Momentum shift

Did someone say something about the Red Sox being in a hitting slump? In case you haven’t noticed, the bats are back.

For the first time since June 10, Terry Francona posted a lineup that had Julio Lugo batting leadoff. Tito wouldn’t say if it was permanent or not. Some of it had to do with David Ortiz being out of the lineup after the shoulder strain of Friday night.

Speaking of Papi, he’s day to day. He got a clean bill of health on his MRI this morning. No structural damage.

I have a feeling Lugo might not come out of the leadoff spot again. And how about Coco Crisp? Yes, the Red Sox have at least gotten the player they thought they had traded for in January, 2006. I’m not sure what is going on with Coco’s on again, off again relationship with the media. After speaking expansively following Friday night’s game, Coco didn’t talk at all after driving in five runs on Saturday.

It’s pretty impressive that the Sox could put together this type of offensive barrage on a day Ortiz was sidelined. It sounds like Ortiz will again sit on Sunday.

Is Kason Gabbard really this good or are hitters still trying to figure him out? At this stage, it’s hard to think Gabbard will be the one to come out of the rotation when Schilling returns. But these kinds of decisions are the ones teams love to be tough ones. For that means that things are going well.

How bad is that White Sox bullpen? Sixty-three pitches in one inning today? That was hard to believe.

On that note, I’ll talk to you all on Sunday.



I do like the idea of Lugo hitting leadoff. He has worked hard in the last 6 weeks. He seems like he is getting back to his form. I am so glad that Drew is not leading off, AMEN!!!

Let’s hope the Sox can keep the bats going today and Gabbard can keep it up. Gabbard gets ahead in the count he’ll do fine, if not he’ll be in trouble. This White Sox offense is near the bottom in alot of offensive categories, only a couple of guys to worry about.

Willy Mo Pena just made Manny Ramirez look like a gold glove winner. I thought that was impossible to do. Pena sure did though.

Coco is the master with the bases loaded. Now Wily Mo needs to atone for his sloppy play and unearned run

Nevermind, 6-4-3 DP, nice Wily, I would have rather seen your patented strikeout there

Any chance that Theo will be able to trade Wily No Hope before the 3rd?😦

Too late

Will No Hope–Now that is a good one. Nice move by Willy Mo, you can’t strike out when you swing at the first pitch. Nice inning by Gabbard, Danks walked 2 and they both scored, it usually happens that way when you walk 2. Good at bat by Crisp, fell behind 0-2 and a sharp single to score 2.

Do you think Wily No Hope’s granny can play LF?

I don’t know if she could do worse. When a o.f. makes Manny look good, you know he *****!!! Good to see Lugo with a wall double. I like what I see from this offense. Pinero and Willy Mo must go and go real soon. Pinero is this year’s Rudy Seanz, nothing but bad news when he comes in.

I’d say we put Manny in left and lose the DH, let the pitcher hit, I bet Kason would do better than wily

I am sure Kason could not do any worse than Willy Mo. He looks like he is afarid to go up to the plate. He has no confidence at all. Gabbard looking good in the early going. Let’s hope it is another solid start by the lefty. Yanks won so it would be nice to see the Sox win.

I can’t believe the Fox Game of the Week is the Red Sox vs White Sox, and we’re getting the Mets/Dodgers in Jax. Can’t even watch on Extra Innings.

Manny leaves Lugo on third with one out on a called third strike. Completely unacceptable.

Yeah I am stuck with NYM/LAD as well in NY obviously. Looks like they changed that error to a double so Kason’s run was unearned. I didn’t get to see it I only heard on the radio that it was a catchable ball but it must have been difficult enough to changle rulings. Can’t get enough of these quick games. Top 5 and the game is only an hour old.

They ruled the error right away because the Fox guys said it was an error a moment or so after. Willy Mo making his 6th start in l.f. today and this just in hopefully he will not make it 7 starts in l.f. Drew has struck out twice and he is looking pretty bad. He’ll be on the d.l. in no time, an easy way out for him. Drew and Clement remind me so much of each other when they go back to the dugout, I don’t know what it is. Not mentally tough those 2 guys.

I am glad that Fox did not send Kenny Albert to Fenway. He is the worst announcer that Fox has. Brenneman and Girardi do a solid job on Fox.

Rizzo, I am from CT and ran into the same problem as you with the NYM/LAD game being on Fox. But in CT at least, channel 25 is another Fox channel and is broadcasting the Sox game (obviously not in HD, but beggers can’t be choosers).

Drew up in a big spot here. Will he produce? I say he’ll walk. He can’t strike out for the third time can he?

Drew comes through big timen thataboy JD

WOW!!! Drew came up with the big hit here to extend the lead.

How about that?

Varitek doesn’t hit well with the bases loaded in his career but I don’t agree with this move by Guillen.

Now Tek’s turn, keep that merry go round going

That ball was by Fields, nice play. Varitek got robbed of a 2 run double there.

Crisp came thru last time, why not again.

