Skies part for Manny

The rain subsided. The tarp came off the field. And then Manny Ramirez nearly made it rain again with one of the most prodigious home runs we will see all season. The moon shot went way up into the seats in center field.

The blast was hit at a clip of 481 feet, the third longest homer ever hit at Jacobs Field. Jim Thome struck the longest at 511 feet. Mark McGwire ranks second with a 485-foot missile. And now Manny just being Manny all over again, silencing those boos. Yes, they are still bitter around here that Manny left for the greener pastures of Boston. 

Schilling will make one more rehab start after tonight — on July 31 at
Columbus. The most logical time to expect Schilling to pitch for the
Red Sox is August 6 in Anaheim. He was almost unhittable in Toledo tonight, limiting those poor Mud Hens to two hits and no runs while striking out eight over five innings. Of Schilling’s 66 pitches, 24 were strikes. It seems pretty obvious that Schilling has accomplished everything he has set out to do, and the last rehab start is simply a matter of biulding his pitch count up.

In other news, Jacoby Ellsbury tweaked his groin and has been placed on the seven-day DL by Pawtucket. Former Major Leaguer Brady Clark was signed to a Minor League contract, where he will likely fill in while Ellsbury is out.

Not sure if Clark would be a fit in Boston. I think at this stage they’re better off with WMP. I mean, Clark was a decent player a couple of years ago, but there must be a reason he couldn’t make it with the Dodgers.

I jokingly asked Josh Beckett on the bench today who will pitch tonight if Gabbard doesn’t wake up. Gabbard literally napped for over an hour in the clubhouse sitting on the chair in front of his locker. Beckett figured maybe he was at least on the couch. Nope, I witnessed it with my own two eyes. Nothing was waking Gabby up. Oh well, he did take the mound when it was time to play ball and there was no crick in his neck.

Comical moment in the clubhouse today was when Manny hollered for someone to buy him his own Nintendo. That’s all these guys have been playing for the last four days here in the visitor’s clubhouse.

On to tonight’s lineup:

Lugo SS
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Varitek C
Crisp CF
Pena RF

Gabbard SP



When do they believe the rain will go away? I am sure there is never a dull moment in the Sox clubhouse with all those different personalites. Makes it fun at times.

My favorite Manny moment was when he walked into the clubhouse and the O.J. Simpson chase was going on and he thought that his teammate a guy by the name of Chad Ogea ( pronounced just like O.J. ) was being chased. A Cleveland writer one time spoke about that and he said Ramirez was dead serious. Imagine that. Game time.

Manny hit that one 481, 3rd longest in the history of the Jake

Top Ten Signs your team is on Drugs ….

1. Your 1st basemen demanded a trade to the Devil Rays

2.That ain’t ivy growing on the outfield wall

3.They ask the organist to play a lot of Pink Floyd

4.During meetings on the mound the pitcher and catcher exchange money

5.Keep asking if there are any roadtrips to Colombia

6.Half of them are wearing football helmets

7.Keep using the bullpen phone to call Domino’s

8.Stare in wonder at David Wells and mutter “duuuude”

9.Rumor has it that the ball boy is wearing a wire

10.You swear teo half naked guys attacked the first base coach

Thank David Letterman for those, there from ’02 so ther a little out of date, but awfully funny.

Lately it has been first to score one runs wins, so looking good for the Sox


rsjones–funny stuff there. I like it. I like #2 on the list, #1 is good as well. There is no way that will happen, someone demand a trade to play for the Devil Rays.

OMG wily Mo got a hit!

I agree that #1 and 2 are funny. but 4 is funny too.


that #4 sign, money exchange on the mound ….. i keep seeing that image in my head and i smile.

Time for the Sox to break this game wide open.

Haha, not with Crisp, Pena and Lugo up, bosoxbrian

Posted this on the last thread a few moments ago. Wrong place!

