Trying time

Not only do the Red Sox get swept in the Bronx, but they come home to find out that their hottest pitcher can’t go because of a bad back. It’s too bad. Tim Wakefield has been unhittable lately and it would have been one of the feel-good stories of the season to see him get 20 wins.

Also, no Manny. We all know this team can’t go where they want to go unless Manny is in the lineup and raking. He underwent an MRI today.Red Sox Nation will hold its collective breath until that test comes back.

Has September 1 ever come at a better time for the Sox? Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz and who knows who else will be here shortly.

The games in New York were great theater, as always. I must say that the baseball purist in me absolutely loved taking in those great pitching matchups. Love or hate Roger Clemens, it’s astounding still watching him get it done at age 45. And Schilling had his A game going yesterday.

As for the Chamberlain thing, how does anyone honestly know what happened? Watching it live, I did not think the kid had any intent of trying to hit Youkilis in the head. I think the kid was jacked up and wild. Let’s face it, adrenaline rises to another level in these games.

The Red Sox were pretty cold when asked about it after the game. My personal thought? They are trying to get in the kid’s head. He just might be the difference-maker in this rivalry right now, so the Red Sox are trying to get in his head and let them know that perhaps retribution might be in store.

September 14 at Fenway is going to be must-see TV for sure.

All for now. I’ll be back at Fenway on Sunday and laying low the next two days.



Tavarez tonight and I assume Bucholtz tomm. night. Tavarez has pitched very well in his last 2 starts. He seems to be getting alot of movement on his fastball and keeping it low in the strikezone. That is his key of course, keeping it low. Tavarez should give to the Sox at least 6 solid innings and maybe a little more. Boston over the years has owned the Orioles. Big difference in these 2 teams besides the payroll is the bullpens. Boson as we all know has the best pen in baseball and the Orioles pen is as bad as the Devil Rays and White Sox. There closer Chris Ray is done for the season. For some strange reason the Orioles do well against the Yankees and the Sox own the Orioles. Somethings in baseball doesn’t make sense. Why do the Orioles play well vs N.Y. and Boston doesn’t? Explain that one to me.

all i know is when all you hear from everyone ( inc TV ) is how bad the other team/teams pitching is i tend to get a lil antsy anymore. at least acc to fox they’re calling up royce clayton. that should help. he’s been wearing it out at pawtucket ( .167 ).

I am so surprised that some people think Chamberlain didn’t throw at Youklis. I have no doubt that he did.

Tonight it begins: The Post-Yankee wake up call.

In 2004, after that Post-Yankee wake up call the Sox went 57-23 (46-20 regular season, 11-3 postseason) to capture the World Series.

28 games remain. The division is all but a lock. Let’s wrap it up as quick as possible then try and maintain home-field throughout. By the end of the season, we may have the Yanks and especially Joba the Nut to thank for another title.

this will be the last time i mention his name i promise but can’t resist. sox game is blocked here so i’m watching the braves. texiera has 32 rbi’s in 27 games for the atl. he’s driven in almost as many as gagne has given up. way to go theo! wise decision on which ranger to go after.

Mark these words “NO MANNY, NO PLAYOFFS,” Everyone keeps saying that the Yankee’s out pitched us…No, the Redsox couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I think had the Yankees paid Nolan Ryan to come out of Retirement he probably would have pitched a No Hitter against us yesterday. Our lineup is simply TERRIBLE!! Though 5 months of the regular season three things are abundantly clear. 1 Crisp is more hype than production and will never be a leader hitter. 2 Mr Drew is by far the worst RF in the history of the Redsox and finally number 3 Lugo, no matter how hard he tries, can’t hit the ball out of the **** infield. With Manny seemingly going to the 15 day DL, all of these factors add up to one conclusion unless they shake up their roster. If Terry has any brains whatsoever he’ll put Elsbury in CF, move Youk to RF, put Chis Carter at 1B and some else besides Lugo at SS and NOT the WORTHLESS Cora.

They just showed Matt Clement in the dugout…. Please don’t tell me he’s going to be back in the rotation!!! or anywhere near the mound this year!

JD Drew must have a hang nail. Why else would they take him out of the game?

I am new to the site but have been reading the comments all season. Glad to know I found a place to vent and cheer….depending ont he scenario and circumstances…with fellow Red Sox fans.

I think brownharley is sentinel, any thoughts out there?

Whoever he is, he is just making an idiot out of himself. Best to ignore this silly little troll, and concentrate on winning this game. Blueprint of the season tonight: numerous chances, little results. Yankees are getting pounded by Sonnanstine and the DRays, so a great chance to gain a game back and shave two more off the magic number.

Okay – time to vent…..I said this before the year started. Timlin HAD to go. Another example right now!

Pretty presumptuous of rizzo to think of me as a troll. Think Matt Hughes at 205lbs. And you might want to change your prediction on this game since the Sox are losing 9 to 3.

In comparison to this time last weekend, it reminds me of the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

If the Sox can get out of this inning then they will have the top of their lineup coming up. They could make a push and still win this game.

all i’m gonna say is any of you who thought the “schedule” favored the sox so they were fine need to wake up. this team is an offensive joke. look at the lineup they started tonite. and by the way ellsbury ( or any call-up ) ain’t gonna help. cause their just gonna get stranded at 2nd or 3rd like anybody else. you got one person to blame for this comedy/mess and that’s theo. he sat on his hands/*** again at the trade deadline and look what we got. i’ve been saying all along this teams pitching alone cannot get them to the playoffs. the lack of run support is wearing them down. and i know the yankees are gonna lose but this is yet another example of this team being totally unable to take adv of ANY opp to put teams away. they have no heart. they are simply hoping the other teams fail because they sure as **** ain’t gonna win anything. okay. i feel better. maybe baltimore will start jim palmer tom cause that’s prob the only person they’d ahve a remote chance against. the really comical thing is TAMPA has put up more runs in one game against NY than this team could in 3. what a joke.

