Dougie and Dice-K

Another Dice-K start, another new wrinkle. Doug Mirabelli will catch Matsuzaka for the first time today. Even in Spring Training, because ‘Tek was so intent on getting to know everything about Dice-K, he caught almost all of his side sessions and his every exhibition outing.

Mirabelli obviously will get a crash course on Dice-K from Varitek. Varitek and Mirabelli have a very close working relationship. As Terry Francona says, "They talk all day, every day."

Oh, and in case you didn’t figure it out, Mirabelli is catching because Varitek squatted for 12 innings last night and today is a day game.

Mike TImlin’s shoulder is just a little achy. He hasn’t pitched since Monday. He will rest again today and the team doesn’t play tomorrow, so the hope is that Timlin will be available in the ‘pen again on Tuesday night against Baltimore.

Today’s lineup:

Lugo SS
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Crisp CF
Pena RF
Mirabelli C

Matsuzaka P

And the Devil Rays counter with Scott Kazmir, who can be extremely dominant at times but hasn’t been able to quite put it together this year. He is 7-7 with a 4.02 ERA.

More later,



I have a bad feeling that Dice-K will not the run support he needs in todays game. We have to jump on Kazmir right away, like we did when Dice-K faced Kazmir earlier in July. I hope Mirabelli can control the erratic nature of Dice-K. I noticed Drew is out too, probaly because he played the whole game yeaterday. I can see what Francona did by putting Lugo up top and Crisp in the 7th hole, he thinking that just in case Pena and Dougie don’t perform, Crisp could bail them out who is more reliale thatn Lugo down in the order, thats a good idea so the bottom third isn’t very weak.

My spelling is awful, I won’t even bother correcting all the mistakes.

Definitely looks like one of those… “Do whatever it takes to lose” games. Kazmir has a 4 ERA… which pretty much means that he’ll give up 4 runs a game against the average team. Given the Red Sox talent (and payroll), we should expect better than 4 per game. It will be a miracle if we get one run off him.

The Sox did their job and got Kazmir’s pitch count up, so now it is 3 innings against the putrid DRays pen. Both teams have wasted opportunities, but now it is a battle of the bullpens and we all know who has the upper hand in that department.

Well, we’re down 1-0 now… probably best for us to just forfeit these next 2 innings and just rest our guys. No point in wasting our guy’s arms and swings. A 1-run lead in Tampa is definitely insurmountable. Let’s pack it in and catch an earlier flight… That will keep our guys a little fresher for next game.

San Diego can score 15 runs in 5 innings today… we can’t score 1 against the worst team in all of baseball.

With Wheeler and Reyes coming in, you may have a point Rayman. The 7th was their inning and they didn’t get it done.

Game over. That stinks.
Down 4-0 with 2 innings to go. As well as they’ve been playing lately, they still can’t come back from one run down in late inning situations, let alone 4. Ouch. As I type this, it goes from 4-0 to 5-0. Oh man.

I had the right idea about just forfeiting the game… but it should have been from the start. 6 innings from Kazmir and 3 from that great bullpen. No way we can compete. If the Red Sox just wanted to sleep walk for 3 hours… probably should have done it from their hotels. Less chance of injury.

At least Manny climbs closer to 500

5-2, hmmmmm….

RS Jones opened the posting today with a very prophetic comment.

Dionar Nivarro? Maybe he can catch a knuckler. For some reason his .190 BA seems a lot better than Mirabelli’s.
Didn’t he hit one out off Papelbon last year to send a game into extras that we eventually lost?

If Coco and Pena get on, please let Francona pinch hit for Doug. I have a feeling he’ll leaving him in there to strike out just because Tek caught 12 innings yesterday.

Does JD Drew serve ANY purpose on this team??

I concur with you gsr, but this is the real question….Why, with his stats, or lack there of,whould ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, put him in at that point in a game?????

Great post by rsjones… I understood what you meant!!

We got 2 out of 3, we can’t ask that that our Sox be perfect!!! I know that we need every W we can pull out, but…. We just can’t win ’em all, even though we would LOVE to. Now a day off,(WELL DESERVED) and then, back to the fight!!!!

Hey GSR, they came back last night, didn’t they??? As I said they can’t win them all. and we can’t expect that they’re going to!! Are you perfect in the performance of your job, day in day out, or at leat 162 times per year??????

sorry Gsr. I meant RAYMAN!!!!

I don’t think we can complain too much about a 5-2 road trip considering the Yankees were 5-3 over the same period (including the suspended game). Another week has passed and the lead went from 7 to 8.

