Buchholz to the bullpen

From a no-hitter to the bullpen? That is the situation that has unfolded for Clay Buchholz. He will be used out of the bullpen in a structured role. It is all in line with the organization keeping a ceiling on his innings for the season. Don’t rule out Buchholz getting another start this season, particularly when and if the Red Sox clinch the division.

It seems clear the the organizational threshold for Buchholz this season is somewhere around 160 innings. He’s at 140 1/3 right now.

Papelbon in 2005 was on the exact same program. He wound up with 152 2/3 including playoffs. Obviously the Red Sox had left a little wiggle room for the ALCS and World Series that never came, which probably would have put Paps up around 160.

This seems like a good plan for Buchholz going forward. This will give them the perfect testing ground to see how he can do in this role and see if it really is a viable option for October.

This scenario is one in which many of us have sort of been expecting all along, and now it seems to be coming to fruition. We just didn’t expect the no-hitter right before!

At any rate, Buchholz’s adaptation to the bullpen figures to be about the most interesting story to follow between now and the end of the regular season.

For those who like to keep track of such things: Jacoby Ellsbury has two homers at Fenway in the last three days. J.D. Drew has two homers at Fenway all year, and none since April.

Another update: Ellsbury just tripled in the sixth inning and now needs a double for the cycle. The last Red Sox player to hit for the cycle was one John Valentin on June 6, 1996.

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Lets win tonight boys!Thats what its all about!


When and if the Red Sox clinch the division. It is a matter of when, my guess September 23rd at there home from away from home. ( Tropicana Field )

HEy Brian,how ya doin dude?How do you feel about Clay working out of the pen.I feel good about it.

I think Bucholtz coming out of the pen is a good thing. Remember Papelbon back in 2005 came out of the pen as well. Papelbon made a few starts that year but was mostly used out of the pen and he was AWESOME out of the pen that year, especially in the playoffs. ( only 2 playoff games for Papelbon )

I really want the Sox bats to be alive and well tonight. They beat on a very average pitcher last night, not too mention the other rag tag arms they brought in from the pen. Let’s see what they do against one of the best in baseball tonight. They smoked Halladay last time but he was hurting that night. There is some speed in that lineup tonight, the running Red Sox tonight. How many steals tonight folks? I am going with 4.

Good chance dude.Perhaps 2 from Ellbury,one from Lugo and one from Crisp.Thats what I think.By the way,I think having Bucholz in the pen will make a BIG difference for us next time we face the Yankees.I see a great winning formula here.Our offense has stepped up without Manny.I am glad the guys are coming to life.I love what our guys have been doing.

well w/o manny i think they’re 3 & 3/4 so i wouldn’t get too excited considering the pitchers they’ve faced. it will be int to see what they do against a quality starter though. they def need manny to do anything in the playoffs. i am sure of that.

But dude,I totally understand your point.Remember those same pitchers they ebat up on were at one time shutting them down.Its a big step up for us.

I’d rather see them send Bucholz home than send him to the pen. It’s not what he’s used to and not where the Sox can best use him. Like I said before, you can’t make me believe the 21 or 28 innings he might get in 3 or 4 starts over the rest of the year would affect his future that much.

Papelbon, even though he started, was bred as a reliever. It wasn’t such an adjustment for him. This is stupid crazy over protective management of a great asset. He’s a full grown young man, not some 12 year old kid. Let him pitch. This is about winning and entertaining fans. Freakin ridiculous!!!

Well I want Bucholz to keep starting,but who knows.It might work like how Joba is working for the Yanks.


Boston management is right about limiting the innings of such a prized asset.

Limit his innings, this year and grow them next. There’s no need to rush the process and risk injury.

Hey did you like that one inning rally last night?

If you mean the red sox rally than yes.

I totally agree about the Red Sox handling of Bucholtz. It worked out great for Papelbon in 2005. He started 3 games and then after that they put him in the pen. Safe to say that has worked out great.

Jays didn’t quit there gsumner. I think Dice-K’s gas tank is near empty. I could see him missing a start if the Sox can clinch early enough. I watch the Jays and I can’t believe they are at the bottom or near the bottom in alot of offensive categories. Head scratcher for sure. Something tells me they will bounce back, the offense that is.


Why would you want the Red Sox send Bucholtz home? I don’t understand your thinking at all. No reason to burn him out. I totally agree with there handling of him.

When he gets the side in order, you’ll be loving it for sure, just like we all will.

sumner, he’s not a prized asset if he doesn’t pitch. In fact, he’s not an asset at all. I might be more inclined to agree with you if they hadn’t started him twice already. As far as risking injury is concerned, all pitchers do that every time they take the mound. Now that pitchers are working less, there are more injuries and more DL time than there ever has been in baseball history. I’m just not buying that.

By the way, Bucholz had one complete game this year in Portland. If this protection mode is really valid, why would the Sox theoretically jeopardize his career by allowing him to go nine innings and throw 120 pitches? Just because he’s throwing a no hitter? How convenient.


Bucholtz will be pitching out of the bullpen. I could see if the Sox shut him down, I would be very mad but he will come out of the pen. I am guessing that Bucholtz will start alot of innings coming out of the pen. Not many if any times will he come in with runners on. That is a scenario nobody has brought up yet.

brian, I obviously don’t want to see Bucholz go home. I strongly disagree with the way the Sox are handling him. My guess is that if you asked him, he’d tell you the same thing.

He’s thrown about 140 innings. He’s young, strong and he certainly didn’t appear fatigued the other night. I just think this is really stupid.

In fact Brian, here’s what I might be tempted to do. I think I might rest Dice-K, or at the very least, move him back a day and let Bucholz go against Baltimore again this Saturday. Bucholz pitches on six days rest (perfect), Dice-K gets a day off or at least an extra days’ rest (perfect), Beckett gets an extra day or goes on time if you skip Dice-K. Then the Sox have a day off.

We both agree Dice-K could use a break at this point. Why not use the best available alternative to make that happen?

I would hope he would want to start. If he ever said otherwise I would question him for sure. Of course he isn’t going to rock the boat. It worked out for Papelbon back in 2005. I remember people talking when Papelbon went to the pen back in 2005, everybody said it was nuts. Same situation here. I know Papelbon was a closer at Miss. State, but he was a starter in the minors back in 2005.

I wouldn’t disagree about having Dice-K miss a start. It looked like last night he was out of gas quick last night. Location was off, command as well. His ball had nothing on it. A sign of a tired pitcher.

You’re right Brian. They should be watching him close after the fifth inning from here on out.

Man, Halladay has nasty stuff.

Ellsbury ripped that freakin ball!

Halladay is certainly one of the best pitchers in baseball. Imagine if he pitched in Boston or N.Y.? He would be a household name.

Ellsbury is something else. Talking about making an impact these kids. WOW!!!

Ellsbury is amazing!!!!

What I like about this tonight, there doing it against one of the best in the game!!!

as much as i hate to say it, tek batting ( with RISP especially ) is just a waste of time. he looks so lost at the plate the last 2 yrs. its sad really. like i’ve said he was never a GREAT hitter but he used to at least present a threat. anymore i’m surprised they don’t walk more people to get to him.

Haven’t been here for a while(busy with out of town guests) but it’s a slow night tonight. Look out Manny, Jacoby might be coming for your job! That kid is having some debut!

My prediction for the Yankee series was as far off base as you could get, but I’m liking this Sox team more and more now that the kids are here.

Go Sox!

gsm, one time I heard Don Drysdale say that the reason pitchers get hurt all the time now is that they don’t pitch enough innings. The logic escaped me at the time, but he may have known what he was talking about.

I no its way too early to look toward 2008, but what would you do with the OF situation. Ellsbury has obviously shown he needs no more time in the minors. Crisp has played an incredible defensive CF although his bat is lacking.


The kids already thrown 140+ innings this year-which is 40-50% more than he did previously. He’s very young, loaded with potential so limiting him to 160 innings is the right move.

Hey as a Blue Jays fan, I could say run him out there every night until he blows out him arm-needs TJ and is gone for 18 months-like so many young pitchers.

The Blue Jays are doing the same thing with two of our prized young starters McGowan and Marcum, and it’s the right thing to do.

This kid could be your ace for the next 10 years-you don’t need him now.


You got to remember Overbea, Johnson and Zaun are still coming back from injuries and Glaus has continued to play with the same injury that put Giambi on the DL for 2 months. We’ve had more than 800 play days of guys on the DL this year.

We’re not totally healthy yet and won’t be before the end of the year.

But, our team era since the break is the best in baseball at 3.15 and we’re now second to the Sox for team era for the year. And this is without BJ Ryan and limited action from Brandon League.

So we’re going the right direction.

But this year belongs to the Sox. We just want to wack the Yanks and put them out of the playoff-thats all. We play them quite a bit before the end of the year and how we play them will determine how they finish.


Not to rub it in, but we only pay Matt Stairs 850k per year. So tell me again how much you guys pay that drewsome guy.


Arnie, I’d say DD probably knew a little about pitching and not that I’m any expert on the subject, but I would agree with him.

The logic is really pretty simple. The very best way for a pitcher to condition himself to pitch, is to pitch. There are other things you can do to strengthen and stretch muscles and tendons that are used to throw a ball, but there is nothing that truly simulates the violence and stress that occurs when a ball is thrown at full speed. The more you do it, the stronger you get and the more stamina you build.

