Back in New York

My headline for this blog was going to be Back in the Bronx, but my fine colleague Bryan Hoch over at came up with it first. Oh well, I’ll give it to the rookie this time. But next time, I want some veteran respect. And only because he had a very long weekend in Detroit. Bryan was in Detroit covering a 16-0 Yankees loss last night while I was comfortably resting at my hotel in Times Square, which had a fine view from the window by the way. Bryan had a 4:15 a.m. wakeup call this morning from his hotel in Detroit. I rolled out of bed at, oh, around 11:30.

It’s too bad this series didn’t take place eight days ago when the standings were at four games. The atmosphere would have been positively electric. As it is, the atmosphere isn’t so bad. After all, it’s Red Sox-Yankees. It’s Dice-K and Pettitte.

The first interesting thing that happened tonight was Dice-K belting A-Rod on the back with a heater. Remember back in April when Dice-K hit A-Rod the first time he ever faced him and then tipped his cap as to A-Rod as an olive branch? That is commonplace in Japan, but not in MLB. There was no cap tip from Matsuzaka this time, who is obviously blending in more each passing week.

Great quote by Joe Torre before the game when asked about David Ortiz, who isn’t hitting nearly as many home runs this year as he has in the past.

"He still scares the [insert appropriate word here]  out of me. He’s a special talent; I like him a lot as a person. I don’t like him facing my pitchers with the game in the balance. I don’t think that, because he’s hit fewer home runs that he scares you any less."

Torre flat-out brings it. I really hope he’s back as Yankees manager next season. There is no more quotable skipper in the game, except for well, maybe Ozzie Guillen. I’m still cracked up by what Ozzie said after Friday’s Sox-Sox doubleheader.

"Twelve hours of my life I wasted and I’m never going to get it back,"
said Guillen. "Tough day for everyone. I think
that’s one of the reasons they’re in first place and we’re in last
place. They hit better than we did, they pitched better than we did."

The Red Sox are keeping it a mystery who will pitch on Saturday, but all signs point to Clay Buchholz. If it was going to be Tavarez, they’d just announce that already. Right?

Lester, who pitched well for Portland Monday night, makes his return to the rotation on Sunday  against the Orioles.

More later,



Guillen is certainly a quote machine. The best story regarding Guillen is when he was in a slump at the plate, he would put eyedrops on his bat because he said the bat wasn’t seeing the ball well. Now that is funny to me!!!

Rolling out of bed at 11:30…Are you out late in N.Y. Ian????

I would assume Bucholtz is the starter for Saturday’s game.

Sox have had some chances here against Pettite but not cashing in.

Chamberlain could be used tonight. Let’s hope the Red Sox greet the kid rather rudely.

as well as dice-k has done to leave him in there is crazy. call me negative but you have agreat bullpen you use it with as many pitches as he’s thrown.

I wouldn’t disagree with that. Dice-K was ahead of Phillips at 1-2 and Phillips got it to a full count and a sharp single to left. I would have taken him out after that.

Where did Lugo learn how to pivot at second base? Sox should be out of the inning. Now they have to face A-Rod with a runner on as opposed to the bases empty. Not a good play by Lugo at all.

he never should have seen the field after 6. it was incredible he made it that far the way he started. it may not matter in the overall picture this year but tito is still the worst pitching staff mgr i’ve ever seen. diec should have a min of 19 wins. their bullpen couldn’t be any more rested and yet he always has to push it. i just don’t get it. and to me 10mm ( 20 vs 30 ) is relevent. actually it’s not because it isn’t feasible but to the sox it is a small bump in the road.

Well this stinks. I guess the yanks have a better chance of winnin game one, but we gotta do something. PLZ SOX!!!!

goffcg25. you’re just bitter becausee the yankees couldn’t afford him. considering the brilliant moves they’ve made with giambi, igawa, damon, mussina etc sorry i could go on but i’m tired of typing.

Well guys I turned off my TV.Im reeady to call it a night.

