Guess who's back?

I walked into the Red Sox clubhouse today, looked at the lineup card, and the first thing I said to myself was, "No surprises today."

This is because I had my eyes on the No. 4 spot in the lineup, where MIke Lowell was again listed instead of Manny Ramirez. But then I glanced up and, oh what a surprise, Manny Ramirez, he of the 490 career homers, hitting second in the batting order.

Yes, Manny is back after a 24-game absence with a strained oblique. He’ll get 2 or 3 at- bats and then give way to Moss or Kielty.

Live update: First Manny at-bat, he rakes a single to right. As if we needed any more proof that the guy could roll out of bed on a winter morning and hit a line drive somewhere. He’s just such a gifted hitter.

Youkilis pronounced himself ready to play tomorrow night.

Okajima threw a full-fledged side session before the game and will return Thursday. The troops are getting healthy!

Last minute scratch before the game as an ill Coco was replaced by Ellsbury in center.

Tonight’s lineup:
Pedroia 2B
Ramirez LF
Ortiz DH
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Ellsbury CF
Hinske 1B
Lugo SS

Schilling SP




Ellsbury has been playing great but is good to know Manny is back for the stretch. The Sox could really use his bat in the lineup even if it is for only 2 or 3 at bats.

Even better news: Igawa pitching for the Yankees tonight.

I would assume the first time in his career that he is hitting 2nd in the lineup.

When was the last time someone with so many homers in his career was hitting 2nd. I wonder what the thought process is with Manny hitting in the 2 hole? Very interesting. I say Manny goes deep tonight and if he does it in the 1st inning, the house will come down!!! With Ramirez back in the lineup, it gives the Sox a boost.

Remember the game of the week on Fox against the Sox? Igawa was the unexpected pitcher after the NYY SP hurt himself in the first inning. Igawa pitched **** of a game agisnt the Sox. Since then Igawa went downhill. But you never know.
Sad to see Ellsbury not in the lineup. Sigh……

Unless big Papi hits a HR, Manny can only go one base at a time.

the guy pitching for TB is ALMOST as bad statistcally as igawa. he’s just had more opp’s. that might be another 12/11 game. of course the way this year has been it’ll prob be 1-0.

The Red Sox HAVE to take advantage of tonight and win. Regardless of what the Yankees do, they have Ramirez back in the lineup and save for Hinske, that starting 9 is looking more and more like a plus-offense.

Although it’s hard to ignore Kei Igawa starting for the Yankees. Hopefully Iwamura has seen a lot of Igawa in Japan and can impart some wisdom on his teammates.

If I was a betting man, I’d take whatever the over in the over/under of tonight’s Yanks-Rays game is. A lot of offense.

good to see manny back. and youk tom night apparently. i definitely feel it’s a plus for them to get some AB’s before the playoffs start. not sure the logic behind him hitting second though. if anything i would think they woulda moved him down to try and inject some prod/life into the 6-9 spots.

On top of all these good news, Oki is available on Thursday night. The Sox is unbeatable!!

i do hope someone asks the question b-4 or after the game a far as the though process of manny hitting 2nd. not that it should really matter a great deal. but i do rem when ortiz was out they moved to 3rd a couple of games and he hated it.

Just a guess, but since Ellsbury is coming in for Manny after 2-3 AB’s, it would make more sense to have a power hitter in the 4-hole for the entire game in Lowell.

Usually Ellsbury leads off but having Manny hit first would just be absurd, therefore Francona opted to split the difference and hit Manny/Ellsbury 2nd.

manny at number 2 seems sooo strange… hopefully he can produce!🙂

zachary, if your guess is right and if it works, Francona is a managerial genius.

Good to see Manny back… His bat in the lineup changes everything…

I hope that Manny’s bat is healthy as well as Manny. We need to jump out early..
Go Sox!

Francona has him second to get the extra at bat before Ellsbury replaces him.

I believe Manny has played six games out of the two hole in his career.

Perhaps by Manny batting second before Ortiz he may get better pitches to hit.

Just because Hammel has bad numbers doesn’t mean he can’t shut the Yankees down. He already did once this year on September 2nd in NY throwing 5 innings of 1 run ball striking out 7. However IMO no one has to worry about New York. With Manny, Youk and Oki coming back I can’t see any worse than 4-2 this week. The Yankees will not go 6-0. To win that many in a row, not getting the final at bat, and for a team playing .500 ball on the road I would be stunned.

Why is Manny batting second? That’s easy. Hitting in front of Ortiz, he’s going to see some good pitches. He’ll be protected and be able to get some good swings. He alsl may get an extra at bat in the five or so innings he might play. Someone above mentioned he will be replaced by Ellsbury, which is also a factor. Another plus is that Manny does like to go to the right side which is perfect if Pedroia gets on. That’s what you want from your second hitter.

I just hope he doesn’t hurt himself again.

What’s with all the Pre-Game commercials tonight?? Like we don’t know we’re watching it on MLB.COM!!!!

Nice, Mikey!! Get a hit JD!!!!!

Does anyone hate JD Drew more than me? Can anyone explain how long Francoma will continue to bat Drew 5th? He truly is horrible.


Bosox hates Nancy more-ask him. lol

I don’t hate JD Drew, I just don’t think that aquisition was a good one for Boston. I don’t think he’s a good fit. He has been having more productive ab’s as of late.
He just hit a double.

There is only one player that I could ever truly HATE if he were a RedSox, and that would be….. ARod

A-Rod hits a slam. NY 5 TB-0

Can we please score some runs off this loser? 5 walks, 3 hits, and 1 error… 1 run on the board so far.

I fear Dustin Pedroia is going to end the season the way he began it — he is hitting too many fly balls now, average and hits headed south at the wrong time.

No one on this team can hit with consistency except for maybe one player who I don’t want to Jinx🙂 — its a tough season to be routing for the SOX — its absolutely amazing they have won as many games as they have given their lack of hitting all year and interesting game management.

Maybe they will explode in the playoffs — I don’t think they have had a single hot streak all year, where pitching, hitting, and defense all peaked and maintained high levels for a while.

Maybe it will after 6 more games, will probably be more of the same — which may be enough.

In recent years past, I always felt some on could knock off the Yankees. This year I don’t have that gut feel, infact the opposite. Their hitting has been good and consistent the entire 2nd half, and their pitching is finally coming together. Plus they probably really want to win for Torre (last year probably) — as much as I hate to say this — to me the Yanks are in the best position to win it all this year. If the SOX don’t miraculously get firing on all cylinders very soon, somebody is going to catch them in one of these too common stretches where they can’t hit, and out score us against our 2,3,4 pitchers.

Not feeling very positive tonite about our post season chances — sorry, maybe someone out there really beleives otherwise and can change my mind.


Not a bad outing for Manny tonight. He didn’t seem to have any ill effects. He ran OK and had a couple of check swings, which was the thing I was really concerned about. If anything was going to get him, I think the check swing would have been it. That’s the one thing you don’t practice or think about.

Tek sure is lousy with the bases loaded. I really hope this isn’t one of our classic innings.

gsm. let me preface this by saying i’m a manny fan. i like him and hope he retires as a red sox player. that said. he is 100% health wise, no doubt in my mind he could hav eplayed a week ago or more. he’s never played an inning hurt. like it or not that’s just who he is. he could play all game tonite IF he wanted to but all he’s concerned about is prime time AKA playoffs. no doubt missing a month hurt him TONITE but he’s just prepping for next week.

not that he was bad tonite i’m just saying he’s not nor has he ever been one of those guys who will go out there every nite and lay it all on the line.

dgneubert, it’s hard to say the Sox offense hasn’t produced this year. They are in the top 5 of virtually every offensive category. I think we are missing some of the home runs we’re used to seeing Manny and Papi hit. Othere than that, from a team perspective, they are doing pretty well. They are 9th in hoome runs, but if you add the 35 more that Papi and Manny, they would move up to 2nd, only two behind the Yankees.