Here’s a little late game clutch hitting we have been waiting for. Great play be the fan too, to take it away from Roberts allowing the inning to continue. This Baltimore bullpen is bad it rivals Tampa in that regard.

Baker is throwing a perfect game in Minnesota after 8 against the Royals.

Okay smckinny, now tell us how you really feel. Just kidding. I can understand your fustration. Instead of getting Gagne, Theo and company should have gotten us another bat. We sure could have used Gabbard tonight.

24 LOB and 8 team LOB through 8 innings. Very, very annoying

This team has a hangover from the sweeping by the Yankees. Trailing by 3 runs going into there last at bat. It is the Orioles bullpen but then again it is the Sox bats trying to come from behind. Not tonight, I don’t see it happening. They might get a couple of guys on but to actually tie it in the 9th or win it, NOT.

Let’s hope J.D. Drew will be out for a while. No surprise with him leaving a game with a injury. How many times has that happened this year? A gutless wonder is Drew. He is the least respected guy in that clubhouse and I would bet big $$$$ on that one.

seriously people look at the lineup they have in there right now. do you honestly believe this team has a chance at doing anything with that? i don’t care how good your pitching is. god i wish theo would be dying to move to houston.

Well the tying run comes to the plate. Did any Sox fan think it wouldn’t happen. Now if they can only SCORE THE RUNS!!!

you can mark it down folks this team is in full collapse mode. that’s not being neg either that’s callin it like you see it. this team ( balt ) was on a 9 game losing streak AT HOME and starting a guy who had made 1 START in the ML’s and they can’t beat that? the only chance they got is if the yankess play 500 ball from here out which ain’t gonna happen. and even if they do happen to make the the playoffs by some divine intervention you can certainly kiss home field bye bye. and they are 1 & DUN.

Getting the guys on base is not the problem but bringing them is. Hinske just got another R.B.I. WOW!!!

Lugo gets him in, 9-8

The captain!!!


tek ***** a-hole

As I wrote in a earlier blog, they might get guys on but will they tie it or win it, NOT!!!

They lost to a team that had lost 9 in a row. Coming off of a sweep vs Tampa Bay. Enough said. They have a hangover from the Yankee sweeping!!!

Bucholtz tomm night???

how cud he be so bad
………. anything but the ball on the ground

he can catch better than any1 for the sox but he cant bat @ all

Would you rather have Cash up there?

no…i actually thought he wud do something

tek wud

Cash, up there in that spot no. Varitek over him for sure. Bucholtz tomm night, alot of pressure on the rookie. Let’s see what he is made of. 2 rookies making starts for both Bos and N.Y.

Bucholtz his 2nd start and Kennedy making his M.L. debut. Who will fare better?

The C should be stripped off his jersey and given to no one except maybe Lowell.

yes. because C or no C i’ve watched it for 2 years now. at least it would be someone new to cuss at. tek is done. i actually am more sick of watching him fail than JD. i didn’t expect a-thing from drew. you would expect a guy with a “C” on his jersey WOULD be a lil more clutch now and then. i’m serious though folks if you havent done it look at the BA’s of 5-9 that ended the game and tell me this team is “FINE”.

i don’t know who will pitch better but i’ll take NY to win and boston to lose.

Of course you will b/c you’re the resident doom and gloom Sox fan

Just because a team has lost 9 in a row doesn’t mean they are an automatic loss. Have you heard of something called “being due?” Now the Sox had multiple chances and I am not saying they should have lost, but to say Baltimore was incapable of winning b/c they had lost so much is just silly.

Sox fought back and almost pulled it out… Crisp had a terrific catch and Dustin had a helluva night. Tomorrow the roster expands… Everyone don’t panic and try to stay positive.

And if you are indeed a Sox fan brownharley, I apologize for calling ya a troll. This site has been littered recently with them and the long post you wrote at the beginning of this thread sounding something like what one of them would say.

I agree with you about everyone trying to stay positive, we need more of those postivie people to start sticking up for thier Sox!! It is like one little losing streak and the majority of people turn on them. Keep the Faith

I would rather play a team that has loss 9 in a row. Things aren’t going there way, so jump them with a nice lead early and pour it on. Sox didn’t do that. Any team that has loss 9 in a row is playing with very little confidence or without any confidence. Things just aren’t going there way. One of the losses is a 30-3 spanking, safe to say that took the wind out of there sails.

Let’s hope Drew stays out of the lineup for the next several games. He is nothing but a negative vibe.

Sox will still win the division I am confident of that. This team was put together to win the World Series, not too win a division and bow out early. That to me would be very disappointing.

Crisp did make a great catch on that ball hit by Patterson. Crisp had to run a long way to get that one. He gets a great jump out there in c.f.

Papelbon hasn’t pitched in a while and it showed.

Timlin with that great milestone but after that he stunk. Alot of emotions with him reaching that milestone and lost focus out there tonight. He’ll be just fine.

Lost 9 in a row, I am tired.

rizzo. you can call it doom and gloom. i call it honesty. look at this teams totally unspired play the last 4 games when they had a chance to nail this thing down. everything will be fine, no sense of urgency. yada, yada, yada. call me neg/gloomy whatever. when i see some inspired play from this group i may have that sunshine and rainbows approach. i just have high standards i suppose for wanting them to win this div by the 8-10 games they should instead of limping in by 2-3 in a year were the yankees were horrible. by their stds anyway. they just seem to find ways to lose unstead of ways to win consistently. since they got to 40/20 they are 40/35. they continue to play barely 500 baseball to close out the year. i didn’t say that just because balt had lost 9 in a row they should win or balt would lay down. my point was ( just like in NY ) they were facing a reeling team that was already terrible before losing 9 straight and they went out and tanked it. again. not sugg NY was/is terrible but the situations were very similar with regard to how the opp had been playing. JD leaving the game due to a BRUISE, and tek hitting into a game ending DP. really kinda sums it all up doesn’t it?

well let’s hope ellsbury, moss, etc are ready and really can supply some kind of spark. cause we all know theo isn’t gonna deviate from his master plan and actually try and make a deal for somebody. you realize the past 2 years he’s passed on deals for abreu and that guy i promised not to mention anymore in atl? and look at what he’s brought in. drew, hinske, kielty, and royce clayton. i’m not bein critical of any of them they’re doing their best i’m sure. BUT WOW!

smckinny— Why do you want Texeria, the Sox have Carter to play 1b as someone suggested here.