If we faced the Yankees in an ALCS I doubt we would win again.

everybody knows i’m no huge kielty guy BUT why would you PH for him with hinske at this point?

Not too mention Farnsworth, Wright and how could anyone forget the greatest of them all, Carl Pavano. What a joke!!! I am tired of typing as well.

Chamberlain looks a tad uptight out there tonight. 1 mistake and the Sox take the lead.

I really don’t know why Hinske hit for Kielty. Kielty has the hot hand right now. Drew didn’t have a chance.

Now the Yankees will bring in Rivera. Good news for Sox fans!!!

Well this stinks, again. Ok its over. Lets hope we bring a better game tomorrow, but it is clemens. We really need a win tomorrow.

Kinny I loved wat u said about the Yankees wasting money,lol.

Why the heck we cant beat the Yankees?Angels can,Detroit can,even the Orioles and Rockies have.Yet we can’t.How depressing.

ya’ll can hate on me all you want for being neg but this team is where they are in spite of tito not because of him. and i still say it’s not his fault but drew will wind up being on one of those worst of lists in terms of FA signings. way to go theo! that’s 14mm you coulda used towards a-rod or texiera.

Certainly Theo fell in love with Drew a while ago and couldn’t let the crush go away. Typical g.m. in sports I guess. Classic case of a team bidding against themselves when they went after Drew. Who else was after his/her services? No team if I recall. We are stuck with him.

goffcg25’s comments will be deleted at will. notice they are no longer there.

Good job Ian—goffcg25’s is sentinel anyway. Same nasty comments!!!

I wish you could delete the 5 runs the Yankees have scored.

Let’s hope the Sox go down with a fight and make Rivera work.

Another Sox and Yankee game that goes over 3 hours. Never fails, you can gurantee that.

smckinny I don’t hate you.I understand you and where you are coming from.Listen man like I said before,I ain’t gonna judge you.I actually think your pretty cool especially the way you fought back that negative Dice K comment.haha.Anyways dude,keep in mind I don’t have anything against you.You profess to be a Red Sox fan,and I beleive you.Only YOU know what you like.

i really beleive we cannot beat the Yankees.

I guess we ignore Offerman, Clement, Lugo, Drew, Gonzalez, bard, crisp (bigger bust than damon on the whole right now), jason johnson, Hansen, etc….You’re right, the Yankees are just so silly with their BAD moves.

And nobody is regretting Damon right now. The guy is going to raise his stock as a left fielder by hitting over .350 since the break and playing great defense in Yankee stadium left field and his 24 HR and Boston massacre star role wasn’t so bad last year either. He has had 3 goof halfs and one bad as a Yankee, Crisp has had one good and 3 bad as a Sox.

You’re right Brendan, our bullpen is so terrible, I guess that was another game after 6 innings where you mail it in?

This division is wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean you should kick the Yankees while they’re down, you may live to regret it sometime in late October.

I don’t know why you think the Sox can’t beat the Yankees. Interesting there chman712. I totally disagree but that is your view. Very negative view but that is how you see it.

Yankeevmm might be right.

Well Brian sadly enough,none of our starters besides Tavarez has been able to keep the yankees to 3 runs or less,and our offense isnt what it used to be in the days.

I have a question.

Has ANYONE noticed that JD Drew is a PURE GUESS hitter??

I don’t understand why the front office never figured this out before we signed him. I am not Drew bashing, but how can a team that is a thorough about scouting miss this?

In an important spot in October, how can we possibly rely on a guy, who is guessing not reading pitches?

In the NL you can get away with it. In the five (now six) hole for the Red Sox, it is a glaring weakness.


no trust me. if you’ll read above you’ll see where i said something to the effect that cashman was the only gm in b-ball better at wasting $$ than theo. bottom line is this team will go as far as their starting pitching can take them. i’m not panicing or being neg they should still be okay for the div and certainly the playoffs but tonite is a perfect example of francona. i just don’t trust him to handle close games in must win situations. he’s entirely too passive/patient with his staff. especially for this time of year. as for damon though i got a feelin if you ask cashman even he wold have expected more for 13mm a year than he’s gotten thus far. i’ll take crisp any day. at least he can throw it to the cut off guy on the fly. and last i checked he’s having a slightly better year at plate and is able to play the outfield every day.

