Going for the jugular

By the way, no Manny tonight, and possibly not at all this weekend,though he is making good progress. matter of fact, he put one off the
Coke Bottles in batting practice.

Coco was scratched at the last minute with a sore left hip. Ellsbury will play center.

Now to the series itself:

Back on May 29, when the Red Sox led the Yankees by 14 1/2 games in the American League East, who could possibly have thought this final meeting between the teams would have some meaning?

In actuality, it’s a pleasant surprise because of the way that it’s happened. The Red Sox have played well. The Yankees have been nearly unstoppable. Boston still holds a 5 1/2 game lead in the division, but the teams are still just close enough to keep the intensity burning.

Honestly, everything is more fun when the Yankees and Red Sox are chasing for the same thing. I would guess that in about three weeks, both teams are going to be eyeing a ticket to the American League Championship Series, where they could meet each other for the third time in five years. That would have all the makings of another epic showdown — right up there with ’03 and ’04.

The immediate task for the Red Sox this weekend is to make some type of stand against the Yankees to prove to themselves that they can beat this team in a big game. Last year, the Yankees won every big game between the two. And ever since the Red Sox cleaned up on the Yankees earlier this year, taking five of the first six, New York has owned Boston.

The Red Sox would like to shake that feeling before the postseason. Some real fun pitching matchups in store for the weekend.

Friday: Dice-K vs. Pettite; Dice-K was horrible in his last start but does that instantly make everyong forget how good he was at times earlier this season? This is a cross roads type of start for Matsuzaka’s rookie year. As for Pettitte, he always seems to keep the Yankees close in big games o I wouldn’t expect tonight to be any different.

Saturday: Beckett vs. Wang: Nothing short of the battle for American League Cy Young Award right in everyone’s face. Right now, the edge goes to Beckett. But if the Yankees belt Beckett around like they did last time and Wang hurls another gem, the momentum could shift.

Sunday: Schilling vs. Clemens: Enuf said. A borderline future Hall of Famer against a no questions asked, 100 percent guaranteed Hall of Famer. I know that Schilling doesn’t throw in the mid 90s anymore. But in a big game, you still have to like it when this guy takes the ball. Overall, Schilling has been a better big game pitcher in my opinion than Clemens. Let’s see what happens on Sunday.

My prediction: Red Sox take 2 out of 3, increase the lead to 6 1/2 and basically wrap up the division. The only way the Yankees have a real chance at winning the division is if they sweep.

Tonight’s lineup:

Lugo SS
Pedroia 2B
Oritz DH
Lowell 3B
Youkilis 1B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Kielty LF
Ellsbury CF

Matsuzaka SP




Yes, we need to take this series for our own confidence and momentum, but also because after the SOX, the last 13 games the Yanks play are against Baltimore, Tampa Bay, and Toronto – I could see the Yanks nearly winning out, or going 10-3 easily. It will to be difficult to coast into the title.

The average ERA for the 3 probable starters is virtually the same. The series will boil down to which team has more timely clutch hitting.
The Sox speedsters should run more often. The Sox should learn how to bunt and move runners with 2 on and none out situation. Neither team can afford to have too many LOB.

P.S. All Sox fans, just relax and enjoy the weekend series. In case of the worst possible scenario (it ain’t gonna happen), Sox still has 2 1/2 laed. We will have the division wrapped up just keeping in pace with the Yanks for the remaining games.

i’d be happy to take 2 of 3 but it would be nice for once to see this team put a beat down on the dankees and pretty much wrap this thing up. i do have to differ with Ian on one thing. beckett gave up 4 to the best off team in b-ball in their yard. personally i wouldn’t call that gettin “belted” around. he struggled early but IMO pitched a helluva game. especially with ZERO help offensively.

This is the weekend where the Sox become the unofficial winners of the A.L. East. They take 2 of 3 from the Yankees.

Sox hit alot better at Fenway. Drew even has a 5 game hitting streak. The bullpen is well rested and ready to go.

Time for the Red Sox to payback Chamberlain as well.

Dice-K. will bounce back tonight and give the Red Sox 6 solid innings. Last time the Red Sox faced Pettite at Fenway, they bombarded him during 1 inning and chased him from the game. I expect that tonight as well. Let’s hope Ramirez is in the lineup tonight or this weekend.

007chow. you make a valid point BUT keeping pace with the yankees after this weekend will be a tall order IMO. they def have an easier road. considering they have 6 against balt w/no bedard, TB on the road, and tor at home. this weekend is CRITICAL IMO. 2 of 3 is an absolute must i’d say. at least to maintain a comfort level. boston has to fo to tor and TB and finishes with 6 against minn and oak who both have some pretty decent pitching. their at home but still.

bosox. what’s the over/under on how many men LOB tek has this w-end? i’m going with 16. actually i kind of agree w/you. i think the stars couldn’t be more aligned for them to sweep. assuming they get manny back. their at home, got the three best starters going, and clemens apparently isn’t 100%. if they don’t do it this w-end i don’t know when they ever will. and i really do hope tek hits .500 with 6-8 rbi’s. i know my boi JD will stay hot as well.

Dice man will turn around tonight and pitch a strong 6 innings. Then Bryan Corey, Okajima, and Papelbon pitches in 7, 8, and 9. I will not see Gagne, Snyder, Lopez, or Delcarman in a close game against Yanks. Game 1 goes to SOX.
Is Manny playing? If yes, where do you play Ellsbury?

IF manny plays ells sits i would think. at least as long as petite is in the game. just hope they don’t start kielty for JD now that he SEEMS to be on a LIL streak.

There is no way JD Drew is not starting in RF tonight. Along with his miniature hot streak, he is 6/17 with 2 HR vs. Pettitte.

Although I would love to see Manny play all 3 games of this series, if he takes one more game off tonight to ensure he is back to game form, it won’t be the end of the world. Nothing wrong Jacoby filling in LF to give the lineup a little more speed…although it won’t be easy to run with Pettitte’s dynamite pickoff move.

I actually want to see Gagne in games vs. the Yankees. In 15 AB’s vs. Gagne, the Yankees lineup collectively have 4 hits. Plus it’s time for him to officially become a member of the Red Sox and partake in the rivalry.

Do any Boston fans have their brooms out?

To me, it seems that it is just as likely that we could sweep as it is that we could lose two.

We have hit both Pettite and Wang well in the past, but more often they us shut down pretty good. Seems like we might have to win the first two games with 3-4 runs tops. So both the first two games could could either way.

I give an edge to Schilling over Roger, all things considered at this point in time, and because it is at Fenway, and I can’t believe the SOX can’t muster up a message for Roger.

Guys,tonight I feel that Dice K will bounce back and finally break through against the Yanks.I guess atleast 6 innings with 8 strike outs and only 2 earned runs allowed.I see the score perhaps ending 6 to 3.We can score off Pettitte.I think Beck will bounce back really well.Definitely feel that the Schill will defeat Clemens.Clemens will NOT get away with the junk he was throwing last time.I feel that now,we can possibly take 2 out of 3 or even sweep.We are playing at Fenway.We should have this thing.

no manny means very lil chance of a sweep IMO. chman. i wanna agree with you but this team has a knack for making average ( and despite the fact he should go directly to the hall if he ever reitres that’s all clemens is at this point ) pitchers look like HOF’s. boston is 12 mos pregnant ( overdue in other words ) to put these guys away. hopefully it’s this weekend.

i hope so kinny.i hope so man.

i just don’t get lugo leading off. the ONE thing ( other than stolen bases ) he’s shown this year is a knack for hitting with RISP. why would you not put him at 7,8? tek should be hittin 9th IMO.

