Red Sox turn lonely eyes to Clay

This is no longer about winning the division. Terry Francona put it best before last night’s game.

"We want to win the division, but it’s not going to help us win the World Series."

Well said. What will help the Red Sox is getting their swagger back before the postseason starts. Dustin Pedroia wasn’t going to blame Eric Gagne for the loss last night. Instead, he looked at himself and the rest of the offense and said, "We’ve got to do a better job."

No Manny, no Youk. That’s difficult to overcome. But as Pedroia said, they need to find a way.

Francona’s move with Gagne last night was one of the most interesting I’ve seen all year long. I know the knee-jerk reaction back home was sure to be, "What is Francona doing? Why is he leaving him in there?" And, I can even understand that reaction in this case.

But look at it from Tito’s side of things. He isn’t just trying to win one game. He is trying to get a key part of his pitching staff back in the right physical and mental frame of mine before they truly need him, which is in October. If Gagne had gotten through that inning last night, it could have been invaluable both for his confidence and the team’s. So Tito took a calculated gamble and lost. But you have to take those gambles sometimes. Keep in mind that Okajima was not available. He’s in the middle of some structured rest right now.

Let’s see what Buchholz can bring tonight. Maybe he can give them that shot of adrenaline that they so badly need.

It will be another fascinating night at the Rogers Centre, that’s for sure. Keep the comments flowing.

In the meantime, here is tonight’s lineup:

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Hinske 1B
Kielty LF
Lugo SS

Buchholz SP




With the Red Sox and Mets both slumping, they’ve gave the East some races with a couple weeks to go…

What’s Manny’s status? Last I read they were waiting on him to feel good enough to return. His bat is more and more missed.


It was not the time to take a calculated gamble knowing that the Yanks were beating up on the poor Orioles. Must try to win each game until the division is clinched. The Sox now has to fight until last day of the regular season that would give the regulars not much time to rest before the playoff.

I’m sorry I don’t buy any of what Ian has written. I just can’t believe the horrible choices Francona has made over the last several weeks. His choice to leave Schilling in to face Jeter. His choice to leave Okajima in for back to back home runs. Both of those losses were due to Francona waiting one or two batters too long. A problem the Yankee management does not have. Schilling has had trouble going six innings all year without breaking down. Last night’s Gagne breakdown was yet another example of Francona being slow to react. I don’t understand the logic that letting Gagne fall apart is somehow a warm-up for the post season. That’s just a nice spin. The fact is Gagne didn’t make it through the 9th, and it could have been avoided. We’d be five up on the Yankees if not for Francona’s inability to pull the trigger.

Well said. You know Francoma is an honorable man of words. It’s Gagne’s inning to get out of. Yes, he still kept him there even after Gagne surrenderd a tie breaking 2 (could be 3)run double.

But i think some of you are missing the point. They are going to make the playoffs. That is a given. Francona isn’t going to have the team going full-out the rest of the way to win the division. The concern right now is to have the team in the best possible position to win games once October starts. If that means being the wild card, so be it.

What Francoma did last night was inexcusable insofar as he not only costed the Sox a game and he may have shattered Gagne’s confidence. Gagne may never return to his old form and shape. I have been cursing him (Gagne) all along. Now I started to feel sorry for this poor guy.

Well said? I’m sorry but this is pathetic. If you win the division along with at least the second best record in your league you get home field for at least the first round. End up with the best record and the Sox would be guarenteed of home field through the whole postseason. I hate and despise the Yankees mainly because of there fans and overall sense of entitlement but the one thing I do admrie about them is they want to win it all. They could start resting now too and say “hey we got the wild card, lets rest up” but they don’t. They want it all. So if the Sox want to tinker around now and not care then you know what, let them. Since it doesn’t matter and were just waiting for the postseason, let’s not watch any of the remaining games. Let’s not go to Fenway for the final homestand and leave it empty. Afterall, it doesn’t mean anything right?

Not to mention I bet $100 with my Yankee loving boss at the beginning of the season that the Sox would win the division. So thanks COMA for costing me $100. What a joke! And I enjoy your columns Ian, but seriously you along with other members of the media need to stop excusing every stupid thing COMA does and question him harder on it. The fans obviously care, yet theres the ***** COMA sitting there rocking back and forth as that Scott Boras baby blows another crucial game. Nothing personal, but take the blinders off. Torre would never be doing this nonsense with the division on the line.

I just wanted to know what’s up with manny.
I don’t understand why isn’t he playing and how can he just sit by and let the team down like that.

I thouhgt he was a professional ball player.

The professional ball player who get’s paid the kind of money he does should play through pain.

I’m a life-long Yankee fan venturing into enemy waters, so to speek. Hee hee.

The same concerns that you guys have for your beloved Sox, so do we Yankee fans have. The big prize is the Series, not how you get there. Sure momentum counts, but I also remember the Yanks winning the series after stumbling during the regular season, losing 20 out of 24. Plus, the team is going to get an enormous lift when Many and Youk return. You guys will be all right.

As far as managers go, ours is worse than yours. I won’t bore you with the 8,567 reasons why I think Joe Torre is not the right manager for the Yankees. I can start with citing these absurd “Joba Rules.” But then again, Francona doesn’t get my endorsement to go to Harvard University or M.I.T. either. Sitting down a kid who just pitched a no-hitter is incredible. Was Francona dissapointed because he only pitched a no-no, but not a pefect game? Boy oh boy, you Red Sox Nation people must have really, really high standards.

See ya in October! Good luck!

Good idea, then when he further strains his oblique when playing at 80% in a game vs. the Devil Rays during the regular season, the Sox will be without him for the whole playoffs and will really be in trouble.

I really don’t care if Manny plays another out of the regular season as long as he is 100% in the playoffs.

With that being said, I would feel more comfortable with him getting some AB’s before they really start to matter in the ALDS.

Is it reasonable to want Buchholz to go 7 innings and then have Papelbon go the final 2?

I think you guys all need to chill.

You are in the playoffs-that’s a given. Francona is doing the right thing and trying to get you through the first round and hopefully all the way to the series.

Maybe you guys forget, you have a few of your starters and relievers that are worn out and need rest. How far do you think you’d get if Dice-K keeps pitching like he did in those 4 torrid starts; or Okijama keeps giving up HR’s, or if Wakefield keeps giving up 4 runs every 4-5 innings.

Do you guys want them to rush Manny and Youk back and potentially loose both of them him for the season?

Yes, Gagne coughed it up last night, but I bet Francona keeps running him out there-and that’s the right move, in order to get him going before the playoffs.

So just chill, you do have the best team in baseball, just let Francona do his job and get ready for the playoffs.

Thanks, vice 123. You’re a truly reasonable Yankee fan. I do have to give Yankees credits for hanging tough, never give-up. A lot of team with 14.5 games out would give up. Never has that silly “wait till next year” attitude.
Zachary, if Buchholz goes 7, I would give the ball to either Timlin or Corey in the 8. Not a good idea for Papelbon to pitch for 2 innings even though tomorrow is an off day.

ian. i think most people get the point HE’s making. they are in the playoffs BUT you also can’t win the series if you don’t get there. and how is winning the div and securing home field not an adv to that end? sounds like a guy whose team has, essentially, blown a 14 1/2 game lead covering his *** to me. this team has tanked yet again at the end of the year under his direction and all he’s doing IMO is deflecting that ( saying it doesn’t matter ) in hopes of another miracle playoff run and everyone will forget about it. i hope it happens. but i’ve never heard anyone downplay the significance of winning the div and having home field UNLESS that team had no chance to accomplish those goals. this one still does. but his decisions/actions and words seem to indicate he doesn’t get that.

zachary. if pap didn’t try to get 4 outs last nite i seriously doubt he will try for 6 tonite.

you look at the games played by position players and innings pitched for all the likely playoff teams. the only team even close to boston right now ( and they’re not that close ) is anaheim. this team will be the most “rested” team in the playoffs by far. does anyone really think that’ll be a SIGNIFICANT adv once that p-off adrenaline starts flowing? i don’t. i’d take home field over a couple of extra days in the reg season anytime.

All that matters is the playoffs. If you’re in you have the chance and hopefully the capability to win it all. I don’t know why everyone’s so upset. The division is an added bonus to get into the playoffs. Let’s face it, home field advantage (while it would be great for any team) doesn’t matter to the Sox because they have the best road record in baseball.

I would rather have every player on the team rested up and in excellent physical condition in the playoffs than during the last week of the season where some games just don’t matter if you’re going to be in the playoffs anyways. Forget magic numbers…healthy is the way to go. I think the division is more important to the Sox fans to one up Yankees fans. But, you know what, if the Yanks win the division and lose in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter one bit.

Some of you have hit on the point, but many of you haven’t. The Red Sox only have two problems: inconsistent hitting and Francona’s bad case of “Grady Little’s Disease”. I’ll address the latter. It goes a lot further than Gagne. Does anybody remember 8 Sep – their only loss to the pitiful Orioles? And how did it happen? Dice-K had a 4-1 lead in the 3rd. By the time he loaded the bases w/ nobody out, somebody should’ve been warming up. He then gives up a walk (& a run), a hit (and another run), and another walk to tie it. Six straight baserunners & no out – well, guess who’s still pitching? He gets the next 2 outs and gives up… A GRAND SLAM!!! Well, I suppose nobody asked me, but no one pitcher should EVER be in a position to give up that many ERs. There ought to be a rule of thumb: 3 straight baserunners should set off alarm bells. A fourth – pull ’em. He obviously doesn’t have it & isn’t going to get it. I wonder how many Red Sox L’s this season would be W’s if they followed a rule like that. Francona said Dice-K was not on a pitch count – sounds like he was – a minimum, not a maximum. But beyond that, Sox Fans, don’t blame Gagne – he’s worth every penny the Yankees are paying him.

Look, Francona has been blowing games like last night well before this “forget the Division shoot for the WS strategy”. Remember the night game of day/night double header against LA. Buchholtz debut in the day and Beckett pitched the night game which we lost. Francona let Gagne hang out to dry in that game too. There have been at least four outings where he let Schilling go past the 6th and they lost. When I start screaming at my TV, “tito, pull him now!”, and my friends and family who are Sox fans too are doing the same, and there is no one even in the bullpen, one has to question the Francona’s ability to manage. Francona does this all the time.

when all is said and done their road record overall won’t be mcuh better than the other playoff teams. maybe 2-3 games. fact is they’re +19 at home and +9 on the road with 4 left. key is what’s their record @ cleve, ana, and NY. not great i’m guessing ( less than .500 ). i’ll take my chances at home personally. that’s what their offense is built for.

Speaking of manager prowess, how about our manager, Joe Torre, leaving a rookie pitcher (who neaver even threw one pitch in AAA ball) in there against FOUR batters in a row who hit homers. Hey Joe, after the back-to-back homers, did you get a slight feeling that the kid is scared stiff? How about after the third one Joe? Do you still think he can get the Sox out? And you think Francona is a *****? Please, don’t get me started about Joe Torre.