We’ve been spoiled rotten by huge offensive output over the past few years, but in the scheme of things in comparison to everyone else, the Sox aren’t doing badly.

rayman. tek is lousy with MOB period. let’s hope the pen can hold this one.

the sox off as a whole are good stat’s wise. but that’s as a whole. the fact they are wildly inconsistent has been the issue. they score 10/11 one game and then go 2-3-4 games with 2-3. that’s what worries me about the playoffs. the main prob all year is a lack of consistent prod from 6-9 IMO.

smckinny, I’m not sure I agree with you. Except this year and last, Manny has always averaged around 150 games a year, which isn’t too bad. It’s possible he could have played a week ago, but who knows for sure. He probably could have played the whole game tonight, but why? That oblique thing is an injury you pretty much have to rely on the player to give you information.

smckinny, I would say you could probably make that exact statement about any major league team. Baseball is a game predicated on failure. That’s what made some of David Ortiz’ accomplishments in past years so amazing.

I think we’ll see Gagne in the 8th, followed by Papelbon.

Hey Hill just tied Roberto ALomar’s record for HR’s for a Jays 2nd baseman. He already passed the doubles record.

Congratulations Aaron

I wouldn’t trust Gagne with only a two run lead.

Sorry folks that wass meant for the Jays site.

Looks like you got this one in hand.

Go Sox

That’s OK gsumner, good job by Hill! Congrats.

How about freakin Jacoby Ellsbury?

Tampa Bay just return the slam favor.

TB 6-Evil empire 5


Better get someone up, otherwise Gagne is going to cost us another. Wake up FranComa

Who didn’t see that one coming in the Yankees-Devil Rays game? Bruney walked two batters, including one which brought home a run, then grooved a fastball to a rookie who lost it into the left field stands.

It was nice while it lasted, but honestly who has confidence that this Tampa Bay bullpen can shut down the Yankees lineup for another 3 innings? Stranger things have happened, I suppose…such as Kei Igawa throwing 5 innings of shutout baseball.

We just need to worry about the Sox. They can’t let Gagne blow this game.

By the way, a lot of you are so absurd I can’t even fathom it. You are complaining about the manager, the team not being hot, players underperforming, etc. when the Sox have a chance to finish with the best record in the major leagues.

Get over yourselves.

LOL! Easy zach, that’s what being a Sox fan is all about. If we didn’t have something to complain about, we wouldn’t be happy. Sox fans want to win every game, have all the best stats, and every player to respond in every situation. Since none of that ever happens, Sox fans are never happy. It’s the way of things, but we still love our Sox.

That IS the point. We have a chance!!

Since I doubt I’m going to hear it from many of you, I’ll go ahead and say it:

Good move bring in Paps for the 4-out save, Tito. Especially when he retires the tying run at the plate with 1 pitch.

Gagne did OK tonight. He didn’t get a couple of close pitches.

If you consider having a three run lead and letting the tying run come to the plate OK? I just don’t trust him in the playoffs in a tight game.

Ray bullpen made it through the 7th, still 6-5. They got through the heart of the order.


He is still lacking command of his fastball smartpenn. You’re right, he’s not dominating like he should be.

Well guys,Oki should be back soon.

Good work D-Ped!

Looks like Tito is getting into playoff mode. Note that he pulled Gagne after the 2nd runner reached. No more “working it out”. That’s a good thing. And the Sox look ready to play. I like it. As someone here said.”The playoffs start now.” And the boys are responding. Let’s go Sox!!

We look good guys!Lets go Red Sox! COME ON RED SOX NATION!

You have to have confidence in a reliever and Gagne just doesn’t give anyone that. I say leave him off the postseason roster.

Well….where’s the praise for Tito? He pulls Schilling before Curt can get himself into trouble, pulls Gagne. He’s giving his team a good chance to win. Go Tito.

Come on Papi come on!!!

Tito was fooling us this year.He was bluffing,now hes managing the way he should.Haha,had me a little scared there tito….


GAME!!!!! Way to go Popi!!

Whats up qith my boy DREW lately?

SMARTPENN MY FRIEND!!!! Enjoyin the game dude?

JD!!! C’mon make me eat my words! Stay hot for the playoffs and I’ll forgive all those useless at-bats all year. ….Well, almost all.

Where’s the love for JD Drew tonight? 3 for 4 with a walk. He has been hitting much better in the last week

Darn it,******** staging a comeback!Forget heart of the order,the entire yankee order is a HEART of the ORDER.

Wow they blotted out “S K A N K E E S”

Hey I gave him his respect on his 1st ab and said I didn’t hate him, never did, just thought that it wasn’t a good fit. I’ve also begged and pleaded for him to prove me wrong, maybe this is his start at that.

Wheels could be falling off in Tampa, bottom of 8, Yankees have runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out.

COme Ellsbury come on!

So frustrating,I HATE the Yankees man.I really do.Hope they CHOKE on their offense.


DARN IT,game tied!

Tampa Bay should have gotten out of that inning. Gomes made a great throw to the plate but Navarro dropped it

6-6 in Tampa

Somebody beat the Yankees please.

Come on Corey!Just get the three outs and get us outta here.

Cleveland with a quick 3 to start off the game in Seattle, fortunately the Tribe is throwing some no-namer so hopefully the M’s can put up some offense.

I’m always open to showing JD some love, 3-4 with an RBI and a couple of hits off of LHPs is never a bad thing. If he can keep it going into the playoffs, our outfield + Ellsbury is going to be solid.

007chow, your boy Corey is killing me right now.



I can see it already: Why did Tito pull Pap after throwing just 1 pitch in the 8th inning? I would be one of the people saying it

o my goodness

Because the Sox were up by 6 and it would be nice to have Papelbon available as much as possible in these next couple of games to pick up the save without over-exerting himself.

It made perfect sense at the time. I would prefer to see Timlin warming up though.

this knuckleball needs to record two more outs,hes seems to be a bigger knuckleball than Wakefield’s pitch.

Such a solid win tonight, Schilling got the job done and has been incredibly effective with his pitch count lately.

Farnsworth is in for the bottom of the 8th, maybe the Rays have a chance after all?


Whew it’s over Magic Number 4

YES!Could be three by the end of the night.

You guys are pretty harsh. Corey goes from hero to “bloody fool” to “knuckleball” in the span of one inning. He was bound to have a bad inning and he at least had the common sense to do it in a 7 to 1 game. He’ll be fine, relax.

Good point Arnie.even Paps has his bad moments here and there.

Corey has thrown 8 innings this year and is a journeyman reliever. Papelbon is an elite closer with almost 60 innings under his belt. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

Just for Tampa to win it in the bottom of the 9th with the heart of the order coming up. A Yankee loss and its 3 games. With 5 to go seems pretty insurmountable to me

*Replace “just” with “chance” in that prevoius post.

yanks/Rays going to 10th

I think the point chman was making is that, as good as Papelbon is, even he has a bad inning sometimes. Anyone who compared the two would be the real “bloody fool”.

zachary. here ya go. for ONCE ( well maybe 2X ) tito pretty much did everything right tonite. it’s not that hard if he’ll just watch the video and learn from it.

Tampa Bay wins with a walk off HR in the bottom of the 10th.

The Yanks are having their share of hard losses lately-looks good on them.

See smckinny, didn’t that feel good?

A 3-game lead with 5 games remaining seems “insurmountable” but when you’re dealing with the Red Sox, you know they’re going to make you sweat it out a couple of more nights.

Texas took care of Anaheim tonight, now it’s Seattle’s turn to help us out.

Impressive start by Schilling, solid game by Drew and another clutch hit by Ellsbury (at the time it was an important hit). It was also encouraging to see Francona pull Gagne and bring in Papelbon in the eighth, like he said he would do in key situations this year but has not done as much as he should have. Three games up with five remaining. Hopefully, Lester delivers a solid five innings tomorrow, and then Buchholz slams the door on the A’s. The Sox should not lose to a team that is not close to full strength.


Corey is a solid reliever. He has a very strong chance to make the team next season, and I would rather see him on the post-season roster than Tavarez, Lopez or Snyder. Not sure who compared him to Papelbon. Even Corey wouldn’t do that. Corey is a decent middle reliever. Papelbon is arguably the best closer in the game (along with J.J. Putz).