Yea.Keilty has been better than Tek.

bosoxbrian. i have harnessed all the positive energy i have available. i’m sure the collective inspirational karma of this site can will this team to victory. well that and some decent hitting combined w/ a good effort by the dice man. i will be watching the game at one of my favorite bars in an effort to potentially spare my beloved TV. if boston gets down early, or big, somebody please throw in a few negative comments for me so i don’t feel left out. anything to do with francona and/or tek will usually suffice. regardless of whether it’s warranted tonite they’re typically good targets.

I think that if they didnt put Manny in the lineup tonight that they are facing a lefty, there is a big chance we will not see him at all during the weekend. Any way I beleive we all would feel great taking 2 out of 3 during the weekend, buy to me the biggest game is tonight, because the Yankees know that if they really want to have a shot at the division, they MUST sweep this series, and by beating them on the first one, it would certanly put some extra presure on them.


I can’t believe you wrote the word positive. Did you have to look it up? LOL….

I’m glad the game is on E.S.P.N. and Erin Andrews ( the hottest female sportscaster ever ) will be on my t.v. tonight. Yankees vs Sox and Erin Andrews, WOW!!!! She was born in Boston oh by the way.

Dissapointed that Manny is not in the lineup but Pettite is going to get hit tonight.

Who goes deep tonight for the Red Sox?

Lowell to have a big series. Hitting at Fenway the guy is lethal.

I think that was a poor descion by Pedroia. Damon was on top of Lugo and I think Damon would have been safe even if Lugo caught it.

Not a bad thing to have A-Rod on at 1b. If 1b is open, why not put him there. Interesting that Dice-K. hit A-Rod again. If he wanted to send a message I would assume he would have hit him with a fastball.

Yankees definetly took notice of that. Jeter had a pitch up and in and A-Rod got hit.

What will Pettite do? Will he do anything?

Yankees squandered that chance. Bases loaded and 1 out and they couldn’t get the ball out of the infield.

Something tells me Dice-K. will settle down and find his groove.

Sox have a little mo and let’s hope the bats are alive in the 1st inning.

Keep it going Sox!! I liked the backward K from Matsu on A-Rod. He stood there for about a minute wondering what happened.

Looking at Ortiz one has to figure that once an athlete stops uses muscle enhancers is it really worth it? His belly is softer than Britney Spears and his breasts are comparable to hers as well. Nice job!!

Dooche K!!!

Shut up Colson u flippin Dankee.

chman go blow a goat

ur just mad cuz ur team is gettin they behinds handed to them.

look at giambi with his steroids.

The Yanks are pathetic this year!! Giambi hasn’t been a player for years. Ortiz must have cycled well for while and then layed off. When he was with the Twins he spent more time on the hoist getting repaired then he did on the field. If you were to line ortitz, giambi and herman munster on a line and told to race…my $$ would be on Herman.

Thank god for the DH or slobs like them wouldn’t have jobs.

bosox. no i hired somebody to look it up for me. i think it might be a good idea 2 bring gagne in! or sumbody.

Yeah!!!!!! CAAAANNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Here come the Yanks Baby!!!!

this team is amazin. the yankees couldn’t have looked any worst an it’s still competitive. i shoulda stayed out longer.

Take care of Papelbon for tomorrow. Whats wrong with Frenchy Le peuw?


Great just great

wow, what a meltdown… what else is there to say? oh well, come back and score some runs

ok its ok,we cant beat the Yankees.

I knew it in the back of my mind.

Well this is over. This is the game that will completely kill us. We lost this one, and i wont be surprised if we get swept. What a meltdown. Its over. cant believe this **** stuff. What a horrible game. No chance to do anything anymore. Our hitters stink, their hitters r great, its over.

Forget this.Forget the Red Sox.Imma go cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Is Frenchy Le Peuw injured?

Unbelievable. How can this happen? What a meltdown. Okajima killed us.

I think in little league they give up six run leads… but a division leader shouldn’t

Watch this, Vizcaino is gonna look like freakin cy young when he faces us.

This is gonna be a yankees classic on the yes network i bet.

that was one of the worst innings i’ve ever lived through… go red sox!!

Oh, now Paps gets outs. Papi, Lowell, and Youk. If we dont score, its over. Think how damaging this is to our team’s psyche.

This was a terrible inning. Biggest collapse in baseball.

i don’t believe in curses or any of that stuff but this team just has no heart. it’s embarassing to be a sox fan after watching this. even if they come back which i doubt seriously. i can’t even blame fracona or tek which really pi$$es me off.

We ****.

Its Papi’s turn to be papi.



they can come back and do the same to the yanks, let’s go fellas

This is not a playoff team.

****!!!!!!!! Papi’s out.

Red Sox **** honestly.Red Sox are garbage we aint winning no World Series,forget it,its over.

4.5 games fellas. 4.5 games. This is unbelieavable.

No world serieis!?!?!?!?! They’re in freakin jeopardy of making the **** playoffs.

No heart on this team at all. ***!!!!!! @$5# this. DAMMIT!!!

Where’s Mang Mang when u really freakin need him?

2 down.

The sox decieved us again. They tricked us. They got away with it.

Red Sox ****.

Well now its over. Three outs. The sox have nutin left. The Massacre 2/

crisp caught stealing… nice

Is there any reason to watch the rest of the stupid game. I mean i know its only one loss, but its such a terrible loss. This breaks the Sox hope.

the season is over for the red sox… they are being completely manhandled by the Yankees. why don’t they at least brawl or something? who can take a beating like this and not at least huck a bat into the ground… at least throw a helmet

Yeay its Gag Job now!!!!!

Yankees are better than us.

Dats cuz they don’t have any heart.

The red sox just freakin ****.

why didn’t franc pull okajima after the 2nd homer? the guy obviously was in the midst of falling apart

How do u come back from a loss like this??? There is no freakin way we can. WHo thinks we’re gonna get swept now?

Somebody explain to me why Okajima was in this game? Somebody please do. I left the TV at the end of the 6th inning to work on a paper and I come back to see this ****?!

He’s done for the season and Red Sox brass should know that. Shut him down for the rest of the season until the playoffs.

And if the Red Sox give up leads like that anymore, they won’t be in the playoffs.

I love what Okajima’s done, but management needs to realize he’s not up for the rigors of the season just yet.

Simply put, I’ve not been this disgusted with Red Sox brass in a long, long time.



O man the Fenways faithful looks aboslutely terrible.


Mariano’s in the bullpen now. This is over. No chance. The red sox have no heart. They stink, they ****, the reek, they’re just terrible. They have never been able to keep the yankees down or just step on the and end it. Its over. The 2007 season is over. This was worse than 2006. I guess the only thing left is to cheer for someone in the NL.

damon has no soul, what he is doing to the sox

Imma go cheer for the MEts!

Tell me, are there any position players on the red sox that are better than the yankees? The only clear ones r amnny and papi. But who else???

Lets go METS! Lets go DBACKS! Lets go whichever sub .500 team is playin in the central!

The only way we can turn around this game is if there’s a miracle against The Sandman.

Otherwise, we’re done.

alvarez1901: Exactly what I was thinking when I read the GameCast and saw 2 HRs back-to-back off of Okajima. He should have been pulled right away. So many times, by being “a player’s manager,” Tito’s made some really stupid decisions.

Go for the jugular indeed but it’s going the other way around.



this is not a good situation

c’mon, tek, walk off

worst sox loss i’ve ever seen

Here’s some much needed optimism: Sox will make the playoffs as the AL East Champions.

Well, one thing, I won’t start screaming it’s over until it’s over.

Nonetheless, this ranks up there with the ’03 ALCS loss in terms of games.

Ian, can you find out what is up with Okajima? Dice-K pitched quite well today minus the middle of the 6th (even then, he got 2 outs). Does management stupidly deny that the Oki-Doki’s running out of gas? Shut him down for a while; we can make do without him if Gagne pitches like he did tonight.



