Rude A-Wake-Ning turns into happy ending

So much for Wakefield’s second shaky outing being the big story of the night. The Red Sox come all the way back and turn a possible blowout loss into a blowout win. TGFTDR — Thank God for the Devil Rays.

Ah well, you take what you can get at this stage. Magic number is down to 13. The magical story of Ellsbury continues as he hammers one out of the yard, giving him three homers in the Majors and two in the Minors this season.

And J.D. Drew hits his first Fenway homer since April 22. By the way, Drew now has eight homers on the year and WMP has seven since the trade. But J.D. is taking some great swings now. Maybe he’s at last ready to get it going.

You know  Wakefield is going bad when even the Devil Rays take aim at him. For Wakefield’s entire career, the one constant is that he always beats the Devil Rays. Not this time. For the second start in a row, Wakefield was belted around the park.

He’s so hard to figure out. Before going down with the back injury, Wakefield was as hot as he had been at any time in recent memory. Three starts in a row, no runs allowed. Now he comes back and gets knocked out prior to the fourth inning in two starts in a row.

It is important to try to get Wakefield locked back in before the postseason. He’s the type of guy you need during the exhausting month of October.




Tigers lost that division lead on the final day of the regular season. That couldn’t happen with the Red Sox could it? Only time the Twins lead was the final day when it mattered the most.

Sox are playing with no urgency at all. Perhaps they can call the Patriots and get there cameraman.

bosox. only problem is you still gotta hit it. i think they should put lugo in the 6 spot. he is clutch with MOB. be int to see if they can show a lil heart and come back in this one. IF they do it could be a BIG LIFT. if not. it could have the opp effect. god i hope manny is avail this w-end.

That was a very nicely turned double play. Lugo near the bottom is good, you need his speed down there.

Sox need this game bad!!!!

I don’t understand why Beckett would all of a sudden be the stopper against the Yankees. He has an 8.10 ERA since 2003 againt them and is over 7 career.

Schilling is probably the only bet to perform well against New York on paper. Well, and Tavarez.

Haha, unreal game.

Amen for the Rays bullpen. These guys couldn’t hold a lead in Williamsport during the little league world series.

Drew has a chance to be a hero.

Mike Lowell leading the league in 4 hit games. Give that guy a contract….

A guy named Ballfour in the Rays pen. Is that guy made for the Rays pen or what?

LOL! Good one Brian

That was the only way Drew was going to get on late in the game.

JD hung tough. C’mon, you gotta give credit where credit is due.

How many miles has the pitching coach of the Devil Rays walked this year?

He wears out the grass….


Drew did hang in there. I just have to give him grief. It’s in the blood. He has done a good job tonight…..


Nice too see….

Yankees blowing out the Jays, the Sox need this win…..

The Rays should have Magrane pitch tonight…..

Um, I don’t hear ***** Magrane talking about how this isn’t the same Rays team the Sox saw before. I say that knowing there are still about four hours of baseball left to play.

JD has done a good job all night sustaining rallies. Obviously Lowell has been on base before him everytime but Drew has followed him up with a basehit or walk to keep it rolling.

Huge team win tonight (yes Boston will win), how about some momentum going into the weekend series.


You are 100 % correct about Magrane’s comments…..The guy just open’s his mouth because he gets paid to talk….The guy make no sense at all….I would watch the Rays more but listening to him is really difficult…The other guy Staats is o.k. but Migrane is a FOOL…..

Ellsbury should be running.

I agree gsm…

Nice job by Drew all game. Maybe he’s sort of coming back.

Youk with a triple? Add that in with his inside-the-park HR earlier this season, and there’s no question he can run, hehe.

great job to come back from that. 10 rbi’s from 6-9. i’m tellin ya folks that’s the key to this team. w/manny 1-5 they match up w/anybody.

on a side note they are now sayin the bills guy who was hurt sunday will prob regain full use of his legs and arms. that would be a great story. that was a potential tragedy. now all we need is for gagne to pitch and make this thing really intersting!

Just turned on the gameday. It would appear the Sox are a tad angry over the treatment they received from Kazmir last night. Good to see. Go Sox!

Any bets? Can Gagne get three outs before 7 runs score?

smckinny, that is great news about the Buffalo player. The world needs a great story.

Arnie, you wouldn’t have thought that in the fourth inning when the Sox were trailing 8-1. They looked horrible early on, but showed a lot of resilliance tonight. Good job.

Even though he gave up a run, Gagne seemed to be throwing pretty well tonight. He could be huge in October.

