Deal or no deal?

Therein lies the question as the hours tick away to 4 p.m. ET today.

This much we know: The Red Sox, as presently constituted, have led the American League East by a sizable margin for just about the entire season.

This much we don’t know: Is this team, as presently constituted, good enough to win a World Series?

I’d say if you could guarantee Ortiz was going to get his power back and give me some tangible evidence that J.D. Drew would show some signs of life and that Delcarmen was going to pitch like he has for the last month and not like he did Sunday and that Timlin’s latest shoulder achiness is just that and not anything serious, then, yeah, we could be talking about another parade in November.

Looking back at what happened a year ago, it’s pretty clear that general manager Theo Epstein looked at his team and decided they weren’t good enough to win a World Series, so he didn’t mortgage part of his future to get, say, Bobby Abreu. As it turns out he was right. That team suffered so many devastating injuries that a big deadline deal would have accomplished nothing.

But now, I have to think that Theo is doing everything he can to put another piece or two in place to make this club’s World Series chances greater. Does that mean getting Jermaine Dye? Perhaps. Rumblings are that he doesn’t want to package Delcarmen or Double-A prospect Justin Masterson along with Wily Mo to make that happen. The reason is that Dye would just be a two or three-month rental.

Now, the Globe’s Gordon Edes is reporting that the Red Sox have made a counter offer that Kenny Williams is "seriously considering". I think Dye would be a big addition to this team. There is one problem though: Where does Dye fit in? Perhaps Drew would go on the DL and get himself healthy if this deal was made. Who knows, they might even shut Ortiz down for a week or two if they added a Jermaine Dye. Maybe there will be a rotating system in which dye starts a game in left, right, DH and maybe even first once a week, adding up to five starts.

Will the Red Sox get Eric Gagne? I’m not so sure. Gagne can turn down a trade to Boston and all his contract incentives are based on finishing games. Would he be the perfect fit to put in front of Papelbon? Absolutely.

If Gagne doesn’t happen, perhaps there will be another reliever added to the mix.

What are your thoughts? Deal or no deal?

Danny Ainge obviously made his decision. What a doozy. For the first time in a long time, the Boston Celtics are highly relevant players in the Eastern Conference.

Also feel free to chime in with your thoughts on KG joining Paul Pierce and Ray Allen for a mighty big three.



ian that’s a great deal for both sides. The Celtics are automatically a 4 or 5 seed in that conference. Bulls, Pistons, Magic, Cavs, those are the only teams I can see better on paper. Not NJ, not Toronto, not anybody else, just those 4.

Ahhh, but Vince. Didn’t Edwar Ramirez strike out the side in his first MLB appearance?? Just kidding, I have heard this guy is a future stud, but I know that you know not to get the monument chisled after one AAA outing.
Farsworth is losing friends fast and might have hurt any leverage the Yankees had with a trade after his spout with Posada on the mound Sunday.

Should be an interesting 9 1/2 hours.

As far as the Sox go….A 4th OF is a must, I think we all see that. Wily Mo has had a nice week, but one week doesn’t offset the whole year. If it is Dye, it gives both Nancy and Ortiz time to rest because they either stink (drew) or are hurt (ortiz).

I think the closer we get to 4PM, Kenny Williams will give in and just take Wily Mo and Masterson. Just an uneducated, worthless hunch so don’t hold me to it!

Let’s talk a little hoop first. For the first time in a long time the Celtics have a chance to make some noise in the East. I think Ainge saw the Cavs win the East and thought with the right moves the Celtics could be that team in 2008.

For the Red Sox I love the idea of seeing Dye with the Red Sox in the final 2 months plus. It is obvious watching Ortiz that he hurting for sure. Dye is a guy that would add some big punch to the lineup and has post-season experience. Another reliever would be nice as well. If the Red Sox make those moves and with Schilling returning, I love there chances coming down the stretch and of course playing baseball in late October.

Vince,I heard the yankees are inducting Joba Chamberlain into hall of fame this year already. LOL.

If we aquire Dye, then this would be my plan:

Ortiz goes on the DL, Manny is in the line-up as the DH (he has proven to be very effective in that role), Dye plays LF, Crisp and Drew stay were they are in CF and RF.