Varitek is striking out quite a bit. He seems to be squinting when he is at bat. Perhaps he should have his eyes checked. If he needs glasses or contacts he should get them now.

Yankees lose! Theeeeeeeeeeeee Yankeeeeeees looooose!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.😛


Alright I was NOT comparing him to Papelbon.I was just saying that every releiver or closer have their bad nights no matter who they are.Plain and simple.

And speaking of managing this game tonight…excellent move by Tito going to Paps for 4 outs and then actually letting him sit and having him available again for tomorrow after that nice Papi Blast😀

Yeah, I’m with Zachary on this, surprised more people didn’t mention that, heh.

As for Corey, I’m surprised he gave up those two runs, but I guess everybody has a bad day.

But hey, we’re back up to a 3 game lead with 5 to go😀

Oh and my two cents on the “best-record” bit:

It’ll be Cleveland with the way their schedule is shaping up. Seattle could give them issues, but after that, ending with KC has to be a treat.

Anaheim (I refuse to call them LA cause they’re not in LA) and Boston pretty much have to duke it out for number 2 and my gut feeling is that it’ll come down to the last game of the season for that.

A couple of things that the Sox have going for them in terms of the Best Record scenario:

1. The Indians have a doubleheader tomorrow and I doubt that Wedge will play all of his starters in both games, especially when Cleveland already has the division locked up.

2. If the Sox end up with an identical record to either Anaheim or Cleveland, they are awarded home-field due to their head-to-head record.

#2 is pretty feasible I’d say, especially when it comes to Cleveland. Shouldn’t the Royals have perfected playing the role of spoiler? They’ve been doing it for the past 15 years now.

Even though it’d be nice to have the undisputed best record in baseball, I’m sure none of us would complain about being on the right end of a tiebreaker. Does the 2005 AL East division race ring any bells?

I’m sure I am not alone when my blood pressure rises as Gagne takes the field. He’s given up enough leads to make you wonder if maybe he’s also on the Yankees payroll. I hope we NEVER see him in the postseason. The Sox bullpen didn’t need Gagne to begin with, they probably signed him just so the Yankees wouldn’t. The Red Sox, in hindsight, would have already wrapped up the AL East w/o him. Good to see Manny back in the line-up. Right on time…

Good to see the comments of praise for Tito’s solid managerial moves. The RedSox have now reduced their divisional magic number to 3, have all their remaining regular season games at home (while all of their competition conclude their seasons on the road), have their rotation lined up for the post-season, have Manny and Youk rested and beginning to come back, and are playing decent ball. 27 runs over the past 4 games is not bad production, 9 hits in 31 team AB’s not bad last night, and Big Papi has hit a goodly number of HR’s over the past 2-3 weeks. Not to mention JD has collected some nice clutch hits over the past couple of weeks.

Much of that credit has to go to the oft-maligned manager, who gets too much credit when the team doesn’t perform well, and too little when it does.

Despite having his injury problems, Schill still threw over 150 innings this year, with a sub-4. ERA in the toughest division in baseball in which to pitch. I hope management seriously considers bringing him back next season. I don’t think he is a No. 1 starter any longer, but he can still pitch with his heart, and has to make a very positive impact on what has now become a relatively young staff.

As far as the Indians go, Carmona and Sabathia each will only pitch once more this year, meaning neither will have more than 19 wins at year’s end. If Beck wins tomorrow night, he will have 21 (and if he pitches at least 6 innings, he’ll have over 200 for his second consecutive year despite his early season injury). That has to lock up the Cy Young!

I just wonder what the Sox do over the weekend if best season/league record is up for grabs. I have very little confidence in Wake, and hope the Sox have a back-up plan for Saturday when he’s expected to pitch, and for Sunday, if the game has continuing meaning.

I get the sense that they are not overwrought about any of the other circumstances now that their position in the play-offs is secure. They seem to be playing the games one at a time, as Tito always proclaims they will. It’s excruciating for a fan who wants them to win the division title and amass the best record in the league, but they seem content to let their playing make it happen. I do like the attitudinal orientation, which I think will take them far into the play-offs.

As for the Indians, living here in Cleveland I have watched the Indians struggle curiously with the Royals, so don’t put all those games in the Indians’ win column quite yet. As for tonight’s doubleheader, it all depends on how much pride the Mariners exhibit.

Here’s to Lester, Beck and Dice-K throwing 3 good games in a row, racking up 3 wins, and then having lots more to celebrate.

zachary, Corey did not have a good outing. It could be a lot worse if it weren’t for Pedroia’s spectatcular catch and turned it into DP to end the game.
Nevertheless Corey is a reliable middle relief man. Honestly, between Gagne and Corey only I would rather have Corey for the 8th. Gagne almost gave me a heart attack last night.

Guys, you notice that Francona (no more FranCOMA)manages like a playoff manager should be since the Sox clinched the playoff berth. He didn’t let Schil pitch into the 7th and yanked Gagne with 2 on in the 8th. Great Papelbon bailed Gagne out with 1 pitch.

JD is getting hot in the right time.

Why did the TB manager walk Tek to pitch to Ellsbury in the bot of 5th with 2 outs? What was he thinking? Ellsbury is dangerous especially when he is 0-2. He rarely goes hitness. It gave the Sox a much needed run then.

The NYY is limping into the playoffs. Yankees could and will be finished, done, kapult in the first round.

well he’s gonna be on the post season roster so i just hope he gets it together but gagne is just a mess. it’s really weird. he seems to get the first 2 outs pretty easy most of the time and then starts to struggle. i don’t wanna blow it out of proportion but that trade ( for gagne ) may go down as one of the worst trades in history.


I think you are blowing it out of porportion on the Gagne deal.

Safe to say Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell is probably the worst trade. Lou Gorman traded away Bagwell and never saw the kid play. Anderson was good for nothing that year. Of course Joe Morgan’s use of him was not good. He would have Anderson up 3 times and then would bring him into the game and other times he wouldn’t even bring in Anderson.

That to me says alot about the manager and his use of the pen. Generally when Francona gets a guy up he is coming in. That is certainly not the case with alot of managers out there. Not the case with Joe Morgan, Walpole Joe was a great guy but I would never want him managing my team.

Solid outing by Schilling last night.

Story in the Boston Herald has the Schilling’s putting up there house for sale.

bosox. i know there have been many horrible trades. i just meant relative to the sox really. suffice it to say the rangers got the best end of that deal for sure. as far as schill. how many times has manny had their place listed? i’d say it’s prob 75/25 he ( schill ) is gone though. i’m sure they’ll make him an offer. prob somewhere closer to what wake makes than what schill is making now and he’ll most likely turn it down. personally i think it’s a mistake. if i had to choose between 40+ year old pitchers i’d take schill over wake any day. even if it does cost a lil more $$$.

I would say as of right now the Rangers have gotten the better part of the deal. Gagne could turn it around and pitch well in October. When he does leave the Sox will get a couple of picks and the Boston front office certainly knows what to do with the picks.

I would say Schilling is not coming back. Of course things change as we know.

smckinnny—Wakefield is back next year for sure. I hope his caddy Mirabelli isn’t. I’m sick of watching him go 0 for every game.

schill says he wants to come back so we’ll see. i’m with you though i’d say the chances are low. yeah that’s another issue with having wake on your staff that bothers me. tek can’t catch him or doesn’t want to and you’re severley challenged in trying to find someone other than mirabelli who can. must be something with sox catchers. none of em are much of a threat at the plate.

Varitek has caught Wakefield in the past, not many times. You just wouldn’t want Varitek catching Wakefield too many times during the year, it would drain him for sure. I would like to see Boston get someone else to catch Wakefield. Of course catching Wakefield is not easy. Just ask John Flaherty, he retired because of Wakefield. That spring training game Flahery tried and he said the hey with this.


Can you finally admit that the Sox are going to win the division?