I hope Gagne comes back strong. The guy has so much talent.
But then who will I make fun of?What more can be said about JD? The challenges of being a Sox fan. Where’s Jimmy Piersal(sp) when you need him?

@smckinny: Well Gagne did pitch, and at least he didn’t give up 7 ERs, hehe.

I’m with Arnie; hopefully, Gagne comes back strong and is consistently good down the stretch.

I agree that we need Wakefield pitching well for the postseason, but I’m not at all surprised at his struggles. That is just what you get with a knuckleballer, and TW has been up and down his whole career. He’s a great #4 or 5 starter to have. My bigger concern right now is Dice-K and his apparent stamina problems. He’s hit a wall lately and is giving up huge innings.

I missed the last couple of innings, but did I see this right? JD Drew hit a HR?

Is it true? Is he coming back?

Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell…🙂

@bosoxbrian: In response to the Kazmir FA debate, so he’s added one more year to what he already had or what?

At this point, I’m just curious as to what his contract status is.


I think Kazmir will be a free agent after the 2010 season or 2011. One of those years.

Pitching is somewhat of a minor problem for the Sox. Except for last nights game, the hitting is terrible. Youk is some 50 points down since All-Star break, Drew has been a big disappointment, and Lugo and Veritek are also low on avg. Wake up the bats.

Even in his best shape, I would not have Wakefield pitches against the Yanks which is a very patient team. The scenario would be in a fateful inning, walk, walk, hit, out, hit or walk, hit. I am glad Wake is not in the rotation against Yanks. The Sox has to win tonight and hope Yanks lose. The Yanks is a born again team. If the Yanks has a lead into 7, the game is over.
JD was the sustaining force in last night’s game. Bottom of 5th, 2 on with none out, I prayed “JD please don’t hit into DP”. He worked out a big walk after fouling off some tough pitches.

What you guys think of Brian Corey? He hasn’t given up a run yet.

I would not pitch Gagne with one run lead or tie game. Would you?

Don’t you guys think you ought to wait at least 2 games before proclaiming Drew the comeback story of the year?? He had a good night. A-GOOD-NIGHT. 1 out of what??, 140??

Drew did have a very good at bat last night, drawing a walk. His H.R. was garbage time but he did hit one. I would like too see him come thru of course. I would love to eat my words and I am sure everyone else as well.

I do like Corey. I can see him trying to get one of the spots for the pen next year. He pitched o.k. last year and this year very good.

Gagne has to prove it in a very close game to me. He just came back after missing about 2 weeks. Snyder and Lopez can watch just like us. Snyder last night was HORRIBLE.


Come on now be positive here.

What I like about Drew is he is not trying to pull everything. His natural stroke is going the other way, towards left-center.

with JD you have to celebrate when you can cause you don’t know when the next opp will be! seriously though last nite COULD help him get on a lil role. if he gets hot he could still get to .275/12/60 maybe which wouldn’t be a total disaster and would really be a huge boost for this team. especially if he carries it into the playoffs.

bosox. gotta disagree w/ya on wake for the playoffs. he’s just too risky with 1 pitch. and we know franCOMA won’t pull him until he gives up 5-7. and when your facing the other teams best that’s a big ask. his career no’s w/boston in the p-offs are 3/5 with a 6+ era. beck, schill, dice, and lester for me.

just to clarify. i have no expectation that JD will get to those numbers BUT it wouldn’t take that much for him to do it with 16 left.

AFA kazmir, or anybody else for that matter, i’m pretty sure the rules are you’re eli for arbitration after 4 full yrs and free agency after 6. this is his 3rd full season.

Smckinny – you said in one of your last posts “well assuming they make the playoffs which i’m SERIOUSLY starting to doubt”. Just to make you feel better about things – if Detroit were to go on a ridiculous tear, and won say 13 of their last 16, Boston would need to win just 5 of their final 16 to get to the playoffs. I don’t know why you are still doubting that we are getting to the playoffs.

brendan. i think i also added that “IF detroit weren’t so bad i would really be worried”. i realize that barring s-thing really bizarre they are in the p-offs. but if they wound/wind up blowing the div do you really think it would matter? mentally they’d be toast. blowing a 14 1/2 gm ld. playing ana w/home field. they’d be 1 and done IMO. prob get swept. and i know they were the WC in ’04 but that was a totally diff scenario.

If I was given a preference between Anaheim and Cleveland I would play Anaheim. We have a better record against them and Sabathia and Carmona ruled us earlier on this year. The same cannot be said of Lackey, who has been awful in Fenway. Not saying we should try to get them in the playoffs but I’m just saying it’s not the worst thing in the world if we play them.