Coco is the man with the bases juiced can he come through again? Oh yeah, but Mikey gets thrown out. 4-1 Sawx, I’ll take it

Lowell looked safe on that replay. Crisp again comes thru, nice.

Big inning here by Gabbard, keep the mo going.

Say what you want about Coco. When the base are loaded, the guy is a beast.

* bases

Crisp in the last month or so looks like the guy the Sox traded for. Looking the guy that played for the Tribe in 2005. Good to see.

When is the last time the Sox had back to back CGs? Kason has a chance especially if we can put a few more up on the board

I would take a guess and say it has been several years that has happened. Pedro would be my guess.

Another big spot for JD, a hit here may do it

A friend sent me a ‘proverb’ – “baseball is wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk”

lol, good one apd

Manny was sleeping. A guy sitting in the last row in the bleachers could see that one. Wow, what pathetic baserunning.

It all worked out good in the end.

Come on Cap’n.

This White Sox pen is just horrible. I thought the Rays was bad. These guys can’t even throw it over the plate. Free passes with these guys on the hill.

Coco last 2 days: 4-4 with bases loaded.

Crisp again comes thru. I hope the Sox offense is heating up and it is more them than the guys on the hill. Perhaps it is a combination.

So much for the Sox not hitting guys that have no experience, 11-1

bosox, get a life,with all the posting you do on this blog and on the Yankees blog you obviously don’t have a life.Coco Crispy actually is starting to look o.k., and Julio Lugnuts is doing pretty good, I didn’t think that was possible. Get a life bosox or get get a dog but stay off the Yankees sight,idiot!

Here’s a thought – an anagram for Dustin Pedroia is ‘Super Addition’

Nice result.

Let’s hope the Rays bag a ‘W’ in their second game.

I agree with that. The Rays kicked there tail last night. Damon made a great catch in l.f. to take away a double to start the game. Sox bats were alive and well and Gabbard pitched well again. Great too see, let’s hope the Red Sox can take 3 out of 4 with a win tomm and end the homestand on a positive note.

Kumar, guess that double header isn’t looking like such a negative anymore, is it?

I knew as soon as the Sox started hitting today would be a blow out. If you guys werent playing cleveland and helping NY either way, I’d say the sox might go on a little tear here. August 9th is going to be very interesting.

Howell is the worst starting pitcher that I have seen in a long time. He throws meatballs and DeSalvo has to keep the Rays in check and he should get a easy win.

Yanks play 19 games in 18 days bcoz of the doubleheader after the ASB even they they are against very week teams. So even though they r sweeping the double header that playing so many games will have it’s toll on them. Let’s how they handle the REDHOT Kansas City Royals in Kansas in fairly hot weather(around 90 degrees). My guess is this double header is going to have a effect on the Yanks when they play the Royals. Having said that Tampa(WORST RECORD IN AL) did their job of taking a game from the yanks. So, even if they lose double header I am happy as they got into yanks bullpen yearly and made them work a lot which should only help the teams playing the yanks after this series(Royals, Orioles etc.).

Just a fact for ur yanks, KC the best ERA of any AL team starting June 1st…And lots of BADLUCK playing the Royals.

And Vince how is it going to help the yanks if all of ur starters go 5 or less than 5 innings in 3 straight games(with or without a doubleheader) against the worst team in the AL.

Vince just to make u feel just a little bit bad Kason Gabbard was lights out again and would have pitched a 2nd straight complete game today if not for that 45 Minute wait before the 8th inning.

Kason Gabbard gave just 1 ER in 16 innings in the last 2 games.Compare that to Yanks starters in the first 3 games(including today) VS the worst team in the AL. They gave up 12 runs in 14 innings combined.

I would never say it is good to play a doubleheader when u play 19 games in 18 days without a break in between.

Kumar, calling the Rays the worst team in the AL is different than “the worst offense in the al” the Yankees are going to take 2 out of the first 3, highly likely taking 3 out of 4. Considering the Sox lost two out of three to the second worst team in the AL, you’re not really in a heckling position with me.

Gabbard has been very solid, is that supposed to irritate me? I’m really not as jealous as you want me to be about your pitching.

Yeah, our minor league callup didn’t go 5, mussina had a bad start that was a blowout anyway and Igawa, soon to be a minor leaguer was predictable but was also an inning away from a quality start. In fact, just to take a page from your book:

Tavarez ERA in July: 8.05, 19 innings.

Igawa: 6.00 ERA, 15 innings

Those are the 5 starters.

Wakefield: 6.75 ERA, 18.2 IP

Mussina: 6.48 ERA, 16.2 IP

Those are the 4 starters.

Gabbard: 2.14 ERA, 21 IP (not counting today, which you can adjust was you wish)

Clemens: Clemens: 2.63 ERA, 27.1 IP

Those are the 3 starters.

Matsuzaka: 4.88 ERA, 24 IP

Pettitte: 8.84 ERA 19.1 IP

Those are the two starters.