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but Curt Schilling threw five scoreless innings in his second rehab start with Pawtucket. He struck out eight, allowed just two hits and threw 66 pitches. That’s good news for the Sox. Not sure if they plan on starting him August 1 against the Orioles. Beckett will definitely start on July 31 since it will be on six days rest (the Sox are off on July 30).


Garry (GSM), look forward to meeting you and your significant other at the Trop on Saturday. Let me know if you want to meet at Ferg’s before the game. There will be a group of us meeting there before and after.


Ian wrote that Schilling will have one more minor league start. His first start with the Sox will be out in Anaheim.

Indians only have 2 starters, Shapiro needs to find another one. Westbrook and Lee have looked awful.

Will Boston go for the extra point or go for the 2 point conversion?

Too early in the game for the 2 pointer !

OH, didn’t read Ian’s post. That means Lester and Gabbard will get more starts. Encouraging news for the Sox. Kansas City is up 3-0 on the Yankees, and with Igawa on the mound, the Royals are likely to unload on the Yankees. Hopefully the Royals pitchers can keep the Yankees bats quiet.

This is a refreshing game, just keep pouring it on and they can coast onto the plane to Tampa with a W. Plus Kei “Sunglasses” Igawa and the Yankees are losing 4-0 to the Royals.

Usually you keep on kicking extra points until you are forced to go for the 2 pointer. Nice reply rsox34, good stuff there. Perhaps the Sox can get a nice lead and get some guys out of this game around the 7th or so, Mirabelli in for Varitek etc.

Yankees bats as we all know can explode at anytime. Royals have had a few games this year where there bats have lit up the opposition. Let’s hope the Royals get in that Yankee pen. That is always a good thing.

This game is a freaking joke. Shows you how good Sabathia and Carmona pitched.

Wily Mo with 2 hits?!!?! I have a better shot of hitting the mega millions jackpot

Willy Mo is on fire. Start playing that lotto rizzo1087. Imagine if Drew played he might have had a hit. Then again I doubt it, Drew getting a hit.

I’m hoping Gabby settles down. He’s got two outs and we’re still up 5 runs, but of course nothing’s locked up till you’ve played 9 innings.
And hey, Theo, wake the f up and resign Mike Lowell! Or do you close your eyes and cover your ears every time he comes up to bat and knocks in a run or two?

This time it’s Francona who isn’t keeping his eyes open while Gabbard loads the bases. I understand having faith in your players, but having faith doesn’t mean watching them drown like that.

Wow that happened fast, looks like it is not going to be the laugher it appeared

I can’t believe what I am watching. Gabbard fell apart quick. I like most people thought this one was over. Kate Smith was warming up, not anymore.

Looks like Gabbard was really affected by the long rest when the Sox scored five. He lost command and then confidence.

He got the first out in the inning but after that it unraveled real quick. Never saw that one coming.

I don’t blame that on Francona there fisher.megan. Gabbard got the first out and then boom, boom it happened quick. Nobody saw that one happening. It seemed as if Gabbard was aiming there at the end as opposed to throwing it. He was afraid to throw a strike to Blake and then hit Hafner, the kid was rattled.

By the way, I like the acquisition of Brady Clark. He had a couple decent seasons in Milwaukee. He lost his job there because the Brewers are loaded with young outfielders. Clark played little in LA. He hits for contact and can play all three outfield positions. I would much rather see Clark in Boston than Wily Mo Pena, regardless of what Pena has done at the plate tonight.

I assume we will not be seeing Willy Mo in a Boston uniform after July 31. Let’s hope anyway. I would agree about Clark, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Bosoxbrian, I would have probably pulled him after two straight walks, but definitely after three straight to load the bases.
As for WMP, can I throw him a going away party?πŸ˜‰ Kidding aside, I hope he ends up somewhere where he’ll be able to get the ABs he needs, hoepfully as a DH. Boston just isn’t a good fit for him, and the supposed extra fielding practices he took over spring training and the beginning of the season obviously didn’t help him out that much.