I am a great Sox fan and have been for a good many years. I think we have a manager that doesn’t have the ability to manage in major league. My only wish for this season for the managment to wake up and fire Francona before it is to late.I watch the games again and again and all I see is the camera on Francona more than the game, come on NESN, he not that interesting to watch. He rocks back and forth chewing a big wad of bubble gum.He looks stupid sitting there doing nothing when the team is in trouble. Isn’t his action afecting the team??

Oh yeah Albert333, our manager has a bench coach and a kitchen cabinet (or shall I say “dugout”). It’s embarrassing watching him “consult” them in the dugout. Every other manager in baseball, and all through the history of baseball, rides (or rode) solo. Of course, I’m not including pitching coaches.

I was joking about Papelbon getting all 6 outs but you have to figure if Tito did do that, then he wouldn’t really have to make any difficult choices regarding his bullpen, thus saving himself from the wrath of Red Sox fans for one night.

I think Francona is highly overrated and does make many bad decisions, but leaving Gagne in for what was more meaningless of a game than it was meaningful, was not that bad of a decision. He wants to see if he can trust the guy come playoff time. No doubt if that game truly mattered, Papelbon would have come in to get four outs, and probably succeeded. And as for Schilling, it wasn’t the fact that it was the 8th inning, it was the fact that his pitch count was still under a 100, but they still could have relieved him. I am just saying, pitch count, not innings. So the only real motivation for winning the division while going all out, is not to have to listen to [some] Yankee fans. There is no doubt they should play hard, I am not saying they should mail it in, but resting players is key, the ones who replace them will stay play hard.

The Sox may still have the best record in baseball, but in my opinion the Yankees are the best team in baseball RIGHT NOW. They have been on a solid hot streak for three straight months. Yes, they still have some pitching worries, but they are winning like no other team in the bigs. The Yankee fans in our office are taking a very safe “it won’t last” attitude, but that’s what everyone’s been saying about the Yanks since August, and it HAS lasted.

Not that I don’t hope that the return of Youk and Manny and hopefully the continued success of Ellsbury will carry them through the playoffs, but it would not surprise me one bit if the Yankees rolled over everyone and took the Series this year, given the way they have been playing.

Sorry, I have to disagree with the bulk of you. I agree we need Gagne having some confidence and I beleive the non move was the right call. Schilling being left in was okay too for the simple reason his pitch count was so low. Whether or not he breaks down after the 6th or 7th inning doesnt mean squat…It’s all about how many pitches he has thrown more so. Although I don’t believe Francona to be the greatest manager by any stretch, he was the one to lead us to the promised land…and that after falling down by three to the Yankees. Must have done something there don’t ya all think? I think our run to the series starts tonight, we start winning today and will eventually clinch. Then we will hit the playoffs sitting well, the only 4 questions will be Manny, Youk, Gagne and whether or not our 2 imports are rested enough!

You yank a pitcher because of his inability to get the hitter out, not because of the pitch count. brayman is right the Sox has 2 problems, lack of timely hits and Francoma’s Grady Little symptom, latter being the bigger problem.
vince man, be happy. Torre at least guides the Yanks from the insurmountable 14.5 back to within 2.5 games.

well EVEN IF they win tonite after today the sox will be tied ( in the loss column ) with cle and prob ana for the best record. interestingly enough those two who have pretty much clinched their resp div’s don’t seem too worried about resting their guys. not at this point anyway. wonder why that would be? guess they might want home field?

IMO the only two guys on this staff who should ever go past 7 ( at the most ) are beck and dice (he’s even questionable) because they are the only ones with enough velocity to get away with close/bad pitches. UNLESS they’re up 10-1 or something like that.

Noboby seems to be interested in Bryan Corey. His stats 5 innings pitched, 1 W, 3H, 1 BB, 3 SO, ERA 0.00. Why didn’t Francoma use him in the 7 or 8 while Oki is on structured rest?

oo7chow, I would herald his stewardship of a team that came back by a lot, but Joe has a veretable all-star team, year in and year out. When he didn’t, like when he managed the Mets, the Braves, and the Cardinales, he laid an egg. What makes one think that mediocrity would have morphed into superiority once he hit the Bronx? It didn’t. If Joe Torre is a poker player, he gets dealt a full-house every hand. I can’t imagine him guiding a team into the playoffs like the Twins, Tribe, Mariners, etc. I can if it is Jim Leyland (who, unless he puts up enormous numbers the next 5-7 years, won’t make the Hall of Fame, like Joe easily will). It’s a shame.

well not that they need it but the yankees got another gift today from TB this time. shields, one their 2 starters with a winning rec, has been shut down for the year. not injured from what i read. just don’t won’t him to throw a-more inn’s. he would have pitched against NY next week.

I would value home field advantage a little more that it looks like Francona. Everyone knows the umps give more calls to the home team… especially the Yankees. There is also that scheduling snafu that gives the top team a choice of 5 games in 8 days vs. 7 days.

check out the btm 4 in that lineup folks. i’ll save ya the effort. .261, .254, .247, and .241. they may surprise me but i think that pretty much tells ya where this is heading. once the yankees catch them and at this point i have lil doubt they will i’d bet he will hardly play any of the big boys. i’m sure every one will have some lil nick and need to rest up for the playoffs. all i can say is i hope his play for tom strategy works out. i really do.

Smckinny, gift from Tampa Bay? We average almost runs a game against them this year. We’re not exactly shakin’ in our boots. Right now we’re bird hunting and we’re trying to catch some orioles, then it’s blue jays. All the while, we’re trying to fend off ferocious tigers. Then it’s off to Tampa Bay to go fishing against the Devil Rays.

my bad hinske is actually hitting .215. i was looking at the wrong line.

vince. i know yankee fans struggle with reading and writing so let me help ou out. just kiddin. look at what i said though. you’ll see “not that they need it”. my point was he was one of the two decent pitchers TB has and now your guys don’t even have to worry about him. trust me. i don’t expect NY to lose more 2 games from here out.

Is Hinske trying out for the Pats? That hit on Posada over the weekend was something else.

WIN THE WORLD SERIES, IAN? The Sox won’t even win a game in the Division
Series with Tito’s timebombs set to explode every seventh inning. Now is not the time of year to nurse a lead or nurse Gagne out of his funk! Now is the time to manage from your gut not from HMO guidelines. He should have secured the division first taking the pressure off the team so they could rest and tinker for the post-season. As it stands now the Sox will have to battle until the last day of the season for the division and won’t have anything left in the tank because of tht psychological toll of blowing such a large lead. Again!

The truth of this season is that Brian Cashman has outmanaged Theo Epstein and Joe Torre is outmanaging Terry Francona. Offense has been the Sox problem all season, not pitching. When the pitching became psychologically exhausted from lack of run support, timely hitting, and aggressive baserunning, Theo panicked and went after Gagne when he should have pulled the trigger on a deal for a five tool guy like Jermaine Dye. A guy like Dye, regardless of low production this year, would have been the solution to a Drew slump in right, a Papi breather at DH, and Manny’s injury. He would have brought homerun power, baserunning pressure, and competent defense to our outfield as well as a veteran presence who has won in the post-season. What did Theo get instead? Gagne, who despite moderate success in Texas, was nowhere near his LA form and Bobby Kielty.

Theo, I know you have to play to demographics and satisfy the fantasies of carrot topped armchair outfielders from Southie sipping a brew at Bennigan’s, but I thought that T. Yawkey’s Our Kind of Player philosophy left the building when Dr. Dave Roberts stole second base to beat the Yankees in 2004! The Curse in Boston was not the Bambino, it was racist, puritan penny-pinching and apparently the Nation has yet to fully overcome it! Dynasties thrive on diversity not the hording of resources, gate receipts, and cable television contracts!

Red Sox right now is the 4th best team in the A.L.

Whoever says otherwise as of now is just plain nuts.

Can the Red Sox grab some momentum down the stretch and play better? Absolutely they can, get a nice winning streak together. This idea of them not caring about the division is insane.

They’re saying this because they have blown a HUGE lead and that is they way of spinning it. Talking about a foolish idea. It has Theo written all over it. Trying to reinvent everything. Just like he tried to have a bullpen by committee, trying to reinvent the wheel. Remember when camp started in February they said a closer wasn’t important. There spin on that was look at recent World Series winners there closers developed during the season. Wainright with the Cards last year. Jenks with the White Sox and they expect the fans to buy into that. Whatever they say is in stone and it is the best way to go about it. I certainly disagree with them on this TOTALLY!!!!

Why play tonight? LOL….

Oh by the way about tonight’s game. They’ll win and they’ll probalby ending up smoking the Jays!!!

ah bosox. ever the optimist! this team’s problem this year is/was really pretty simple. their pitching is good enough to prevent long losing streaks. their offense is so inconsistent they can never get on a good long winning streak. THANK YOU THEO & DAVE MAGADAN. theo had a chance to imp their weakness and instead opted to try and imp their strength even more. bottom line is they’ll make the p-offs and prob not win the div. the p-offs should actually be int this year. one great off team with avg pitching, guess who? and 3 very similar teams w/ good pitching and avg to decent offense.

bosox. i’m out for awhile so make sure you cuss tek for me please. i’ll be watchin on the espn crawl.

I really wish that Gagne would get his stuff together already. When he coughed up that game last night it reminded me of my cat when she gets a hair ball.

I will not cuss out Varitek. They guy has been solid. He isn’t hitting this year, didn’t last year as well. He does so much for this pitching staff. Of course if he comes up with guys in scoring position, chances are he will not drive them in.

Another night, another game, the beauty of baseball, you can’t feel sorry for yourself. Time to play.

It all boils down to this. There is a 10 game sprint left in the season and the Sox are even with the Indians and have a 2.5 game head start on the Yankees. Nothing that has happened prior to today matters. It doesn’t matter that they had a 14 game lead in May, or that they trailed by 3 games in April. All that matters is these last 10 games.

Starting tonight, it’s a new 10 game season. Let’s see what the Sox do with it.

gsm you are totally dead on. If they get there act together they will win the division and perhaps have the best record in baseball. If they continue to play the way they have ( losers of 4 of there last 5 ) they will be out in the 1st rd. and the season will end in early October for sure.

There’s that word again, DEFENCE. What’s up with that?

Matsui just went deep. 1-0 Bombers in the second.

Bucholz is looking pretty good. Narrow strike zone for Frank Thomas. Same thing happened last night.

What about Mannys knee injury last year in the closing days. Does this guy really want to play? Every year there is some drama. How about stepping up to the plate and play through some pain. Yea I know say what you want but its time to MANUP!!! I am so sick of hearing all the bs coming from the front office and TF. How bad do you want it? “Those people” (NYY) want it don’t they? This is war you win or your a deadbeat

I agree gsm52, Manny’s a great ballpalayer, but he’s a prima dona. He can’t hold a candle to Big Papi.

centre instead of center…

harbour instead of harbor…

I could go on gsm….