Beckett: 3.60 ERA, 20 IP

Wang: 2.03 ERA, 26.2 IP

So get off the high horse about the pitching right now and both should improve with players coming back from injury.

Oh and in July, sox: 9-10 Yankees: 13-6

We just had our 2 worst pitchers go the last two nights and a callup go because they had a DH, Pettitte and Wang will salvage some pen when they start against against the Royals and Clemens might. I’m not that concerned about the pen or the Royals, you guys are the ones who have struggled the last two years, the Yankees haven’t.

Oh and those “red hot” royals: 8-6 this month. 15-12 last month. Just because they play well against the Sox when they are struggling, doesn’t mean they are “red hot”

And Britton is waiting if the pen really is tired, not to mention welcome to the trade deadline.

The big difference between the Yankees and Red Sox is the bullpen. Sox bullpen has been solid all year and the Yankees pen has been well not so good. Big problem with the Yankees pen is them not throwing strikes, they must be at the bottom in all of the pitching categories. Too many walks issued by those guys. Visciano has looked sharp in the last month or so and I don’t know why Torre keeps bringing in Farnsworth in the 8th. Visciano should be the guy in the 8th. You said that Mussina had a bad start, I would put that in the AWFUL category. In one inning he threw I believe 46 pitches, the most in his career in 1 frame. Not good and you wonder why this Yankee pen will be throwing with there opposite arm come mid August.

You’re absolutely right about the wildness Brian.

I don’t agree about the tired factor through. Proctor may very well be traded for Ty Wigginton, Farnsworth is ineffective but unused and he may be traded for a reliever. Britton could be called up with an untaxed arm. Vizcaino has been overworked but I think he could handle it, he pitched 78 innings last season I think.

Rivera has not been overused by any means, same with Myers and same with Bruney. Staying consistant is their issue, but the burnout thing is overrated.

BTW, Yankees about to close a deal for Jose Molina in exchange for Jeff Kennard, a 26 year old relief pitcher. Just thought I’d report it, not that it means much.

Royals could be a pain for the Yankees. They beat down Detroit last night and are tied at 8 in the 9th. They roughed up Verlander tonight and that isn’t easy to do. Yankees better be careful when they go to K.C. and battle the Royals. That series could be intersting. Clemens this year has struggled on the road as you know.

Lucky for NY, their relievers in AA are just as good as their top two prospects, plus they have the means to get relievers if it was such a major issue. But Okajima, Papelbon, Snyder and some others have been very solid for the Sox in the pen, you’re right about that as well.

Yeah, Royals are a tough team and oddly enough, a pretty good second half team. What is that a 4 game series? Yankees will be good with a split on the road, especially if they win tomorrow. 11-5 after the first 16 games this month is I think what you have to expect and then they have another two weeks of soft competition.

I was talking abt the schedule and got a digressed into pitching. It was not my point to compare the pitching. My point was even though the yanks have very very easy schedule until August 9th, but coz of the doubleheader it should take a toll on the yanks(hopefully).
As u said the yanks really dominate the Royals , let’s see if they sweep the 3rd worst team in the AL(They are not the 2nd worst team in AL as u pointed and r actually tied with Whitesox for the 4 worst). Can’t wait.

And by the way once Schilling is back(which is not too far away) all indications are Gabbard will be our 5th starter and Tavarez will be moved to the bullpen.

“Lucky for NY, their relievers in AA are just as good as their top two prospects”

Yeah really how is Overhyped AAA pitcher Edwar Ramirez doing. Did he really CRY after the only strike he threw was hit for a grandslam? Just curious.

Wigginton would be a nice move by the Yankees. He plays 3 different positions, not that he would be playing 3b and 2b for them but it is nice to have those options. Those have been the rumors for a bit and Wigginton doesn’t fit in the Rays plans for the future. Longoria at 3b and Iwamurra at 2b I assume they are projection for 08.

Myers as you know is just effective against lefties so he will never be overworked. Bruney has lots of talent but can’t throw strike 1. Bruney entering tonight’s game 61 baserunners in 37 innings, way too many. I don’t think burnout is overrated, I think consistant and burnout could go hand and hand at times. I don’t know who will take Farnsworth and his ridiculous contract, the Yankees are going to have to pay part of it. Are the Giants playing the Bucs tonight?

4 game series in the heat of K.C. Not going to be easy for the Yankees out there. Clemens at his age might melt.

Unless they can get Damaso Marte for a mid-range prospect, which is possible since the Pirates want to rid themselves of salary, I don’t think the Sox should acquire a reliever. They will be able to add Tavarez to the bullpen when Schilling returns (since Gabbard will stay in the rotation if he keeps pitching so well), and Donnelly could return sometime in August. Last year aside, Tavarez has a decent track record as a reliever, and since he usually breezes through the first time through the batting order, that shows that Tavarez in small doses can be effective. Also, guys like Craig Breslow and Travis Hughes are throwing the ball well at Pawtucket.

What the Sox need is a productive right-handed hitting fourth outfielder that doesn’t cost top prospects.