I think Texeria would been a huge pickup by the Sox but given up Ellsbury and Bucholtz and who knows what else. I am not in favor of given those 2 guys up. Theo should have gotten a bat such as a Jermain Dye or someone along those lines. Dye would have been a perfect fit for this team.

I have said this before on this blog and I will say it again. Before we fix the problem on this team everyone needs to look back and realize that this team has only played basically 500 ball (44 – 38) since the begining on June. Now if they continue to follow this path as they most likely will, they should win the division by default unless the much hated Evil Empire goes on a hot streak, which they are capable of because they can hit. The problem is that they won’t get very far in the post season because they do have the pitching but the offense is just horrible. I still have no idea how Varitek or Crisp made the majors with their swings. I have seen better in LL.

Who is up for trading starting line ups with the Pittsburgh Pirates?Arg me mateys -_-

Or maybe before we traded Wily Mo,maybe we shoulda put Drew to play Right Becnh and let Wily Mo play everyday in RF.Who knows. -_-


Are you people serious? Great idea, let’s strip Varitek of his “C” because he grounded into a double play. I don’t hear anybody complaining about Ortiz when he grounded into an inning-ending double play in the 8th. Why is that? Has he earned the right to not be criticized because of his past? Because if that’s the case, ‘Tek has absolutely no reason to ever be scrutinized.

In close and late situations:

Ortiz- .288, 0 HR, 7 RBI

Varitek- .355, 2 HR, 9 RBI

Everybody has such a short memory and is calling for the demise of one player if he doesn’t produce that night. How’d everybody react to Varitek’s 4 RBI game vs. the White Sox? I’m sure everybody was praising the Captain but now he’s “washed up” etc.

Buchholz tonight, should be an exciting atmosphere since the Sox need a win and he is highly touted as a future ace. I hope Ellsbury gets the nod in LF tonight since Manny is hurt, but please keep Brandon Moss away from the batter’s box and RF. Send Hinske out there as a reward for his big night.

Hi to everyone. This is the first time I post here. But I have been an every day reader for a while and I really enjoy the knowledge of the game and specially the passion for the Red Sox most of you have. Personally I beleive the Red Sox will win the division but to reach what everyone of us would love to (World Series), we certanly need Manny back in the lineup for several reasons:
1) Make D. Ortiz a little more comfortable knowing there is another big bat behind him and he doesnt feel the pressure he is feeling right now (at least it looks to me that way) to hit a HR every time he steps to the plate.

2) For the same reason, make opponent pitchers throw more strikes to Big Papi

3) Trying to adjust the lineup has made a lot of the regulars hit out of their regular spot and they dont seem as productive and the bottom third of the lineup looks extremely weak at the moment.

Does any of you have a good guees on which is a realistic date to expect Manny back?

Keep it up Red Sox fans, we are still in time to have our offense getting hot for October when it really matters.

Zachary, when you read anything that SMcKinny writes, just consider the source. He exudes negativity, and a “sky is falling” attitude. There is no doubt it was frustrating that Varitek bounced into a game-ending double play when it seemed like the Sox would finish off a remarkable comeback. However, it is ridiculous to say that Varitek is not deserving of his “C.” He is a valuable part of this team, and he he posted decent numbers at the plate. This team would not be in first place without Varitek – because of his defense, his play calling, his leadership and yes, even his bat. You are entitled to your opinion. However, when you say something like “Varitek should be stripped of his Captain’s C,” because of the double play, that demonstrates you don’t know a whole lot about the value he brings to this team.

As for Drew, he was justified to leave the game. He had a bone contusion. Have you ever played baseball at any level? The pain is excruciating when you line a foul ball off your foot, your ankle, your shin or your knee. I am frustrated with Drew to no end, but questioning his departure from the game because of that injury is ridiculous.

Lastly, if you have followed baseball for any length of time, you will recognize that this is a game that changes from series to series. You can be sizzling one series and frigid the next. The Sox have not been consistent on offense all season, and they do need to pick it up; however, if you look at the offensive categories, they are near the top in about every one. This team needs to wake up, but it is still talented enough to win the AL East, the ALCS and the World Series.


Whoever would write or thinks that the C should be taken away from Varitek, should never be able to comment about the Red Sox on this blog again.

Let’s go back to early August of last season. Varitek injures his knee and is out of the lineup for about 6 weeks. When Varitek went down with the injury, the Red Sox season ended. Of course a few weeks later the Yankees ended it for sure. That team went into the tank when Varitek got hurt.

As for J.D. Drew let’s hope he’ll be out of the lineup for next several games. That would be an addition by subtraction.

Being the captain of the a Baseball club is an extreme achievement. There are only 3 other captain is the ML besides Varitek . . . . Derek Jeter of the Yankees, Paul Konerko of the White Sox, and Mike Sweeney of the Royals. Not only that, but, varitek is only the third Red Sox Captain in club history, the other two . . ., Carl Yazstrzemski and Jim Rice, thats a pretty selective club considering the Red Sox as a franchise has been around for 106 years.

Being the Captain of a club requires leadership, intelligence, and much much more, all of which tek has under his belt. Our pitching staff would be far worse if not for his game calling skills, and composure and reisurance he gives to pitchers.

