Beckett gets the big 2-OH

Good story tonight here in Tampa/St. Pete, with the ace pinning down win No. 20. All year long, Beckett has been the definition of stopper and in this one, he proved it again. Is there another horse you’d rather ride into October? I guess Cleveland has the best of both worlds now with two guys like that.

He got two bottles of Dom Perignon for his efforts — one from clubhouse man Joe Cochran, the other from Curt Schilling. "I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all this champagne," said Beckett. "I’m a beer drinking kind of guy."


Beverage of choice aside, not only does Beckett get the win, but the Yankees lose a marathon game to the Blue Jays in 14 innings. Mike Lowell, with the New York game still in progress, uttered late Friday night, "I hope they play 20."

Remember when I basically buried the Yankees in the AL East after a similar marathon loss at Detroit that was delayed several hours by rain? I was wholly wrong that time so I won’t try it again. But you do worry about the toll it might take. And now Rocket Roger — who is finally showing his age — can’t go today because of hamstring issues.


It seems that Terry Francona gets bashed a lot in the comments section of this space and I guess that’s what happens when you are a manager of a high-profile team like the Red Sox. But to me, this guy does an extremely good job of looking at the big picture and doing what is best for his team, without caring what the public perception will be.

As the old saying goes, "If you think like a fan, before long, you’ll be sitting with them."

Here is the way he put it today when he was talking about the balancing act between trying to win the division and also just trying to get to the playoffs with a fully functioning baseball team.

“Our goal playing
this year was to win the division and then go further and see how far you can
go and hopefully win a World Series. Now that things haven’t gone very well the last four days. I don’t want to start changing my answers.
Winning the division is huge. It’s important. Does it mean you’re going to win
the World Series? No. does it mean you’re not? No.

"Shoot, the competitiveness in all of us wants to win at everything we ever do. At the same time, I’m not
going to sacrifice our chances of playing further on. We tell you guys what we
think we need to tell you and there’s some things we probably don’t. I, and we
will do what’s in our best interest all the time. Sometimes you have to scuffle
through a little while, we kind of limped through Toronto. I’d rather never do
that, but I’d rather limp then then a couple of weeks from now. That was what
was going to happen if we don’t start getting these guys healthy.”

Well said, Tito. It just seems that everyone is just so obsessed with the Yankees at all times. What would you rather do? Beat out the Yankees for the division or win the World Series?

OK, I’ve said my piece. Now I’m sure most of you will probably fire back at me which is fine. We all have our own take.



The thing is, the division is something they have had wrapped up all year, not only is it demoralizing, which I don’t care what you say, at least in terms of the Yankees, it is demoralizing, but the World Series is not a given just because you rest your playoffs and settle for a wildcard.

I can flip this, what would you rather do? Win the division and maybe have homefield advantage and your choice of series length, or lose in the first round as a wildcard?

I’ve been off line for awhile but never stop following the game. Ian I would agree with you that Tito has been trying to do what is best in the big picture of the season. The only thing I have questioned him on is whether he leaves his starting pitchers in some games longer than he should when they get into trouble. Saying that I also understand that he is dealing with egos and every pitchers desire to clean up they’re own mess. Mostly I am talking about the starters and understand his desire to let them get the win. Well hopefully Beckett can get out of the 3rd with some pitches left. LETS GO RED SOX!

I think that Terry has one of the most incredibly demanding and un-forgiving jobs that there is, even though the pay is Pretty Good!! (don’t forget he is one of the not-so-highly-paid managers in the sport). Everybody is forever second guessing him and we as fans sometimes forget that at times I’m sure he is over ruled by the Brain Trust (Theo). In my opinion Francona handles everyone and everything with great deal of diplomacy, and he seems very reachable to the media. That in itself has to be a tremendous headache. When the team does great he’s a genius; when they’re failing, he’s a bum. It’s not a job that I would want or envy him having.

0-0 top 7 for Yanks v Royals. Go KC!!!!


Well, I guess not. But we still couldn’t so as well without him!!
I REALLY miss our announcers. Not once have I heard “Perdroi-er” tonight. I love Remy.

That is great to hear about the Blue Jays. We just had base loaded one out and just made it windy. Not surprising to anyone either. Huge half inning for Sox and Beckett coming up. Hold them here.

Top 7.. 2-0 ROYALS!!!!!

big stupid meant TORONTO!!!!!

absolutely completely totally blonde moment!!!!

Boy you guys are like little kids when you are winning and killers wken you lose ROFL.

Ah yes the Rays Bull pen finally!! It is about time the Sox make a game relaxing to watch the end for a change.