I am not worried about the mental aspect. Detroit blew the division on the last day of last year after leading it by a distance, but still progressed two rounds further than the team that caught them.

My preference for pitching rotation at the playoffs:
1. Beckett

2. Schilling

3. Lester

4. Dice-K

brendan, not that it matters but by my count they’re 6/3 against clv and 6/4 against ana. not much diff i just think ana is more dangerous particularly if they have home field. also, lackey wouldn’t nece have to pitch at fenway in a 5 game series. if all goes acc to plan they’ll have to face them for the pennant i just think home field is critical for those two in a 7 game series. the reason you mentioned being part of it. lackey likely would have to pitch at fenway. oh, BTW boston lost the div on the last weekend in ’05. how did that work out? what det did last year was petty amazing but i wouldn’t wanna have to count on it personally.

Yes but NYY also won the division that year. How did that work out for them? Not great either. I can see players home field advantage being a factor but I think players are way too professional to think “I can’t believe we lost the division” and take that with them into the playoffs. The main reason we lost in 05 is because we had a lot of our good pitchers going in the final series of the weekend agaist the Yankees to ensure we got to the post season. No way would Clement have started Game 1 otherwise.

hopefully they get to 98-99 w’s and it’ll be moot. that should win the div and get home field unless ana goes crazy.

Did u guys see the new postseason setup this year? Because there are two games off in between for travel, the person that starts game 1 can start game 4 on exactly 5 days rest. That’s perfect. Kinda crazy, too.

I definitely think it should be Beckett. He’s been the only solid rock in that rotation all season, now that Wake has been down lately. But whose start do you have to bump for him to pitch twice??

Wow!!!! what afreakin’ genius you are Bosox. I still fart on your Mom’s head!!!! LOL!!!!

I think you would bump Wake’s start give him more rest b/c hes been pitching like ****, but i guess Dice-K could use it too.
Amores you have no friends.

The ERA of the probable starters against Yanks is over 5. Need lot of run support.

I fart on Ian’s Mom’s head too. Go Yanks!!!!!

I fart on Ian’s Mom’s head too. Go Yanks!!!!!

Looks like we have another blog troll. It’s always only a matter of time before another one (or the same one under another name) shows up.


amores is sentinel…I am sure you have figured that out…

Let’s hope Lester can pickup where he left off. His last outing was his best of the season. They need a good start from him tonight. Jackson’s last start vs Boston was solid. He got lit up at Fenway on the 4th of July, Jackson gets down on himself quick if things go south on him. Boston should be able to keep the mo going and gain a game on the Yankees tonight. Old man Mussina is on the hill and that is good news for the Red Sox.

Okay, It’s game time…

Bosox: I figured it was one and the same, and one and the same as last year!!!

Maybe the Yanks’ll give one up tonight!!!

******* walks cost you every time!

John Farrell to Lester, “Will you please quit throwing beach balls right down the middle?”

Lester is clueless!

Hey Joe Magrane, how do you put tomorrow behind you?

the way things are shaping up can you say 4 game lead? do the yankees ever lose? even if the Sox win the division by 1 game can they beat the Yankees in 5? That would be a horrible match up for the Sox.

Typical Sox fan, constantly waiting for them to fall apart…

guess what, the Yankees aren’t going to fall apart, the Sox may have to actually beat them this weekend if they want to go to the playoffs. and one game isn’t enough, they need to take 2 of 3 at least, they need to play playoff baseball the rest of the season

Papi strikes back. Sox are being resiliant.

Even when the Rays went up 4-0, was this game ever in question? Granted, Papi just went deep in a big way to make it 4-3 and make it more of a game, there was still no way Boston was going to lose this game.

Nice to see JD getting a lucky bounce, something he hasn’t benefitted from all year.

Zach, I wouldn’t concede the game to the Sox yet. Lester hasn’t been what I’d call razor sharp. If he gets through two or three more innings, I like the Sox’ chances.

What a surprise, Francona pulling Lester this early. This would have been an ideal Bucholz situation.

If the Sox want to take the series vs the Yankees, they better get off to a good start. Falling behind Tampa is one thing if they fall behind N.Y. early, the Yankees will never look back.

Lester was just awful in the 1st inning. I thought he was going to give the Sox 6 solid innings. What was I thinking?

I think Bucholtz will be in later tonight. Perhaps the 7th. Let’s hope Tavarez can hold the Rays down.


The Sox are in the playoffs and that is a GURANTEE. Will they win the divison? Time will tell but I say they do.

I am so glad Clemens is starting on Sunday night. It is old timers night at Fenway, Schilling vs Clemens. Both get wheeled out by a wheelchair and then play bingo between innings.