I understand Drew has benn struggling, but would you really want a outfield rotation of Crisp(who could need rest), Hinske, Ellsbury ans Moss, ehhhh . . . no.

I would take a outfield rotation of Ellsbury, Kielty for the time being over Drew. Drew has shown me absolutely nothing all season. The first 3 weeks of the season ( he was the teams best hitter ) and 1 game vs Arizona and that has been it for Drew this season. He even has the most errors in the o.f. on the Sox. I am not saying Ramirez is better than Drew in the o.f. but those are the numbers. I think Drew needs a few days away from the lineup, a mental break of some sort. Him being out of the lineup is not going to hurt Boston one bit, we already know what he/she can do or in this case what he can’t do.

jeff. first of all i don’t know you or your background and don’t really care to nor does it matter. but i would feel safe in saying that i have played and been around baseball at at LEAST as high a level as you have if not higher. go back and read what I said. i never said tek shouldn’t be the captain of this team. i simply said if you look at the last two years it is obvious age is catching up to him and offensively he is no more a liability than drew and that as a captain i would expect a lil more of a clutch hitter. that’s not negative it’s simply my opinion. just like you have yours. look at his numbers over the last two yrs. as i’ve said repeatedly he’s been great for this franchise over the years and i realize his intangible value. but at the end of the day intangibles don’t produce runs do they? you can call my opinion negative if you want although I’VE never citicized anybody for being too pollyanna everything is okay when this team has floudered around 500 for 3 mos. i’ve simply disagreed with that OPINION. as for JD’s bruise, as it was characterized by espn not me, i can’t prove it but i’d bet there are 50 guys playin with that type of thing right now. don’t get me wrong i’m not sad he’s sitting or criticizing him i was just saying it was indicative of this him and this team. lastly i have probably been around and followed baseball longer than you but that’s irrelevent. good/great ( world series winning ) teams don’t play 500 baseball for 3 mos. last year was a fluke and nothing more. if manny comes back strong and guys like tek and drew start producing you’re correct this team COULD win it all. BUT overall if they play the way they’ve played over the last 2 1/2 to 3 mos they have no chance. again that’s my OPINION.


I would agree about you on the Drew injury. We don’t know what the number is about people playing with that injury. Something tells me there are several for sure. How many times this week has Youklis fouled off a pitch off of his foot? He has done it many times this year and he is in the lineup. Drew is one of these low threshold of pain guys. Certainly not a tough guy and that is stating the obvious. Drew is gutless and plays the game without any passion.

bosox. why would i want tex? well 10 hr’s 32 rbi’s in 27 games for atl is a good start. avg’s of 35 and 115
( hr’s and rbi’s )over his first 4 seasons would be another. he also has won gold gloves and he’s only 27 yrs old. carter’s 2 yrs younger and what’s he done/proven at the ML level? i agree i wouldn’t have inc both buch and ellsbury. but from everything i’ve read if they’d substituted ellsbury for murphy they could have gotten him. given the fact ellsbury at best is a 300 singles hitter with speed yeah i would have thought that was a pretty good trade. again my opinion not asking or sugg anybody should agree. this thing is a place for people to vent and share opinions and ideas. nothing more. some people though seem to think it actualy has some impact on the games/real world. it’s comical really. oh and as for dye. i wouldn’t have done that either. just like i wouldn’t have traded for gagne. your givin up a lot to rent a guy for 3 mos. at least with tex you had him for next year as well.

I am joking when I mentioned Carter smckinny. It is called sarcasism ( you know something about that ) Only way you were going to get Texeria is if the Sox gave up Bucholtz, Ellsbury. Josh Daniels I think is one of the worst g.m.’s in baseball but he is not going to give you Texeria for nothing.

Perhaps Texeria will be wearing a Sox uniform for the 2009 season. He is a free agent after the 2008 season. Boras is his agent so the highest bidder wins. Atlanta could still try to lock him up but Schuerholtz has a budget to work with.

I’m not saying I would have done the deal for Dye. I say that is where the Red Sox front office should have been focused on. Getting this team a bat. Gagne I believe will turn it around ( he can’t get any worse can he? ) his stuff is just too good. Boston Herald had an article just the other day about Gagne tipping his pitches. Ever since pitching coach John Farrell tinkered with his delivery he has pitched well but of course that is pitching with a big lead. What happens when Gagne comes into a close game? We shall see I guess.

my bad bosox. some of the people on here are so serious i never know what to think. if you look at what they got from atl i might disagree though. i really think ellsbury was the key. we’ll never know though will we? although it’s a nice thought. ’09 maybe. if you asked my opinion though. he didn’t make the abreu trade last yr cause he wanted to sign drew. he didn’t do the tex deal cause he knows/thinks a-rod will be avail and he didn’t want both. at least i’d like to think he’s that smart but we’ll see. well let me re-phrase. in no way was JD smart. a-rod would be.

i’m not anti-gagne by any means. it was just a lot to give up to rent a guy for 3 mos IMO when you already had b-ball’s best bellpen.

We will never know what Texas wanted from Boston for Texeria. Bucholtz, Ellsbury were the guys that every g.m. targeted when they spoke to Theo. If your going to get something big in return your gonna have to give up something big. Remember Abreu/Lidle were a package ( Beckett-Lowell ) dealt during the day and then Nixon got hurt later in the night. I always wondered what if Nixon got hurt the day before, would Theo pull the trigger on that deal? You could be right about the Drew deal ( Sox knew Boras would opt out with Drew ) Theo has been in love with J.D. Drew for quite sometime now. Abreu is Theo’s kind of player as well, high on base % guy. Only thing I didn’t like about Abreu playing in Boston is word has it out there he is afraid of walls. Watching him play at r.f. at Fenway when the Phillies were in town was always funny to watch, very obvious Abreu doesn’t like those walls.