Though the Yankees rotation has pitched better, it is still not anything to fear. Ditto for their bullpen. That said, the Red Sox should not concern themselves with the Yankees. As long as the Sox take care of business and win series, the Yankees will not be a serious threat. The Yankees don’t have the pitching to play .650 or .700 ball for the remainder of the season, so if the Sox just play .600 ball, which is very feasible, they should maintain a comfortable lead. Nothing is certain, of course. Baseball is a game of ups and downs, after all.

Regarding the Royals, they are playing well right now, but the Sox had no business dropping two out of three. But that is what happens when you’re in a funk. Every team hits a dry spell. Hopefully that dry spell has now passed for the Sox.


Edwar Ramirez cried? In a regular season baseball game against the Devil Rays?

Great game today guys.It feels great to see Lugo utilize the monster to his advantage and to see JD get some rbi’s.I was so happy for Coco Crisp.He looks like the man we brought in to replace Damon.Kason Gabbard threw a heck of a game out their.Outstanding effort.Good pitching along with good hitting.Just an awesome game.Lets go Red Sox guys.

I am not high on Marte. That right handed bat, you like Sanders. I say Conine or how about Juan Encanrcion? I am not sure if the Cards will deal him but he is o.k. and he has some playoff experience. Pena and Pinero must go and I hope real soon. I will drive them to where they want to go. I will pay for the gas because it will be worth it. I will be doing a good deed for everyone that roots for the Red Sox.

Don’t put words in my mouth Kumar, I never said the Yankees would run over the Royals, but I don’t think they are gonna quite destroy the Yankees either.

The Royals starters are as good as the Yankees bullpen.

Ramirez was used three times in 3 wekes and didn’t pitch for 10 days. He struck out the side in his first appearence, was shaky against the team that cut him twice, but earned the win and was awful yesterday, as was everybody. He was misused and anybody who remotely comes close to following the Yankees rather than just try to knock on them every chance they get could see that.

And what, do you want to feel more masculine if a professional pitcher was “teary eyed” shortly before being sent down from his dream job?

I just said both teams improve when health returns. Schilling, who was mediocre before he left, returns and gabbard, who is solid but still unproven somewhat, stays in the rotation and the struggling tavarez goes back to the role he struggled at last year, great.

We get Hughes and a long reliever and Igawa is out of the rotation, that’s a MAJOR improvement.

Kumar, you want to do some research of the AA Thunder relievers? Did it ever occur to you the best ones stay down because they are developing? Well guess what happens come September? Their season ends and rosters expand, so those prized arms, actually may come up. Chase Wright is the only high prospect who pitched besides Hughes, and I don’t know why.

Chamberlain, Kennedy and relievers on Thunder, who are first by far in the division and have a team era under 3, those guys have never been brought up.

I don’t know if the Yankees sweep or take 3 out of 4, but I guarantee they don’t lose the series like the Sox did and that’s in Kansas City. Which is good because the Yankees cannot AFFORD to play the way the sox have the last two months.

By the way, Vince, though it is true the Yankees have an easy schedule in the next few weeks, the Sox have a very favorable schedule starting on August 20 and stretching to the end of the season. When you look at it, the remaining schedule contains a lot of games against the Devil Rays, Blue Jays and Orioles. The most formidable tests that remain are the four-game series this week with Cleveland, the six road games at Seattle and Los Angeles in early August, the four-game series at home against the Angels (leading to the 20th), and, of course, the six games with the Yankees (which we all know are usually played tightly regardless of how the other team looks in the standings). Of the Sox last 28 games, 18 are at Fenway, which is another factor in Boston’s favor.

No Jeff, he didn’t cry during the game. He was teary eyed during a post game conference when he was asked about his performance or something along those lines. Anybody who has seen him actually pitch, knows the kids potential, that just happens when you’re never used and have an all star break inbetween.

It is true Jeff the overhyped AAA pitcher for who strikesout all the hitters in the minors CRIED after failing to record an out and giving away a grandslam. As far as I know Edwar Ramirez was their top releiver in the minors. As Vince mentioned yanks have lots of top relievers in the minors. I think all the teams in the majors are scared of the yanks relievers comming out of the minors.

Vince, I agree that Leo Nunez and Odalis Perez are certainy starters the Sox should have pounded, but Boston did beat Brian Bannister, who is one of the better young starters in the American League. I guarantee you the Mets wish they had him back.

kumar rotfl lol

I’m not going to get on the kid for being teary eyed. I don’t know how I would react, not a bad thing to show some emotion out there. At least the kid cares and that is a good thing. Who knows what he’ll amount to, he might not see a big league game again or he might play for several seasons.

I guess we are becoming spoiled with our great relief staff.Everybody in our pen does a decent job except Pineiro.

I kinda feel bad for Edwar.Playing major league baseball aint easy and making it tp the majors is not easy at all.