If you’re a runner, you achieve your best conditioning by running. If you’re a weighlifter, you build strength by lifting weight. I suspect that there is no sport in which doing less somehow makes you better conditioned at what you do. Why should pitching be any different?

Pitchers who have arm problems have them because they try to do more than what they are conditioned to do. The reality is that the worst thing the Sox could have done to Bucholz on Saturday night was to leave him out there to finish that game. He was beyond what he was conditioned to normally do in a situation where he may have been trying harder than he should have been. Wonder if that’s what happened to Curt Schilling in the Oakland game. It was after that game his arm went dead.


Let me ask you a question-who do you think had the b a l l s to yank him when he was throwing a no no?

Back in the day when Drysdale pitched, most teams had a four man rotation and pitched every fourth game. Whenever they played double headers, they would use spot starters.

gsumner, are you kidding me, nobody is going to yank him with a no hitter going, which is exactly my point. Nobody thinks leaving him out there put him in jeopardy, or if they did think that, they were willing to take the risk.

Gsm, makes perfect sense when you think about it like that. Your muscles will only be as strong as they have to be to get the job done. Same with tendons etc. So it makes sense to get ready to pitch 9 innings if that is what you have to do. When I first started working in kitchens I was used to 8 hour days, so the 10-12 hour days in the hot kitchen nearly did me in. I had to adjust fast! Now I’m used to it.

I really like Marcum and McGowan.I recall games where they beat the Yankees.I loved it.The Jays have a good team.I be trying to get it through the thick skull of my yankee fan friend who usually compares Melky Cabrera to Joe Dimaggio and Wang to Johan Santana and etc.He claims the Blue jays **** cuz they dont even play in America.What does that have to do with anything?And Jacoby Ellsbury is lightin things up.Hits and a homer against one of the better pitchers in the American League.Not too shabby.Certainly I can see Ellsbury with loadsa confidence which he deserves to have.

gsumner, is that 850K Canadian? Now THAT’S a rip-off! C’mon don’t be so cheap!


Hey if you go back to the 1800’s guys threw 150+ pitches per game in a 3-4 man rotation. But times change, conditioning is different.

Most starters today are maxed out at 100 pitches per outing and 200 innings per year; anything more than that risks injury because of their conditioning programs.

When the good veterans are paid 15 to 20 mill a year and the young guns get 3-400k; they are the more valuable asset and you need to protect it.

Beckett looks very strong. I would let him try to finish.

You’re right gsumner, conditioning is different. The question is whether or not it’s better. Since pitchers do less and get hurt more, I would say it isn’t better. What do you think?

By the way gsumner, Halladay is a horse. He’s got guts and pitched a good game tonight.

I enjoy watching Halladay go to work.


Yes, Halliday is special, but we have an idiot manager for leaving him out there for 126 pitches. Halliday has already gone 186 innings this year-before tonights game.

Our manager hasn’t got a clue how to manage pitchers. He needs to be fired.

Pitching today is different, it’s all about specialists. Starters are conditioned for one role and relievers another-each is different.

In the old days-there were no relievers so each starter knew he had to finsih what he started regardless of outcome.

The problem starters get into, is when managers overuse them above what their conditioning program is. When they tire is when injuries occur-so in my view most of the injuries to starters happen because of numbskull managers decisions like our guy made tonight.

Imagine, Halliday’s already gone 186 innings this year, and in his previous 3 starts threw 110 to 120 pitches per start.

Only an idiot would leave him out there for 126 pitches in a loosing ballgame.

Great game tonight. The kids are giving the veterans a lift, a psychological boost. Earlier in the year I saw a graphic on TV that the Sox are the 4th oldest team in MLB. These rookies can spell the veterans and let them get a day off now and then. It looks good from where I sit.

Over use your relievers-they’re low cost commodities. Starters are special and mostly priceless.

Great too see the Sox take it to Halladay. They seem to have his number lately.

Youklis with that 8th inning homer, that was a rocket. Nice insurance run for Papelbon to work with. Great to watch the best closer in baseball in a Red Sox uniform. We tend to get on the Sox for alot of there dumb moves ( signing of J.D. Drew ) but remember Epstein drafted Papelbon. Certainly one of the best pitching prospects of recent years in baseball. When he comes in it is over!!!!

Sox go for the sweep tomm. night. Schilling pitched well his last time out on the mound. Let’s hope he can keep the winning streak rolling. Alot of big hits at Fenway in the last few days.

Buchholz is a one game wonder…he’ll get rocked from here on out…and the Sox will be lucky if they get the wild card once the rest of the pen starts the great september sox slide…to the bottom.

It was indeed a very well played game on both sides. And I cant say enough about Beckett´s performance. I think thats what defines a true Ace. He knew he was going against one of the best pitchers in the game, and he also knew his bulpen was a bit short of arms for the night, so he took the ball, went deep into the game and gave his team the best chance to win. I dont know if there is a Cy Young in his near future, but he certanly made me proud and happy tonight.

This 1 game wonder has given this team a HUGE lift. They have won 4 in a row!!! They go for a sweep at Fenway in a 3 game series for the first time since July 3rd thru the July 5th when they swept the D-Rays.

sergio very well put. That is what an ace is supposed to do. He outpitched Halladay tonight!!!

I remember a sweep in the series the Sox played just before these last 4 wins, it was the 28th, 29th & 30th of August…

gsumner, I would argue your 9:51 post. If you protect your starters and they cannot complete a game, then you better have a good, well-cared-for bullpen. Because if the starters are going 6 innings, you are leaving one third of the game to your low-cost, over-used relievers. Sox fans have learned over the years that a shabby bullpen can lose a lot of games. That’s why I love this year’s bullpen so much.

Beckett was made to pitch in a big-time baseball city, you can just tell by his demeanor on the mound and on the bench on days when he’s not starting.

I think the biggest thing which goes overlooked between this year and last year is his K/BB ratio. In 2006 it was 2.14 and in 2007 it is 4.56. It also doesn’t hurt that so far he’s let up only 12 HR’s (vs. last year’s 36).

A lot of people predicted he would “turn the corner” this season and so far, they’ve been 100% right.

Choke on the Wild Card Rich.Joba da Nut will eventually get his share of rockings.


For the most part, you are right about today’s pitchers. However there are exceptions and the two guys pitching tonight are among them. Unlike a lot of pitchers, these guys are in great pitching shape. It’s easy to see. Neither of them hardly broke a sweat. Neither was breathing hard and both still had tremendous drive in their legs.

Watch a guy like Schilling who’s not in good shape. If he has to throw 20 pitches in an inning, he’s huffing and puffing all over the place. The reason he can’t into the 90’s isn’t because of his arm, it’s his legs. He’s out of shape. Same thing has happened to Mussina of the Yankees.

Guys like Beckett and Halladay get stronger as the season goes because they condition themselves to do so. Halladay takes the mound expecting to go nine innings and he could pitch in a four man rotation. If the Jays get to the postseason, he’s the kind of guy that’s going to give you three quality starts in the World Series.

Hey chman712, don’t be too hard on rich. He’s right, the September swoon has begun. The miserable Sox are only 4-0 this month.

The one game wonder is 2-0. Does that make him a two game wonder.

Sweeping a series is a bonus. Winning the series is what’s important. I think the Sox have only lost four or five series all year.

Just remember chman, ignorance is bliss, and rich is living in a world of bliss.

LOl thanks gsm.I totally agree. 4 and 0 is HORRIBLE.The Yankees are gonna miraculously come back and win the AL East!My gosh.I heard Darryl Strawberry and Bernie Williams are coming back too!And Paul O’Neill too and they are gonna surge back.And David Cone!I am scared,really scared!Our one hit wonder with his nasty stuff and 2 – 0 record with a miniscule 1.93 ERA,even a win over the Angels,which is something NEw York Starters dont get too often.Agree gsm?

I wonder how well the Yankees started this month…

I think you RedSux fans are getting too excited. Sure Yankees are having a bad year (by their standard) but they are not out yet. So watch out for them. Here comes your NightMare you freaking so call RedSux Nation

Is there any way to keep Ellsbury in the lineup and Drew on the bench long term? Drew makes every Redsox fan sick to their stomach with his pitiful production and massive salary. Benching him long term is about the only thing we haven’t tried.

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I just wanted to add a few things on a couple of topics.


Don’t forget that when he pitched in Japan, he was in a 7-man rotation, and that their season is at least a month shorter than the MLB regular season. When Hideki Matsui came over from Japan he said the last month of his first season in America was exhausting.

Another factor is travel. You don’t have any 3 time zone road trips to the west coast in Japan. Heck, I’m not sure they even have to cross ONE time zone. Their road games may all be day trips. Not a huge factor, but on top of all the other adjustments, it adds up.


I once heard Jim Kaat make a comment similar to Drysdale’s. I think he said he would go out and throw in the bullpen the same day after he finished a game, and threw a full bullpen session the next day.

That said, there is such a thing as over doing it, no matter what kind of conditioning you’re talking about. If you go to the gym every day and do 15 sets of curls with max weight for 7 to 8 reps, your arms are not going to get stronger, they’re going to get injured. When you exercise, you stress and actually slightly damage the muscles, and your body responds by re-building them slightly stronger each time. Without enough rest in between sessions, your body doesn’t have enough time to do the re-building (unless you’re taking steroids).

The difficulty is that everyone’s body is different, and coaches and trainers have to rely on the feedback they get back from the players. If a player doesn’t want to seem like a whiner or a slacker and keeps pain to himself, the coaching staff can’t take the appropriate actions.