Except that fiasco in Detroit, the Sox have played pretty well on the road all year. They need to keep it because they face a gruelling August schedule. After this next three game set with Baltimore, it’s on the road for 19 of 26 games for the rest of August including a west coast swing. If they can make it through this strectch playing a few games over .500 and take two of three at Yankee Stadium, they should be in good shape at the beginning of September, when the tables turn in the scheduling.

On the positive side, the Sox have been doing pretty well without getting wins from either Beckett or Dice-K. Beckett has two real tough losses recently, so things should get better for him. Dice-K has been inconsistent and for the life of me, I’ll never figure out why he threw a changeup to a .182 hitter today. Absolutely horrible pitch selection.

No worries Elleen.
All good points gsm.

When the 7 day trip started, we all would have been happy with a 5-2 trip. I figured 2 of 4 in Cleveland and a sweep.

The frustration comes from losing to TB, especially when it’s a 3 inning game, 0-0, and it’s their putrid bullpen vs. Dice K and our pen.

When the week started and the Sox had 4 vs Cleveland and the Yanks had 4 vs. KC, I would have expected the week to end with a 6 game lead. I’ll take 8, that’s for sure.

Hopefully Beckett gets some run support, allbeit against Baltimore’s toughest pitcher in Bedard. Bedard leads the league in strikeouts, so hopefully the Sox can make him throw a LOT of pitches and get him out.

It would be shame for Beckett to lose 2-1 to Toronto, 1-0 vs. Cleveland and another tough one vs. Baltimore.

I’m back from Tampa. Last night’s game was much more pleasant to watch than this afternoon’s contest. I thought the Francona left Lester in one inning too long last night (he was hit hard in the sixth, though he only allowed a run in that inning). Today, Dice-K should have been pulled after six. Of course, Delcarmen had a bad outing, so perhaps it would not have mattered.

Overall, it was a successful weekend. The Sox won their third consecutive series. That is all they have to do – win two out of three or three out of four. If the Sox take care of their business, it doesn’t matter what the Yankees do.


5 out of 7 is fine by me, although I would have looked to end the road trip on a better note.

Dice-K was trying to bury a splitter into the dirt on that 0-2 pitch but it was obviously left up. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen Dice-K get a swing and a miss with his splitter, it seems like he’s always bouncing it to homeplate and nobody is fooled. But what are you gonna do? He still pitched a solid game but Delcarmen’s implosion was just killer. That said, I’m not worried about Manny D.

Tomorrow is a much deserved day off and then it’s a 3-game home set vs. Baltimore where the Sox should take 2 out of 3, minimum.

But gsm and Jeff are both on the money with their comments. First of all, the Sox are hot right now and just hit a minor bump in the road, no need to get up in arms about the situation. And secondly, the Sox have won their last couple of series which forces the Yankees to basically be perfect (which they almost were for a while after the Break).

If what I just read is true, then the Sox lineup is on the verge of getting just what it needs, a very formidable bat.
Jermaine Dye for Wily Mo and a pitching prospect (Not Bucholtz or Lester). This would be great since he can play right and spell Nancy in RF and he could give Papi some much needed rest. Ortiz looks pretty bad at the plate lately and if he needs a trip to the DL to get his legs back, then this addition would go a long way to helping him get fresh for the stretch run.

I’m one of those “don’t believe it till you see it” in regards to trade rumors. I never thought the Buerhle deal had a chance, but I’m sure hoping this one happens. Dye would have a field day with the Green Monster. The only deterrant is that the Fenway Faithful will fall in love with him and Nancy will go into a prolonged sleep in his hyperbolic chamber and sleep walk through the remaining 4 years of Theo’s worst signing ever.

I am a Yankee fan(from Brooklyn) who has to put up with your insularity. Lucchino and Epstein, and Henry- Saaawx management?Trying to get Dye for nothing back. Those days are over around mlb. No more crying poor mouth. Sawx nation? Take a hike, with our new stadium and revunues, the Yanks will be a force, great feeling! So long Saawx.

I am a Yankee fan(from Brooklyn) who has to put up with your insularity. Lucchino and Epstein, and Henry- Saaawx management?Trying to get Dye for nothing back. Those days are over around mlb. No more crying poor mouth. Sawx nation? Take a hike, with our new stadium and revunues, the Yanks will be a force, great feeling! So long Saawx.


I read that one abt Dye. It’s probably Wily Mo + Masterson/Manny Delcarman.

I don’t want Manny Delcarman to be dealt.

If we bring Jermaine Dye to Boston that will only more detramental to J.D. Drew. He needs fan support, I would assume that is how Julio Lugo pulled himself out of his 0-fer whatever slump.
In hindsight Teixeria wouldn’t have added a significant boost to the Sox offense, as he might do in Atlanta. An addition of him would have complicated the fabric of the Red Sox roster. However, I would have liked the Sox to inquire about Saltalamacciaha (hope I spelled that right, I think I came reasonably close). He is a switch hitting catcher like Varitek, has decent power, also like Tek, but I not confident in his game calling abilities, something that distinguishs Tek from the other MLB catchers.