Pedroia is on again. This kid has to win rookie of the year. Ortiz will not see much to hit here. Jackson is dumb but not that dumb.

Why would Oritz swing at that pitch?

He just belted a 3 run bomb and then the first pitch is outside of the zone, he has Jackson right where he wants him. Not a good approach by Oritz.

Hey smckinny,

Ortiz is on his way for 35 homers. What do you think?

It must be past Larry Vanover’s bed time. There is no way Youklis went around.

You’ve got to be kidding me. That wasn’t even close.

F’n Magrane. He is such an idiot with his stupid comments.

Those guys are looking for a date with the cute little ball girl.

Tek isn’t even close to those pitches. They are in the glove by the time he gets his bat around.

You mean Joe Migrane. That is what he gives everyone that listens to him. The guy is a FOOL….

All you have to do is throw Varitek some fastballs and watch him swing and miss. He has had major problems catching up with the heater. His bat speed has slowed down dramatically.

Tavarez looks sharp tonight. I like what I see from him. Good movement on the fastball tonight.

Tavarez does look pretty good tonight. He cracks me up with the way he directs traffic and tells fielders where to throw the ball. Good or bad, at least he has passion for the game and has fun playing it. You have to love that.

Tavarez has alot of fun out there.

He should be directing traffic when he ends his career.

Glover in the pen, where is Danny Glover? He might do better.

Crisp should be on the run here very soon. I want him on 2nd base. Hinske take a pitch or two.

I agree, Crisp should have been running. Sox do not use their speed.

I would prefer too have seen Crisp steal early in the count but at least he is there. Hinkse looks lost up there.

Lugo to tie?

There making Jackson look way too good.

LOL! Nice play Manny!

I like Pedroia for Rookie of the Year over Young, despite what Migrane has to say. Better BA, more runs scored and amazingly, fewer errors at 2B than Young has in the outfield. Pedroia could win a gold glove too!

Delcarmen needs to get the horseshoe out of his you no where.

Time for the Sox bats to wake up against this pen.

The Sox have hit some bullets right at people tonight.

Tek needs to be ready to turn on the first pitch. If he gets behind, it’s over.

Polanco will get the gold glove at 2b.

Let’s go Varitek, get that bat around.

2-0 and Tek swings at ball 3.

Ah come on we all knew he wouldn’t get a hit.

I agree smartpenn…I was hoping though.

Tek swinging at ball 3 pathetic, all year he looks at strikes and swings at balls. gotta be honest knew it was over when i saw tek.

Come on Drew, take charge….

Stop loafing….

All those games catching over the years and Varitek is on fumes down the stretch. A very slow bat.

Sox should be out of the inning.

Thank you J.D. Drew….

Yeah but he does have one of the worst stances for a hitter I have seen lately.


Why not Okajima?

They need to keep this game a 1 run deficit.

Guys,if the Yankees were to somehow win the division,would that not make sure that the Yanks would face the Angels in round one of the play offs?I thinK i would like that.Angels can knock them off while we can knock off the Indians and I figure we can handle the Angels in the ALCS.Just my thoughts and feeling…

I guess better than Gagne or Timlin.

Time to tee off on the TB bullpen. PLEASE!!!


I like your positive outlook.

I can’t believe we are going to lose 2 of 3 to TB???????//

Not over yet smartpenn.

Only down a run, let’s hope the Sox hold them in the 9th.

I wish Varitek stepped on Joe Migrane’s head. That would be great to watch.

If he did, you surely wouldn’t have to worry about brains being squished out on the field. You’d just pick up the pieces of that empty melon and we wouldn’t have to listen to his nonsense any more.


I totally agree…

Time for Lugo to start it against his old mates….

Lugo better steal or get the hit and run going with Pedroia, we need some action on the bases to mess with Reyes and let Papi be a hero.

Leadoff walks 55 % of the time come around and score.

Let’s hope the percentages go there way.

Do we have Lugo run? I think so!

I can’t believe Pedroia didn’t bunt.


Francona could be sleeping over there tonight….

i’m glad i wasn’t able to watch this debacle. all you TEK fans. look at his LOB stats once again. let me save you the trouble. 6. he ***. i appreciate all he’s done in the past but he is killin THIS team hitting in that spot. put lugo there, anybody. tek is done. period. bosox. ortiz, 35?maybe. but he’ll prob need 40 or more to save this joke. this dude will have won 5 games all year and 2 of them against boston. that is really comical.

I don’t think they give Papi anything to hit.

Oh man…….that ball should have been caught.

Big PAPI back to the heroics!!!!!!!!!!!

