Manny out for a bit

The Manny injury is a strained left oblique. I’m not sure when we’ll see Manny again. He told NESN reporter Tina Cervasio — one of the nicest people in the Boston sports media by the way — that he’ll be out for roughly 10 days. It makes sense because oblique injuries tend to linger.

Kielty is also day to day with his back ailment. So it’s Hinske and Hinske for the Red Sox tonight in left!

Also, it is all but certain to be Tavarez on Saturday and not Buchholz.

Meanwhile, Roger Clemens has a NO HITTER at 8:58 p.m. ET. He is 12 outs away! Wow, that jinx thing worked. Two minutes later, Big Papi put one over the wall. I didn’t pat my back the other day so I guess I will this time.

This is the second time in the last four days I’ve called a home run. I also called, believe it or not, on Sunday that J.D. Drew would end his homerless drought of 51 games and 166 at-bats. This shot — though not quite as unlikely — did snap a no-hitter bid. Roger Clemens, perhaps the best pitcher of all-time, has never thrown a no-hitter. It just shows how hard it is — or maybe how lucky you have to be — to throw one.

Terry Francona told a great Clemens story before the game. Back on September 30, 1988, Francona guessed fastball against Clemens and slapped a double. Next time up, Clemens put Francona on his back. "I cheated on a fastball in that I probably shouldn’t have
got to. Next time I came up, he about took off my helmet," said Clemens.

Rob Bradford of Bradfordfiles fame and I bumped into a very insightful man named Kazuhiro Takeda before tonight’s game. Takeda is a former Japanese professional pitcher and also served as the pitching coach for Japan during the World Baseball Classic.

Takeda was not impressed by the way Dice-K was throwing the ball Tuesday night.

“His level will rise up next year. When he gets into bad
habits, he lowers his shoulder and his elbow, like more pushing instead of
throwing," said Takeda. "The season is long over here and he’s getting quite tired
but I think he’s trying to save himself for later also.”

Of the loss to the Yankees, Takeda offered this: "That’s not even half of what he can do.”

That’s all for now. Later.






We should designate Drew for assignment and pick up Millar for the playoffs. Millar can eat a mean chicken wing.

Big Pupi

With Ramirez out for the next several games. I would assume Ellsbury will be up soon, of course the rosters expand in early Sept. Ellsbury would add another element to the team. I am not saying he is there to replace Manny. Spot starts with Hinske, Kielty and Ellsbury in there. That means it is time for others to step it up with Ramirez out of the lineup. I want to see the real David Ortiz this season.

Hinske playing that huge l.f. could be intersting tonight but then again he has done fairly well in r.f. at Fenway.

Red Sox pitching has been so good so without Ramirez for a short time this team should be just fine. If the pitching started to fall apart I would worry but not the case with the Red Sox of 07.

Will Ramirez be placed on the 15 day d.l. Ian?

What a thrill for Beckett to take the mound against one of his idols. Let’s hope Clemens will be a little jacked up early and the Sox can take advantage. Will Clemens retaliate tonight after watching A-Rod get hit last night? I wonder, any thoughts out there?

Ellsbury should be here now! In fact he should have been here sooner.He should be playing RF instead of JuDy Drew. As far as Clemen’s retaliating, I wouldn’t put anything past that melon-(roid) head loser……$$$$

if he does ( clemens ) i hope they toss/suspend him again. i’m not worried about defense. if manny is out for any length of time that would be huge offensively for a team that’s struggled with power numbers anyway. anybody think ortiz and lowell will see many good pitches against ANYBODY with those guys hittin behind em? you can’t expect to walk and single people to death. youk, tek, and drew are REALLY going to have to pick it up. and it’s not as if it hasn’t been all year but the pressure is really going to be on this staff even more until he comes back IMO. i got a feelin the yankees will be even more agg the next 2 games becasue they know with manny out this is a much different team. i hope theo’s checking waivers for somebody with a lil pop if they think this will be extended time out. i don’t know that they really have any “power” in the minors except for maybe moss.

Ramirez did homer last night of course. Last time he did was a while ago. To me what you miss with Ramirez is his presence in the lineup. Just what smckinny said, how many good pitches will Oritz and Lowell see without Ramirez there? I wouldn’t think too many but then again pitchers do make mistakes.

Beckett has to show he is the stopper on this team and with a great outing tonight he’ll show it. Will the Sox bats be alive tonight? Make that 45 yr. old work tonight, no easy innings.

exactly bosox. who coming off that bench do you think a pitcher is gonna look at and think if i make a mistake here it’s going in the stands instead of droppin into LF? planting that seed causes mistakes and without that threat it’s a lot easier to pitch. not saying it’s easy at all but easier. ol JD could really endure himself to folks if he could get on a lil role. i’m not countin on it but i have put in a call to the only preacher i know!

Your going to need more than 1 preacher smckinny. For J.D. Drew you’ll need the entire church. Even then I wonder, talking about a worthless player. J.D. Drew is gutless, there is a short porch in r.f. for the next 2 games. He couldn’t hit my front porch, come to think about it.


Nice to see we’re not the only ones throwing at A-Rod. NY won’t actch you guys-not with the ptiching problems they have (Mussina)-but I do hope your guys wax them the next couple of games.