And as far as “the Old Days” go, at least back in the dead ball era, pitchers didn’t throw anywhere near as hard unless there was actually a runner on base, so they could throw a ton more innings without needing relief. And even then they did have relief pitchers, but they were not used nearly as often.

as far as JD i think you’d have to file that under the wishful thinking category. face it folks he’s here for the duration. with that deal he’s as close to untradeable as you’ll ever see and i don’t think they would pay a guy 14mm per year and not play him. i’m sure when manny comes back they’ll continue to platoon kielty and ells occasionaly but that’s about it.

the angels look like they’re gonnna lose today and then they have 4 with the hottest team in b-ball ( cleveland ) this weekend. the sox have a really good opp to get a large gap for home field so i hope they can keep playin well and take adv of it.

I’m not sure you can give up on Drew right now. A few years back the current starting 3B for the Sox was a “throw-in” due to an off year. If you look at Drew’s overall production when he plays then you’d have to consider 07 a fluke. The real surprise is that he hasn’t been on the DL….

If Schilling pitches the way he is capable and the Sox hit the way they’re supposed to, the brooms will be out.

Ellsbury is igniting this team. The other team’s don’t have a book on him yet. They don’t how to pitch to him yet. He’s having a blast out there.

rob, good points on Dice-K. All things considered, I think he’s had a pretty good year. I hadn’t even thought about the travel aspect of things. I think he’ll be much better next year.

I think most pitchers from years gone by agree with Kaat’s and Drysdale’s philosophy. Pitchers stayed in shape by throwing and running, and then throwing and running some more. The condition of your arm was secondary to the condition of your legs and your stamina. It’s a different game today for sure.

I guess we (especially the me of we) have worn this subject out. I’ll just finish by saying that I love to see great athletes do great things. I love complete game shutouts, 20 game winners, 300 strikeout pitchers, 300 career wins, and Curt Schilling’s bloody sock. I just think we’ve lost a lot of that with today’s pitching strategies.

In Japan they travel by train everywhere. The travel over here is alot different. It was a huge adjustment for Dice-K in so many ways. I think he adjusted well for the most part. I am expecting bigger things from him in years to come.


I love reading your stuff when it comes to the athletes of the past. You certainly are old school for sure. Alot of the players even had to work in the off-season back in the day. The reason A-Rod can make 30 million per season is the guys in the past. I think some realize that but not all. Sad but true!!!

Tony LaRussa one of the games best managers and a hall of famer for sure. He is the one that started making it very situational. Of course Captain Hook ( Sparky Anderson ) had alot to do with as well. LaRussa made sure Eckersly got 3 outs for his saves and very rarely did Eck ever enter a game and get 5 outs for his saves. Honeycutt, Nelson and Plunk were the bridge to Eckersly and LaRussa made sure of that. Those teams should have won more than 1 title but that is how it goes sometimes.

Too close that one, the play at the plate. I think Zaun got in there.

I agree Brian, I thought Zaun was safe as well. Tek did not do a good job of blocking the plate. Ellsbury had to throw across his body and couldn’t get much on the throw. Lowell made a good play.

I agree, they definitely need to strip the “C” off of Varitek’s jersey.

I can’t remember the last time he had a big hit.

He is so non-clutch with RISP.


chman – Joba ROCKS!!!

“If that young man is trying to get our attention, he did a very good job,” Francona said.


American League Titles: 39

World Series Titles: 26


American League Titles: 5

World Series Titles: 6

This is good stuff dudes! Come on…we all love baseball!! What would it be without the Yankees & Sox?

The Sox sure have made this season interesting…it’s been a while since Yankee fans have looked ahead at the Sox rather than in the rear view mirror…it’s hurts a lot more when you hold 1st place for most of the season and then drop the World Series – the pressure is on.

Enjoy October!

Who does the “C” go to then zachary? I disagree

Really if you think Tek Doesn’t deserve the “C” then who does?

They dont name a captain on who plays the best but by who leads, yes Varitek hasn’t been hitting well but most cathcers dont besides like the guy before me said who would be the captain

Boston_2004: I think zachary was making fun of our (sometimes) negative friend smckinny, who sometimes implies that tek does not deserve his captain’s jersey, or something like that. Clearly, his defensive work, his leadership, and that home run just there disprove that.
Also–who the **** is Bryan Corey? A callup? Looks old in his pic on Gameday, so I don’t know.

Thanks for backing me up mphamod.

LOL! Perfect timing Zach as Tek goes deep. I don’t think they should strip the “C” from him. I think he’s doing a good job with the pitching staff and is a big reason for Josh Beckett’s turn around.

I think the Sox pretty much have the division wrapped up, but we’re not rid of the Yankees yet. They are pounding Seattle again.

I would not give them the division just yet. My guess is that after tonight it will only be a 6 game lead and will dwindle until Tito stops playing JD and letting Lugo lead off.
Watch what happens they just left the bases loaded with one out and then two K’s. What is up with Youk striking out so much lately?

Why are you so quick to give the sox a loss were winning right now with delcarmen in, and Lugo leads off b/c hes really fast and a good hitter, Youk is just struggling right now it happens to almost everyone at least once a year.

Never mind Delcarmen just let them tie it but we still havent lost the game.

Lugo is not a lead off man. Lead off men have a better average as well as a better OBP.

I have been watching on mlb game day over the internet — and an awful lot of pitches are definitely nicking/intersecting the strike zone and yet being called balls — in fact both the pitches before delcarmen gave up the home run touched the strike zone — is the ump squeezing the strike zone tonite? the umpiring has been really inconsistent all year it seems this year — arrgh.

Look at his BA and OBP for this month not the year, he had that long hit drought, he has been the best hitter this month and why did you say that like you proved me wrong Lugo didnt do anything.

Believe me I would rather you have proved me wrong but it is what it is.

All I am saying is that all they needed JD to do was hit a fly ball and this bum couldn’t do that? If they scored that run this game would have been over.

No I agree he only needed to hit the ball into the outfield and we’d be winning he blew but Lugo has been really good this past month, and yes Youk isnt hitting well but hopefully he’ll come out of it.

Lugo has the lowest average in the lineup tonight and he is leading off?

Ok here we go see if Lugo can do something with two outs.

dgneubert, Delcarmen’s first two pitches to Glaus were not close. Gameday is not a very accurate interpretation of pitch location.

I would not bat Lugo leadoff either. He is a better run producer than he is a leadoff hitter. After last night, I don’t understand why Ellsbury isn’t hitting leadoff.

Hey what a surprise Lugo didn’t come through again?

Why not do what they usually do and have Crisp lead off and Lugo bat 9th.

I agree with qsm52 I would have Ellsbury lead off and let Youk bat second. He does well there.

dgneubert the pitches have to be in the strike zone to be a strike gameday shows them both outside the strikezone. But yes the umps dont seem to be making the right calls this year (how do you not get a homerun right?)

Youk is a good number 2 hitter. He has a little pop and can take the ball to right.

but he hasnt been hitting well lately

apparently you were right we lost, what happened to Okajima his ERA used to be below 1 now its almost 2 and he has been awful at closing out games lately

I don’t think anything has happened to Okajima except that he made one bad pitch to a very good hitter. That stuff happens now and then. It was kind of like that beachball sized changeup Beckett threw to Stairs last night for a three run dinger. Stuff happens.

Again I hate being right. I honestly feel Okajima and Dice K are done for the year. In Japan their season is not as long and these two just don’t have the stamina come Sept. I thank them for what they have done but going forward we need another option.

I cant see what you can (if youre watcing it on tv) i can only see it on gameday

Okajima is overworked — that is why — i give this one to questinable/formula game management — why not let Corey go at least another inning — when he is on, he is usually on, rest of the bullpen is overworked lately, he is fresh, and the Jays have already seen everyone else once (even twice) this series alone.

It sure would be nice for the SOX to pick-up Okajima – he sure has save us all year long.

oh well the division belongs to the sox as long as they dont hit like a 9 game losing streak like the stupid Mariners whose bullpen blew it again.

Like I said I hate being right. By the way in the Lugo’s average for the month of Aug as a lead off is 235 with an OBP of 257?

OK so yeah dont have him lead off but he did well when he wasnt a leadoff (I guess thats why he usually isnt leadoff) but then why did he leadoff today.

Because they signed him for big money to be a leadoff man and they think he has to put him there.

This is also the same reason why JD plays right field all the time as well???

JD really isnt that bad yes he isnt good not nearly as good as he should be but the only thing i dont like about him is he cant even throw the ball to home from right field, thats pathetic.

Bullpen couldn’t hold the lead. Okajima hasn’t pitched well as of late. Perhaps Dice-K and Okajima are getting tired. I think Okajima needs some rest down the stretch. That is why it is important to win and gets these guys who need rest some time off.

They still took the series but I was hoping for a sweep. Time to go to Baltimore and take 3 of 4 from the hapless Orioles. I’m sure big crowds this weekend with Sox fans invading Baltimore. Again the Nation taken over a city.

bosox. once again your optimism is inspiring. ultimately though it comes down to performance. if they take 3 of 4 from balt ( which i doubt ) they’ll be fine otherwise come next week it’ll still be a race. which all things considered is really sad! this thing shoulda been decided long ago.

also. all of you who thought pitching would decide this thing need to wake up . NOBODY has that type of pitching. 3 or 4 teams have very good pitching BUT offense will ultimately det who wins or loses the series.


