Live from the Windy City

Rain, rain, rain. The most electrifying thunder and lightning I’ve seen all year. Alas, no baseball tonight.

But I was back at work after a lengthy hiatus. To quote the great Steven Tyler, it’s good to be "back in the saddle again."

I came back to some news. Jon Lester is going back to the Minor Leagues — Portland — for one game. Javy Lopez will join the team, starting tonight. Julian pitches Sunday in Lester’s spot.

The motivating factor in all this was so that they could have Lopez ready to face Thome and Erstad here the next four days, not to mention Damon, Abreu, Matsui and Giambi in New York.

Lester will start at Fenway on Sept. 2 against the Orioles.

Also, Royce Clayton has been signed to a Minor League deal and will join Pawtucket tomorrow. Presumably, he will be a September call-up.

More tomorrow, where we may or may not have a doubleheader depending on what Mother Nature has to say.



wow….royce clayron…..a 50 year old ( pls note sarcasm )career 250 singles hitter….how does theo do it? lord knows this team doesn’t need anybody else who might actually be a threat to hit it out of the park.

i meant to say another 250 hitter etc….but point remains the same…..i thought once they were fortunate enough to sign kielty they would never be that lucky again.

The strange thing about Javy Lopez is that he is better against righties than lefties.

That is a good thing we will not see Lester for a while. It has been a great story with Lester but he has been shaky. The other night vs Tampa was a very poor outing for Lester.

We all remember what happened last time the Red Sox were in Chicago to play the White Sox. That marathon of a game right before the All Star break and the Red Sox had a chance to sweep the White Sox but couldn’t. It seemed after the break the Red Sox never got over that loss. They came out of the gates last year very slow.

I am looking for 3 wins by the Red Sox in this series. A split to me is a failure!!!! This White Sox team is bad and there bullpen outside of Jenks is Tampa esque.

Evening Nationers. Good to have you back Ian!! Hope that your family is faring better.
Now would be an awful time for Chicago to try and stage a come back!! Josh is throwing from the mound tonight and we need to give him some big bats. REALLY BIG BATS. We’re still up by five and we at least need to hang onto the five game lead and NOT give up any more ground. A Yankee’s loss wouldn’t be a bad thing either!!!

I don’t know who this poster “goff…” is, but I know who he reminds me of and I think we really need to just let him say what he wants, not reply.. just ignore him. He’ll eventually go AWAY, he’s just trying to ignite a firestorm of rebuttal from one, some or all of us.

….Anyway all I have to say is>>>










I’m really hoping that tonight’s game gets rained out so there is a day/night doubleheader tomorrow.

First off, I have nothing to do tomorrow and would enjoy roughly 6 hours of baseball to fill my day.

But also, it would give all of our guys a rest tonight, as well as allow Manny and Ortiz ANOTHER day off in addition to their scheduled ones earlier this week. And best of all, Monday is an off day for the Sox as they travel to New York, thus our big boys would be recharged with 3 days off over a 7-day period.

I know for Ortiz, playing two games in one day can’t be too hard considering he is a DH, and Manny doesn’t seem to really ever want a day off (unless the Sox are out of the race and his “knee” hurts), so bring on the rain in Chicago tonight.

This might even set up another situation in which Gagne is forced into closing one of tomorrow’s games, if necessary. And I’d like to see him take another crack at it since he’s looked better lately.

I’m also glad to see another lefty brought up since Lester won’t have any say in the Yankees series. Okajima can’t do it all by himself, and Lopez has been pretty solid all year when he’s been with Boston.

Does anyone have an estimated time for “play ball”??

Yeah and with a double header we will have a “split squad” so to speak. I’m on the DL right now and have pretty much the whole day too, but I’m never wishing for a double header for these guys.

The last thing the Red Sox want is to play a doubleheader. This game is in the umpires hands because this is the Red Sox only visit to Chicago.

According to the weather situation will be checked out again in about 1 hour. It doesn’t look good for baseball tonight on the South side tonight.

oh and Ian, wasn’t it either Gene Autrey or Roy Rogers who did “back in the saddle again”??

It has stopped raining in Chicago. Game time will be between 10:15 to 10:30.

Did some research on Royce Clayton .. .