The line-up would look like this……

Crisp CF

Pedroria 2B

Manny DH

Youkilis 1B )

Dye LF

Lowell 3B

Varitek C

Drew RF

Lugo SS

Just reported gange is going to get dealt to the red soxs or the brew crew

If Gagne does end up with the Red Sox, perhaps he’ll play for the Bruins during the offseason.

You’re right Kumar, Sox fans are allowed to get excited with Lester and when Bucholtz comes up, but Yankees fans should not be excited about Chamberlain.

I won’t get into specifics for what either Dye or Gagne are worth in terms of prospects, but I would like to see both players in Boston. Gagne, who wants to close and is fragile, could rotate with Papelbon (who could be fragile later on) on the closer role. He still has to approve the trade though.
Dye would be a good hitter at Fenway, imo. If you look at his hitting chart, he hits almost exclusively to left. I’m sure he could put a good number of dents into the monster. Plus, since the ASG, his numbers look good (.318 BA, .727 SLG, 7 HR) and he hits lefties better than Drew, which is the primary reason we need him.

I love the idea of bringing in Jermaine Dye, he is a proven hitter and a clutch performer (see 2005 World Series MVP). He can give Manny and David days off and platoon in right with JD and when the playoffs come around he will be starting there.

The other player the Sox are targeting Eric Gagne I do not like. He has never played in a big media market and he could be the 2nd coming of JD Drew in regards to that. If he goes to the Big Apple I would like to see how much the media fazes him. Plus he is an injury waiting to happen. With Timlin, MDC, Oki, Pap, and Donnennly when he gets back, I don’t see the need for a bullpen upgrade.

If I made out the lineup and David has to go on the DL, I would prefer keeping Manny in his customary cleanup spot. Put Youk, Dye or even Lowell 3rd but not Manny. Here is my ideal lineup sans Ortiz:










Gagne headed to BOSTON. WAHoooo.

rizzo, don’t buy into the “big-market” argument on Gagne. Any pitcher who produces results as good as Gagne has as consistently as he does will be loved in Boston, the man is dominant. Yes, he’s fragile, but the Sox can split closing duties between him and Papelbon (whicj also keeps Paps healthy), just as they were doing with Okie earlier this season. They can also use him in a setup role. Plus, it would be advantageous for the Sox to keep him out of the hands of the Yankees. The Sox are built to win this year and adding Gagne to the best pen in the majors will only help things.

Who is to be included in the deal for Gagne? According to the article Kumar has hyperlinked, it could be Murphy and a starting pitcher. Def. NOT Ellsbury though. With all the talk of the chips needed to deal for Dye, it seems the prospects needed for Gagne have not been mentioned as much.

I think it is Kason Gabbard.

Gagne for Murphy + Gabbard is a coup according to me even if it is only for 2 months. If this deal gets done our bullpen is LIGHTS OUT(If u think is not already).Hoping this deal gets done.

I don’t like seeing Gabbard on the trading block, but you can’t expect to get Dye in a straight up trade for Murphy. With Lester, Bucholtz and Masterson in the wings, Gabbard is a sensible choice, I guess.

Gabbard is pitching so well and I am not the biggest fan of Gagne. If it is Murphy and a different pitcher for him I don’t mind that, but I hope they wouldn’t trade Kason away.

I like Gabbard and what he has done so far for the Sox. He is not considered a high prospect but what he did so far this season(especially at Fenway) is way beyond expectations. His trade value is at the highest right now. Ian already mentioned a couple of days ago that Gabbard is a trading chip at the deadline. He got that right.

When Talking of Gagne’s injury history don’t forget that Gabbard had 3-4 surgeries in the past few years.

Remember that Gagne recored 86 saves in a role, talk about pressure.

I think you hit the nail on the head, Kumar. Gabbard is performing better than expected, has had multiple surgeries, and the Sox probably figure his most recent outing is a good indication that he’s coming back down to earth. His value is as high as it will probably get.

So in a nutshell, even though he gave the Sox some great innings when they really needed it, he’s not as good as that small sample would indicate, and now is the perfect time to trade him.

Especially with Bucholz waiting in the wings

Is the trade definite? Or does Gagne still have to clear it? If so, is it Gabbard and Murphy for him?

Gagne has to waive his no-trade clause to come to Boston. Fingers Crossed …1 Hr to go.

yes it will be Gabbard + Murphy for Gagne. And I like this deal very much if it gets done. Fingers crossed 1Hr to go.