Ugh this is really frustrating. We have been once again leaving men on base. Y was Dusty bunting that last inning? Clemens doesnt look exactly sharp, but he looks goo enough to win. This is bad for the Sox.


A-Rod did get hit by Dice-K last night. I don’t think it was on purpose. Clemens hit Pedroia in the 1st inning tonight. I don’t think Clemens hit him on purpose though, he didn’t want to face Ortiz with a runner on in the 1st inning.

Beckett losing a little composure in the 2nd inning. Let’s hope he can put it together. All the Sox have to do is win 1 game during this series. If they do the division is there’s. If the Yankees sweep it will get very interesting.

And we don’t want it to get interesting.

Sloppy Sloppy outfield.

Why did Coco dive for that ball? Bad descion by him.

A strikeout of Posada is what is needed.

Well guys,lets hope we can avoid the sweep.Ide say skip schilling and put Tavarez.Hes the man against the Yanks.Schilling wont go more than 4 innings.He is old.

The Sox look pathetic at the plate tonight. Clemens is throwing nothing but junk up there and making the Sox look silly.

I also wish D-Ped didnt try that steal.

MAYBE Schilling will get away with his junk tomorrow.

I hope so chman, because that’s about all he’s got.

Sadly,its true.This is really depressing me.

Well, there are still five innings left and the Sox have shown some middle and late inning resilliance lately. Beckett had a tough inning but has shown a lot of character since then.

I don’t like the idea of Pedrioa stealing. Even though Clemens is easy to steal off of. Ortiz is up, let him hit with a guy on 1b.

Clemens has been throwing low 90’s all season long. He has reinvented himself. Most of his strikeouts are on the splitter. Clemens has walked a few already. Sox have not taken advantage obviously.

Im too depressed to watch.It ***** living in THE BRONX and having this happening -_-

Steve Phillips is an idiot saying Jeter will get 4,000 hits. Jeter’s a great ball player, but 200+ hits a year for eight years? I don’t think so.

Wait, make that nine years. I don’t see many 38, 39, 40 year old players getting 200+ hits.

Are you just figuring that out gsm52? About Phillips, he is one of the biggest fools on the air of all time. He makes Joe Morgan sound good.

Anyways guys,I hope we play well against Baltimore.Cuz the yanks face the D-Rays.We have a 5 game lead.We need to keep it strong and last out September.

I’m a little slow Brian. The four letter network is pretty much loaded up with the J.D. Drews of broadcasting.

So much for the no hitter. Man, that was long overdue.

Orel Hershiser is a very good analyst. Steve Phillips is a total BOZO.

Clemens has had control issues but the Sox can’t hit Clemens for some reason.

Clemens has pitched J.D. Drew as if he is Mickey Mantle.

Throw the guy/gal a strike Clemens. He’ll get himself out!!

Drew gets a hit against the Yankees. What has this world come to?

I want the Rem-Dawg! If Extra Innings was using the NESN feed, I’d be watching that. Hershiser is OK. No color, no personality.

This Ump is giving Clemens a lot of borderline pitches.

Hershiser doesn’t have much personality but does anyone know more about pitching than him?

That first pitch to Varitek was not a strike, Varitek walked out of the box and shook his head in disgust.

Clemens owns Varitek though, the umps aren’t costing the Sox here. They’re hurting themselves tonight. Good thing going on here, the Red Sox are hanging around. The Yankees haven’t delivered the knockout punch. Vizciano will be in soon and that is a good thing.

I do agree with you gsm about the extra innings feed. I will not watch this game on the YES network even though I have to listen to Phillips on E.S.P.N.

LOL, I’m thinking Hirshiser just called Phillips and idiot.

I am sure he did and Phillips is to dumb to notice. Beckett should be taken out.

If the Yankees score here, this game is DONE!!!

Well guys I hope we can hang on with our 5 game lead.We need to beat the Orioles.The yankees are playing the D-Rays.

Yankees fail to deliver the knock out punch. That should come back and haunt them.

I would have taken Beckett out. Safe to say that will be Beckett’s last hitter.

He battled and had that one bad inning. I felt he lost his composure a little bit in the 2nd inning.

We need Julian Tavarez.

Beckett has a ton of guts. He’s given up a bunch of really cheap hits tonight. I think he did a great job tonight.

I would agree there gsm. Beckett showed alot of moxie for sure.

Yankees have let Boston hang around tonight. That is a bad recipe for N.Y.

I think the Sox need to think about Ellsbury if Manny is going to be out more than a couple of days and if Kielty is hurt at all. They have no spare outfielder right now. Very dangerous situation.

Nah really,Yankees had a good series.

The are making such a huge point of Chamberlain’s being a starter. I wonder why he isn’t starting?

I wrote earlier that Ellsbury should be the one to spell Ramirez. He adds another dimension to the team. They would have 3 guys that could steal bases. If you lose Ramirez you lose some big time offense. As A team you then need to think about what is our best team without Manny?
Ellsbury in the lineup is the best solution. We’ll see I guess.