I’m happy for Wily Mo tonight. It’s true that he has served no real useful purpose for the Sox, and the 70 million dollar man ought to be out there playing no matter who’s pitching, but to Pena’s credit, he hasn’t said a word, at least not that I’ve heard, all year long. He and Hinske both have been great team players. I hope the Sox trade him someplace where he can play every day, like to a National League team where he can’t come back and do too much damage. He deserves a shot.

Tavarez is getting the job done so far. This might be his niche.

fisher.megan if the score was alot closer I would agree with you but when your up big you have some room to play with.

I hope as well that Willy Mo gets to go to a place where he’ll be able to get his ABs. He played poorly in winter ball, I guess those reports were accurate.

Looks like Wily Mo wants to stay in Boston : D

Are we seeing a Wily Mo Pena coming out party? I hope he can continue this hot hitting until the trade deadline, it will increase his stock big time.

Jeff, I’ll give you a call when I’m on my way down. I have a hotel room about 8 miles north of the park. My significant other will not be attending so I may have an extra ticket. I’ll let you know tomorrow. If I do, and you know somebody who would like to have it, they can, with my compliments, but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

LOL! Does anyone hit them harder than Wily Mo when he hits them? My God is he strong!

I do agree with gsm52 about Willy Mo and his attitude. We haven’t heard him complain and that is a good thing. We know how athletes are today. Even though what could Willy Mo say if he ever did complain? Certainly not much because when he played he has done almost nothing. He did hit that grand slam off of Ray to win a game for the Sox. Pena goes deep, nice too see.

Wily Mo needs to start in right and hit in the No. 5 spot. lol. He is just teasing us. He does this every now and then.

For folks going to the Trop for the weekend. There are 3 hotels in the downtown area that are good. Of course the Vinoy, where the teams stay at. The Hilton right across the street from where the Devil Rays play there spring training games–not even a mile from the Trop. Courtyard Marriot which is about a mile from the Trop. The Vinoy could be sold out but it is very nice.

Yankees bats are quiet tonight. Royals looking to avoid the sweep. The game the Yankees get last night they give it right back tonight.

12-9? I keep thinking they got it in the bag but the Indians have no quit in them. I should have seen this coming, they have numerous comebacks from large deficits.

Man, Tavarez was almost there. Poor guy.

If the Sox win, Tavarez will get the victory. I can’t believe is maybe Papelbon might have to come in and nail it down.

Not many hotels available when the Sox are in town, Brian. I’ve written travel features on the Vony and the Don CeSar, both exceptional historic hotels. Of course, they are very pricey, too. I got a room at the Comfort Inn near Tropicana Field, but it was one of the last rooms, and I booked it earlier this week. Sox fans take lots of rooms in St. Petersburg. There are rooms in Clearwater and Tampa, though. The last couple years, when I’ve gone to all the Sox-Devil Rays games at the Trop, I’ve had to stay in Tampa.

I meant, the Vinoy, which is haunted, just like the Don CeSar. Lots of players have reported seeing and hearing strange things in their rooms. Some have even left and stayed elsewhere.

St. Pete beach is about 6 miles from the Trop. Scott Williamson when he played for the Reds said he had a ghost in his room. Now that is funny. I live right near there so I see alot of the visiting players around. When the Yankees and Sox are in town the hats, shirts are everywhere in St. Pete. The local bussiness’ love it for sure, especially the folks at the Pier.

Oh Manny.

Man, this is like a softball game. Good to see Manny picking up his power and RBI production.

Don’t ya love it when Manny is just being Manny?πŸ˜‰

A beer belly league here. The Tribe have to get another starting pitcher and if they don’t they are in trouble. Yankees will grab that wildcard. Indians might fall apart after this series. They had high hopes and lost 3 out of 4 at home. Carmona and Sabathia pitch they are tough but after that they have nothing in there rotation.

