Closing the deal

As you probably know by now, Eric Gagne is en route. Kason Gabbard, David Murphy and a young man named Engel Beltre are Rangers-bound. I like the deal. Dye fell through.

Anyway, back with more later.

Donnelly is having Tommy John surgery. he’s out for the year. Timlin probably available to pitch tomorrow. Gagne also expected to arrive tomorrow.

Not only didn’t WMP get traded, but he’s in the lineup tonight.


Now Donnolley is out for the the rest of the season with Tommy John Surgery. Now that makes the Gagne deals SOOOOOOO much better.

Did the Sox find out that Donelly needed Tommy John before or after they sealed the deal with Gagne?

My guess is they have to have known before. Lucky they only signed him to a one year deal (correct me if I’m wrong on that).

I know this is looking way ahead, but do you think if the Sox got Gagne do resign in the offseason, they’d put Papelbon in the rotation? Probably not going to happen because of the draft picks I know.

You just beat me, kumar. I think the deal tastes even better too, now that we know the news about Donnelly.

Definitely before they made the Gagne trade. Now at least it makes a lot more sense to me, thus looking better.

I could really care less about the Sox moving David Murphy. In limited action with the Sox over the past couple of years, he has showed me absolutely nothing except that he wears his socks identical to how Gabe Kapler used to. I am more affected by Gabbard being dealt, but I guess if I had to choose between him or Lester, I would go with Lester.

It must be rough for Gabbard to go from the best team in baseball to one of the worst.

I am watching Mike & the Mad Dog on YES right now and Yankee fans are ripping Cashman a new one for allowing Gagne to go to Boston and doing nothing for their own bullpen. The most commonly made comparison is to when the Yanks “didn’t bid high enough” for Dice-K in the offseason.

I think the Sox might have known the news abt the Donelly before they were trying to land Gagne. They might have held up the news of Donelly until the Gagne deal was done. If they had released the news before the deadline passed then the price might have been higher.

PS: I think we should start a petition that Gagne go back to wearing his sports goggles while pitching. Much more intimidating that way.

The Yankee fans must feeling exactly like the Sox fans felt last year when they got Abreu & Lidle and Sox did nothing at the deadline.

The grand total of the Yanks dealing was to get a part-time infielder batting .231 for one of their better relievers (Proctor – 3.81 ERA isn’t that bad)???? Priceless.

And he should never run from the bullpen. He should walk out mennacingly like he used to. And we should buy big neon “Game Over” signs from Los Angeles.

By the way, I think the next 2-3 week stretch is the most important in the Regular Season for the Sox. Yankees have an easy schedule, we have Angels and Mariners away, among other tough games. If we can maintain our lead at the end of that stretch, I think we’ll be fine.

Remember the game Vs Sox and Otsuka was pitching in the 8th and he got injured and Gagne had to be called from the bullpen before he was ready. He completely ignored the umpire and kept on throwing his warmup pitches in the bullpen. The umpire had to almost pull him out from the bullpen to come throw his warmup tosses on the mound. I was pissed off for doing that then. If he does the same thing now I will be cool.

Donnelly has done nothing for months. He wasn’t even missed with the arrival of Delcarmen. I don’t think he was part of the Sox plans for the rest of this year anyway. With his mechanics, I’m surprised he lasted this long as a pitcher.

I love the idea of Gagne with the Red Sox. The Red Sox just shortended the game. If the Red Sox have a lead after 6 innings, good luck to the opposition. For the final 9 outs the Sox can throw Gagne, Okijima and Papelbon at you. Not too mention Timlin, Delcarmen and Tavarez. How many games are lost after the 6th inning? In my opinion, too many to count. It is going to be fun down the stretch, unlike last year. Remember last year at this time, Yankees got Abreu and the late Cory Lidle on July 30th while the Red Sox sat on there hands. Certainly not the case this year. A solid Red Sox bullpen got even better.

I think the Devil Rays bullpen is better than ours. Stokes, Ryu and Camp are an unbeatable combination

Tough break for Donnelly. He will miss the entire 2008 season as well, I imagine. The Sox already have an exceptional record when leading after six innings. Not sure what it is, but I heard the number last week on NESN. The acquisition of Gagne – and the fact that the Sox kept Delcarmen – definitely gives the Sox a lights out bullpen. This will especially help in the post-season. Remember, you only need four starters in the post-season, and since the bullpen is so formidable, the Sox can add an extra outfielder like Jacoby Ellsbury (as long as returns to full health from his groin injury)to serve as a pinch-runner and late-inning defensive replacement in the playoffs.