I do agree with the E.S.P.N. guys about the Chamberlain rules. Talking about babying a guy. I wouldn’t be too happy if I was a member of the Yankees. What is your best approach to win? Give Chamberlain the ball and let him mow guys down. I am glad that the Yankee braintrust is doing this.

Agree with everything you said Brian.

It’s hard for me to believe Beckett is back out there. Only 106 pitches, I guess he’s OK.

Oh great,we’re cooked even more.

I am very surprised that Beckett was out there.

Why was he? I think Francona was napping in the 7th. Too late Terry. My oh my!!!

Well guys it was a tough sweep.We ****.

What a freakin hitter A-Rod is. That was a good pitch by Beckett.

chman—the gloom and doom guy!!!

Beckett should have never faced A-Rod. Timlin should have been in there!!!

Someone wake up Francona, there is a game going on, does he know????

Red Sox bats are quiet again though.

How bad are the White Sox pitchers????

Sox have 4 runs so far in this series. Yankees have outpitched the Sox in this series so far.

Cuz our offense is worthless.

Until Theo smartens up,Lets go Pittsburgh Pirates!


I agree with you, Beckett should have been pulled. He’d already thrown 113 pitches and given up 13 hits. And you do have a good pen.

Looks like Francona suffers from the same illness our guy does.

Arg me mateys -_-

We can sure use arg Jason bay arg

there is not another mgr in baseball that would have sent beck out for the 7th. TITO IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST MGR IN B-BALL. i.e. meaning the worst at in-game decisions which deal mostly with piching. two games in a row where he’s not given this team their best chance to win. what in the **** is he saving the bullpen for? if manny is out for any length of time this team is in serious trouble. offensively they are a joke against even decent pitching. how many balls can you take right down the middle of the plate? and ellsbury is not the solution. he’s another singles hitter who can steal bases IF he happens to get on. who is gonna get him home? tek or drew? ha! this team needs someone who can drive in runs and our boy genious theo once again did nothing to address this teams obvious weakness during the season.

Smckinny is a baseball expert.I luv u man.

We got the worse manager in my opinion and Tito needs to be replaced.Maybe replace him with Doink the clown.

This is so stinkin depressing.

No excuse,we just ****.

this staff just gave up 9 runs ( which is pretty dam good ) in 2 games against the best offensive team in b-ball and went 0-2. and if they had a mgr with even the smallest clue/pulse it likely would have been 6-7. hopefully theo will claim another pitcher off waivers that will be able to hold a team to 1 or less cause i got a feelin that’s what it’s gonna take. not to mention they’ve scored 6 runs in 2 games against one of the most anemic pitching staffs in the league. pettite was pretty good last nite. i’ll let that slide. clemens was horrible. the little league team fom Ga. would have scored more off him.

I’m a Yankee fan who was just watching the game and during the game, Michael Kay (the Yankee announcer) said that Tito doesn’t get enough credit for being ONE OF THE BEST MANAGERS IN BASEBALL. I check out your blog tonight and you’re saying how he’s the worst in baseball. It reminds me a little of the Yankee fans not being happy with Torre. A lot of fans think he’s really not a great manager anymore, but everyone else thinks he’s probably the best in baseball.

the only saving grace is i know next year me and a-rod will have $200 more to spend at da “club” cause i won’t waste anymore money on the MLB package to watch franCOMA lose games for this team.

I think Torre is great.

if i were a yankee fan, or anyone else for tha matter, i’d think he was great to!

Smc I find these losses to be depressing.The Yankees have our number.

dude. obviously you don’t understand b-ball. clemens had given up less runs and less hits and i believe thrown less pitches through 6 so obviously torre was an idiot for taking him out. you never take a guy out until he gives up a run in the 7th. that’s a cardinal rule of baseball apparently.

As a Yankee fan I have to say that I think Torre WAS great. Now he’s not so great. The one thing that will NEVER be taken away from him is his ability to deal with the media and all that. I don’t know if they’ll ever have one better than him in that regard. However, he has never really been a great “in-game manager,” (although he has steadily declined in this aspect over the last several years) and more importantly, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to put out the fires that he used to. Just take Arod. Torre has left him out to dry SO MANY TIMES. And when Arod had his crazy April (which essentially saved Torre’s job at the beginning of the year), all Torre could say is, “Well that’s what happens when he plays to his potential.” Umm, is that what Torre expects of this guy? And THEN, to put the nail in the coffin, when Arod had his mini-slump trying to hit his 500th home run, Torre just flat out embarassed him in the media by saying he’d swing at a rosin bag if you threw it up. Classy. Torre was a huge part of the Yankees dynasty in the late 90s, but he’s also a huge part of their “collapses” as of late.

Dude dont say I dont know what I am talking about,look at Clemen’s age.He did NOT want the game slipping away.If you ask me,his decision was actually good and hes certainly better than our manager.