Forget the playoff’s. This year it is only about winning the division. FranCOMA needs to be fired for this disaster? Everyone knew Okajima should have come out after the back to back and Delcarmen should have come in.

Wanna come with me DJ?

Lets go mets

This was the worst case scenario for the Red Sox. The Yankees beat down the Sox and there bullpen. Okajima and Papelbon got smoked out there on the mound.

I didn’t like the idea of Okajima pitching with the Sox ahead by 5 runs. Why not Delcarmen? Papelbon was brought in to get 6 outs? He hasn’t done that all season. When Drew got the leadoff single, why didn’t Varitek bunt? I forgot, the Sox don’t like to bunt. You would like too see Drew on 2nd base with 1 out and then they have 2 chances to bring in the tying run. Crisp is a pinch runner for Lowell and you want Youklis to take a few pitches there and he swings early for once. Not a good approach for Youklis. You wanted Youklis to work the count like he always does and then he can give Crisp a chance to steal a base. Crisp of course got caught stealing and we all knew he was going in that spot.

Bottom line it was the worst Red Sox loss in a long time. There is tomm and what a great pitching matchup it is. The Yankees pen is well rested while the Sox pen is not. Beckett must go deep into the game tomm and give the Sox a chance to win.

We are losing tomorrow.

And Sunday and in the play offs to the Yankees.

I am forced to listen to the GD Yankee announcers and even they though FranCOMA managed this game **** poorly. Bring a lefty in for a lefty?? He just doesn’t know when to do things. I hate admit defeat but I forsee another yankee sweep and a year 9 AL East title for them. Beleive me I am not happy about it.

How in the world did the Yankees lose 2 out of 3 from the Devil Rays.

These Yankees battle you right to the end. We have seen it too many times.

The beauty of baseball is you go right back tomm and go at it again. Can’t feel sorry for yourself too long.

zachary. are you. never mind. this team just doesn’t have what it takes. ya’ll enjoy the rest of the season. i’m done with it. thank god for football. go steelers!

I can’t even think of a more devastating loss during the regular season for the Red Sox.

In 2003 when Boone hit the homer off of Wakefield, there was no tomm. The finality of it was just awful. That loss put made my stomach turn and gave me an empty feeling.

This one here, there is tomm.

They scored 6 runs in 5 to 10 minutes. As if I was watching a video game. That ball Abreu hit off of Papelbon was smoked. I think Papelbon threw him a cutter. It almost cut into the wall in center.

Okay guys, no offense, but seriously, stop with the whole “Woe is us” junk. It’s getting a bit grating on the nerves.

I mean come on guys! Pick up and move on! Think about it if you’re the player and how down you must feel then? I’m sure some of you have played in little league. Ever lose a game where you were losing? It stinks, but you have to move on.

Remember that attitude back in ’04? Down 3 games in the ALCS? What did we do? Think one game at a time and then what happened? We freakin’ won the World Series.

So enough of the crying and cheering for the Mets, D-Backs, and junk. I understand there’s fault for both the players and management (esp. management), but it’s time we move on.

Hey, the Yankees did that early this season, and look where they are now.

So the heck with this loss, let us rally behind our team and show the Yankee fans that we’re not cowering away.

So enough of the crying.***** it up people, cause I sure am. And I bleed Red Sox Red and Blue just like the rest of ya.

::rant over::



Im with u SmcKinny!

I agree with pacol. Everyone on here sounds like the season is lost. To be honest you all sound like a bunch of snobs who think everything should just be handed to the Sox. Oki and Pap have had LIGHTS OUT seasons, are they not allowed one bad game in 20 or 30?

And not making the playoffs??? Let me stop and laugh hysterically at that one. They are 8 up on the Tigers, worst case scenario, with 16 days left in the season, so give me a GD break, they are IN.

If and when they win tomorrow, tonite will be a distant memory and the gloom and doom brigade will be nowhere to found.

well there’s good news and bad news.

Good news is Dice-K only gave up two runs. Bad news is Okajima and Papelbon gave up 6. I think you’d be better off if it was the other way around.

I’ve been trying to tell you, your pitching isn’t what it was at the start of the season, mismanaged and over worked. Now you’re paying the price.

I mean, yeah we are Red Sox fans, we do play the “losing underdog card” a lot, but the season’s not lost, far from it.

Remember how the Tigers entered as the Wild Card last season and then until the World Series, they took it up a notch and took out the rest of the AL? If that happens, I don’t expect the Red Sox to roll over on ANY NL opponent simply because a decent part of the team has already won a WS Ring.

And thank you rizzo1087, Zachary, and bosoxbrian for little bit of sense and optimism that is much needed here.

And if anybody from team is reading this, no worries, I’m still behind you. Heck, I stuck with the team last season, no sense in jumping ship now or ever.

Fans stick with their team, they don’t start screaming it’s over when it’s really not.

Oh and by the way, plenty of other teams in the MLB have been playing with pretty much 1 game leads in their division all season, so don’t think we can’t do it either.



Papelbon is the best closer in baseball gsumner.

The Jays might reach .500 and I was trying to tell you that as well.

The beauty of baseball is you go right at tomm.

Who cares how we lost the game, we lost and it counts as one game in the standings regardless of painfulness. Get over yourselves.

People who are saying “Well at least there’s football” etc. are obviously the Red Sox fans who came out of hiding once they won the 2004 World Series, so go back under your rocks because of one loss while we are still 4.5 games up. Makes sense.

Poor Dice-K can’t buy a win. He should now have around 18-19 wins for the season.

We’ll get ’em tomorrow. Beckett seems like the perfect guy to put tonight’s ugly loss out of everybody’s mind with a stellar performance.

How about some love for JD?

And thank you rizzo. I love the sense of entitlement everybody has ever since 2004.

God forbid the Yankees give us a run for our money in the AL East. Anybody recall a game in April when the Sox came back from 5 down in the 8th? Yankee fans somehow survived it, I’m sure we can to. But for those willing to quit because of one game, good riddance.

Some love for J.D. why?

Sox up 5-1 and Drew at the plate with 2 runners in scoring position and he had a chance to ?????? and didn’t.

Sure he had a leadoff single in the 9th but love for J.D. Drew? No way……

He’ll win a game someday, I just don’t know when.

All these games he plays over the course of the year, percentages are in his favor to do something eventually. He was signed to be a run producer and all he does is NOTHING!!!!

Beckett has to go deep in the game tomm.

His biggest start as a member of the Red Sox.

Papelbon might be one of the best, but Okajima is toast-over used and someone has to pick up that slack.

Now, your bullpen is tired and you face Wang. I bet if the Yanks win tommorrow, they’re be a lot of tight butts in this blog tommorrow night. lol

Yet the Blue Jays will remain irrelevant regardless…

You had better hope he goes 9, all your back end relief was used tonight

We are irrelevant this year-but things change year to year.

But, we might not be irrelevant to the Sox, since we play you in our ballpark soon-and our rotation is set for that. Ask Bosox what he thinks of Burnett.

JD Drew hit an RBI single in the bottom of the 6th with 2 outs to make it 7-2…but since he didn’t do it when it was 5-1, I guess that’s his fault?


Sox still have a 4 game lead in the loss column.

To me it is about playing good baseball down the stretch and getting some guys some much needed rest. As of now they’re making it difficult for themselves but would Red Sox fans want it any other way?

True-but that goes to 2 if the Yanks sweep. To be frank with you, I’m not sure it matters-right now the Yanks look strong enough to go all the way.

They brought in a lot of fresh arms as you know, who are performing for them, and their lineup is the best by far.

Right now they look really strong to me

bosoxbrian: While I’ll agree J.D.’s been nothing but heartache for EVERY Red Sox fan, I’ll have to admit he doesn’t seem as clueless at the plate like he did earlier in the season. He’s actually getting some hits for once it seems.

gsumner: Has our bullpen been that overworked? I will agree about Okajima being overworked, but I don’t think the rest of the bullpen has been.