Ortiz is my HERO…….



Think positive at times…It might help….

….horrible outfielding, but I’ll take it. Good job by Papi!

UNBELIEVABLE that could have just been the division winning hit.

These fans the last 2 nights couldn’t catch a fly ball to save there life.

That guy had a glove and dropped it.

Is Willy Mo in disguise????

Lowell took Reyes deep for a walk off and now Ortiz….

They took another series…Nice!!!

HUGE WIN!!!! Papi 5, Devil Rays 4


They play 27 outs. You missed a good one….

Just think for one second.

Imagine if you ever thought positive?

What would happen?

The sky is fallen attitude….

We always need someone like you around….

Great ending to an otherwise lackluster night. It’s wonderful to see Papi delivering recently.

Ortiz has 31 now smckinny…

Think positive for once please…

Just once….

Young would have never made that catch. He should have been at least in the area code.

He was closer to Jersey Street. LOL….

Told you this bad boy was in the bag when they were down 4-0.

I’m happy Papi ended it there cuz Youk wasn’t doing anything.

That is a huge win right before the big series with the Yanks. Losing 2 of 3 to lowly Tampa and winning 2 of 3 on a Papi walk-off are like opposite ends of the spectrum.

That gives them much needed momentum into the weekend. Hopefully Toronto can burn out the bullpen of New York tomorrow while Boston rests comfortably.

Forget about 1 of 3 this weekend, they need to TAKE the series for many reasons:

1. Take back some much needed momentum in the Rivalry.

2. Convince themselves and the fans that they can win in a potential ALCS preview vs. the Yanks.

3. To keep the best record in the AL.

and most importantly,

4. To keep those **** Yankees from winning the division

I agree with Bosox, despite the curious route to the ball, Young had no chance had he played it perfectly. The ball was 5-6 rows back

good thing they got papi. wonder what might have happened had he played monday?

I thought the Yankees would take 2 of 3 from Toronto but I didn’t think the Jays would lay down like dogs. That team has mailed it in vs N.Y.

Let’s hope Toronto can show up for 1 game tomm night and wear out that Yankee pen.

Great timing on Papi’s part!!!
What a walk off!!!!


How about that Red Sox bullpen tonight. The best pen in the majors. Without those guys this team would have dropped this one tonight.

Tavarez was GREAT tonight. He didn’t get the win but he deserved it.

Okajima and Papelbon, what can you say about those guys. They have been AWESOME all year.

I wonder what the numbers are as far as series won vs series lost this season?? Ok stat guys, go to it,, crunch your numbers..!!!

Wow, Tavarez came in and just shut down the D-Rays…

And that’s our Big Papi! The one we all know and love!

@smartpenn: I’m not one for that much hyperbole, but I may just agree with ya and say that was the division winning hit.😀

smckinny: Although Teks numbers are by far less than impressive, think about all the games he’s won for us JUST by being BEHIND THE PLATE!! I realize that we need a bat consistantly along with his great pitch calling abilities, but I’ll take him in the line up any day over Nancy Drew.

bosox. bless your heart. glad i can help. no matter what you or i think or say whats gonna happen is gonna happen. they’ve been very fortunate the past 2 nites against one of the 2 or 3 worst teams in b-ball. bottom line is to accomplish a-thing in the p-season this team needs a prod/healthy manny. and tek to hit 9th OR not at all might help also. if they get past this w-end with a 5+ lead i’ll feel better but let’s just see how that works out first.

And boy I feel really bad for you guys who have to listen to the D-Rays broadcast…😦

OK Ellen just for you here are the Sox record in series’ this year (make up games count as 1 game series): 31-12-5, if I am not mistaken.

That is a .698 winning percentage. Not bad at all


We can always count on your gloom and doom thinking.

They smoked them last night, how is that fortunate?

They now have won 4 series in a row, after getting broomed by the Yankees.

@smckinny: We at least get a day off; Yankees with Kennedy face Burnett tomorrow.

Somehow, Burnett was lights out in his last start against NYY and he’s got a good home ERA. So it’s possible we could gain 1/2 a game just by taking the day off.

But I don’t count out that offense Joe Torre’s got over there. Not with A-Rod hitting and essentially carrying the team the way he has.

ellen. you’re entitled to your opinion and i app it. BUT defensive catchers/players are a dime a dozen. **** mirabelli is as good as tek def. he might be better when you look at how he handles wake. bottom line is this team needs prod from the back of the lineup and he leaves more MOB than anybody i can ever rem. i know they don’t have a better option at catcher but franCOMA should look at the numbers and at least move him in the batting order. imagine how many rbi’s pedroia would have in his spot.