I am depressed too. I had to stop watching the game because I’m sick of the Red Sox laying down to the Yankers. Clemens was mediocre at best tonight and the sox acted like it was Clemens circa 1989. And all the talk of a no-hitter was lame. This was not a Clemens performance as much as it was a sox let down. I want to see the sox come out like a division winner instead of a team afraid of the Yankees for the last century. And Francona should absolutely know better. When you are pulling pitchers (Matsu;Beckett) right after they just gave up home runs you are waiting too long. I hope the sox pick up the game tomorrow night then it won’t be so bad but if they are swept I will have to wonder how far this team can actually go in the post-season at all. The Yankees are not the best team out there after all.

the yankees don’t have our number. they have a better mgr period. had they had even a decent pitching staff for the first 2 mos we would be fighting for the wild card. give somebody like torre or leyland this staff/team and, even with their pathetically inconsistent offense, which would never happen cause they would fire magadan, and this team would have a 10-12 game lead easily. assuming the second place team had the start the yankees did.

dude. i apologize. obviously you did not get my sarcasm. of course he did the right thing taking clemens out. if franCOMA had a brain he would have done the same thing with beck. that’s what i as gettin at.

We have a lethal bullpen but FranCOMA doesnt know how to use it.

tavares on sat. talk about pushing your luck! if manny is out for 10 days they may yet be lookin at the wild card.

I apologise to you Kinny,right now my mind is a mess.This is so depressing.

bottom line is this what happens when you have a power deprived team to begin with and someone ( a power guy ) gets hurt and you’ve traded your only bench power hitter and replaced him with a singles/contact guy. it’s like replacing an offensive lineman with a tailback. you can’t be the same.

All the pressure falls on Schilling tomm afternoon. I am very curious to see how he’ll pitch.

Once again the Sox bats are quiet for yet another game. Not much positives out of this game. Rivera has looked very good the last 2 games. He has faced 7 hitters and I don’t think a hitter has gotten one out of the infield. He is looking like the Rivera of old. I just wish that Boston at least would make Rivera work for it.

Clemens had alot of problems with his control but the Boston bats didn’t take advantage of the gifts. Very unlike Clemens, I was not impressed with him at all tonight. How many times did Clemens throw a 92 m.p.h. fastball with no movement down the middle of the plate???? Some poor approaches by the Sox hitters tonight against Clemens.

All we wanted as Sox fans was 1 win and tomm we have a chance. End the series with a win, that wouldn’t be too bad would it???? A sweep and we say ” uh oh “…….

One more thing can anyone go down to the Red Sox dugout and wakeup Francona when the 7th inning starts????? It has cost the Red Sox big in the last 2 games. If anyone can I would appreciate it very much, just a little nudge to make sure he is awake!!!

One more thing if anyone sees J.D. Drew tomm. make sure he doesn’t get to Yankee Stadium. I am sick of watching him FAIL late in the game!!! Thank you Theo for bringing J.D. Drew to the Boston Red Sox. That Yale education certainly doesn’t mean anything anymore I guess. What were you thinking??? Was Theo thinking???? That has been the worst signing of a free agent in any sport of all time!!!! Can anyone name another one that has equally stunk???? That is out of my system and I feel great!!!

Umm Schilling is old.We are facing Chow Mein Wang,its over.

Wow, Sox anemic line makes Old Man Clemens look like Santana… But what would you expect from a line up made up of girls like Lugo, Hinske, Nancy Drew, Keitly,Cora, Varitek and Crisp. Some much money for so little talent it is truly amazing. Lets hope that Manny doesn’t miss much time or decide to sit out the rest of the season because he represents only one of the the 2 or 3 players on the team that can actually hit. Man it’s a good thing we got rid of Wily Mo, whew.. Time to bring up both Elsbury, Carter and Moss. Love Crisp’s defense but the guy flat out can’t hit so put in Elsbury. As for Moss, he’s had a great season for the Pawsox why not bring him up and give him a chance. He can’t be any worse than Drew/Kielty platoon. Chris Carter has smoked the minors at every stop and is a shoe in to hit for both average and power at the big league level whereas Youkilis is just plain mediocre. If you don’t believe me look at his numbers especially second half of the season when it counts he *****.


I think the award goes to Carl Pavano over Drew

Are the white sox really that bad that the red sox put up 40+ runs in four games compared to giving up only 7 or 8? Only a series later and they make Pettite/Clemens look like aces again. Why not just bean A-Rod and let’s get this thing on!!!

So much so for the 45 yr. old melon head pitcher of the Evil Empire. He didn’t look that spectacular to me.He still won’t be the difference of the Yankee’s making a run. Considering the (ped) and the 28 mill. he is making he should perform like this every game……..


uh yes the white sox are that bad. i actually think schill will be fine tom. sad part is if he gives up more than 3 runs ( 4 against this team would be very good ) he’s prob got no chance and that is a heavy burden for any pitcher to go to the mound with. and ellsbury may come up and hit 400 ( i seriously doubt even 300 ) but WHO is gonna get him across the plate? he’s not gonna steal home very often. w/o manny if tek, youk, and drew don’t pick up the pace significantly this team is in real trouble. that’s not bein neg just realistic. oh and don’t bean our future 3rd baseman! sorry just wishful thinking.

Smc I think your awesome man.We think alike sometimes.Realistically and wishfully.


Pavano certainly has stunk for the Yankees. Cashman was fooled during that one, signing Pavano to a long term deal and Pavano has a losing record.