Safe to say your not going to Canada anytime soon….

A beautiful city is Toronto and the people are very nice and the women, well they’re very nice for sure.

If your manager had a bunch of Ramirez’s around he would be in a loony bin.

Just think about the stuff we never here about him. Alot I am sure.

I admire Francona’s loyalty to his players. It has obviously payed off in Pedroia’s case. However aside from him I can’t even think of another player. The issue here is not that Gagne blew one game, it’s that this is the fourth time. Even the games he hasn’t blown have been mostly harrowing to watch. I think saying that getting to the playoffs by the wildcard is a cop out. For a team to blow the lead we’ve had is embarrassing. Where is the pride? The killer instinct? I don’t expect them to win every game, but making the same mistake four times? If I did that at my job I’d be fired end of story.

No chance. Steinbrenner wouldn’t put up with him. Yankee fans, forget it. We’d boo him out of town.

Brian, I have been to Toronto and you’re right, it is beautiful. Actually, my roots are in Canada. My dad was born in Nova Scotia. During my time in the Navy, I had several port calls in Halifax. Halifax was among the best liberty ports I ever visited during my career.

Nice job JD Drew!!!! way to go

JD crushed that one!


My grandfather was from Nova Scotia, Antigonish was the city. The water was quite warm up there, alot of jellyfish there. Alot of nice folks up there.

Not a good inning here. Tough play there with Pedroia throwing to first with a pitcher covering.

What they hey was Bucholtz thinking on that play.

What a great call by West, his foot was off for a split second. Jays didn’t argue so they know it as well.

Mike Lowell not given up on the play. A veteran move for sure.

It happened right in front of the Jays dugout and they didn’t argue at all.

I can’t say I have ever seen that one before but the Sox needed a out bad.

I guess you should never play poker with Lowell, did you see how non-chalantly he just stood there at 3rd, waiting for him to move??? NICE, MIKEY!!!

Delcarmen’s coming in with 2 out in the 5th.

I am sensing an uproar if this move doesn’t pan out like Francona planned.

I personally think he should have put Papelbon in for the 13-out save.

Well J.D. looks like he’s getting his groove back slowly and I’m hoping he slowly and surely get consistently good. Not hot, but good. Hot is asking for too much.

No offense to Gagne, but no matter what, when making the post-season roster, Red Sox Brass need to look at how he’s fallen apart when given the chance to hold a lead. Honestly, in my opinion, no matter what, if I was in charge, barring him fixing himself, he’s off the roster for the post-season. Sounds like an impulse move, but unless he can show me he can get it done with the game on the line, then he’s out.

So as for getting into the playoff via the wild card, no question it would be disappointing, but at least we’d be in. That said, I’m completely with mattkid152; where’s the hunger and killer instinct for the division? If they’re that lethargic about it, I don’t expect the Red Sox to get too far in the playoffs.

However, I can take solace in one thing: last year’s Detroit Tigers. Granted changing a culture of losing and then getting to the WS is huge, the Red Sox have a culture of getting into the playoffs 4 of the last 5 seasons. That has to count for something. With this group, anything less than the WS will be a complete disappointment.

Normally I’m optimistic, but I’m throwing in my usual cynicism today (y’all don’t know me personally; then you’d understand how much of a cynic I REALLY CAN be, lol).


Hey. about Bucholtz’ play: We’ve seen our veteran players make more stupid moves than that this season, just call it a rookie s–cr-ewup.

Bucholtz will next pitch on April 30th of 2009. LOL….

If your not going to let him compete out there you should have had him come out of the pen 3 times as opposed to 1 start.

More valuable to this team with 3 relief apperances than 1 start.

Ack, I go back to the TV and see we’re down 2-1.

What the… :-O

I think it’s time I break out with my super-cynical Red Sox fan mode…


I was thinking Papelbon to finish the 5th. Gagne after that.

Yeah, since when do you spell DEFENSE, >defence<??? Is that like “I jumped de fence in my back yard”???

Brian, I know Antigonish well. My dad was from Meagher’s (pronounced Myers) Grant, just outside of Musquotoboit about 35 miles from Halifax.

A couple of rookie mistakes by Bucholz, but still not a bad outing.

On that play at third base, most umpires aren’t watching or if they are watching, they don’t have the stones to make the call. Good job by the blue!

There’s one thing I have to say: We can’t just worry about the Yankees next year.

The Blue Jays clearly will rock our world. gsumner has been screaming that for a while now.🙂

Didn’t the Sox score about a thousand runs off this guy last time they faced him?

That’s no lie Paco, Sox and Yankees better enjoy this year because next year the Jays will be very tough.

You know I’m seeing more and more Magadan bashing. Did any one give him his due when Coco picked up his average, or when Dustin started hitting out of his mind?? How about all the extra time he spent with J-Go when he was in his slump. I think he’s getting a bad rap. The players are the ones who are expected and paid to hit (unless you’re paid to pitch) You are only as good as the material you have to work with.

gsm52: This is why I hate umpires sometimes. It’s time that baseball get out of the bloody basement and start using instant replay to some degree.

No other group of game calling officials complain about it. So why are the umps screaming about their integrity? Are they and baseball that full of themselves that they can’t admit to making a mistake?

Oh wait…never mind…

Cowboy Joe was on top of it…


Peggy’s Cove is beautiful…

I’ve really enjoyed my times there….The people are so nice and fish n chips is the food to eat…..

Never have been there in the winter and this just in, NEVER will….

Sox bats are dead again, there is a shock!!!

Kazmir awaits on Friday night and he owns them….Not good here folks….

Remember they’are playing for the wild card anyway…That is there attitude and it shows on the field!!!

Ellen: Magadan I think preaches too much with taking walks and being patient. Don’t get me wrong, that’s always good, but I think he goes overboard with it.

But yes, you are only as good as the players you work with.

Off-topic, but Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird I can keep listening to loop for hours😀


This is the 3rd time the Sox have faced this kid. The first time right after the All Star break and shut the Sox down, edged out Beckett 2-1. A couple of weeks ago the Sox pounded him, Lowell with a 1st inning blast. Tonight this kid is making the Sox look foolish. Sox hit the field feeling sorry for themselves, no desire, urgency and no passion at all.

This is the 3rd time the Sox have faced this kid. The first time right after the All Star break and shut the Sox down, edged out Beckett 2-1. A couple of weeks ago the Sox pounded him, Lowell with a 1st inning blast. Tonight this kid is making the Sox look foolish. Sox hit the field feeling sorry for themselves, no desire, urgency and no passion at all.

bosoxbrian: Hope for a really good game Friday night, we had tickets but due to my upcoming surgery I can’t go and I’m sending my husband and his brother in my place. I want them to have a really good game to watch! I’m spending my day making a couple of posters. Look for the ones behimd The Sox dugout, I’m making one for all my Brownie Point blogging buddies!!!!!

I know this is lame, but do you think maybe they’re tired?? With all the money they’re making, I could go 162 plus!! lolololol

Can I be on the poster?😀😛

My Gameday, locked up, anything happening?

Yeah Brian, fish and chips. Real fish, like haddock or the ever famous scrod. And those skinny, greasy onion rings, not the things they have down here that look like donuts.

I used to go up to my grandmother’s house as a kid. No running water. A well, a pump, and an outhouse. Very nice in December. I’m sure now where that saying “freezing your **** off” comes from.

Paco, most missed calls are missed because umpires are out of position or they can’t make a legitimate call and will not ask for help. A good example is a tag play at first base or whether or not a first baseman pulls his foot off the bag. The home plate ump has a perfect line on both of those, yet you never see him asked for help. Replay would fix a lot of that. In fact, it could be used for everything except balls and strikes.

I will not be there Friday night. I want to stay at home and listen to Joe Magrane ( just kidding gsm )

Sox get to hang out along the gulf tomm, so don’t feel sorry for them. A 5 star hotel on the water, what a life. A ugly color ( sorry ellen and jeff ) but it is a ugly color.

I hope your surgery goes well, just like your honeymoon back in 1984 I believe. Get well ellen!!!

Go Sox!!!!! GO!!!!

You know, it seems to me that in 2003 and 04 we used to do a lot with 2 out!!! Let’s go Sox!!!!!!

Nice, go Hinske!

Keilty needs to bring back the crazy hair, just my two cents.😀


Your right about the onion rings. Great fish up there. Guys wearing skirts is nasty but that is the tradition. I know they’re called kilts ( I say skirt )

Bases loaded and what will happen???

I say Gagne should pinch hit!!!

With the RBIs Lugo has, I could expect something nice here…

Lugo you go!!!!

He has a very productive low average!!!

He usually drives in runs in these situations!!! One of the few I have confidence in!!

They’re loaded up!!! LET’S EMPTY ‘EM!!!!!
I think Bobby Kielty looks like a better built Richie Cunningham. I hear his nick name is Ronnie Mac as in Ronald Mc Donald!!!

Pacol just close out to RS home page and go again!

Anytime you get jammed like Lugo, it takes a little bit to get out of the box. That is what happened there.

**** near!!! Oh well! Let’ Go RedSox Let’s go!!!!!

True enough Brian, but if he had been busting it down the line from step one he’d have probably been safe.

Just alot of history with the architecture of the (used to be) Don Cesar.
bo: That was my 1st marriage, this one is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

My 1st husband probably couldn’t tell you where Fenway is!!!! This one wants to go there “HAPPY 10TH, ELLEN AND DAVID”

True enough Brian, but if he had been hustling down the line from step one he’d have probably been safe.

You might be right there gsm.

Replay showed that….

When I played back in the day and believe you me I know alot about getting jammed. lol…

It is tough to get out of the box. Been there done that!!!

When you hit one on the sweet spot, you get out of that box quick. Just from what I have heard anyway!!!

Josh Towers is warming up in the bullpen for the Blue Jays. Hopefully he comes in for the entire 8th inning because Ortiz is due up 3rd and he is 5-for-15 with 4 HR lifetime.


Everyone has 4 homers against Towers…..

Except for Drew!!!

Yeah, they shouldn’t show replays like that. We’d have otherwise never known the difference. It is tought to get out of the box when you get jammed up.

Lugo’s mental and fielding errors are so costly, and his bat is not strong either. Not hustling was really bad, he would definitely had beat it out hustling, as he almost beat it out loafing. You can’t do that at this point in the season under any circumstance. This miscue (like all the others) is really big — probably will cost us the game, maybe the division (along with 4 or 5 other losses we have been talking about) — but not NOW — that really hurts.

When the organzation is talking about how winning the division is not important. What message does that send?

As the great Herman Edwards says, you play to win the game!!!!

Of course Edwards is probably the worst coach in the N.F.L.