Drew has a five-game hitting streak and five hits in his last two games. Perhaps he is starting to produce as most of us thought he would. The Sox will need him in the post-season.

By the way, I wouldn’t disparage Tampa Bay too much. Their offense is exceptional. If they had three dependable starters and a reliable bullpen, they would be a playoff contender. They are in much better shape than the Orioles as a franchise, and they are not far behind Toronto.



Do you ever here the comments coming from current and former players when they speak about Varitek????

Your missing it on Varitek. The guy is a LEADER.

He hurt his knee last year in early August and after that the team went in the tank. Think about it for a minute.

bosox. they needed a walk off HR to beat a guy who was 4 & 14 tonite. that’s not fortunate? how many times u think they can fall b-hind 8-1 and win? it doesn’t matter. if they win 2 of 3 this w-end they’ll be in good shape to win the div which is what i’m worried about. well actually home field is waht i’m MOST worried about but that’s for later.

They won the series didn’t they?

Bullpen was amazing tonight.

Rays went into N.Y. and took 2 of 3 from the Yankees.


They could have won by 10 runs and you would be on here saying they only beat the Devil Rays. That is how you think. The land of the MISERABLE.

I don’t know for sure, but I think Papi has been hitting better since Manny has been out. Mike Lowell has picked up a lot of the slack, but tonight Papi didn’t even have him. Maybe the importance of Manny’s hitting behind Papi is a little overstated. Manny or no Manny, Papi is a heck of a hitter.

Like I’ve said before, I think the past few years have spoiled us, but Papi has very quietly compiled a heck of a season this year.

bosox. leader is an ” intangible”. it doesn’t produce runs. like i said there are prob 20 catchers as good as tek ( def ) out there. some years/some teams thats acceptable. for this one it isn’t IMO. not if they wanna win it all and he’s gonna hit where he does.

I agree with you gsm. We have been spoiled since 2003. Ortiz having game winning hits. His first H.R. with the Sox back in 2003 was a walk off against the Angels in extra innings.

Ramirez they say could be back on Friday, Gordon Edes speculated that today on there website. He took b.p. in the cage today at Fenway. Always a good sign. Ramirez is one of the few hitters that could miss so much time and his first game back drive in 3 runs with 3 hits.


Those catchers you are talking about don’t have those leadership skills. Mirabelli certainly doesn’t.

His bat certainly drags thru the strike zone but he is getting up there. What he does with the pitching staff is GREAT. The guy is another coach out there.

Schilling said he learned early with the Red Sox, you don’t shake off Varitek. That was his quote from 2004.

Of course Schilling shook him off in Oakland and lost his no hitter. Schilling should have listened to himself.

Remember he caught Bucholtz during his no hitter. 3 of them in his career. Nothing to sneeze at smckinny.

bosox. actually what i would have said is what i still say. other than monday they did what they needed to do. it wasn’t pretty but what matters is the result. let’s see how they do this weekend is my only point. MOST teams beat TB in a series. that’s why they are TB. although they do have some imp young players.

Brian, smckinny is one of those people who always sees the glass as being half empty. Almost everything he says is true, and he always qualifies what he says as his own opinion. I’m cool with that. At least he’s a fan, he’s here every night, he doesn’t offend anyone, and he likes Kool-Aid, how bad can he be?

You and I, of course, always think the glass is half full, well almost always.

bosox. this team has plenty of coaches. well in numbers anyway. you just keep keep countin on those 1,2,3-0,1 games though and we’ll see how that works in the p-offs. i hope your right, i really do.

thx gam. i suppose that’s the coach in me. anybody can look at things and think everything is okay. i look at reasons why they wouldn’t be and try to avoid them.

meant gsm. my bad.

Even though Boston didn’t get it done in the 8th inning, by putting men on base they assured that Papi would have a say in the game and get an AB in the 9th inning. I don’t know about all of you, but that’s something I always think about when we are in a close game and losing. Ortiz will finish around .320, 35 HR, 115 RBI.

You can’t stress the importance of Tavarez to this team and that is why he needs to be re-signed for next year to serve in the exact same role. If a pitcher goes down, he can spot start, otherwise he is your long innings guy. Oh yea, God forbid I mention his importance to the team chemistry but I’ll go ahead and do it anyway: he is a character.

My last thought of the night is that I refuse to sit here and read anymore negativity about two great come from behind wins which essentially have saved our home field advantage. I don’t care if we were playing the Yankees, the Devil Rays, the Pirates, or the Bad News Bears, a win is a win is a win is a win.