Drew though is signed for 70 million for 5 years. Pavano 40 million for 4 years. Drew is gutless and looks at every pitch late in the game. How freaking pathetic!!! I never heard anyone say that getting Drew was a good move, not one person. If there is one he/she should be checked if he/she has a brain. I didn’t think he would be this bad.

All the Sox have to do is win 1 game and the lead is 7. We shall see in about 16 hours where the lead will be.

I think we are losing.Schilling is sadly done.

oh yeah. somebody please remind me why they brought lopez back from pawtucket for this series. i’m sorry. i got it. it was to sit on the bench with the rest of the bullpen. evidently he has some really good stories!

i still have faith in schill. but unless he holds em to 3 or less your prob right chman.

Well Smc I was thinking bout it.If Schill mixes in his fastballs with his splitters he can hold them to 3 runs or less.Lets say he throws strikes early to set them up for the splitter.

I feel we wasted these two games.We have such a lethal bullpen.I would have went with Delcarmen for the 7th.Heck even that Snyder guy!

Francona needs to be awake when the 7th inning starts. Please Tito stop napping!!!
2 games in a row him being asleep in that inning has cost them.

Lopez is there to make sure Ellsbusry isn’t there. Lopez is more effective against righties anyway.

I wish Johnny Damon would suffer a bad injury -_-


I don’t know, I still think Pavano is the worst signing in recent history. 40 mill over 4 years, and in the first 3 he’s only started 19 games and won 5.

That equals 6 mill per win which is even more expensive than Roger.

I agree with you on Drew, by the way-he was a poor signing; but I still think Pavano takes the prize.

Too bad you traded Willy, he’s off to a good start in Washington-4 homers in 11 games. Maybe all he needed was consistent playing time.

Smckinny – just curious, but did watch the game last night? Beckett mowed through the first two in the seventh, and then guess what happened. The best hitter in baseball (the one you have been harping on about that we need to sign for $30 million/year remember) hit a breaking ball which was around his shins. A hard hit ball is not always the pitcher’s fault.

One more thing – we don’t automatically just get the best bullpen in baseball. Part of that is because throughout the course of the season, Francona has tried to take their work load off them by allowing starters to go deeper.

By the way, Lopez has done his job. He has pitched 1 and 2/3 innings since being called up and has not allowed a run (although didn’t pitch well yesterday).

brendan. unfortunately i did and it’s like watcing the movie groundhog. a-rod did what great power hitters do he hit a mistake out of the park. even beckett said the pitch caught too much plate and was a mistake. ask any power hitter the easiest pitch to pull and hit out they’ll tell you a hanging offspeed pitch down in the zone. yeah he got the first 2 out. he’d also given up ( through 6 ) 12 hits and thrown well over 100 pitches. at that point you do what torre did with clemens after all those walks. consider yourself lucky and turn it over to your bullpen. MAYBE not in april or may but you for sure do in aug and sept. if beck had been sharp all nite and thrown 85-90 pitches and was up 3-0, maybe 3-1 yeah you MIGHT take that chance. but not last nite. i’m not saying francona costs them the game/s cause it would have still have been tied and with the sox offense it’s always a guess. but his job as a mgr is to put this team in the best possible position to have a chance to win and the last 2 nites just add to a very long list of times he hasn’t done that. disagree if you want i repect that but outside of those in his imm family i don’t know too many people who know much about baseball who would agree with ya. what he does game after game is the same thing grady little got crucified/fired for doing once. lopez hasn’t been utilized enough is what i was suggesting.

And if MDC or Timlin or Snyder was brought in and surrendered a 2 or 3 run homer to A-Rod, you would be saying “Why the **** did Tito not leave Beckett in? He had been doing such a great job of damage control and then that idiot Francona pulls him for a reliever??” So, in essence, he’s in a damned if he do, damned if he don’t situation.

IMO Terry did the right thing. Beckett’s your ace and he was showing no signs of slowing down. He got two very easy outs to begin the inning and the first pitch was a 96 mph pitch up and in to ARod. So he obviously wasn’t fatigued, he just hung a curve to the wrong hitter.

I also hate to harp on umpiring, but twice on 0-1 pitches, first to Coco then especially to Hinske, the ball was clearly outside. So instead of 1-1, now they are in a hole 0-2. Because of that, they each take defensive swings and ground weakly back to the pitcher. Go watch those pitches on the broadcast, and tell me that neither of those pitches were a strike.

*On those pitches, I was referencing the last batter of the 8th and first batter of the 9th against Mo Rivera.*

I would rather have Drew hurt because him being healthy is hurting the Red Sox. Drew is around for a while here and that to me is SICKENING. This is only the beggining with this guy. What is it going to be like in the next few years????? Boston is a rough town when you don’t produce and also when you come across as gutless and showing no passion at all, it will be UGLY.


I totally disagree with you about the Beckett situation. I wrote as soon as the 6th inning ended that Beckett should be taken out, in fact I don’t believe he should have faced Damon.

When you have the best bullpen in baseball, use it for crying out loud. Francona has been sleeping in that dugout. He needs to wake up when the 7th inning starts.

Maybe, maybe not, but did you see how easy he got Damon and Jeter out? If one had reached then go get him but if the first two batters were any indication then A-Rod was going to be another easy out.

