Lester is back

Big announcement before today’s game. Jon Lester will start Monday night in Cleveland and Julian Tavarez is now in the bullpen, starting today. I think everyone thought this move was still a couple of weeks away, so the Red Sox obviously did a nice job keeping it on the down low.

Why now? It seems to  me that Tavarez had simply regressed to the point where the Red Sox did not feel he was giving them any chance to win. Seven and a half game lead or not, that’s a bad feeling to have.

Brendan McGair of the Pawtucket Times caught up with Lester at Pawtucket earlier today and here are Jon’s thoughts on coming back to the show.

On when the news came:

“I kinda heard [the possibility of a call-up] a couple of
days ago, but couldn’t say much. I found out for sure about the plans [Sunday].
I’m excited and ready to go.”

What was the reaction: “Little of a businessman-like approach. It really hasn’t
sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will [Sunday night and Monday], for sure. I’m
looking at it as another start right now and hopefully don’t get too nervous
come [Monday in Cleveland].”

 Is this a short or long term promotion?

“They haven’t said anything. All I know is that I’m going
with the team [Sunday night] and pitch [Monday], that’s all I know.”

 What’s going through your mind? “Lot of excitement. Like I said earlier, it really hasn’t
sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will. It will be a little surreal, but I’m going
to enjoy it.”

About being an inspiration and coming all the way back
from cancer: “I don’t know about inspiration. I did what everyone else
would have done in that situation. I want to come back and play baseball. I
love to do this; this is my job. I just want to come back and be with these
guys and do this for a long time.”

 You feel ready? “Yeah. I feel physically good. Mentally I feel good.
After my last start [last Wednesday, where he allowed three runs in seven
innings vs. Ottawa], things are starting to come around.

 Pitch count expected to be an issue Monday? “I don’t think so. They haven’t said anything.”

 Possibility of Schilling coming back and you heading to
the bullpen, you hear anything like that? “No idea. All I know is that I’m pitching [Monday], and
we’ll go from there. If that’s what they want me to do, than that’s what I’ll
do. If they want me to stay in the rotation, than I’ll stay in the rotation and
do the best I can.”

That’s all for now.



I like to here that. Great news for the Red Sox and there fans. Great news for folks that are attending the Sox vs Rays game Sat. night as well. Lester in a weird way will be pitching in front of the home folks. Lester will be a HUGE boost for this team, coming back from cancer and all. Tavarez goes back to the role that he will excel in. Tavarez did about as good as anyone thought in the rotation and the best thing about Tavarez is he is a team player. He has always stated he’ll do whatever the team asks him to do.

I assume the Sox wanted Lester to make his debut on the road as opposed to Fenway. Can Ian find that out.

This is obviously great news but I’m just worried that Lester is going to get stuck in this “shuttle squad” that players such as Delcarmen and Youkilis were subjected to over the past couple of years. What I mean by that is they are constantly called up and then optioned back down to AAA shortly after repeatedly.

Gabbard has been pitching way too good to send back down to Pawtucket once Schilling returns, so what are the Sox going to do when this time arrives? Schilling sounded like he had a very positive rehab stint so I’d expect him back around August 1st. That will give Lester two starts to impress.

I also realize that once the rosters expand in September, Lester is a no-brainer to join the Sox, but in what capacity? Spot starter? Long reliever? Lefty specialist?

This is great news, not only for Jon Lester and the starting rotation, but also for Julian Tavarez and the Sox bullpen. I think that Tavarez is a much better option than Joel Pineiro (if that is who he is replacing). Looks like Lester will start Saturday in Tampa Bay as well, a game some of us at Sox and Pinstripes and Brownie Points are attending!




I’m not all that sure that Lester is going to help your guys. The last 10 starts in AAA, his era is 4.58. Tampa is a free swinging club-they’ll likely rack him by comparision to what he’s faced in AAA.

I don’t think this is a shuttle thing at all. I think they are committed to Lester, as long as he’s pitching well. I wouldn’t b e surprised if Gabbard is the July 31 trading chip. his value will never be higher than it is right now.


Lester is making his first start of his season vs. the Tribe.

Only two guys in the Cleveland line-up are left-handed Sizemore and Hafner, everyone else is a righty (unless Trot plays), hope he can get those right-handed bats out.

This hould bring the morale up a notch, Go Lester, GO RED SOX.


Sox have scored 21 runs in the last 2 games. Let’s hope the offense will continue today against Garland.

I doubt the Tribe will have Nixon in there against Lester tomm night.

I wouldnt wanna send Kason Gabbard back down….I say….hmm…what about Wakefield in the bullpen?

Gabbard as Ian wrote could be dealt. He is right, his trade value is very high. I doubt Gabbard will be sent down but we shall see.

Yoh,DONT trade GABBARD!Schilling is gone after this year,keep Gabbard.If they trade Gabbard,they better get some Vlad Guerrero or something.

Trade Wakefield and Mirabelli,they are like Siamese twins.

Trading Gabbard seems pretty foolish to me. In a small sample size of home starts, he has proved to be dominant at Fenway. Add to that he is a lefty, something the Red Sox starting rotation lacks. He also provides “a different look” to ballclubs during a series. If you think about it: Beckett and Schilling are power pitchers, Dice-K throws 6 different pitches, Wakefield is a knuckleballer, and Gabbard is none of these things yet still effective.

I really think it would be shortsighted of the Red Sox to trade Gabbard for a 4th outfielder or average bullpen arm. It is one of those trades that you look at down the road and think, “Boy did we get screwed,” because the Sox are essentially trading long-term potential for a short-term fix.

Package Wily Mo, Piniero, and Hansen in some sort of deal to acquire mediocre utility players, not a 4-0, 2.97 ERA, 1.07 WHIP lefty.

Wow, I really excited that jon Lester is back!!


It was just a matter of time before Tavarez was sent back to that pen, if he doesn’t do well there, will we see him sent down??

Let’s keep going Sox!!

I could strikeout Mirabelli. Red Sox had a chance to break the game open with runners at 2nd and 3rd and 1 out and failed to do so. Ramirez going the other way is always a good thing. Why is Drew giving Ramirez protection? Lowell should be there. Lowell has the highest avg. on the team at Fenway. I read where Drew, get this stat rats, 47% of the time has either grounded out to the right side or struck out.

Red Sox offense on a roll here and no Ortiz. Nice too see.

The Lester story is a great one and I certainly wish him the very best with his health and his career. He’s a remarkable young man.

That being said, he was 7-2 last year but was the benefactor of very good run support. He had an ERA of nearly 5.00, gave up more hits than innings pitched, and walked about a batter for every two innings pitched. In other words, despite his win/loss record, his other stats are marginal at best. With that in mind, I’m very excited for Jon and his return to the Red Sox, but until he gets out there and pitches some quality games, I’m not all that excited about counting on him to bolster the bottom of the rotation.

I also think if Lester struggles in his first couple of starts, the Sox would be hard pressed to trade Gabbard, especially if he has another quality start on Thursday. This week will tell a lot about who’s going to be available for trading, but one thing for sure, the Sox have an abundance of good pitching prospects.

Tough day for Del Carmen. That’s OK, he’ll come back.

Okie – Dokie!!!!!!!!

GSM, while everything you said about Lester’s inability to consistently throw strikes and keep his pitch count down, you have to remember that the guy was essentially pitching with cancerous cells in his body.

One of the most important things for his start tomorrow night will be to keep his walk total down, because as we have seen today with both Garland and Delcarmen, walks generally come back to haunt you.

You are right on Zachary, there is nothing that will kill a pitcher faster than walks. If what you say about Lester’s condition did significantly affect his pitching, then I would concede at best, that school is still out on him.

I hope nobody misunderstands me, I’m pulling for Lester a million percent. In fact, I’ll be in Tampa Saturday with Jeff and Vince to hopefully see him pitch and I’d love to see him toss a Gabbard like game.

Prove me wrong, Drew,:why do they have him hitting in this spot????

Once again, I’ll ask why in the lleh, do they have Drew batting in that spot???? I know Papi’s off today taking care of the shoulder, but why Jd ( notice I didn’t add the U and the Y), why not Lowell or danm, put Coco in there. They would have had a better chance of advancing Manny!!!!

Now is definitely NOT the time for Jon-Bon to show any flaws… Let’s see Pap’s in prime shape!

Let’s Go Sox, Let’s Go Jon-Bon!!!

GAME OVAH!!!!! Thank God!!! Jon-Bon faces the meat and shreds it!!!!

Papelbon was just practicing for the next time he has to come in with the bases loaded and nobody out.

Sox offense in the last 3 games, they scored 29 runs. Nice too see. They finish the homestand 6-5. Lugo on base 3 times and Crisp with 3 hits, good to see those guys on base and there speed is nice to have on the basepaths. Delcarmen struggled but you can’t be perfect every outing, Okijima what can you say about him, another great outing. Paps struggled but as ellencullum said he shred the meat. Wakefield involved in another descion.

Let’s hope Lester can control his emotions tomm night against a very good lineup.

If this Sox offense keeps it up, they will be hard to take down. Westbrook on the hill tomm. night and Boston’s bats should be alive and well.

Great news about Lester. We’ll have to be patient, though. The guy has yet to face a big league hitter this year. His last stint in Boston seems to be light years away, but i do believe that he’ll be fine. The talent is there, and so is the attitude.

Exceptionnally, tomorrow, i guess the scoreboard will be overshadowed by the general condition of one man. I mean, from a Sox fan standpoint.

And good for you guys about your trip to the Sox-Rays game. Lester on the mound for that game ? I’m suddenly getting a little bit more jealous.🙂

We scored a ton ‘o runs, but has any one seen the Yankees score today, and last night???? When I saw the score today it was 18 to whatever, I think 3. Didn’t they score 17 last night?? WOW, maybe that’s their quota for the next 30 days, I don’t know but WOW!!!!