I love the fact that our bullpen got stronger. However, I wish the Sox got a legitimate #5 hitter. At least we can all thank the Yankees’ lack of confidence in Johnny Damon in helping the Sox seal this deal. Go Johnny…our lovable idiot still helping us out. LOL

lol Brendan, you guys had the division, Gagne only further cements that. This deal doesn’t effect the Yankees except that he is not on their team, the two wouldn’t matter to each other until the ALCS anyway.

Gabbard is good, but I agree, this deal for the Sox is a good one provided Gagne remains healthy. It is a six inning game with an already solid rotation now.

Betemit for Proctor is better than most of you are giving credit as well. Proctor had a 3.81 ERA, yes, but he has given up 5 hr in his last 6 outings and it looks like the innings are finally getting to his arm. He is not the same pitcher he was as he is trying to throw threw a brick wall. Betemit has a low average but a .359 OBP and is 8/25 as a pinch hitter. The Yankees now have a solid bench and first base is no longer a problem. Proctor will be replaced by Chamberlain and I have to imagine that the number 9 prospect in all of minor league baseball can match a 3.81 ERA out of the bullpen, Chamberlain is a beast. The Sox are far and away the favorites with the Tigers bullpen health, but when you consider the Yankees last year (and the cardinals winning), The Sox in ’04, the Marlins in ’03, the D backs in ’01, the best teams don’t always win, thats why u play in the playoffs, but I think this move definitely insures you will be seeing October ball.

Also, the Sox could get a handful of sandwich round draft picks in the off-season if Gagne does not return, and Curt Schilling does not return and decides to pitch elsewhere.

And Damon had nothing to do with this, Texas wanted Chamberlain, Kennedy or Hughes, and Cashman was wise enough not to mortgage the future for what could be a rental. The Sox had the right pieces to do the deal without doing that and that’s why it happened.

Cabrera is not a direct relation to Damon. Damon is aging true, but Abreu is up after this season and probably won’t be resigned and Matsui is up in ’09, it makes sense to hold onto a gold glove caliber outfielder that can bat .290 and have a high OBP.

Yankeev – you are willing to conceed the division? I think that is a little premature. There was a stage in the season where you gained 7 games in less than 2 weeks. You now have effectively 8 or 9 times that time span to catch the same deficit. I think it will be difficult, but nowhere near impossible, particularly with 6 games against the Sox to really try and cut that gap.

Also – you don’t think the Red Sox were the best team in 04?

Yankees made a move for 2008, certainly not 2007. Yankees biggest need was getting something to help there pen. I guess Chamberlain is going to be the next Goose Gossage. Chamberlain coming to the Yankees reminds me of when Hansen was coming to Boston. All sorts of hype surrounding a unproven player on the big league level. Chamberlain could be the next Rivera or the next nothing. An awful lot of pressure on the kid.


I have to scratch my head as many of you Yankee fans must be doing. What is Cashman thinking? The Yanks are only 4 or 5 games out of the wildcard. They have 1 or 2 great runs left in them but it would be nice if your front office did more to back your team up.

It is official J.D. Drew is now in a platoon situation. How pathetic is he? 70 million and he is dead weight on this team.

Orioles have themselves a nice little lineup. With Bedard and Guthrie 2 good arms and if Cabrera ever woke up who knows what he could do. All the Orioles need now is a new owner.

I think what we’re forgetting is that J.D.’s got a nagging hamstring injury. Yes, many of us here will say “Oh that’s nothing, look at Big Papi and his knee,” but different people take to injuries differently.

My cousin busted a hamstring while pitching in high school (he was a closer, heh) and man was he in pain. Granted, it’s a different person, but hamstrings aren’t injuries that like to go away.

However, this may end up being good news if Theo & Co. don’t do anything during the “waiver trade” period; Wily Mo will finally get the ABs he needs. I’ve noticed that every time he starts getting hot, Tito pulls him cause J.D. needs ABs as well. Honestly, we might be better off near the tail end of the season letting J.D. go on the DL for 15-days and letting him rest and giving Wily Mo the ABs. Plus, if we keep winning consistently, Tito can afford to rest Big Papi and give Manny at DH and such. That line up shuffle may just help out a lot more than we may think; rest for guys who probably need it. Just my two cents on that.