Besides his obvious age, 37 to be exact, he was never a outstanding player.


.258 career BA

.974 FPCT

12 out of 16 seasons with 10+ errors

.313 OBP

“Has his own fashion-line, called Issac Charles AMERU, a hign-end European-American fashion line”

On the other hand . . .


Mentioned to be a friendly clubhouse guy

363 2B

55 3B

110 HR


If you look at the picture in the large scheme of things, aquiring Keilty and Clayton are actually solid pick-ups now that Hinske and Pedroia are a bit banged and bruised.

So with these stats why did Theo and co. pick him up??? Sounds like a tax write off to me.

I guess the 10:15-10:30 game has been re evaluated…

Officially postponed (via Double header tomorrow

10:15-10:30, not tonight. Last time I will listen to the White Sox broadcasters.

Hey Zach, regarding the day/night twin bill, do you realize that we have a day game on Saturday??? How do you think these guys are going to feel after playing 2 games tomorrow and then not having their full rest before Saturdays game??? Do you also realize that we’ll be pulling guys early in order to have them be “rested” enough to get a couple of meaningful inning in during the 2nd game tomorrow??? GLAD YOU GOT YOUR WISH!!!!!!

G’Night Nationers, talk to y’all tomorrow!!!

pssssss: please Redsox, go and get your rest or go down to the cages and take extra bp!!! GO SOX!!

I’m glad I got my wish too. I’m thrilled that the Red Sox were so willing to comply with my wants.

Maybe Royce Clayton can pitch long relief if we need it tomorrow since Tavarez is starting on Sunday and won’t be available.

rsjones……since he’s
( clayton ) been assigned to paw it would appear they didn’t sign him due to the perdroia injury….plus they have cora…..i’m not criticizing clayton or kielty….it’s just that theo absolutely amazes me…..this team in 10th in the league in hr’s and has struggled all year with RISP and look at who he has signed…..they traded WMP who was at least a threat to hit it out and replace him with kielty and clayton……mindboggling……i know they’re not going to play a lot but still.

there is a pretty critical article about jd drew on the fox sports website today….maybe he’ll read it and get some kind of inspiration from it…..i doubt it but a person can dream.

Clayton is a meaningless insurance acquisition. If the whole Red Sox infield gets into a car accident, Clayton will play. I doubt you’ll see much of Kielty after rosters expand as well.

If as Ian says, the White Sox have a lineup with good left handed hitters, why option Lester. Isn’t it better to have a left handed starter for Sunday than a specialist who’s going to get you one or two outs a game? To be honest, I’d rather have Lester starting Sunday than Tavarez, despite Tavarez good start and Lester’s struggles. With a double header now, Tavarez has more value as long relief. Lester could have been optioned after the game Sunday to get Lopez here for the Yankees.

Smckinny – WMP a home run threat? Maybe with regular playing time. But you should be able to see what he was not a good fit in Boston. Nearly everyone acknowledges as such. You just have to read over past blog comments (and Ian’s comments for that matter) to see that. And you talk about the struggles with RISP – you think WMP was the solution to that? He struck out more times with RISP than I care to remember.

Picking up Clayton is not a bad move. He is on Cora’s level, and if he is available, why not? There are no guarantees. Remember, it was this time last year that we got a whole rake of injuries. There are no star players out there after the trading deadline, so Clayton seems to be the best of a bad bunch.

When Pena was here, he was basically crucified for his inability to hit.

Now that he’s gone you’d think we traded the second coming of Babe Ruth away.

It’s the “Curse of the Wily Mo” and it will probably be 186 more years before another championship. He was definitely the missing puzzle piece to our championship team…

PS: does anybody know Extra Innings’ policy on picking up postponed games? The 2:00 pm game isn’t showing up on the upcoming schedule but I’m hoping they’re going to sneak it on one of the channels.

smckinney, the only thing you have convinced me of is that you are going to negatively criticize everything either Tito or Theo does. Why on earth are you complaining about WMP being traded? We got a power hitting 1B out of it. That’s a bad trade? Seriously, you make some good points, but usually just end up coming off as being a super bitter Sox fan. Why do you have to complain so much when this team has had the best record in baseball since May? Obviously, Tito and Theo are doing things better than at least most of the rest of the GM’s and skippers out there. If you are so much smarter than Theo, why don’t you go after his job. Otherwise, feel fortunate that the man takes chances to better this team. It doesn’t always work, but it works better than not making any moves and being safe. Most of the time, you gain nothing without making gambles.