I would assume your answer will be yes but with the sky is fallen attitude, perhaps not.

after last nite ( win, NY loss ) and assuming they play manny and youk all week. YES they will. i’ve really always been more concerned with having the best overall record. the div is just a byproduct of that. and i assumed that IF they won the div they would have the best record. they still could. all they need to do is tie cleveland. ana is most likely out it IMO.

Ramirez and Youklis will be in the lineup. Okajima will return on Thurs. night. Things are looking up for Boston. What a difference a week makes. Last Tues was the debacle of Gagne in Toronto and Francona just sitting there in the dugout.

Yankees pen is going to be there downfall. Chamberlain and Rivera and that is about it. Proctor for Betiemeit hasn’t worked out for the Yankees. Bettimet has been a total non-factor. He watches like the fans do.

What a collective sigh of relief we hear from the Red Sox Nation when Francona yanked Gagne. Francona must realize that it’s not the time to experiment with Gagne hoping that he would turn around and pitch effectively in a tight game. Not until the Sox has at least clinched the division and better still home field advantage.
The Sox won last night because Oak bullpen failed. When Oak SP walked in a run and bases remained loaded with no outs, the Sox came up just 1 meager run. This could be proven costly in a playoff game.

If things stay the way they are, looks like the RedSox will get the Angels in round 1. I’m not too disappointed about that. They are pretty banged up and don’t play well in Fenway.

I know the Yanks beat up on the Indians, but Sabathia and Carmona look pretty good at home against the Yanks.

Yankees bullpen other than Chamberlain and Riveira is highly questionable. The starting lineup are mentally and physically exhausted after playing intensive baseball in the second half. You end how you started. Clinching the WC (probably tonight) was not what the Yanks having in mind one week ago when the Sox played poorly. Monday’s Tor loss was the turning point for both teams.

I am still not a huge Francona fan, and I think it’s funny that he has one good night and now everyone wants to put him in the Hall of Fame. But I will say this, and I have said it before, he has managed the Sox to the best, or close to the best record in baseball. He also knows that winning a division by one game is as good as winning by 14. He has maintained a remarkable even keel through the ups and downs of the Sox season. A few days ago, when all of us were choking, he continued to do what he did all year. Who knows, maybe he’s riding a lucky wave, but when it’s all said and done, his Sox will be the best prepared team entering the playoffs.

I guess it’s my competitive nature that wants to see him manage more aggressively to win every game. I suppose that’s why I’m a fan, and he’s the manager. Still, it’s fun to question, and to think we know more about the game than he does.

gsm. i’m not so sure some people on here don’t know more. ha! i w/you though. i’ll give him his due when he deserves it and i’m also not a bandwagon guy. re of what happens the rest of this year the body of work really isn’t that impressive to me. let’s not forget he’s had some pretty good talent to work with. this year it’s worked out but it was a lot more diff than it needed to be. i do hope they wind up with the best overall record because i’m pretty sure everyone in their lineup is much better at fenway. there again that to coulda been decided by now but i digress. he’s done a decent job.

Given our talent, payroll, and lack of long-term injuries to key players… I think Francona has done a pretty poor job this year.

If that’s the case, Joe Torre should have been fired long ago, considering the Yankees lineup and payroll added to the fact that they have failed to even make it to the World Series in the past five years.

Not sure I agree with that… I think its reflects worse on a coach when they can’t win over the long haul. Anything is possible in a short series. The Cards were a joke last year and they got lucky in the playoffs. In fact there is a pretty good article on right now showing there is no correlation whatsoever betwen regular season rankings, head to head matchups, wild card vs. division winners, home field, hot/cold at end of season, etc…. and the playoff outcomes.

gsm, you hit the nail on the head. Probably none of us knows one tenth of what ANY manager knows about running a Major League ball club. It’s pathetically easy to sit back and criticize someone else’s work. If anyone here has experience coaching even college-level sports, I might give them credit for knowing a little bit of what Francona has to know. Until then, we’re all just poseurs wishing we knew what we’re talking about.

The guy is about to take the Sox to a Division title for the first time in 12 years, and folks are saying the results are disappointing. Ridiculous.

It all comes down to the same thing… how does a team that is first in pitching, first in defense, and 3rd in run scored not finish with the best record? Our run differential is over 200. Cleveland and LA is less than 100, yet we all have basically the same record? Why do we seem to lose more close games than any of the other good teams? Blame the bullpen? We have the best bullpen? Where does the blame go? Much has to go on Francona. I don’t need a PHD to analyze those stats.

No, what you need is to have your head examined by a PhD. to figure out why you think that the managing of people and optimizing their performance can be reduced to simple statisics.

There is a difference between optimizing performance and winning games. Francona is good at optimizing performance… hence our great stats. What he’s not good at is translating those great stats into wins (the important thing).

And what exactly is it that makes you think you could do a better job at translating those stats into wins?

I don’t see how having great stats and not automatically having first place in the league falls on Francona’s head. There is a step of logic or an assumption in there that I am missing I think.

Also, rather than say “Francona is not getting the best out of these great stats”, could it not just as easily be said that Francona is largely responsible for the great stats? For example, I think we have the best bullpen in the league largely because of his good managemet of it. As someone said, he doesn’t get credit where it’s due but is sure to get plenty of blame.

Has anyone here considered that if Francona had a different level of talent he might manage differently?

He knows what his team is capable of and manages to get the most wins at the lowest expense of injuries and tired arms. That is what I am coming to believe here. That is why he leaves his starters in too long(maybe) so that he can rest his bullpen. You’ve got to admit, the Sox have the best-rested bullpen going into the most important time of year. And his position players are also as rested as anyone can be after a long season. My biggest critisism of Francona has been all the times he leaves a pitcher in the game one inning too many. But I can think of times he needed a win and he did not do that. So the thought I have now is, he has managed the whole season knowing this is where they would end up(or should end up) and he wanted them ready for the post season.

Of course, after tonight’s game I may be singing a different tune, but for now I see that he has planned well.

I never said I was a better Manager than Francona. The point is that the Angels and Indians manager achieved the same number of wins with much less. I don’t see how anyone can possibly blow off a 100+ run differential without pointing to the coaching staff. That is a huge difference that should translate into more wins over a 162 game season… but it hasn’t.

First of all, both the Angels and Indians are in easier divisions. Second of all, I would take the state of our team (in terms of rest) over theirs.

I think there are far better barmoeters of how a manager is doing than run differential.

How many times do I need to explain to all you people out there that I’m not judging Francona by anything but wins. We don’t have the best record in the league. That is my problem. All the stats point to us having the best record, but we don’t… run differntial, hitting/pitching/defense, etc. Good lord you people are dense.

In addition, here are the winning percentages by division… East .503, Central .499, West .514… so we aren’t in the toughest division… Have you forgotten that the worst 2 teams in the league are Baltimore and Tampa?

And why exactly is having 100+ wins so important? If you win the division by 2 games or 12 you’ve still won the division. The Sox are only one half game behind Cleveland in terms of the best record in the league. At what expense do you shoot for that best record? You’re imposing your goal of having the most wins on Francona, and that may not be his goal at this point.

Maybe at this exact moment Francona’s goals aren’t to win games… but what about all season? Do you think he thought in April/May/June… Hmmm… lets shoot for about 96 wins this year. That wouldn’t EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS IN SOME YEARS, let alone win the division. Arizona is going to win 90+ games this year GIVING UP MORE RUNS THAN THEY SCORE! Now that is impressive. We score 200 more than we give up and are ahead of Arizona by a few games. Francona hasn’t translated all of the talent, stats, payroll, etc.. into wins… period.

You are completely contradicting yourself. You say you are not judging Francona by anything but wins but continually lean on the run differential. If you are judging Francona on wins and wins alone, maybe you will come to the conclusion that we are just a half game out from the best record in baseball and that in anyone’s books qualifies as a success.