This race is OVER. Most Yankees fans would say the same exact thing. Whoever thinks this is still a race is on some strong medication.

I do agree the race should have been decided a while ago. Yankees were under .500 for a while. Red Sox have let them hang around.

It will come down to 3 things in the playoffs.

1. Pitching

2. Timely hitting

3. Defense

Those 3 things go hand and hand with the winner year after year. Baseball has changed alot over the years. Pitchers that can’t throw more than 100 pitches among other things that have changed. Those 3 ingredients have remained the same for decades. If the Red Sox do those 3 they will win another World Series. Sounds easy doesn’t it????? NOT!!!!

Smckinny–For once look on the brightside of things. It might help you someday.

@smartpenn: If we don’t use Okajima and Dice-K, then who do you propose we use? Granted he had one bad pitch to Wells and the fact that Wells was just ready to break out of a HR slump, there’s not much else you can do besides not overwork Okajima (which Tito probably has done). However, I think with the options we have in the bullpen, he can take more rest. As for Dice-K, unfortunately, he’s simply going to have to adjust over time in regards to the pitching schedule here. Expect great things from both of them next year (not to say they haven’t been good this year). As long as they get the rest they need, then they’ll be fine.

@bosoxbrian: Sorry man, for once I’m completely siding with smckinny here. We’ll be fine if we win the majority of the series coming to us. For some reason, we let Baltimore hang around when we play them. With that pitching staff, we should tee-off on them but we haven’t. I still think that even with 6 games, there’s a race to be had. Most Yankee fans have not conceded the AL East; I have more friends and acquaintances that are Yankee fans and they feel they’re still in the division race. I’m not worried too much about our pitching and defense, but those timely hits REALLY NEED to start coming up more often now.

Chalk up today’s loss to a few missed pitches and Marcum pitching pretty decently.

As for the pitching match ups against Baltimore, just looking at the stats, as long as Cabrera isn’t wild, then his start and Guthrie’s start will be tough outs. Olson and I think Leicester should be very winnable.

Just my two cents.



Tough loss but the Sox can afford to have those types of games every once in a while. That’s the luxury of a comfortable cushion.

It’s funny because if any other team had a 6-game lead right now, the race would be deemed over. But since it’s Boston and the Yankees are chasing us, it’s not over until it’s over. I’m with Bosox on this one, this bad boy is over, now it’s about home field advantage.

The Sox really need to blow the game open early and let Wakefield cruise through 7-8 innings tonight because our bullpen is hurting. I’m not even sure if Papelbon could pitch tonight (even though he hasn’t thrown that many pitches in his last three straight outings). But I really don’t want to find out, so a laugher would be nice tonight to let everybody rest up.

Anybody know when Gagne will be gracing us with his presence again? Maybe he’s found himself in his time off and will come back to the moudn with the 97 mph heater and devastating change-up.

bosox. you just don’t get my logic. when you constantly expect the worst you’re never disappointed and most times pleasantly surprised. as a result i’m actually a very happy guy!. i do appreciate the pep talk though. seriously. i realize pitching is very imp but if it was simply a matter of that and defense the braves would have won 8 – 10 world series between the early 90’s and 2000’s. and this staff while very good is not close to what they had. the one thing they struggled with is the same thing this team does at times, consistency on offense. and to your point clutch hitting. that’ll be the key IMO. this staff again is very good but you’re not going to hold teams to 1-3 runs every nite in the playoffs.

also bosox. the other thing i was gettin at is except for the yankees the other primary playoff teams ( ana, cleve ) have pitching ALMOST as good as boton so don’t you think it’ll come down to who produces best offensively? they figure to be very evenly matched in terms of pitching.

When do you think the last time the team that really deserved to win the World Series (in other words, was considered the best team in baseball) actually did so?

The Cards last year definitely not, the White Sox probably not either. They had pitching which came together at an opportune time but is not great. The Red Sox in 04 were great but I don’t think you can say that a team 3 outs from being swept is much better than any team in baseball. I reckon it may be the Angels in 02 or maybe even the Yankees in 2000.

zachary. you need to go back and read what i’ve said about tek. i NEVER said he shouldn’t be the “C” of this team. i simply said that despite all the good things he’s done previously his skills offensively have dimenished tremendously and it was obvious his age and grind of catching were catching up with him. look at his numbers the last 2 yrs. i also said it happens to all/most catchers. he is at best an average offensive player these days. and he does off intangible value but at the end of the day intangibles don’t produce runs do they? and as for who get’s the credit for beckett’s imp i’d say that would be farrell. last time i checked tek caught for him last year most of the time. farrell is he only new ingredient. i’m happy to see tek get a big hit. i’d just like to see it a lil more often from a “C”. i’ve said repeatedly that this teams postseaon success ( or failure ) will depend greatly on tek, youk, and drew helping from the middle/back end of the lineup.

Intangible values do produce runs. The only problem is that they cannot be measured like regular statistics. That is why they are intangible.

well the white sox team era in 05 was better than boston’s is right now so i hope you’re wrong about that. let’s face it the yankees at the start of most seasons are considered by MOST experts to be the best although this year MOST were saying boston. towards the end of the year/playoffs i think you could make a pretty good case for boston and chi in 04 and 05.

Is the Red Sox management really so unimagnitive that they are going to play people who are not producing just to save their egos. Some patience is reasonable, but the team should be a meritocracy.

brendan. your right some intangibles do but give me an intangible value that TEK pocesses that produces runs. for ex, speed is an intangible that does but he doesn’t have that.

i’m from the south so i’m not sure what “meritocracy” means but i don’t think it has to do with egos. they’re convinced that it’s the best avail option. right or wrong.


The Braves pitching disappeared in the playoffs, that was there problem. Smoltz was the only one that raised his game to the next level. Glavine a losing record in the playoffs. He pitched 1 great game with the Braves in the playoffs, when he beat Cleveland for the Braves only title during there run. Maddux was basically a .500 pitcher in the playoffs with the Braves, solid e.r.a. but the bottomline is .500. Braves bats were silent during there post-season run as well. Braves were a great pitching staff in the regualar season but the playoffs, that was another story. They underachieved BIGTIME.

They constantly got outplayed in every facet of the game.


I don’t understand your logic at all. Your logic is everything negative, that is how you think. You can’t change it. I’m sure you were one of these guys that actually thought there was a curse on the Red Sox. Negative, just wondering are you related to Dan Shaughnessy? If not, you could be.

Well honestly it’s hard to do that for anyone because I don’t know what goes on in the clubhouse. I see what you mean with the speed as an example. I was thinking more along the lines of a guy who is a great clubhouse guy and really helps people enjoy the game more. Maybe teams can play better because they are enjoying the game more. Or maybe a guy takes the hand around the shoulder or kick up the butt approach to his team mate and helps him play better because of it. Tek’s intangible value is obiously more in preventing runs for the other team (through good guidance of his pitchers and preparation which allows for good pitch selection), than in run production.

bosox. i honestly don’t think i’m negative. i have high expectations and i’m very critical. i prefer brutally honest actually. i will ack that. and i never believed in a curse nor am i related to dan. the only thing i ever believed in is the team that executes best wins usually.

Why has Beckett done better this year?

Because he trusts Varitek. Last year, he would shake him off and throw the fastball. This year he is throwing first pitch curveballs and 3-1 changeups and that is why he has 17 wins and consideration for the Cy Young.

While Farrell deserves some credit, how can you completely discredit Varitek? And how about Schilling’s near no-hitter? He shook off Varitek. Buchholz no-hitter? He listened to everything ‘Tek said.

excellent points on the braves and i don’t want the same thing to happen to this team. schill and beck are the only starters with any playoff pedigree to speak of and this offensive while explosive at times has been wildly inconsistent. if i rem correctly it’s close to 40% of the time they’ve scored 3 runs or less. again except for the yank’s all the playoff contenders have basically equally good pitching. the team that performs best off will win IMO. and this team has prob been the most inconsistent in that area. that’s not being negative just cautious and realistic. they have to get there first though and while i repsect your optimism that the div is locked up i think i’ll take a wait and see after next week approach myself.


I am very glad to here that you are not related to Dan Shaughnessy. A great writer but a very negative person as we all know. He is lifeless and no passion for Shaughnessy.

It is good to be honest but your views are always negative. From what you write, I would think the Red Sox are 15 games out of 1st place and are in total disaray. Very rarely do you ever write anything that is positive about the Red Sox. The sky is falling attitude as someone wrote on this blog about you.

According to you the Sox have never won a series this year. You think they should win at least 100 games. That to me is insane!!!

How many teams in the last 20 years have won more than 100 games???? Not many there.

i didn’t completely discredit tek. but to suggest the reason beckett has imp so much is due to his “trusting” tek to me is. i’ll just say i disagree. if i rem correctly even beck has said farrell was the one who met with him in the offseason and talked to him about the imp of using the offspeed stuff and getting ahead more. look i don’t hate tek. behind the plate he’s still a good asset. it’s at the plate he’s struggled the past two years and all i’m saying is JD isn’t the only one who has struggled to produce in that regard. and i’m certainly not defending him ( JD ). just offering an honest asessment IMO.

Sox offense is a concern for me. They do get alot of guys on base but as we all know they are left on base at the end of the inning. Squandered chances this season, not cashing in.

Wakefield has some playoff experience as well. Don’t count him out.

I am worried about Dice-K and Okajima right now. Those 2 have not pitched well as of late. The season is a little long. Let’s hope the Sox can get things rolling and give some of there guys some much needed rest.