Evidently Manny asked if he could be on NESN after he’s done playing baseball. The ideas Orsillo and Remy are coming up with are hysterical!

I think it’s safe to say Manny is officially locked in right now.

Paul Byrd is a decent third starter. They definitely need a fourth guy since Lee and Westbrook are struggling, and Sowers didn’t do as well as expected. I bet they get Jennings or Morris.

Kevin, looks like there is an extra ticket to Saturday’s game – three actually since Vince and his father are unable to make it. Let me know if you are interested. face value – $26.

Byrd to me is more like a #5 guy. He gives up too many hits. He did beat Boston to avoid the sweep. Byrd is a rare righty that you would label crafty. Shapiro needs to get a starter real soon. There pen will be wasted by the end of August if he doesn’t.

Yeah, Byrd is a back of the rotation guy, but he gives the Indians a third decent starter.

Byrd this year has pitched 113 innings and has given up 140 hits. Does he ever throw from the windup? He doesn’t walk many hitters because why take a walk when your almost guranteed a hit.

I would agree about Morris, that would be a nice move by the Tribe. I don’t know what Sabean would want for Morris.

Jeff, Sorry I didn’t email you back, i did post on one of the previous threads. Unfortunately I have to go to the in-laws this weekend. They live in Naples, so it’s a 4 hour ride….don’t think I can talk my wife into it this trip!! Next time, hopefully.

Question. Now that Tavarez is the “long guy” in the pen. Where does that leave Snyder? Is he potential trade bait? His value couldn’t be higher than it is right now with the decent season he has had.

Hahaha, everybody is in love with Wily Mo now. What was his nickname 4 hours ago? Wily No Playa, I believe. That’s Sox fans for you though.

Jeff is right, Pena likes to show off his “potential” every once and a while but he won’t sustain it. Although that homerun he hit was absurd, the ball looked like a laser coming off of his bat. Hopefully some scouts from other teams are watching so his trade value increases. My question is did Cleveland not get the scouting report on this guy? NO fastballs.

You knew Manny was going to go yard the 2nd time when Martinez kept calling for fastballs away. Is he on fire yet or no?

Us with the Extra Innings package are stuck with the Cleveland announcers so whoever gets NESN, can you expand upon Remy and Orsillo’s comments on Manny? I love these high-scoring games because the Sox announcers completely lose focus and go off on tangents.

Yanks down 5-0 in bottom 7th.
3 weeks ago, I would have said “Game over” They way they have been playing lately, I’m waiting for a 6 run rally in the 9th.

Well, I guess Remy started talking about how Manny mentioned something to him about, “can I be on NESN after I play baseball?” and Orsillo says, “what would he do? a reality show?” So then they start joking about maybe he could do post-game commentary (“don’t worry about it man”) but then brought up the attendance part; you’d never know if he was going to show up each night to actually talk with Tom Caron about the game. Then Orsillo suggested that he could come on at the beginning of each game and say “Buenos noches, amigos!” instead of Remy saying it. But then Remy pointed out that saying that was kind of his signature thing and he can’t let Manny take that away.
The whole bit didn’t last too long, but was hilarious as the camera is focused on Manny and you’re trying to picture him on NESN and in the studio and whatnot.

True zach…I’ve got the extra innings as well. I guarantee Orsillo is weazing right now at something Remy said and he can’t put a sentence together. It’s hysterical when those guys get going.

This was a night when the Sox finally hit someone that they should have hit. Too many games against the Feirabrand’s, Litsch’s and Odalis Perez’s of the world when they Sox bats have gone silent. Lee should have been lit up and he was.

Kevin, enjoy the trip to Naples! By the way, I am now heading the Orlando Boston Red Sox Meetup Group ( The membership, which is free, is growing. Feel free to sign up if you’d like, and pass the word. We will have gatherings for games a couple times a month, and we will book a block of tickets for the Sox-Devil Rays weekend series in September.