Good point yet again Smckinny.Plus Crisp is a lot younger.

drew isn’t a guess hitter IMO. he follows the magadan
( sabre metrics/THEO ) pilosophy perfectly. work the count and look for the ONE pitch you can best hit. in a perfect world you draw a walk or get a hit. hince his close to 400 OBP. problem being when you limit yourself to 1 pitch per AB you greatly reduce your odds of actually hitting it. hince his 280 career BA. anybody notice against chicago this w-end how much more often they were swinging at pitches early in the count? how did that work out? especially with ortiz. i think they said his last 5 HR’s were on first pitches. they have to be more aggresive early in the count to be successful in general. drew though is lost. best you can hope for there is, assuming they make the playoffs, he gets hot and helps out then. and carries it into next year.


Offerman ( Awfulman ) was a Duquette signing. Let’s stick to the current regime. I have and I hope you are capable of that.

How could you get on Gonzalez as a bad signing? He made 6 errors last year, also 3 million dollars he made last year. Hansen, it is way too early to say whether he is a bad move or not. Bad move to rush him to the big leagues, that is pretty obvious.

Let’s see how Damon is towards the end of that deal. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees try to trade him during the winter. Contract is too much so I doubt that will happen. They would have to eat part of that deal. I would agree about his play at Yankee Stadium in left, he did jump early on that ball against Varitek though. He has made the adjustment to l.f. very well.

At least with Crisp he can be dealt away at the end of the year. A very friendly contract is Crisp’s deal. Damon has 26 million left going into 2008 season, good luck with that deal.

Ellsbury will be in c.f. for Boston next season. Trade Crisp for pitching because you can’t get enough of that. Minnesota or Atlanta will need a c.f. Jones and Hunter will be gone, Hunter for sure.

This division is wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean you should kick the Yankees while they’re down, you may live to regret it sometime in late October.
Posted by: | August 28, 2007 10:31 PM

I highly doubt that because in a 5 gamer, there is no way you guys go into Anaheim and win a playoff series. You couldn’t do it in 2002 and 2005 with better teams, so what makes you think this year’s team has what it takes to beat them in the postseason? You better hope and pray that somehow Cleveland/Detroit gets hot and catches LA, so New York goes there instead.

The loss doesn’t bother me, just like none of these losses will if the Sox happen to get swept. What is more painful is the Manny injury. September baseball with a big division lead is like Spring Training. Go through the motions to try and get yourself ready for the next level and most importantly, NO injuries. Don’t keep running Manny out there, even if he is 90%. Put him on the DL and let him heal (if it is that serious).

I am with everyone else who wanted Kielty to hit there. He probably would have had the same result as Hinske and it is easy to monday morning quarterback, but go with the guy who has been hot. If you weren’t going to let Bobby hit, then don’t put him in as a defensive replacement. I would have liked to see him hit for Drew but since he was already in there, he couldn’t. Tomorrow’s game is the most winnable. Winning one would feel great and would unofficially clinch the division. Getting swept may just put the champagne on ice for a week or two.

Hinske hit for Kielty because of Kielty’s back was sore. That catch he made in his Red Sox debut, he hurt his back and it acted up tonight. I assume if Kielty was healthy he would have been hitting vs Chamberlain and not Hinske.

I totally agree about the injury to Manny. Let’s hope he is o.k. I think he’ll be fine but we’ll see.

Lets hope we dont see the Yankees in the ALCS.


Why would you think that? That is amazing to me. Sox vs Yankees in the playoffs, what is better than that?

But uh Brian,none of our starters besides Tavarez has been able to keep the Yanks to 3 runs or less.Our offense is decent but not wat it was in 2004.

One thing we can gurantee on this blog is your negative thoughts chman7712. Gloom and doom. Sox will have the home field advantage in that series and we all know how much better they hit at Fenway.