Well guys,a win is indeed a win.After watching these past two days….I have been seeing the 2004 Red Sox….Now I indeed feel positive about facing the Yankees this time around.I say if we can get a couple on the board early against Pettitte,we can give Dice K something to work with.Dice man has good stuff,he just needs to throw it to the yankees.It seems like he just tries to strike them all out or hes afraid they will hit him hard.IF Dice K was to get rocked,I would say we need to give Dice man a start or two off because he good be a bit tired.Let Buch start one or so.Now game two should be Beck Vs Clemens.That one I know we WILL win,Clemens aint gonna get away throwing that same junk he was throwing last week.Now the third game should be interesting and once again I beleive that the Schill can notch down the win if we can get a couple of runs against Wang early.I guess we will see how things turn out.

In my book, Tavarez was the winning pitcher and Okajima and Papelbon saved the game. More credit should go to Okajima who came on with man in scoring position.
Varitek was hitless last night and left 6 runners on base. Are we witnessing the born again JD – 4 AB with 2 hits and 2 BB?

We shouldn’t put down the Rays too much… They took 2 out of 3 against the Yanks recently without pitching Kazmir. All in all, I think we’ll be fine if we get Manny back and also get a few days of rest for our key banged up guys… Ellsbury, Papi, etc.

It was nice to see Papelbon come in for the ninth last night. No point having him rot on the bench down 1.

chman712. i see you’ve joined the ranks of the evil optimists! just kiddin. i hope your right. it’ll simply be a matter of which boston team shows up offensively. you can pitch well against those guys ( as boston did in NY ) and still give up 4 pretty easy. i do hope manny can play.

Is it just me or does anyone else find it very interesting the FranCOMA hasn’t used Buchholz lately? I wonder if on Friday we get a surprise starter for Dicey-K. I think this would be a great move. Dice K has always gotten hit by the F*&*ing Yankee’s. Additionally, Ellsbury better be batting leadoff and playing LF if Manny isn’t back.


I was thinking about that last night, Bucholtz not being used in a while. Perhaps a start for Bucholtz tomm night or a couple of relief appearances this weekend. I would assume Bucholtz out of the pen, he would be the long guy for the Sox tomm. night if Dice-K. continues to pitch the way he has. Snyder as a long man is out of the question. His luck has ran out. Too many big hits allowed and walking too many guys in key spots. Snyder did well for the most part but his curve is sitting on a platter for these hitters.

Who the **** said you can think bosox. you’re an idiot. I fart on your mom’s head, and Ians head!!!!

amire10, I would like to stick my foot up your **** !

I would like to have seen Bucholz start Friday night and give Dice-K a couple of extra days rest. Dice-K could have come back Monday against Toronto which would also have given Wakefield and extra day.

I have been in Francona’s stuff all year, but I thought he did pretty well last night getting Lester out of there. Of course, an unexpected performance from Julian makes that decision look particularly good.

I would like to see the Sox speedsters run more. There were a couple of times the night before when I though Ellsbury should have been on the move. You get Coco, Lugo or Ellsbury on to lead off an inning, it should be almost automatic.

I agree with you gsm. Last night when Lugo lead off with a walk I thought he should have been running. Of course it worked out, Ortiz going deep into the night. Not an easy spot for Ortiz to hit one out.

Ellsbury had some chances to run, I would think he has the green light when he is on 1b. Perhaps Ellsbury wasn’t getting a good read on the pitcher and decides not too run, that is possible.

I wish Ramirez gets back this weekend, of course tomm night would be nice. He loves hitting against the Yankees in his career.

It doesn’t matter right now what any of us think. The fact remains that we won that series. It might not have been the win that any of us would have written, but I’m sure the ending would have been the same in any Sox fans story. Instead of looking back too critically, we need to focus on the weekend series with our deeply hated rival the Yankee’s. (nothing personal, Vince!) One thing we don’t want or need is a repeat of last years debacle.
I truly think that this years team, though we have some of the same guys in the lineup, is intrinsically different. There is a “team” feeling here now, that was sorely lacking last year. This seasons Sox are starting to look a great deal like the RedSox of ’04, especially with Papi’s walkoff last night.

I know that we are feeling pressure about the Yanks coming in tomorrow night, if that’s so, think about how the team feels; manager, players coaches all included.

All that we as fans can hope for is that the heart of this team is beating very strongly come tomorrow night. Yes, I stil have those rose-colored glasses on… and I’ll keep them on til the day I die.

LET’S GO REDSOX!!! Rest, recuperate, and enjoy the day off because come tomorrow night, the telling of the last chapter of this regular season begins.

forgot to tell this on the blue jays blog bosox, I still fart on your head, and your Mom’s head, and on Ian’s head!!! LOL!!