Zachary, I was thinking the same thing – that scouts from opposing teams would get excited about what they saw from Pena tonight.

Brian, I understand that Byrd gives up a lot of hits per innings pitched, and he occasionally has a game where he gives up a lot of runs, but he is like a Jamie Moyer – you don’t know how he wins, but he does, and he gives you a lot of innings.

I have Extra Innings as well, and I have not enjoyed the commentary of Matt Underwood and Rick Mannings in this series. Glad I don’t have to stomach listening to them for the long term. I’m not a big fan of Remy and Orsillo, but they are more tolerable than Underwood and Manning.

The Royals are knocking around the Yankees bullpen right now. Keep it going, KC, keep it going!

Jeff, I just tried to sign up but it says the server is having issues. I will keep trying. Thanks

Oops. That link doesn’t work. Try this.

The Sox are playing well. Back to back series taking three out of four. I would like to see a sweep of the Devil Rays, but Shields and Kazmir are going on Saturday and Sunday, so it won’t be a cakewalk.

If the Tribe got Morris or Jennings then there rotation isn’t that bad at the end. I do agree about the comparison with Moyer, innings and some how he gets the job done. Even though the stats look terrible. When Moyer and Byrd pitch, they either get smoked or they hang around. You will see Moyer and Byrd out by the 3rd inning with 10 hits allowed and 7 runs. Real ugly starts at times.

To me Rick Manning is pretty low anyway. Anyone who cheats on his best friends wife ( Dennis Eckersly ) is pretty low in my book. He is a bad announcer anyway, regardless of what he has done.

Aww Jeff…how can you not like Orsillo and Remy?? haha kidding.

But seriously, let’s hope some desperate team saw WMP’s flash in the pan..err…great night and they’ll just take him off our hands.

OK. Let’s try this one more time.

That is the Orlando link. If you live in other areas and want to join a Red Sox Meetup group, just go to to find one in your region.

Orsillo tries to be so much like Sean McDonough. He sounds just like him. Orsillo never will ever crticize anything about the Sox. McDonough did and that is part of the reason he isn’t there anymore.

Ehh..Orsillo’s not as bad as other announcers. And Remy doesn’t gloss over mistakes made by the guys on the field.

Orsillo and Remy are bought and paid for. They’re employees of the Red Sox so they can’t say too much. They travel with the team so they become close to the players and coaches. They have a great gig, why would they do anything dumb like crticize and get on them hard.

I can tolerate Remy and Orsillo because they provide some in-depth insight about the Sox. The Devil Rays announcers are downright amusing, they are so bad. I get the pleasure of listening to them tomorrow night since MLB Extra Innings in blacked out in Orlando when the Devil Rays play, and I am not going to Friday’s game.

Dewayne Staats and Joe Magrane are just HORRIBLE. Magrane thinks he is funny but he isn’t. Staats is father in law of Astros Dan Wheeler. Staats has been doing baseball for a long time. Yankees voice at one time.

Royals win, Royals win, theeeeeeeeeeRoyals win!

Royals kick the extra point and shutout the Yankees. What happened there?

A little John Sterling but on the K.C. side. Very funny Jeff. That could be the most annoying ending to a game ever. Sterling did the Hawks/Braves back in the day. He goes to N.Y. and he suddenly becomes the most annoying announcer ever. Imagine listening to Sterling and Susan Waldman thru the year. You would end up hanging yourself.

Man,Indians have not been blessed with our pitching.Great to see Manny being Manny.How are you Brian?About the John Sterling thing,your right on it was like wow….Wily Mo actually got some hits.My goodness.Well Yanks lost,gotta keep winning man.Gotta do our best to distance ourselves from them.

Remy and Orsillo are entertaining and Remy is very knowledgeable. He at least knows the difference between a curve ball and a changeup, which is more than most announcers know. Orsillo is a little bit of a dork, but they do well together. Remy in particular, is very objective. He can’t help being a homer just by the way he talks, but if the Sox are screwing up, he’ll the the first to let you know, and if an opposing player is doing well, he’ll talk about that too. Still, I almost wet myself two or three times every game just listening to them.