I understand Beckett did not have a good game against the Yankees last time out and nor has he been consistently good against them since his WS game back in ’03, but perhaps it’s about time he does have a good game against them. After all, baseball is a game of cycles, of ups and downs.



Drew was brought to Boston to be a run producer. Let’s give him love.

Take off the rose colored glasses please…..

Call it the way you see it….

The kool aid is good but don’t drink too much of it…

Is he playing better yes….

I’m not going to mention Drew anymore. I have said what I have to say over the year. It is easy to rip him.

The Blue Jays are better than the Red Sox.

Paco-well in the most important series of the year for the Sox, you lost the game tonight and used all your backend relievers-unless someone can pull a rabbit out for tommorrow night.

Okajima is a huge loss. He’s been a rock all season and took pressure off of Papelbon and others. Now, clearly he looks done for a while, and the load goes to others-not a good way to head into the playoffs.

Yanks might win the World Series

bosoxbrian: You missed my point it seems; I agree with you, but it just seems he’s getting his hacks in lately. That’s all. No way I’m drinking the J.D. Kool-Aid anyway.

Yes he hasn’t produced but all I did was add to your point anyway.

gsumner: Good point about the Yanks and their fresh arms. However, the Red Sox have some as well, but unfortunately, Tito just chooses not to use them it seems. e.g. Delcarmen was ready to go and after Okajima started getting into more trouble, he still stuck with him. That’s simply horrible management.

Right now and that is the key word ( right now ) Things in sports change quick and especially baseball. Yankees look like they have a full tank of gas and the Red Sox are on empty.

Tomm afternoon the Red Sox might have a great comeback of there own. It changes quick as we know. So many times it looked as if the division was over now it looks like it is far from over. Sunday night we’ll know where it stands.

This team is full of veterans and that to me is always a good thing. Perhaps Manny Ramirez could return to the lineup and give the team a boost.

No, the blue jays aren’t better than the red sox-not this season. Although, I’d take our starting 4 over yours.

But the Sox need to step it up; and you’re lossing some horses that can make that happen. You might be better off resting some of these guys-regardless of whether you win the division or not.

Right now it looks like the Sox will be so worn out by the time the season is over-you’ll get wacked in the first round.

Umm GSumner,your team wouldnt have blown that lead.

chman712: Seriously, enough of the negative venting😛

gsumner: Yeah, for this series, Okajima’s pretty much done I’ll give you that, and that doesn’t help. However, if his load goes to others, isn’t that the point of having a stocked bullpen? Sure you lose an arm for a bit if you don’t use the player and yes that’s not ever a good thing at anytime, but if a team has a stocked bullpen, one can’t worry too much about the workload.

Bosox, the Yanks have been running on a full tank of gas for a while-not just tonight.

They’re very focused, they play hard as ****, never quit, and they don’t miss many scoring chances, unlike the Jays and the Sox.

They smell the finish line and man they are playing well

pacol—I agree with your point with Drew. I was talking to zachary. I’m glad there is guys like yourself zacahry that stick up for Drew. I guess you were for the Red Sox signing Drew. Alot of $$$$$ for a guy that gets hurt/injured alot.

Choke is now our official soft drink.


Please don’t compare the Red Sox and Jays. The Red Sox have scored 787 runs and the Jays have scored 659. Quite a difference.

chman-what you talking about-we just played the Yanks and they took two of three from us. They wacked McGowan, who’s had an era of under 2 since the all star break, and Marcum-although Burnett handled them nicely.

Our guys blew two leads recently one with Tampa Bay and one with Detroit. Some of our yourn relievers are tired like yours.

Where was Bucholtz tonight?????

I think Bucholtz should introduce himself to Francona.

Hi Tito remember me, the kid who tossed the no hitter. I also had 3 scoreless innings.

Tha Yanks are just the best team.Only Anaheim or the mets can beat them.

bosox-I don’t, the sox is a far better team this year-I’ve said that.

But the Jays pitching has been the best in baseball since the All Star break; and we’re now very close to over taking the sox for the best pitching in the AL for the year..

We just haven’t been able to score runs-which isn’t surprising when 5 of the 8 starter position players have virtually been injured all year.

And by the way, I do want the Sox to win, I just don’t think you will.

We wont win.


I think you just picked the two world series contenders, Anaheim and the Mets

Good chance.Ide go with Anaheim.

Speaking of Buchholz, no offense whatsoever to his talent, but IMHO, I think his IP may hurt the Red Sox in their bullpen for the next week or so. That’s only based upon how Tito manages, otherwise, like bosoxbrian (oh, thanks for clearing up the confusion about who you were talking to, hehe) said, where was he tonight?

If Red Sox Brass are seriously considering putting him on the post-season roster, two things: 1) we need to get to the post-season first and 2) they’ve got to be kidding me if he’s got an IP limit and want him on the post-season roster.

Again, that’s all speculation on my part and it’s really lots of speculation based off of not much🙂



I don’t know-it will be a great series though. I think the thing about Anaheim is Scirossa-both Boston and the Jays would be lucky to have a manager like him.

Speaking of Anaheim, anyway Theo & Co can pry away Mike Scioscia from them?🙂

i wish

Well you might think Theo can, but I doubt it very much. I think he likes it there and isn’t about to move

Seriously though, with no offense to Tito cause he’s been a great person, Mike Scioscia is just a pure baseball genius.

I will concede the point, however, that Anaheim is not a team I’d want to face in the playoffs.

Well, I don’t think anyone wants to face them, although believe it or not, we have their number-we have taken almost every series from them in the last few years.

Good luck to the Sox in the game tommorrow!!!

Nice chatting with you all.

Good night

they would beat us

To be honest with you, I am a ankee fan, and I have to gve the Red Flops…er, I mean Sox a lot of credit for this season. They are having one **** of a year and I believe they will stil win the East (I hope I am wrong). That is not the point though. It is not only pleasing enough to put some starch into the Nation’s collective shorts, but it also satisfies me knowing that the seeds of doubt have been sown and are coming to fruition soon enough. I mean, as long as the Yankees make the playoffs and remain a factor, your Red Sox will be pychologically damaged from their losses this season, being that you guys were in the lead for so long and at onepoint totally dominating the division. Those days are long gone. The fear that NY had of playing the Red Sox for the last couple of years is also a distant memory. These are brand new teams with a lot of new, young and exciting players. Unfortunately for you, we are the ones with all the confidence now. See you in October, Nation!

P.S. – Be afraid. Be very afraid🙂

This is probably very late and such for an idea/post of such magnitude, but it just came to me right now (and I’ll repost it in another one of Ian’s blog posts if there is another one later).

About our situation at 3B, I understand we all want Mike Lowell back next season. Trust me, I want him back as well. However, people haven’t completely addressed the possibility of him not being here next season. Usually the ideas get dismissed because nobody can really fathom the fact that Lowell won’t be around.

Here’s my two cents on it: Miguel Cabrera (if he’s available, which I think he might be) and (GASP!) Alex Rodriguez. I won’t address Miguel Cabrera because it’s not the big issue here, it’s A-Rod.

Here’s one thing to chew on, which we all forget about. A-Rod wanted to play in Boston. Remember, Theo & Co. were going to put Manny on the trading block to off-set any payroll issues. Also, A-Rod actually was going to take less to play here, but the silliness that is the Player’s Union voided that.

So think about it. If A-Rod opts out next season feeling he has conquered NY, don’t be surprised about him possibly coming here. Plus, look at how he’s been playing the past season: completely carefree not caring about the fans and having a good time with his teammates.

(How do I know that? Well, know you enemy I say: I watch the Yankees games along with the Red Sox games).