I know how great Papi is, but this year I’d be more fearful of Lowell than David.

I think Ellsbury needs to be running now. Don’t take the bat out of Lowell’s hands, let him hit, but get Ellsbury moving.

We need to: TAKE THE LEAD


All I can is is OH S*it!

The best pitch Lowell had to hit was the first one, right down the middle. I hate that about the Sox “patient” hitting philosophy.

Everytime we need runs in the 9th inning, Hinske is one of the hitters.

I love his style of play and the energy he brings to the team, but how about a big hit?

Don’t worry guys, the wild card is ours. The division is not important.

What a great message to send to the players!!!

Let me get this straight.

Red Sox last night were ahead 2-1 in the 8th with 2 out and no Papelbon. He hasn’t pitched since Friday.

Tonight they trail 2-1 in the 8th with 1 out and Papelbon is in.

Francona needs to be drug tested right now!!!!

Great minds think alike Brian!

2-1, deja vu all over again.


Hey SMc I liked the scotch.Thanks for the advice.Rough game though.

Francona doesnt use Paps when he has a lead, but puts him in when we trail by a run. Simply genius francoma. Now its 6-1. How r we gonna bounce back from this? There is no heart left on this team. This is a disgrace. Fracoma needs to be fired. Now i just wanna make it to the playoffs, who cares bout the division. How can a team bounce back from this? How?

How can you blame Francona when he did EXACTLY what everybody was clamoring for him to do last night in almost an identical situation?

Now you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining.

Yeah, you can’t blame Tito for tonight. The Sox just didn’t perform, period.

Well, I’ve had about enough of this for one night. See you all Friday.

Doesn’t look good does it — wow if mgt only thought like us — lol — I didn’t like the Pap move either in this case, you have a ground ball pitcher who wants to finish what he started, better chance doing that than two strikes out.

But I still put this game on Lugo, he killed what could have been a rally (at least a tie at the time) by loafing in bases loaded situation with a 1 run deficient — inexcusable.

That diffused our momentum at the time big time– and changed the complexion for the last two innings.

Too many problems right now — our NL-team can’t hit, never could compared to previous years, no clutch hitting, looks like no clutch pitching… this horse may be out of gas —

If the Jays don’t put the hurt on the Yanks for the next four games, we will know its the SOX. Hopefully the Jays are playing great right now cause they have no pressure on them.

I’m with Zachary; this was not Francona’s fault. At least not today.

I can taste the wildcard already…and it tastes I vomited in the back of my throat.

My apologies for the grotesque image, but I think RSN can excuse me for that.

Sorry team, but I don’t care at the moment whatsoever. Give away the division lead, just go ahead.



Without Manny and Youkilis, our lineup is below-average. You have power in Ortiz, semi-power in Lowell, and the rest of the team is a bunch of singles hitters.

Think about it: we are sliding Eric Hinske and Bobby Kielty into the lineup as a substitute for 36 HR and 167 RBI combined between Manny and Youk.

The fact that we face Kazmir on Friday could not come at a worse time. Watch Ortiz get the night off on Friday since he can’t touch Kazmir, then that’ll really be a lineup to reckon with.

All I can say is thank God tomorrow is an off-day, because three nights of pathetic offense is all I can take right now.

well guys we still have a half game lead,lets beat up on Tampa Bay.

We have the wild card right? Maybe it’s time to rest the entire team to get ready for the playoffs. The Sox seem so beat up right now it’s unlikely they’ll be worth much otherwise.

Francona’s mistake tonight was in walking Zaun, who hasn’t got an important hit all year. Instead he elected to face Lind and Adams, both good young hitters up from AAA, trying to impress their bosses and earn a job for next year.

There was only one out-one of the two would get a hit or hard high fly ball. If he had pitched to Zaun, he’d likely either strike him out-cause Papelbon owns Zaun or have him hit into a weak grounder.

After walking Zaun, Lind strikes out-so Boston would have been out of the inning.

I’m surprised Tito didn’t know about Zaunies numbers against Papelbon and pitch to him- I think he’s like 1 for 25 or something-suffice to say Papelbon owned him.

Bad mistake-cost you guys the game. And now the Yanks are only 1.5 back.

Good luck from here on in; I think you’re gonna need it.

I like how Youk gets HBP and is out for a week, then Beckett hits Giambi above the elbow and he acts like a mosquito bit him.

A-Rod and Jeter played hurt recently! I don’t freakin get it. I guess the Sox are playing for wild card again and giving the Yankees back their usual spot! I guess the Sox management could predict that Detroit would be swept by the Indians. Yankees back in first by Monday. My vote is for Lowell as team MVP! Has anyone seen Manny lately????

What an outrage to blow a 14 and one-half game lead!

Lets say one game in the loss column.Still blaming terry?Way to go PAP!!

@alvarez1901: That’s cause we all know Giambi took steroids. Of course it wouldn’t hurt.

@dgneubert: NL-hitting team? There are plenty of NL teams that will hit better than the Red Sox at the moment.

@gsumner: Good point about Zaun, but the thing is Francona trusted Papelbon to get them out of the jam, and he unfortunately couldn’t

Honestly, if we really are playing for the wild-card, then we don’t deserve to the wild-card. The Mariners do cause they’re actually caring to play some offensively-oriented baseball. Teams that earn the wild-card get there cause they played hard down the stretch, not like this.

Honestly, if we’re this year’s Tigers, and if that means a WS trip, well…I’ll take it, but it’ll still be a bit dubious of a trip to the WS considering how we would have possibly failed to get the division again.

is it possible the sox will lose the lead then regain it on the last two days of the season? the sox love drama.

I wonder sometimes if the players even know they are in the majors and that there is something called a record, and a lead, and a division winner, and that the lead fluctuates as teams win and lose games. I really have to wonder because no one on the team ever says anything, they just keep losing.

Well, anyway… go Red Sox!!


Pittsburgh Pirates offense is better,bet if they had our pitching theyde be champions

There is no reason for any of us to have confidence in this team since they don’t have confidence in themselves. I have followed baseball very closely for most of my life, and the only time I remember a collapse so epic is 1978, and I don’t recall that very well since I was 9. This team seems content to let the division slide to the Yankees since they will get the wild card by default since the Tigers are tanking just like the Sox. What once looked like a likely World Series champion now looks more like a team not worthy of playing in the post-season. We all need to be realists, even those of us who are usually positive. This team is an embarrassment. It doesn’t matter that they are still in first place. This is the most important part of the season, and they are showing no life. You would think a three-game series in Tampa Bay would cure what ails the Sox, but the Devil Rays are a better team right now. They have a much better offense, and guys like Sonnanstine and Jackson seem to shut down the Sox bats. This is simply pathetic.


I agree Jeff, this is hard to stomach.

You know how sometimes the players say they don’t watch the scoreboard, and everybody usually tells them that they’re full of it since everybody does?

I wonder if that’s true for the Red Sox at the moment…


Poor excuse for a MLB franchise! (If) they make it as the wild card, it will be three and out.Horrible demonstration of a supposed major league team. Can’t wait for the winter sport’s to begin.

Do not take The rays lightly,they are playing well now!You guys should be use to this by now.

Jeff’s right-you guys are toast

We can still pull it together.We just need some offense.

@gsumner: Since you’re a Yankee despising Blue Jays fan, mind if you tell your team to sweep the Yanks too?😛😀

After getting off of work at 9 I fully expected the Sox to be winning and when I heard they weren’t I was stunned. I guess that is how bad this team is right now. I’m sure you are all were stunned just like me when Pap was brought in TONIGHT in the 8th inning. Tito is beyond lost at this point. If he doesn’t get it together soon he will be done at year’s end.

I think this team and their fans should be thanking whatever God they worship that the WC was invented. I know it is cliche but the key is to get there and they still have a week and a half to get their @$$e$ in gear.

To win the division I need to see them go 7-2. If the Yankees play 9-1 then I will tip my cap to them and say you deserve it by how well you played in September. But right now this team will be lucky to not lose 2 this weekend. Also, do not underestimate the power of playing at home the final week and NY playing road games. That could make a difference if the teams are tied in the L column on Sunday.

It is amazing how close all 4 teams are and how EVERYTHING in the AL is up for grabs. If I had my choice, I would want to play LAA in the 1st round home or away because the Sox know they can beat them and have done it before. Plus if CLE gets best record which they very well could with their cupcake schedule (Oak, Sea, KC) then they would get Carmona/Sabathia for 4 against the Yanks and then have them be nice and tired for an ALCS series against BOS if they somehow make it that far.

Friday we turn to AL CY frontrunner Beckett. There is no one I would rather see toeing the rubber then him and a win would boost his already great chances.

One last thing, if it means losing the division to give regualars rest and set up the rotation I say do it.

And to the B Jays: Would you mind playing with this type of effort in New York? They looked pathetic last week in games 1-2 against the Yankees (and in pretty much every game in the last month) then took it to another level this week. Win one in NY, but I could very easily seeing that team lay down and die to the Yankees


Well we have Halliday, Marcum, McGowan and Burnett going-so I like our chances.

We’d love to sweep them, but realisitically, I think it’ll lkiely be a split series


But the bosox shouldnt be depending on what we do to the Yanks


You know one of the major problems with Sox fans, is they have no idea on the competition. I have stated how good our ptiching is a number of times on this site and no one took me seriously. Now after allowing 5 runs in 27 innings maybe you do.

We do have the best pitching in baseball right now. You have seen it in this series, and you will see it in the series we play against NY.

As a Bosox fan, you should be praying our pitching is great agasint the Yanks-so we can save your ***, cause it’s becoming quite clear that your team can not do it.

Gsumner: Just ask you team to win one. That is all I ask. With the pitching you guys have going that shouldn’t be too hard. We take 2 of 3 in Tampa and we are still up 1 full game w/ 6 to go.

Well I feel confident that the Jays can take 3 out of 4.

We will take 2 of 4 against the yanks-count on it.

We want to beat those A*s*s*h*o*l*e*s a lot more than Boston.

Remember the A-Rod incident in Toronto-we will never forget what that jerk did, and every series we play-he will pay

rizzo-but your guys won’t take 2 of 3 from Tampa-right now Tampa is a much better team than Boston-expect 1 of 3-no more.

Take 2 of 4 in the Bronx and I will forgive your team for the @$$ whooping it put on us this week. If you guys hate the Yanks so much, you should allowed us to win some so they didn’t have a chance at the division😉

It’s not a good sign when the only time you’re confident in your team is when Beckett takes the hill. Fortunately for us, Friday is the one time every 5 games where we are allowed to feel good about the Sox going into a game. And if you still don’t feel good about it, here are some reasons why you should:

1. Beckett is our ace and the stopper for this team. His performance against the Yankees last Saturday should stick out in everybody’s mind.

2. He is pitching for the Cy Young right now.

2a. If he wins Friday, that’s 20 wins on the season.