Smckinny – what do you propose as the solution to Varitek if you are not happy with him?

well i don’t have time ( or the desire ) to research 20 yrs but since 2000 10 teams
( NL/AL combined ) have won 100+ so i would guess it’s more than you think. we can agree to disagree on whether i’m negative. like i say i do tend to be critical. and if this team had played anywhere near their potential over the ast 3 mos. they’d still have a 10 game lead and i’d be happily agreeing with you that this thing is over. that’s where my frustration with this group stems from. an old coach told me one time if you’re not getting better every day you’re getting worst. point being when you get content/satisfied you get complacent or lazy. he didn’t make it up i know but it’s always stuck with me as being true.

brendan. they don’t have a better option right now and i never sugg they did. but that doesn’t change the facts. and the fact is that lugo with the year he’s had and despite not getting near as many opp’s with RISP has more rbi’s than tek or drew. and for this team to reach it’s potential that needs to change. or maybe they should let lugo bat 5/6 and move the other 2 down.

Flashing signs behind the plate, I wouldn’t rather have anybody else than Varitek. Ditto for leadership and clubhouse presence. This leads to his batting:

Varitek is probably going to hit around .260 with 15 HR and 70 RBI when it’s all said and done this year. What else do you want from him? When you balance what he brings to the pitching staff with those (more than) respectable numbers at the plate, I tend to think you’re a bit too caught up in Jorge Posada’s monster season and are making unfair comparisons.

I know that you don’t believe in intangibles and team chemistry so it’s tough to convince you of Varitek’s REAL worth to this team. Even though it’s probably been said 100 times, I’ll point to it for the 101st: when Varitek went down last year in August, so did the team. He is the backbone of this team. He might not be the superstar but he is arguably our most irreplacable player, save for Papelbon.

What JB had to change this year is his trust in his other pitches, not only his fastball, when he was pitching from behind. Tek, Tito and all RSN knew that with a 2-0, 2-1 or 3-1 count last year, his was going to throw a big fat juicy fastball. Farrel did sit with JB in the offseason, but he also sat with all the pitching staff cause it’s his job.

I’m sure Tek is like a 2nd pitching coach for a lot a guys in that staff. And when he retires, don’t be surprised to see him in a Sox uniform again, this time as a coach.

* when he IS pitching from behind

Smckinny – if there is no other viable alternative, why give out about his production? I can understand if it’s Lugo and he can be replaced temporarily with Cora, or Drew who can be benched for a couple of games because Kielty is swinging the bat, but really there is nothing that be done with Varitek, wo why complain?
Anyway, I agree with Zachary that his numbers are perfectly acceptable (.260 with 15 HR and 70 RBI is probably at or slightly above average) and given what he brings in terms of working with the pitchers, I think his offensive numbers are even less of a concern.

I’d like to do well against the O’s because I see the Yankees sweeping. They have a crazy record against the Royals.

But, if we take even one game off the Yankees in Fenway, we would have a 5 game lead with 19 other games left to play. It is not inconceivable that they could catch us in those circumstances but it is pretty unlikely.

I’d like to do well against the O’s because I see the Yankees sweeping. They have a crazy record against the Royals.

But, if we take even one game off the Yankees in Fenway, we would have a 5 game lead with 19 other games left to play. It is not inconceivable that they could catch us in those circumstances but it is pretty unlikely.

i understand what you guys are saying i just have a different point of view. if you asked him i’m sure he’d agree that he hasn’t been as productive as he would have liked considering how often he bats with RISP.

well the yanks finish with TB and balt. the sox oak and minn. i hope it’s decided OFFICIALLY by then cause boston definitely has a tougher last 6.

I’m really not worried by Oakland or the Twins. We are playing them at home and neither of them will have anything to play for. Also, the Orioles have played the Yankees very well this year.

somehow i don’t quite think they’ll see it that way. toronto certanly didn’t lay down for them. using that logic there’s really only 1 team left that boston plays that does have anything to play for, NY. i tend to think the opposite is true. teams that arn’t going anywhere tend to take great pleasure in knocking off teams that are because it’s really the only motivation they have left.

smckinny, you are exactly right. No team is going to lie down for the Yankees or the Sox. These guys are professional athletes, they are on TV, and they are playing in front of thousands of people. They won’t do anything to embarass themselves if they can avoid it. Some are also playing for incentives, and even their jobs.

The Jays gave the Sox everything they could handle and the Sox were lucky to escape with the series. The Sox better come to the park prepared to play hard every day, or they will get their collective arses kicked. That’s the way of things in baseball, and why they play the games.

To further illustrate, the Yanks have a winning record against the Sox, but a losing record in the division. Divisional games are tough because they play each other so often. Somehow, that evens the odds a little.

and it is pretty UNLIKELY that they will catch boston but it was also UNLIKELY we’d even be having this conversation 3 mos ago when they trailed by 14 1/2. that’s why you can’t ever afford to get complacent. which IMO is what has happened to this team. granted they’re still in excellent shape but they can’t aford to take anything for granted from here out.


Since 2001 there have been 11 teams that have won 100 or more games in the regular season. Only 2 of those teams have played in the World Series ( 2003-N.Y. Yankees–2004–St. Louis Cardinals ) we all know how those World Series went. So what does it matter if the Red Sox win 100 or more games. Look at it, what do those teams do. They lose in the playoffs!!!

I don’t think you understand what the regular season is all about. It matters what happens in Ocotober!!!! I think you would even agree on that, do you?

The Red Sox have put themselves in a very good position and that is all you can ask for. What happens when the playoffs start, is anyone’s guess.

to answer your question of course i understand what matters is october for those that get there. i would qualify that by saying if you win 100+ games you probably guarantee yourself home field thereby greatly increasing your odds of getting there. obviously you still have to go out and play. it doesn’t matter but on paper this team stacks up very well against all those teams that did it. and i think they should have won prob in the neighborhood of 105 with the pitching they’ve enjoyed. read my post above i said “they are still in excelent shape”. but since you brought it up again are you suggesting that those teams somehow did themselves a disservice by winning 100+? you seem to be sugg that it’s a bad thing to have a really great reg season. i’m not an idiot, i do realize the playoffs are what matters and that winning 100 or more does not guarantee post season success but i also don’t think a great reg season auto means losing in the playoffs. those teams lost in the playoffs because other teams executed better. there’s nothing that say they’re mutually exclusive IMO.

@bosoxbrian: It only sort of doesn’t matter how many games you win (just look to last years Cardinals for that), however, keep in mind that the record does indicate how good the team is. While it’s very true (again the Cardinals) that what happens in the playoffs may be completely opposite of what happened the regular season, but that’s really not the norm.

Again, nobody can get complacent in regards to the Yankees. A 6 game lead is nowhere near enough considering what is left on the schedule for both teams.

Say, if the Yankees clinch the wild card soon and runaway with it, yet are still in second in the AL East, anybody here think they’ll be happy to stay in second? I don’t think so. They’ll be gunning for the Red Sox until it is mathematically impossible for them to win the AL East.

also i never said, or remotely suggested, that winning less than 100 was a failure. i simply said thay had the team/potential to do it and if they didn’t i considered it somewhat of an underachievement for the regular season. doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish the ultimate goal.

Hey guys!! Have been under the weather lately, just waiting for my surgery date. I haven’t been doing much typing but I’m really enjoying your comments!!!
I agree that Jacoby (I guess we can nick name hime Jake or Wheels) is an amazing player. It just seems like he loves the game and can do it all:HIT, CATCH,STEAL BASES!! Just the kind of player we’ve been waiting for.

I think it’s a very good move to put Clay “no-no” Bucholtz in the pen. Our rotation is pretty solid right now and if he’s in the pen, he will still get work, and as we saw in last nights game, we can use some help in the relief area. Anyway..

Thanks for keeping me up on things, I really stay connected reading your comments.

PS. I know they have their own blog now, but I haven’t seen much of Jeff or Vince here lately, wonder why??

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and am glad that I’ve got mlb.com to watch the games, best investment my husband ever made: I get to watch the games and it keeps me out of his hair!!

We’re coming down to real CRUNCH time and we’ve got to keep it together. I know y’all love the REDSOX as much as I do so let’s KEEP IT GOING!!



All the Sox have to do is win series and they will win the division with no problem. I don’t think that is asking for too much, too win the series they remaining. Reading what some write, you would think there is 2 months to go. The Sox have 22 games left. Please do the math and figure it out. Not too difficult, 3rd grade math.

The Sox focus is getting home field advantage thru out the playoffs and getting guys healthy and getting guys rest.


Didn’t I already say that!!!


I love reading your stuff, the sky is falling attitude. The team is doomed and they are lucky to make the playoffs. Have you conceded that they will make the playoffs? Are you drinking the cool aid yet? If you are, it sure tastes good doesn’t it?


If the Red Sox end up with the best record in baseball and they win 95 games, end up with the best record, how in the world is that underachieving? That sky is falling attitude, is that what it is?

I said best record twice ( how dumb ). Above post…..

well i don’t see how “they are still in excellent shape” translates to doomed but that must be a sugar high from the kool-aid. which no i’m not drinking quite yet. i’ll stick to sam adams and grey goose. makes watching games like last nite easier. you’re right. if they WIN all rem series they should be fine for the east don’t know about home field though. unlike you though i just don’t quite put those in the bag with a team thats 8 games over 500 the last 3 mos. they still have to play much better to achieve the ultimate goal/s IMO which are home field and the series.