Jay’s 2 Yanks 0-top of the 8th

Both of these games are still too close for my confort level. We should be destroying this teams bull pen.

I might be totally ignaorant, but I’ll ask: What the LLEH is ROLF???

I meant to spell IGNORANT, see I am totally ignorant!! lol
And who are you?? to be passing judgement?? I’ve never seen you here before.

Jays 4 Yanks-0

Do you guys like that or waht?

I will when it is over. I never celebrate a lose by that team until it is over.

gsumner::I LOVE THAT!!!!! KEEP IT GOING!!!

I repeat we need to light up this bull pen.

Why can’t Ortiz hit after the 6th inning this year?

Has any team ever had as many ‘left on base’ as this team

What’s up with Mikey? I heard the other night that he really doesn’t like hittng in that spot. But he just seeems to be almost rattled all the time lately… I guess they’re all getting tired, huh??

Or K’s this year. This guy just struke out the side??? Is it me or has this years team struck out more than any in history.

manny D looking good tnight so far!! Go IImanny

Earth to Francona leave Manny D in!!!

You Go TEK!!!!!!!

That is a huge run

14 K’s so far this game??? Way too many.

yanks are coming back, bottom 9 4-2…. Come on Toronto!!!!!

4-3 Blue Jays Yanks have runners at 1-3

Tie score (4-4) runners 1-2, bottom 9

Can’t worry about them just gotta win.

Toronto seems to be good for nothing, they play the Sox tough and the Yanks tough for 8. Then they just lay down to them in the 9th. Aaron Hill makes a bad throw that Overbay should scoop, then a groundball goes right under his glove, a play that 85% of ML 2B make.

into the 10th at Yankee Stadium.4-4

Like I said I don’t celebrate till it is over with them. Especailly lately, they just are in that grove. It will end eventually!!

I hope gsumner has a good explanation for all this… lol

yankees are the comeback kids they play only when they need to and somehow win doing it

smartpenn: the thing is New York didn’t deserve to tie that game. Toronto handed it to them through sloppy infield play. Perhaps when you’re going good, other teams feed off that and create mistakes on their own.

Only salvation in extra innings
They are 3 – 6

Toronto is 7 – 8

What was that some people said about Papi not hitting after the 6th this year?

I agree
How many games should we have won and didn’t. The truth is this season should have been over for us long ago if we just won the games we should have.

blue jays are buckling under the yankee pressure

Hey lets be honest he really hasn’t, especially in close game. I do give him credit here. I can finally breath as long as Francona doesn’t bring in Gagne.

I know I’m just messing with ya. Maybe that is the swing that can ignite him

WOW, we really need The Jay sto literally step up to the plate now!!! Get them out and bang it in the 11th.

I hope so.

Oh boy, I think Gagne is coming in for the 9th. Anyone trust him with a 7 run lead?

nice hit by moss, who is that anyway?

We need a couple more insurance runs.

Alright 8 runs on 9 hits looks good for a change right? Hold on 17 stike outs?????? We still have issues.

I would really like to see a 1-2-3 inning for Gagne. We need it, AMD SO DOES HE!!!!

1 down, 2 to go for Eric. Come on Gagne, let’s see some of your really star stuff!! oh ****, just get it done!!!!

This is the Old Gagne, it’s about time!!!

One time don’t get too excited. If he does it again and again then I will feel more confident.

Great win for the Sox. Hopefully they can build on this and tear off a winning streak. Hey, how about they just win out the season? I’d go for that. No backing in, boys, let’s go!

Great win by the Sox. Beckett just earned the Cy Young with his 20th win tonight. Nobody won 20 last year. He stops the losing streak, AMEN!!!

Good to see Oritz go deep tonight. Varitek with the homer that gave the Red Sox a cushion.

Delcarmen was solid out of the pen.

Gagne pitched very well but with a 7 run lead. Not too impressed. Let’s see him do it when the game is on the line. I will be impressed if and when he ever does it.

Let’s hope the Jays win tonight and win it sometime at 1:00 a.m…..That would be just great!!!

Huge start for Dice-K tomm. night. Let’s see if the rest helped. Dice K doesn’t have a winning record against the Rays this year but has pitched well. Lack of run support has hurt him against the Rays. I don’t think that will be the case tomm. night. Sox bats will be alive and well against that rag tag arm Sonnasitine.

Wow, top of the 13th… Maybe 13 is the Yank’s un-lucky #. One can only hope.