Likewise Jeff, the next 18 games are still against -.500 teams for NY. The yankees have 23 games against teams above .500 for the rest of the season, including 6 against the RS. I don’t fear cleveland whom NY swept earlier in the year and the Yankees historically play well at Jacobs field, plus cleveland tends to fade this time of year anyway.

Seattle is already starting to weaken and 3 of those games are against them. So really, it’s the 8 games against detroit, whom the Yankees were 7-2 against in the regular season last year, despite what happened in the playoffs.

30 games are at home for NY and the last 13 of the season after Boston are against -.500 teams.

Kumar, Edwar ramirez is not on the top 10 yankees prospect list, he was stolen thanks to excellent scouting from the Angels. He was never supposed to amount to anything and he was given an unfair shot at the majors. You’re lack of research on the Yankees farm system virtually makes anything you say about their prospects groundless and invalid.

But Edwar seemed to have great numbers in the minors…

I understand crying when you lose a big game, like how the Sox lost in the 2003 ALCS, but a regular season game against the Devil Rays? Even in a press conference, that is rather amusing. He needs to grow up. Young relievers often go through tough stretches. He needs to get a box of Kleenex to stick in his locker.

It is true that, though they do create cause for excitement among fans, numbers don’t tell the full story among prospects. How is the defense behind them? What is their WHIP? ERA isn’t always a big factor because in the minor leagues a home team’s scorekeeper often gives his or her team’s players hits even when there are obvious errors. Now numbers like what Hughes and Buchholz are posting are a different story, but it is rare for a hitter or a pitcher to dominate like they have.

Also, you have to consider the age of the player in relation to the age of everyone else in their class. For example, a 26-year-old dominating Single-A is not that impressive.

I think a lot of prospects are overhyped. And then there are those who emerge from nowhere, like Kason Gabbard, who pitches with the poise of a seasoned veteran. And there are guys like Manny Delcarmen, whose numbers were not impressive at Pawtucket and now he is dominant at the Major League level.

To give you an idea of the pitching in the minors:

Alan Horne: 9-3 2.45 ERA (starter)

Marquez: 3.29 ERA

Jones: 2.45 ERA

Smith: 2.97 ERA

Gardner: 2.39 ERA

patterson: 1.05 ERA

Pope: 2.20 ERA


Kozlowski: 3.11 ERA

Britton: 2.80 ERA

Brower: 1.67 ERA

I never meeant to compare the rotations or bullpen I got digressed when talking abt the schedule.

I was not putting words in ur mouth Vince. I was saying yanks have to take atleast 3 out of 4 from the Royals for them to go 19-9 from ASb to August 9th. So far they are 8-3. And one more thing the ways things are going right now u may have to compete with the Angels as well for the Wildcard.

Yes, you’re right numbers don’t tell the full story (though thats the only reason youkilis was ever drafted), but when you have 9 relievers with good numbers in the minors, chances are you could get some relief.

lol if the Yankees pass Seattle, they won’t have to worry about the west, period. They are closing in on Seattle right now, so I’m not worried about the Angels, unless we have to play them

Oh and none of thos eguys on the list minus Brower are over the age of 26 if i’m not mistakened.

I was watching the Devil Rays-Yankees game earlier on D Rays TV here in Orlando. The announcers made an amusing comment. They said that pre-game ticket sales for the Sox-Devil Rays series has already dwarfed that of the last D Rays-Yankees series at the Trop. They were imploring D Rays fans to buy tickets since they are well aware that it will be Fenway Park South next weekend.

If NY went 2-2 in KC, they would have to do this to get to 19-9.

Bal: 3/4 (they won one practically with the suspended game)

Whitesox at home: 2/3

Royals at home: 2/3

That would be 17-8.

Jeff I don’t blame them. The Yankees did draw 106,000 in 3 games which was 4th largest in trop history, so sox have a task to follow.

Again, large market teams are so awful, aren’t they?

I heard Magrane and Statts say that as well. That Sunday game will be insane with Dice-K going, everyone will want to see him pitch.

oh and 2/3 against toronto, so basically win their series and that is if they split.

Anyone know who pitches saturday for the sox?

Yankees fans have an interesting dilemma this week, huh, Vince? It is a more feasible scenario that the Yankees make the playoffs with the wild card than winning the AL East, and obviously Cleveland is the wild card favorite right now (or Detroit, if Cleveland goes on a tear and the Tigers start to struggle). Do Yankees fans root for the Sox to take 3 out of 4 against the Tribe or do they root for the opposite. Or do they pull for a split?

I think Tavarez and Shields will pitch Saturday and Dice-K and Kazmir on Sunday. I have tickets for both. Vince, are you and your dad staying for the Sunday game or heading back to south Florida?

Jeff, good question. Personally, I think it’s pretty even their chances of winning WC or division. I would be more comfortable in a WC race though because I have no faith in the Tribe and they have Minn AND Detroit to battle. Though, you guys are the RS, so I root for a split and a Yankees sweep of the royals so I can see something like a 5 game difference in the standings haha.