3:29:35. Anyone can watch it until the game starts today. Someone tell me that pitch was a ball. Am I hallucinating or was it clearly not a foot off the plate?

And since when has Hinske had that mohawk? Ya gotta love that, maybe everyone can get them and it can be the answer to 2003 when they all got their heads shaved.

Maybe the red sox could use another 4 game series with the yellow sox!!

I wouldn’t call Damon’s at bat an easy out, Beckett barely beat him to the bag. Beckett was against the ropes all night and he used all of his 9 lives. It was obvious to me he should have been taken out.

no. if he takes out beck i’m fine with it regardless of what happens. after the second and third times through lineups pitchers are much easier to hit so as a rule unless there’s a wide margin OR a guy is really sharp ( which beck wasn’t ) and has a low pitch count you take him out after 6 period. ESPECIALLY this time of year in this situation.

as for the umpiring that’s the chance you take when you go up there with that walk firts hit later approach. you’re always gonna get/have some marginal calls. that’s why you swing the dam bat at balls right down the middle of plate when you get em regardless of whether it’s the first pitch or not.

oh bosox. regarding one of your earlier comments. i’m pretty sure franCOMA said signing drew was a great move!

My mistake, I did not mean Damon. I meant to say the first two batters of the 7th, which were Jeter and Abreu, he got out rather easily. In no way was Damon’s AB easy, and if he didn’t slide he would have probably been safe. I thought maybe getting out of that jam would pump Beckett up to pitch another good inning.

oh did anyone notice that rivera whose what 75-80 yrs old actually came in in the 8th last nite? torre must crazy using his best pitcher like that!

this came off the fox site. it’s just too perfect nt to pass along.

No quote could have better summed up how the Angels feel about Ervin Santana than the one Manager Mike Scioscia delivered Wednesday in the wake of Santana’s one-third of an inning, five-run, four-hit flop against Seattle on Tuesday. “When you see what happened in Boston, you go, ‘Wow!’ ” Scioscia said, referring to Santana’s 6 1/3 -inning, one-run, four-hit effort Aug. 17. “And when you see [Tuesday] night, you go, ‘wow’ ” Santana was 28-16 with a 4.42 earned-run average in his first two seasons but has been awful in 2007 outside of a handful of starts.

Well I woke up feeling confident.I have a feeling Schilling will deliver in this tight situation today,just a funny feeling.

But I will say,once Schilling ends an inning at 95 or 100 pitches,unless hes carrying some kind of no hitter…..TAKE HIM OUT.Unless we have some 12-1 lead which against Chow Mein Wang is highly unlikely….take him OUT.

Did you guys notice that Wang is sometimes overrated?I know a lot of guys who compare Wang to Santana(Johan) that is.They claim Wang is becoming better.Ofcourse I live in NEW YORK CITY.Wang’s ERA is 3.95 even though he has a 15-6 record.Also remember he has baseball’s best offense backing him up too.And no yankee fans,I am NOT trying to **** on Wang.I am just saying.He is a good pitcher though,don’t get me wrong.

Smckinny – I presume your comment “torre must crazy using his best pitcher like that!” is a whole sarcasm thing whereby you think they should use Papelbon more?

If so, please remember two things:

(i) Papelbon separated his shoulder this time last year from overuse. In my view he has been superbly used this year.

(ii) The Yankees pitcher probably most equivalent to Papelbon is Chamberlain (former starter, now a reliever, may be a starter in future but also may become their closer). You see how the Yankees are using him? Did you notice how they didn’t bring him into the game last night?

Rizzo – I complegtely agree with you. People think going to the bullpen means automatic outs. Timlin has done a great job this year, and I am a huge fan, but even a couple of weeks ago he came in and only Crisp’s great defense stopped runs being scored. Also, Vlad hit a shot off him that would be a HR in nearly every park but stayed inside Fenway.

Whoever would compare Johan Santana and Wang are out of there mind and shouldn’t be able to talk about baseball for 1 year.

As we all know when Wang is on there will be alot of groundball outs. Let’s hope Wang stays up in the strikezone so the Red Sox can get some good swings against him. Boston needs to be very aggressive today because all the pressure is on Boston today. All we wanted was the Sox to win 1 game and keep the Yankees focused on the wildcard.

Cora has had some success against Wang so I would assume he’ll be in the lineup today.

Go to or and check out the story about Francona and uniform gate as he is calling it. What a JOKE!!!

Doesn’t M.L.B. have better things to do? Checking out Francona while the game is going on.

I guess not Brian.

Becket needs to remember that story. get a little bob gibson on AROD. his uniform should be dirty after every at bat!

The sox do not have any one worth dusting.What a waste!

Cora at SS, Drew in RF, Schillings 87mph batting practice fast balls and Youk batting cleanup. Red Sox not only get sweeped by the Yankees but if Manny misses any significant time the Sox might be hard pressed to make the Playoffs. The Sox have the pitching but absolutely no offensive, too many huge holes in the lineup offensively at SS, RF, 1B, CF and Catcher…. Sox might want to talk Jim Rice out of retirement to play the rest of the season in RF, even at his age he would still more productive than Nancy Drew.

brenda your comparing apples and oranges. all indications pap’s shoulder is 100%. chamberlain prob is gonna start for the rest of his career. pap is not. my point being when you get to aug and sept you can’t baby people. and i’m pretty sure pap can go as many innings as rivera if necessary. if he can’t then that speaks to another issue altogether and maybe there is still s-thing wrong with his shoulder.