By the way, if you want to judge the quality of a division, you measure their win loss record against teams in the other divisions, not in their own. For someone calling other people dense, I would presume you should be able to understand that.

there’s no question in my mind that tito’s conservative ( play it close to the best ) approach costs his team games during the season. i think he probably knows and concedes that thinking they’ll be better off later in the year. my thought is when you have a DECENT shot at a win you do whatever is nece. to get it whether it’s april or sept because you don’t know what’s gonna happen with other teams but you do control yours to a certain extent. not saying i’m wright it’s just a diff philosophy. i’m sure the big lead factored into it some this year but he’s pretty much had this style in pilly and boston and for the MOST part it hasn’t translated into a great deal of late season success. this year is TBD. i think a great deal of the criticism comes from he always seems to manage in prep for sept/oct and honestly that hasn’t exactly translated into a great record for him during those months. except of course the 8 games 3 yrs ago. this year is TBD but if they were to flop ( not sugg they will ) in the playoffs again you have to start to wonder about the logic IMO. and while the end goals can still be reached there’s no question that IMO this team has underachieved in its overall record. a lot of that is attributable to players just not producing but far too much of it in this case can be attributed to the decision makers. personally i inc theo in that as well.

I’m judging Francona completely by wins. Given the team we have, I’m not happy with 93 wins at this point. Make sense brainiac? If I was judging him on run differential, I’d be jumping for joy. Instead, I’m checking every night if we’ll be #1 seed or #4 in the playoffs.

W/L record from division as a whole is a decent way to compare divisions. I don’t have time to calculate all of the division vs. division stats. All divisions are about the same in my book… The worst 4 teams in the league, by far are in the East and Central. Each division has a middle of the pack team, each has 1 or 2 good teams. Pretty close this year. In the past, I would agree that the East is the best… but not really this year.

A manager has more on his plate than stats, percentages, run differential. He has to manage with one goal in mind, get to the playoffs with a good chance to win. If you get to the playoffs with the most wins and lose because your team is gassed, then you have managed to failure. If you get there with a healthy team you’ve succeeded.

If you are a manager of a less talented team(which Tito is not) you manage to get to the playoffs. Your team may be banged up but that is inevitable if you have to play everyone to capacity all the time just to reach the playoffs.

I think you’ll see Tito go for home field advantage now. He has secured the playoffs, has everyone healthy so now he can set his sights on home field. It seems to be a good plan.

We, as fans, have a different agenda. We want to see the team win every game, have the best stats and record, get all the awards. But the manager has another set of goals, win the last game of the season. To do that sometimes you have to give up some of those lesser goals.

And the run differential means that when they win, they win big and when they lose, they don’t lose by much. So what, a win only counts one time. Who cares?

Okay, let me show some of mlack of b-ball knowlegde.. Is Pedroia eligible for gold glove awards, I mean I don’t know of any reason and I think he’d be THE prime choice at 2nd.

ellen. yes he is. and unfortunately, unless he gets really hot, i’m afraid he’s got a better chance at that than ROY. his struggles at the plate in sept ( relatively speaking ) are gonna hurt him. i think bosox is right. young from TB will prob get it.

brendan. just to play devils advocate. have you considered had they been more aggressive in terms of trying to win as many as possible during the year how much rest these guys could have gotten in sept? with the div and best record pretty much a lock at the start of the month? not sugg they didn’t try to a certain extent but there were a lot of winnable games where they didn’t exactly go all out.

Hey JD!!Keep proving me wrong!! I like it!!!

i’m usually just screwin around picking on tek. but in all seriousness i can’t rem anybody that’s ever batted with as many MOB as he has the last couple of years and been as unproductive. it’s sad to watch. he looks totally clueless up there the majority of the time. he rarely even makes solid contact with MOB. i really think it’s in his head at this point.

Varitek has definetly left his fair share of guys on base this year. Of course when the bases are loaded he very rarely comes thru, that has been going on his entire career.

I would love to see Blanton in a Sox uniform. Something tells me this guy will be around for several years, one of these inning eaters. He’ll never be a #1 starter but a solid starter for sure. He looks like he doesn’t work out at all, doesn’t look like an athlete at all. His name was around the trade deadline. I don’t know what it would take to get him. Of course as I write this he just gave up the 2 run single to Lowell. I jinxed the poor guy. Then again Lowell has done this at Fenway all year to pitchers.

Good to see Boston doing well against a good pitcher. They hit Kazmir around pretty well. That is what you will see come October, good pitching!!!


Can you smell the division title yet?

The kool aid is tasting very well lately. lol….

Do you want some? It is never too late. lol…

I’ve heard of umpires reversing decisions regarding throwing/fielding errors. Any chance that they’ll reverse the error that they gave Lester on the throw to 2nd.. It was clear that the runner was tagged.

bosoxbri: Thanks for jinxing Blanton!!! Think you can so that for the next 3 1/2 innings lol!!

bosox. i usually celebrate with somethin a lil stronger but thx for the offer. but i’ll ack you should prob make sure you have plenty of sugar onhand. tek, bless his heart. he can draw a walk with the best of em. hate to be redundent but GOD i wish they would move him in the order. rev him and youk if you’re not gonna move him down. something.


I don’t know if jinxed him but as soon as I was writing all that good stuff about him, he gave up his first runs of the night.

A’s got Blanton when the Yankees signed Giambi. Another nice move by Billy Beane. Beane was Boston’s g.m. for about 24 hours and decided I’ll stick in Oakland. It worked out for everybody.


No sugar here sorry, not good for you.

How far do you want Varitek to go in the lineup?

You must love it when Wakefield pitches, no Varitek.

A guy named Murphy, how fitting in Boston.

Watching Snyder warm up in the pen. I wonder if he’ll give up a homer in the bullpen? If anyone could, I bet on Snyder hanging a curve.

Looks like our usual average of 2 men LOB per inning is coming back to haunt us tonight already.

This game is actually considered a day game I believe. Any game that starts before 6:00 is a day game. I don’t think that should be the case here. Just something to throw out there. It means absolutely nothing.

Ramirez in the lineup changes everything doesn’t he?

Great too see!!!

I LOVE small ball. We haven’t depended solely upon the hr this year and I ‘ve really enjoyed it. A hit here, a double there, a stoleN baSe every now and again: It wins games, and everybody produces.

I like that with the big fly mixed in.

Has anyone seen the Indians schedule today?? 2 games 1 at 4pm eastern and another at 7pm???(although the 2nd game is listed as tbd) hmmmm, coiuld be interesting!!

I guess homeruns are ok too!lol as long as we’re hitting them/not like that one by Piazza.

The Indians this year will call 3 places there home stadium.

Jacobs Field, Miller Park and Safeco. Thanks to the snow back in April.

Lester with a very poor performance.

Snyder is performing for someone else tonight. He will not be back in 2008. His pitching down the stretch has been pretty bad.

He’ll look good in someone’s rotation next year. N.L. perhaps.

bosox. 9th. at least then his walks would set up the top of the order.

Lugo to me is the perfect 9th place hitter.

You don’t want Varitek clogging the basepaths.

They’re talking about the playoff roster on N.E.S.N. tonight.

ZERO CHANCE for Snyder being on that roster for any round. He’ll be watching like a fan.


Varitek with the double.

Are you excited?

At your house you probably have Varitek jersey’s everywhere. lol…

Good going TEK!!

Remy and Orsillo just said Francona is experiencing some dizzyness. Now that is funny!!!

Obviously last Tues. in Toronto he was dizzy for sure.

Remy is very funny with his moon deal. Telling Orsillo he looks chizzled. I will miss those guys when the playoff start.

Guys beleive it or not,I called D-Ped’s homer.Had a feeling it was going to happen.He was due.

smckinny: from your keyboard to God’s ear about Pedroia getting hot!!!!! Thanks, pal!!!

You know, Papi doesn’t look like he wants to run very hard tonight so…. JUST SMACK IT OUT OF THE PARK PAPI!!!!!

Oh Well! Almost!!!

well guys,offense is gettin it done tonight.Thats what we need boys…a power surge heading into October!

Things sure are starting to go right for JD, Hopefully things will stay good for him! and us.

By the way Ellen,how are you?

we got oakland on the ropes,one more hit and its pretty much game.

Please Tek please!Be a beast!