I don’t know how u can blame my knowledge of the yanks farm system when u don’t know that Edwar Ramirez was not selected based on the scouting report but based solely on the numbers(I think this is from an article on Edwar Ramirez). Good numbers there Vince from the Yanks Minor leaguers. But didn’t Edwar Ramirez had an ERA less than 1.00 in the minors. And isn’t 1.00 less than all the ERAs u mentioned in ur post. And didn’t he struck out like million guys in every inning in the minors. How would I know I don’t have any knowledge of the minors.

So, ur excuse for Edwar Ramirez throwing only 2 strikes in 19 pitches is his lay-off for not pitching for 10 days.

PS.I guess Edwar Ramirez had an ERA around 0.89 in the minors. Maybe Vince with his excellant minor league knowledge confirm this and his strikeout numbers.

I’m guessing heading back to South Florida, which is a shame because Tavarez/shields is awful haah. Though then again, maybe Tampa actually wins that game.

No, you’ll get to see Tavarez-Shields. You’ll miss Dice-K and Kazmir.

Yeah, edwar had the best numbers, he wasn’t the highest prospect, there’s a major difference there. Look at Chase Wright’s minor league numbers, ridiculously low too. The best prospects have great numbers and are highly scouted. Edwar was not highly scouted, he had great numbers. and yeah Kumar, generally when you don’t pitch for 10 days when you’re supposed to about 3 times a week, there is a major issue, especially for a rookie making his 3rd appearance in the majors.

Edwar was taken from the angels when he developed his changeup which he did not have for the Angels. He was brought up because he is not a huge risk to screw up since he is not highly touted right now and he had nasty numbers, which again I maintain had he had a fair shot, he would have done better. He pitched consistantly after AAA in his debut andstruck out the side, including morneau. He had about 5 days off before facing the Angels and then had 10 before facing the D Rays. You do the math

I know, that’s why it’s a shame I’m seeing Tavarez and Shields and Tampa will have a shot at winning.

Even so, Edwar was overthrowing against the Angels, too much sentimental value in that appearance, he was legitamately off against the D rays and I don’t think it is inplausiable to blame an extremely long layoff.

lol great chat guys, but if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of Harry Potter to catch up on….Don’t judge!

Speaking of prospects who had way too much expected of them too soon, reports say that Craig Hansen has rediscovered his slider. He tossed three scoreless innings for Pawtucket today (after Schilling threw his three scoreless frames). Daniel Bard has regained his confidence in Single-A Greenville after a horrendous start at Single-A Lancaster, though he needs to learn how to throw strikes before he advanced beyond Single-A. Last season at this time, Bard, Hansen and Bryce Cox were supposedly poised to pitch for the Sox by 2008. Now Michael Bowden and Justin Masterson are the hot prospects (along with Buchholz).

Please tell me you didn’t stand in line for hours for Harry Potter.

Great news Jeff!Haha I love hearing that.Can’t have enough pitching.

No not at all, I walked into Super Target today and picked one up like a normal person.

I read that abt Hansen. Globe had an article on him on Friday. That’s very good news abt both Hansen & Bard.

Looks like u guys are going to watch Tavarez pitch when u meet in Tropicana. Let’s hope he pitches a gem in his last game as a starter.

I know vince will be rooting for Tavarez in Tropicana.

I like Bard alot, from what I watched of him in college. He has a very smooth delivery. He hits 99 on the gun thru out the game. I don’t know when and if he’ll make it to the show but I will be rooting for him. Sox picked Bard in the 1st rd, thanks in part for the Yankees signing Johnny Damon. Thank you N.Y.

lol. OK. As long as you did not dress up like your favorite Harry Potter character and attend a Harry Potter party!

Man I would give up Damon for a good releiver anyday.I mean we struck it big with Coco Crisp as it seems right now.

We have the Mets to thank for Buchholz as well (regarding the signing of Pedro). New York teams have been very good to the Sox minor league system!

haha my favorite character died already! jkkkk, well sort of.

Oh yeah Kumar, I’m a huge Freddy fan and all.

Thos Nuckus


As Tito would say let’s not place Coco Crisp in the Hall Of Fame already.

Vince didn’t wait in line for the Harry potter book but he beat out all the kids and Teens by reserving his copy early. LOL.

I heard Torre wanted to summon Potter for the 7th tonight. Theo and the front office has done a very good jop regarding the farm system. For years the Sox front office has never really developed anything. It is good to here about young guys in the system doing well.

Did anyone notice that the Yankees play the eerie theme music to Halloween when Mike Myers enters? I heard it in tonight’s game. I imagine Myers is tired of being compared to Michael Myers. I think the baseball Myers is about my age, in his late 30s, so he was in fourth grade when Halloween came out. It is still one of the best and scariest horror movies ever made, in my opinion. Of course the Halloween Michael Myers is much scarier to batters than the baseball Mike Myers.

Is it just me or does anybody else think that Yanks prospects are over hyped than the equal or better prospects from all ther teams?