I meant:(a ton ‘o runs in 2 days)

It will be Fenway Park south at the Trop. That has to be the ugliest stadium in baseball. Going from Jacobs Field to the Trop is like dating Jessica Alba and then dating Roseann Barr. The Trop has no atmosphere at all. The Rays have such a young,exciting and athletic outfield but nobody cares around the Tampa area.

Yankees lit up the Rays in the last 24 hours. Rays smoked the Yankees on Friday night but the Yankees got the last laugh I guess. Rays pen is the worst I have ever seen.


I all goes according to the plan and according to the schedule u guys will see Lester instead of Tavarez on 28th @ Tropicana Field. Lucky guys.

Ever since Francona had a team meeting the team is 3-0. Only the first team meeting since 2005. Pinella had a great quote, you show me a team that has alot of team meetings and I will show you a losing team. Funny quote by the nutty Pinella. Francona said he is not big on team meetings and I certainly would agree with that.

Tremendous news abt Lester after all he has been through over the past one year. WELCOME BACK LESTER.

Hi, All:

If you have some time tonight, feel free to tune in to another edition of Sox and Pinstripes Radio. Vince and I will have on Geoff Young of the popular baseball blog Knuckle Curve. We will talk about the approaching trade deadline, Jon Lester’s start and the successful weekends for the Red Sox and the Yankees. You can tune in to the show and get the call-in number on Sox and Pinstripes.

Nailbiting win today. Nevertheless, it feels good that the bats are swinging well again. Look forward to seeing Jon Lester’s return tomorrow.



I will tune in tonight. It sounds like it will be some good baseball talk and this just in you can’t beat that.

Something about the trading deadline I love. I do enjoy hearing all the names on the market. Some of the baseball guys like Jason Stark and Buster Olney believe there will be little movement. No big names will be dealt. It sounds to me as if some relievers will be on the move, Gagne, Dotel, Lidge, Wheeler, Qualls, Marte and Torres among others.

As I said couple of days ago and as Ian said today Gabbard will be a good trade bait at the deadline. As Ian said today the price can’t be higer for Gabbard.


It looks like ur wish is granted. Peneiro is Designated for Assignment to make room for Lester.

Gabbard could fetch something if the Sox put his name out there. The Red Sox will do something this time unlike last year when Theo was trying to do to much at the deadline. They had the second best record last year, right behind the Tigers. This year at the deadline will almost be the same thing.

Sox have 10 days to make a trade or release him. I assume they might be able to get 2 used baseball’s for Pinero.

If Theo trades Gabbard he should be fired on the spot.

I don’t know about that. Depends what he gets in return. You have to put someone’s name out there and see what a g.m. will do. Don’t fall in love with Gabbard here folks.

6-5 homestand against mediocre teams, 16 of next 19 on the road, NY playing well and plays KC, Bal, Chi. Next 3 weeks should be very intersting, not to mention nerve wracking. We’ll see what thier made of.

With the way he’s pitched so far, I’m in love.

Sox finished the homestand on a high note, scoring 29 runs in the last 3 games. Yankees will split in K.C. and the Sox probably split in Cleveland. No games gained there. Sox offense is obviously starting to pickup and if it does look out. There pitching has been solid all year.


LOL…Be careful of falling in love, it hurts. Yankees better address that pathetic bullpen. Alot of innings logged by those guys.


Don’t be concerned about the Yankees bullpen, be concerned about when they catch you. Isn’t it about time for the Sox to take their normal August swoon?

Yanks catch you by Sept. 1st


Bosox, Gabbard’s already been waivered-problem is no takers.

We were screaming at the TV at work today and our poor in-patients were probably wondering what was wrong with us😀

Congrats to Lester! I assume with the way Schilling is going, he may get sent back down just to tune up for the September call-up. At that point, I’d assume he’ll be a long lefty reliever out of the pen and make a spot start if need be.

Rotation now:

Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wakefield, Gabbard, and Lester.

Rotation soon:

Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wakefield, and Gabbard.

And most likely with Lester in the ‘pen along with Snyder, Tavarez, Delcarmen, Lopez, Timlin, and Papelbon, this pitching staff is really coming into shape.

And I’m loving it.😀

And for those saying Gabbard may be possible trade-bait, explain to me for what would he be traded for? There’s not much out there and trading a quality starter of his type would be REALLY shortsighted.

I’ve said it before, next season, while it’s possible we may keep Schilling to a 2 year deal, I don’t expect him to be around. So I’d expect a rotation of:

Beckett, Matsuzaka, Gabbard, Lester, and if Wakefield is still around, then Wakefield otherwise, somebody else.

As for Wakefield, it’s possible he may stick around, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we bring up Kottaras this September to see how he is and possibly see how he can catch a knuckleball.

Regardless, it’s good to see Lester back!😀


Don’t forget about Bucholtz possibly joining the team this year. Bucholtz probably will be in the pen if he joins them this year. Bucholtz of course will be in there rotation either to start 08 or sometime during the year.

I do like what I see from Gabbard but as I said earlier why not float out his name and see what you get in return. Don’t be opposed to it. I wrote earlier on here and I guess I will write again, don’t fall in love with him.

Don’t sign Schlling for a 2 year extension. See how the season ends and the Sox and Schilling talk about a 1 year deal. Word had it that Schilling reported to Fort Myers back in February around 265 lbs. Way too much weight on that frame.


Um, why would Gabbard be on waivers? I assume you meant Piniero.

Regardless, Piniero, can’t be on waivers yet; he’s got 10 days to be traded or go to the minors. It’s at that point he’s on the waiver wire (correct me if I’m wrong on the process).

Plus, I doubt the Yanks catch up if the BoSox keep playing at least decently. Keep in mind, they also play the sub-.500 teams soon and like the Yanks, they should be able to pound through most of them.

However, the Royals just don’t count since they’re just weird and “bi-polar” in a way; heck they beat the Tigers today, and that normally doesn’t happen.

Royals took 2 of 3 from the Tigers this weekend and could have swept the Tigers. Don’t be ridiculing the Royals, they beat down Boston twice last week. Royals will lose more than 90 games but they are playing much better as of late.

Gabbard wasn’t put on waivers, it was Pinero. Whoever wrote that Gabbard was put on waivers obviously knows nothing.

Gsumner is a ****.What team does he support?

I believe gsumner roots for the Blue Jays. If your going to come on here at least have some valid points. Make some sharp observations and have some strong baseball opinions.

Thats what gsumner hates, strong opinions, thats baseball, deal with it gsumner. I also don’t fully understand why gsumner rags Brian and not anyone else, old problems like Donnely and Guillen? Brian however, its best to ignore comments like that.

For everybody complaining about JD Drew, I’m assuming you watched today’s game on GameCast or just checked the box score? I understand that the general consensus is to hate the guy, but you have to feel for him in the past couple of days.

Aside from getting a HR and 2 additional RBI’s essentially stolen from him a couple games ago, today he put a great swing on a ball to the track in right center and later lined out to left. His swing is coming along, as is evident by his recent doubles surge.

Gsumner would rather make predictions of the Red Sox collapse then cheer for his own team. It must be rough to be out of the playoff race before the All-Star Break every year.

(cue his rants about how injuries have riddled the Blue Jays and everybody should empathize with him).

Gsumner says that Brian is posting ****, and its true on Jordan Basitians blog some examples:

I don’t know what the trade value of Glaus is but I doubt you will get young pitcher who is a #2 pitcher. Then again you might get a desperate g.m., someone who is dumber than J.P.

ou can’t even compare the Sox and Jays rotation. That is like apples and oragnes. I am sure most knowledgable people would agree.

As I said look into trading Glaus, I don’t know why you think your going to get a #2 pitcher for him. There is no way you are going to. Don’t lock yourself into a guy that has nagging injuries. Free up some salary, payroll flexibility is a good thing, especially for a team like Toronto. Not a big market team. Obviously Sanchez is not as good as was last year, I think someone who doesn’t know much can see that. He did start the year banged up a bit and probably didn’t make proper adjustments as the year has gone along.

How come your not open to the fact that the Jays should deal Glaus?

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 12:54 PM

I think this is so funny that someone is comparing the Jays rotation to the Red Sox. WOW!!!! Come on now khoenig08. It is not even close and you should know that if you have any knowledge of the game. Tigers rotation is better than the Sox and not many after that.I am not saying that the Jays should turn to Clark or Hattig as the 3b in 08.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 01:09 PM

Looks to me as if Gibbons is desperate here. He’ll be golfing quite a bit soon if the Jays continue to play lifeless. J.P. should be his caddy.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 01:17 PM

It is official the Jays bats have not cleared customs. Weaver has been TERRIBLE this year and he is making the Jays look like a bunch of minor leaguers.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 02:09 PM

I have been around to see Towers pitch. I love it when the Sox have to face him, I know the Sox will at least pound the baseball.I think in 2008 Towers should be the opening day starter, he is AWESOME!!!

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 03:27 PM

As you can see Brian is not being a fellow baseball fan in a nice manner, sarcastic even, he is invading another teams blog, and “trashing it”.

WE should adopt this rule set too…..


Aside from rule #1: “Talk ball or shut-up”

Rule #2 “nobody responds to anything bosoxbrian says”

Posted by: robertlee13@rogers.com | July 21, 2007 12:56 PM

Those are only a few examples, check out the posts yourself . . . . .


Though I don’t agree with gsumner bringing the problems of another blog onto Brownie Points, not all Sox fans are like Brian, so stop being a hypocrite gsumner, your acting the same way he is, trashing someone elses blog, and truth be told we have had years were injuries have ruined are season just like the Jays Zachary.

Depending on how Lester does, I think Wake could be a candidate for the pen. 4.74 ERA? That pretty much stinks. Plus… and its a big plus… we get to put Mirabelli on the bench where he belongs. I know Varitek can’t catch every single game… but he’s hitting almost 100 points higher than Mirabelli. We should factor that into our thinking.

