprised that I knew who he is (was). I was like a 13 year old all over again. I remember watching him, and he was an awesome infielder/utility player. I told him that I watched him play with Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, Pena etc., he was so surprised that someone remembered him.

Anybodyelse remember Rennie Stennett??

Top of the order, Vazquez starting to tire, if we can’t score now, when the **** can we?

Im getting to a point where im about to blow my top >.<

The Yankees freaken lose today,and this is how we respond?!

How good is matt thornton? Does he throw hard, or someting? I think he’s gonna face Papi.

Well, there was our break. First decent ball not hit directly at someone (Pedroia). Thornton has a 4.96 ERA… Someone finally needs to step up. Let’s go Big Papi!!!

BRING HIM HOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember Rennie Stennet. Just looked him up… Batted .336 in 1977. Woo Woo.

Cmon Manny, hows about a little ribbie single?

Nice little bloop for Papi.

We finally get to the parade of losers (White Sox bullpen). I can only plead, beg, and pray that we finally break out. Any one else have any ideas?

Well, Thornton I have heard of and has some experience result: Papi single. Now comes the no-name guy Bukvich and I am getting scared…

Rennie had a 7 for 7 game too.I just looked him up.I agree with Rayman….Loser Parade AKA White Sox pen,lol.

410 foot out… too easy to predict.

Well, its time for Youk to break out… the bottom of our order is probably not going to come through.

What other park is that not a homer in? Houston maybe

Ugh, Youk is really struggling

Same thing, every inning, every game. Sure as the sun comes up every morning, we’ll leave 10 guys on base per game.


Ok, that seems almost about it for the red sox. Why do the worst bullpens beat us?ex: KC

I am in the twighlight zone…

God Bless Kevin Millar,Bill Mueller,Mark Bellhorn,and Trot Nixon.

lol. Ellen, seems like every retired ballplayer moves to south Florida. I do remember Stennett. I had a baseball card frowing up that recognized his 7-for-7.

Well, looks like this one is over with the Sox inability to score a run. I’m tired of watching this team play like this.

This is painful for me.

One of the worse bull pens is beating us.

Sox cant lose this division!I live in the Bronx,these guys are waitin for me like vultures >.< to annoy the freak out of me.

Haha when it’s going bad, it goes real bad.

Our closest pitcher to a “sure thing” just gave up a homerun for the first time since the first pitch he threw this season. Ouch.

Maybe the bottom of the order can ignite the team? Francona better pinch-hit Drew/Hinske for Wily Mo since he only has 6 outs left to work with. No sense in making that an automatic 5 outs by letting Pena hit.

Everytime Youk comes up in a huge situation, he blows it. I dont know how long we can stand to watch this team. It is unbelievable how the red sox r gonna lose when the opponent scores only 3 runs. In the beginning of this year, you’d think offense wuldnt be a problem. JD Drew will hit 20 hrs., Lugo will hit .280 and be the sparkplus at the top of the order. Ortiz and Manny will combine to have 80+ homers. Noting has happened. Right now, i culdnt care less about JD Drew. Send him to Pawtucket and bring back Ellsbury. Youk needs like 4 days off. WMP is no use for this team!

Its ok back-to-back homers to start off this inning.

Thank you Zachary.I agree with Dj too.Screw JD we want Ellsbury man.

Ellsbury for lead off man.

Now we’re down by 2 run? Its over thats it, the red sox shuld just pack up their bags after the 6th inning.

I meant five straight singles

Ok Lowell is on.Lets go guys.

Who here is up for sending Drew to pawtucket and bringing in Ellsbury for lead off man!

Send Drew to Portland.

Lets send him to the dump instead!I liked Wheels Ellsbury.He can be a **** of a lead off man.

How many more times are we going to have to watch the same thing?
Francoma just decreased WILY NO PLAYA trade value by playing him again tonight. Now we will be lucky to get a bucket of balls and a fungo for him at the trading dealine.

Dice K is too eratic. I mean, lights out and then he walks the bases loaded??

Another clutchless night by this hapless lineup.

This is getting really frustrating.

Way to take advantage of one of the few Yankee loses of this 2nd half fellas.

Guys,I think imma be sick…

Maybe I should switch over to another sport…maybe golf.Trade in my Ortiz 34 shirt as well as my Papelbon 58 for Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. >.<

I dont know wat this team is gonna do. This is ridiculous. No good leadoff man. No good number 5 hitter. Its like the whole lineup is in a slump, and dats wats truly hurtin the sox. This kinda reminda me of the toronto game. Sooo many hits, little runs.

Yeah exactly.Ellsbury woulda been the perfect guy for lead off.

I cant believe i wasted my time on this pitiful game. I shuld be snoring the night away right now.