i didn’t criticize, nor am i complaning about, trading willy mo…my point was if all you were going to replace him with on the current roster was kielty and/or clayton what’s the point? that trade could have been made after the season….. none of them were going to see much playing time so why not have a guy who is at least a THREAT to hit it out……i’m certainly no big wily mo fan but he did offer something that this team lacks and that’s power……it’s just my opinion……just like IYO keilty and clayton are “taking chances to better this team” when they couldn’t play for two teams with much less talent than boston……IMO they were not taking chances….they were no risk options…….theo’s made some good moves…..dice-k was a great sign…the farm system is greatly imp……but he consistently, since 05 anyway, refuses to do much of anything during the season to imp this team for the current year…..tito i give credit to all the time…it’s just that usually the bad outweighs the good as far as i’m concerned…….my citicism stems from the fact this teams tanked at the end of the season 2 years in a row and they’re positioning themselves to do it again if they don’t start playing better…..not being bitter or negative just calling it like i see it……’s not like anyting said here has an impact on the games….. venting positively, or neg, is all it is.

But what exactly would you do to improve the team? You say he doesn’t make any moves to improve the team – if WMP doesn’t get traded, THAT would be doing nothing.

Anyway, why do you think those players will do nothing to improve the team? Kielty has already taken a two run home run away with his defense. I have no doubt that you thought Dave Roberts back in 04 would have been of no use to this team also.

What I am trying to say is, if you are going to criticize, at least come up with a plausible constructive alternative.

smck: tell me whe was the last time you saw POWER from Wily Mo?? He was NEVER going to get the AB’S w/ the REDSOX needed to give him any kind of consistancy. Kielty may not be a POWER BAT but he has contributed more in the short time that he’s been here than Wily Mo did in the past month or 3.. I say good luck to Wily Mo, I’m sure, just like with most of the trades Boston makes that at one time or another, Wily Mo will come back to haunt us!!

well i don’t see how trading WMP and bringing in kielty imp’s the team very much but what ever……plus they traded him for a guy that likely won’t see MLB for 2 – 3 years if ever…how does that help THIS TEAM?…and as far as alt’s i have said, repeatedly, that they should have gone after texiera as opposed to gagne ( if not both )……again my opinion……but this team already had the best bullpen in b-ball and was/is struggling with power and run prod………why address your strength and ignore your weakness?……he’s hit 10 hr’s in 21 games for atl….you think this team couldn’t use that?…..roberts is a bit of a stretch…..if he hadn’t stolen that 1 base i doubt you would even remember he was on that team…..anyway today was a good effort….hopefully they can back it up with 3 more and get a lil help from detroit.

ellen…..your right WMP was never gonna get the AB’s he needed to reach his full potential but niether is kielty……and if they’re not gonna play much, and neither of them would/will, why not have a power guy to go to instead of yet another singles hitter that’s all…..look at their career batting avg’s they’re alomst identical……WMP’s is in fact a lil higher i think…..i’m not syaing i wouldn’t have traded him eventually but IMO he provided a power option that this team desperately lacks….on the occasions he actually made contact.

plus, in 500 + less career at bats he hs more homeruns and nearly as many rbi’s as kielty…….granted he has more strikeouts but the THREAT of the long ball is imp to a team that’s 10th in the league in hr’s i would think.


Kielty is a perfect fit for the 4th outfielder. Pena never adjusted in that role and Kielty accepts the role. Kielty reminds me of Kapler, never will be a full-time player but will play as a 4th o.f. If your looking for one of them to play everyday, I will take Willy Mo. Pretty simple to figure that out!!!

kielty accepts it because if he didn’t he’d be unemployed……neither of them would ever play every day for this team……it just boils down to do you want a power threat or an on base threat……we know what theo prefers.

ellen….NEITHER OF THEM will get many at bats for the red sox BUT would you rather have a guy whose a threat to hit it out at any time or a singles hitter in those limited at bats? i’d take the power guy ESPECIALLY with this team.

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