Pregame prank

I have to say, this was one of the slower pre-games of the year. No news, other than Gagne, who is all but set to return to the bullpen on Monday.

The most amusing moment was a pre-game prank. During the earlier hours of the day, a certain former Red Sox player who now plays for the Orioles must have dispatched a clubhouse kid to do some dirty work for him.

Dustin Pedroia wears number 15 for the Red Sox. Kevin Millar wore number 15 for the Red Sox from 2003-2005. So pasted to the top of Pedroia’s locker was a big sticker with red lettering that said "Millar" and also a large color action shot of Millar in full Red Sox uniform. Millar officially signed the picture "The Original One Five".

The ever-feisty Pedroia laughed about it for a few minutes. But a little bit later, he crumpled the sticker and the picture and put them on the ground. Funny stuff.

Never a dull moment with MIllar, is there? How much do we think he slipped the clubhouse kid to go do that deed? $40 or $50?

Anyway, it’s stifling hot and humid in Baltimore.

Ortiz just absolutely launched one to dead center. 2-0 Red Sox in the first. 28 homers and 98 RBIs for Papi and counting. Pencil him in for 35 and about 110.

And I’m taking predictions on Pats-Jets tomorrow.



Hopefully the Pats win big like 35-10 b/c I got Tom Brady on my fantasy team. More realistic however I think the Jets will keep it close but the Patriots pull it out, 24-20.

Good start for the baseball team tonight. Now we need DiceK to throw up some zeros.

First things first. Pats 27, Jets 10. I don’t think the Jets will be close to what they were last year. Look for Maroney to have a good day.

You gotta know that Millar misses playing in Boston as do the rest of the 2004 gang who are no longer in Boston. There was just some magic with that team and they just had a blast.

Dice-K doesn’t seem to have much on the old heater tonight so far.

Yeah, a little positive karma for JD.

Hard to believe he has 26 doubles with all the bashing he gets. I guess he has to get something with only 7 homers.

Jim Palmer is a little bit of a homer, and he should be, but he’s a good, intelligent, and knowledgeable baseball guy and color commentator.

Looks like they are taking BP off of Leicester

Anyone else having to do a double take everytime they say the Baltimore pitcher’s name tonight?

youk bunts they get another run. plus they avoid the DP possibility. not that it mattered but that’s why i say his game mgt ***. tek hitting a ******** .240 w/RISP. they really need to put lugo in his spot and move him down.

Lugo hitting about .270, 280 batting ninth, .200 everywhere else. I say leave him 9th. Easy to monday morning quaterback, go for the big inning, they had Leicester on the ropes, Youk did the right thing swinging away.

When Dice-K walks in runs I want to reach through the TV and strangle him

Dice-K looking bad. When he does throw a strike, the Orioles are falling down they are swinging so hard. This could get ugly.

Yeah rizzo, me too! No excuse for that.

This is a terrible display of major league pitching, and he’s done this more than a few times this year.

Scott Moore grand slam??? He of the 0-13 season?

Belt high fast ball, right down the middle ….. JD Drew could have hit that one out.

If your going to play the Pats, play them early before they start to click.

Jets 23

Pats 20

Dice-K. had his worst start of the season. His next start will be next Friday on 5 days rest. He is going to need that extra rest with the Yankee bats. He is out of gas towards the end of the season. Let’s hope the Sox can bounce back and hammer this BAD Baltimore bullpen.

No way is this game over yet, but the way they squandered a chance in the 3rd may come back to hurt them. Sometimes when a team scores a bunch of runs and opens it up a bit the other team will sleepwalk the rest of the way.

How about now rizzo? Is it over yet?

That one may do it.

Dice really has to miss at least one start. He really need extra rest. If he’s bad now, how will he be in the postseason? Is he suffereing from like a dead arm period or sumting, cuz sumting is not right with him. Next year, he will really need to learn not to strike everybody out, and use more changeups and splits to get more groundballs. Maybe Dice will be able to pull a Josh Beckett and pitch better next year. But honestly, i really do think Dice K needs more rest. If he doent get it, he’s definitely gonna get lit up by the Yankees. 11-4?? Gosh!?!?!

I don’t think he’s tired. His velocity was fine. No pitcher can win who pitches from behind in the count. When ever he has problems, that’s it. I heard so much about all these pitches he has and how he could throw them at any time. He has shown a lack of command of most of his pitches. The only pitch he could throw somewhere close to where he wanted to was that little rolling slider. No curve, no fastball, no changeup = disaster.