Well Smc,I think maybe we need to give Dice man a rest.Perhaps let Buch start!Who knows,Yanks never seen him before,so yeah.We can score against Pettitte guaranteed,but the Yanks have never seen Bucholz.Any thoughts on that Kinny?What do you guys think?

Yanks Lose. Angels Lose. 5.5 over yanks. Magic number down to 11. 3 Games over Angels for the Home field.

The loss by the Yankees today was large. It adds a number to that all important loss column and was one of the games the Sox had in hand.

Ellen, you gotta quit using all those big words, like intrinsically. We’re just dumb Red Sox fans. We know baseball, not vocabulary. Actually, you make great points.

Anyone going to the game in Tampa on Saturday the 22nd? I’ll be there, let’s have a cool one.

Ellen, I agree with absolutely everything you said!!! And I just want to add one comment…
I’ve been a Red Sox fan for oh…about 31 years (that would be since the day I was born) and I am so sick and tired of being afraid of the freaking Yankees. You know what? They should be afraid of us!! We have been in first place every day since this season started. They have something to prove, not us. They haven’t won a world series since 2000. They’ve got nothing on us. So, let’s stop focusing on the freaking team from New York, and start focusing on our amazing Boston Red Sox. We are the team to beat!!! I love this team. This team is not a bunch of “idiot” as that ***** Juan Damon stated. This team is a bunch of highly skilled, talented baseball players! I love being a Red Sox fan!!!

chman. all dice needs to do is listen to tek and he’ll be fine, right bosox? seriously though if dices’ velocity was off i’d say yeah he might need a break. but he’s still hitting mid-90’s so i don’t think you wanna mess with his sch right now personally. he already had 1 extra day this week. his problem, like lester, has been location and i don’t know that time off helps that. it’s mechanical. buch IMO, with snyders struggles and tavares being like a box of choc’s as forest gump would say
( meaning you never know what your gonna get ), is more valuable in long relief right now.

gsm: Thanks!! Since you’re going to the 22nd game, any chance you’d be interested in 2 tickets to the 21st game?? I paid 123.00 (55 each and svc chg) for the pair, they are right behind visitor dugout and I’ll take 100. for them. let me know here or you can email me.

Starting Buchholz instead of Dice-K? Buchholz was great in his 2 1/2 major league apperances but unproven. He could get bombed like TB did to Lester the other night.
Let’s hope Dice-K can turn around like Yanks’Mussina did in Toronto.

It was a big loss for Yanks last night. In the worst unlikely scenario, Sox still has 2 1/2 lead as opposed to 1 1/2 uneasy lead.

As smckinny said, all Dice man has to do is listen to Tek and don’t shake him off. Learn it from Schiling. And use more changeup and curves.

chman. they CAN score on/against anybody ( esp if manny plays ) the trick has been having any consistency doin it. all i know is they better be able to put up some runs. the dankees only scored 5 the past 2 games combined and they don’t typically have long stretches like that. the sox have their 3 best going to the hill so we’ll see. i know 1 thing. my TV prob won’t survive another sweep! might be safer to go out tonite and sunday if nece.

For all of those who doubt the importance of Varitek’s play calling abilities, we all know about the infamous shake-off with 2 outs in the 9th and a no-hitter going, but Curt also shook off Varitek for the only run that resulted in the 1-0 loss to the Devil Rays.

Huge series this weekend, should be great baseball and some extracurricular activies as well. Gotta love the Boston-New York rivalry.

I can’t wait for the first time Jobah enters the game for the bullpen, the reaction he gets will rival A-Rod’s after he toured Toronto with a stripper.

Why does it now feel as though the Yankees have the better rotation, and they are a better short series team. That said, the Sox pitichers are inherently better and should be able to turn it around.

It seems so b/c the Yanks is the hottest team since all star break. Yanks has at least 2 dependable starters Pettitte and Wang. 2 rookies Hughes and Kennedy are too shabby either. Also has Jaba Chamberlain and Rievera in the pen.
What’s average ERA for the Sox and Yanks starters since all star break? and bull pen?

zachary. do you honestly think schill, or anyone for that matter, shaking a catcher off effects the end result? you ( or anyone else ) can’t know that. if he threw the pitch tek called for it might have gone out of the park for all we know. and anytime a pitcher loses 1-0 IMO it has nothing to do with him. especially to team like TB with their staff. if a MLB pitcher gives up 3 or less and loses IMO it’s just poor offense, bad luck, or the other guy was better. usually a combo of the first 2.

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