I would be very happy to see Drew go on the d.l. down the road. He looks like Matt Clement out there, bad body language with Mrs. Drew.

Another smart move by the Red Sox front office was keeping Donnelly’s surgery under wraps. Safe to say if the Rangers found out about his upcoming surgery the price tag for Gagne might have been a little higher.

Here is Wily Mo’s chance to win back the Fenway faithful, bases loaded, no out and great numbers vs. Bedard (5-8)

1 out*

It looked like Lugo got a bad deal there. Sox hang around and get to that pen and we’ll see what happens. Boston has only 1 win when trailing after 8 and we all know when that happened. Is Perlozzo around tonight?

And remember that pen is missing Ray. The Yankees staged a huge comeback in the 9th and nearly won a game down 6. Get Bedard out of there after 6, and if Beckett can throw up some more zeros, I will take my chances with 9 outs against that pen.

tonight shows why i think the red sox needed to get some offense before the trade dealine…eric gagne isn’t going to help you when you have the bases loaded with 1 out and you can’t get a single run to score…

I do agree about the offense there lynnith28. Conine, Encarncion, Sanders could be added come August. Dye there is no chance of him getting by on waivers and landing with the Sox.

Keep in mind lynnith, there are not to many pitchers in the league with Bedard’s talent.

Bedard could very well win the Cy Young this year. Except for the wins, he has 2nd best ERA (behind Haren) and by far the most K’s in the majors (19 more than Santana).

Sox have let Bedard off the hook in the first and of course the 4th. How about Lugo’s attempt at Millar’s hit, was that weak or what? If he played that correctly he could have saved a run because Patterson stopped at 3rd thinking Lugo had it.

I want Kathryn Tappen instead of Cervasio, she is annoying.

Schilling threw another dominant outing at Pawtucket. 7 Innings, 4 hits and 4 k’s no runs or walks. He should be ready for Sunday or Monday with the big club

Great to here that Schilling pitched well. Good news for everyone there. He threw alot of strikes and that is very encouraging.

Sox made Rob Bell look like Rivera back in 2000.

Yeah, so much for the weak Baltimore pen. Maybe they can give up a few more, then score 6 in the 9th😉

I wonder if Schilling pitches well in August and September then into October, if he can earn himself another year with the Sox. If he pitches in 2007 as clutch as he did in 2001 and 2004, it would be hard to say no to another year.

Beckett like everyone else gets no run support. If he loses tonight he’ll be 1-3 since the break.

The beginning of the year Tavarez always drew the other teams top starter, now that honor has been passed to Beckett

Schilling should be fresh for the home stretch. Last year he faltered down the stretch, remember that start vs K.C. last year in the 2nd half? I like most Sox fans want a bat added to this lineup. They still have a month to do it.

Tavarez was getting Halladay, Wang among others. He held his own, he went 2-0 vs N.Y.

Where is Sam Perlozzo? Is he in Boston? North end perhaps?

Let’s hope Ortiz gets it going, boy that would be nice.

The Yankees can pour it on with the best of them, 16-3 over the White Sox with 8, count em 8, homers!

When the Yankees get it rolling it doesn’t matter who is on the mound. Cano is over .300 now. All those homers and A-Rod is still at 499, go figure. Amazing that Farnsworth did not give up the lead. Yankees missed the extra point.

Torre went out to the mound to bring in Proctor and realized he was traded.

Come on Sox fans take that away from Markakis.

Torre motioned for Proctor and they had to turn the plane around that was bringing him to LA, lol

I wouldn’t be surprised about that. Torre always had him warming up or coming in to the game. Even on days off, Torre had him warming up.

Not much options here for Francona. Ideally you would like to pinch hit for Hinkse but who would?

The Sox don’t have that magic late in the game. Another loss that was disappointing. Lugo cost them a run in the field and he certainly didn’t come thru in the clutch. Beckett like most starters for the Sox get no run support.

According to the front page, Tavarez is getting the start tomorrow night. Yikes.

I hope Gagne is prepared to come in for the 4th through 7th innings tomorrow night if Julian performs anything like he has in the starting role for the past month.

Not much to say about tonight besides Ortiz looking much better. The Red Sox are desperate for another right-handed bat off of the bench because Mirabelli/Pena will not cut it. If the bases are loaded with 1 out in the 9th and the Sox need a run, neither of those guys can make contact let alone knock in some RBI’s.