This isn’t Japan. He can’t get away with that here.

I guess the Sox have cashed this one in.

@gsm52 and dj992: You hit the nail on the head. His velocity seemed fine (although a few times, I doubted even that), but when he really starts losing command for a little bit, it’s like a house of cards getting hit by a rock: it all come crashing down and crashing down hard.

I honestly feel him and Okajima are just not fit for the MLB season just yet. For Okajima, it might be easier to adjust because we have the luxury of shutting him down for an extended period of time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that seem to be the case anyway lately? So why not just try that with Dice-K?

I have to disagree with Tito:

Tito: “What he did five games ago is basically meaningless, going forward or tonight. It has no bearing on where we’re going.”

Actually, it does because baseball, unlike so many other sports, their individual players (esp. pitchers) love to follow trends. For the past 5 starts, something has been up. So I don’t see how there’s “no bearing” from the past on what has happened recently.

Pitching coach Farrell brought up a good point: Dice-K starts to get too reliant with his fastball when he gets into trouble. However, I differ from his view that Dice-K’s gone away from his breaking stuff. I’d argue, he’s gotten into it too much at times, and as such, when he does get into trouble, he goes to his fastball when he needs a strike, and MLB hitters are just waiting to crank that junk out of the park because he loses control with it. That’s just my two cents, and I will agree with Farrell’s overall assessment of Dice-K right now.

And I agree, where are his change-up and splitter? We barely see them.

Eckersley on NESN’s post-game essentially said the same thing.

Oh and somebody notice this, or is it just me: like Coco, does Big Papi have a mini-fro going on?


Looks like Dice-K’s hit a wall. What was the most innings he ever ptiched in a season in Japan?

Imagine a game with the Yanks with Mussina and Dice K pitching. Might look like a football score. lol

The most innings Dice-k’s ever piched in his career was in 2001:

Season stat column:

15 Wins

15 Losses

3.60 ERA

33 GS

240.3 IP

214 SO

Is this the future?

Well, in his last 5 starts his era has been 9.66. In the last 3 it’s been 13.4 so something is definately wrong.

It’s one thing to have a blow out game-but 4 of the last 5; and the last 3 in a row.

5 days rest doesn’t help-he had that before he pitched against us last time and we (Blue Jays)wacked him for 7 runs in 5.1 innings.

I hope he turns it around, not a good thing to be happening in September. It might be worth while if they let him miss a start.

Hey Youklis next time slide!!! Don’t be afraid to get the uniform dirty. Poor baserunning by Youklis, change the complexion of that inning. He cost his team a run.

First and Second no one out and we can’t even bunt a ball?? Trouble

Like I said Trouble? Now it is tied?

We are making the O’s bullpen look great in this series.

Clutch Coco comes through!! Plus how bout this, JD Drew manufactures a run??? Unbelievable

There is a first for everything. Although it is not over yet.

Oh it’s over, Pap is the closest thing to Game Over Gagne in 03-05.

The Sox desperatly need this game with Kasmir going for TB on Monday and Wake (which one shows up??) going us on Tuesday. Could be ugly in the next couple days.

Cmon, you know about Wake’s dominance against the Rays. You really think he is going to struggle on Tuesday night?

I would still have liked to have a couple of insurance runs/ It is after the 6th inning so Papi won’t do anything.

He does well in the Dome not in Fenway. And he was terrible last time out.

Wow, you are so negative, hard to believe this team is 29 games over

I am not negative just realistic. It is true that Wake pitched very poorly last outing and he has done well in Dome’s?

Plus there is no reason for Baltimore to have been in any of these games. They stink we should be up by 5 or more runs not ONE.

Someone here said that taking 3 of 4 in Baltimore would be nearly impossible. I can’t remember who but it was one of those negative thinkers. Well is has just been done and with 3 weeks to go the lead is still at 5.5

I disagree I think taking 3 or 4 should have been easy with who we had pitching. Although hopefully they will sit Dice K for his next start and let him rest. We just need to take all three from TB so that come next weekend there is no way to catch us. The sooner it is over the better.

To expect a sweep of a 4 game series on the road against anyone is an unrealistic expectation. We were spoiled when we saw it happen in Chicago. Just be happy this team won 3 of 4.

Hey, we are the leaders right now. We don’t need sweeps, all we need is to take series and everything will turn out okay.