Seattle scored 2 in the top of the first. A split there and if the Sox hold on they will take over best record. Meanwhile Anaheim is really struggling getting swept in Texas. Wouldn’t mind catching them in 1st round if they are playing this bad.

alright come on Ellsbury!

hes batting .500 with bases loaded for his career with 6 RBIs

Lugo Vs Lugo

Good job by the Pen tonight.

ch: I’m doin’! thanks for asking. Surgery set for 10-4. (I never thought about it til now, 10-4, means affirmative, so it’ll be all good!). I’m enjoying this game. The past few days have brought lot’s of smiles// GO SOX!!!!!

WOW JD earned himself an intentional pass.

I am glad Ellen.Ill continue to keep you in my prayers for your surgery and lets go Sox!

Come on Hinske good hitters count here…

I’m not sure who I would rather see the Sox face, Clevelands hot (they’re up 4-2 now) Angels are losing so they’ll be looking to beat some one up. Yanks are always trouble(especially this year!!!) for us.. Like my dad used to say : 6 of one:half dozen of the other, they’re all dangerous this time of year!!!

What do you know, Gagne worked into trouble, but for once he got out of it with 2 nice K’s. He is going to be important come postseason time they need to staighten him out. Hopefully 2 more outings this weekend.

There it is folks magic number down to 2. Split this weekend and the division is ours!!


Its 2 but wat if the Yankees lose tonight…

Well Sox fans, things are looking pretty good right now. The hitters are warming up and the intensity is back. If Dice-K can get a little rest and Gagne can settle down, the Sox will be the team to beat.

Looking at Cleveland’s lineup in Game 2 of the doubleheader, Seattle definitely has a chance to take the second game. That will be an exciting 4 games if the Sox and Indians end up tied for the best record after tonight’s game.

I was just thinking about the way the Sox and Angels match up for the ALDS when I remembered that Jered Weaver still has a score to settle with Ortiz after Papi admired a grand slam he hit the last time these two teams met. Weaver made some comments after the game where he claimed he would not forgot the way Ortiz showed him up. Weaver is an emotional pitcher so it’s definitely to Boston’s advantage to be inside of his head like this.

bosox. no tek jersey’s round here. it’s bad when you go 1/4 and your avg actually goes up. as far as him clogging the base paths that would be better IMO than watching him flail away at the plate with MOB hitting where he is. i really think he has a mental block. he’s just a much better hitter with nobody on base. isn’t it supposed to work the other way?

ellen. my pleasure. wish i could work the same magic for my boy tek but we all have our limitations i suppose.

Smckinny – to get back to you on your post from 5:33, I actually think we are better off the way we have it at the moment. I would not like a whole month of playing uncompetitive baseball. I think it can lead to rust.

Rayman – winning percentage within your own division is not a decent indicator. Win loss record against teams in other divisions is far better. You see because you play more teams against your own divisional teams, the average winning percentage of a division is usually always going to be in the .480 – .520 range. To put it in context, if teams played noone but teams in their own division, the average would always be .500. So because teams play teams in their own division more than anyone else, the average is going be close enough to the .500 mark.

I hope this explains it better but let me know if you needed it broken down a little more.

By the way, if we finished tied with the Indians does it go to a head to head record on who decides the schedule? If so, how does that stand?

Boston would have homefield advantage if they ended up tied with Cleveland for the best record.

So right now it’s basically a 4-game sprint to the finish thanks to Seattle’s late inning comeback last night.

If the Sox can just grab a 1-game lead tonight, it would essentially be a 2-game lead since we take the tiebreaker. And tonight we have Beckett going, so it’s not hard to envision that happening as long as Seattle helps us out.

A 2-game lead with 3 to go? Not bad.

PS: Did anybody see the Yankees postgame celebration last night? Champagne getting poured all over everybody, etc. I preferred the way our boys handled it with professionalism, I think it was Papelbon who said that they won’t truly celebrate until they make it to the World Series.

Am I right in saying that we are almost definitely playing the Angels? The only way we wouldn’t be is if the Angels made up a 2.5 game deficit over the space of 4 games on the Indians.


Can you finally say that the Sox will win the division?

Beckett goes for win #21, he wins tonight and he has Cy Young wrapped up. I think he pretty much has it already but this will be the exclamation point.

Hey zach,the yanks had good reason to celebrate in this come back year.we already know who the Champs are in all these past years!!Have fun with the Angels guys!!

When it comes down to who will the Red Sox play. My opinion is it doesn’t matter. If the Red Sox play the way they are capable of playing, they should win. If they play poorly, they’ll lose.

The Yankees can celebrate any way they see fit, I was just commenting that I personally prefer seeing the Sox hold off the real celebrations for when they win the pennant and ultimately the World Series.

The Angels are limping into the playoffs and their best starter despises pitching at Fenway while their best hitter is banged up. Meanwhile, the Yankees are running into the buzzsaw of Sabathia/Carmona in a short series. Yes they were 6-0 against the Indians during the regular season, but they didn’t see CC Sabathia once in those 6 games. Also of interest is Carmona’s ERA since the All-Star Break: 2.15.

With that being said, I would like to see another Sox/Yanks ALCS.


When the Sox win the division they’ll be celebrating for sure.

When the Sox got the wildcard in the past they celebrated just like the Yankees did.

Yankees trailed Boston 14.5 games on May 29th, they looked like they were dead in the water. Good for them to celebrate. Sox would have done the same thing!!!

It looks like the Sox will see the Angels which to me makes having the best record more important. First, they can choose the series with the extra day off which could make travel easier. Second, should the Indians get by the Yankees, the Sox would have home field advantage. I think that’s important to the Sox since they hit so much better at home.

I see a Boston – Cleveland ALCS.

Prediction for the 25 man ALDS roster:

Position Players: Ramirez, Crisp, Drew, Ellsbury, Lowell, Lugo, Pedroia, Youkilis, Cora, Hinske, Varitek, Mirabelli, Ortiz,

Pitchers: Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, Wakefield, Okajima, Delcarmen, Timlin, Gagne, Papelbon, Lopez, and Tavarez.

That’s 24. The final spot could go to Bucholz, but I doubt it. It could go to Corey, but I doubt that too. It most likely would go to Lester if they take 12 pitchers, or Kielty if they don’t.

Why Lopez who is more effective against righties than lefties. I would rather take Lester instead. Wakefield as a SP against LAA, Cleveland, and/or NYY, it would be like watching Gagne pitch in the 8th.

If Ian happens to read this, I have a request. At the start of the year everyone put in their predictions for the season – who would win the divisions, the Cy Youngs, etc. Is there any way we can see the posts to see what the predictions were?

bosox. i said as long as manny and youk play they will win it BUT having the best overall record is far more important at this stage. as for who they play. i think they match up well with both cle and ana. having homefield i think/hope ana is prob a better deal. they are such a diff/worst team on the road and vlad does seem a lil nicked up.

zachary.personally ( no offense ) i hope you don’t get your wish. i’ve had enough of NY for one year. it hasn’t exactly gone well lately as i recall. i know boston’s a better overall team than NY BUT i think i’d rather take my chances with cleveland.

007 – No way Wake is left off the post season roster. As far as Lopez is concerned, I agree with you, but Lester would not be a good reliever since he has had command problems all year. Personally, I think Bucholz is the best option, but it would be a waste of a roster spot if they won’t pitch him. He’d be the ideal middle relief guy who could give you three or four innings.

Smckinny, trust me if the Yankees don’t get past the Indians I won’t be shedding any tears. I know the Yankees offense is scary, but would you rather face their potent lineup or Cleveland’s strong 1-2 punch in the rotation? I personally don’t have an answer to that question.

But Sox-Yanks in the playoffs always create something you’ve never seen before, be it a 3-0 series deficit erased or an old man getting tossed to the ground by a pitcher half his age. And for the pure entertainment factor coupled with good baseball and the satisfaction of going through the Yankees en route to the World Series, I know we should focus on winning the ALDS first but it’s difficult not to look ahead.

But first things first, Beckett needs to close the case on his Cy Young Award tonight and assure the Sox the AL East.