Call me crazy but I still think Beckett looked good tonight. He had a weird final pitching line but give him credit for going 8 innings tonight because most likely, we’re going to need that bullpen tomorrow with YoYo on the hill.

I guess Francona is conceeding tomorrow’s game too if he’s starting Tavarez. Is he the only one in baseball that doesn’t know after one time through the lineup Tavarez’ BA against goes up almost .200 points? I guess there isn’t much you can do though based on the fact that both Schill and Beckett pitched tonight.
If tonight wasn’t a prime example of why the Sox needed a big right handed bat as a 4th OF, I don’t know what was.

Wily Mo with based loaded and 1 out….surprise, curve ball in the dirt for strike 3.

Did Lugo just not feel like diving for Millar’s ball? If he stopped it, he had until tomorrow to throw out Millar at 1st.

This team is dead in the water if they are losing after 6 innings right now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Eric Gagne can’t hit right? How exactly is he going to help the Sox come from behind?? Don’t get me wrong, I like the deal, but did Theo think that DL Drew, Hinske and Pena were going to carry rightfield the rest of the year??

Is 3 days off enough for Nancy? $14 million a year for a platoon right fielder. He’s afraid to play against lefties and can’t hit righties. Nice job Theo.

Beckett did look good tonight with the exception of the 3rd. He was cruising for a while. Disappointing game after the big trade news, the city was pumped and everyone in the lineup except Papi takes the night off.

I’m with Zachary on this one, so you can call me crazy too. It’s good he went the 8 innings cause if Tavarez is anything like he’s been as of late, then we’re in trouble.

bosoxbrian: You post a lot here, don’t you?😉

For people “poo-pooing” on this game and saying our offense stunk, you all need to realize something here: Bedard is REALLY good. And working with Leo Mazzone most definitely has helped him.

As for tomorrow, I expect a long day for both sides in regards to pitching but I’m hoping to see us be on the winning side of it.

True about Bedard pacol, but what about the last 3 innings? The Sox did a good job working the count and getting him out of the game. They just once again failed to produce when trailing in a game.
Tomorrow we have to watch Tavarez get whiplash. And if Bedard is really good, than Guthrie is downright nasty. Sorry, but on a day when I should feel real good about the team, I’m just hoping they can salvage 1 of 3 from the friggen Orioles.

Bosox, Chamberlain is not a few months out of college and he climbed the entire minor league level with dominance. Hansen was rushed, Chamberlain is approaching his innings limit on the year so Cashman decided to let him do it in the bullpen instead, completely different situations. Not to mention, Chamberlain is a starting prospect and a much higher one than Hansen.

Brendan, I was ready to conceive it a long time ago. I don’t think you guys have much to worry about and even if you do, the Sox should still win the wildcard so it doesn’t matter. It’s more that I have no faith in the Mariners and Indians and now people are finally starting to see why.

Aki, unlike the Sox in 06, the Yankees have players in the system that are ready to get a shot at the majors. This isn’t hansen and delcarmen, the guys putting up the big numbers, being rushed into the majors 2-3 years ahead of pace. Chamberlain was going to be in the rotation next year and a callup this year, he is one month ahead of schedule.

Hughes was rushed in May, but he would have been up by now anyway and the injury may have been a blessing in disguise. Hughes and Chamberlain, I repeat, are not Jason Johnson, are not Manny Delcarmen last year and are not Craig Hansen, these are guys that can make an impact right now, like K rod in 2002 or Wainwright in 2006. I would much rather that than trade away melky cabrera who is more than capable of starting in the outfield for years to come (he is only 21) or Ian Kennedy who should be in the rotation by 2009 at the latest.

I have to agree with all you guys who are so frustrated with the Sox lack of offense. Sure, the game becomes shorter if you have a lights out bullpen. However, when you have a pitiful non-productive late inning offense, it won’t matter too much. Why doesn’t Willy Mo work on hitting offspeed stuff under the center field bleachers? and why doesn’t Punch and Judy Drew work on getting some guts and a work ethic….it’s the least he can do for $70 million. His listless, passionless demeanor is killing me.

And somebody please tell Lugo, the game is baseball….not dodgeball….he has to actually try to get the ball…not avoid it.

