Dry sky

I must say, when I left my house at 2:30 p.m. today, there was no way I thought there would be a ballgame tonight. It was positively pouring. But how New England weather can change. Now it is pretty dry and brightening and, by all accounts, there will be baseball tonight.

Manny is making small progress, but these oblique injuries are always tough. The Yankees series this weekend for No. 24? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Kazmir really pitched right through that lineup last night. I guess when you consider there was no Manny and no Ortiz, not a huge surprise.

Wakefield and the Devil Rays. That’s a matchup the Red Sox will take every time. He’s 19-2 against them. The one thing that has clearly helped the record is the domed games at the Trop. But it’s hard to account for all the home success. The Devil Rays have undergone a lot of changes over the years, but Wake just lights up whenever he sees those Tampa uniforms.

Tonight’s lineup:
Ellsbury LF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Youkilis 1B
Crisp CF
Lugo SS
Cash C

Wake SP


I think the reason Wakefield has done well vs Tampa over the years is because they’ve had so many young hitters over the years and they have no clue on how to hit a knuckleball. If they ever did have a good night vs Wakefield they would be running all over the bases. We all know how easy it is to steal a base off of Wakefield. Let’s hope Wakefield continues his domination vs Tampa, they need a bounce back win tonight and have a chance to win this series tomm night.

Last time the Sox faced Sonnanstine was down at Tropicana Field and the Sox roughed him up pretty good. Even the outs were loud against him that night.

Of course it’s been 6 years since 09/11 and the Sox were supposed to play the Devil Rays that night down in St. Pete. Sox were winding down a disappointing season back then.


Well written what you wrote earlier today. Great reading!!!!

gsm. agree with you on tek. he is sill a good catcher, defensively. but your comment about watching pitches is what i’ve noticed the last 2 years. he’s constantly looking for walks or slap hits as opposed to looking to drive the ball. brendan. i don’t think as general rule it’s fair to compare players to other players period. some are just naturally more gifted/better. it is fair to compare them to themselves however and tek is nowere near the player he was even 2 years ago and shows no sign of gettin it back. i hope he does because they really need someone to step up. especially with manny out. i do think the sox would be wise to find someone to platoon him with more the next couple of years and be ready to take over because catchers typically don’t imp w/age.

Where are all the boo-birds for that human piece of garbage JD Drew? Taking a strike right down the middle against this clown with 2 on and 2 out? It’s appalling that he is batting 5th in this lineup. That doesn’t say much about our team or our coach. I say it almost every game… I can’t hate Drew any more than I do now. Maybe the Red Sox would be interested in signing my grandmother for 12-14M and putting her in the 5 spot? She can stand up there and do nothing too.

Ellsbury reaches first. It wasn’t pretty, but he got there. Now, Sonanstine is very slow to the plate. Can anyone explain to me why Francona wouldn’t have Ellsbury running? I don’t understand.

Yankees get out of a bases loaded jam in the first. We’re playing like ****. I don’t think I can take this anymore.

It’s not like the Rays are just tapping the ball off Wake. This is ugly.

get him the F out. this is obviously one of those games he doesn’t have it. he’ll let him give 5/6 though. is snyder hurt?

this is why i hate wake in the playoffs. it’s a constant **** shoot.

This is beyond pitiful. I can’t take it anymore. Adios.

Devil Rays have been playing much better as of late but come on now, remember this is still the Devil Rays.

Drew up there with 2 on and 2 out and he watches it go right by him. I have seen that way too many times this year. Swing the bat Mrs. Drew, it might help.

Where did that fan learn how to catch?

Looking like Willy Mo out there.

J.D. Drew, worth every penny. LOL. We used to get beaten in the cape cod league if we watched a strike like this guy does. We are playing terribly as of late. better wake up & smell the coffee. Sad to say, but what was once a 14 game lead has come down to “we better win ’em all this weekend”.

good one bosox. enjoy your kool-aid and the “4” game lead. i’m hittin the vodka. i can’t watch this sober. gsm. you know a lot more about pitchin obviously than i ever would but i would argue the last 11 innings have just been pitiful at bats. no agression whatsoever at the plate. takin too many right down the gut. rayman. i feel your pain brutha. i recc grey goose. i got the over on 6 or more b-4 he puls him.