IF they have the best record with 95 they will have done just enough IMO and nowhere near what they had the potential to do for the REG SEASON. personally i would bet ana and/or cleve win at least that many if not more. i wish i had your confidence but i don’t feel real frisky about having to give the team with the best home record in b-ball ( ana ) that adv.

bosox. can you explain to me why the guy with the worst OBP on the team practically continues to hit leadoff night after night? **** i’d bat JD lead off. he does have a decent OBP even if he can’t drive in a run.

Wake not looking too good to start the game. Let’s hope he gets that “flutter” back in his delivery . Go TIM!!!

I personally would like to see Pedroia, Youklis at the top 2. Lugo hitting 9th, Crisp 8th, get the speed guys down in the order. Lugo seems to hit better at the bottom. Smckinny–I don’t agree with everything the Red Sox do.

Jim Palmer said if the Orioles swept the Red Sox, things would be interesting. Is Palmer on drugs? What is he on?

I asked if Palmer was on something. I think Olsen should be drug tested. This kid is sleeeeeeeeping out there on the mound.

They have Snyder warming up in the bottom of the 4th. I wonder if it’s due to Wake’s ineffectiveness or his back is bothering him, like the announcers are speculating.

I personally wouldn’t be opposed to shelfing Wakefield and letting his back get better for the postseason because we all know who could fill in that #5 spot in the rotation…

Alright I have to watch this on gameday which on my computer is screwing up so how did they just take the lead back.

Alright why is the gameday strikezone gone, is it just my computer or is it gamedays fault.


In the playoffs Wakefield is the #4 starter. Let’s hope he was taken out because of his poor performance but something tells me his back might have tightened on him. Wakefield certainly didn’t look the guy that was pitching before his injury.

Wakefield’s streak ends, no descion tonight.

Hey I just watched the higlight of Lowell’s great play but he said Lowell hasnt made an error scince last year but I saw him make an error earlier this summer.

mphamod::They were talking about Youk.. He’s going for the Redsox record for consecutive games without an error.. initially I thought the exact same thing.As far as announcers go, this guy and Palmer leave a lot to be desired. Palmer should stick with modeling underwear.
>>>> does anyone remember that??? He did the “Jockey Undewear” commercials and print ads for a few years.

OK I couldnt hear him very well thanks and I’m 15 so, no i dont remember that.

Palmer was a very good announcer for A.B.C. back in the day. I think the guy has lost it totally, he is so boring and says alot of foolish things. I think he says stuff just to say something, the team he watches almost on a nightly basis stinks.

I miss the N.E.S.N. guys for sure.

Sox should hammer this Orioles bullpen not only tonight but all weekend.

Hey what happened to the NESN guys I got to see them this summer and they were pretty good, except when they were talking about the new RSN president and Crisp struck out and so when he finished talking he actually said “so what did Coco do”

Ok someone explain to me why JD is playing and Ellsbury isn’t? He certainly doesn’t need a rest.

We usually only get them when we’re at home. That’s a shame.. They don’t “homer” it up whem they announce. There is some partiality to be sure, but in comparison to other team’s annoncing crews Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are really, really good.

N.E.S.N. guys are still around. What do you mean what happened to them?

Remy and Orsillo are very entertaining.

Bucholtz on the hill, I assume all of his relief outings will be to start the inning.

They at least need to get some hourly wage from JD I suppose.
I don’t mind signing some for 17 million a year, but you expect him to produce from day 1.

If I were to go to work for a Fortune 500 company and I have a contract for that amount of money and I don’t produce in the 1st 6 months-year, where is my next step???: OUT THE DOOR!!!

Then why do you miss them? are they not on nesn today

I suppose the same guy made the decision to take out a pitcher who had thrown an inning and a third on 18 pitches and is going to let Bucholtz self destruct on the mound??

Yeah that was a pretty stupid move.

For Gods sake he just walked another guy.

Hey for anyone who likes the Pats but are busy watching the sox game the saints just forced a fumble and scored to tie the game at 7.

@smartpenn: That’s what I was about to say. Why did Snyder get pulled anyway? Isn’t he supposed to be long relief anyway? Heck, he was a spot starter last season.

But somehow, Buchholz just got 2 outs. Lucky break on the ground ball, IMHO, but good job on his part for getting those 2 outs.

whew!! It was ugly but he did get out of it.

How did he not give up even 1 run with bases loaded no outs, I think this guy is gonna be a great starter soon, he could definitely take Schillings place if he leaves that is

@bosoxbrain: You sort of did say that records didn’t count, I was just clarifying and saying that while in a way they do and don’t. In the grand scheme of things, once in the playoffs, a team’s season record means nothing because everybody starts with a clean slate. However, it still can be used as a gauge of how good that team can POSSIBLY be in the playoffs.

Is it just me or is Mirabelli possibly done for the season? I understand Wakefield not being effective; his back is probably not completely healed up and/or he’s got some rust on him. However, Mirabelli come back and gets hurt…not a good sign for any player.

I think the organization needs to look at Francona’s decisions this year at the end of the season regardless of how it turns out. He has made some seriously questionable decisions with this team (pitching and lineup) this year. I know a lot of people have given him the golden handshake as a result of the WS win in 04 but I fear that was just dumb luck.

i am impressed he only let wake give up 6 b-4 pullin him. he’s really crackin the whip! wake is a very eff 5th starter for a 162 game season but nights like tonite are why he scares me 2 death in the post season. he just has nothing else to go to win the knuckle ain’t knucklin.

smartpenn. watch out dude. you’ll be considered way too negative for that kinda talk! kiddin. BTW. i couldn’t agree more. franCOMA got lucky. if it wasn’t for 04 ( and schilling ) he prob woulda been fired already. actually if it wasn’t for schill he prob never woulda never had the job to start with.

When it comes to October baseball the best team as we all know doesn’t win. That is what I was stating there. We all know that anyway.

I could care if Mirabelli is healthy or not. There is no difference between him and Cash. There both a non factor at the plate and they can hanlde the knuckleball. Of course Mirabelli has more experience with Wakefield but Cash has done a good job with Wakefield. I will be very happy when Mirabelli is playing for someone else next year. The guy couldn’t hit .275 in a beer belly league.

Well Buchholz sure made short work of this past inning.🙂

Boston is making this Orioles pen look too good. This pen is like Tampa and the Chi. White Sox. They give up alot of runs.

Sure now he bring in Ellsbury with the game on the line.

Way to go JD you screwed up AGAIN!

J.D. Drew *****!!!!

This guy/girl Drew is nothing but dead weight on this team. He is a deadbeat!!!! When he is up, go to the fridge and get a drink. You already know what is going to happen.

What a grab by Crisp, that might have been a triple. WOW!!!

Brian,please do me a favor very important!

i honestly wish JD would just fake a hammie or s-thing and go on the DL for the rest of the year. anybody got any doubt how this will play out?

This is two games in a row in which all he had to do was hit a fly ball to score a run (most likely a winning run) and he couldn’t even do that. Last night I am convinced that if they scored in the 7th when they had the bases loaded the Blue Jays would have gone quietly into the night and the lead would still be a comfortable 7 instead of a nervous 6??

unfortunatly they are going to keep putting him out there

Brian do me a favor and help me to NOT fling a bat at JD! JD DREWWW!!!!! ALL U NEEDED TO DO WAS HIT A FLIPPIN FLY BALL U FREAKEN IDIOT!!!

Ok this is the 6th pitcher of the game for them and the 5th since the starter went out and we have only scored one run off of them and that was a HR???

Please fling a bat at J.D. Drew. Get the guy/girl hurt.

Crisp should be on the run here, Bradford is slow to the plate. Tek take a few pitches here.

My bad is Baez is on the hill.

I’ll wake up….

Papelbon get loose pal….

Alright Coco now Tek won’t ground into a DP

Good piece of hitting by Varitek. Nice throw Payton, that is why the Sox got rid of you.

The captain delives. Who were the ones who said Tek was washed up and couldn’t swing a bat anymore? Show yourselves. He looked pretty good to me right there.

Who is hotter, this girl who does the Orioles broadcasts or Tina Cervasio?????

I say this girl with the Orioles….Nice glasses!!!!

I will give him credit, for a change he came through. Of course Lugo “a lead of hitter” can’t even bunt a guy to third

Tek looked good there for sure….

Where are his naysayers????

7-6 or 8-6, it makes no difference if Pap is coming in. BTW, where has Gagne been the last 2 weeks? Did he get some mysterious injury unknown to me?

I never put Tek down.Lets go Tek!For some reason I have so many memories with him getting us key hits and I always have this faith in him.

I hope so.
Just a side observation has anyone noticed how Pedroia either goes 4 for 5 or 0 for 5 in a game? He either hits or he doesn’t.

Gagne is hurt. He might be back in the next few days.

Bucholtz will go to 3-0 when Papelbon nails this one down.

I say leave Buchholtz in.

What is Lowell hitting on the road???? .265???? Not much that is for sure!!!

At Fenway he is lethal….

Still better than Lugo or Drew

If he was hitting good on the road,hed win the batting title!

No way leave Clay in. Pap is the hottest closer in baseball right now and was given yesterday off. But the MVP of this game was def. Buchholz. Shut down the Birds for 3 innings after Wake and Snyder were disastrous.

*Not so much Snyder, just Wake.

Good job by Buch with bases loaded no outs and 2 dangerous hitters came up.