If Red Sox Brass wants to keep Manny and pay out a luxury tax for A-Rod and be able to get him, I’d freak out if I was an opposing pitcher.

Plus, talk about a coup over the Yankees. That would make the Johnny Damon signing look like peanuts.

Just something to think about, that’s all. Personally I still want Lowell cause he’s such a stand up guy, but you never know…



@skull101770: Haven’t seen ya around here, but welcome!

And as a Yankee fan, thank you for being very supportive of your team AND logical about it as well.

And yeah, I’ll admit it, the seeds of doubt have been planted. Whether or not they grow remains to be seen.

Anyways, RSN, I’m headed to bed. Tomorrow’s another day, another game!

well, I try to give you the business a little bit, and honestly, on Yankee boards I’m a bit more colorful. But I am in your house and I am attempting to at least be somewhat respectful. I love hating the Sox. As a fan, I couldn’t do without you guys🙂

zachary. i’ve prob been a sox fan longer than you’ve been alive so I’ve earned my right to *****. and for me it has nothing to do with a sense of entitlement. if anything it’s the total opposite. this team just lacks leadership and mental toughness. i know they still have a lead BUT they had a CHANCE this weekend to make a real statement about being the best team in b-ball and put the yankees away. i guess they are making one but it’s not quite what i wanted to hear. we’ll see how it plays out. i honestly went to bed last nite thinking i wouldn’t even watch the rem 2 games. then i woke up this morning and realized we might be witnessing history so i guess i’ll tune in.

oh and seriouly can anybody even rem the last time tek got a hit? much less a meaningful 1. once again last nite the “C” was the ONLY 1 i believe to take a donut.

well to amuse myself i checked. the big “C” hasn’t had a hit in his last 3 games. and he’s now hitting a ******** .200 ( 7/35 ) in the mth of sept. clutch! oh well maybe he’ll snap out of it soon.

The yanks are only 4 games back in the loss coloum,where it counts.The sox were lucky to beat TampaBay!!

I had to take the freaking sleeping pills to get me to sleep last night. Can’t blame the Yankess fans are in orgasmic euphoria now.
I said in my yesterday’s post. Dice man would have a strong 6 innings. I was almost right. Then Corey, Okajima, and Papelbon in 679.

I also said not use Gagne in a close game. But when Oki gave up 2 HRs with none out and still has 3 runs lead in the 8, it’s time to use Gagne or Corey, or whoever. Francona had to unwisely wait until the winning or go ahead run at bases or at plate to make the move.

I would like to see Papelbon starting an inning rather than with men on and none out situation.

Yesterday results:

NYY 8 FranCOMA 7


I think with last night’s performance Sabathia just took the lead in the Cy Young Race. 13 K’s in innings-the guys a horse.

by tito stds last nite was about avg.. once pap came in in the 8th you know gagne would go in the 9th. the game needed “saving” in the 8th. he was their best option. the one thing i don’t get is lopez faces 2 guys looks good and he pulls him for okajima? what’s the point?

So much for quitting on the Red Sox, welcome back smckinny…

Tito definitely should have left Lopez in the game, why burn two left handers in a row when the first one is getting the job done? But once Okajima gave up the back-to-back shots, Papelbon couldn’t have warmed up any quicker. It all happened so fast that Francona really had no choice but to let Okajima eat a couple more batters. Unfortunately for us, those batters turned into runs.

Gagne was throwing 95 mph last night which was encouraging, but why has he abandoned his change-up? I’m sure both he and Papelbon are available for today’s game. And why is Manny Delcarmen rotting in the bullpen?

JD Drew for MVP.


How could you say Sabathia took the lead in the Cy Young race last night? The guy didn’t even get the win and on top of that it wasn’t even a quality start. Get your facts straight please.

We all know whatever pitcher does better today will have the inside track for the Cy Young. Let’s hope it is Beckett. Wang has had some trouble at Fenway. He pitched great his last time out vs Boston, shutting them down.

Beckett vs N.Y. this year has been shaky but I have confidence in him today.

The shadows will be creeping today early. Advantage to the pitchers.

Pretty easy to see if Wang is on or not. Alot of groundballs and the guy is on, alot of fly balls and the guy is struggling. Let’s hope for alot of line drives.


I think it’s you that should get the facts straight. Wang isnt evven close. numbers are as follows:

Sabathia-era-3.21, IP-227, K’s-198, 17-7

Beckett–era-3.27, IP-181, K’s 173, 18-6

Wang–era-3.69, IP-180, K’s-91


I know you think the entire universe circles around NY and Boston: you need to open your eyes and smell the roses on occasion.

Sabathia is definatley in the lead-the innings pitched puts him ahead of the others.

Now, you do have an agrument to state Beckett is close-but not Wang.-No way-theres others in fromt of him.

zachary. i would never quit on them. it’s just REALLY hard to watch at times. the r puzzling thing w/ regard to the lopez/oki situation is oki has much better no.’s against righties than lefties. and lopez is much better than he is against lefties. ol tito. he’s a thinker he is! with regard to the cy award. it’s pretty simple really. beckett wins out he’ll get it. he’ll have a comparable era, as many or more wins, fewer losses, and plays in a tougher division.


Your the only one that thinks Wang isn’t even close. I obviously don’t like the Yankees but I’ll give the guy his due.

I think it is between Beckett, Wang and Sabathia. If Beckett or Wang win 20 they’ll get it. Just because they pitch for Boston or N.Y. That is how it goes, fair or unfair. I’m sure most would agree.

Dan Haren has had a great year but he’s pitching for a lousy team and that will hurt his chances. You put Haren in Boston or N.Y. and the guy would be a slamdunk winner. Only negative on Haren with his numbers is the 21 gopher balls he has allowed and he has only 14 wins. A great e.r.a. at 3.11 but pitching in that spacious park helps the e.r.a. for sure.

Sox turn to there ace and let’s find out how Beckett responds. Last time out vs N.Y. he gutted it out. N.Y. had guys on base all night and they could never deliver the knockout punch, Beckett was on the ropes but never gave in. Low pitch counts in some early innings are the key this afternoon for Beckett.


I’d put Justin Verlander (17-5, 3.47), Kelvim Escobar (17-7, 3.25) and John Lackey (16-9, 3.21), in front of Wang.

In my view wang is in 5th spot at the moment, now that might change, but thats were he’s at.

Of all of them Wang has probably got the most run support and Sabathia has the poorest.

One negative on Sabathia is 227 innings pitched and 225 hits allowed and 19 gopher balls. Other than that he’s been excellent.

To say Sabathia is the front-runner, your getting way ahead of yourself gsumner.

Give Wang some credit. He almost won 20 last year. He might win 20 this year despite missing about 3 weeks of the season with a bad hamstring. Imagine if he didn’t miss that amount of time, he might be over 20 already. Don’t dismiss the guy from the Cy Young race. Your making a mistake. Lackey and Escobar will split the vote out there. You can dismiss there chances of winning the Cy Young. Verlander is not going to get it. It’s between Beckett, Sabathia and Wang and that is it, nobody else.

Your penalizing Wang for getting run support there gsumner. It isn’t his fault the team he plays for scores runs in bunches.


Well, in Sabathia’s favor is his remarkable K to bb ratio which is far and away better than anyone else at 5.66. Beckett, I think is closest at 4.86 and the others a long way back.

Both Beckett and Sabathia have the same whip at 1.15, Sabathia has averaged more innings per start than anyone after the all star break at 7.2.

By comparision Wang’s whip is 1.27 and his K to BB ratio is a measly 1.75.

If Sabathia got the run support of either Wang or Beckett, he’d likely be at 20-21 wins.

So as I said before it is close between Beckett and Sabathia, but at the moment Sabathia is ahead-the numbers prove it.

If Dan Haren played on a team that was good he would get it and your point gsumner is?