A-Rod that has been talked about more than anything.

Torre had Iwammura’s bat taken away and later in the game Maddon had A-Rod’s bat taken away. Great move by Maddon, not going to back down from those Yankees.

Sox have definetely played with Okajima’s mind when they got Gagne. Look at the numbers ever since Gagne arrived. I think the Red Sox totally misused Gagne when he arrived. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Well the Red Sox never heard of that I guess. Gagne is going to be fine in my opinion. I have wrote many times his stuff is too good to struggle for so long. Let’s hope so anyway. At the end of year when Gagne goes elsewhere, the Sox will get some sandwich picks in return. Those picks the Sox do pretty well with. Bucholtz is here because Pedro signed with the Mets.

That some positive talk about Gagne (no sarcasm intended), but Drew also has loads od potential too, the main reason Theo and Crew feel in love with him.

I don’t think the ariival of gane is the reason for Okajima’s slide, but your right that the numbers have been subpar to say the least . . .

Since August 1st

11 Games

10.2 IP

6 ER

10 Hits

4 BB

9 K’s

5 out of 11 outing over 20 pitches

The 6 ER is abnormal, but he the K’s, BB, H, follow the same pattern from the previous month in terms of monthly totals.

I think hitters are starting to figure out his deliverly, like Hideo Nomo, a probaly barry Zito earlier this year.

*That is some postive talk


*and probably

Barry Zito uses timing to his advantage, like many Japanese pitchers.

There is no doubt that Gagne’s arrival is the reason for Okajima’s slide. To me it has messed with his mind. Imagine if you were Okajima, your pitching great all year long and then they trade for someone to take over your role. I would be a little baffled if that happened to me.

to be honest w/you i can’t rem the last time gagne pitched. which aside from prob being a good thing is part of the prob. b-4 his arrival this pen was on prrety much a schedule. now they’re not. if pen guys don’t get reg work they CAN can get out of sync/rusty. not syaing that’s whats happened BUT when you have a pen that’s this deep you need to utilize them regularly to keep them sharp.

I totally agree about keeping the bullpen sharp. Look at Papelbon last night, he looked rusty for sure.

I believe the last time Gagne pitched was last Sunday vs Chicago. He might be in tonight.

Sox have them loaded here in the 4th. Let’s go and get a big hit here and get this offense rolling tonight!!!

The “rook” is throwing a darned good game!!! Keep it up Clay!! This is the 1st time we’ve gotten some runs earlier than the 5-6 inning in a while!!

good to see the bats waking up!


19 rookies have thrown no hitters. Could Bucholtz be number 20?????? 6 outs to go!!!

Lowe was the last Red Sox pitcher to throw a no hitter. I wonder if Aubrey Huff was in that lineup that afternoon. Anyone know out there if he was?

Last rookie to throw a no hitter, Anibal Sanchez. Sound familar???? In the Beckett deal.

I was curious about that too, Bosox so I looked up the entire box score. Here was TB starting 9 on 4/27/02:

J Tyner: LF

R Winn: CF

S Cox: 1B

T Hall: C

B Grieve: RF

G Vaughn: DH

B Abernathy: 2B

R Johnson: 3B

F Escalona: SS

Not exactly murderers row.

The opposing starting that day was Jorge Sosa, who has since been with Atlanta and currently the Mets.

Correction: Sosa came in in relief of D James. Don’t remember him. Rickey Henderson hit a leadoff HR in that game as well.

Buchholz and Pedroia are flashing the leather, 3 outs to go.

Huff was on the team. I just looked it up as well. Clemens has pitched so many games in his career and he hasn’t even come close to a no hitter. Bucholtz takes the mound for the second time and he is 3 outs away.

Red Sox front office must be very excited. Seeing one of the guys they drafted and he is that close.

Varitek was the catcher that afternoon when Lowe tossed his.

Does this start ensure Clay’s spot as the 5th starter? I say yes

I could be wrong, but something tells me Clemens MIGHT be more interested in his 7 Cy Young awards and multiple World Series championships than the fact that he never had a no-hitter.

Congratulations Clay.

Let’s see the negative Sox fan put a bad spin this one. (Hint: It’s impossible)

Im crying.I started praying after the 6th inning.Dont put him in the pen in october,i say ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION.Tavarez to the pen.

CLAY HAS DONT IT!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Clay is amazing. I can’t believe i’ve seen this game. Historical! Classic! THE 17TH NO HITTER IN BOSOX HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST RED SOX ROOKIE TO EVAH DO IT! And, if you remember, he was the guy we got after Pedro went to the Mets. So far, it looks good for Clay. WHAT A GAME!!!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!!!

Ellsbury came through for us.I say Ellsbury for lead off spot!

DONE* sorry bout that.

no-no-no!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!! That was the FIRST NO HITTER that I have ever seen! I’m so very impressed. 23 years old and so much composure and poise. I like the fact that he had a lot of run support to back him up and keep him cool and collected. He also had some devastating defense in the persons of Coco Crisp and Dustin Pedroia. …Welcome to the SHOW Clay!!!


Obviously Clemens would rather have his 7 Cy Youngs and his rings for the World Series. That to me is stating the obvious there elfman. I was just pointing out about Bucholtz’s no hitter that is all.

So many great pitchers don’t have no hitters. Lady luck needs to be on there side.

Great job by Bucholtz. An amazing night and perhaps this could be a spark for the Red Sox that they need.

PS.. i still have 2 really good seats to the 9/21 Tampa bay-RedSox game if anyone is interested. I can’t go, due to back surgery. I very disappointed, David got me those for our Tenth anniversary. let me know!! thanks ellen.

Maybe Bucholz will be our man in October.

Ellen I hope and pray your surgery goes well and u have a speedy recovery.