Given how the Red Sox were riding high during the summer, we’ve come to expect *both* the division title and a good shot at the World Series. Sure, many teams have won the World Series on a wildcard entry, as the Sox did. But if the Sox have a lose streak like the one we just saw recently, it’s hard to be optimistic about how they would do in the play offs, regardless of title win or not.

Congrats to Beckett for his 20th win. He truly deserves it.

When the playoffs start I have confidence in Beckett and who doesn’t? Schilling is going to do well in the playoffs, the guy knows how to pitch and get major league hitters out. After that, who comes up big?

That is why Dice K has to do well tomm night.

Something tells me he will dominate tomm night. Remember most of the games in Japan are played in Domes. A big start for Dice K. His last time out vs N.Y. he was o.k. He needs to get alot better, start throwing strikes. His stuff is too good to struggle like he has. I think with the extra rest his gas tank will be near full again.

Jeter base hit in bottom of 13th

also, Japan doesn’t have this long of seasons, so DICE K is gassed, sorry, don’t have “it” for him anymore

any word on Manny? couldn’t watch 2nite

The extra rest for Dice K and perhaps not doing as much between starts could help him. We’ll see tomm night.

I think he’ll do just fine tomm night. The extra rest will do wonders!!!

Let’s hope this Jays and Yankee game goes on and on and on.

Ramirez will not play this weekend.

Perhaps sometime during the week.

I guess on Monday he had a minor setback. Tried running hard but his oblique gave him a problem.

I only want him back if he is 100 %. If he comes back too early, he could reinjure himself. That would be a major setback.

I will be shocked, but pleasantly surprised, if the Blue Jays can somehow pull a win out tonight.

They have zero momentum since they coughed up the 4-run lead and Alex Rios is the only true power threat since they had to pinch run for Frank Thomas. Their only chance is to dig deep into the Yankees bullpen and string together some hits off of scrub relievers.

Gagne looked good tonight. I am convinced this is the first time he has effectively mixed offspeed pitches in with his fastball in his tenure with the Red Sox. That is ridiculous to consider since his changeup was probably the most devastating pitch in baseball for a couple of years, but true.

With all the worry about the Yankees. I forgot to say how great it is that Josh is the 1st 20 game winner since 2005, and the 1st with the Sox since Schill went 21-6 in that wonderful 2004 season.

Gagne did it with a 7 run lead. Let’s see him do it when the game is on the line. If he does it then, I will be happy but until then …..

Agreed but you have to start somewhere.

Until then, why not give Delcarmen some extra responsibility? This is his 3rd year in the big leagues and teammates say his “stuff” is more electric than Papelbon’s. It seems like he has harnessed it this year with a 2.20 ERA but I think it’s time he start performing in big situations.

Delcarmen certainly pitched well tonight. Has great velocity and when he gets his breaking stuff over, he is very tough.


I would assume most do.

Gagne must prove he can do it. When the Sox have a lead in a close game, until then he’s nothing.

There is nothing that this Sox fan loves more than a Sox win with a yankee loss alamode!!!! No whipped cream necessary!!!!!

Gagne is pretty good with a mop. Maybe if he put “Mop-up Specialist: 1-2-3 guaranteed” on his resume, we wouldn’t have let him blow so many close games.

Let’s all hope tonight was the pin that popped the BS comeback the Yanks tried to put up… See… we’re going to wake up tomorrow and see the Devil Rays on our schedule… sans Kazmir. You’ll wake up and see the Blue Jays 2 1/2 games back.

dam. i missed another one of tek’s monthly hits. oh well. maybe i should stay away more often. looks as though it was a pretty good effort off and def. 7 more wins to go.

I don’t know why you clowns are bashing Tek. 14 homers and .250 / .358 isn’t bad for a 35 year old catcher playing 4 of 5 days. We have the best ERA and best defense… and you know the captain has influence in those areas.

I will give Tek the credit with handling the pitching staff. But as far as offense is concerned of his 14 homers how many of them were solo shots (?) and what is his average with runners in scoring position???? He just doesn’t hit anymore.

yay for beckett’s # 20🙂

rayman. i don’t think you can give much credit for the TEAM def to tek. he does handle his spot pretty well. he does still handle the staff well. off though the last 2 years he’s just not very good. and i’m comparing him to him ( what he used to do ) not other catchers. in sept when someone has needed to step up off he’s hitting .185. i understand it. age, etc. but it doesn’t change the fact. i just wish tito would bat him 9th and let somebody else try that spot because he hits with MOB so often due to who he’s behind.

smartpenn. for this year i think it’s ( avg w/RISP ) about .230 overall. w/ 2 outs it WELL under .200.