Stop talking about run support or lack there of. Sabathia gave up 4 runs vs K.C. last night and didn’t get the win. I guess he didn’t get the run support. It all evens out in the long run. I can think of about 4 or more times where Beckett didn’t get the run support but he has 18 as we speak. That to me is a weak argument, the pitcher didn’t get the run support. Either you win or you don’t. Clemens has how many wins in his career? I guess he got good run support. LOL….


You know the one thing I don’t like about you, is when you loose a debate you get ignorant-why is that?

The numbers prove my point, what your problem?

I can’t say whether you won the debate or lost the debate. You have your opinion and I have mine. You say Wang has basically no shot at the Cy Young. Front page of mlb.com has a pitcher of Wang and Beckett and it talks about the Cy Young. I guess they don’t know what they’re talking about as well and your the only one that knows anything. Interesting there gsumner. I will write it again I guess for you to read. There are only 3 candidates for Cy Young and in no particualar order.

1. Beckett

2. Sabathia

3. Wang

You say Wang has little shot and I totally disagree with you. I don’t even think that is opinion, that is a fact gsumner.

Oh no it is Josh Lewin, the man with a lisp.

He does the Charger games on the radio so it makes it easier for him with S.D. playing in Foxboro tomm night. I wish it was Thom Brennaman.


My cup of kool aid is half-full just to let you know.

weird inning….somewhat similar start as yesterday…men on, matsui continues to struggle, and Beckett threw a lot of pitches…hmmmm

first inning is a push…..now lets start this game lol


I think the MLB article was written by the Red sox writter wasn’t it. lol

But, since you’re menitoning sports articles check this one out:


Now as it happens they state exactly what I did which is

1) Sabathia


3/4/5) Justin Verlander (17-5, 3.47), Kelvim Escobar (17-7, 3.25),

John Lackey (16-9, 3.21).

And long shot: Wang

I guess they don’t know anything they’re talking about and you are the only one that does, interesting there Bosox.

Now there’s the facts.

Most people think that the top 3 Cy Young candidates are as follows.

1. Beckett

2. Sabathia

3. Wang

No particular order. As I wrote earlier you have your opinion and I have mine.

Varitek has left 4 runners in scoring position. Safe to say the “C” stands for captain and not clutch. Varitek’s struggles at the plate continue. Weak swings by Varitek as well.

You r e t a r d s cans shove last night’s loss up your ***** e s, especially the biggest r e t a r d of all bosox who can bend over, and take up the you know what. I s h i t on your head bosox, and your mom’s head, and Ian’s head

Beckett is definitely making a strong case for the Cy, at least for the first 6 innings of this game.

I say let him throw 8 innings, regardless of pitch count, if the game stays close and he continues to be effective. Papelbon can shut it down in the 9th and a lot of you can stop crying about last night.

How about my boy JD?

bosox. pls send some of your kool-aid to veritek. although i think he needs s-thing much stronger. he’s just done. i pray for the day he’s coaching for boston instead of playing. well if you can call what he does playing. i appreciate what a great ambassador/player he’s been for boston but he’s really hurting this team off. part of it’s franCOMA’s fault. he needs to be moved to 9th or at least out of that spot. win or lose beckett is money and i’ll say it once more. PLEASE KEEP MAGADAN AWAY FROM ELLSBURY.

Great win today. Much-needed, especially after the deflating loss last night. One thing is certain. Jacoby Ellsbury is a clutch player who shows the poise of a veteran.

I have been swamped with writing deadlines lately, and my commitments with Sox and Pinstripes, so I haven’t been on here as much. One point I would like to make. Baseball is a season with lots of highs and lows. Like any baseball fan, I get frustrated when the Sox lose, and excited when they win. Yet what separates the true, mature and intelligent baseball fan from the classless so-called fan is how he or she expresses opinions and thoughts.

It is alright to get agitated when a player does not perform, or if the team does not perform. Yet you show yourself as someone who lacks intelligence and an understanding of the game when you resort to calling player’s and manager’s childish names – like FranComa, Nancy Drew, Lugnuts, etc.

Most Red Sox fans who visit this site and Sox and Pinstripes are intelligent baseball fans who, like myself, share the rollercoaster of emotions that a baseball season brings, especially in Red Sox Nation, where emotions are as changing as the tide. However, there are some so-called fans on both sites who demonstrate their inability to articulate thoughts in an intelligent manner. One of the true indications of a person’s integrity, intelligence and class is his or her ability to express opinions without resorting to name-calling and personal attacks.

I know this won’t change the landscape here because, plain and simple, a person either has tact, class and intelligence, or they don’t, but just realize that when you stoop to the level of expressing an opinion filled with expletives and derogatory names, you prove that you lack that tact, class and intelligence, and that doesn’t say much for you as a person.



And, by the way, I think Beckett answered the Cy Young debate with his performance today. Sabathia is definitely a great pitcher, but Beckett is a step ahead.

Amen to pretty much everything you wrote, Jeff.

It’s pretty funny that on a Friday night when the Sox have an ugly loss, this section gets flooded with naysayers predicting that Boston won’t even get into the playoffs yet on a Saturday afternoon when Boston picks up a solid win, they are nowhere to be found.

Beckett is such a great competitor but the play of the day has to go to Hinske. I can’t remember the last time I legitimately saw a Sox player get physical with a catcher in a play at the plate(Lugo running over Navarro doesn’t count). You could feel the momentum shift as the fans really got behind the Sox after that.

Ellsbury is definitely MLB-ready, it’s unfortunate for Coco since he’s been playing at a high level lately but has been overshadowed. I guess it’s good to raise his trade value for the offseason.

And finally, Tim McCarver is unbearable as a color commentator. I loved how he and Josh Lewin debated whether or not Beckett intentionally hit Giambi. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it was intentional, all the signs pointed towards it so I won’t even get into it.

Yeah, I think Beckett definitely hit Giambi on purpose, and with good reason. I agree with you about McCarver. I don’t know who is more annoying – McCarver, Rick Sutcliffe, Joe Magrane or Michael Kay.

A huge WIN for the Sox. Wang has just pitched him out of the Cy Young contention.
As a Sox fan, I demand to know why FranCoMA pitched Oki with 5 runs lead and after Oki surrendered 2 HRs why didn’t FranComa yank him. Papelbon was rushed to the service before he was warmed up. Thank JD, Ellsbury and Papi for the 2 outs clutch hits at bottom of 6. The Sox has to play Ellsbury for the stretch run.

I still won’t forgive Gagne for blowing 3 games. The Sox could have already clinched the division if coupled with last night’s win.

A very good win today that got the bad taste out of RSN’s collective mouths 100%. The number of posts is very humorous as zachary pointed out. I don’t know if it has something to do with Sat afternoon/Fri nite but there must have been 20-30 posts during the 8th inning meltdown and the entire day today there were 3 or 4. Makes you wonder if the true fan really comes on here or just the one’s who want to spew negativity.

You can only hope Youk is ok. Losing him for the last two weeks and/or the postseason could be devastating. Hinske showed me a lot today but we need Youk’s presence at the plate and in the field on a daily basis.

So much for Wang’s chances as a Cy Young. When you pitch to contact and don’t have a dominating strikeout pitch balls will find holes and that is Wang’s problem. Wins are a result of how good your team is, not necesarrily how good you are. Just look at Matt Cain: a very good 3.78 (better than Wang) and he is only 7-14, so just because he has the most wins since the beginning of last year I am not crowning him the best AL pitcher. Sabathia may be Beck’s main competition but don’t look past Fausto Carmona. Tonight he threw 3 hit scoreless ball for 8 and lowered his ERA to 3.07. Hopefully Carmona and Sabathia cancel each other out and Josh can win it.