I don’t think putting Wakefield in the pen is a good idea. You don’t know what your getting on a game to game basis when it comes to Wakefield’s knuckler. As a reliever you will enter the game with guys on base and of course with Wakefield’s knuckler that is dangerous, too many passed balls could happen. Keep Wakefield in the rotation.

Whenever the idea of Wake going to the bullpen comes up, I like to point to Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS.

Anybody remember this? Wakefield pitched two of the most agonizing innings of my life with Varitek catching. I believe it was Gary Sheffield who struck out swinging but still reached base on a passed 3rd strike. After a couple more passed balls, the Yankees had a man on 3rd without even picking up a hit.

This is not something I would want to relive.

Rayman, Wakefield is a back of the rotation starter. If you look at No. 4s and No.5s across the American League, and even the National League, a 4.74 ERA is not bad.

The Sox will have a solid rotation No. 1 to No. 5 next season with Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lester, Buchholz, Gabbard, Wakefield and likely a free agent to replace Schilling in the mix. As for this season, Beckett, Dice-K, Schilling, Wakefield, Gabbard and Lester (with Tavarez available for spot starts) is formidable, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what happens with Gabbard and Lester, because one of them will return to the minors (barring a trade of Gabbard, which I think would be a mistake, especially considering the uncertainty of Schilling’s durability) when Schilling is activated.



By the way, I agree about keeping Wakefield in the rotation and out of the bullpen. With Tavarez being moved to the pen, Donnelly set to return in the next month and options like Travis Hughes and Craig Breslow at Triple-A, and even Buchholz as a possible bullpen addition, Wakefield is not needed as a reliever.

Boston Fans

We have tried very hard to keep Bosox off our site. Unfortunatly he posts there 20-30 times a day, sends personal nasty emails to a number of posters, trashes our team, our manager and frankly we’re all getting a bit tired of it.

So here’s the deal-either keep him off our site or expect to have 50-100 posts a day here from Toronto Fans that will be as disruptive as his posts are on our site.

We all like Boston and if we can’t win, we’ll probably all cheer for your guys to beat those nasty Yanks.

This Bosox idiot goes overboard, isn’t welcome and frankly causes a great deal of disruption-so if you can’t deal with him-we will-on your site-not ours.

Here’s an example of an email this idiot sent to a little old lady that posts on our site. You guys figure out whether this is called for or not.

The fact is, Garry is not a hrd nosed baseball fan-she’s older age lady that likes to post on the site from time to time-and this is what she got from this idiot.

From: Brian Joyce

To: thegarryguy@shaw.ca

Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 3:08 PM

Subject: hi

Jordan said if you have anything to say about anyone on here send it to there personal email. So I did. You and gsumner are 2 IDIOTS!!!! You think you know what you are talking about and obviously you do not. Gsumner and yourself hate it when someone else comes on here and disagrees with you two. I will clean up this blog, gsumner left and you will be next to leave. I enjoy talking about baseball and for some reason if someone doesn’t agree with you, you get all upset and resort to calling that person names on other sites and spread rumors. Not a good way to go about it.

**Hey-I’ll take and respond to whatever this idiot can deliver-but to email someone like this, in this fashion is uncalled for. So as baseball fans, we ask you help in dealing with this idiot.

pacol:regardless of what team gsumner supports, we really don’t need that from you. You are usually a very reasonable, enjoyable read, but…..

sorry pacol: that was chman , Lord I’m sorry!! Paco;, sorry, I don’t know what made me type your name, stupid I guess!!

Zachary: For the money that he’s making, I simply can’t feel anything but contempt for him until he starts producing on a regular basis. Sorry,but if I was making, what is it 14-17 million a year for four years, I’d have my butt out there like Lugo did: extra bp before, and after the games and on the days off. Coco did the same thing.. Not JD.. not from what all the reports say. No reports of him taking ANY extra bp at all, guess he just doean’t need it.

We have no problem with a true Boston Baseball fan posting on our site-as I’m sure you have no problem with a true Toronto baseball fan posting here.

However, Bosox continually trashes our team, our site, our posters, our team management and that isn’t acceptable.

So we ask your help, in controlling this guy-we have no desire to post in a similar fashion on your site and disrupt your posters and your site like he has ours.

However, I hope you all understand, we might have no option-it’s all up to Bosox

A standard Bosox post on the toronto site

Red Sox have won 3 in a row and have scored 29 runs.

E.S.P.N. is reporting that the Jays have extended the contract of A.J. Burnett and gave J.P. part ownership. LOL…..I will say the Yankees will catch the Sox sometime in 08.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 22, 2007 05:55 PM

Rs: I don’t always talk “JUST B-ball”, but I’m nothing if not ALWAYS respectful of the others here. While we might not need to always talk JUST baseball,we MUST ALWAYS remember to be courteous and respectful of the others that are here with us!!!!

And another

I don’t know what the trade value of Glaus is but I doubt you will get young pitcher who is a #2 pitcher. Then again you might get a desperate g.m., someone who is dumber than J.P.

Regarding Sanchez I don’t think anyone can say he is a 1 year wonder. Too early in his career to say.

Towers is pitching today, when will the Jays realize he is not a legitmate starter? Nothing but a long reliever, I don’t see anything from him to prove otherwise.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 12:27 PM

And another

I don’t know why some people on here think that trading Glaus is out of the question. He is not great people, he is ALWAYS hurt. You can’t count on him to play the hole season, what good is he? He has nagging injuries, always has always will. Why can’t some of you see that and on top of that making $$$$$$$ and not going to be able to play a hole season.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 01:00 PM

And another

Looks to me as if Gibbons is desperate here. He’ll be golfing quite a bit soon if the Jays continue to play lifeless. J.P. should be his caddy.

Posted by: bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com | July 21, 2007 01:17 PM

From now on in

I will post every one of Bosox’s posts on our site and emails sent to Toronto posters here.

So if you don’t want to see 20-40 ridiculous posts a day here, help us to keep him off our site.

Frankly, we do look forward to Boston fans posting on our site when we’re playing you guys-that’s a good thing for all. But this guy goes overboard, and as I said previously,we’re getting tired of him.

So as baseball fans please help us in keeping this creep off our site.

Thanks from Toronto Blue Jays fans

gsumner:GET A LIFE OTHER THAN kvetching abuout bosox!! He’s been here alot longer than you and doesn’t get nasty here!!!

..and I respect the Jays and their fans but get over it!!!!

Bosox-just posted on the NY site-enjoy

New York Yankee Fans

I know you guys have had difficulty keeping a Boston fan known as bosoxbrian@tampabay.rr.com off your site as we have in Toronto.

With us, he’s even resorted to sending nasty emails to our posters. What he doesn’t understand is when he sends an email he sends personal identification.

His email comes in as Brian Joyce although who knows if that’s true or not.

However, for the ones interested his ip address is

Good luck to the Yanks

Posted by: gsumner@rogers.com | July 22, 2007 11:45 PM

I agree with Ellen.

If this guy is polluting the Blue Jays blog, that’s too bad. But what do you expect the posters here to do? It’s not like this is some sort of personal community in which we can convince Bosox to stop doing whatever he’s doing over there.

My advice is to get whoever runs your blog to either block him or delete his posts. But this blog is for the use of baseball fans, more specifically Red Sox fans, to discuss Red Sox baseball. It’s not a forum for you to copy and paste what’s going on in your blog.

And just so my posting wasn’t purely about nonsense internet blogging feuds, the future is looking awfully bright for our starting rotation. I am curious how long Theo and Co. are going to hold onto Wakefield since they can basically extend his contract another year each offseason. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about bringing Wake back next year. On one hand, he is an innings eater who you can pencil in for 15 wins/year (excellent for a #4/#5 starter). Age is obviously not an issue since he can go until he’s 50 presumably. But on the other hand, he is packaged with the human rally killer Doug Mirabelli, is awfully erratic, and might be holding onto the rotation spot of one of our younger guys (Buchholz, Gabbard, Lester).

These things usually work themselves out so I guess I won’t concern myself too much with the Red Sox abundance of young pitching prospects.

I love wake but i think it is time for him to go and have a top flight back up catcher to learn from tec and have two young lefties in our staring roation and see what we could pick up in the off season. As far as jays fans complain to your own guy that run your blog this is a red soxs blog don’t want you to tell with any one bad but how are we to hold any ones hand ?????? come on now. And iwould hate to see gabbard traded he really has been better then lester god bless him i hope he can step it up and wish him the best of luck and strenght to get thro and kiss some (yankees) you know what iw as trying to say lol get em man. will be watching

I’m not getting deep into this BLue Jays-BoSox Brian feud. I think both parties are childish and need to show some integrity and maturity. You are both acting like you are in elementary school, and the kid next to you called you a mean name.

That said, regarding the real purpose for this blog (and any baseball blog), which is actually baseball, and not who is posting where and who is calling whom names, I don’t think the Sox should bring back Wakefield unless they can find a more productive backup catcher who can handle the knuckleball. Mirabelli is a decent defensive catcher, but he is atrocious at the plate. Sure, every now and then he hits a home run or grounds a single, but most of the time he can be counted upon for an unproductive out (like a pop up or a strikeout). Next to a fourth outfielder, the Sox greatest need is a better backup catcher. I hope that George Kottaras is ready to step in next season. Too bad he is not ready now.



ellencullum.read your own post bosoxbrian has been on your site longer than ours ,”FACT” he dosen’t trash your site the a-ss h-ole has come on our site like a puss pocket and he is the most ignorant poster I have ever read ,Also he e-mailed me at my e-mail address and it was all garbage just like he post on our site ,He cares not for any team or anyone all gsummer is trying to do is get rid of him go to our site and read the jerk.

I read this site all the time and I find it a good site all gsummer is trying to tell you is what would your site be like if a Toronto fan did what he is doing to us I don’t think you would be to happy so get over it just dosen’t fit,Why don’t a few of you have a talk with him and see if you can help us.