You never know, Kumar, until they get to the Majors and have enough time to show if they are MLB worthy or if they are 4-A players.

Halloween movies are humorous.

The first was was very well-made. The subsequent ones were terrible, much like the original Friday the 13th versus the remaining Friday the 13ths. Ditto for the Rocky movies.

done with chapter 1….haha no, I forgot to reserve my copy, I was quite unhappy about it.

I think Myers is 36.

Bosox, we could have used him if for nothing else than to keep Vizcaino from winning two games on the same day. It’s just too weird.

Really? I loved rocky 3, no idea why. Four and five were not nearly as good, in fact 5 was awful. I agree about friday the 13th and Halloween though.

If you think schedule is going to play a role in determining the final outcome of the regular season, you are sadly mistaking. If that were the case, the Sox would have gone 10-0 on the current homestand against sub .500 teams they are supposed to beat. That ought to give you a clue that it’s how you play, how you execute, and how your perform every day that is important, not who or where you play.

I think 20 percent of the Sox remaining schedule is with the Devil Rays. You don’t think the Rays would love to stick it to the Sox? They’re a bunch of young, energetic guys with nothing to lose who would love to make their mark in the pennant race. Teams like Tampa and KC are very dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You think maybe the Sox took the Royals a little lightly?

The Sox appear to be a little more focused, and they need to remain that way. They need to treat every game like it makes a difference, because it does. The Yankees have no choice. They either get hot, and stay hot, or it’s over. If the Sox beat Chicago tomorrow, and the Yankees lose to the Rays, the effect is exactly the same as if the Sox beat the Yankees head on.

Forget schedules. I can assure you neither the Sox nor the Yankees are concerned about that. You can bet they are thinking about the next game and what they have to do to win it.

Yankee prospects are always overhyped for the most part. Too many over the years have fallen on there face quick.

I love how Jason kills people.Hes hilarious.


Well said, I don’t think I could have written it any better. If the Sox win tomm. they will finish the homestand 6-5. They played 3 teams that are looking for 2008 and beyond and if they win tomm they will barely get over .500 for the homestand. Enough said on schedules.

Bosox, how could you say that? So many have excelled for other teams because the Yankees Tampa faction traded most of them for superstars. The farm was never a problem until around 2002, and now the last two years it has rebuilt.

How many excelled for other teams?

Who are they? Where are they now? Eric Milton was all built up and he bombed for the most part. Yankees got Knoblauch and he played a good role in there championships. Guzman was in that deal as well and he had a so so career. I am sure there are others that have bombed. Built up because they’re Yankee prospects and there any good the Yankees wouldn’t give them up anyway.

McGriff was in there system, Lowell as well and there are a few others but for the most part all HYPE.

Yeah, Rivera and Jeter the future hall of famers are such hype. Ted Lilly excelling for The cubbies is garbage, Navarro on Tampa, Wang and Cano now, Soriano, he’s garbage, Thames, Halsey, Nick Johnson, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada…Should I continue?

How about Wily Mo Pena? He was a Yankees signee. He’s turned into a remarkable player. lol. Actually, I think that once Pena goes to a team and plays on a regular basis for a season or two, he will produce similar numbers to last season, except more homers and RBI. Some guys are not comfortable with playing part time, and Pena is one of them. He needs regular at-bats. Of course, he will likely need to DH.

Navarro, he can’t even hit his weight. He was another hyped prospect. Jeter, Rivera, Williams of course. Thames, Halsey, Johson are you kidding me… I can’t believe you even mentioned them. Do you really want to stick with Navarro, I will let you go on that one. Come on Vince. Navarro is AWFUL.

Vince, I agree with everyone on that list except Navarro (who hasn’t lived up to expectations, much like Eric Wedge didn’t in the big leagues with Boston) and Lilly (a mediocre starter for his career; he’s just benefitting from the crazy salaries paid out to guys like him, Meche and Miguel Batista).

Soriano was one that was already developed for the most part.

Name me trades over the years where the Yankees traded there prospects and they turned into something. I wonder about that. All these wonderful Yankee prospects that turn into nothing. Hype and more hype.

Nick Johnson is a good player. If he stays healthy, he can be an All-Star caliber first baseman on a consistent basis. Thames is alright, not great, but not terrible. He does have some pop in his bat. Halsey has a career ERA close to 5.

Jake westbrook, Zach day, Ramiro Mendoza, Brandom Claussen, Randy Choate, Juan Rivera, Tony Armas Jr, Wily mo Pena,D angelo Jimenez, Damaso Marte (that guy the sox want), Jason Anderson,

Jeff, the Yankees alternate between the “Halloween” theme song and the “Austin Powers” theme song whenever Myers comes in the game because of the actor Mike Myers.

I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to which song they play regarding his entrance?

Juan Rivera, Westbrook, tony armas jr, jimenez, Marte and choate alone, with johnson, pena (if he played everyday), Lowell, Soriano, Wang, Cano, Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Cabrera are enough for a team on their own.