Also another Josh Lewin nugget: I don’t know if any of you caught it but today when talking about Drew they said he and Trot were the same exact type of player. WHA WHA WHAT??? You could find two more opposite guys in the whole league if you tried. I found that one quite amusing.

*could not*

Beckett on the national stage took a step ahead of Sabathia for the Cy Young. All the national writers in attendance as well, the ones who have the votes for Cy Young. Wang just deystroyed his chances with his poor outing. Both Pettite and Wang have had poor starts. Something tells me that Clemens will have an early exit tomm. night. He is taken the mound for the first time since Labor Day and he got rocked by the Mariners that afternoon.

J.D. Drew with a 7 game hitting streak and the game winning R.B.I. this afternoon/evening. I like when Drew goes the opposite way. What frustrates me with Drew is when he tries to pull everything, his natural stroke is the other way. Fenway is made for him, just like it was for Fred Lynn back in the day.

A terrible loss last night but a bounce back win today. I want the Red Sox to take it to the Yankees tomm. night and jump them early.

Beckett definetly hit Giambi on purpose and I have no problem with that. There is a time and place for it and that was it right there. Beckett’s last pitch of the game a 95 m.p.h. heater right past Cabrera. Beckett showed the ace that he is and a likely winner of the Cy Young. Obviously this veteran team was not fazed by the stunning loss of the night before. Kudos to Francona as well, he deserves credit as well. I know at times he makes some very odd moves but he is the perfect guy for this veteran team. His handling of the pitching staff we wonder about but name me a manager that handles his pitching staff perfectly? Something tells me you’ll be thinking for a long time on that one.

Josh Lewin is one of the worst announcers out there. Fox beams this game to about 90 % of the nation and they have him do the play by play.

One funny thing he did say was that when A-Rod hit 8th during game 4 in Detroit. A-Rod was being known as 8-Rod. Now I thought that was funny. Other than that the guy is quite annoying. I guess that is why he does Rangers games during the season, not many people to annoy because there aren’t many folks tuning in.

I come back to the party here, and I see that Zachary says J.D. Drew for MVP…

Stop drinking that antifreeze (yes, it’s gone from kool-aid to antifreeze), Zachary😛

All kidding aside, somehow J.D. Drew’s been coming around and honestly I have no idea as to how but hey, I’ll definitely take it. Here’s to hoping he keeps it up.

So what did I say in the wee hours of the morning? Oh right, we’ll be fine😛🙂

I won’t say “I told you so” to the naysayers just yet because there’s a game to play tomorrow.

bosoxbrian, good point about how the team didn’t seem fazed at all in regards to last night’s loss. Good for them!

Beckett for Cy Young!😀



Wow,with Dice K’s performance and beck’s today,I think we got wat we need.Now our team is looking great.I still say let us give Oki a vacation.Lat Manny DelCarmen do some more work.Timlin was good today.Heck stretch out Gagne a little.I think we can get ourselves into top shape for the play offs.Great to see Ellsbury deliver and to see JD get a hit.Overall great bounce back game guys.

This can be a heck of a year for us.D-Ped for rookie of the year,and Beck for Cy Young?We have a heck of a team going here.

Welcome back to the fold, chman712.😛

Yesterday you were completely sold on the Red Sox, and not tonight, eh?😛

Sorry, I couldn’t resist🙂

Er, “selling out,” not “sold.”

Boy it’s late.🙂

Around here in Cleveland, Sabathia has been hailed as a Cy Young winner in view of his significant pitching duels with Johann Santana. Last night should have disposed of that talk with the way Beckett handled both Wang and the pressure of a “must win” game. With all of the statistical categories that Beckett is high in, I’d like to see him win 1 or 2 more and I think he will have the Cy Young locked up.

I must admit that I too wonder why Tek is still hitting in the 6 hole. In the first 2 Yanks games he came up in too many run-producing situations to have failed in all of them.

If Youk is going to be down for a while, maybe Hinske should be given an opportunity in the 6th/7th spot (I reconize that Manny’s return will change this up some). I think the way he has been hitting, CoCo deserves it, but he seems to do so well at the bottom of the line-up, serving as almost another “lead-off” hitter.

The magic numbers are 6 to the play-offs, 9 to the division title and 12 to the best AL record. Lets hope the Indians and the Tigers can beat each other up the next couple of days, and the D-Rays can get the wins their egos need against the Angels. Go Sox!!!

Jeff, sorry if I stooped to a lower level of fan life because I called JD something other than JD, but that doesn’t mean that I lack class, tact or intelligence. I recall a time last year when someone was involved in a “text” shouting match with another blogger and a time when one (other than Fagan)disguised himself as another blogger and was called out on it. Nobody said he had a deficit of class,tact or intelligence.
I don’t think that the Sox have gotten their money out of Drew and don’t think they ever will, same with Matt Clement. If I signed a contract with a company to do a job and didn’t perform my expected duties, I’d be fired for breaking the contract. I know that in MLB every contract is different and that they won’t do that to him but that doesn’t mean one should make excuses for him. As for Sox and Pinstripes, I think it’s a great blog, but you know I’m not much of a statistical person and I feel that I’m in way over my head over there. I feel more comfortable discussing baseball that’s a little bit lighter and more “heart and emotions” than just the sheer numbers of the game.

I think Drew has gotten some very timely and important hits and each time he does I verbally applaud him. Believe me, Being that I bleed Redsox Red, I would like nothing more than for Drew to prove me wrong and have a season of 30-40 homers, with 75-90 rbi. I would stand up and say I was wrong.

** Sorry, Jeff if I offended you.**

Ellsbury, Ellsbury what shall we do with you when Manny returns? Not only can he clutch hit, he can fly around the bases. Who else can score from first on Papi’s double?
Pedroia, what else can you expect from him? His play at second base yesterday:

Tim MacCarver “What a play!”

Joe Buck “What a player!”

Now onto what I originally set out to say.
I think that the game Saturday was one of THE most enjoyable of the year. Except for the obvious: MC CARVER, LEWIN AND ROSENTHAL. I swear I’m going to send McCarver a case of chapstick. there’s no way he can keep from getting chapped lips as much as he kisses Yankee bhutt. When Youk got hit, he said that in the majors “you have to expect that kind of thing every once in awhile”. Then when Giambi took one on the elbow, it was totally unacceptable. I kind of liked the way Josh rolled his eyes at the umpire when he was warned and then turned and walked back to the mound with just the vaguest hint of smile there on his face. I don’t go for the retalliatory beanings but it was as if Josh heard what McCarver had said about Youk being hit. If you read my post above you’ve already seen this but, I’m glad that JD DREW has been getting some consistant, productive ab’s.

There is, as we all know, one more meeting between the Nation and the Empire tonight. This game is HUGE. I hope that we can jump out early and get some big hits.

Jacoby has been a really bright light for this team since his re-arrival. Nice product of the farm, as is Pedroia.

Oh, one more thing:


Stats are better discussed after the season. We all need to stay focused on today’s game.

I wish I knew for sure why Francona has managed so tentatively this season. It has led him to make too many mistakes that have cost too many games. I personally think the front office has had something to do with it but who really knows.

It should be a no brainer that Ellsbury stays in the lineup for the rest of the season. And regardless of innings pitch, Buchholz should be given more opportunity. Otherwise, what a blow to morale.

To the A-Rod lovers, what makes you think he will want to leave NY?

Go Schill! Go Sox!

It’s not a must win for the Sox tonight. But surely a win would knock the Yanks unequivocally out of the division race.
About yesterday’s play at the plate on Papi’s double, the ball actually arrived slightly before Ellsbury did. Posarda did not tag him immediately, maybe expecting another Hinske impact.

Did Roger Clemens catch the homerun ball hit by Hinske in the pen? It appears he did!

Not a must win for the Red Sox but send a message to the Yankees with a win tonight. It would be another series win for the Red Sox, 5 in a row if the Sox win this one tonight.


