Friday night at the Fens

No Youuuukkkk tonight. Why?

"He’s not in the midst of swinging it as well as
he has," said manager Terry Francona. "He missed about a week before the break and then he’s played every game

On the other hand, J.D. Drew is back in the lineup, batting fifth and playing right field.

Schilling is ready to crank it up tomorrow in Pawtucket.

Tiki Barber — the former star running back who recently retired from the NY Giants — was in the clubhouse before the game wearing a Red Sox batting practice jersey and, yes, he took some hacks before the game. My crack assistant Alex McPhillips tells me, " No homers for Tiki Barber. Just a few nubbers down the line."

After batting practice, the clubhouse was closed to the media for about 10 minutes in order for the guys to have a team meeting. Was the topic the slumping offense or remedies for the 20-24 record since May 31? Inquiring minds want to know, but no information has been disclosed just yet.
Now, I’ll leave you with tonight’s lineup.

Crisp CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Drew RF
Lowell 3B
Varitek C
Hinske 1B
Lugo SS

Beckett SP




JD goes 2-4 with a BB and Red Sox win 8-2. This game becomes turning point in the season, offense begins mashing the ball.

Way to steal 2 runs McClennan!! You screw Matsuzaka last night and you screw Drew tonight. Should be 3-0 and the way the Sox are going this one will end 3-2 ChiSox, watch

Well at least he got a hit and an rbi, Francona ejected, maybe he talked to Pinnela and this gets the boys rolling.

That’s absolutely horrible. It’s one thing to blow a call on a close play at first but to take away 2 runs? I’m actually disgusted.

But I do love how Beckett responded to McClennan (the home plate umpire who blew the call): 3 straight punchouts.

I agree about McClellan. He was horrible behind the plate last night, squeezing Dice-K. ANd you can hardly tell if he calls a ball or a strike since he takes his time to signal when he is behind teh plate. ANd the ball Drew hit was clearly a home run. Apparently, none of these umpires are paying attention to the game, or McClellan’s fellow crew members think it is more important to support his call than get the call right. Nevertheless, Drew hit a ball hard. Sometimes all it takes to get going is a bad call and some emotion. At least Francona got heated.


Sorry, not McClennan behind the plate tonight, that was last night.

But yea Jeff, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the combination of having 2 runs stolen and the manager tossed will fire up the Sox.

I’ll steal a line from “Fever Pitch”. ‘HEY UMP, GET OFF YOUR KNEES, YOU’RE BLOWIN’THE GAME!!!!!! boy, did that call BITE!!!!

Alright top of the order, bases loaded, no out, if you can’t score now, when the **** can ya? CmON SOX, LETS GO!!

COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That a boyyyyyyyyyyy

I guess what they say is true!!! “What goes around, comes around”!!

Hope the big guy is okay. There are saying he may have hurt himself belly flopping into second. Hope it is nothing related to the knee

Ian, what’s up with your blog’s font? For a second I thought it was the text setting in my browser (and it wasn’t).

Tim McClelland isn’t somebody who is new to controversy it seems; George Brett’s pine tar incident, Sammy Sosa’s corked bat…

I think I would be correct in assuming that he’s not a player and/or fan favorite.

So how about that Grand Slam eh? Go Lugo!

Lugo rocks.

Don’t assume I’m a fair weather fan for not posting in this “mini-slump”, of sorts. Just so you know, Beckett had more pitches than Contreas did, 114-103, even with the 10 ER etc. It seems like lately Beckett has be going for the K, more than the out, he was dominate earlier in the year by getting mechanical outs (ground out, pop out, fly out etc.)Reminds me of Dice-K. This is proved by the 3-4 fly to ground ratio, compared to 10 K’s. Where has Lugo come from, Drew had a excellent night too.

Francona is pulling a Pininella by getting tossed, look what happened in Chicago after that happened! If lighting strikes twice were in for a terrific summer.

I’m really glad that J-Go (my nickname for Lugo) has started to come around. I can’t remember the number, but doesn’t he have quite a few stolen bases??? We’ve needed someone who is capable of that for a long, long time. I really hope that he can continue to produce at offense as well. Coco’s triple really made up for the ump’s “lack of judgement” tonight, as a matter of fact ALL OF THE UMPS!!! I truly hope that this is the kick in keester that our Sox needed to jump start the dead battery that we have had in the last 24 games!!!!

Great “W” RedSox!!!!