As far as me saying it is after the 6th inning and Ortiz won’t hit anything. He hasn’t hit late in the games all year? He only has what one go ahead RBI after the 5 inning all year. Not is not Papi like.

they need to go at least 13/5 maybe 12/6 over the last 18 and they’ll likely lock up home field. their offense though is still a major ? for the playoffs. beckett is their only money pitcher
( starter )right now. they need manny’s bat BAD IMO.

Great weekend for the Sox. They take 3 of 4. Only negative this series was Dice-K. I would have liked to see more runs against the Orioles bullpen but you can’t have everything.

I hope they keep it rolling with Tampa Bay coming into town for 3 games. I expect the Sox to take 2 for sure but I want a sweep!!!

Good to see Okajima get the Orioles in order. He basically had the weekend off and it showed. Today he looked like the Okajima that we have watched all year.

Soxs are apparantly still planning to start Dice-K on Friday vs the Yanks — man this management has more guts/faith than I do — at first I hoped they would start anyone else, Buchholz, Hansack, Tavaris (who has pitched well against the Yanks), but especially Buchholz —

but if I were a poker player (and I am not) I would imagine I would hold my best play until the last moment — chances are high that we will face the Yanks in the playoffs one way or another (if we both get past the first round) — that would be a good time to show them Buchholz (having never faced him) if Dice-K or some other pitcher continues to struggle down the stretch.

Petite always seems to play us tough? Have we ever beat him in the playoffs? Roger hasn’t been so good in the playoffs as a rule, but Wang is coming on strong — the last sweep in NY was scary, SOX can’t seem to score enough runs to win, and it seems like our thought-to-be best pitchers gave up 4 or 5 more runs in all three games (or close to it) — I think the Yanks are going to score 3-5 five runs on average against us —

the offense needs to return the season long favor the pitching has handed them all year, and carry some post seasons games — I can’t see 2 or 3 runs betting the Yanks, Angels, or maybe even Cleveland — maybe the WS though LOL !

Also, call me crazy, but I like Lowell batting after Ortiz better than Manny — I know the Sox would never make the switch, but Ortiz has been hitting a lot more singles and doubles this year than home runs — and Manny hit into a ton of double plans and rally ending outs this year — true he was starting to hit more consistently, but many of those times it was solo hits, fewer in the clutch with men in scoring position. Seems to me Lowell has been the most consistent RBI man this year, and Dustin and Ortiz the most likely to get on — so playing the percentages, I would bat Lowell after Ortiz and hope Manny’s ego can handle it.

We may not have won the game today were it not for Lowell’s clutch hit — we might have lost 2-1 even with Coco’s eight inning clutch hit.

I like Ramirez hitting 3rd and Ortiz 4th. I doubt many out there like that idea. Lowell in the 5th spot is perfect, he has done a great job there.

Maybe have Manny hit after Lowell? So it would be Ortiz, Lowell, and Manny.

Just a thought.


FYI, anybody realize that Scott Kazmir is a free agent after this season?

At least I think he is…

Just ANOTHER thought.🙂



Kazmir is not a free agent at season’s end. I wish he was, he sure would look good pitching for the Red Sox.

i really don’t see what all the concern about dice is. he’s had a few bad outings recently but pitcher’s slump just like hitters do. look at zambrano. even santana has 11 losses this year. his velocity is still there so it’s obviously s-thing mechanical or strategic in nature. he could still wind up with comparable numbers to what beck had last year which would be pretty good. i do hope he snaps out of it soon though.

In 2004 Manny hit third and Ortiz hit fourth. Sounds like a plan. A few bad outings? The problem is when a pitcher slumps he takes the whole team down and we can’t afford that now. I say rest in a start.

Yes Zambrano and Santana are in a slump, and both of their teams are suffering in playoff hunt. The Cubs were leading the Central by a couple of games and now they are a game back. The Twins are done for the year.

even the best go through difficult streches. keep in mind he is a rookie. those teams are struggling for a variety of reasons. one being they don’t have the talent around them
( especially pitching ). they’ve also dealt with more injuries. boston has a better overall staff than both. one pitcher is not gonna make or break a good team. well gagne has tried BUT. i’m not saying it isn’t cause for concern or something to address. but the point is his velocity is still there. he hit 95 the other nite. so it’s not a tired or worn out situation. it’s obviously mechanical or mental. he’s got 5 days b-4 his next start. hopefully they figure it out. they do need him at his best big time for any playoff/series run.

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