That was Chamberlain that made the attempt at Hinske’s homer, he didn’t get it though.

Posada got smoked at homeplate by Hinske. Posada went to the hospital after the game complaining of headaches. I give Posada alot of credit, staying in the game after that hit. Good clean hard play by Hinske, not cheap at all. I wonder if Posada will be in the game tonight. He is hurting today for sure.

There have been some whispers that Bucholtz might get the start on Wed vs Toronto. We’ll see on that one.

Sox bullpen well rested for tonight’s game. Friday night’s game was just awful but Gagne did pitch well in his 1 inning. Silver lining I guesss.


Fine outing by Beckett. I see we finally agree Wang is out of the Cy Young race. Beckett clearly helped his chances and moved ahead of Sabathia with that outing. All things being equal, he should now win.

Interesting to see we’re not the only ones throwing at the Yanks-A-Rod two nights ago and Giambi last night. I just wish Beckett had tossed at A-rod again. lol

Beat them today-they’re only 2.5 up on Detroit for the wild card and Detroti are on a roll. Let’s hope Detroit catch them.

I agree that today is not a “must win” but it certainly couldn’t hurt, and any time we can beat the Yankees that gives the Empire Fans one less time to throw the dirt.
It will also give a little more of a cushion. I’m not sure that at this point it’s wise to bring Manny back. If his oblique is still strained in the least little way, I say put “wheels” Ellsbury in left and let Manny rest. We will need him very rested and injury free very soon!!

ps: when I say Empire fans, I DO NOT refer to Vince.


Dice-K. on Friday night didn’t throw at A-Rod. He hit him with a breaking ball. When you line someone up you throw the heater like Beckett did yesterday. Wang didn’t throw at Youklis, it was the Red Sox saying enough is enough with Beckett answering the call with Giambi.

Wang got jolted again at Fenway. He has a rough time there, just like your guy Halladay. Not an easy place to pitch. I think Clemens will get roughed up tonight. He’s making a Fenway start for the first time since Game 3 of the A.L.C.S. in 2003. Alot of emotions for Clemens tonight. If they don’t meet in the playoffs this will be the last start for the great Roger Clemens at Fenway. He will retire for sure this time around, I am convinced of that. It has been a tough go around for Clemens this year. He’s breaking down for sure. The best starting pitcher in my lifetime and it isn’t even close. The numbers he has put up and pitching in the hitters era. AMAZING!!! When he walks off the mound for the final time, Red Sox fans should give him a standing ovation. Just like they did back in August of 2003, when Zimmer told him to go out and tip your cap.

gsumner you’ll get a kick out of this. Back in 1986, Clemens started the year like 14-0 and his first loss that year vs Toronto. I was there and jinxed the guy. Jimmy Key beat him that night and George Bell ( karate man ) took Clemens deep into the net at Fenway.

George Bell anytime I think of him I always think of him charging the mound at Exhibition Stadium vs Bruce Kison and the Red Sox. Bell with the karate moves. Funny for sure. Bell was a great hitter but not the nicest guy in the world.

Hey, does anyone know what the magic number is to clinch a playoff birth? I know that it’s 9 to clinch the division, but what is it to definitely make the playoffs?

I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on mlb.com…

Beckett didn’t even get Giambi that solid on the elbow with the fastball, I think he was going for the back and Giambi moved at the last second. You know Beckett wanted to get his money’s worth on that one, especially considering he was intentinoally breaking up his string of 12 consecutive batters retired. But I guess that is pretty telling of both the importance of protecting your teammates and the type of team player Beckett is: completely unselfish.

I wonder if Roger and Curt will continue to throw at opposing hitter’s tonight. Something tells me if one player gets hit on one team (intentionally or not), the other pitcher will respond since they are both stubborn, proven veterans.


Bell was a jerk-no other description. He continually told the press to kiss his purple butt. lol

I actually remember that incident-the press must have replaed that play 100 times here. The funniest part is Bell later admitted he never did take martial arts.

Jimmy Key was a great one-never did get th recognition he deserved.

I hope your fans do give Roger a standing ovation when he leaves. I just hope it’s in the 3rd or 4th inning. He is without question one of the best and maybe the best of all time.


Red Sox back then had there sure of jerks as well. The old saying was 24 players and 24 cabs. Sox ownership back then put together a bunch of selfish guys. Never developed any young pitching. Let’s face it Clemens was developed pretty much when he came to Boston. He went thru there system very quick.

Jimmy Key was always a pitcher I enjoyed watching. He didn’t throw that hard but knew how to pitch. Yankee fans will always love him because he was the winning pitcher in game 6 of the 1996 World Series and the Yankees get there first championship since 1978. Outdueling Greg Maddux and Joe Girardi’s triple was the big hit in the game.

Ellen, I wasn’t targeting you about the Nancy Drew comment. I do understand that, as fans, we get testy from time to time on these blogs, but I do get aggravated when people constantly attack players with names. If a poster is displeased with a game, a player or a manager, by all means express that opinion, but do it in a mature manner. When someone resorts to calling a name and writing an obscenity, that does demonstrate an inability to intelligently articulate thoughts. THat applies to every facet of life. When people are in disagreements, they will get the issue resolved much smoother and faster if they debate and converse by thinking before speaking. And, yes, I did on numerous occasions – as did many others on this site – blast Fagan (or whoever he is; he has gone by so many names that I can’t keep track, and he is on this site as another name right now) for a lack of class, intelligence and, in his case, sanity.

I think you are a loyal fan who is civil to others. As I said, I wasn’t targeting you. I am talking about chronic language abusers on this site. There aren’t any on Sox and Pinstripes because they are deleted and their IP address is banned if they resort to attacks and foul language.


Please, someone who lives in Florida help me out. For our 10th anniversary my husband bought tickets to next Friday nights game at Tropicana Field for the Sox V the Rays. I am awaiting surgery (can’t do all the walking until I get my back and hip worked on) and will not be able to use them. He paid 110. pls svc chg for the pair (123.00 total).We wanted to get face value for them but will take 90. for the pair. (you pay postage/Fedex etc).

Please someone take them off my hands??? They are right behind the Visitor Dugout at 3rd base. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

About tonight’s game, it would be a key win because it would erase any momentum the Yankees built with their dramatic comeback on Friday. The Sox can enter the series up 5.5 and leave with a 6.5-game cushion. If they win tonight, then as long as they take two out of three in Toronto and Tampa Bay, the Sox will be in good condition. It will be a more comfortable feeling having a 6.5-game lead with 12 games remaining than being 4.5 games ahead.

Jeff, thanks for clearing that up!! I was really feeling bad about it!! and yeah, I know he’s here, HOW CAN YOU MISS HIM??

No problem, Ellen. I wish I could buy your tickets. It looks like I will have to go out of town on a business trip, and might not be able to attend any of the games, but I am hoping to at least make it to Sunday’s game. I usually go to all of the Sox games at the Trop.

This will be the 2nd time I’ve had tickets to one of their games over there and have not been able to attend. And we were supposed to fly Mass. and go to Fenway this month as well (a friend who lives in Foxboro has season tickets) The Baseball God’s are trying to tell me something I think!!!

A victory tonight by the Red Sox, they will become the unofficial champs of the A.L. East and they will be on there way to have the best record in baseball.

Time for the Red Sox to take care of business and get some players some much needed rest. Dice-K, Varitek, Ortiz, Youklis and Okajima come to mind. Set there rotation for the playoffs and go from there. All I want to see is Ramirez get about 15 to 25 at bats before the playoffs start. Wouldn’t it be great too see the Sox clinch the division down at Tropicana Field. One of there home sites as we all know.

Yeah, I’d really love that being that I won’t be there!!! I tell you I’m cursed this year!! Jeff, maybe Kaylee and Daniel pu this curse on me!!!!

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