After the way we played against them the last two series and how we played them earlier just made me lose it.Its like,I have lost the confidence.

A dissapointing loss for sure tonight. Watching J.D. Drew stand there in the 8th inning, what a joke that was. At least swing the **** bat. He is so scared late in the game. I have no confidence in him at all. He needs to be dropped in the order. On this road trip his avg. is way down. One lucky swing vs Vazquez on Sunday and that has been it for the trip. This N.Y. series is too much pressure for him/her to handle. Other than him I feel confident about this team. Manny’s back is a little unsettling to me but I feel he’ll be o.k. Better to be safe than sorry, so Francona did the right thing and took him out.

Yeah,well if we dont win the game against Clemens we are going to get swept.Schilling is done.

I wouldn’t consider this team worse than 2005, not that I am at all confident in beating the Angels in any situation at any point.

So you’re saying trading Crisp after 2 years of mediocrity is a better signing than 2 years of 75% success from Damon and then a trade where the Yankees just have to eat payroll? I doubt that.

You notice how with Kennedy on the roster, the Yankees will have 14 homegrowns? That leaves a lottttt of money to spend, eating some of Damon’s contract for yet another prospect (Damon is excess on the team) is not the end of the world.

Crisp has played a great c.f. this year. His bat has been alive in the last 2 months after a poor start. Crisp is expendable with Ellsbusry on the way. Yankees are stuck with Damon. If they do move him, they’ll have to eat a big part of that deal, to me that is not exactly good baseball descions.

14 homegrowns and no title since 2000. You can have your whole team thru the farm system but what good is it when you don’t win it all. Yankees are put together to win the world series and nothing less. Anything short of that in N.Y. is considered a failure. Safe to say this year will be another season where they do not win it all.

One more thing Vince, do you consider Cano homegrown? I certainly don’t and I would think the Yankees don’t as well. Something tells me you do though.

well hopefully they beat clemens tonite. or actually i’d be happy with a no decision for him. just hate the thought of his arrogant *** winning a game against boston. for those of you scoring at home that is now nearly 50 games this year that this team has scored 3 runs or less. that’s amazing to me.

I’ve been a long time reader of this blog, but this is my first time posting. I am an avid Red Sox fan way down here in Atlanta. I grew up in Boston and the worst part of living down here is not having access to Sox games (thank you directv).
Anyway, I can’t help but noticing all the negativity against the Sox!!! They are still 7 games ahead in the AL east. They just came off a great series against Chicago!!! The Red Sox are a great team. They are going to lose some baseball games, it’s a fact of life. Last night’s loss was tough, but far from the end of the world.


I agree with Brian about A-Rod , he is the best player in baseball in my lifetime ( except maybe his fielding percentage ) but no player is worth 30 mil . It ties up way too much money and he will want a long term contract. He is only one player, it takes a whole team to win. I think Lowell is a better fit for Boston . His relationship with this team is a huge asset, along with his steady performance. I don’t think A-Rod has that kind of relationship with his teammates .

Good luck to the Red Sox tonight

Yankeev – I said the bullpen is not that bad. I never said it was terrible. What I was saying was that you can prove anything with stats (Gagne has a 0.00 ERA over his last 4 innings – wow! Does that mean he is trusted? No). But whatever way you mix the stats, I said that Farnsworth and Ramirez are not likely to be trusted in important situations, making their good stats irrelevant. Is that so off the mark?

Farnsowrth might have gained a little bit of confidence back, bit I doubt after two years of nothing but mediocrity, and with the Yankees begging to have him traded, he is going to quickly get back in the good favor or the coaching staff.