I agree Snyder pitched well. Francona should have taken Wake out in the third. He either has it or he doesn’t, and you know early so he should have acted sooner. He never works himself into a game only out. Just the way he is.

Papelbon is just ridiculous. He is very fresh and Francona should be given alot of credit. When he comes in it is good morning, good afternoon and good night.

Lester and Cabrera tomm. night. With those 2 going at it, the game will go on for 4 hours, a walk a thon.

great job by tek. hopefully that will help get him going for the rest of the season. even i didn’t realize he was 10 for his last 50. they def need his bat with JD’s lack of one.

Thanks to the clutch hitting by J.D. Drew tonight. That guy has to be the best clutch hitter of all time.

He must be the least respected guy on that team. He is a freaking JOKE……

Well done guys,well done.

I think all of us will have a good night of sleep after watching that the “one day wonder” (or whatever is that someone called Buchholz a few days ago) had another win left in the tank.

brian, are you kidding. All this time I had all the respect in the world for your posts until tonight. I just don’t understand. Tina has it all over the Blonde Bimbo from Baltimore!!!! 🙂 (Except the glasses, of course)

Nice job picking up Wake tonight. This was a good win, the Sox hung tough. Good team effort.

Drew has been given every opportunity to succeed. I really like him defensively, but he’s killing the offense. It’s a sad night when a left handed hitter can’t get a fly ball off Chad Bradford. The problem is, who’s going to play. After a quick start, Kielty hasn’t shown much. Ellsbury in right. Can he go on the post season roster?

I hope he can.He would make a big difference in the post season.

While this was a good win for the Sox, I still think JD Druseless needs to sit. Management needs a 14 million batboy. The front office needs to stop being pigheaded, admit their mistake and give those at bats to more capable players. Wow, let’s see a .379 slugging percentage, how impressive is that? 68 singles and 65 walks…what an offensive force!! Wow, that means the Sox are only paying him about 105 grand for each walk or single he gets….nice work if you can get it. He makes me sick for even accepting the paycheck…show some good faith for a crappy job and take your salary and but give half of it for this year to charity….at least that gesture alone would show how sincere you MIGHT feel for doing such a pathetic job.

If not,stick JD on the DL and put on Jake.Or just beat JD in the head with a bat to take him out.

mp: On MLB.COM the broadcast (broadcasters) that you get are from the home team. Occasionally on an away game for the Sox, for some reason we’re lucky enough to get Remdawg,Don and Tina.

Bosox: You’re bad. I thought you were the type that liked a girls intellect and baseball knowledge!!!lol

JD Druesless??? That’s really priceless!!! Can I use that one?? Actually, it’s Nancy Drew. One of these days Nancy is going to solve the mystery as to why he CAN’T HIT and can’t be consistent in the outfield!!! I’m really surprised the Boston Media has been as easy on him as they have been. I still say that he has THE prettiest strikeout swing in MLB. You could use that (if you stopped it 3/4 of the way through) for his TOPPS or FLEER baseball card.

@Ellen: We’re winning, that’s why the Boston media hasn’t killed JD Drew. Lucky him, huh?

Not to mention the fact that Lugo’s slump pretty much took all the attention away from him. What’s funny is that Lugo’s RBI total doesn’t make any sense considering his AVG.🙂

Lugo I think will get things going. He has been and along with Coco, they’ve been pestering opposing pitching whenever they’re on base. And they’re getting on base more lately, so that’s a plus.

Back to JD, honestly, I’ve given up trying to defend him. I don’t see any aspect of the touted player he was supposed to be when Theo & Co. brought him in. I don’t know if that hamstring injury he has has been eating at him or what, but if it is, it really is sapping his power. If there isn’t an injury issue, I don’t know what there is. Granted he didn’t play in a baseball rabid town like Boston or NY last season, the LA Dodgers have a pretty strong fan-base. So “getting used to the pressure” isn’t an excuse he can use if he’s going to use one.

Ian, can you explain to us: what’s up JD?

I gotts say I was more impressed with Bucholz tonight. The no-hitter was nice but more lightning in a bottle than anything else. Tonight he went into an unfamiliar situation and really pitched. You won’t find many veterans who can get themselves into a no out bases loaded jam and get out of the inning without giving up a run. Maybe he is going to be something special after all.

As much as we are all dissappointed in JD Drew’s performance, we are not helping our team or him in bashing him so much.

Have you ever worked for a boss, or been on a team (sports or business) where no one had any faith in you, where you felt at odds with most, others actually hoping to see you fail, to prove their own “righteous” view point?

Its really tough, over that of a supportive and encouraging posture, especially when things are dark, more needed then than ever.

Now multiply this times millions of fans thinking and foaming and expecting you to fail? Believe me, these ball players feel this mental pressure.

Now I am not defending them, their agents, and these ridiculous salaries that bring on a lot of this pressure, but I am convinced that we cannot imagine ourselves the weight of trying to come out of slump with millions of fans expecting you to fail.

Personally, there are at least three players on the SOX that I really worry about in the POST season, if they should come up at a critical time or cause an error — and I have decided not to name them anymore… cause it won’t help the team.

We should all remember, that no matter what we think (even if they don’t show it) they are trying their very best (wouldn’t you) — so they must be as well….

Anyway bottom line, what good is all this bashing doing? Multiply times millions? we become part of the problem our players have to overcome — as infuriating as it is, it sure is a good thing that the 40? or so players on the SOX don’t turn on each other the way the fans do…. and I am speaking to myself here too…. I going to try to change for the stretch run and keep the weight of criticism down (though I think Francona and Theo could definitely benefit from me managing the game LOL !!!!)

poor ol JD. theo put him in a position where he’s just not comfortable. he was supposed to make teams unable to pitch around papi and/or manny and he’s just not “that guy”. that said he’s awful. he has to be injured and just afraid to ack it due to the imminent criticism and his track record of being “injury proned”. he’s still hanging back and just flipping the bat at the ball. that’s why he generates no power and makes me think he has an issue with his leg/s. poor theo though you know he’s cussing him as much as we are every time he reads one of these “what was he thinking” articles while JD continues his slide towards .200. i do think drew will bounce back next year and probably in future years as well. he’s never gonna be a 20/100 guy regularly but i would expect youk like numbers from him.


We as bloggers here have ZERO impact on whether J.D. Drew produces or not. We watch the game and we have our observations.

Is J.D. Drew trying his best, I would assume he is. This isn’t little league there dgneubert, these guys are grown men. Fans like yourself amaze me at times. I would love too see J.D. Drew start hitting and producing and try to go the other way, his natual stroke. He keeps on pulling everything, he is not going to turn it around anytime soon.

Let’s cheer him and right wonderful stuff about J.D. Drew, when he reads it he’ll get all pumped up and start producing. You go J.D.!!!!!!


You said there are 3 players that concern you. Who are they??? I would like to know. I hope J.D. Drew is one of them. I am looking forward to your reply.

Maybe Francona will here about all the complaints and wake up and sit this guy. I don’t care how much he is getting paid. Just like in the “Real World” if you don’t produce, you are replaced regardless of price with someone who will. When Manny comes back or even now Ellsbury should be the everyday Right Fielder. I think the same goes for Lugo however the problem with him is that the Sox don’t have someone to take his spot yet.


Like I said earlier, JD has been given every opportunity to perform and succeed. In almost any other profession in the world, he’d be fired for this kind of performance.

That being said, as long as he’s out there, I’m going to pull for him and hope he does well and contributes to the team. Thinking positively, if the Sox do get to the World Series, JD had his best games in interleague play. He might have a great series and turn out to be a hero.

OK brian, rizzo, smckinny, brendan, ellen, smartpenn and everyone else, I know I’m a dreamer.


Someone on here has to be positive about J.D. Drew. A dream for sure!!!

J.D. Drew has been the worst signing of a free agent in all sports of all time.

J.D. Drew this year is 2 for 15 with the bases loaded. How PATHETIC!!!

He should act like Rudy Stein, he should lean into one!!!

bosoxbrian: Against my short-lived reform, here is my worry list (I guarantee its no surpise
(1) JD for hitting (though remember how hot he was the first of the season — if he could hit that way in post season — we can all gleefully wipe tons of eggs of our faces

(2) Lugo — fielding errors and hitting

3) Gagne — blown bull pen opp

— but who would have thought Graffanino? would let a ball go through his legs – like I said — hopefully all three will come through — but the mentality seems weak in these cases for whatever reason right now, my biggest concern is Lugo oddly enough — fielding errors.

I don’t think Drew was a good signing, but I don’t think he’s the worst. Carl Pavano has to be up there someplace. At least Drew has contributed to a few wins, Pavano has been a 40 million dollar black hole.

It’s a tough argument around Pavano vs. Drew… At least the Yankees didn’t have to see Pavano all the time. At least they were able to put someone else in who cared.


Drew hit well for the first 3 weeks of the season. He had the only hit vs Felix Hernandez. He also hit vs Arizona and 2 games vs Baltimore. That has been it from him in 2007.


Pavano got hurt and I wish Drew did because at least he wouldn’t be playing. Drew is a worst signing because he is signed for 70 million as opposed to Pavano for 40 million. Big difference in the $$$$, this just in they both stink.

bosoxbrian — do you really think JD was a worse signing (so far) than Willy Mo? maybe for the money.

How about the worst SOX trade the other direction — signing Cabrerra was one of the best trades in my book, only out-shined by the incredibly unfortunate opposite decision to let him go — boy have we paid for that for that trade-away for three years now !!!!