3. Tampa Bay has somehow only seen him once this year.

4. 10-2, 2.23 ERA on the road this year.

And I would not want to see Anaheim at home to open up the ALDS, they are very tough there. Plus if you face the Indians, you’re never out of the game because of two words: Joe Borowski.

how devastating was that losssss…god even i the eternal optimist cant stomach this ****. we either get 15-20 hits, or 1-4. sickening. tonights problem was we couldnt hit another no-name pitcher…just like all year long. how many losses do we have to sub .500 pitchers and guys just starting up anyway? we had 3 regs out of the line-up tonight, I hope we have them back soon, like the next game. im hoping the yanks cant keep that pace up being that there pitching used to ****.

Well GSumner also let me tell you something about ignorant Yankee fans.I live in new York City and the guys around here say the Blue Jays **** because they are from another country.What kinda stupidness is that?!
i be trying to tell tell them that if Toronto did not have half of their team injured,they would be whoopin the yanks.I guarantee you that.And yes A Rod is NOT an angel at all.

“right now Tampa is a much better team than Boston.”

I know you don’t like the Sox, but come on! That statement is asinine. A team that is 33 games under vs. a team 33 games over is never at any point a MUCH better team.


I believe one day A-Rod will get what’s coming to him. We’re not the only team looking for him.

chman. glad for you. scotch is a treat. kinda like a good desert. when life kicks you in the nads treat y-self a lil. go get a message have a nice dinner and take out your frustrations on s++t like this, don’t let it beat you down just use it as an outlet to vent and then appreciate the good things you have. it could always be worst. trust me. we all have somethin to lean on. woops i think that’s a song lyric but applicable nevertheless.

I definitely know Halladay and Burnett will record W’s against the Yanks.What are the chances of both Marcum and McGowan BOTH losing?


I’m talking about now-not history. Hey I like the Sox. Of course my fist tem is Toronto, but second is the Sox, and now that we now longer play you guys, I want you to win every game.

But, you have to be realistic-not hold our head in the sand, and right now Tampa Bay are playing better than the Sox-that’s fact.

Thanks Smc.Hey Smc atleast we will go to the postseason.Let us just hope things turn around.And GSumner,I apologise for what I said to you last night.And trust me,A-Rod is a great player but does not conduct himself as one.

Rocketmann- why do you come on here ONLY when things are going good in the Bronx?? If you were so confident in your team why did you not say “here come da Yanks” in June when they were 14.5 out? I smell a fair-weather fan in the worst way. But hey that is what 80% of the “Yankees Universe” is. I can stand most Yank fans, I have to living in NY. But it is people like you who make the all of Yankeeland seem like *****.

@rizzo1087: Key words: “Right now.” The D-Rays are good now and somehow are getting better. So I’m only counting on 1 of 3.

@gsumner: As Red Sox fan, I honestly never take the Blue Jays lightly. They have always played us hard, no matter the pitching. It doesn’t matter if your team’s pitcher is 0-11, he’ll have a chance to get that first win against us. Curse of the Blue Jays perhaps, lol.

Rizzo do not waste your time on that fool.He seems like Sentinel to me.


It’s hard to say which one of our guys will win. I do believe we can take 2 of 4 in the series. I think we will get quality starts from all 4, but our hitting is no **** at the moment because of injuries-so it really will be when the hitting shows up

Thats what I been trying to tell these guys living around me.If the jays did not have half of their team out with injuries they would probably be play off bound.I think if you guys can put up a couple runs early in the games,you will have it won.Halladay is one of my favorites and Burnett when healthy can stifle any offense.


Actually this is the first year in which the Jays haven’t won the season series with the Sox for quite some time. In apst years we have owned you, but not this year.

Well GSumner me and a Yankee fan friend of mine had a nice conversation about young pitching today.We both gotta admit we like your rotation.

chman. thank you

Right now our rotation and pitching overall has the best era in baseball since the break, which not a lot of people realize. I think Tito now does-lol.

McGowan, Marcum and Litsch have all been pleasant surpirses.

I think it gets better next year when Chacin, Romero and BJ Ryan comes back.

folks. this a first for me. i have never seen a manager whose team is leading the div pretty much concede it. i understand his philosophy but it is really a joke. all he’s doing ( and i’m repeating myself i know ) is deflecting the crtisism of blowing a 14 1/2 game lead by sugg the div title doesn’t mean anything and doing what ever he can to make sure this team is as well prepared for the playoffs as it can be in hopes that a playoff run will make people forget how incompetent he is at his job. GOOD LUCK with that.

The Red Sox are taken on water fast. A sinking ship, they do have a captain but he couldn’t hit the side of a barn if he tried. Neither could anyone else.

If the Red Sox don’t care about winning the division. Why do they play Oritz with his ailments?

This organzation should be very embarrassed about this collapse.

One big difference from 2007 to 1978. When Dent got lucky and hit that homer there was no next game, 1979 was the next game. This 2007 team does have the playoffs. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I never thought in a million years that this lead would be so slim. I thought the chances were slim and none. Yankees smoked the Sox in 5 of 6 games. That is the reason why the Yankees are where they are and the reason why the Red Sox are falling quick!!!


Don’t get upset with me, but I think any faith Boston have in their youngster Buchholz is going to be short lived. The kid has lot’s of poise, but is fastball is in the 91-93 range and no movement. Give major league hitters a few times at him and they’ll sit on it and blast him.

Tito made a good decision tonight to take him out, because our guys were starting to center him up-as other good fastball hitting teams will do.

Speaking of A-Rod, if he conducted himself at least some class, then people wouldn’t hate him. He just rubs you the wrong way.

I love his talent and would love to have the talent on the Red Sox if it wasn’t for his seemingly jerk-like personality.

Bucholz willl be fine if he learns to use the curveball and change up with the fastball.

I doubt major league hitters will be blasting Bucholtz. The kid is a legitmate front line starter. He has a great delivery and is consisent with it. A great changeup and he has only been throwing it for a short time.

You don’t have to throw 95 to win in the big leagues.

If you know how to pitch you will win and the kid has confidence on top of it.

Any major league executive loves his stuff. For some reason gsumner you don’t think he is any good. You are sadly mistaken if you think of Bucholtz in that way!!!

I agree with you smc about how Tito is trying to deflect critcism of blowing a huge lead. But I also agree with him in some ways. The playoffs are what matter. It would be stupid to run Beckett out there 3 more times, or Dice 3 more just to win a division. Then he is taking heat when they lose in 4 in the 1st round b/c they have no pitching.

Unlike the Mets, this team has a safety net to fall back on if and more likely when they blow the division for good.

So I commend him for biting the bullet and allowing a 14.5 game lead to slip away IF it means having a rested Beckett Dice K and Schilling for games 1, 2 and 3 in La or Cle.

@gsumner: Well if Buchholz’s fastball was that bad then he wouldn’t have been that good in the minors. Not only that, he wouldn’t have been this good if he had no movement on his fastball.

Honestly, he needs more time at AAA just to get used to how much better they are down at that level, and I feel he’ll get that because I don’t think he’ll be starting very early next year. His AAA record wasn’t as good as his AA record and I think he needs just a little more time at AAA.

But he’ll be back in the majors next season, that’s for sure.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no way I want to see Anaheim anytime early in the playoffs if at all.

Their whole package scares me.

rizzo. you can buy into this “resting people” B-S if you want. bottom line is this is the most rested of all the playoff teams already and they are playing the WORST b-ball of all 4 as well. “resting” is franCOMA’s crutch for failure. compare the inn’s for dice and beck to that of ana and cle’s top 2. and while your at it look at the pen’s as well. REST will have nothing to do with who wins in the p-offs. it will be who can score the most runs. the pitching is and will be a wash.

Well SMc ill go pray for a miracle dude,Have a good one and good night.

Whoever is buying into this we don’t care about the division stuff needs to be checked out.

What kind of message is being sent to the players?

It is all about confidence and attitude, frame of mind. The Sox right now don’t have the killer instinct. There confidence level is ZERO!!!

they lost again. 1.5 out closing time for the sox. the fans should stay home. ship out terry gag-again and a few more. they don’t play like they want it. 2004 was a miracle, and that was 3 years ago. it is always a let down with these bums.

Chances of Winning the Division:

9/16 – 93%

9/17 – 84.7%

9/19 – 77.2%

9/20 – 64.1%

that is the saddest thing ever…in 4 games we lost that much in the standings. ugh.


It’s just pathetic that the Sox had only 3 hits last night. Francoma made the right move overall. Unfortunatewly it was one night too late.
Notice how the opposing manager’s move to protect one run lead?

Hey sumner you talk alot of trash,The yank will do just fine VS Jays ,This a not a Boston line up,they seem to care Good luck next year,year after or when ever!!

The only silver lining for me in this disaster of a meltdown is that I made the decision early in the year that I wouldn’t shell out the $160 for MLB extra innings and watch the Sox play great all year and then flush everything down the toilet at the end of the season… again… like they have every single year as far back as I can remember.

I said this earlier but it has had more time to develop over the past couple of games: A-Rod is entering his annual October swoon. 3-29 with 2 RBI in his past 8 games.

It’s ridiculous that the Yankees have managed to stay hot without their biggest bat in the lineup, but it helps when you are playing the Orioles. Hopefully the Blue Jays can catch the Yankees off-guard and at least split.

It is only sept could be the calm before the storm come Oct.Quit begging!

One more thing,red sox schedule also had the lowly orioles and the lowly white sox,you seem to have forgot!

I have to admit it. I have not even looked at the box score today. With all the good that the quants (stat guys) have done for the Red Sox, they have failed over the last few months. They thought that it was all about positioning for the play offs. It is hard to believe that some of the players do not feel let down by this approach. We have rested people, watched lineups that looked like the Paw Sox, had pitchers shut down, because management thought that we could cruise into the playoffs. We forgot about putting out the best lineup we could, trying to win every game, playing with pride and passion, building a winning spirit, and having fun. That’s what wins pennants and World Series. That’s what the Yankees have done.

jeff. what you said X2. this team is a direct reflection of their passionless robot of a mgr. it is embarassing. plus i have to buy a new golf bag. can’t take the ridicule anymore.

zachary the yankees have 7 guys hitting .285+ with more than 65 rbi’s. while a-rod is the main reason they are where they are he’s not the only one. i hope he stays cool though. might catch up to them in the playoffs.

I know its too late… but this was an option that appears to have made sense… Pick up Sammy Sosa at the deadline and replace that human waste we have in right field JD Drew for the stretch run… Texas probably would have parted with him for cheap and his salary is rock bottom.

Sosa – 90 RBIs in 403 at bats playing for a bad Texas team.

Drew – 53 RBIs in 441 at bats, hitting in front of Ortiz (the league leader in on-base percentage) and Ramirez all year.