Somebody before hit the nail on the head. The Sox didn’t celebrate because they will when they win the division, they wouldn’t have two celebrations. The Yankees know this was their celebration and it was hard earned, so no excuse not to go nutts, it’s nice to see as a Yankees fan when so many accuse them of being mechanical.

Sabathia has terrible career numbers but he hasn’t faced NY in awhile, Carmona wasn’t impressive his only start against the Yankees and that was after the break. I can completely see a 1-1 series headed back to NY, Clemens vs Byrd. That game, to me, decides it.

Oh and Cleveland has the tiebreaker over the Angels and Boston over Cleveland and NY over Boston, and Cleveland and the Angels over the Yankees. In case anybody was interested.

GO BECKETT tonight!!!

Speaking of the Yankee’s and their celebration did anyone hear what the complete idiot (Damon) said after the game last night? He said it is time to bring the pennant and WS championship trophy back to NY where is belongs? This is amazing coming from someone can’t throw a ball to the infield from the outfield and who said he would never even play for them? I have spoken to many yankee fans and even they can’t beleive he said this.

My prior comment that Varitek may have trouble with his eyes was further substantiated when he was on second, in the fifth inning, and Ellsburg hit a clean single. Varitek never saw the ball and could only get to third when he should have easily scored. Things like this, with himstriking out so often, should prompt Francona to suggest that Tek have his eyes checked.
Also, based on Lugo’s hitting lately, perhaps Francona should relegate him to backup behind Cora and to use him as apinch runner when the need arises. As far as Javez and Snyder are concerned,I don’t think Francona should keep them on the playoff roster.They have contributed nothing but grief.

Um, have you seen the way Cora’s been hitting lately? Lugo has been hitting close to .300 since the All-Star break.
No way he’ll play 2nd fiddle to AC.

I agree redsoxguy, Lugo plays over Cora. He’s a good #9 hitter. He’ll drive in some runs and set up the top of the order now and then. Cora should get the 10th man award this year though. He has done a lot for this team. He’s had some big hits, and made some fine defensive plays and been pretty steady all year.

I think Ellsbury will be your designated runner for the playoffs. I see Manny, Coco and JD in the outfield.

Damon is an idiot. He says what he thinks people want to hear. It makes all the good things he said while he was in Boston just trash talk. He could have been a legend here. He and Coco have almost identical numbers this year, and the Sox saved 10 million dollars in the process. Although Damon is a good player, not resigning him was one of Theo’s better decisions.

zachary. personally i’d take my chances of being able to just score more than cleve vs. being able to outscore NY. if you could count on 6-9 in boston’s lineup showing up/contributing i might change my opinion. but you can’t. they have to beat ana first and i’m not sying they would def beat cleve. their top 3 pitchers are pretty good. but i think the ODDS of beating cleve are better than NY simply beause the games would likely be a lot lower scoring and boston’s off is def better than theirs.

gsm. it’s funny. most of theo’s good moves have been NOT re-signing people. mueller, damon, pedro, lowe. there are prob a couple more. all worked out well for boston. although IMO he’s screwing up if he doesn’t bring schill back for another year. he’s def a better pitcher than wake. just more expensive. and i lost all respect for damon when he started acting like a 16 year old girl deciding on a prom date when he was a free agent. his situation was a lot like lowell’s. although lowell is much more professional. they both benefit greatly hitting in fenway. look at their fenway numbers vs their road numbers and you can see that anyone who signs them for that kinda $$$ is taking a big risk. i don’t know that lowell will leave but like schill i’d say the odds are pretty good.

plus damon is just an attn wh0re. he doesn’t get nearly as much now playin in NY so anytime he can say something that will get his name mentioned he will.

pangelotti. i don’t know if your a politcian or an eye doctor. or neither. but that’s probably the most politically correct way of saying someone needs their eyes examined i’ve ever seen/heard. tek def needs something. although his eyes look pretty good with no one on base. you may be right.

smckinny, I’m not sure brining Schilling back is a good idea. If they do, it should be a performance based contract because I think there are real questions about his durability. He came to camp this year out of shape and basically had to rest for six weeks in the middle of the season. Even though he’s pitching pretty well, his velocity is way down and it doesn’t take much for him to make a mistake. Wakefield is durable and is going to get you 14-16 wins and eat a lot of innings. He’s had a rough time lately, but that could turn around tomorrow. It’s the nature of knuckleballers. Wakefield is also in phenomenal shape.

You’re right, many of Theo’s best moves have been non-moves. I’m hoping Lowell will take a two year deal, because I think that’s about the most the Sox will offer. I do think they’ll offer a fair wage though, but he’s had a great year and might get big bucks from someone else. In his case, if he does, I’d be sad to see him go, but happy for him. He’s been the ultimate professional for the Sox.

I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but ESPN SportsCenter has one on one interview with Manny. OMG What now??? With as few times as Manny does speak to the media, it worries me when he FINALLY does grant a sit sown with someone. I’m tuned in….

yeah gsm it’s a tough call i suppose. fact is wake can prob pitch til he’s 50 if wants to. but the reason for it is also why this time of year he’s sort of a liability. 1 pitch guys like him are pretty much all or nothing. esp when that pitch is travelin at about 65-68 mph. there’s a reason he’s, that i’m aware of, the only knuckleballer in the ML’s. and has been for awhile. i know it’s hard to throw/learn BUT if it had a history/chance of being REALLY succ i think you’d see more guys tryin it. wake for the most part IMO has benefited from being on really good off teams over the years. typically he’s gonna be +/- 2 games of .500 all the time. i just think schill ( or his style of pitching ) gives you a chance to win more consistently. and especially this time of year.


There is no way Schilling is going to accept a performance based contract. He will want guranteed money, perhaps 10 million per season. If he doesn’t get in Boston, he’ll get it somewhere else for sure.

I would like too see Lowell back. The guy is lethal at Fenway. How could you let him go? Lowell is made for Fenway, we all know that.


Thanks for the tip on e.s.p.n. with the Manny interview.

I tuned in to e.s.p.n. and saw one of my favorites, Heather Mitts. Just had to write that. A.J. Feeley ( Eagles backup q.b. ) is one lucky guy.

Bosox::It must be her Soccer skills that you LOVE!!

Definetly not her soccer skills. It is her broadcasting skills. lol….

as for lowell. if there’s no chance at a-rod and they can’t trade for cabrerra i can’t think of a better option. for him or the team. i just think it’ll turn into a damon situation. not that lowell will whine like damon. but he’s 32. this will his last chance at a BIG deal. and i don’t think theo will give the 4 yrs and 45-50mm that aomeone else prob will. my guess is they’ll offer him 2 yrs plus an opt at 10mm and he’ll get a better/longer offer and take it. i’d also bet his numbers go down if he does though. a lot of those wall ball dbls will be outs most places.

If anybody’s watching sports center, Did no one ever tell Joe Torre “There’s no crying in baseball”?? LOL

bosox. glad to see your female/broadcaster stds are a lot higher than your beverage stds. she’s no erin andrews but still a very good “broadcaster” nonetheless.

I don’t see Lowell getting 45 to 50 million. I might be wrong but I doubt it. One place Lowell would be a good fit at would be in Philadelphia. They need a 3b and he would be a perfect fit in that park.


Who cares about her broadcasting skills. lol….

Mitts is hot just like Erin Andrews. Andrews is my favorite but Mitts is behind her.

Torre is like **** Vermeil. They could cry walking down the street.

wow manny on sportscenter and a tek 3 for 3 game in one month. i’m afraid to go outside. maybe he ( manny ) still has that grill for sale.

Perhaps the next craziest thing is smckinny thinks positive. If that happens, I will not go outside. lol…

bosox. he’s gettin 10mm a year now. you think he’ll take a cut? i doubt it. someone will offer him 4 yrs at 11-12 per i’d bet.