A few minutes ago on ESPN they were saying that it was Gabbard, Murphy and a 16 year old for him. It is all in Gagne’s court now whether or not he accepts the deal to Beantown

Well I’m not surprised to see Murphy go. He was a great player, but the farm system has so many OFs, I think we’d be fine.

As for Gabbard, I’ll be sad to see him go, but I’ll recant my previous grumblings about letting him go after again seeing who and what we have in the farm system in terms of pitching. I guess we can trade him without a problem. Not to mention he’s got major league experience so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be a part of a deal.

So I guess we may see Tavarez or Snyder for a start unless Schilling is ready to go. If that’s the case then Lester is here to stay. That, I’m very happy about and it’s great for him.

My question is (and I’m sure others have this as well), would Papelbon have no issue setting up? My guess is no because even though he’s such a competitor, he’s a team player and he’ll mentally take setting up as closing things out.

Guess it’s all up to Gagne if the reports are all up to par.

I like the Garnett deal, but the Sox will have a thin bench, at least until Ainge fills it in.

The Gagne deal is great. It gives Boston the best bullpen in the game, no question. I do like Gabbard, but he is expendable with Buchholz, Bowden and Masterson not far from being Major League ready.

I would like to get Dye, but not if Delcarmen or Masterson are included with Pena.


I meant that the Celtics will have a thin bench. Right now, they don’t have a backup center. Leon Powe, Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine are the backup power forwards. I imagine one of them could fill in at center, if needed. Rookie Brandon Wallace, who Ainge likes a lot, is the backup small forward. Tony Allen is the backup two guard. Rookie Gabe Pruitt is the backup point guard.

Ainge will definitely sign a veteran point guard as a backup to Rajon Rondo and a backup center.

If I were Papelbon I wouldn’t be happy about it. He came through when his team needed him. Also, Fracona has said he has the best closer in baseball. Why change that?

My question is this: if Okajima was used primarily in set up roles, he will probably continue to be used in close games only. The same will also be true for Gagne and Papelbon. Does this not give us restricted options when the game is a blowout either way? It’s a good problem to have I know but one that is probably worth considering.

Actually, on second thoughts, I don’t care. We’ll have Gagne. And the best bullpen in baseball.

Getting an arm like Gagne for Gabbard, Murphy and a young prospect is a good deal. Gabbard is a back of the rotation starter at best and Murphy projects to a 4th outfielder. The young (16/17 yr old) prospect could come back to bite but you take that chance

Why would Papelbon be unhappy. He is still the closer, and now the Red Sox have an option for a closer when Papelbon is not available – actually two options, with Okajima and Gagne. If Delcarmen is not included in the Dye deal, likely Lopez will be optioned to Pawtucket because only he and Delcarmen have options remaining. Snyder, Tavarez and Timlin would have the mop-up duty in games when the Sox are trailing or leading by three runs or more.

I would like to see Devern Hansack get the start that Gabbard is slated for. I don’t want to see another start by Tavarez.

The third player in the deal is a 16 years Old 5-tool player Engel beltre…I don’t know anything abt this kid. Any info on this guys?

I thaught Gabbard is a good trade chip at the deadline as anyone would have guessed after he went 4-0 with under 3 ERA. I remember IAN pointing out couple of days ago that he thaught Gabbard will be traded at the deadline. You got that right Ian. Gabbard is not a top prospect in the RedSox system. He was an emergency starter to replace Schilling who wen ton the DL. He performed way way beyond anyone’s expectations. His trade value is at the highest right now. Also if Schilling returns he would be a long reliever(we already have Tavaez + Snyder for that role) in our bullpen. If Sox don’t trade Gabbard now when his value is the highest it would be a mistake. If this get’s done I have one word for it BRILLIANT. If only we could take back that JD Drew deal in the Offseason???

I think Paps is a team player and he would be OK if he has to split his closing job with Gagne.

I would assume that Gagne would setup Papelbon and on days when Paps can’t go Gagne would close. Okajima and Declarmen would handle 7th innning duties making Timlin the odd man out (heck, he’s always hurt anyway)

Jeff – pacol’s question above was asking would he be happy if he were not the closer.


Lopez is the only lefty in the bullpen. Anyway even if he goes back to Pawtucket he will back in a month when the rosters are expanded.

Wait a minute we have one more Lefty in the bullpen, Okajima. My Bad.


I think the Sox already had the best bullpen in the major(not just AL) even before Gagne.