BoSox Brian!I learned a lot from our Yankee series by the way.Sorry i lost so much faith.we can have a rotation of Schilling,Beck,Bucholz,and Dice K.Hahaha.And put Ellsbury as lead off.

chman i do think ellsbury is good but we have Lugo so why not use him.

i mean if Lugo not as lead off then it is going to be Coco.

GOod point.What if we have Lugo and Ellsbury hit back to back kinda?I mean thats good speed right there.But you make a good point boston 2004,I love your email address.

thank you chman

Sorry guys,im like a mad man right now cooking up winning recipes.All for the Yankees.I say little Schilling here,with a pinch of 8th inning Delcarmen,maybe a game 2 beckett,game three two table spoons of Bucholz…maybe game 4 a serving of Dice K,hahahahahahahah!!!Maybe an Ellbury hit and a Yoooouuuuk contribution!Plus maybe David Ortiz RBI’s!HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

this is what i think the batting order should be.

lead off- Lugo

#2- Pedroia

#3- Ortiz

#4- Manny

#5- Lowell

#6- Youk

#7- Tek

#8- Ellsbury

#9- Coco

But only ellsbury if you dont play JD Drew

ur welcome dude,prepare to make a 2007 one!!

lol ill be think about that.

red sox mystique

Bucholz has unbelievable stuff, but how about DP’s play at 2nd base. That was really incredible.

How exciting can all this be for a 23 year old kid? He couldn’t even talk after the game.

I don’t know if the Sox will leave him in the rotation. What happened tonight was a whole lot of good pitching, some good defense, and a little bit of luck. All no hitters, except if you’re Nolan Ryan, are a combination of those things. Someone mentioned Bucholz has done something that Clemens, Schilling and Martinez have never done. That may be true, but he’s got a long way to go to be compared to those guys. Anyone remember Dave Morehead? Let’s celebratge his accomplishment, but let’s not put him in the Hall of Fame yet.

I think the best thing that will come from this is that it could really give the Sox some spark in the final drive.


I do like Clay he’ll be in the starting rotation next year and he has good stuff. like that nasty curve ball. I think he only looks like hes a 16 year old though.

Anyways Boston 2004,your line up seems decent.I actually like it.Its well balanced.Ill take ill take.

I have been think about the starting rotation next year. anyone got any impute on that?

I sure do

Next year’s rotation: Beckett, Matsasuka, Bucholz, Wakefield, and TBD. TBD could be Lester or an off season acquisition.

Josh Beckett,Curt Schilling,Clay Bucholz,Dice K,and Wakefield.

That is if they re-sign Schilling though

If no Schill,then lester.

I don’t think Schilling will be back. He doesn’t have much left and I don’t think the Sox will pay him what he’ll want. He came to Spring Training out of shape this year and had to take a month off because he ran out of gas after the Oakland game.

Yea i think probley Lester.

Wow, what a night! As for next season, Beckett, Matsuzaka and Wakefield are definite. Buchholz and Lester are probable. The Sox will undoubtedly pick up Julian Tavarez’s option since he is valuable as a spot starter. Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden are almost Major League ready, but they could use another season in the minors. It is risky to have two youngsters like Buchholz and Lester in the same rotation. Plus Wakefield is 40-plus, so injuries are a concern. This is why I firmly believe that the Sox will sign a free agent starter, or acquire one in a trade. Coco Crisp will likely be traded, and he could fetch a decent starter. Regardless, the starting pitching looks promising for the Sox for the near future. Other prospects to keep an eye on are Nick Hagadone (the team’s sandwich round pick this summer), Kristofer Johnson and Daniel Bard (who is still a top prospect though he has been knocked around at Single-A Greenville this year).


Oh wow…

I mean, that’s all I can say. I’m stunned like Clay is…well definitely not exactly how Clay is but definitely stunned.

Like TC said on NESN, this could be THE turning point of the season.

And if I was Clay, I’d be scared of Ortiz running at you as well, lol.

As for next year’s rotation, I’m with Jeff. Beckett, Dice-K, and Wakefield most likely with Lester and Buchholz being probables. If Theo & Co. go after a free agent, who do you think they’d go after? Dontrelle Willis maybe?


Jeff, I know you’re a big Tavarez fan and all, but he’s really no good. In fact, he’s simply an awful starting pitcher. And as a reliever, he was mediocre in the NL Central, which you could throw like a little leaguer and get outs. Yeah, he has passion, and sometimes is clutch, but he doesn’t deserve a spot on this team. 2 Years and a 4.5+ era does not merit an extension.

Schilling will not come back, we have too many guys with great potential waiting for a spot in AAA. If the Theo wants to give Lester another year in AAA, he may have an outside shot.

Wakefield will be back, and health willing, will pitch for a few years more. I’d like to see him get 193 wins. He’s an innings eater and one of the better #4-5 starters in the AL.

I think Buchholz is in for good, he has nothing more to prove in the minor leagues.






Its gonna be filthy.

Geoff, Tavarez’s numbers tell a different story than your opinion. He has had far more decent starts than bad ones. And he is effective in the bullpen. Get used to him. He will be back.

4.47 ERA – 2006
5.00 ERA – 2007

We must be reading the wrong story Jeff. Yes, he’s pitched some good games, but mostly mediocre and bad ones. 6 innings pitched and 3 runs may not look bad, but it equates to a 4.5 ERA. He is more effective in the Pen, but he would be low on my trust list.

I guess we agree to disagree on Mr. Tavarez.

What a great night last night. Fans that were there last night must have had a blast.

Let’s hope when Lester was charting pitches in the dugout he was paying attention. Bucholtz was ahead most of the hitters last night. As we all know Lester falls behind. Throwing strike 1 is the most important pitch.

Good to see the Sox bats beat up some poor pitching in the last 2 games. I hope that trend will continue this afternoon. With Cabrera it is all about patience at the plate today. No reason to swing early with him on the mound. How many times will Cabrera be 2-0 or 3-1 today?????