We as Toronto fans don’t hate Boston fans remember 19 games per year when we are out of it most of us cheer for Boston.

chman712 i’m sure you have more class than that at least I hope you do.

Hey gang, just got back from Boston last night.
When I left Friday morning after Thursday night’s disaster, I figured for sure that it was going to be a rough weekend.

Talk about some fireworks. Nice to see the bats break out.

I know we (especially me) pick on JD and how useless he’s been this year. The general concensus in the stands and around the ballpark, is that no one likes Drew. For all the hecking we do on here, it is worse in the stands. This guy is getting killed by the boo birds. I would say the Drew and Wily NO PLAYA are the 2 biggest recipiants from the boo-birds at Fenway.

Good news about Lester. About time that Tavarez gets moved out of the rotation.

After the tremors from Papi’s belly flop died down, the crowd automatically assumed he was hurt. Big guy should not be going head first.

Jeff, I got your email, infortunately I won’t be around this weekend. Got to visit the in-laws. I would love to go otherwise.

I loved the quote above…going from the Jake to the Trop is like going from Alba to Rosanne Barr. Classic!

Gsumner, come on man, get a life. Is what bosox does really worth making all of this trouble on our site? I have to say, after reading bosox’s other posts that you re-posted that he is a complete a$$hole, but I agree with what you’re doing even less. If you want to start a blog war (if there is even such a thing) where we gunk up each others’ blogs, that would be a bad idea. Sox fans are more bitter, more passionate, and far outnumber that of the BJ’s.

To thegarryguy and gsummer: If you ignore them they will go away. Just don’t pay attention to people who are trying to waste your time and trash your site/team. The more you do what you’re doing, the more they laugh at you. Put yourselves above jerks by ignoring them, or maybe even compliment them on their brilliant insights. Trust me, it works.

Good talk guys (except for all that blog wars stuff) Gabbard is an interersting situation. Is he for real, or is he pitching way over his head? A crafty lefty is hard to come by and can be effective for a long time, but this team may be one or two role players away from winning it all. How would reggie sanders look? How about kenny lofton? Over the years, we’ve made this mid season move before and regretted it: ie. See Schilling for who Larry Anderson, all to be swept by Oakland. Do you resign Schilling or put the money towards say Carlos Zambrano in the off season? Do you trade some of our real talent in Pawtucket? I say no. I will say this, I really can’t remember a team that won it all that did not make a move at the break. Another thing we gotta understand that baring the still unkown Ortiz injury, we really havn’t had an injury yet to an everyday player. I would imagine a team made up of Lowell, Virtek, ect. that someone will get hurt. What do you think? I think I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to Hawk Harrelson everyday.

“From now on in

I will post every one of Bosox’s posts on our site and emails sent to Toronto posters here.”

Gsumner I don’t think it is going to help u to solve ur problem. Can’t the owner of ur blog block him or delete all his posts. Or can’t u guys ignore him.

If are going to be a fool and post all the comments from ur blog here then u leave us no choice but to post what ever u paste he back into ur blog. U think u can paste some stuff here and we can’t paste some garbage on ur blog. Think again a@@#$%@.

First: Bucholtz pitched five innings for Pawtucket yesterday. Gave up three hits, two runs, and struck out 10. This kid has got some stuff.

Second: I don’t like giving up any kind of prospect for the likes of Lofton or Sanders. They are both way too old. Looking at what Hanley Ramirez is doing, you have to feel a little sick. However, the Sox got equal value in Beckett, and a huge bonus in Lowell. Besides that, where are you going to play them? I don’t care how badly Drew is playing. The Sox have 70 million invested in him, and he has to play, and he will play, unless he gets hurt. If that happens, Ellsbury brings as much or more to the Sox as either Lofton or Sanders and I would rather see that than give up a prospect.

I don’t think you make a move, just to make a move. I think you have to ask what players out there will make the Sox a significantly better team?

Infield is in good shape with Cora and Hinske in the wings. Hinske is proving to be a capable outfield backup and we know Ellsbury can play.

The starting rotation could use a boost if Lester struggles and Schilling doesn’t make it back. The bullpen is among the best in baseball. In fact, it’s time to stop babying Papelbon. He needs more work to stay sharp.

I just don’t see a huge gap worthing giving up a good prospect for unless whoever you get is going to pay long term dividends.

There isn’t much to get out there anyway. Watching and listening to ESPN or any other sports outlet for that matter, and the consensus is that everyone is looking for middle relief help.
Well, guess what? The Sox just got a middle reliever named Tavarez. Scary as it sounds, but based on names that have been tossed out there, Julian is probably the equivalent of what the Sox were going to get anyway, right? Forget Lidge, Gagne…those teams wanted front line prospects for the names we’ve heard tossed around. Julian’s batting average against the first time through the lineup is decent, plus with Delcarmen, Oki, a rejuvinated Timlin, Lopez and Papelbon, the pen is in good shape.

The only real potential trade chip the Sox have left is Wily No Playa. The problem is, every time Francona plays him, his value goes down even further.

The point was made above and has been made before, but it’s true…the starting 9 the Sox have aren’t going anywhere due to salary issues anyway, so finding an everyday solution isn’t going to happen. My guess would be the Sox aquire a roll player for Wily Mo and/or a 2nd tier prospect.

Your man Lester is a gutsy guy cancer is no joke but it looks like he beat it I wish him good luck in his start tonight.

see you all soon.

The next 4 should be a good test. The bats came alive this weekend, but it was also against mediocre pitching at best and the pitching did well agains the worst hitting team in the league.
Maybe Lester gives the Sox an emotional win and the bats tee off on a slumping Westbrook.

Which Dice K is going to show up Tuesday? Against Sabathia, there isn’t much room for error and 6 walks and 110 pitches in 5 innings isn’t going to cut it.

Becket vs. Carmona Wednesday. Carmona has been a stud this year. Hopefully he has flashbacks to Big Papi beating him 2 nights in a row last year and has a melt down!

Cliff Lee on Thursday. He has been bad this year, but always gives the Sox trouble.

While these 4 games won’t make or break the season, it sure will be a big boost if the Sox don’t lose any ground to NY while they face KC. Hopefully KC is riding high after good wins vs. the Sox and Tigers.

I know loyalty is a huge thing in Boston, but is Schilling a potential trade piece? Every team needs starting pitchers, and a vetrean would be perfect. The Astros need starters, could a package of pena and Schilling get Lidge. Also Eric Brynes would be perfect for the Boston mentality he reminds me a lot of Millar, and the “fool” attitude, shown by his Dog in the HR Derby swimming. The only problem is where would we put him. We cant ditch Drew because of his contract, Crisp is getting solid, Maybe Manny would be a potential sell, Arizona needs a big-bat. The only problems are that your not getting a Manny caliber for a Manny caliber player, and Brynes is stiil a new-bie to succes.

Its Thanksgiving tonight, get it, Indians v. The team from the state were the pilgrims landed, also the Red Sox used to be called the Pilgrims.(I know that was lame)

Well here we are, the Sox 20 games over .500. They can’t seem to get over that and build on it. They keep going back to that number for some reason.

I’ll throw my 2 cents in, I hope they keep Gabbard. A good starter is hard to find, as the saying goes. And who knows if Schilling can be dominant or just so-so. Gabbard’s numbers are better than Lester’s. Hinske, as I said he would haha, has played well when he’s gotten a chance to do more than get one at-bat every 5 games. That leaves Wily Mo. Theo loves him, although that may have changed a little in the past month. And what could you get for him? What aging veteran is out there who has maybe a half season left and could contribute? Wily Mo won’t gather much interest by himself, so you have to throw in a prospect for a rental player. It’s going to be a trick to unload WMP. Ellsbury will come up anyway in Sept. so no need to rush him. Mirabelli should go but he has to stay for Wake. Is that worth the strike-outs and .189 BA? With Gabbard in the mix maybe they can unload Wake, Mirabelli and WMP for a good back-up catcher and bring up Moss or Murphy to replace Wily Mo. Except Wake would probably nix the deal. But your starters then would be Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, Lester, Gabbard. I like that! Next year Buckholtz takes Schill’s place and we all live happily ever after. How about Wake, Mirabelli, WMP, Hansen, for “Salty”, I’m not going to try to spell that. We unload all the trash plus Wake and a prospect to get a very exciting player.

bosox, practice what you preach, fool. You have yet to go on the Yanks’ blog and say anything intelligent or interesting.


Wake up! There’s no reason for bosox to post anything nasty here since the fool is an idiot Red Sox fan. Maybe you should remember your own words when people like sentinelofgods or myself post garbage on this site. When we do maybe you should “get over it” ’cause we intend to post the same type of idiotic garbage bosox posts on everyone else’s site. He has no life, and is intellectually challenged.

One other thing, good for Lester on coming back he’s definitely a feel good story and should be respected by all for his achievement.

We talk about needing another righty in the ‘pen, how about Hansen. If the rumors are true we should give him another shot at the Bigs, if he works out that means we wouldn’t have to go out an get Gagne or Lidge with top prospects. That is what a good farm system is used for, thanks Theo.

In Hansens scouting report its ays verbatim “Seems to have the tools to be a successful major league closer, just needs to work on his confidence and composure on the mound. Struggles with getting behind early in counts. When he gets first pitch strikes, he can be dominant”. I think Papelbon could help him in those respects, confidence etc. The back-up cathcher trade would be a good idea because Kottaras is struggling in Pawtucket, and Ty Weedon is a couple of years off, please don’t sign Javy Lopez.

Brian Joyce a.k.a bosox, prepare to be humiliated!!! You’re obviously intellectually challenged, sending that post with your I.D. on it regarding gsumner was a stupid move now your life will be ****!!

We’ve got a player named Jon Still, a catcher in Greenville, who has a .288 average, .416 OBP, a .540 SLG, and 18 HRS. Maybe he will rise quickly. Brian, that e-mail you sent me, regarding rules, that was unessecary, and Ian is the blogmaster not you, so how can you change the blog as you said “this blog will change when pigs fly”.