You don’t want Navarro than surely you accept Posada. I mean how many solid major leaguers from a system do you want? Where are all the Red Sox farm hands? You act like the 10-15 are nothing.

Yeah and, those are great Yankee prospects that have turned out? I wouldn’t call them prospects that turned out. McGriff would be on the list but certainly not those guys you mentioned. You wrote Willy Mo Pena, now that is funny. Brandon Claussen another one that has bit the dust, Choate as well.

yankee you got to admit they are over rated for the moast part ya back int he 90’s they had a system why does every one say the yankees system ***** and brain cashman needs to rebuild it ?

Posada of course. How could I accept Navarro, he is terrible. Hitting under .200. I never said the Sox system has all these great prospects. There future looks good.

Lowell, Posada, Cabrera, Wang, Cano, Jeter, Rivera, Westbrook, J Rivera, Johnson, Marte, Armas Jr, Pena, Jimenez, Soriano.

That is 15 guys that are not only starting, but 4 were on the all star team THIS year, 3 are bonafied superstars and 2 are hall of famers.

10 to 15 with all the years. Not much in my opinion. Have a great night, past my bedtime.

No, I don’t have to admit they are overrated, how many farm guys do u think actually turn into something from each farm team? The Yankees are big market, and I admitted myself for about four years they didn’t concentrate at all on player development. So really, they’re averaging about 2 solid players every year and we’ve been over how solid their future is looking down there right now.

I mean they will never pan out like Marlins or D back or Tampa prospects, I admit that. But htey don’t have to, they don’t need Minnesota GM’s to compete because they spend money at a MLB level, the secret is finding a balance.

Have you all found that balance i doubt it nice ceneter fielder you have right no young guys for out their ? we have one and who was the last good starting pitcher you all have brought up ? one or two starts don’t count

I’m having trouble comprehending what you type, but I’ll try to answer that.

Cabrera has done an excellent job in centerfield on both sides of the ball. The Yankees are lacking position players, the last good starter the team brought up?

Wang? It was in 2005.

They also have Hughes, who would have been playing all year if he didn’t get hurt and will be back soon so ask me again in two weeks. Next year you will probably see Chamberlain and Kennedy.

And no, obv they haven’t found the balance or they would have won a world series more recently.

wang was a free agent brought in and started in your farm system and sorry my spelling ***** i read what you write all the time and i respect it 90% of the time and hughes jurdy still out on that and cabrera is a good young player but he isn’t a proto ceneter fielder good player no doubt and coem on with the pena talk he isn’t that good yet and he needs to go to a nl team were he wil play every day

i said ******* s

i can’t type very well how about that lol to say the least

lol Well thank you for the compliment. Don’t worry about the typing, that one particular comment I really was not positive as to what you were saying though.

Cabrera is a solid player, not great, will probably never be an all star, but I really believe in some capacity, he is a puzzle piece. He is a Chad Curtis type of guy.

If wang doesn’t satisfy you despite his pitching for the Thunder and not being developed by any other major league team, than Lilly Westbrook and Armas Jr surely suffice.

Hughes, ur right the jury is out but I have 100% confidence he will be a big thing for the Yankees future.

Pena was putting up decent slugger numbers for the Reds when he played everyday, I really think the Sox regressed his development in this 4/5 outfielder role. A trade will be the best thing for both parties so I agree with you there.

Attention, all “real” Sox fans should realize that if the pitching stays strong and consistent no “yankee run” will result in any need for panic mode. Sox fans should worry more about the ALDS opponent and the Sox scoring runs. GO SOX!

wesybrook and lilly are ok 4th starters for sure adn clipperd and every ones else you all have rung out their not so good hughes maybe ina year or so this year i think he will be ok but every new pitcher takes a year lester gabbard delcarma so it takes time as a 5th starter is always the best hope

Westbrook was originally drafted by the Rockies he spent as much time in the minors with the Rockies as he did with the Yankees. Armas Jr. is under .500 for his career, not exactly doing well in his career. Westbrook like Armas is under .500 for his career. At least with Lilly you gave us a pitcher that is over .500. I think for the most part the Yankees farm system is overrated. Ricky Ledee, Homer Bush and others you read about and then when you see them play you laugh to yourself, Yankee hype machine.

You also talk about Soriano as a player developed in the minors. I don’t believe Soriano spent any time or very little time in the minors. To me I wouldn’t even put him in that category.

I don’t even say that the Sox developed Clemens, if anyone saw him pitch anyone knew he was going to spend little time in the minors.

To me the best systems over the years have been the Dodgers, Expos, Marlins, Rays also have a good system now, Braves, Indians would have to be on the list. Jays develop alot of outfielders over the years.

I think that drew needs to stop being such a baby about his hamstring and get out and play most of his games.When he sits out we have to either have Mo or Hinskein his spot.I dont mind hinske because he occasionally has a home run and can make a good catch. What i dont like is Seeing Free Willie swing at any pitch that he sees.

Wily Mo Pena 22 | OF


54 137

That’s the 2007 season

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