Sosa has plenty of faults, but at least he drives in runs… OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM THE ENTIRE YEAR! It would have been refreshing to have someone in the lineup that actually appears to want to hit the ball vs. take 1000 pitches and hope for a walk.

If anyone tells me that Sosa’s defense stinks, I’ll reach through the internet and strangle you. We’ve proven the last 2 years that Defense means squat. We had far and away the best defense last year and didn’t even get a sniff of the playoffs. The only reason we’re making the playoffs this year is that its a down year for # of wins across the league.

look at francona’s tenure here big picture:

04 – well on their way to being swept in the p-offs until the big sox fan in the sky intervened.

05 – lose the div on the last w-end. bounced in alds by chi.

06 – lead the div as late as aug. don’t even make the p-offs.

07 – lost 14 1/2 gm. well basically. p-offs TBD.

see a common thread? franCOMA’s coservative save guys for later strategy doesn’t seem to work to me. these guys are pro’s and for the most part excellent athletes. they are not tired. anymoreso than the other playoff teams anyway. they are just playing AWFUL b-ball and it just doesn’t seem to bother ol tito.

Well, Beckett is really going to have a chance to lock up the Cy Young tonight in Tampa. I’m predicting he’s going to come through for us and give up -1 runs… yes, that’s negative 1. Our best shot to win this game is for us to take down Kazmir by a score of Zero to “Negative 1”. We all know that we’re going to score zero against Kazmir, regardless of the line-up we put out… so that will require Beckett to throw up a Negative 1. If he expects the Cy Young… and if the Redsox expect to hold on to the division, thats what he’s going to have to do. Let’s all keep our fingers crosses.

rayman. first of all wish i had your foresight. i could have had much more fun with money i wasted on the MLB package. watchng the espn crawl is much less stressful. end results the same but you don’t see how the debacle took place. your points re sosa ( or you could pick 10 others at least ) vs. JD are very valid. JD’s here for the duration thogh. he’s untradeable and he will play. they just are not going to put a 14mm a year guy on the becnh long term. he will prob sit a few between now and a week from sunday knowing tito though.

oh well their is a potential silver lining. IF they do wind up blowing the div. and DO get bounced in the ALDS i don’t see how tito comes back next year. in fact i’d say if they don’t make it to the series he is ( or certainly should be ) iffy at best.

Malt beverages on a all time sales high in Boston

rayman. i think this team could figure out a way to lose if both pitchers threw shutouts.

Yes, I agree… that is why I’m hoping Beckett puts up “Negative 1”. Zero beats “Negative 1”. Would help his ERA as well.

problem is if they use the lineup they used last nite i’m not sure boston can get to 0 even.

Do you really put all this on Francona? He is middle management and does what he is told. His power to make decisions is limited.

If we can get Manny and Youk back in the lineup and if the Sox get into playoffs and if Francoma won’t fall into the Grady Little symptom and if the we have a little timely hits, the Sox can conceivably beat Cleveland or LAA, and then the Yanks.

Kazmir’s last two starts: 13 IP, 0 ER, 8 H, 21 K.

The only way to beat Kazmir is to work his pitch count and get him out of the game. It’s almost unbearable to think about, but I wouldn’t count on Ortiz being in the lineup on Friday night. Between his knee really bothering him lately and his career .147 BA against Kazmir, Tito is probably going to try and get him back-to-back days off. Good to know our two biggest power threats will be on the bench in virtually a must-win game.

And for those who love our AAA-like lineup, it’s only gonna get better. Count on Bobby Kielty being in there, although he is hitting .421 with 2 HR off of Kazmir.

Wang wasn’t an idiot when he hit Youk on the wrist. Now he’s out for the 2nd to last week of the season. Fabulous. Gotta love how things always go in favor of the Yanks.

And what’s going on with Manny? He looks fine in the dugout & when they show him taking batting practice. We’re dying without him.

I think we have no chance to win if we keep playing these awful lineups. Perhaps we’re just playing like the team we really are (with people hitting like Lugo, Drew and Tek really do)….. I hope that Beckett pitches amazing tomorrow. He definitely deserves the Cy Young, so I’ll be rooting for the -1. Haha.

When things go bad for the Sox, it went bad. Think of last night’s game. What would happen if Buchholz did not make the throwing error? What if Lugo went all out for the first base and beat the throw by Adams after he bobbled the ball? One run would have scored and the bases remained loaded for Ellsbury.

We’re at the point we’re every possible thing is going wrong for us. I’m sure that string of bad luck will end eventually… hopefully its before we are bounced from the playoffs, assuming we make the playoffs.

We will make to the playoffs. The magic number is 3. If we didn’t, it would be colossal meltdown, collapse, failure in sports since Adam & Eve.

We have a chance to gain 1 game on the Yanks tomorrow if we win.
Halladay and Wang has identical ERA 3.82. Halladay has a career 10-4 against the Yanks and BJ beat Wang twice this year. Advantage BJ.

rayman. gotta disagree. the majority of the time you make your own luck. a bad bounce or break here and there might cost you a game now then. but this is just bad/inconsistent baseball. has been for the last 3 mos.

IF ortiz sits friday then it’ll just be validation that tito has in fact bailed on the reg. season. i don’t care how good kazmir is. he’s not un-hittable and ortiz is far and away ( at least right now ) the best and most dangerous hitter they have. i said it when they did last time. if ortiz is healthy and you put a team out there w/o him this late in the year in the sit this team is in you’re not trying IMO.

i can rem all the biggies. ’75, ’78, ’86 as well as the other lil ones along the way. this one wouldn’t be the most shocking because you could see it coming 6 weeks ago if they didn’t start playing better. but it would be the most disappointing i think. not just because of losing the div.. i’m used to that. but because of the way they’ve just flat out choked and it doesn’t seem to bother any of them. mgt and players included. oh well like the man said it’s a 10 game season. they go 8/2 ( ha ) maybe 7/3 they can salvage some pride at least.

I agree. Ortiz has to play tonight. Kazmir’s ERA is 3.52… including 4.55 against Baltimore, 5.25 against KC, 4.91 against Toronto, 5.84 against the WhiteSox… sooner or later he has to come back down to earth… would be nice to see Big Papi great him.

We have had some bad luck with Youk and Manny’s injuries, but enough is enough… someone has to step up.

the AL east is obnoxious. the red sox basically have the same record as both cleveland & anaheim, who are both leading their division by at least but the red sox have a 1.5 game lead.

i’m tying of having to settle for the wild card b/c the yankees are in our division. it’s so annoying. there isn’t even a national league who has a record that good!

We can’t complain that the Yankees are in our division because we also have the worst 2 teams in the AL (Baltimore and Tampa).

bottom line is the previous 2 years ( and this one )the yankees were very beatable IMO. all boston needed to do in 05 is when that last series. nope. last year boston has a lead in Aug. and what happens? failed in the clutch again. the yankees won the div. last year w/95 wins. that’s not GREAT or unbeatable by any means. this year is TBD but it’s lookin like deja vu all over again. francona has had 2 good weeks ( ’04 ) of clutch baseball in 4 yrs. other than that this team has consistently folded in the last month of the season under his leadership. now players have to play/execute but you can’t tell me there’s not something goin on there with his mgt style/approach that contributes to it.

Francona has had 4 good games of clutch baseball and thats it (Yankee wins in 04). We were way better than the Cards and should have beat the snot out of them. 4 good, clutch games in 3 years. Not very impressive.

well i was giving him the benefit of the doubt. the series is always clutch IMO. plus the card’s did win 105 games that year. not too shabby.

bottom line is this team is 50 and 43 over the last 3 mos. take away the week b-4 the yankee series ( 6 w’s against TB and Chi ) in NY and they’re 44 and 43. that just ain’t gonna get it done long term. they do still control their fate though. match the yankees w for w is all they gotta do.

Apparently Gabe Kapler is planning his comeback.

Maybe he can get into playing shape by tomorrow night and inject some life into this team with his possibly-chemically enhanced muscles.

tito would prob think he’s tired and needs some rest. best to save him for the playoffs.

Can the Sox keep in pace with the redhot Yanks? Yanks has remaining games with TOR, TB, and BAL. The Sox has TB, OAK, and MINN.
During the regular season, the Sox won 2 out of 3 of Minn series, 1 out 4 of Oakland series.

The Sox will fare well in the playoffs, the Sox won 6 out of 9 games played with LAA, 5 out of 7 with Cleveland. Yanks are beatable.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then yesterdays loss certainly says it all. The Sox’s offense has been terrible all year and now it looks as if their pitching is starting to catch up. Matzu, Wake, Lester, Timlin, Gagne, and company have all been horrible. Even the mighty Paplebon has been easy to hit lately. The Redsox will make the Playoffs but how many people out there truly believe that they will make it out of the first series? Varitek, Cora, Lugo, Drew, Coco, Heniske, Cash are all totally useless offensively and yet they still makeup half of the Sox lineup..And as for everyone who is waiting for Manny to come back and save the day, don’t waste your breath.. Manny is no longer the player he once was and I highly doubt he cares about anything but himself. Lester could have beaten cancer in the time it has taken Manny to comeback from his mysterious oblique injury. He reminds me of another premaddona dominican player indecline that would routinely take the end of the season off a la Pedro. Last weekend when the Yankee again spanked us you’ll remember that it was a HURT Derek Jeter who drove a three run homer over the Green Monster to solidify the supremacy over us.. he’s a real ball player who plays with heart maybe someone should sit down with Manny and teach him this concept.

OK, in the absence of all logic and anything else sane on this planet, I’m just going to be the same faithful Sox fan I was for all the years I was alive before 2004 and say the Sox will rebound from all this and be OK. The Yankess have been playing out of their collective arses for quite a while now. You gotta give them credit. Still, it’s Thursday, an off day, and when I just looked at the standings the Sox are still on top. It could be worse.

Over the weekend, the Yanks have to face those monster starters from Toronto and there’s only one team most people hate worse than the Sox, and that’s the Yankees. The Jays have been playing hard, not holding anything back, and will get their due in New York.

The Sox have Cy Young, a rested Dice-K and Schill going over the weekend. Youk could be back along with Coco. To me, things are looking up.

So let’s get behind the boys and quit worrying about what has been. I said it last night, and I’ll say it again. It’s a sprint to the finish, and the Sox have a head start.

By my count, Lester has been pretty good most of the time. What is he, 4 for his last 5 in solid efforts? Wake has been terrible, Matsuzaka might be tired, Okajima might be finished, Papelbon has looked human, Gagne is awful and Schilling is a time bomb to me, but let’s not knock Lester, he keeps them in the game and the offense just doesn’t come through.

Hi all, btw. Sorry I haven’t been around, just been extremely busy.

Oh and 007:

Yankees: 3-6 vs LA

6-0 vs Cleveland, 10-8 vs Boston (9 of last 12 and 8 of last 10). Let’s not play that game.

as far as manny goes. i’ll bet if this were the p-off’s he’d be playing. i honestly don’t think tito has any int in playin him b-4 the 3 against minn. hopefully i’m wrong.