Hey sentinel, I wouldn’t talk, you come off as just as much of an idiot as bosox, and the same goes for you bosoxsux.

All three of you are troll turds, and there’s nothing you can do to refute that.

And go ahead, write back to me with a brainless, moronic insult. That just let’s me know I got to you, and I’ll be laughing my *** off at you when I read it.

rob8569, you mean like we’re laughing at you with your response? You just provedwhat an idiot you!!! Got a good from you rob. LOL!!!!!

Get over it!!!!!! LOL!


you should do your researches before writing to Ellen. That sentinelofgods guy was posting trash, insults and hatred comments here WAAAYYY before bosoxbrian began posting on Yankees site. How i know that ? Your ” friend ” was insulting everyone here for about a month and then, suddenly, began trashing bosoxbrian only and telling him to stop posting on yanks site. So don’t give us ( or Ellen ) the eye for an eye bull****. Sentinel doesn’t post those insults on this blog just to reply to him, believe me.

That said, i fully disagree with what bosoxbrian did ( or still does ) on other sites.

Everyone hates whiners, got that everyone!!!

Insulting anyone, espically Ellen is heinous, cruel, and cold-hearted all she does is be nice and curteous to everyone. This becoming a three blog melee . . . Hoch’s blog v. Bastian’s blog v. Browne’s blog . . . its out of hand.

Ian please step in and be the mediator, this is become a battle for the Al East, not literally of course.

Baseball I assume is everyones passion, why else would we be commenting on these blogs, this arguing is disrespecting the game we all cherish.

I assume we all mature human beings, so lets handle it that way.

Help Please, Ian . . . . .

First of all Sentinelofgods is no friend of mine. I see his posts all the time, and I realize what kind of you know what he is. He’s definitely no better than bosox. I didn’t insult Ellen either, I just pointed out that she should remember her own words of “get over it” when people like bosox, and sentinelofgods post here. If she is going to say things like that she should live by them, obviously you red sox fans don’t judging by your past reactions to sentinel. Take a look at yourselves before you whine about others. Until you do I will continue to post the same type of trash Brian Joyce a.k.a.bosox posts on other blogs.

Come on ppl this about baseball not personall stuff please try to keep it about americas past time.

I think u misunderstood Ellen’s comments there. If BoSoxBrian or some other poster is posting garbage on ur blog then deal with it in ur blog like get him blocked or delete his comments etc…It doesn’t make sense to post trash on our blog just bcoz someone is trashing ur blog. Bosoxbrian is not the owner of this blog and u won’t be solving ur problem by trashing our blog. Makes no sense at all. We dealt with our own obnoxious posters here and we dealt with it not by trashing someone else’s blog.

“Deal with it” means take care of those obnoxious posters with help from the owner of the blog in a meaningful way not by trashing someone else’s blog.

Way to go Lester, good luck tonight. Big series against the tribe, good matchups should be interesting. Cant wait for the first pitch. Maybe the Royals will suprise the Yanks tonight…thank god they dont have tbay again..

How did you deal with it? With the usual trash you respond with? Real effective ’cause we’re back!!!!

Hey Derek, How are you?

Lets Go Lester, Lets Go Red Sox.

Nice article by Shaugnessy today regarding Lester tonight. As rabid and panic stricken as we can be as fans, tonight is probably the one night of the year that I will not get upset at our pitcher if he doesn’t make it out of the 1st due to ineffectiveness.

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that tonight’s Sox-Indians game is slated to be shown on ESPN2 tonight. I think it was a late addition, because I made a note at the beginning of the season of all the games that were supposed to be televised, and tonight’s wasn’t one of them.

Thought folks might want to know.

Is the ESPN2 broadcast regional?

We can take care of the obnoxious posters ourself atleast we don’t CRY abt it going to someone else’s blog.

I don’t know how u r going to solve ur problems trashing gour blog. Do u expect me to tell the poster who is posting garbage on ur blog to stop doing so. Do u think he/she is going to listen to me even I told them so. I would get as much response as u would get by asking to stop doing so. It’s not going to help ur cause by trashing this blog if u want to get rid of someone else’s garbage on ur site.

This troll convention is why I am so glad I teamed with Vince to create Sox and Pinstripes and shut down BoSox Banter (an MLBlog I operated before starting Sox and Pinstripes). I opted for the premium blog package on TypePad to host Sox and Pinstripes since it offers many more measures to minimize trolling than on MLBlogs.

I don’t understand what causes adults to interact like they have the last week on this site. Makes you wonder about the mental stability of certain people. It is obvious that certain posters (I don’t need to name them) lack baseball knowledge, integrity and maturity. One major indicator that someone lacks intelligence and integrity is when that person posts a comment that includes insults and/or obscenities. It shows that the person is not knowledgable and mature enough to express his or her opinion, so he or she resorts to insults and obscenities.

These trolls are to be pitied. There lives are so miserable that they feel the need to disparage others. This is a blog about the Red Sox and baseball. Like politics, sports brings out a multitude of differing viewpoints. The whole purpose of a blog is to serve as a forum for the moderator to express his or her viewpoint and provide news on the respective blog subject; and people who read the blog are welcome to post their responses and comments. Unfortunately, certain people use blogs to tear down others, demonstrating their lack of an open mind. The best thing to do is to ignore these people. I know from first-hand experience on this site last year, that is sometimes hard to do, but that is my advice.



I’m pretty sure the game is National. It’s playing in Florida on ESPN2.
If Sutcliffe is announcing, I’m switching over to the Extra Innings package and just hope that I get the NESN feed. Sutcliffe is such a fair weather announcer it’s sickening. Granted, if the Sox win, he’ll be singing their praises all night about how great they are and how good the will do the rest of the way, but if they fall behind, he’ll start talking about all their holes in the the lineup and how they won’t make it in the playoffs. I don’t mind announcers making valid points, but this guy just makes his points depending on which way the wind is blowing! He changes his opinion on things inning by inning depending on who has the lead when he is talking.

Great, thanks.

I totally agree with u Jeff. I generally don’t respond to these trolls but I was forced to respond once these trolls stated throwing personel insults at some of the very nice people on this blog.

I will have to stop respondng to these trolls.

I’m watching the game on MLB Extra Innings. I can’t stomach Rick Sutcliffe. Really, the only ESPN announcer I like is Joe Morgan, even though he still tends to dwell in the past and drop in nuggets about when he played the game.

I am here in the New England so I don’t have to worry abt watching it on ESPN. I can watch it on NESN.

I am going to watch it on ESPN 2 cause it is in high-def.

Now while you are all bored until the game begins, come check out my blog. Let me know who you think should be included in the twenty greatest pitchers of all time.


It is on E.S.P.N.2 with O’Brien, Sutcliffe and of course the very lovely Erin Andrews. Andrews was born in Boston, just to let you folks know.

My favorite announcer is Orel Hershiser, very knowledgeable. I assume he’ll be back in the dugout in the next couple of years. Very well spoken and knows the game as good as anyone.

Although Papi is going to remain out of the lineup for a couple more games, you have to look for positives within his absence, with the biggest being the rest Manny is getting while filling in as DH. We all know about the knee problems last year which shut him down with a month to go, but hopefully between the All-Star Break and now 4-5 games without having to play the field, Manny can recharge his batteries and continue his second half surge.

Most discussion regarding a 4th outfielder has pointed to Bobby Kielty. While I don’t think he would bring anything special, skillwise or intangibles, to the team, anything is better than Wily Mo. Although I think his average would consistently reside underneath the Mendoza Line in Oakland since it is a big ballpark with a lot of room in foul territory.

Maybe Boston’s favorite 4th outfielder, Gabe Kapler, will find somebody to replace him as coach in A ball and join the team for the last 2 months.

I like the idea of Ortiz getting some time off. I wouldn’t even mind if he went on the 15-day DL retroactive to Friday. It would give his shoulder time to mend, and it would give his legs a rest.

I saw some of the earlier posts talking about tonite’s broadcasters. I wish it were O’Brien/Sutcliffe, but it looks like it is Gary “Bloody Sock” Thorne. I may have to listen with the mute on tonight

Steve Phillips, oh no. Thorne isn’t all that bad, he is a new englander. I guess O’Brien/Sutcliffe is on the Bonds watch tonight in S.F.

I don’t like the idea of Oritz going on the d.l. Perhaps Ortiz will be back Wed. night. Big C.C. goes tomm night so Oritz will get the night off. Let’s hope Lester can control his emotions tonight. Perhaps the Tribe will be impatient and Lester can get some quick outs. Westbrook has been getting racked this year. He still isn’t 100 % and it shows.

Westbrook has absolutely nothing on his ball. Sox have come out swinging tonight. Picking up where they left off.

Welcome back, Jon.

I am sure Crisp wants to prove the Tribe wrong and Mark Shapiro for trading him. He’ll say otherwise I’m sure but you know he’s loving it with 2 hits tonight already.

Im sure most of you are watching the game via ESPN2 or NESN, but Im using mlb.tv so I’m getting the indians local feed. Im not sure who this announcer is, but hes very animated and its making the game a lot more fun to watch than that of an ESPN broadcast. Anyone know who it is?

I belive it could be either John Sanders or Tom Hamilton.

Rick Manning does Indians game as well and he of course is the one that stole Eckersly’s wife from him. Manning and the Eck were best friends. Manning to me is one of the biggest lowlifes of all time.

Lester is in a major jam and if the Tribe come thru this inning it will be a brand new game. Lester’s start tonight reminds of what he did last year.

How impressive was that by Lester. Reminds of the time last year when he struck out David Wright with the bases loaded at a game at Fenway last June. Sizemore swung at 2 pitches that were out of the strike zone. 1 more inning for Lester and then Tavarez for 2 innings, I assume that will be the case.