Ellen, Lugo now has 25 stolen bases, and six home runs and 47 RBI. He was hitting .189 and is niw hitting .225. I will mention that, while everyone else on this site and Sox and Pinstripes was coining nicknames like Lugout and Lugo Line, I stressed that everyone should have patience – that Lugo would start to produce. Ditto for Pedroia. I won’t say I told you so…wait a second. I will. I told you so! As for Drew, I am not convinced that he will produce on a regular basis this season because he needs a stint on the disabled list to rest his sore hamstring. A day or two of rest does little to allow the injury to heal.


RSJones, I agree with you about Beckett. His pitch count was high tonight. The Sox need seven strong each start from Dice-K and Beckett. That way, it won’t matter as much when Wakefield or Tavarez goes five.


Jeff, If you’ll look on the very earliest posts from this season, I called Julio, J-go,;no bandwagon jumper am I. I just never thought it necessary to call him out when he was in his slump!! I have already written on the blog, how wrong I was about Pedroi-er (heh heh, I love Jerry Remy!!), so I’m resistant to change, and I too, like you, but probably more so… AM NOT CONVINCED that JD will produce on a consistant basis,not only this season but for the duration of his contract, and I know that I’m not the only one who has this belief. Sorry.

…ps. It’s not a Trot thing! It’s a “let’s call it like it is” thing. Look at his career….

Jeff, I coined the term LUGO LINE and I should get credit for that. LOL.

I am still pissed at the blown home run call.

And just to make the day little better Yanks lost and lost in a bad way. Thanks Mussina for pitching a gem(LOL) and thanks so much Tampa. Just to make it a little bit better the yanks play a double header tommorrow.

Ellen, I think Drew will produce once he has an off-season to let his hamstring heal, at least as long as his shoulder doesn’t blow out! So I think Drew will be an ideal No. 5 guy starting next season. I am hoping the Sox get a productive fourth outfielder in a trade so the Sox have someone to turn to when Drew is on the bench for a game or two because his hamstring is “grabbing” at him. MLB Trade Rumors reports that a three-way deal that would send Bobby Kielty to Boston and Wily Mo Pena somewhere has stalled. I don’t think Bobby Kielty is the answer. And I hope this is not Theo Epstein’s solution. Of course, from now until July 31, we will hear and read lots of trade rumors, about 99 percent of which are unfounded, especially those that Steve Phillips reports.


You can have the credit, Kumar🙂. Mike Mussina is becoming a welcome sight for opposing hitters. He is the Yankees’ version of Julian Tavarez. You just can’t count on him. Regarding Tavarez, it appears that he will get another start. I figured the SOx would make a move of Tavarez to the bullpen and give either Jon Lester or Devern Hansack the the next start, but apparently that will not happen.

NOT Davern hansack!Ide rather tavarez.

Maybe the Umpire’s call and seeing Francona get ejected tring to help them may have awakened a sleeping giant.

So this was a nice 14 million dollar restful kind of season for Drew and an 14 million dollar loss for a season for the Sox??

chman: I thought the same thing, you know, hey they were going to bat, so to speak, for Tito!!

Maybe its the inspiration they needed.Tito has inspired that time many times.Remember in 04 when they fell 0 – 3 in the ALCS?I heard he supported them through and reassured them it was possible to come back.I am glad they brought one for Tito.But now lets keep the train moving!Kason Gabbard goes tomorrow,hopefully he can pitch like his usual self and we can get him some runs to work with early.

*team many times

As it stands now the next start for Tavarez will be against Indians at Jacob’s Feild. Not the best team to face when a pitcher is struggling.

Yeah Kumar.Plus,he might be dealing with an injury.Ide say put him on the DL for now and give another guy a chance.Once Schilling gets back,we can have to option to put Tavarez in the pen and put Schill in.I say keep Gabbard.

*the option

Well Lugo has been hitting well because he is set mentally and is confident.He seems to be seeing the ball a lot better too.MAYBE this is JD’s turning point.Who knows.

Also lately,I have heard that the Sox are looking into possibly acquiring Eric Byrnes from Arizona.Either him or maybe Mark Texiera.What a boost Byrnes or Texeira can be!

As much as I’d love to see Byrnes with the Sox, it would cost WAY too much and not make much sense. He is in the last year of his contract, is a 5-tool OF, and is having a career year. All of this adds up to the D’Backs being in a position of power for whatever they’re asking for, as well as big money for Byrnes in the offseason. I don’t think the Sox are going to give it to him when they have committed so much $$$ to their RF for the next 5 years, Coco is coming on like a mad man, and Manny is being Manny.