“Thatredsoxguy” Tavarez is fine as a spot reliever/mop up/long relief. If he was in our set rotation, I would not agree. But the fact that we can throw him in the pen when he isn’t part of the rotation is a nice thing to have. Not every starter can stay in the pen and wait for random starts.

Next year’s rotation and these guys will be in it for sure. Beckett, Wakefield, Dice-K. and Bucholtz. Who else will be, see what happens in the winter.

man i’s struggling to find a-thing to complain about as far as last nite. he did walk 3 batters. and tek had another solid nite at the plate o-fer should be his new nickname. now i feel better. seriously that was fun to watch. great game by buch and nice to see some meaningful offense.

as for the rotation that’s where the wakefield situation gets interesing. i have no doubt he can go aother 5 years if he wants but at what point do you want to give that slot to one of the younger guys? i’m assuming of course they don’t move lester. which i personally wouldn’t disagree with IF you can get some value back.

Jeff @soxandpinstripes,

Your article at end said Bucholtz is Boston’s best pitching prospect since Roger Clemens.

How about that kid out of the bullpen named Papelbon, this just in he is pretty good. He has only nailed down just about every save since being the closer in early April of 2006. I would say Bucholtz is the best pitching prospect since Papelbon. What do you think?

As far as Wakefield goes, if he keeps giving us a solid 14+ wins per season (when healthy), then it’s going to be tough to cut him loose. You’re not going to find many #5 starters in the majors who can give you that.

I think that one of the younger catchers should work on handling his knuckleball so we can have some youth behind the plate, and a guy who hits above .200 would be nice as well.

Tough times for the Orioles lately. They lost a game 30-3 and then get no hit by Bucholtz. What will happen next for this team? Orioles were once one of the proudest franchises and now there at alot closer to the bottom. They better get it together soon because the D.C. area will pay attention to the Nationals as opposed to the Orioles. Attendance is way down there in Baltimore.

Let’s go Lester, all you have do is give the Sox a quality start and you will get a victory. Sox have been pounding this bad Baltimore pitching staff.

Buchholz’s no-hitter could be the game that defines this season for the Red Sox.

Lester got out of a huge bases loaded, no out jam. Then Ellsbury goes deep and makes an awesome diving catch in centerfield the next inning.

Everything seems to be going right for the Sox today, hopefully they can keep the momentum going.


I would disagree a little Zach. The Sox are letting the Orioles hang around, and Lester’s lack of control is making the game a little too interesting.

How about Jacoby Ellsbury today. Hitting, speed and defense. He brings a lot to the table and could be a fun player to watch for a long time.

Mikey Freakin Lowell –> MVP

Lowell for M.V.P. of the Red Sox. I hope gsm52 your not saying M.V.P. of the A.L.

Sox are definetely letting the Orioles hang around. When your playing a team that has been playing very poorly as of late, you jump them early and you don’t look back. Just what the Sox did last night. I guess this one is going to be a seat squirmer.

Yankees have laid an egg this weekend vs Tampa. Yankees sweep the Sox and then lose 2 out of 3 vs Tampa, go figure. Sometimes in sports it doesn’t make sense.

Yeah Brian, I meant Red Sox MVP for Mikey. I feel better with Mikey hitting cleanup than I do with Manny.

I got you there gsm. From reading your posts I have noticed your not a Manny fan. I think you’ll be happy when they deal him away. Guys like Manny though don’t come around too often. A first ballot hall of famer for sure. I didn’t like Manny’s actions last year, he basically quit towards the end of the season. He has been hustling this year though but his production is down for sure.

Sox have let this rag tag team hang around today. Okakima in a jam here.

Lowell when hitting at Fenway is lethal. A guy that is made for Fenway. He must be hitting .350 at Fenway this year. I’m sure he leads the team in wall hits.

Actually Brian, I am a Manny fan. I think he has been one of the best pure hitters and run producers in the game and he has done a lot for the Sox since his arrival. I also like that he seems to have fun playing the game most of the time. To his credit, he has made some good defensive plays this year, but he’s not a very good outfielder overall.

He doesn’t hustle out of the box and there are a lot of times when he just doesn’t seem to be paying attention. He is also getting a little older and can’t get around on a good fast ball any more. He’s now striking out on pitches he used to square up and hit a mile. I think if he has nothing to worry about except hitting, he’ll be a great DH for a few more years.

I’d love nothing more than to see Manny come back and start bashing the ball like we’re used to seeing. I’ll be the first to say that he and Papi have spoiled me rotten over the past few years and watching them this year, even though their numbers are pretty good, has been a little painful. I’m sure it has been painful for them too. I loved the no hitter last night, but it was so great to see Papi hit a bases clearing double and listen to the fans chant for him.

He definetely seems to have trouble with the heater up in the zone. In the past just as you said he has hit a mile.
Just his presence in the lineup is scary and with the Jays coming to town, they luck out and don’t get to see Manny. Ramirez has hit some rockets off of Toronto pitching.

Oritz seems to be swinging alot better in the last 2 weeks. I’m not worried about him. Oritz will end up with 35 or more homers.

This pitching staff sure is the best around though.

Moss made a catch in the l.f. Just wondering will he be the only Moss in New England that makes a catch????

Yankees lose, Yankees lose, the-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e Yankees lose.

I don’t know if Papi will get to 35 or not. That would be asking a lot at this point. But if he gets close that means he’s going into the post season with a hot bat, which is great.

Nice win today, and productive since the Yankess got their arses handed to them again by the Rays. One day, I’ll figure this stupid game out.

25 games left with a six game lead……means….. if the Sox can go 13-12, which is likely, the Yankees would have to go 19-6 to tie, which is not likely. The have a tough 3 game series with the Mariners starting tomorrow.