I just don’t believe Gagne is going to make a huge difference. We already have the best bullpen ERA in the league. We don’t blow games, nor do we ever come back late in games. Games are generally over by the 6th or 7th… That means we either need to score more runs or have our starters perform better. Gagne doesn’t help either place. Does this mean that Gagne will come in the 5th or 6th inning when Wakefield/Lester/Schilling is starting to look shaky? That could help, but I doubt it.

I’m starting to warm up to the Dye trade… pending of course what we have to give up. Maybe Judy Drew will wake up when she realizes she’ll be riding the pine…

This is a closer-by-comitee that I like: Papelbon, Gagne, Okajima. Never can have enough weapons when going for the WS ring.

Jeff, what do you think about Sosa if Dye talks fall apart? He is an OF that hits lefties at .321 and a .421 obp. Your thoughts?

I think Dye to RedSox deal is almost deal.

As far as Gagne is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with having two quality closers. I don’t think either has to be a setup man. There have been more than a few games this year when Papelbon was not available and someone else had to step up to do the job. You also have a couple of pretty good designated “Out Getters”, guys you could put in there when you really need the “K”. The two of them could work in tandem well.

Gabbard didn’t have a bad outing last time, he had a bad inning. Things like that happen. I think he’s a pretty crafty pitcher with good stuff who will do well either for the Sox, or someone else. I hate to see the Sox give up on him.

No prospects for Dye, period. He’s a good player, and could help, but the Sox shouldn’t pay too much rent for him. I’d rather see Hinske get more playing time than give up anything significant for Dye.

Manny began to hit when he DH’d for those few games. I think he likes that. Nothing to think about except hitting, that’s Manny being Manny. In the proposed lineups above, I like him hitting 4th. I’d like to see Lowell moved to 5th. He’s a great doubles guy and good in the clutch.

MLB is saying the Gagne deal is complete – is this true?

If we can get Dan Haren & Johan Santana in the next half hour we need to score only 11 Runs(total) to win THOSE 11 games. LOL.


Where did u read that the Gagne deal is complete.

The link is my post above:

“The 4 p.m. ET non-waiver trade deadline is approaching with a flurry of deals involving contenders reloading for the stretch run. The Red Sox completed a deal for Eric Gagne, the Yankees and Dodgers are reportedly swapping Scott Proctor for Wilson Betemit…”

Maybe it just means it’s completed subject to his approval.

Thanks for the link Brendan.

If Gagne performs very well the rest of the season and Sox offer arbitration for the next season and don’t sign him then we might get a 1st round draft pick in next years draft for Gagne. That is what is called taking care of Present & Future.

Waiting for the final confirmation on the Gagne deal. 25 Minutes to go.


You’re right that the Sox have not had a lot of comeback wins this year. (OK, so that’s an understatement.) But Papi and Manny were not hitting well, either. Now that Manny starting to heat up again, and if Dye comes to Boston, I would expect to see better late inning performances for the rest of the season.

Rob, I’m not a Sosa fan. I would rather see someone like Jonny Gomes, but the Sox don’t exactly have a cordial relationship with the Devil Rays.

Rayman, I think Gagne will definitely make a difference, especially since Timlin’s health is uncertain, and chances are Donnelly will not be back at full strength.


By the way, if you want to learn about Engel Beltre (a 16-year-old prospect who the Sox spent 600k to sign), visit I believe Beltre is listed in the “More Prospects” section.

It’s official. Gagne is headed to Boston!

Jeff – you mind pasting the link? I think I’d like to feast on ther article confirming it!

No article yet. It was just reported on ESPN.

Has he approved?

Garry, I don’t think the Sox gave up on Gabbard. He was just the most expendable starter. Masterson, Buchholz, Bowden, Lester and low-level minor leaguers like Hagadone and Bard are in the Sox system. You gotta give up something to get something, and I would rather the Sox trade Gabbard than any of the aforementioned pitchers.

Yep, it’s a done deal.

I guess I’m a little confused at the movements. The Sox added depth to what is already the best bullpen in baseball, which is great, but they couldn’t get the deal done for Dye?
I would have thought Gabbard would have held a higher trading chip since he’s performed so well these past few months.

I guess this means that Papi is completely healthy and that the Sox feel comfortable with a Drew/Wily Mo OF.