If you want to get more creative, Yankees 3-3 with LA since July.


You are right, everyone hates The Yanks. In our case, I still think there’s still bad feelings from the A-Rod incident in Toronto and recent events from September 11th. Our guys have still not forgotten the A-Rod incident.

The Yanks did not help their case the last time they were in Toronto either. The Jays went out of their way to put on a classy September 11th rememberance because the Yanks were there. The only comment from the Yanks came from Joe Torre who was p***** because one of the commericals ran on the stadium video screen was a new baseball game and the screen had two kids playing baseball with one throwing at A-Rod. As you can appreciate, that’s probably a good way to sell a baseball game in Toronto. lol.

The comment from Torre was not appreciated as you can imagine. There was no acknowlegement of the Sept. 11 ceremony, no thank you, nothing. The Jays did not have to do anything for September 11th-but they did and did it with class.

For the first time this year, we have our rotation set up properly to face the Yanks and all starters-Halliday, Marcum, McGowan and Burnett have an extra day rest-so we should get 4 quality starts. Our bullpen got very little work in the Boston series, as you’re aware and are fully rested.

The problem is Wells, Glaus and Overbay are gone for the year and Johnson and Zaun are still recovering so our offense is weak.

But I can assure Boston fans of one thing-it won’t be a lack of motivation or effort that beats us.

So go take care of business with Tampa and hopefully we can take care of the Yanks.

gsm you’re right about the whole “sprint” thing. i just don’t know that this team ( well mgr ) has any int in running the race. we’ll get a good indication this weekend IMO. if the ortiz sits tom w/no manny, youk, or coco that pretty much sums it up as far as i concerned. even if youk and coco do go he should play. w/o manny he’s their biggest threat. even w/manny he may well be. if you have any int in the div no way he sits. he may not be as good against LH’s but he’s a HELLUVA lot better/more dangerous than any other option they have.

if you look at the schedules it’s actually pretty conceivable that all 4 teams end up with 96 w’s. don’t know exactly what that would do to the playoff set-up but obviously boston would be the WC.

If it was not for all the injuries Gsumner,I could definitely see you guys taking 3 out of 4 or sweeping the Yanks.


If it wasn’t for all our injuries this year, you might be chasing us, and the Yanks chasing you. lol

We’ll give them a go. I expect a split is likely the outcome.

All signs point to Ortiz sitting tomorrow night, including a couple of articles I have read reagarding Ortiz’s ailing knee and how it is “probable” that he will get Friday night off. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Can you imagine how pathetic our lineup is going to look come tomorrow night? Beckett is going to have to pitch some shutout baseball. Luckily for us, he is completely capable of doing so.

Put Gabe Kapler in the #3 spot in the lineup tomorrow.

My prediction is that Ortiz definitely plays tomorrow. As everyone has said… our lineup is going to be pitiful enough without him.

class? jsumner?

you mean to tell me the Yankees are supposed to publicly thank you b/c of the ceremony of 9/11? and since they didn’t how you wanted them to – they are low class? and the video was totally classy?

I think i’ve heard it all now……Torre defines class, I don’t care what team you’re a fan of…and if you think not publicly saying thank you is classless over a video of children hitting AROD, then I don’t know what to say. 9/11 was a horrible terror that New Yorkers amongst all, have to be reminded of every day and you’re judging them and also making a stupid video and displaying it at the same time of this wonderful ceremony? now that’s low class

Pardon my ignorance of playoffs rules, is it possible that the Sox plays against NYY in the first round? I guess not, not teams in the same division?
hi yankeevmm, which team would the Yanks rather play in Round 1, Cleveland or LAA? It may not be wise for the Yanks to go all out and win the division.

Talk of collapse, poor NYM has to win the division, unlike the Sox, NYM has no safety net to fall back on.

In the spring training, did the Phillies’ SS say that Phil is the team to beat in the NL East? It was laughable when he said it then. Well..

From what I read In two weeks time,sox how great thou art,to how great thou ****,you are great fans!!

Hey sumner,The jays are chasing the wind!!

007-you got it, they can’t play in the first round if they are in the same division.

I would be more comfortable with the Indians. The Yankees were 6-0 against the Tribe and 3-6 against the Angels this year, 3-3 since July. The Angels are an evil, evil team, especially in a short series in the playoffs and only the Red Sox seem capable of beating them.

gsumner, don’t misinterpret the Yankees’ silence on the Jays’ ceremony for 9-11 as a show of disrespect or lack of gratitude. I won’t pretend to know what they were feeling that day, but my guess is many of them, especially those who were in New York on 9-11, had a tear in their eye and a lump in their throat. The Jays and the Canadian people displayed a lot of class in remembering that day and honoring those who were lost, and those brave people who were there to help out. But for those of us who in some way were touched by the events of that day, it’s difficult to express much of anything except profound sadness and anger. I think the Yankees silence on the matter is a reflection of their feelings about the meaning of the ceremony, not a lack of appreciation. It’s difficult to explain, but somehow I hope you understand. If you want to hate the Yankees because they’re the Yankees in good fun like we all do here, that’s great, and that’s baseball. But don’t take personally any reaction from anything to do with 9-11, because that all goes way beyond reason that we understand.

I personally did not know about the ceremony until it was mentioned here. I did some research and saw a little of what the Jays did. I was in the Navy at that time, and had friends in the Pentagon, and some of my shipmates didn’t survive the day. It’s a difficult time to talk about, but it’s nice to know our neighbors in the North have not forgotten, and took the time, especially with the Yankees in town, to remember. Thanks – Garry

from a yanks fan. let me say i feel the pain. you sox people feel like most yank fans did the first half of the year. even 500 ball would now have you virtually buried at this point. its baseball. i do however want to say, i want you kill us well and healthy. i want papi pain free and well. i want mannyac playing. i worry that the yanks cant continue under this kind of stress. mental and physical, through the end of the season then through the playoffs to the series. i worry about that i do. i want all your guys up and running i would get no satisfaction from whipping 2/3 of a bosox team. if the yanks can hold up that long and win it all, i want to say, yeah, and we beat their best. that is as it should be i think. if you fans and mngmt/players give up on the season i will be disappointed. it is the yanks who should be saying play for w/c but yankees can’t do that. it isn’t an option. it could be the result. to play for wc is not what yankee teams do. i don’t really know what to think about the injuries on your team. i truly don’t understand manny. torre has to nail jetes to the bench to stop him. yankees if necessary and capable crawl to the plate and position. i look forward to beating you and your best come the time. show your team they may give up, you don’t. good luck and see you soon, one way or another.

Great comments gsm,as a viet nam vet iam with you.because of 9/11 NYC we are fighting terroism,some one has to.There will always be war,so sad.but some one has to take a stand!!What has Canad for besides a stanley cup!!Get the point!!Now back to base ball.

Question from one Yankee fan to Boston Red Sox fans: Is Manny worth it? I’ll concede that he’s a heck of a hitter (a Hall of Famer in fact!) and he’s not as bad as many people say about his defense, but he appears, nevertheless, to be a major distraction because he doesn’t appear to have enough heart. I think, next year, the Sox brass should trade this guy because people are tired of the same-old same-old “Manny is just being Manny.” The Red Sox need his bat in the lineup desperately now, and he’s absent even though many accounts say he’s okay to play from his batting practice swings. This is just one observation from an “outsider.”


I thank you for such a well written and thoughtfull post. I share your thoughts and feelings for that day, since I had personal losses as well.

The comment Torre made was in regards to a commercial ran during the game, after the ceremony. As you can appreciate, the Jays have no input on advertising content paid for by an advertiser.

Frankly, I was surprised Torre made any comment at all. One way or the other, I think his comment took away from the rememberance of the day and what it meant. I do have alot of respect for Torre and consider him a class act-which is why the comments were so surprising.

9-11 was clearly an event that changed the world and should be remembered. As a Jays fan, I was pleased we did our part in remembering this tragic event.

I also hope, we soon have a ceremony in The Rogers Centre in rememberance for all our soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice in Afganistan, since the number increases almost every day it seems.

No misunderstanding, we hate the Yanks as you do in baseball terms-nothing to do with 911 and I hope we wup them over the next few days.

For those of you with all the confidence (& I wish I had it, too), I hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t think the “rest” factor holds much water. Remember when Boston cleaned Chicago’s clock (swept 4 with 10+ runs in each) a few weeks ago? That was just before the next to last series against New York. The next day was an off-day for the Sox, but NOT for the Yanks, and we saw how valuable that was. The Yanks then proceeded to cool off those hot bats in short order, as they swept Boston, who couldn’t score more than 3 in a game against them – and one was a shutout! So yes, I hope Toronto gets the best of ’em, but the Yanks have shown they can turn things around in a hurry. And as for Boston, well… I hope someone can correct me, but I don’t see evidence of the same.

At least on paper, I can’t see any National League club taking the crown this year. The AL looks loaded with my Bombers, your Nation people, the Angels, and the Tribe. The only team out of the Senior Curcuit that appears to have a chance is the Mets because they match up well with all the AL powerhouses. But, somehow, they have to get out of their funk first, which they may or may not do.

I live right on the border of NYC and it’s fascinating to watch Mets fans freak out while Yankee fans rejoice about their team. Mets fans claim to hate the Yankees more than the Red Sox fans do. I was never sold on this fact until now, because if you want to see some bitter fans, look no further than the supporters of the Mets. They are not angry that the Phillies have almost caught them, they are angry that the Phillies have almost caught them AND the Yankees are the hottest team in baseball. The only way to describe it is to think of the Yanks as the older brother and the Mets as the jealous younger brother.

This whole season, the Mets have been “New York’s team” since they have been in 1st place. They’ve even grabbed a couple of front pages in the Daily News and New York Post (which IS a big deal if you’re a Mets fan). But now things are back to normal, the Yankees own New York and the two teams who battled it out in the ’86 World Series are left to sulk together.

Terrorism effects everyone . Canada is 1/10th the population of the USA. Most people do not know this but Canada has a special forces team in Iraq along with many other soldiers not to mention the numerous soldiers in Afghanistan . We lose soldiers everyday who are fighting to keep all of us safe . Next time you ask what is Canada good for , do a little research. Canada has been fighting with of you . We all contribute in our own way . We need to be thankful for all the soldiers who put their lives on the line

I want to wish you well with your surgery and a speedy recovery . You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

The Love/Hate relationship I have with the RedSox has never been trickier than right now. Our yearly collapse is beyond laughable. It’s so painful to watch our team flush 90% of the season’s great accomplishments down the toilet every year end. It’s very hard to swallow our massive payroll, great stats, hall of fame credentials, and poor results…

However, it’s impossible not to love and appreciate the accomplishments of guys like Big Papi, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lowell, Papelbon, Bucholz, Lester, Oki, etc. If you subtracted a few of these guys, I’m pretty sure I’d just let go and not care so much… If the deadbeats like Drew, Manny, Crisp, and Lugo would just wake up… we would win the series this year.