Well if you get Mickelson then you might go through this same frustration in clutch situations.

Yeah,I may as well go root for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Arrrggg me mateys!

Arrrrgggg with Jason Bay….

Ball game over,Red Sox win….theeeeeeeeeeee Red Sox wiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!

One word: Pitiful. ‘Nuff said.

It’s over, hard to put a anythihg positive on this performance. I mean no extra base hits????? 11 hits is nice but nothing but singles, no clutch hitting, no hitting with men. Someone has to get in there and light a fire under their butts or it could get even worse.

Let this be like 2004. Great start, .500 ball for 4 months then great finish and world championship

Another game, another listless performance by a team that is playing right now like the 4th best team in the AL East. They couldn’t beat KC and we thought the could beat Chicago?
Bobby Jenks had blown 4 of 7 and had an ERA over 9 in his last 6 outings and the Sox immediately go 1,2,3.

We’ve talked about it, but does anyone know the last time we’ve scored after the 6th inning??

Knowing Francona’s logic, he’s going to give Pedroia a night off tomorrow just to give him a breather even though he’s the only one that’s been hitting.

The worst hitting team in the league with one of the worst bullpens just beat us.

How long is Nancy Drew going to be “day to day” before the Sox put him on the DL and bring up Ellsbury to be a spark? Drew does nothing when his is in the lineup, so why not have someone actually helping the team while Drew does nothing on the bench?

Just put Nancy on the DL.Maybe he broke a nail.Lets get Ellsbury back up here.

Well, if Beckett can’t get us back on track tomorrow night then it is official: nobody can. (Until the next night, in which case maybe Gabbard can provide another gem).

Is there anyway the Reds will part with Arroyo? How about Millar, can he be that right-handed bat off the bench/4th outfielder we need? Do you think Billy Mueller might consider coming out of retirement? The Sox need SOMEBODY to spark them.

Or maybe A-Rod could swing by Boston tomorrow night and let ‘Tek stick his glove in his face to get the team going? Anything will do right about now.

I live in Chicago and should be happy that I get to see some games on TV… but after last night, I’ll think I’ll just shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil. Anyone out there remember that line from a famous TV show?

Someone forgot to remind Matsuzaka that the White Sox are a horrendous hitting team. 6 walks? Unbelievable. I bet he would have at least 3-4 walks pitching against an old age home’s sloooow pitch softball team. He’s now tied for 5th in the AL in walks… I think the hype should have been… “Matsuzaka has 6 or 7 different pitches that he can throw for a ball at any time.”

Maybe the red sox shuld pick the lineup out of a hat for this game.

For those of you not lucky enough to hear the game in Chicago… the best quote from Ken Harrelson was… “David Ortiz is a good hitter.”

OOO man i hate those white sox announcers. “You can put it on the board….. yes.” So annoying.

Yup, I remember it, rayman. I believe it was Cheers, and the line was Sam Malone indicating what he’d rather do than accompany Diane to some artsy fartsy event. One of my favorite lines from that show.

Not much to add to the conversation, except to join the chorus of voices bemoaning the lackluster performance of our beloved Sox. I’ve been thinking of writing down all the email addresses of the Yankee fans who come here and razz us about the “inevitable” collapse, so that I can write to them at the end of the season and rub it in a little bit. But at this point it’s looking like my correspondence will be more along the lines of inviting them to watch me dine on a healthy serving of crow.

Yes, it was Sammy “Mayday” Malone. And if you compare them all… I would rather 1) Attend an arts fair with Diane… 2) Shave my head with a cheese grater… 3) Watch the Redsox hit into double plays (Varitek), get thrown out on the bases (Pedroia after his RBI), and leave 9 or 10 on base… at home… against one of the worst teams in the league… with our $100M man on the mound.

Drew is back in the lineup and hitting 5th tonight, with Youkilis getting the night off in favor of Hinske (hitting 8th).

I really believe that Youk needs a couple of days off because he is certainly playing like it right now. Hopefully it won’t result in a trip on the DL but I would rather it happen now than in September.

I wonder if Lowell has told Tito he prefers hitting 6th, because there is no reason for him not to hit 5th with his numbers as well as Drew’s lack of effectiveness in that spot.

Unfortunately, I foresee a Doug Mirabelli sighting tomorrow afternoon since the Sox are playing two games within 20 hours of each other and ‘Tek will probably get the day off. And if Drew’s hamstrings tighten up tonight, this will of course result in the Perfect Storm of Ugly Batting Averages (Pena, Mirabelli, Hinske, and Lugo) towards the bottom of our lineup.

I am going out on a limb tonight and saying that our boys will make everybody happy tonight with a solid W. The Sox own Contreras.

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