Hey Brian, don’t be making fun of Wily Mo. He already has more home runs in Washington than Drew does here, and he has twice as many as Drew on the year.

Kool-aid goes good with the hard stuff smckinny. Pretty sad brand of baseball we are watching. Devil Rays look like the team that is playing for something and the Sox look like the team that is going to lose 90 or more games. I think they have switched uniforms.

I would agree smckinny, no agression at all from the Sox tonight. They just have to chip away at the lead and hope the Sox pitching can hold them down.

Willy Mo is doing well with the Nats but it wasn’t going to work with Boston. His defense stinks no matter where he is though.

Cash is Mirabelli and Mirabelli is Cash. In other words just a automatic out.

When in doubt, leave it up to the kids.

Unless he’s got a pitch he can really drive, Ortiz has to be thinking abougt left field in that situation. That was a horrible at bat.

About a batter or two too late Francona.

I would agree there gsm about Ortiz’s at bat. He should have been looking to go the other way. Obviously his legs are still hurting him.

well b-4 i get too hammered to type. PLEASE GOD keep ellsbury away from magadan at ALL costs. as for WMP had he been here to get the AB’s with all the sitting manny and drew have done lately who knows. i’m pretty sure this team could have used a lil more power from somebody though. oh and franCOMA is, never mind. it’s obvious.


I can see the division slipping away…

you pitch a RH to a LH who is 2nd in the league in HR’s w/FB open with a RH on deck. it’s official for franCOMA is the BEST mgr. the YANKEES have ever had! vodka’s good though.

rayman. if manny can’t play this w-end you would likely be correct. might be anyway.


I think Francona is enjoying that vodka as well. He definetly must be either sleeping or drunk. I didn’t understand that as well. Why pitch to Pena? Get a possible double play ball and your out of the inning. That H.R. by Pena might have put this game out of reach.

Drew ripped that one to left.

Drew should be trying to hit towards left anyway. His swing is better served going that way.

I can’t believe that guy actually went back to his seat after that PATHETIC attempt at trying to catch Coco’s ball. His ticket should be taken away, I noticed he is not with anyone. They probably left. LOL….

Bases loaded, time for 4 runs here.

I think you have to hit for Cash here.

I know nothing. Francona is a genious.

I was thinking the exact same thing gsm, thank God we were wrong.

How about a couple more runs this inning and get Buchholz another W.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am getting an uncomfortable feeling, especially with tonight’s score 8-1, with Dice-K starting Friday night. If he’s not on, he could really energize the Yankees for the entire weekend. If it were up to me, I would sure think about starting Beckett Friday night on 4 days rest, then think about the gang approach for Saturday — Buchholz for a few, Tavarez for a few, perhaps Hansack for a few. This is not a real good time for the starting pitching to come up with a flat tire. I know the Sox magic number to the wild card is only 10, and there should be no way of missing the play-offs given whose left on the schedule (not even counting any wins vs. the Yanks), but we’ve got to come up with a way to get several good starts in a row beyond Beckett and Schill.

Anyone have any other thoughts on this?

With the day off on Thursday, Beckett would be starting right on time if Dice-K gets Friday off. That sets up Schill for Saturday and Wakefield or Bucholz for Sunday. Or with a couple of extra days of rest, you could even bring Dice-K back on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are beating up on the Jays 8-2.

I would have hit for Cash. Sometimes Francona makes the right move.

You do not want Wakefield going against the Yankees. They light him up and his last 2 starts have been HORRIBLE. Obviously Wakefield is still hurting, his next start is in the dome in Toronto. That will help pitching indoors.