Drew was a free agent. Willy Mo was a trade, a bad one at that.

They traded for Cabrera back in 2004, all he did was play flawless ( no errors in 14 post-season games ) Why they let him go was a FOOLISH move. He was and still is a very good hitter, he certainly would look great with Boston. I like Lugo though, even though his glove is questionable at times and his baserunning is odd at times. How many times has he been picked off this year? Lugo to a 4 year deal, I question the 4th year on that deal. Lugo should be hitting at the bottom of the order, his numbers are probably better at the bottom. Just a guess there.

Chan Ho Park and J.D. Drew to me are the worst signings of free agents over the last several years.

Must be read with the MasterCard commercial in mind:

Signing for an overpriced ballplayer: 70 million

Approximate cost per rbi that sox are paying JD Drew: $285,000

Nickel for everytime the rightfielder is pulled due to lefties or hammies: too many

Number of times manager tells media that “he looks to be coming out of it”: way too many

Admission from Sox management that they did something stupid, and actually put someone more productive into the lineup: PRICELESS!!


We have said many things about Drew, most of it negative.

Yours is the best when it comes to Drew.


Thanks for the laugh….

Before you make a judgement on the quality of a signing, doesn’t the whole of his contract, or a trading of the player, have to take place before you can really decide? In other words, if Drew hits the numbers on the back of his baseball card over the final four years, I would say he has been a success.

Anyway, he is by nowhere near the worst signing in recent years, even taking a snapshot of now. For example, I would consider Igawa just as bad, if not worse. I don’t know the details but it was something like a $26mm posting fee and $4 or $5 million per year over 5 years. And within 3 or 4 months there was talk of him clearing waivers and being traded to the Padres. Of course, like Drew, Igawa may come around.

Why in God’s name should we fire Francona? He is the best manager Boston has had in the last 15 years. He handles the pressure of the city, is a player’s manager, and doesn’t kill our bullpen like other managers.

He saw that Wake was struggling and pulled him. He made good decision after good decision in tonight’s game, his team has the most wins in the major leagues, he won the World Series in his first year. Stop me when somebody finds something wrong with him.

God forbid you people are Phillies fans and had to stomach two blown 5-run leads in the 8th or later in the span of a week.

Best comment of the night was the one about Lester and Cabrera combining for a 4+ hour game. Take your base.


The Red Sox are stuck with this guy. Another 4 more years!!! The guy is gutless and shows no passion at all, no fire in the belly. He keeps on trying to pull everything for some reason.

Igawa with the posting fee is 46 million. Drew 70 million, do the math, very easy to figure that one out.

The Drew signing was a classic case of a team bidding against themselves. Who else was in the running for Drew? Did another team even offer him a contract?????

Drew is showing no signs of even turning it around. NONE!!!

At least with Igawa they have a chance to get rid of him. Even though in return they might be able to get back 2 J.D. Drew baseball cards but at least they get something.

Thanks, BoSox. I forgot to finish the commercial…”there are some things money can’t buy…for everything else…there’s Cashman and Theo.” Anyways, I don’t think we are being too hard on this guy. If after 5 years…we find that he averages 20hr100rbi…i’ll be the first to eat my words. However, at least the Yankees are proactive with their blunder. No one around here seems to see this collossal Franc-boner on a daily basis. We all know that something would have been done a long time ago if Mike Lowell weren’t having such a great year. Every time Terry leaves JD in a key situation …let’s do that…let’s call it a Franc-boner.

btw…..I would never expect JD to get close to AROD production but considering AROD is the highest paid player, he has been a relatively better bargain…relatively speaking..this year it will only cost the yankees an amount south of $200,000 per AROD rbi…compared to the $285,000 for JD. I am trying to figure out what Theo saw in this guy to outbid the zero other teams that wanted this guy…maybe he fell in love with that beautiful swing..did that give theo goosebumps or something. The sox need to continue to rest JD against lefthanders and now..also righthanders.

What does it matter really if he has a look that says he doesn’t care? I don’t want to see him punching water coolers and throwing stuff, I want to see him hit. And I think over the next couple of years, he will. The math argument is a falacy – Drew is batting .252 with 50 or so RBI’s. Even if he has those very mediocre figures over his next 4 years, that is still more valuable than a pitcher with a 2-3 record and a 6.80 ERA for whom $26 million was spent in a posting fee.

I think we are all hoping that Drew gets his numbers up and becomes a consistent contributer to the sox offense. However, as we get closer and closer to the playoffs, each at bat is so much more important. How does one balance not shattering what could be an already fragile pysche/ego with consistently giving away these opportunities with runners on base? I think JD would understand if francona benched him for the good of the team. JD is a big boy and professional and I don’t see any long term damaging effects as we would need to count on him in future years.

I would like too see a little life out of the guy. You don’t have to throw water coolers around and do all that stuff. To me the guy is a deer in headlights up there. I like when you say he is more valuable than Igawa, I think the batboy is more valuable than Igawa. If your comparing Igawa and Drew, then wow, keep off the sauce please.

One thing for sure Drew is the least respected guy in that clubhouse. I am not in the clubhouse but that is safe to say.

brendan—You have some lofty expectations for your boy Drew there. .252 with 50 OR more R.B.I.’s. He has 2 outfield assists, the guy has been a total disaster!!!!!

Boras also said that he will be hitting alot of balls off the wall. If Drew would at least change his approach and go the other way I wouldn’t be all over him. I keep seeing the same old stuff from this guy!!!! It’s a broken record when talking about this guy!!!

Don’t look now but the 2 headed offensive force known as JD Drugo have a combined 13hrs and 114 rbi. That is about the only way I can put a positive spin on this. Let’s just not mention the combined .245 average and 23 mill salary.

I am comparing Igawa and Drew because the talk was about the worst signings and I am saying Igawa is as bad if not worse. So Drew is not the worst signing.

And I was saying what his stats were to date this year, not what I expect in the future. I am saying even with those mediocre figures, he is a better signing than Igawa. But I also think he will be significantly better next year.

And without wanting to be brutally honest, you have not the first idea who the least respected guy in the clubhouse is, even if you think it is “for sure”.

as for my buddy JD. still say he has some sort of injury and is just playing through it to avoid the cirticism. granted he’s gettin plenty of it for his play but he can chalk that up to a bad year/luck. if he goes on the DL it’ll be “here we go same ol JD”. that’s just a guess but based on his lack of any power whatsoever ( not just HR’s ) i think an educated one. as far as worst signing of all time, i’d say you have to give him a couple of years. right now he’s def top 10 but there have been some bad ones. pavano, wright, albert bell, mo vaughn, mike hampton, on and on. JD never has, nor will be, a 20/100 guy every year. at best he’s a LH youklis IMO. which granted would be a huge imp. oh and GSM. i agree with ya the talent is there it has to surface at some point you would think. particualrly if he’s not injured. he could still get hot and be a factor in the lineup. we know he’ll be playng most of the time. i’m certainly not counting on it but it is possible.

My opinion is that he is the least respected guy in the clubhouse, to be brutally honest with you. Just a hunch obviously. The guy isn’t a gamer. If your a Varitek, Lowell or someone along those lines how can you respect a guy like Drew. Those guys don’t want to leave a game if there bodies are telling them to. Those guys are gamers. Drew leaves a game when he fouls a pitch off of his foot. Does it hurt, for sure. How many times does that happen to guys during the year and they stay in the game? Too many to count but not J.D. Drew, goes into the clubhouse for the night. How PATHETIC!!!

I say Drew’s signing is worse than Igawa just because of the money. Igawa stinks as well and I’m glad the Yankees got ****** into that deal.

zachary. i admire your support of francona. i really do. but you look at this teams pathetic fundamentals ( bunting, base running, etc. ) his in-game decisions. especially with regard to the pitching staff and he is just not very good at all. is he the worst in b-ball? no. is anywhere near the best? **** no. prob not even top 5. he’s a puppet for theo & co. he’ll follow the co line not make any waves about personnel or anything else. that’s why he’s still here. this team has had the 2nd highest payroll in b-ball for the last 2 yrs and a ton of talent. and what do they have to show for it? this year is TBD but IMO they are where they are in spite of him not becasue of him.

There are three managers who are considered favorites for AL Manager of the Year: Mike Scioscia, Eric Wedge, and guess who, Terry Francona.

But you’re right, he’s probably not even in the Top 5.

You have to take into consideration the fact that Tito is managing in Boston. This isn’t the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, he has to toe the line and not rock the boat. Boston wants somebody who’s going to manage his pitchers, produce a winning lineup day in and day out, and win. Francona has done all of these things.

And how about the job he’s done with Papelbon? He looks more dominant in September than I can ever remember him being in his first year and a half as a closer. Credit Francona for that, it’d be easy to run him out there day in and day out but Francona turned to guys like Okajima, Timlin, and even JC Romero in the early part of the season.

I just read some amazing numbers on Boston.com

Hitters are 1 for there last 45 against Papelbon. Talking about domination!!!

Drew goes the other way, it’s about time. That is the approach he should be taken. Stop trying to pull the ball all the time.

akihiro!!! Your MC commercial parody: ABSOULUTELY SPOT ON AND MORE THAN PRICELESS!!!
When this signing occured I was about the only one (there were a FEW others) that was opposed. I didn’t want to see Trot go, but I also looked at Drews stats and didn’t think he was much better than Trot and definitely not worth the multi-millions that we are now on the hook for!! GREAT POST!!!

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