I need to get some footage of Beckett’s postgame interview because from what I’ve read, he was pretty heated and didn’t try and hide it. I got a little nervous when he went after the water cooler after that 3-run 3rd inning.

I love Beckett’s intensity but I just don’t want him to do anything stupid (ie: hit the bullpen phone with his pitching hand a la Kevin Brown).

The Sox didn’t need Gagne. The needed another consistent power bat to take the pressure off the bullpen and put a charge into what has been an anemic, sporadic offense all year. The Sox lost 5-3 tonight despite Big Papi’s 2 jacks. What’s going to happen in the cold of late
September and October when even Papi can’t loosen up his knee and drive the ball? It’s not a Nancy Drew mystery. It’s pretty clear. Pitch around Manny and make JD’s hamstring howl as he weakly grounds into a double play. Game over in the 6th inning because of Gagne? Yeah. Game over for the Sox because Theo took his eyes off the ball and missed his chance to have Jermaine Dye driving balls to the triangle and tatooing the Monster, putting pressure on the opposing defenses and relieving pressure off a solid but overstressed pitching staff. Hey Theo, the future is not Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Bucholz. The future is now!


I know that Hansen was rushed and Chamberlain was brought along there system. What I am saying is all you read about is Chamberlain is ready to save this bullpen. As I wrote before he could be lights out or he might struggle for sure. Why didn’t the Yankees go out and get a proven arm? Cashman was sleeping just like Theo fell asleep last year.

It appears that we have enough pitching now to hold on to the division lead… especially with Schilling looking great.

It’s just hard to see teams like the A’s and Twins make the playoffs almost every year with great pitching and pretty much NO HITTING WHATSOEVER. We have 5 guys hitting .300, at least 1 sure hall of famer (Manny), the all-time Redsox homer leader (Ortiz), some speed, a solid catcher, and decent defense… and still can’t seem to win close games or mount a real streak.

i understand the reluctance by theo to move good young pitching but as far as position players in the minors if you look at the numbers they have NO ONE who is overly impressive. ellsbury has barely a 300 average for his career and less than 5 Hr’s and he’s probably the best. so when he says they ( sox ) can “fill their needs from within the org.” i just don’t see where from and how. gagne is a great addition but this team didn’t lose 1/2 their lead due to bad pitching they lost it due to the fact they can’t consistently put runs on the board and unless they start doing that, and there’s no indication they will, then i think this thing is going to continue to spiral out of control. i don’t care how good your staff is you’re not going to hold AL teams in particular to 1 – 3 runs everynight. bottom line is although i hope they snap out of it with lugo and drew continuing to struggle i think theo may have sabre-metriced this team into a really bad spot.

Well said smckinny. The old saying is “Pitching wins championships.” That’s true, but you need to be in the championship to have a shot to win it.
Pitching can carry a team for a 2-3 week period. But when you have your number 1 starter lose 1-0, 2-1 and 5-3….well, that’s just not going to cut it.

While it may seem silly to be complaining with a 7 game lead, these are serious concerns that were not addressed. Drew/Lugo…not going to get it done.

Clutch hitting, no where to be found.

Also, why have Shilling waste an outing in AAA last night if we knew Tavarez was going to have to start today?? A bad Schill would have done just as well as a good Tavarez, correct? This just through the rotation out of whack. The Yanks have 5 easy wins coming up against Chicago and KC, while the Sox are going to be lucky to win 1 of 3 vs. Baltimore. Then it’s off to Boston’s House of Horrors, Seattle.

Misuse of through….should have been “threw the rotation out of whack.” I apoligize to all the grammar police out there!

SMckinny, apparently you do not follow the Sox farm system. The Sox are loaded with top outfield prospects (Ellsbury, Brandon Moss, Bubba Bell, Ryan Kalish and Josh Reddick) and power-hitting first base prospects (Lars Anderson and Aaron Bates). They even have some promising catching prospects (George Kottaras, Mark Wagner, Ty Weeden and Jon Still) They are lacking middle infield prospects (Jed Lowrie is the main one, and he is better suited for second base than shortstop) and third base prospects. Don’t make the mistake of determining a prospect’s Major League value on minor league statistics. There are other intangibles. Ellsbury is going to be a remarkable player.