As mentioned above, you can never have enough bullpen help. This means every game is essentially a 6 inning game (which is good since the Sox have had trouble coming back when trailing after 6!!)

We all said that there wasn’t much tinkering that needed to be done, so this addition should help out as long as Gagne stays healthy.



Even though Sox bullpen has been great but there are still some issues that needed to be addressed. Some of them are

Timlin’s Sholder

Donelly’s ability/inability to pitch again this season.

Manny Delcarman’s inexperience…..

By signing Gagne they will address a lot of those issues which will help in the long run this season. It is pitching which wins Championships.

lol. Kevin, I think it’s obvious that Ortiz is not fully healthy and the Sox are not fully pleased with Drew or Pena. First, there might be a deal in place for Dye. Some deals are not annoucned until after the deadline. Second, a deal could be made in August (if a player clears waivers), though I imagine the Yankees would block any move of Dye to Boston. If the Dye deal is not made, Brady Clark is a decent option. Or, perhaps the Sox will give Pena a chance to continue his recent hot streak. Of course, perhaps Theo Epstein felt it was not worth getting Dye for Pena AND Masterson or Delcarmen. If so, I agree with him. No way the Sox should give up a top prospect for a rental. Gabbard, Murphy and Beltre are not top prospects, thus the reason the Gagne deal is worthwhile.


I am still pissed that Wily Mo Pena is not traded.

Gagne was unbelievable when he was with the Dodgers. It’s great to have him. One thing I heard though, we have lost something like three games all year when trailing after the sixth inning. Which means the bullpen may not have been the issue. But with Schilling getting healthy, and if the offense can click, it is definitely true there will be more emphasis on the bullpen.

Also, despie the fact they have Hughes and Chamberlain coming up and Giambi coming back, it has to be pretty good news for us that the Yankees did not make any significant upgrades.

I’m pretty indifferent towards this Gagne deal, probably because I’m sorry to see Gabbard go and not sold on Gagne’s ability to pitch in big games/stay healthy.

Of course the first time he wiggles out of a bases loaded, no outs jam with some nasty change-ups I’ll probably be singing a different tune.

Here’s my line of thinking: if the Sox already got Gagne, why not package Wily Mo and Delcarmen for Jermaine Dye? Wily Mo is obviously expendable, and in a way Delcarmen is too since we have a dominant righty in Gagne, with another solid righty in Donnelly.

Unfortunately, Gagne isn’t going to help us come back when we’re down by 1 run in the 9th, he’s just going to keep it a 1 run game with his pitching. But what good is that? 1 run in the 9th inning to the 2007 Red Sox is equivalent to 5 runs, it’s just not happening.

We have 3 legit closers, or five if you inculde Timlin and Delcarmen. Our ‘pen now looks like . .. .









The rotation …..






Line-up ……










If the offense continues its recent hot streak, we should be in for a torrid ride of wins. PLUS: ITS A SIX INNING Game,our ‘pen ERA was 2.74, now its going to be NIHIL, NOTHING, NADA, LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Th reason for not trading Delcarmen is because its unsure about Timlin’s and Donnely’s health, and Gagne is fragile. The key word in RSN is F-A-I-T-H, FAITH!!!

I can’t believe you guys are happy about renting a pitcher for 2 months and giving up on a YOUNG pitcher like Gabbard. We don’t need bullpen help!!!! We need another starter and another bat.

Okay we definitely don’t need another starter, especially if we had held onto Gabbard.

I am willing to venture a guess that this 16 year old kid we traded to Texas will become a superstar and haunt the Red Sox for the next 20 years of his career. Just a hunch.

Who will get shipped from the bullpen to make room for Gagne? Tavarez or Lopez?

It turns out the Sox give up three (Gabbard, Beltre, and Murphy) for Gagne. Its like giving away the farm. The Rangers made out like bandits.

I’m betting that Gagne won’t be back in 08′ which makes the deal stink even more.

Sign, the Sox could use another starter, but who? YOu should not make a just just to make a trade. There are no starters on the trade market that would help the Sox. Houston was not interested in parting with Oswalt, but they would have traded Jason Jennings, who has been shelled this season. Matt Morris? A mediocre starter.

I would like to see the Sox get another bat. I still don’t understand why the Sox (or any other teams) did not pursue Reggie Sanders. The Royals would give him away just to get rid of his salary. It would cost the Sox a mid-range prospect. No reason the Sox should trade for Dye if it would cost them Masterson or Delcarmen.