Sox need to win this one, the Yankees are crushing Toronto.

nah gsm. that was a bit of good fortune. i was screamin the same thing. varitek ain’t better than many but he’s better than cash and SHOULD be in the game for a chance at a couple of AB’s and not just a pinch sit. bottom line is w/o manny and some imp from others this team can’t score enough runs to beat the yankees. maybe 1 game. pitching can only get ya so far folks and their pitchin ( boston ) ain’t THAT good. it’s good don’t get me wrong. but other than beck ( well and pap ) it ain’t THAT good. w/o manny though they’re ortiz and 8 singles hitters basically. although ells has surprised me pleasantly. ah. back to the goose. i’ll predict 9-8 TB for this one. actually it’ll prob like 8-6 just wanted to amuse myself.

bosox. wake should be out of the rotation for the playoffs period. he’s too big a risk. let the other 4 pitch on 3 days their still better pitchers short term.

I wouldn’t mind to see Dice-K pushed back a day or so.

I assume the Sox are watching Dice-K’s side work. Perhaps he can tame it down a bit. Get that gas tank near full again.

Snyder with 2 outs, do not throw back to back walks. Snyder has really stunk lately.

well assuming they make the playoffs which i’m SERIOUSLY starting to doubt.. i would be worried if the tigers weren’t so bad.

You f’n get two outs and then walk the f’n ball park. This is a major league pitcher?


If Wakefield is healthy I don’t mind seeing him take the mound. Against the Yankees, Wakefield can watch like us. He should be the #4 starter if healthy.

Snyder given free passes here in the 5th. That is why he is nothing but a spot starter or long man in the pen.

Corey I have confidence in him. He has done well since the call up.

Lopez gave back a run, not good.

Un freakin believable!

Snyder shouldn’t see the mound for a long time. Talking about poor pitching. Walking 2 guys after getting the 2 outs. That is DISGUSTING!!!

Joe Magrane takes the fun out of watching baseball. He is such a *****

Right you are Brian, it’s like giving runs away.

Joe Magrane is definetely a fool for sure. Very, very annoying. Magrane gives me a migrane. I am sure I am not alone.

5 innings left. Let’s score at least 1 run each inning and hope bullpen holds the score at 9-5. Go Sox!

Nothing worse than a Magrane Migrane.


Very good, he just says things just to say something. He thinks he is funny and he is far from that.

I am sure he got ridiculed with Magrane and migrane. No doubt.

Time to get the bases loaded again.

Good AB by Youk!

That’s the Youk I know. Your right gsm.

Will Lugo tie it up?

Lugo with a huge hit vs his old mates. I have confidence in him, he seems to come thru when guys are on base.

Well, Cash got a piece of it, good job.

Cash with 3 R.B.I.’s…..

I said earlier he was an automatic out. I’m glad I am eating my words. Good at bats by him.

They’re alive!!!!! They’re showing life!!!!

The strikes Corey is throwing are right down the middle. I don’t like this at all.

Corey is a guy that will be battling for a spot in Fort Meyers next year. Obviously in just a few appearances he has done well. The final month or so last year he did fine. He would be one of the better arms in the Tampa pen.

Right down the middle, he got away with that one, but much better than a walk. Make him swing the bat.

LOL! I stink tonight. Double play. Corey is brilliant! It’s so freaking great to be wrong!

Corey has a little movement with his ball. With all these rag tag arms out there, I am surprised he isn’t pitching in the big leagues with someone. The Nationals, Orioles, White Sox, Devil Rays and a few other teams are desperate in the pen.

Pedroia is my HERO….Nice too see, tie game!!!

Magrane shouldn’t even be allowed to talk about Ted Williams.

Way to go DP!!!!

Hey Brian, I think it’s you and me. Everyone else gave up. Does that mean we’re dedicated, or stupid?

No Ian put up another post. Everyone is there. I’ll see ya there gsm.

Your right about that Magrane talking about Ted Williams. You mean Joe Migrane….

To answer your question gsm—I would say we are dedicated because it is the Rays bullpen. If it was another team, I would say we are stupid.

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