Papelbon is armed and ready this year. Last year he pitched 2 innings a few times. Of course he had to because the Sox pen last year was pretty bad. This year of course Papelbon has some really good arms in front of him. Francona this year has done a great job with Papelbon this year.

Very encouraging 1st inning for Schilling. The Yankees went down rather easy in the inning. Schilling obviously knows how big this game is and he should pitch a gem.

Something tells me that this game will come down to 1 mistake, let’s hope it is Wang that throws the mistake.

my ol buddy JD. the aamzing thing is his issue at the plate is so obvious. he’s constantly hitting off his back ( left in his case ) side. he’s not using his lower body to generate any power at all. just flipping the bat with his hands. thats why even when gets a hit its usually some kinda weak single. you’d think his hitting inst might point that out. or maybe he has and jd is just hopeless.

he has done a good job with pap this ear all i’m saying is that if the situation calls for it this late in the yer don’t be afraid to let him get 4/5 outs if necessary.

Smckinny – his shoulder is 100% because he has not been overused. And really the two could not be more similar. Papelbon was the exact same as Chamberlain (projected to be a starter). I’m all for not babying him if our playoff life is on the line or if we are in October. Francona knows that too. I’d prefer to have him fresh for the playoffs than blow out his shoulder know while we have a fairly comfortable division lead.

Wait – did you just say that Francona has done a good job with something all year? Are you feeling ok?

yeah i did. trust me i had to dig deep to find a positive! they have to get to the playoffs first and even then home field is critical IMO because they are so much better offensively there. not that that is saying much, but.

The Yankees are teeing off on Schilling here in the 3rd. This could get very ugly, very quickly.

He grooved one and A-Rod missed it.

Don’t they have the second or third most runs scored in the AL?

I think some things are more easily measured than others. For instance, you say not taking Beckett cost them the game. And that Francona leaves his starters in too long has cost them a few games. Even if this is true, no one can say how many games Francona has won by preserving his bullpen so that they are not overworked. Francona plays a large role in us having one of the best bullpens in the league (a bullpen that is responsible for countless wins) through Francona working them well, not overusing them, etc.

Alright guys,Wang is walking guys and we are NOT taking advantage.Come on lets tie this score up!Let us not waste Schill’s effort!

they have the 3rd most runs because they beat up on bad teams. i.e. the white sox. they also have scored 3 runs or less in appx 40% of their games.50 out of 133 whatever math that adds up to. that tells you they are not very consistent. they’re near the bottom of the league in HR’s as well. they have to string together multiple hits to get runs. you can’t be consistent offensively with that approach. their offense, without manny especially, is a mess. i’ll say it now schill should not go past 6 if he makes it that far. of course all the yankees have to do is get 3-4 and it’s over anyway. as for tito you like him i don’t let’s just leave it at that. he does some good things but the bad decisons far outweigh the good IMO.

Hey Ian, where are you? We need you to come on and make another comment, this time about Wang’s no hitter.

The Sox are currently fourth in runs scored and fifth in batting and they just did score 40 something runs in four games over Chicago this past weekend. There are going to be games when you just don’t hit, and games when scoring 10 runs looks easy.

I’m not a huge Francona fan, but I agree with your points about his handling of pitchers. I probably would have lifted Beckett after six, but he only had around 100 pitches. Leaving him in wssn’t a bad decision, and certainly didn’t cost the Sox the game. A-rod hit a pretty good pitch and the best freakin hitter in baseball is going to do that, against any pitcher. There’s no question that going into September, the Sox have a lot of fresh and well rested arms in the bullpen.

Ugh,im bout to lock my red sox cap away for the rest of the season and switch to Golf.

Schilling looks like Clemens last night. I just can’t believe they aren’t whacking him all over Yankee Stadium.

This is all too painful

You know why he is compared to Wang? He keeps winning. He has won as many as Johan, hence the comparison. Is he as dominating? No. Better ERA? No. But at the end of the day what is the most important outcome of a game? Winning. There, there is the comparison.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t thinl Wang is as good and I think “Wins” are overrated, but a 26 year old who has won 19 games and might do it his 2nd year in a row? I don’t think he’s overrated. Especially when you consider he started 1-3 thanks to the spring training ankle injury.

Red Sox ****

I cant wait 5 years from now when drew, lugo, coco are all finally gone.

If the yankees make it to the playoff were screwed cuz our pitching is useless again them while we get shutdown by their mediocre pitchin.

Would somebody please go to the third base side dugout, give everyone in there a good shake, and wake up the Boston Red Sox? They’re so much better than this. Where is the offense? This has been an excruciating three days. WAKE UP, RED SOX!

Well guys congratulations to the Angels on their World Series win in 2007.

Watching game 3 versus the Yankees. It is now the fifth inning and unfortunately the Sox lineup is again hitless… To bad too cause Schilling is pitching well. Maybe we can get Jerry Remy and Jim Rice temporarily out of retirement to play Short and Right field to upgrade the none existing Redsox offense. At this rate Manny can start planning his annual October vacation. Anybody else have any other thoughts??