Atlanta would have wanted Delcarmen though, and the way he has performed besides for yesterday, he, in my mind, (which doesn’t always work properly, or have much common sense) is untouchable, but not to the degree of Buchholz or Ellsbury. Buchholz is compared to Chris Carpenter, Masterson to Mussina, and Bowden to David Cone, we shouldn’t trade them if we were offered A-Rod(maybe that was an over-statement, remember, common sense is at a premium).

jsouden….getting Dye for nothing, you mean like getting Abreu and Lidle last year for a bag of peanuts??
Any you’re saying that a new stadium and more money will bring you a championship??

Sorry to tell you, but that strategy hasn’t worked for you guys for the past 7 years.

Feel free to come on here and add to the discussion, but if you post idiotic statements they won’t hold much water.

RSJ, I know what you mean about the fans backing Drew, however it seems like the only person in the Red Sox organization/fan base that wanted this guy was Theo. I guess that’s what matters, though.

I was at Fenway a few weeks ago and it sure didn’t sound like the fan base was anywhere close to getting behind JD. His lazy attitude and shoddy production has unfortunately struck a nerve with our fan base. Everyone said he didn’t have the mental make up to survive in Boston and it’s looking like another Rent-A-Wreck situation. I wonder if Theo will trade him and eat 80% of his salary this off season like we did with Edgar. I mentioned above that if the Sox get Dye, it might hurt Drew mentally (is that possible), but it will only be a rental situation anyway since he’s a free agent. I think 4 months is a good barometer of what kind of production you are going to get from a player. 6 Homeruns and a .250 BA and a bum hamstring is unacceptable for someone getting $14 mil and hitting behind Manny. If the Sox have to sacrafice JD’s feelings for a good 2 month run hopefully into late October, it’s worth it to me.

JD’s brother Stephen has 7 HR’s, and he’s ****, now thats what I call pathetic. Francona, as someone said is a “players manager”, but sometimes a player needs a kick in the behind, I wonder if JD’s mother will come and give a lesson on work ethic.

Well, that rumor was short lived! Looks like the Sox won’t part with Delcarmen (which is smart) or Masterson for the 2 month rental of Dye.

Nice article on Lowell, Ian. This guy is a class act and a HUGE reason why the Sox are doing as well as they are. Youk was voted as 1st half MVP, Manny has been red hot during the 2nd half. Beckett has been solid all year round, but this team would be No Where without Mike Lowell.

If only JD Drew starts hitting like he is supposed to hit or like is capable of then the Sox offense should be fine. We Lugo & Coco hitting little better now a days the Sox Offense is much much better than it was in June(My guess is June is the low point for Sox offense). Also Papi has no clue so far this season against the Lefties. Absolutely no clue. Either the lefties are pitching better against Papi or his injuries are really bothering him and maybe he needs some days off.

Texeria is gone.

Dotel is gone.

Dye is probably not going anywhere.

Gagne may not come to Sox.

Maybe there isn’t much happening at the trade deadline for a lot of teams including Sox.

23 HRs to go.

Gagne is not coming to Boston. They are not on his list of teams he approves, the Yankees and Mets are and both those teams want him. If Gagne moves, it will not be to Boston.

If we can trade alan horne and another lower type prospect for him (or maybe clippard) I support it.

I really don’t think the Rangers are going to buy into that. I think they should do Farnsworth and Clippard/DeSalvo/Wright for Gagne. I think the Yankees should do that too.

Where did otel go to?

Dotel I mean

jsouden, …… we couldn’t care less if you’re from Brooklyn or from Brooke Shields. But you’re right about the Yankees : with the new stadium and more revenues, the yanks will get stronger. Cause we all know they’re on a tight budget. After all, they only have …… what is it …. oh yeah, the HIGHEST PAYROLL IN BASEBALL !

Vince, can you tell me which other teams are on Gagné’s list ? Thanks.

Actually, I heard Gagne has a list of teams that he can veto trades to. One of them is NY. It has to do with him only wanting to go to a team that he can be the closer for. Obviously with Rivera in NY, Gange won’t get that option. I hear the opposite Vince. I thought the said Boston is one of the teams that he can’t veto. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what was said today. I can’t remember the other teams named today regarding Gange’s ability to veto. I didn’t hear anything on Dotel today either. Last I heard, the Yanks were an option for him.

I still think this Dye deal would be worth it if it is Wily Mo and a prospect other than Delcarmen/Lester/Bucholtz.
Something is wrong with Ortiz and I think if Dye is aquired he might make a trip to the DL. Just a hunch.