I will admit that I lost patience with Lugo during the first half, but am now thrilled to see him producing. The guy would have a minimum of 35 SB’s right now if he hadn’t had such a poor 2 months. But that Grand Slam he hit was a monster shot (no pun intended) and it was great to see him get a curtain call from Fenway.

I am still pretty disgusted over the Drew non-HR call but still it was great to see him put together a couple extra base hits. Anybody else notice him using the wall more and more? This is a good sign people. If he can get that hamstring in order, he can become the LH version of Mike Lowell.

And finally, Coco’s bases loaded 3B was IDENTICAL to the one he hit against the Yankees back in April (in that 8th inning, 5-run comeback game).

Dude,it was an awesome game all around.Any opinions on Mark Texeira becoming a Red Sox?

Hey guys, great night chating with y’all!! talk game time tomorrow!! G’night nationers!!!

A nice win tonight, particularly since the Yankees got their collective butts handed to them by the Devil Rays. Yankees have been getting great pitching and playing good ball and get blown up by the worst team in baseball. Explaining that is like trying to explain the Sox woes on this homestand. You can’t! That’s baseball.

I’ve mentioned a bunch of time here how bad umpiring has been this year. These guys are out of position and missing obvious calls. If it gets much worse, it might be time to consider instant replay for fair/foul, out/safe, and calls like the home run. It’s hard to believe none of the other umps saw it.

Scoring ten runs is refreshing, but I wouldn’t say it was done the way the Sox lineup is designed to do it. Lugo and Crips drive in seven of the ten while the big boys still dit on their hands. I think there’s still room for concern and that tonight’s performance is the exception, rather than the rule. Still, at least SOMEBODY hit in the clutch. I still want to see Manny and Papi produce in key situations.

Good hitting is contagious.

Normally I put the gameday on the computer in the office at work and check it when there is a break in the action on a Friday nite. But tonight I decided that it would be better if I did not check on the game at all until it was over. I figured that if I missed all the action(even gameday) the Sox would win in a big way. Sure enough, it worked. I missed everything, the slam, the triple, the non-homer, all of it. Maybe I’ll watch it tomorrow on MLBTV. Just glad they won and won in bone-crunching fashion. Now if they can string a few together…

I have not watched a lot of baseball in the last few years, been busy with business, but this year I got the MLBTV. And I was thinking, I can’t figure out the strike zone these guys are calling. Thought it was the quality of the picture(not the greatest). Or some new strike zone. But gsm52, you mention the poor umpiring, and I have to agree with you. I’ve watched a lot of games over the years and thought I could recognize a strike, but this has me baffled. Some of the strikes called on Papi have been truly mystifying. And Youk, don’t get me started. He has gotten some bad ones too.

Anyway, I gotta get a shower. G’nite Nationers.

chman, about Teixeira becoming a Red Sox. Sadly, i think the chances are very slim. Apparently, he’s going to Baltimore. I read somewhere ( either in S.I. or in a fantasy baseball mag ) that last year, when the Braves were willing to trade 1st baseman Adam Laroche, the O’S GM tried to acquire him and sign him for several years. That was almost a done deal but the O’s owner ( it’s Peter Angelos, right ? ) said no way.

The reason : he’s a big fan of Mark Teixeira ( who isn’t ? ) and he wanted to save the 1st base spot in ’08 for him, a nice guy from Maryland that already said he’d like to join the Orioles once he’s done with the Rangers.

But hey, i’m with you, he’s a great player, both offensively and defensively.

Getting Texeria would be nice but I don’t think Texeria will be traded this deadline. I do believe Texeria will be traded during the winter. Texeria was originally a Red Sox draft choice out of high school and had a bad experience with Wayne Britton, a scout that was in the Red Sox organazation. Britton is long gone I believe and that was the previous regime, Duquette and the owner was Harrington. Perhaps Texeria’s thinking is different to the Sox organazation now.

It is great to see Lugo hitting again. He should be atop of the order in less than a month. I always had confindence in him turning it around. Watching him play with the Rays in last few years, always doing something good at the plate. Defensively average at best. He was brought to Boston too get on base and create havoc on the basepaths.

Tim McClellan should be FIRED !!! MLB has to remove this loser of an umpire immediately. He just cost the Padres the entire season. He IS THE WORST UMPIRE EVER, WITH HIS SLOW DELIBERATE CALLS. HE BLEW THE CALL AT THE PLATE AGAINST COLORADO…WITH YET ANOTHER SLOW, DELIBERATE WRONG CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! MLB NEEDS TO FIRE TIM MCCLELLAN TODAY !!


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