Sox went into Cleveland and took 3 out of 4. I thought a split would happen. Same lead for the division on Monday and the same lead now. Yankees gained nothing. Sox are now off to Tampa and the offense should continue to light it up. Rays pitching right now is spent, the Yankees tore them up. Wakefield goes tomm night and he seems to own that team. Let’s hope Wake keeps it rolling.

I would think most would agree about Sterling, not even just Red Sox fans but any fan. Susan Waldman is a joke, she almost makes Sterling look good. That is how bad she is.

I wiah I could hear them regularly,I live in NYC -_-

Susan Waldman almost w– herself when Clemens was at Yankee Stadium, when he announced to the crowd he was coming back. She sounded like a total *****. You would think God was there.

I can deal with Remy and Orsillo. Alot of the announcers around are bad for sure.

Susyn hyped things up wow.

The t.v. guys are o.k. on YES. Al Leiter, Ken Singleton, Michael Kay and Bobby Murcer. Phil Ruzzito back in the day was the best. He never talked about the game. He was nuts that guy.

Michael Kay is very annoying. He always demeans the other team, especially the Red Sox. I would like to hear what he has to say on the night that the Red Sox wrap up the American League East (hopefully when, and not if!).

Jeff,the yankees can be 20 games out and Michael Kay will try to make it sound like they got a shot.

Best Rizzuto line ever… “Did you know there are 6 species of huckleberries in the state of Washington?”

Very solid week. The pessimist in me thought for sure we’d lose a game or 2 in the standings with the Sox playing 4 in Cleveland and the Yanks in KC. They came away from this with the 7 1/2 lead still intact. Granted, it will actually be 7 once the Yanks finish off the suspended game against Baltimore tonight.
Sox need to continue business against the teams they should beat before they head out West next week. They face Shields and Kazmir this weekend. Shields has struggled lately (the Yanks hammered him), but the Sox struggle against good pitchers at times and Kazmir always gives them fits. Game 1 against Baltimore next week is against Bedard. So while it looks like the Sox should have an easy next 6 games schedule wise, those are 3 challenges they will be facing.

Hopefully the knuckler is dancing all over the Trop tonight and that the bats are still warm.

“Remy and Orsillo are entertaining and Remy is very knowledgeable. He at least knows the difference between a curve ball and a changeup, which is more than most announcers know.

Posted by: | July 26, 2007 11:42 PM

My favorite story about an announcer not knowing about pitches was the time an announcer, discussing with Pedro a particular out that was made, said it looked like Pedro had thrown a slider. “I don’t throw a slider,” said Pedro.


On another topic, here’s what I consider to be yet another inequity in the rulebook. The rules say that if the starting pitcher doesn’t go at least 5 innings they can’t get the win. They further go on to say that the win does not necessarily go to the first reliever, but rather should go to the reliever that pitches most effectively. How can you say that 4 runs in 2.1 innings (Tavarez) is more effective than no hits in 1.0 inning (both Okajima and Lopez)? I’m not bashing Tavarez, but I don’t think he deserved the win, since you could argue that he didn’t even pitch as effectively as Gabbard, based on on the fact that he averaged almost twice as many runs per inning.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and a little shout out here to Brian for calling the three homers last night. Thought nobody noticed, didn’t you?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that rule applied even though I have heard of it before.
I guess if you want to get picky, you could say that Tavarez was effective in the sense that he got out of the 5th inning based loaded jam and did pitch a nice 6th inning. Also, I didn’t verify this, but wasn’t the HR with 2 outs? Lugo did have an error that inning which in turn would have made those unearned runs since they all come with 2 outs.

But I know what you mean in regards to the application of the rule.