Kenny Williams is a notorious hard ball GM to do deals with. It’s a game of poker right now. The bluff has been called by Theo and now Boston has to see if any other taker will offer the prospects that Williams wants. If not, I’m guessing we’ll see something close to 4 tomorrow.

Sorry Vince, I was wrong. I just read Boston is a team that Gagne can veto.

Hard to see where Gagne could go. Most teams in contention have established closers. Unless he went to Cleveland and Borowski was moved into a set up role, although obviously he wouldn’t be that happy about that.

Are the Tigers on his list of teams he’d like to join ? With Zumaya still on the DL, they might want to add an arm for the 8th or 9th. Jones as the set up man and Gagné as the closer ….. not bad.

Less than 20 hrs. remain and I want the Sox to grab Dye and another reliever for that pen. Pena and Delcarmen for Dye, I say yes for sure as long as the Sox grab another reliever such as Dotel, Gagne or Qualls. Dye of course would provide some punch to the lineup. Also Dye at the end of the year is a free agent and the Sox would get a pick in the draft when Dye signs elsewhere. Dye also is a good o.f. but has slowed down a bit out there this year. Dye and a veteran arm in the pen would be the perfect move for the stretch run.

Anybody who has any doubts that the Red Sox should re-sign Mike Loweel in the offseason should read Ian’s article on him on the front page.

And this might sound kind of odd, but I really don’t want the Sox to make any earth shattering moves by the trade deadline. I like the team how it is right. Of course I wouldn’t be adverse to adding a 4th outfielder or another strong arm in the bullpen, but all of these rumors about Gagne? Where would he fit in? The 6th inning? Between Delcarmen and Okajima, I think that the 7th/8th innings are pretty well covered and we obviously know who our guy in the 9th is. I just don’t think Gagne would work in Boston, especially considering he has never played in a high intensity city (LA and Texas, so far in his career).

I am a big fan of Reggie Sanders, hopefully Kansas City will see the upside and potential which Boston fell for in Wily Mo and swap OF’s with us. Plus Pena is MUCH younger than Sanders which is working in our favor. Reggie is a positive influence in the clubhouse and is no stranger to the postseason. Bobby Kielty, on the other hand, I am completely indifferent to and probably couldn’t identify him if I walked by him on the street.

If you have seen Bobby Kielty you sure could identify him. Orange-Red hair that is usually wild and numerous freckles. One of what seems the few true redheads in MLB

I agree with you Zach, I don’t think the Sox are in dire need of anything, at least not badly enough to give up any quality prosepects. Dye is a good ball player, but the question is whether or not he’ll uproot Drew for the rest of the season. This Drew thing smacks of Edgar Renteria. The difference is that at least Renteria got out there and played through it all.

Personally, I’d love to see Drew hit .400 for the rest of the season. I’d like to see him become a hero. I’d love for him to prove us all wrong, and I’d write him a note of apology for criticizing his play and doubting his resolve. That being said, I think I can put my pen away. The real problem here is that he is hurting the Sox and they are going to let it happen because of the investment they have in him. Except, against left handed pitchers of course.

I think Theo should check with us before he signs another huge contract with a documented non-performer. I know Trot’s not having a quality year either, but at least he’s a Red Sox.

No idea the other teams, I just know Gagne has the yankees and mets on his teams to trade to and the Sox are not on it.

Therefore if Gagne goes to the Yankees, it matters not if he closes, he has no choice. Plus, don’t think the Yankees aren’t trying to find the future after Rivera, if Gagne is back to health, he’s not a bad option.

If I’m the Sox I try to find a reliever and that’s about it. Snyder, Oki, Papi, a trade reliever and Delcarmen? I’d go to war with that.

Likewise, if the Yankees have Gagne, Rivera, Vizcaino and Chamberlain? Not so many issues in the pen anymore and three of those arms are fresh. Obviously Proctor and Myers/Villone would be there too, but they aren’t going to be in big spots.

In case you think Chamberlain is risky, his first relief appearance for Scranton? 10 pitches, struck out the side, hit 99 with his fastball. Farnsworth he is not.

Whoever suggested Farnsy and Clippard? I’d take it in a second, but sadly I think Horne is more coveted at this point. I would trade Farnsworth for rusted wood.

Ahhh, but Vince. Didn’t Edwar Ramirez strike out the side in his first MLB appearance?? Just kidding, I have heard this guy is a future stud, but I know that you know not to get the monument chisled after one AAA outing.
Farsworth is losing friends fast and might have hurt any leverage the Yankees had with a trade after his spout with Posada on the mound Sunday.

Should be an interesting 9 1/2 hours.

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