I agree Alex,finally sumone understands what I been saying

Ugh,im bout to lock my red sox cap away for the rest of the season and switch to Golf.

Posted by: | August 30, 2007 02:38 PM

…Says the Sox fan who by days end will be no worse than 5 games up in the standings. I can not believe what you did all those years up until 2004. You surely had more faith than this.

Look, they play 18 of 28 at home to finish this season, and 6 more against Tampa, with Wake starting 2 of those. You are crazy if you think this season is over if they get swept this series.

no its not that…if we get no hit,its too painful for me…

Alex why don’t you let the Yankees worry about the Angels before they make it to the ALCS. I don’t know if you are aware but the last two times they have played them in the postseason they have lost.

Wang is a good pitcher but certainly no Santana. You put Santana on the Yankees, he would win 24 games this year. We all know Santana is the best starting pitcher in baseball. Santana has won 2 Cy Youngs. Don’t get me wrong there Vince I would love too see Wang in the Boston rotation but please don’t compare him with Santana.

I believe Wang had a hamstring injury to start the year not a ankle injury.

the seasons not over at all. but if manny is out for nay length of time it’s not good. schill should come out now! 2 straight games without a hit through 5. 6 runs in 23 innings against one of the worststaffs in the AL. yeah this is an offensive dynamo. wang may actually pull it off they look totally lost at the plate right now.

Well guys,congrats to Wang on his no hitter.

Im not saying we wont make the playoff and that we will automatically lose to the yankees in the playoff but this is beyond frustrating. A no hitter thru 6 against a pitcher who most players in our lineup are supposed to have good success.

I dont care about the angels I just want the redsox to beat the yankees themselves.

We CANT beat them!

Life really ***** as a Red Sox fan.

chman u are just overdoing it. Its really frustrating and i want to smack some life back into the redsox lineup but in the end i still have faith that we could comeback and win today.


Your right man,im sorry.Schilling has given us more than we coulda asked for.

I expressly said Johan is better than Wang, I just justified the reason some compare them and it is a legitimate reason. If wins are so easy on the Yankees, why doesn’t Pettitte have more than he does? Look at his numbers. Just because you have a good offense doesn’t automatically mean any good pitcher who comes over wins that many more games. Santana plays for a playoff caliber team (not this year) already, I doubt he automatically wins 24 games just because he’s in NY.

The Umps made the correct call. Youk was out of the baseline and should have been called out.

The baseline does not go directly from second to third base. It is from where Youk is when he begins to avoid the tag to third base. If he goes out of that direct line more than three feet, he is out. He probably went about eight feet to avoid the tag.

This offseason I better see Andruw Jones or Torre Hunter in a Red Sox uniform….preferably Jones.

And if A-Rod is available…A-Rod

In all my games…i make sure Albert Pujols ends up a Red Sock.

Pettite should have more wins for sure. Santana is another animal and you know and everone else knows it. It would be scary if he was dealt to the Yankees. When the Yankees got A-Rod I was like good for them but there pitching is still not there. I can name you more great hitters that have never won it all. How many great pitchers have never won it all????

You put Santana on the Yankees and he would win 24. In the 2nd half over the last few years he has been unhittable. He did get hit a little bit last night by the Tribe but I’ll take him over any starting pitcher in baseball. Anybody else is a distant second in my opinion.

Ide luv a one two punch of santana and Erik Bedard going into a short series.

There is some decent arms over in the national league as well.

Now we need a miracle against Mo.Wheres Millar and Mueller when you need em?

Da killer M’s

I guess point proven.Schill gave us a chance to win but our worthless bats did absolutely nothing.

Look at that – he left Schilling in for the 7th and he got a 1-2-3 inning. And then the bullpen got brought in and gave up a run. Smckinny – you convinved Francona to come around to your way of thinking and it might have cost us the game.

Brendan it was not a bad move.Just isn’t Oki’s day.How coudl you go wrong bringing Oki in.What if he had left Schill in there and the Yankees started destroying him?

What more could you ask for out of Schill?He was a work horse today.Gave us 7 strong innings and gave us a chance to win.

we just wasted his effort.

Chman – I was joking. It’s more just making a point that just because you bring the bullpen in, it doesn’t mean it’s always a better option than leaving the starter in.

And Rizzo thanks for the talk earlier.Up to 2004 did take lot of faith.

Its just if I lived in boston it would be a lot easier.I live in the Bronx and go to Highschool in the Bronx and I am open about being a red sox fan.

why is it evry year when the sox go to the bronx late in the season manny suddenly get “hurt”? these are the series that we need him the most. 5 games ahead is NOT a good enough lead. we need these wins so the yankees dont make the playoffs. less then 30 games to play our team needs to get it together and win the division, win the alcs, and then we can all enjoy winning the world series twice in our lives. we need to prove we are the better team by winning t5he tough games, i don’t think selig will let us play tampa bay all next season….lol. now that i’ve vented…..GO SOX!

Your right Costa

Looks like Manny is taking his annual September vacation

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