I agree, it’s rarely, if ever, applied. It’s similar to the rule that says a fielder doesn’t have to touch the ball to be credited with an error. When’s the last time you saw that happen? I guess what it boils down to is the rulebook allows the official scorer some significant latitude, but they very rarely apply it. I don’t know if that’s because they don’t want to bother, or because they’re told not to do anything too crazy, so they err on the conservative side.

Well guys,lets win tonight and hope that Guthrie can beat the Yanks.

Julian Tavarez’s pitching line for last night: 2.1 IP, 2 H, 4 R (all unearned), 1 BB, 3 K. He got the Sox out of a pivotal situation with the tying run at the plate in the 5th.

Hideki Okajima pitched an inning with one strikeout when the Sox were already up 14-9 in the 8th inning.

While I agree that the subjectivity of the rule is pretty absurd, if Lugo doesn’t make that error and Tavarez doesn’t give up all of those unearned runs, there’s no question he turned in a “more quality” appearance then Okajima, if for nothing else than the fact that he pitched more innings in a more crucial part of the game.

The Sox have handled Tampa Bay’s pitcher over his career so hopefully he won’t be one of those infamous “bad pitchers who baffles the Sox”. Add to that the fact Wakefield is almost untouchable at Tropicana, Manny is in the zone, the Sox have won 6 out of 7, and the Rays have dropped their last 6 and I think we’ve got the formula for a big W.

Just a thought about Remy ……

you know on the high hop to Tavarez in the 7th, when Youk made a great effort to catch the ball while keep touching the 1st base, Remy said that Tavarez threw the ball on the ground voluntarily. I don’t know for everyone else but i sure think that Tavarez simply missed his throw and got lucky. He probably choked the ball in his hand ( like for a changeup ).

That ” short hop trick”, you can do that on turf, but on natural grass ?!? Easy there, Jerry.

Had to get it out …..πŸ™‚

Hey everyone,

If they trade WMP to Oakland, he would be miserable. There is not a signal Dominacan player on the roster for whom he could associate with. I’m not just defending him because of his performance last night, but he is a good guy and deserves to be with his pals.

Its interesting seeing they trades begin to occur, Lofton to Cleveland and Taguchi to Philly. I’m glad Cleveland didn’t trade for Lofton before our sieris or he would have run all over us, with many SB’s. Its also weird that the Phils reacted that quickly after the injury to Utley and snatched Taguchi.

There needs to be a Rochester NY meetup. Just sayin’.

By the way… Who listens to the WRKO gameday radio? Remember the question I asked about a particular song? I think it’s only played on WRKO rading between innings… Sorry for the confusion. If anyone can help me out (it’s the song at the start of bot8) it’d be appreciated.


Thanks for the props. If I had money on it happening I would have lost my $$$$.

One thing about baseball that always makes me laugh. Is when a reliever in a blowout goes 3 innings and in the eyes of the official scorer he pitches well, he will get a save. That is one rule that should be thrown out.

Sox in my neck of the woods for the weekend. Looking forward to Sunday with Dice-K pitching. Just to let everyone know there were an awful lot of Red Sox fans around downtown St. Pete. Always great too see, it burns me when I see all those Yankee fans around.

The tribe need pitching bad. What is Lofton going to bring? Sure some speed but Cleveland scores a bunch of runs anyway. After Sabathia and Carmona they have nothing. Shapiro needs to get a starter and real soon.

Obviously the Utley injury is serious. Gillick of course was known as stand Pat in Toronto.

Penwhale, the song is called “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

Not sure about the history of the song, I think the music people played it over the PA one game for no apparent reason, the Red Sox won, and so it was born.

I don’t know why Billy Beane would want Wily Mo. He doesn’t really fit into their “patience” philosophy.

zach: I’m pretty sure they don’t play Sweet caroline at Jacobs field.πŸ˜›

Like I said, I believe it’s a piece of music from WRKO, not from the Fenway PA (because I heard the tune right when the bottom of 8th started during Tuesday’s game)

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