With the Sox light schedule, I think 13-12 is worst case scenario. Going week by week, coming up they play vs. Toronto, @ Baltimore (4-3). Then v. Tampa and NY (4-2). @ Toronto @ Tampa (3-3). v. Oakland, v. Minnesota (4-2). That makes 15-10 which is very doable. The Yankees would then have to go 21-4 (.840 baseball). Like I said, the division was wrapped up before the series in the Bronx started. But because they couldn’t take a game, the champagne was just put on ice for a few days. Seattle is due to win a game soon, so 2 out of 3 is possible in NY. If the Sox can win 2 of 3 from Toronto, the division may then be unofficially wrapped up.

You folks have some low expectations. Saying Boston will go 13-12. Come on guys, with this pitching. I say 16-9 or 17-8. 13-12 is barely .500 baseball. If you want the Red Sox to do anything in October, playing better than .500 baseball down the stretch is important. I’ve always said the division is great but I want this team to go very deep into the month of October. That is what this team is built for.

The division is wrapped up, that to me is done. Time for this team to put together a nice winning streak.

One more thing, I am a J.D. Drew basher and I am proud to say that. I was not in favor of him being with the Red Sox.

How about that throw he threw to Cash to gun down a run at the plate. Folks you can’t pick and choose on your bashing. Call it the way you see it. I am, can any of you out there do it??? When you play you a close game like today, there are a few plays out there you have to make and that was one of them.

Hey RSN, I read you’re comments every day but I don’t post often. I can’t believe I missed Buchholz’s no-no! Watching it today brough up a basic question about what constitues a hit, so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. In the top of the fifth inning with two on and one out the O’s hit a grounder to Lugo, who bobbled it but came up the with the out at 2nd. The hitter reached base and no error was charged on the play. Does this mean, then, that a player is not credited for a single if he reaches base but the man on first is forced out at second? In this case the man on second made it to third safely on the play, so the “hit” did advance a runner. Had Lugo thrown to third instead and gotten the force out there, would it also not have been a hit? Thanks for the clarification.



When an infielder fields the ball and makes a force, the batter reaches base on a fielders choice. If the fielder bobbles the ball and doesn’t get an out, then its an error. If the fielder fields the ball cleanly, makes a good throw and gets no one out, then its an infield hit.

its a fielders choice

Brian, I just used 13-12 as a realistic expectation that would make it very difficult for the Yankees to catch the Sox. You’re right, they should do better, but even if they don’t, their chances look pretty good. I think the only way they lose is if they go into a losing 10 of 12 skid and 3 of those are to the Yankees. With their pitching, that is very unlikely. They just went through their worst losing streak of the season.



The Sox right now need to make sure they have the best record in the A.L. Too make sure the road to the World Series goes right thru Fenway. Angels are a very tough team out West, they have the best record at home in the A.L.

In there final 25, I see the Red Sox going 16-9 or 17-8. Dice-K pitching with the extra day’s rest tomm. night and that is a good thing as we know. They should take 2 out of 3 from the Jays. The only series I think the Sox could lose is in Toronto. Every other series they should take. Get there pitching set up for the 1st rd. of the playoffs. Obviously Beckett for game 1 to start.

Brian – I think 17-8 is a little optimistic. I don’t think Francona will kill the Sox looking for a home field advantage. If it happens, it happens. I could see 6-4 in the remaining road games and that would be a good showing. They have tough series with Minn and NY at home and 10-5 would be pretty ambitious. 15-10 would be excellent.

Brian, I like Papelbon a lot. Just wrote an article about him and his family (which includes two twin brothers who are minor leaguers). The Papelbon brothers and their parents are great people. I agree that Papelbon is a tremendous pitcher, and I hope the Sox keep him in the closer’s role for the long term. That said, Clay Buchholz is a more heralded prospect than Papelbon was. With Beckett and Matsuzaka in place for the long term, Buchholz can give the Sox three ace-caliber starters. I agree with what I wrote, or else I would not have written it. Buchholz is the Sox best pitching prospect since Roger Clemens. Papelbon was a highly regarded prospect, as is Jon Lester (I still consider him a prospect since his battle with cancer has understandably delayed his development as a Major League starter). Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden are highly touted, too. And I haven’t mentioned several promising prospects who are at the Single-A and short-season rookie league levels. In my opinion, Buchholz is the best one. I am excited that the Sox have so many pitching prospects that are highly regarded. It is much better to build a rotation from within than to rely on expensive free agent acquisitions.


Garry, I think 15-10 on the low end, and 18-7 on the high end, is likely. The three-game series with the Yankees is the most formidable test left on the schedule. If the Sox continue to beat the teams they are supposed to beat – which I define as winning each series – they will win at least 15 of their remaining games.

I do believe that having the best record in the league is very high on there radar. Of course being healthy is there number 1 goal. If the Angels get home field advantage that will be one tough place to play. We all know how well the Angels play at home. I know the Sox went thru there in 2004, this Angels team is alot better than that team.

I would rather be optimistic than your negative view of 13-12. To me that sounds like you don’t have much faith/confidence in this team.

Papelbon was a heralded prospect as well. Remember back in 2004, you heard alot about Papelbon and how good he is.

You wrote that Bucholtz is the best pitching prospect since Roger Clemens. What was Papelbon when he was coming up thru there system? I believe you would call him a prospect. I am sure you would agree on that, I would hope.

I say Bucholtz is the best pitching prospect since Jonathan Papelbon. Remember when Papelbon came up, we all said he was the best pitching prospect since Roger Clemens. That was very accurate, unless you call Jeff Sellers, Juan Pena ( who had 2 great starts ) Brian Rose, Ken Ryan, Kevin Morton and others that flopped. I know your excited with Bucholtz’s no hitter and who isn’t but don’t lose focus.

Red Sox Rookies are forced to dress in drag for the plane ride on Monday…Check it out, it’s hilarious!

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