Ellen, here’s echoing indigo’s thoughts for a successful surgery and complete and speedy recovery.

Indigo, I’m well aware of Canada’s commitment to the fight against terrorism, and appreciative of your great country’s continued support. Beyond that, it’s a good thing not to have to worry about our northern border.

I gotta support Manny on this one. Oblique strains are nasty and take forever to heal. If it’s still grabbing him even a little, he’d be gone for the season if he tried to come back too soon. All things being equal, I’ll take Wild Card and hope for Manny in the post season rather than taking a chance on him to win the division and losing him for the post season. To be honest, there’s no guarantee he’ll even be ready to go for the post season. I’m telling you, that kind of an injury can linger for months.

LOL! Rayman94, if you’re a true Red Sox fan, you’ll never let go. You’re addicted. I know it, you know it, we all know it. It’s the way of things for Red Sox fans. It’s kind of like having a wife you really love. She can bring you such pleasure, but man can she be a pain in the ****. If you didn’t love her, she couldn’t hurt you. Being a Red Sox fan is no different.

rayman. personally i’ve always compared being a red sox fan to a date with a really hot woman. there’s always that CHANCE you’ll wind up with the ultimate prize but unfortunately the majority of the time you wind up THIS CLOSE and disappointed. that 10% can be pretty good though! hopefully this is one of those 10%dates/years.

gsm. i think the manny thing is because IT’S MANNY. i’m guilty of it as well. but the fact is if it were ortiz, veritek, or anyone else ( well except for JD maybe ) no one would even question it IMO. honestly though i think tito has more say in it than he’s expressed publicly. i’d bet if the playoffs started tonite he’d be in the lineup. just my guess.

Indigo t, right on! We’re all the way with you Canadians. You’re our closest alies by a long shot! And God bless your servicemen and women who fight for our freedom!

smckinny, you’re probably right about Manny except with that kind of an injury, you simply can’t play. When it grabs you, it’s like getting stuck in the side with a knife. It’s very painful. But you’re right, Manny’s past does lend credibility problems to all of this.

Good analogy with the date thing. You must be single. I guess I was married too many times. I gotta start thinking like you.

I agree with most of the comments about being a RedSox fan… but there are a few differences this year. In the past, I felt like I liked almost all of the players… but we just came up short by injury or slight lack of talent. Example, Trot Nixon the last few years. This year, there are many more truly overpaid, underperforming, unlikable players than we have ever had. I actually cringe when I think of Drew, Lugo, Crisp, Tavarez, and even Manny. With Manny, I’m finally at the point where I can’t accept that the guy can make $20M per year and not even run out of the batters box.

Hi everybody,
I’ve been gone a long time. I’m just too busy to comment so I read what’s on here and follow the Sox on gameday if I can.

Ellen, good luck and speedy recovery.

rayman, gsm, smc, I hear you about being a Sox fan. It’s a joy and a nightmare.

You know, it’s been a long time since I started being a Sox fan in ’67. And I always hoped for pitching, starters and relievers. What a team we’d have if only the pitching staff was up to the task! Well, now we have it, but they are still the Sox, the same give-it-up-at-the-end Sox. This year could still turn out differently but they have fallen into the old pattern and it worries me. Last winter I wondered if the team had enough RBI men and it looked like they didn’t. I thought we needed a power-hitting corner infielder and RF. Who knew Mike Lowell would step up in such a big way? But it seems that Theo is leaning more and more to a team of good pitchers and OBP guys at the expense of power. And the team is looking pretty unbalanced right now because of that.

I’ve supported both Theo and Tito in the past and mostly still do. But they need to put some emphasis on scoring runs again. And having that killer instinct. Not just this year.

They’re still in good shape and can get hot and make us all forget this bump in the road. I hope they do. GO SOX!!

rayman, you are right about the Sox not being as likable as they once were, JD, Lugo, Manny. And God forbid they get A-Rod!! Maybe that will be the end for me! Anyway, hello to all and keep up the great blogging work.

C’mon Sox, turn it around!!!

rayman, I feel your pain, or at least some of it. To me, Drew has not been a disappointment. I thought he was overrated, overhyped, and overpaid. I never thought he was a good acquisition. I thought he’d play 130 games, hit .270 with maybe 10-15 home runs. Lugo has played pretty well the second half and I look for better things from him next year. I don’t have any real complaints about him at this point. Crisp is underachieving a little with the power numbers, but has played brilliant defense and hit about 10 points lower than I thought he would. Tavarez is Tavarez. He has filled a lot of gaps this year. He’s been kicked around some, but also gave the Sox some quality outings. Manny started off the year well. He was hustling out of the box and making good plays in the field. However, before he got hurt, he was back to his usual antics and you’re right, for 20M a year, fans and management should expect more from him.

That being said, Beckett, Pedroia, Lowell, and Youk have been a joy to watch. Papi has struggled through tough times and has still been a leader. Okie Dokie and Papelbon have been unbelievable most of the year, and look at the future with the likes of Ellsbury, Bucholz, Delcarmen, Papelbon, Lester, and even Moss. Dice-K will get stronger and better, and I think the future looks bright for the Sox.

Just one more thought Rayman, about the Sox being likable. Did you ever see a bunch of guys enjoy playing baseball together more than the 2004 Sox. What a bunch of freaking characters. Bobble head dolls on the dugout steps, Papi and Pedro rubbing heads, laughing and carrying on all the time, win or lose. It was a magic year topped off by a World Series Championship. I’m not sure there has ever been a team like that, and likely there will never be another. That was baseball, the way it was meant to be played. It was good for the players, and great for the fans. I think they call it chemistry. Yeah, that’s it.

Just a couple of minor quibbles: The Brits are our closest allies, but the Canadians and Aussies/NZ’s would be right behind ’em; still a great honor to serve along side all of them & I hope no offense taken. In regard to the players mentioned above, Drew clearly hasn’t performed up to his paycheck this year – except for the first 2-3 weeks, when he was on a tear, if anybody remembers – & he’s not exactly “Mr Clutch” (yeah, that may be putting it mildly), but I’m sure he knows it. It is frustrating that he’s locked in to $14 mil for 4 more years – but that was the risk Theo took, and in retro, it might not’ve been a good one – here’s still hoping he’ll turn around. I don’t know what Lugo, Crisp, and Tavarez are getting paid, but I suspect it’s nothing like the other two. Lugo’s average has come up, and he has driven in quite a few runs – since the AS break, he might actually be hitting as well as Youkilis, who has slipped a bit – no offense to him either – everybody cools off now & then. Something to ponder: if the guys on the bench weren’t hitting a combined 0.200 or so most of the season, there’d be less pressure to play the 0.220-0.260 guys every day. As far as Manny not running out of the box, well, on a grounder, he should be; if its a fly ball, unless it’s headed for the gap or the monster, then it’s either an out or it’s a goner – so I’m not too concerned about that. I know his number are down this year, but with his normal production, I’ll look the other way on that. Do keep in mind that he almost never argues a called third strike & that speaks to his character and professionalism. I get the impression that Tavarez is a good team player, even if he is near the bottom of the pitching staff. I’m not sure where you get the impression that any of them are “unlikeable” – I never heard that about any of them before.

Go Canada!

unlikeable is a lil harsh IMO. most of the guys mentioned are having less than normal years. i think that lends to it quite a bit. plus i just think JD and lugo are pretty stoic personalities in general. i’ll give manny credit for one thing. he hasn’t changed. good or bad. like him or dislike him he’s the same today as day one. i kinda respect that. ultimately if they were puttin up normal numbers and still leading the div by 8-10 games i think they’d at least seem more “likeable”. i think what bothers some, i know it does me, is that losing doesn’t seem to bother anyone on this team. mgr or players. i know it’s 162 game season and you can’t live and die w/each w/l but once you get to sept. that’s when it really starts to matter and you’d like to see some evidence that they realize that.

Hey all!! Anyone getting the game tonight on MLB.COM watch near 3rd base for a poster that says hi to all the Brownie points bloggers! My husband is there and has the poster!
On a much more serious note,




The Red Sox will be fine. They will be at full strength when the games [truly] start to matter, the playoffs.

Hey Arnie, thanks for the good thoughts!
I would still love the Sox if Arod were there, I just couldn’t ever ever ever like him!!!

Would anyone who gets the NESN feed let me know if Jerry Remy or Orsillo read my note that I sent to the booth?? I did a shout out to all you guys and girls on Brownie Points I’ve got the Tampa Bay feed. Oh, what luck I have!!! lol man, I really wish I was there!!!

Dontcha just love that perm that the Tampa bay announcer has?? Very Very 80’s haha

Good luck to The Red Sox tonight.

A lot of liking a player comes from their stats but some guys are just not to everyone’s taste. I haven’t liked JD since he refused the Phillies in college, and signed with the Cards. It just seemed to me he should have at least one at-bat in the majors before he gets an attitude. And Manny , in a year when every baserunner is precious and every run needed, could you hustle? I like Julian, he’s a nut but he gives everything he has, even if sometimes it’s not enough.


Are you o.k. tonight? Your good old buddy ( don’t kill me for writing that ) Joe Migrane is on the tube tonight. I just got back from getting my tylenol because of Magrane.

Ellen your right about Dewayne Staats perm, how pathetic!!!

They could be the worst announcing duo of all time!!!

Hawk Harrelson and Darren Jackson would have to high on that list.

Good to see the Sox get a early run for a change.

If Beckett wins tonight he’ll get the Cy Young for sure. The first pitcher to win 20 and nobody even won 20 last year. Sabathia of course is right with Beckett. What a great matchup in the 1st rd. if they met.

Good Luck tonight Boston and say a prayer for the Jays . They are down to 3 regular players and one still recovering catcher. Good thing Doc is pitching

This pitchcount matchup isn’t exactly to my liking so far.

no kidding, 2nd inningand he’s thrown 47 with one out. Not good


Sabathia had a great game, his last time out which makes it all 50-50 in my view. Who wins the Cy Young will be dependent on the outings over the balance of the season.

Beckett is looking pretty good – throwing lots of strikes & getting ahead a lot – but he’s thrown a lot of pitches. For what it’s worth, he’s thrown 100 or more pitches 19 times this season, and he’s gone over 110 eleven times. His highest count is 117. If he makes it through five, he’ll probably go over 110 in the sixth.

Good to see the Jays finally getting to Wang. Toronto just took a 2-0 lead over the Yanks & are still batting in the 7th.

Wow! Halladay’s only thrown 90 pitches (68 strikes) thru eight. On the verge of shutting out the Yanks & recording his 8th CG!

****! The Jays blew a 4-0 lead in the 9th!

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