Judy Drew had a great chance to redeem himself and actually earn a portion of his $14M last night… 2 on, 2 out, down 2, against a righthander, 8th inning… and he strikes out with a check swing. What a loser. I don’t think I have disliked a RedSox player as much as I hate Drew. It’s hard to believe he can cash his check each week with a straight face.

indigo. i hear what you and brian are saying and if it were any other team, except the yankees, i would agree. it would be too much. nobody’s actually worth that much period. but it’s a market driven thing and if carlos lee and vernon wells get close to 20 per yr how is he ( a-rod )not worth 30? look at what manny would command if he were just 32. i promise you it would be well over 20mm. if he opts out it’ll be because he knows he can get close to that from somebody. i’d bet boras already knows whether or not it’s out there.

as i’ve said b-4 i feel kinda sorry for drew. theo has put him in a situation where he’s asked to be a player he’s just never really been. your right though he is well compensated for his personal pain though. i do think he’ll likely bounce back and have more a typical drew year next year. but he’ll never put up really gawdy numbers. same with lugo.

I don’t think we’re asking Drew to do too much. .280, 20, 100 is what he did last year. That would be great.

I’d take .270, 15, 80… but he’s nowhere close to that.


The Red Sox didn’t want to take on A-Rod’s contract and that is why everything fell thru. They felt it would have restricted them. Too much payroll to 1 player, a great player at that. Here we are again but this time the Red Sox would have to pay every single penny of it.

I here you talk about the contracts that Wells, Lee and other got. Those to me are deals that those teams will regret sooner than later. Just because those teams are dumb enough to give that kind of $$$$ don’t follow there lead. Lee to me was a bad move by the Astros, whether Lee is there or not the Astros were gonna have a losing record. 100 million they committed to him and I say good luck to them. Having a flexibile payroll is very important this day and age with salaries climbing thru the roof.

The Red Sox Lucky to play the inept Yellow sox at this time.They raised the white flag long ago!!Give me the Royals or Tampa,at least they battle as the Red sox know.

i thought the redsox did in fact complete that trade. they restructured the deal slightly to defer more money and MLB and/or the union wouldn’t approve it because they said it changed “the integrity of the deal” i think. something like that. anyway it’ll be interesting to see what happens at third next year. i like lowell a lot BUT this lineup definitely needs more power IMO and that’s really the only place they have to put anybody. barring a major trade. you can probably trade manny easier these days if you want but you won’t get anymone more productive for that spot. as for JD i suppose we would take that. his career avg’s coming into this season though were 285, 20, and 65….he’s only had 75 rbi’s or 2X and he’s played on some decent teams as well. he is and always has been an on base guy not a run producer or HR hitter. he’s basically a LH youklis whose being paid like ortiz.

Hey, Teresa, another Atlanta area Red Sox Fan here.

My two cents: I cringe when Drew comes to the plate too. Lose Lowell? No way IMO. I’d try to deal Drew. I think Crisp is coming along, but expendable, as much as I hate to say that, and as much as we all seem to agree. A-Rod . . . if I wanted a diva I’d go to a Mariah Carey concert and spend a lot less money.

I can understand some negativity after last night’s game. Sox kept up with the Yanks, but never took charge. They need to do that like they have at other times this season. So, don’t lose hope. Let’s hope they play with the fire in their eyes tonight. They can do it.

I would LOVE to see Beckett finally get his Yankee-killer groove back tonight. And what better inspiration than pitching against his one time idol?

This team can do it. GO RED SOX!!

Does anyone reckon Beckett will get 20 wins this year?


You are correct about the A-Rod deal being restructured back in the winter of 2003. My point exactly, the Red Sox had to restructure the contract for them. This time around there is none of that happening. The Red Sox would have to give him a deal worth 30 million per season for 7 years. You say 20 million or 30 million is irrelevant. Over the period of the contract that is about 70 million difference, easy math there.

Back in the winter of 2003 there was no way the Sox could afford A-Rod’s original deal. Of course part of that was the Red Sox were going to pay part of Manny’s salary in Texas. They would have to do that again but the Red Sox at the same time would be paying more $$$$$ for A-Rod this time around. For the Red Sox to pay A-Rod the big $$$$ this winter they would obviously have to deal Ramirez and pay part of his deal. That to me makes no sense finacially. From a baseball perspective getting A-Rod makes all the sense in the world!!!

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