ian. just got around to reading your lead in. can’t speak for anyone else but here’s my take. i assume the question about yankees/div vs. WS was rhetorical. it has nothing to do with beating the yankees for me, altough that is always a nice perk. it has e-thing to do with getting the best record/home field. that inc’s beating ana, cleve, and NY. winning the div and getting home field doesn’t guarantee you the series but it HAS to be an adv to achieving that goal. what does the WC guarantee? nothing. except starting out on the road. unless my math is wrong ( which is not unlikely ) the wild card since its inception is 3 for 11 as far as winning it all. those are not great odds IMO. certainly not as good as 8 for 11.

oh and as for my buddy tito. i think most here are pretty fair to him and call it like it is/they see it. fact is he just makes obvious and rediculously poor ( IMO ) game decisions ( primarily pitching related ) FAR too often and leaves himself wide open to 2nd guessing. this teams performance at the end of the last 2 years i think bears that out. this year is TBD but right now it’s not very impressive. those times when he gets it right most will ack it i think.

Yea, its the game-time tactical decisions that are very curious. Seems like there is an inclination to give everyone a chance to step up to plate (ironic metaphor for pitching) and get it done, the theory being that every player needs to get the edge and confidence going into the playoffs. But when you can see it (so obviously at times) disentigrating on the spot, it seems other managers pull the trigger and let the team pick “whoever it is” up and get the win.

It always seems like the pitcher is one out and even one pitch away before unrecoverable damage is done — and it really could have gone the other way — but just never has recently — or all this year in these types of situations — can’t recall a single one right now where it paid off???

So you have to admire Francona for one thing — his players have to know they don’t have a manager that is lashing and berating them into performing, but rather is giving full and constant support and faith that they will rise to the occasion.

But even so, the tactical decisions over four or five in-hand games seem so unnecessary and so bad (to us “fans”) that it has created the very pressure we face now — who knows maybe that is good to — keeping us playing our best till the end.

Seems to be the most likely recipe for taking the division now is to win out thru the Oakland series, hope the Yanks drop two more in total to Toronto and/or the TB — and enter the Minnesota series with a 3 game lead over the yanks. I hate to have to win out or go 3-1 against Min to hang on the division or homefield adv.

Do the SOX have a 5 game winning streak this year? If not, we need on now.

This is what you gotta love about baseball — what other “TEAM” sport is there where 9 guys face each other as a team — yet the game is so dependent upon individual performance and decisions, including managers. I know these elements are there in football, basketball, hockey, etc. — but in baseball, one pitcher faces one batter 1-1 with the whole world watching for 3 strikes, 4 balls, or a hit — and every decision and move is made with ample time for the whole audience to consider and assess, agree, disagree…

It’s official, Beckett is our official “stopper.” And RSN (myself included) is singing his praises. The D-Rays can hit, there’s no question there, and so holding them to 1 run is always a positive.

The late innings is where our team decided to show up. If they can keep going with that (esp. Gagne), then we’ll be okay.

Maybe this is when we turn it around, I don’t know. But one can hope.

And of course, Beckett for Cy Young!😀


And man everybody here seems to complain a lot about the announcers…

I was originally thinking of moving out of New England later in life, but if I’m going to Boston for grad school (hopefully), then man, I can’t complain ever🙂

Rem-Dawg and Announcer Boy, such greatness in announcing😀



I couldn’t handle Joe Migrane last night so I took the night off and went to the dog track. Should have put up with the Migrane. But, I’ll be planted back in front of the tube tonight and then heading south to catch the game in at the Trop tomorrow.

I did follow the game on ESPN and saw Ellsbury’s catch which was pretty incredible. The kid is a mainiac on the field and has no regard for his own body.

Top 7 Jays 8 Yanks 6!!!!!

8-8 bottom7. Here they go again.

well looks like our buddies from the great north might not help us out today. if they wind up gettin 2/4 that would be a huge help though. goods news is i’ll be out most of the nite again so tek might go wild and get 2 hits!

It’s now 10-9 jays!! top 8


gsumner, your BeeJays are giving the Yanks all they can handle. Thanks! Good job.
Watch out next year Sox and Yanks!JK

11-11 top 9

You know, these two guys (Magrane and Staats)were probably most girls worst nightmares in high school!!

game time!!! LET’S GO SOX!!

It’s top o’ the 10th in NY 11-11….. GO JAYS!!

‘Tek and Lugo, FTW!😀


So yeah, smckinny, you need to go out more often as ‘Tek tied the game in the 9th and then Lugo hit a 2-run HR after Hinske doubled.

So yeah, go out more often!😛😀


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