I share your frustration about the offense, but you can’t make a trade just to make one. No way should the Sox have given up Pena, Hansen and either Masterson or Delcarmen for Jermaine Dye. Pena and Hansen, maybe, but not the other prospect the White Sox wanted. With the current economic climate for starting pitchers in the Major Leagues (guys like Gil Meche, Miguel Batista and Ted Lilly getting $11 million-plus a year), it is best to develop starters from within, and the Sox have Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden who have the potential to be exceptional starters. Ditto for Jon Lester, though he is no longer a prospect since he is in the bigs.

Chances are, the Sox will pick up a bat in August (Bobby Kielty?), but it likely will not be a prominent one, since the Yankees would block that acquisition. I am confident that the Sox bats will be productive enough to guide them deep into the post-season. They don’t have to score seven or eight runs a game to win like the Yankees do (because the Yankees rotation is mediocre and their bullpen is awful). They just need to score five runs consistently, and there is no reason why they can’t do that.


Tonight is going to be a long night. Between the runs Tavarez is going to give up and the fact that Steve Traschel could steal the “Human Rain Delay” crown from Mike Hargrove, I’m predicting a 10:55PM finish.
Traschel is painfully slow to watch pitch.

jeff, i’m not saying they should have given up much if anything for dye, however, i do think they should have been A LOT more agressive in going after texiera. he’s averaged 35 homers and 100 + rbi’s a year the past 4 years plus won a couple of gold gloves and he’s only 27. i doubt all those “prospects” will hit many more than 35 this year in the minor leagues if you combined them all together. bates does have excellent numbers but he’s really the only one and oh by the way he’s only 4 years younger than texiera and he’s still in “a” ball. that should tell you something. ellsbury no doubt has a great deal of ability be he’s really a juan pierre type player. singles hitter with speed and no power. nowhere near the all-around player that even coco crisp is IMO amd he’s only 3-4 years younger. my point is you had a chance to go out and get a proven guy who is only 27 and could potentially be a HOF type player and play first for the next 10 + years and you don’t because you’d rather take a chance on a bunch of guys who haven’t proven anything? ol theo likes to talk about not “mortgaging the future” and if you’re talking about a 38 year old at the tail end part of his career i would understand that but not in this case. he ( theo ) is a really bright guy but he keeps protecting a future that never seems to get here. on a side note hiring a hitting coach that was fired by the padre’s was not exactly a brilliant move either.

that’s how I felt about the deadline, Bosox. Cashman was anything but sleeping, he decided to hold the future and then to show some of it.

jeff, sorry. one other thing you said i found interesting and agree with to a certain extent. the yankees do have to plan on scoring a great deal of runs. the difference is they’ve proven over the past 6-8 weeks or so they can score what they need to. the red sox, while i agree that on paper they should be able to score as many as anybody much less 5 per game, have not given any indication they can score 5 runs regularly at any point this year. they’re decent in terms of overall runs scored ( 4th in the AL i think ) but they’re not consistent at all. they score 12 one game and then 2-3 the next 3 games. they look just like the angels and a’s have the past few 2-3 years. excellent pitching, average offense. if your goal is just to make the playoff’s that might be okay but you’ll be free after sept.

smckinny, you wrote this, “but they’re not consistent at all. they score 12 one game and then 2-3 the next 3 games” Can the same not be said about the Yankees? They pile on runs like no other but the next few they score 2-3 runs. Just look at last week for example, they scored a ton of runs off Tampa then the first 3 in Kansas City. But after that they are shut out in Kansas City and score 2 on Friday in Baltimore and 1 in the first 8 innings on Saturday. The Yankee offense is just as inconsistent as the Red Sox is and they are our only competition when to comes to making the playoffs.

Bottom line, the Red Sox have the easiest road to the postseason since they have the largest division lead and once the postseason rolls around, pitching ALWAYS, I repeat always, wins and it is safe to say that Boston may have the deepest bullpen and the most talented 1-2-3-4 starters in the game.

That’s an empty statement though. Pitching wins because the team with the higher score wins a game and pitching prevents the runs from coming. But to imply the Red Sox are guaranteed the best pitching is inaccurate. The Cardinals had no notable pitching in the playoffs, they had Suppan and Weaver, two post season failures against Oliver Perez and rookie John Maine in the nlcs last year and the winner ended up winning the world series. Yes, pitching wins, but the best pitching doesn’t always win.

The Yankees have as inconsistant an offense as the Sox, but when it is going, it is more potent. Just like when the Sox pitching is going right, it is probably better, especially in the bullpen.

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