The Sox do have options for starters if injuries arise. Tavarez could spot start. Devern Hansack is throwing the ball well at Pawtucket, as is Clay Buchholz. David Pauley is pitching well, too. All the Sox have to do is reach the post-season. Then, all they need is four starters. I’m confident that this bullpen and rotation will guide the Sox, even if Drew and Pena do not produce.


Coliwabi, if Gagne does not return in 2008, the Sox will get two sandwich draft picks since he will be a Type A free agent. Those sandwich picks have brought Boston some top prospects, so it will not hurt the team if he does not return.

ive been saying since the beginning of spring training they should get that guy…now its costing us murphy and gabbard???? wasnt he eligable for like 4 mill at that time??? guess were making a strong push to win it all this year…nothing wrong with that! now if we could just get drew going…..or get another bat!

Exactly Jeff. Thats what Theo said in the press confrence.


“Without the prospect of the draft pick compensation [if Gagne leaves at the end of the season], this deal probably wouldn’t have gotten done.”

Things are pretty good when we are having a discussion about having too many arms. I’m too lazy to scroll above, but someone mentioned, pitching wins championships. But it was zach, I believe that made the point….gagne isn’t going to score us a run when we’re down in the 8th or 9th. That is where the Sox needed help. The offense is one injury a way (Drew/Ortiz) to us having to resort to Hinske/Pena as an everyday player.
Bottom line, the Yankees didn’t make any moves except getting rid of Proctor. While there could be a trade after the deadline, jeff’s point is accurate….the Yankees will likely block any deal the Sox try and make.

Let’s hope Dye tears up NY the next 3 days!!

Some of u guys need to get realistic. Do u guys think Gabbard is going to be this good always? He is not rated hihly in the Sox System. There are atleast 6-7 pitchers I can count out of my head who are rated better than Gabbard. He had 4 arm surgeries in the last couple of years.He doesn’t have much upside. He was HOT at the right time for Sox so that he can be trade high. I would say it would have been a mistake by Sox if they didn’t trade Gabbard when his price is at the highest possible value.

I understand there are not any decent starters on the market, that is why none moved around this year. All I’m saying is I like Gabbard, he’s young, he looks like a decent pitcher (so far) and to trade him for a guy who mostlikely won’t be with the team after this season is a mistake in my opinion. A few years from now when Schilling and Wakefield are gone we are going to wish gabbard was in the rotation. I’m not saying he is the next coming of Cy Young but I would be willing to bet barring injury he will be a decent MLB pitcher.

Sign, the Sox are stocked with pitching. I think Gabbard will have a long career as a solid back of the rotation starter, but he will not be missed in Boston. Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Buchholz and a free agent will likely compose the Sox rotation next season. Wakefield could return as well. Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden are two starters that could be in Boston in the next year or two, and the Sox have several arms in Single-A, including Daniel Bard and Kristofer Johnson.

As Kumar mentioned, Gabbard is a decent prospect, but he is not among the top prospects in the Sox farm system.

Congratulations to The Boston Red Sox for bagging Gagne.

You now have a bullpen, unrivalled in baseball.

Ian just posted that Donnelly is having a season ending TJ sugery in his new post.

Now Donnolley is out for the the rest of the season with Tommy John Surgery. Now that makes the Gagne deals SOOOOOOO much better.

I know this is looking way ahead, but do you think if the Sox got Gagne do resign in the offseason, they’d put Papelbon in the rotation? Probably not going to happen because of the draft picks I know.

I think essentially you have a Gabbard for Gagne deal. Murphy had no future in Boston with Ellsbury on the horizon. Maybe he’ll get an opportunity in Texas. I think giving up Gabbard is a little risky in view of the health of the starting rotation. Lester looks OK, but he is still an unknown at this point and so is Curt Schilling. Gagne adds to what is already the Sox strongest asset. There’s no question he makes a great situation better, but I think attention could have been more appropriately paid to other areas.

The biggest thing Gagne brings is experience. Papelbon has been effective this year, but he spends a lot of time getting in and out of trouble. He could learn a lot about the mental aspects of being a closer from Gagne. He hasn’t had the benefit of a good teacher thus far. This will be good for him.

If Schilling is able to finish the season strong, this becomes a great move. If he isn’t, this creates a hole in the starting rotation that could be costly.

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