Lester got out of that jam, and thats what you look for in young pitchers. He stumbled, but kept his composure and didnt let the bases being loaded, or sizemore, scare him. great job

Indians had a chance there with the pitcher out there struggling and the Tribe failed. Westbrook hanging tough out there, I’ll give him credit, he’s a battler. Let’s hope the Sox can get back a little mo.

Ramirez not hustling again. I have seen that too many times over the years. For the most part Manny has hustled this year. He thought he had one there off of Westbrook and the complexion of the inning changed because his lack of hustle.

manny not hustling turns into double play. makes u wonder what it might have turned into had he already been at second. cora wasnt joking with him in the dugout, you could tell he wasnt thrilled

I would agree with your observation of Cora there bosoxmonsta. If he was my teammate I wouldn’t be happy with that lack of hustle. At least try for crying out loud when your out there.

Thats a tremendous 5th inning by Lester. Through the heart of their order on 10 pitches. If he can keep throwing like that he can pitch 6 or 7 innings since he is not on a pitch count. What makes him so good is his ability to clean up the mess that he sometimes can create for himself a la the 4th inning.

Lester only has 86 pitches, and how quickly he pitched last inning, I’d give him another inning.

*87 pitches
I would be careful by telling him to to pitch the 6th, but if we want security the back end of the game he should go seven.

Let Lester start the inning and if he gets into trouble take him out. Quick hook in the 6th by Tito if that happens.

Another low pitch inning, 9 there so that makes 96. I would leave him and once someone gets on take him out, but I bet Tito thinks that he has had enough. His curveball looks nasty tonight, better than it did last year. He wasn’t great last year but he was pitching with cancer in his body I’m sure the whole season. Since he is now cancer-free why should he not have a better year?

Nice outing by Lester. He didn’t lose his composure after walking a couple of guys. I look forward to seeing him pitch Saturday.

Nice job by Timlin. He still brings a little heat. Kept the ball in on the hands of Cleveland batters.

Manny has actually been hustling pretty well this year, but there’s no excuse for that. He knew it too.

Since the velocity on his fast ball is not back in the mid-90s (I imagine it might not be until next season), Jon Lester is becoming a better “pitcher.” He has a wide assortment of pitches, and I was impressed with his start tonight. Obviously, he needs to throw more first pitch strikes, and he needs to have better control, but his lone mistake was leaving the cut fastball up in the zone to Sizemore, who ripped the two-run home run. I didn’t expect six innings. Good first outing for Lester.



Lester was on the ropes in the 4th and obviously got out of it. He cruised after that. How about the Sox pen tonight, another great game by them. No Papelbon and Okijima so they have them ready for the next few days. I heard where the Tribe got in around 5:00 a.m., that baseball travel can be rough. Just ask the Red Sox, 2 west coast trips in the month of June.

Boston fans tonight we ignored bosoxbrian and as Jeff and Ellen suggested it worked in the end he was talking to himself thank you.

Good for lester tonight he is a strong young man and he has great fans to keep him going.

GREAT outing by Lester, all things considered. Getting out of that jam was huge, and you could see how pumped up his mom was.

When Timlin went to 3-0 on the first batter I thought, here we go, he’s lost it again, but he came back really strong, good job Mike.

You’d think Manny would have embarrassed himself enough times that he would start to hustle all the time now.

Go Sox, four in a row!

I was happy to see lester get the win.Sox have the best record again.lets go guys.sumner is mad cuz his team is the blue jays.

sentinel is bosoxsux. Same person everyone. I know, I am stating the obvious on that one. Just thought I would point that one out. Lester is down my way Sat. night, looking forward to seeing that in person and of course Dice-K the next day. Never thought I would be going to the Trop 2 days in a row but I am. Great matchup tomm. night, C.C. and Dice-K. Looking forward to it. Dice-K didn’t do well his only other time he faced the Tribe so we’ll see how he does the second time around.

I shoulda known that was sentinel.

I am sure most knew it was sentinel. Have a great night chman712. 4 in a row for the Sox. Nice too see, it’s a long way of course.

thanks brian.have a good one and lets go sox!

Hey jones…great after that huge win. Thanx for asking…awesome peromance by Lester…gutsy to say the least. Staff is looking good these days between lester and gabbard picking up schilling, and beckett his usual great self..throw in dice-k and wakefield and look out everyone. Delcarmen is pitching great as has timlin and the 2 untouchables. why would we ever worry about the yanks…lol, if we need anything it maybe an extra bat…but where would we put it? Drew should be coming on, crisp has been great, as have the balance of the core. Wouldnt it be nice to see dice-k throw up some zero’s tomorrow and take out c.c..

I read the Mailbag this week and someone asked an interesting question, and Ian provided an even more interesting response ……

Q: “Is it possible that the Red Sox aren’t going to have a single player with 40 home runs, or even 30? Sad state of the offense. When did we change places with Oakland, all pitching and no run support”?

A: “The 1998 New York Yankees are the best team I’ve seen in all my years of watching baseball. That team went 114-48 in the regular season and 11-2 in the postseason to finish at 125-50 overall. The leading home run hitter on that team? Tino Martinez, with 28. The name of the game from an offensive standpoint is scoring runs and driving them in. The long ball can be overrated at times”.

I know that the Yankees of ’98 had other advantages too, gives you hope though. LETS GO RED SOX, GREAT JOB LESTER!!!!!

That’s a promising fact for this club. As long as they get the hits when they count, that’s all that matters. I know that’s stating the obvious, but it’s something that this team had struggled to do for the past 2 months.
Here’s hoping Dice K finds his June form tonight. Walks have hurt him all season and I just don’t feel comfortable watching him pitch. I wish he’d stop trying to throw his off speed stuff all the time and go back to mixing in more fast balls. It seems he’s getting behind 2-0 and 3-1 ALL the time and by the time the 5th inning rolls around, he’s at 100-110 pitches.

Man, Remy was pretty ticket off at Manny last night on that hot dog trot on his 380 foot single.

Steve Phillips made a good point last night during the game and maybe Ian can expand on it. It was regarding JD’s lack of emotion and general “blah” attitude. Phillips said that teammates see that and get frustrated by it. I know it ticks all of us off to no end simply because JD looks like he doesn’t care. Ian, I know you probably can’t get into specifics or betray clubhouse trust and I understand that, but can you let us know if JD’s lazy, non committal appearance has had any effect on other player’s attitudes?

Hot dog! That was a great game to watch. Plenty of “edge of your seat” moments when pitchers got themselves into jams, and never a big enough lead to really be comfortable. From a purely non-partisan viewpoint, a great game. And even from a Boston fan’s perspective, it followed a pretty good formula: Sox jump out to a first inning lead and hold onto it through gutsy pitching.

The ESPN2 announcers however, really did nothing to enhance the game’s excitement for me. Despite having noted that Lester doesn’t want to dwell on his cancer recovery, it seemed like every other sentence out of Gary Thorne’s mouth had the word “cancer” in it. I agree with you about Orel though, Brian; he’s one announcer I don’t mind listening to. He at least commented that, regardless of Lester’s medical problems, last night’s performance was a great one.

One interesting comment I did hear Steve Phillips make was something to the effect that “the Red Sox are kind of down on Wily Mo Pena.” While I’ve heard plenty of fans say they’d like to see him traded, that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone suggest that Boston management felt the same way. Granted, a comment from Steve Phillips is not the same as Theo Epstein coming out and saying they’re actively shopping him around, but I still found it telling.

I know that “dead air” on radio and TV is a bad thing; and I realize that announcers are paid to talk, but after a while all the chatter gets on my nerves. The great thing about Orel is he keeps his mouth shut until he has something relevant to say. After the 6th inning I could not take it any more and muted the TV and put Burnt Weeny Sandwich on the stereo. Great to watch baseball to!! Anyway, it was really a good game and very moving to see JL’s parents reactions in the stands. You could tell they were just about to burst with pent-up emotions. I was glad for them. And very proud of Jon.

Go Sox!! Make it 5 in a row tonite!

Well, it looks like I owe Ian an apology. In his responses yesterday (posted BEFORE the game and Steve Phillips’ comment) to the mailbag questions, it was Ian who said that Pena is very likely to be on the trading block. Steve Phillips isn’t the only one with the inside scoop. Sorry about that, Mr. Browne.

Have anyone read “3 Nights in August” which chronicles 3 games gainst the Cubs during the ’30 campaign of the Cardinals ? WEll anyway It revels some pretty ditrubing facts that will explain the nature of J.D. Drew . . .

It explains that Drew is rewarded with big contracts based on his potential, and when he begins to play he doesn’t play to his ability because he knows he’ll recieved the money. Also I’m sure you’ve heard the story about how he turned down Phildelphia’s contract when they drafted him, then didn’t sign a contract for two years, then signed with the Cardianls.

I would definetly recommend this book if you want to find out even more about the life and history of the infamous J.D. Drew.

Ellen: Nah, it’s okay. I was confused for a second, but I was like, “I think she meant somebody else…”🙂

Bosoxbrian: I’m not “falling in love” with Gabbard as a mainstay in the rotation just yet, but please tell me, who is on the trading block that would be worth giving up a starter of his caliber for? I haven’t seen enough on the market so I don’t expect him to be traded.

Recently, the idea of Wily Mo Pena being traded has been thrown around. The way that’s been going, I’d expect him to be traded. He’s not getting enough ABs to get into any sort of groove and because of that, his learning curve gets stunted. At this point, the trade that Theo & Co. did to get him for Bronson Arroyo might seem better for us; Arroyo hasn’t been winning in Cincinnati (granted their offense can’t help their starters either it seems), and we could get something good out of trading Wily Mo Pena. I was pulling for him, but it seems at this point, there’s no other logical decision but to trade him.

I was amused by Rem-Dawg getting ticked off at Manny’s “HR Trot” that turned out to be a single. Manny being Manny I guess, but I hope he learns from that one, heh.

