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Some people don’t think Tropicana Field is all that charming. I must confess that when I’m in Tampa in late July, there’s nothing like being under the cool roof of the Trop. 0727071730Is it in my top 20 ballparks? No. Top 29? No.

But I’ll take the AC. It’s an oven out there.

Nobody loves this place more than Tim Wakefield. He’s now 8-0 here with a 2.33 ERA. Do you think the Devil Rays ever say to themselves, why doesn’t this man just retire? Wake will be 41 on Thursday by the way.

Interesting nugget about Youkilis, who returned to the No. 2 spot in the batting order tonight for the first time since July 1. In actuality, he stopped hitting second with any regularity at the end of May.

At any rate, when Youkilis hits second this season, he is hitting .349 with 8 homers and 28 RBIs. He only has two homers hitting anywhere else in the batting order. While batting fifth, where Youkilis has spent a lot of time of late, he’s at .217 with no homers and 12 RBIs. His other favorite spot is third, where he’s at .359 with two homers and six RBIs in 39 at-bats.

On to other topics: Schilling held court before the game and it’s amazing the change in his disposition from the night he pitched in Atlanta to now. He has that look to him again that he’s ready to pitch and dominate in big games down the stretch. That’s a big thing for this team. He’ll be on the mound either at Safeco on Aug. 5 or at Anaheim one night later.

I can only imagine how Julio Lugo must have felt tonight playing for a team with legitimate World Series aspirations while watching the Devil Rays — his old team — play out the string with more than two months of season left.

The Red Sox must be going through Ping Pong and Nintendo withdrawals today. No such excitement in the visitors clubhouse here, where there were a few card games going on, but other than that, not much. Im sure everyone was a little tired tonight. The team probably got to the hotel after 3 a.m. This life is not as glamorous as you might think sometimes. But they still found a way to win.

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With Shields, Kazmir, Bedard and Guthrie coming up in the next 4 games for the Sox, they are getting 1 hit by a guy named Hammel. Unbelievable


The Trop is just awful. I live down here and I hate going to that place. Where the Rays play there spring training games is a better place.

Rays pen will be in and that is when the Sox will do there damage. I assume the Rays might be pulling guys out of the stands to pitch. I guess they couldn’t do any worse.

Quick hook for Hammel that could prove costly for Madden. Disney’s Wide World of Sports is even nicer than the Trop I would assume as well?


Hamel is only making his 2nd start. When this game started he was on a pitch count of 90. The Rays front office has done nothing to this pen. This pen has stunk for years now. It doesn’t matter who is in charge with the Rays, they have no clue about pitching.

Remember it was Francona who beat out Joe Maddon for the Sox job. Maddon will be canned when this season is over, back to Anaheim I would assume.

Drew is up so the inning is over.

Drew is on and that says everything about the Rays bullpen. I still don’t understand why Drew is hitting behind Ramirez. Drew should be lower in the order. Lowell should be hitting behind Ramirez.

I should have had more faith in the implosion of the Tampa pen. It really is pathetic how bad all their relievers are. Whenever you get to play them it is a chance for your hitters to raise their averages 5 or 10 points.

Obviously you can’t go 18-0 against a team, but lets say the Sox go 14-4, 15-3. Those few losses better be against Kazmir or Shields, they should go undefeated against the rest of that staff.

Sox are facing Shields and Kazmir the next 2 games. All you have to do is get there pitch count up and then take aim at that Rays pen. I would say this is the worst pen I have seen in a long time. They should have tryouts in the parking lot before the game. What do they have to lose, another game.

WRKO mentioned a little while ago that Tampa is 5-23 in their last 28 games, no reason we should not sweep em.

The brooms could be out. 2 out of 3 for sure.

Mirabelli is soooo bad, he swinging at butterflies.

Yankees are now losing in Baltimore, 3-1 with Guthrie pitching. 8 games anyone?

Whenever I see Coco or hear his name mentioned I think back to the Seinfeld episode when George is given the nickname Coco by his boss, anyone else remember that?

I guess the Rays are 5-24 in the last 29 games. Guthire could be the Rookie Of The Year, he has been pitching very well.


i do remember that episode. George wanted to be called T-bone by his co-workers and got KOKO the monkey instead. Not quite as ” cool ” !

Here is some great insight for a telecast. Joe Magrane said that the Devil Rays have to do something about there bullpen. He said lately the e.r.a.’s are starting to climb. Hey Magrane, the e.r.a.’s for this pen have been high all year. These guys for the Rays are PATHETIC.

The Sox are eight up on the Yankees now. Wakefield has now thrown back-to-back solid starts, which is a good sign.

I always like a Seinfeld reference. Seinfeld and Cheers are my favorite all-time shows.

It is amazing how woeful the Devil Rays bullpen is. Only Al Reyes is reliable.


I went through yesterdays’ Box Scores for all the games played and came across the fact that the BOSOX are the only team with at least 5 players hitting .300 or more. With Coco edging up towards .300 that will be six. Some teams had only one batter hitting .300 and as I faintly recall there may have been one with no one hitting .300. Combine that with the American League’s best starting staff’s ERA and the Major League’s best Bullpen ERA we’ve got a “perfect storm” of talent here.

Interesting title for the blog tonight, being that my a/c is down!!!!

Great come back and final for our Sox tonight. Especially with a NY loss!!

Besides winning, I think the most significant thing about tonight’s game was Delcarmen’s performance. He looks like a Beckett clone. He’s doing great work out of the bullpen, but he also has great potential as a starter in the future.

I think this game should show that Youk’s spot in the line up should be second, not fifth. Maybe try other spots, but no fifth.

And the way Guthrie’s been pitching in Baltimore, I honestly don’t think he’ll be there for that long after he hits free agency. Rookie of the Year material for sure.

I was reading up on the trade rumor mill and I keep hearing how the the Rangers want nothing but top prospects for Teixiera. What makes me happy is that Theo and Co. have said no to that. I’m liking the chemistry between our guys not because of the class and the fact that they’ve been in Boston for a while, but because plenty of them have played and “grown up” in the farm system together. Youkilis, Pedroia, Papelbon, Lester, Gabbard, and Delcarmen have all been playing together for a long while now and they work very well together (not to mention that they’re quite good too). In this regard, look at the Brewers; they’re all young players, but a lot of them have played and grown together in their farm system and play extremely well together.

Just imagine how that would work for some our high-end top prospects and for who have in the bigs right now. We could have a few superstar players and plenty of our hometown guys playing as a team just like how we’re seeing that sort of happening now.

This may not make sense at around 2 AM, but I’ll elaborate more in my blog.🙂


(Yes, I’ve finally re-did my blog and now you have a name to my posts🙂 ).

Hey to all of you going to tonights game at the Trop… Don’t forget to wave to all of the unfortuntes who were unable to make the trip.
Cheer the Sox on extra hard for those of us who are watching from home!!!

Have a great time and….


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