As for J.D.’s laid-back attitude and such, Steve Phillips can comment on that all her wants. The way the Boston clubhouse seems to be, I severely doubt that being an issue. I mean, look at Manny. ‘Nuff said.🙂

And people, why are we all going around flaming each other? To those who are doing this, have we not gotten out middle school or high school? If you’re college-aged, I expect better, come on now (in case anybody is wondering who am I to say that, well you can call me “late-college-aged” at 24).

So let’s keep the peace shall we?

rsjones: Keep in mind when books are written in regards to things of that nature, there’s always some sort of agenda.

Not saying that J.D. may sometimes not play with his full potential, but if he does it all the time here, he’ll get chased out of Boston by the fans.

If he starts heating up again, then we don’t have much to concern ourselves with. If he doesn’t, well, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Why would complain to the Astros. LOL!

Good for you bosox, keep living the dream.

I have a couple of questions. First, would anybody with sabermetrics ability be able to tell me what the Red Sox record is when trailing after six innings and their record when leading after six innings?

Next, has anyone read Moneyball and if so, what do they think?

Good question brendan. I know I heard about 3 weeks ago that they were 1-38 when trailing after 8. (the lone win the Mother’s day game). That was 3 weeks ago, so they’re roughly 1-44 at this point. I’m not sure about the record from the 6th on, but I can’t think of many games where they have overcome in the last 3 innings. In fact, until this past weekend, I thing it was almost a week since they scored from the 6th on.
Hopefully these past 4 games will roll over into tonight and tomorrow with Sabathia and Carmona going. Dice K and Beckett need to be on top of their game.

Holding Cleveland down last night was great, but cynics will say a lot had to do with the fact that they didn’t arrive home until 5:30AM and didn’t get much rest. I know it happened to the Sox when they went out West so it’s important that Dice and Josh keep it going.

And again, people need to learn to grow up (and I mean people on both sides).:-/

rsjones: Well not the Astros…😛

I’ve read bits and pieces of Moneyball, Brendan. It’s pretty good from what I’ve read and I’m tempted to actually shell out the $$.

Yeah I read it, I’d definitely recommend giving it a read. A lot of it rings pretty true but some of it I wouldn’t agree with. I guess hindsight plays a part in it as well, with time passing you get a better idea on how some players have done.

Right back at you Pacol . . . ..

But isn’t it true we are looking at Oswalt and Lidge?

J.D. Drew, LOL, (Lethargic Overpaid Loser)

From now on I will refer to Drew as . . . . the L.O.L, translation “the lethargic overpaid loser”

Moneyball is a must read for any baseball fan… especially Red Sox fans. You’ll appreciate Youkilis more… “The Greek God of Walks”.

Lets just hope Dice-K doesn’t earn that same title in tonights game, LOL.

Great re-debut by Lester last night and the love and pride on his mom and dad’s faces was priceless!! Good to have him back.

Hey! To you guys (and/or girls) going to this weekends game at the Trop: someone needs to make a sign to say “hi”to the rest of us who can’t make it…. You know, make us feel like we’re there with y’all!!!!

rsjuones: re Drew, I couldn’t agree more!!

This may have already been discussed, so if it has, I apologize in advance.

I’ve been reading that the Sox are the frontrunners for Texeira. If we acquire him, where do we put him? No way are we giving up Youk, and Lowell has better core stats (.305 vs .302 and 15 vs 12).

He’s a first baseman first and foremost, so I’d expect Lowell to be traded and Youk moved to 3rd.


15 / 12 was HR btw

Ellen . . . you spelled my name wrong, whaaaaaahhhhhhh. (Thought I would demonstrate how annoying whining is)

I calculated that the Red Sox average roughly 16 wins and 10 loses per month, I put this in perspective for the rest of the year, and if we continue to play like this we will end up with a 101-61 record.

Jacoby Ellsbury has been compared to Johnny Damon, and Kenny Lofton, but more and more I see him as Coco Crisp.

Ellsbury looks and plays like Damon. Looks like Damon when Damon was back in his K.C. days.

RSJONES: I guess I got LF lazy fingers!!! none the less I enjoy reading your thoughts!!e

The L.O.L fans again, for the hat-trick. I don’t agree with some of the check swing calls by Joe West, he is taking his umpire liberty too far, but if your a vetrean I guess you get that “liberty”. Dice-K has been cruising, he’ll got 8, and we’ll bring in Jon-Bon to SHUT-IT-DOWN!!!

How hard is it going to be at this point, to trade WMP?? I know he is a “potential power bat” ala manny and papi, but he just is not going to get the every day play in order to reach that potential with the Sox. I wonder what we’ll have to do to move him on???

I really like the way that J-Go (lugo) has come around.. 14 game hitting streak is something to be proud of!!! You go, J-go!!!

I still think that Pedroia looks like Trot, except batting from the right.

J-GO ? I like that.
Funny how some good hitting brings you sympathy back from the fans !

Dustin Pedroia has the highest batting average in the AL in late and close games at .424, Mark Texiera comes in second with a AVG of .404, we could use Mark for those timely hits, huh.

Very nice, Mikey!!!!

I just don’t know how we’d fit in Mark Texiera…any ideas?

rso: That’s the only thing I could come up for him at the beginning of the season.. and unlike a lot of the fans, I don’t think that I ever said anything dergatory about him, I wasn’t really “for”him coming here. As resistant to change as I am I wanted to keep A-Gon. But I figured J-Go couldn’t go much longer without turning it around.

sorry, I meant rsox:

LOL, no problem.
Ellen, i was just kidding. No insinuation here !

I think it’s great that J-GO is back to his old self.

That ugly loss late Thursday into early Friday morning seems like ages ago since they have now gone on a 5 game winning streak. This last one being the most satisfying due to the clutch pitching with runners on and just enough hitting. Like I said last week they were not as bad as they looked. To be fair though you are also not as good as you are when you’re hot.

I don’t see a Texeria trade happening by July 31. If Texeria is traded to Boston, you would have to deal Lowell. Too much movement going on there for all that too happen. I could see a deal where Texeria is dealt to Boston in the winter but unlikely in the next 7 days.
Let’s go back to 2004, the reason the Sox didn’t trade Lowe that day as well was they ( the Sox front office ) thought that was too much movement going on in 1 day. If there consisent in there approach I would think they would feel the same way 3 years later. What a great game tonight. Good to see Dice-K bounce back against the Tribe. Then again when he faced them back in Boston it was the next start after he was sick but I still give the Tribe credit for beating him that night and avoiding the sweep.

Hey, great outcome tonight. As usual, Jon-Bon was lights out….
GAME OVAH!! G’Night Nationers See you all tomorrow night!!

I am not saying Lowell would be in the Texeria trade. I just wanted to clarify that. Obviously the Rangers would want to invade the Sox farm system. I say go after Texeria because Daniels could be the worst g.m. around. He traded Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez for a bucket of baseballs and what????

I am 100% against Teixeira coming to the Red Sox by the trade deadline. Why would they even do it? Lowell is producing better than him, Youk is automatic at 1st base and it would make little sense to shift him back across the diamond to 3B, and it would absolutely compromise the team chemistry since Lowell is one of our “character” guys as well as a leader. Count me among those not in favor of this trade.

Dice-K looked good tonight, he threw 66 pitches through 4 innings and then turned it up a notch to only throw 33 pitches in the next 3 innings. I was pretty surprised to see him not come out for the 8th, as I was even thinking ahead to a complete game with around 130 pitches. But I guess that’s why Francona is the manager and I’m not as our two stud’s left little doubt in the 8th and 9th inning.

Tomorrow will be another great pitching matchup (on paper) although I personally think that Carmona is going to have a tough time with the Sox since he has had some serious psychologically damaging appearances versus them. Then again he is a completely different pitcher this year but I still maintain my prediction.

A litmus test for the Tribe here with the Sox in town. The Indians are one of these teams that I watch and I say to myself how do they own the record they have? Solid lineup for sure, Sabathia is finally living up to expectations and Carmona is pitching out of his mind but after that the rotation is weak for sure. The pen is average. If the Tribe lose 3 out of 4, I wonder where there season will go.

I have posted this story before but nobody can verify this.

Texeria was originally drafted by the Sox. He/family had a rift with Wayne Britton and Britton is the reason according to memory here is why Texeria didn’t sign with the Sox and went to Ga. Tech. Britton of course is long gone from the Sox and of course different ownership now. Can anyone out here verify this story. I do remember it but it was several years ago obviously. Let’s go Sox fans help me out here. Looking forward to some thoughts here.

Im with ya zach on your prediction…especially after the sox are up 2 in the series…more pressure more thinking…leads to more runs…I hope..lol. great job by the dcie man to keep the momentum going..and in a big way. Forgot to check who was pitching tomorrow…im thinking it must be beckett’s turn but i cant check until i post…dont matter, lets keep it going!

Beckett goes tomm night against Carmona. Mr. groundball is Carmona. Should be another good pitching matchup. Carmona has won 12 and Beckett of course has won 13. Carmona was the guy that gave up back to back walk off hits last year in Fenway. Tribe were trying him as there closer and he failed big time.

I agree. The Sox should not acquire Teixiera this season. It would disrupt the chemistry, which is strong. Lowell is doing everything that Teixeira does at the plate, and he is a leader on the field and in the clubhouse. I will reiterate my opinion that the Sox mostly need a right-handed hitting fourth outfielder to replace Pena. I’m fine with the rotation and the bullpen.

Great start by Dice-K. Those of us who are going to the Trop Saturday and Sunday will see Lester and Dice-K.



Encarcion, Conine, Sanders, Kielty. I am all for that.

The crowds this weekend will be 30,000 plus. I can’t believe it. I will be there and I am looking forward to it.

Speaking of being psycholgically damaged, what has Clement been up to lately??

Did anyone see my post that yus guys need to make a Brownie Points, blogger banner? I for one, having to stay at home when the Guys are so close to me, would love to see it.. Jeff, aren’t you the RA on this trip?? What do ya think??

I heard Clement was picking up seashells down in Sanibel Island. Just a rumor.

Truth is he is down in lovely Fort Myers rehabbing his shoulder.

hey bosox, I hear they were going to get the net for you and stick you in a rubber padded room with your boyfriend! LOL!!

Bosox Brian, have you not been to a Sox-Devil Rays game at the Trop? It is common for crowds of 30-40,000, even during weekday games. It is rare when the Sox play a game on the road that doesn’t draw at least 30,000.

Ellen, good suggestion about a sign, but someone else would have to create it and cary it. When I am at a game as a spectactor and not in the press box, I like to go with nothing in my hands, except for when I buy a hot dog and a beer or a lemonade (the Trop has the best lemonade in baseball, in my opinion).

Great job tonight by diceK and the bullpen. Nice W. On mark teixeira i think it is not a good idea, the reasons are pretty much said by you guys above. Plus probably atlanta will get him if hes traded.

Well let’s see here…

Lowell is 33 years old and Teixeira is 27 years old. So in terms of having a guy with younger age, Teixeira is the way to go.

However, doing a trade like that in the middle of the season would be quite disruptive to the clubhouse chemistry and such. Not to mention Lowell’s having a great year and is quite durable.

The issue is this: both of their contracts expire at the end of this season, yet the logical, long-term solution would be to go after Teixeira in the off-season, not Lowell primarily due to age. Teixeira is also quite a good player, this just may be a slight down year for him. Also, this way, Youk could move back to 3B, his natural position (although the way he plays 1B now, you’d never know).

However, in the off-season, you’d have to deal with other clubs and, you’d have to deal with the Yankees since they would very much be in the hunt for a 1B.

So it’s partially due to that, that a trade could still happen. Imagine this: it could be a lot like 2004 when Nomar got traded; quite a shock but in a weird way, it worked out. And I’m sure that before the trade does go through, Theo & Co. will try to lock up Teixeira to a long term deal (hard since Bora$ is his agent). If that doesn’t happen, then don’t expect a trade.

Teixera is a free agent after 08′


Trading Nomar in 2004 was a culmination of Boston’s frustration with his unwillingness to play and Nomar’s growing bitterness towards the front office for trying to trade him to the White Sox for Mags in the previous offseason. Nomar also didn’t seem to fit in with the whole “Cowboy Up/Idiots” mentality of the 2004 Red Sox and if you recall the series with the Yankees in July of ’04 (the one where Jeter dove into the stands), Nomar did not attempt to play even though he was allegedly healthy enough to do so.

Mike Lowell, on the other hand, has no shortage of desire to win and fits in perfectly with the 2007 Red Sox. There has been a lot of lobbying by Red Sox players to get the front office to re-sign Lowell. He loves the city of Boston and I could definitely see him taking a home-town discount to stick around. His numbers (offense and defense) have been above-average for the 3B position. What else is there to say?

As for Youkilis going back to his “natural position”, would you rather have Lowell at 3rd and Youk at 1st, or Teixeira at 1st and Youk at 3rd? With the first option, you have Gold Glove caliber defense at the corner infield position. The second option is a downgrade defensively since Youk is not as outstanding as a 3rd baseman as he is as a 1st baseman.

Texas is going to want top prospects for Teixiera. They only way I see this happening is if they lock him up to an extention ahead of time due to him being a free agent. The Sox haven’t committed to Lowell for next season, so technically, the deal could happen. I don’t see it thought. Plus, the Angels and Braves are the front runners from what I’ve heard. Right now, as Jeff said, the Sox don’t need an everyday player (well, the need an everyday right fielder, but that’s another story) but rather, they need a right handed hitting 4th outfielder.

Great pitching last night. After the 1st, I figured it was going to be another 110 pitch 5 inning outing by Dice. Nice job wiggling out of jams.

Speaking of jams, when Wily No Playa made that catch in left, he looked like he was hurt. At that point, the first thought that went through my mind is, we’re stuck with him now because no way we can trade him if he’s hurt.

Not sure why Francona keeps playing him. His value just keeps going down every time he plays. Sorry, not buying the lefty/righty theory with this guy. A curve ball is a curve ball and it doesn’t matter if it’s a righty or lefty throwing it….either way it’s a strikeout.

Let’s hope Josh keeps the momentum going tonight.

Well the reason WMP is still getting played is taht he is now getting his at-bats. Giving him more AB’s is said to be the key to improvement, so if he does perform his value would go up.

Also since Atlanta and Anahiem are in the mix, that will only hike the price up higher (prospect wise). We by far have the best Jacoby, Clay, Bowden, Anderson etc., but the Braves could deal Salty or Escobar, and the Angels have Willtis, Mosely etc.


I don’t know if you have ever been to a game at the Trop. I have lived in Pinellas County for 7 years. The Devil Rays have averaged only more than 30,000 fans for 1 season and that was there first season. 7 years the Rays have averaged under 20,000 for the season. Sox crowds last year at the Trop were low for the most part. Every game this weekend will get over 30,000 and Sunday with Dice-K pitching I will take a guess and say close to 40,000.

I have been to 2 weekday games at the Trop this year, against the Padres and the Angels and let’s say there weren’t many folks there. Sternberg there owner talked about how he can’t survive at the at the Trop. Nobody cares about baseball around here for the most part.

Good thing about the Trop is free parking. There still not getting the crowds. Sox and Yankees show up and that is when it happens. Should be nice for a change and not here the crickets at the Trop. What a boring atmospehere that place is.

Speaking of the Trop, if you ever discuss the players that you have seen in your life. For Example: “I saw Pedro Martinez in Tampa.” Maybe we should not count it. I mean I did see Pedro, but it was in Tampa, so maybe it should not count, there is nothing special about Tampa, it actually may cancel out the great player that we go see.

“There has been a lot of lobbying by Red Sox players to get the front office to re-sign Lowell. He loves the city of Boston and I could definitely see him taking a home-town discount to stick around.”

Posted by: zachary.zannino@conncoll.edu | July 25, 2007 02:35 AM

Remember the last time a player took a home-town discount? The poor guy got traded to Cincinnati for Wily Mo. In theory, it’s nice to see players show their loyalty to a team. In practical reality, there is no loyalty in any front office.

I understand that the D-Rays don’t average 30k. I never said they did. I said that they draw 30k or more when the Sox are in town. It’s a common occurrence. I’ve been to most of the Sox-Devil Rays games since moving to Orlando five years ago, and I’ve never seen a game that wasn’t packed. I’ve been to Devil Rays games against the Mariners and the Blue Jays, and there were 5,000. It was so silent that you could clearly hear one fan heckling the opposing hitters, much like the Royals-Yankees series going on right now in Kansas City – few vocal Yankees fans and few vocal Royals fans.

This weekend, it will be business as usual with the Sox-Devil Rays series at the Trop. The crowds will be 30,000-plus. Red Sox fans will be roaring. Ferg’s will look like a Red Sox bar. The Trop will be a fun place to watch baseball.



I agree Rob but there is a big difference between Bronson Arroyo, our projected #4 or #5 starter for that year, and Mike Lowell, a Top 3 3B in the AL, taking a home-town discount. Arroyo was expendable because the Sox thought they had enough pitching.

And somebody earlier said maybe the Arroyo-for-Pena trade wasn’t so bad since Bronson isn’t producing in Cincinnati, but I don’t really buy that since Arroyo was really coming into his own in Boston in his last couple of years. He has a rubber arm and is versatile in the sense that he can either start or go to the bullpen. But there’s no point in dwelling on the past, if we gave the Reds our bullpen catcher I’d still say they ripped us off in the end.

Also, Brian, I am a freelance journalist and frequently write about baseball for publications. I’ve been to the Trop on assignment, and as a fan, so I know the atmosphere. Your original post that I responded to indicated that you were surprised that there would be a big crowd at the Trop this weekend, thus the reason I posted my comment. You tend to litter this site and the Blue Jays site with comments that indicate you do not think before you write. That is why people on this site are tired of seeing your screen name. You embarrass yourself, and give Red Sox fans a bad name.

Last night’s game was like a game from the time when I first started watching baseball(mid to late 60’s). Pitching and more pitching. 3 singles was a rally, 5 runs was a blow-out. I used to check the ERA’s and if a guy had a 4.00 ERA he was on his way to being a batting practice pitcher, now he’d be a solid #3 starter. I won’t dwell in the past too much but it was nice to see a controlled, tight, tense game for once. A game where almost every pitch was huge and the game hung in the balance each time someone got on base. Nice effort by Dice-K. He’s like a cat off the mound when he fielded that bunt early on. Cleveland has only scored 2 runs in 2 games. Good job, no, GREAT job by the pitchers.

I fully agree with the statement about and how Lowell should stick around, I would like to present the pros and cons of a Texeria trade …….

First off we would have to give up one or more our top propects, the Rangers are looking at Ben Fransisco and Franklin Guitteriz of the Indians, indicating that they want young outfielders a.k.a Jacoby Ellsbury. Even though we have wealth in young starters Beckett, Dice-K, Gabbard, and Lester in the big leagues we might have a future rotation of





Gabbard/Bowden and don’t forget about Materson

Thats a heck of a rotation!!!

So it isn’t worth ditching them.

As for Texieria here are his carrer 1st and 2nd half stats ….

1st half:

G:382 AB:1445 R:243 H:403

2B:99 HR:78 RBI:254 BB:169

BA: .279 OBP: .364 SLG: .518

OPS: .882

2nd half:

G: 307 AB:1171 R:183 H:339

2B: 71 HR:75 RBI:244 BB:149

BA: .289 OBP:.374 SLG:.554

OPS: .928


Your original comment was that it is not uncommon for the Rays to get 30,000 to 40,000 for weekday games. Where have you been? Do they give freelance journalists obstructed view seats? Look at the Sox-Rays crowds last year. Not too big if I recall. Certainly didn’t exceed 40,000 and not too often if at all did the Sox-Rays get over 30,000 last year. Sox went 3-6 at the Trop last year, not too good for attendance and the result on the field.

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