Speaking from a female perspective, I haven’t found many, in fact only very few female “broad”casters that I like. Maybe I’m old school (My paycheck goes direct deposit and my husband handles the bills and the checkbook), but I think that men make better broadcasters than women. I know it sounds weird, but possibly I just haven’t seen any that I can relate to. I think the one that I do like is Erin Andrews. The one’s that they have at halftime on college football drive me nuts: “So coach, what do you have to do differently in the 2nd half?? That is the same ? that each female asks EVERY WEEK, EVERY GAME. Drives me nuts!!!
Bosox: I think Vermeil is bi-polar, he can be just nutso maniac mad or crying like a baby!!

I don’t think a team will give him a 4 year deal. A 3 year deal but not 4. Just my opinion.

I agree Brian. There’s no way Schilling agrees to anything performance based which is why I think the best move Theo can make is a non-move.

Lowell is a 10 million a year guy at his age. I think that’s what the Sox offer him for two years, maybe three. If they offer him three, he might stay.

i’m always positive. it’s just that sometimes i’m positive bad things will happen.

I’ll say this about Lowell though, if A-Rod is worth 30 million, Lowell is worth 20. Too bad things don’t work that way.

Come on ellen, you can’t say that about Vermeil. Is there a nicer guy in sports than Vermeil?

I think that Bonnie Bernstein, Erin Andrews, Andrea Kremer ( not good looking but she knows the game ) Heather Mitts and that is about it.

well they gave tek 4/10mm @ 32 so anything’s possible with theo i suppose.

actually i can’t rem one word erin ever said. but i know she was a cheerleader at u of fl. goog enuff for me. jill arrington was good to but i’m not sure what happened to her.

gsm. if it was based on who you are as a person yeah. numbers wise. nah. a-rod’s just a freak.

I can see Lowell getting a 3 year deal worth about 12 million per season. Schilling knows the market for pitching is very thin and he should get 10 to 13 million for 1 season. There are some desperate g.m.’s out there and if Millwood can get a 5 year deal I guess anyone can get a long term money deal.

Andrew Jones, Torri Hunter are going to get at least 100 million.

Jill Arrington was on C.B.S. and then E.S.P.N. but hasn’t been seen in a year or so.

I never knew that Erin Andrews even spoke. I don’t believe it.

She was a dazzler for the Gators back in her day.

I forgot about Bernstein, she is very good.
manny interview coming up after commercial.

This should be interesting.

I can hear you guys now, ***** she even watches sports center??

Where will A-Rod go?

San Fran ?????

Angels ?????

Cubs ?????

Yankees ?????

Red Sox ?????

I’m not a fan of Tina Cervasio.

I would rather see Kathryn Tappen do the Sox beat on N.E.S.N.

Ian did write back in late August that Tina Cervasio is one of the nicest people. I don’t think she really knows the game of baseball.

bosox. jones MAYBE. and it’s big maybe. i doubt it though. he’s really hurt himself this year. hunter. no way he gets a 100mm deal. he’ll be lucky to get 4/15. he’s a GOOD all round player. nowhere near great.

Tonight could be history folks. With the Yanks sending out a “B” team against Kazmir something can be done tonight that hasn’t happened in over a decade.

as for a-rod right now i’d say 50/50 boston – NY. if he opts out. 95% boston and 1.25% your other options.

bosox. if no a-rod does boston pick up manny’s option years? maybe that’s a question for ian. gotta think that’s one reason they haven’t done it already.

Now that was a hard hitting interview.

Baerga of course was brought to Boston to comfort Ramirez back when they play together for 1 season.

Baerga had 1 good hit that year. He took Schilling deep into the pen in a intraleague game at Fenway.

I think Hunter and Jones will get 100 million dollar deals.

Jones is represented by Boras. Boras could get me or anyone else a big $$$$ deal.

Nationals could end up with either Jones or Hunter.

bosox. erin was in town here for the wake /neb game a couple weeks ago. she’s STILL a dazzler.

With the Ramirez situation, who knows. How many times was he supposed to get traded and here he is in 2007 with the Sox.

I have seen her in person many times. She is very tall. Her father is a investigative reporter for a local channel here in Tampa. She went to high school in a Tampa suburb.

She also was born in Boston. Gotta love her!!!

Let’s Go RedSox!!! I’ve watched all but 2 games this year. This chair is getting to be a pain in the butt.. pardon the pun. But I would watch another 150 plus games if they were on….

she is tall. 6 ft i think. gotta dis with ya on hunter. i doubt jones given his age and numbers but hunter no way. that would mean 6/17 for a 32 yo ctr fielder with off numbers that really arn’t that impressive. no way. my guess for him is 5/15 at best.

Did anyone read the rumor re Scott Boras conversing with the Cubs about AROD?? Illegal conversation if it happened, but supposedly conversation included talk of a part ownership clause. This was printed on MSN.Com on Monday.

Jones is 30, he is having a bad year but will still drive in over 100 runs and could end up hitting close to 30 homers. A great c.f., another gold glove this year. Scott Boras is his agent and that will gurantee a 100 million dollar deal.

Hunter will come close to 100 million. All it takes is 1 dumb g.m. and you have a big $$$ deal. Hunter will get it.

Hey, is that Cy Young on the mound???? lol

OMG, I hope I didn’t jinx it!!

Ellsbury has to learn better to play c.f. at Fenway. He gets way too close to that wall and I have seen that a few times already.

Terrible baserunning there by Kubel. I watch the pro’s sometimes and I wonder. Are there heads in the game?

Infield back and he gets thrown out at the plate, PATHETIC!!!

Well BoSoxBrian,its been quite a season my dude.It was great being here to interact with all you guys while we were hunting for the Division.Tonight may be the night!Lets go Sox!And o yeah,I hope Theo makes some big moves this coming offseason!

And lets go Kazmir!

GOOOOO PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o and guys,for the record….Drew is batting .323 this month with 3 homers and 13 RBI’s if this guy delivers big in october,imma take back all the bad things i ever said about him and go out and buy a Pittsburgh Pirates hat.


I was there back in 1990 when the Sox clinced the division on a great catch by Brunansky. Taking away a hit away from Ozzie Guillen. It made Mike Boddicker a winner that night. Also that same night Cecil Fielder hit homers # 50 and # 51. Of course the Sox got swept by the A’s and Eckersly got 4 saves in the sweep.

It will be there first division title since 1995. One manager I always disliked was Kevin Kennedy. He would make my stomach turn!!!

COme on I got a feelin Drew’s gonna do something here…


The last time the Red sox won the division,I was in KINDERGARTEN and I am now a Senior in High School.And they won the World Series in my freshman year.Quite some facts eh?lol

Santana’s e.r.a. at 3.33 but only 15 wins.

Good call chman. Drew has come thru lately. It is great too see.

How hot is JD Drew right now? I’ll tell you what, this team is getting hot at the right time

JD Drew…..dude……Your my boy……I was freaken right…….wat a prediction O.O

Thanks Brian.Lets face it,WE NEED our guys to hit for us to make it deep into October.

Broken Bat single:looks good to me. I still feel the same way about him, but am glad he’s finally being productive. KEEP PROVING ME WRONG!!! I like to be embarassed on the blog!

JD’s stretchin dem legs now,lol

How are you Ellen?

Jacoby Ellsbury is batting .483 with 14 RBI’s with RISP…lets watch this…

When I was in kindergarten there were no Mariners or Blue Jays. They came into the league in 1977.

You are making me old!!!!!

Only 1 guy was on the team the last time the Sox won the division, Tim Wakefield!!!

Joe Castiglione of course was still around. Other than that not many people associted with the organazation.

A long time ago!!!


Dude the way we have been hitting against these pitchers recently,we would have been making them all look like Cy Young candidates just a month or two ago.Our guys seem rather pumped.And also Brian I know how much of a Red Sox fan you are,I got a story to tell,so why dontcha sit right there for me.Do you mind?


I’m sitting because when you reach my age, it is a good thing!!


I entered High School as a freshman.The Sox had won the Wild Card and had eliminated the Angels in round one.We faced the Yankees in the epic ALCS.I was goin around school running my mouth about how we were going to destroy the yankees that year…we fell 3 games to none.As usual I was being tormented by the others…next thing I know we started all these comebacks…then game 7 came.The day following game seven,I was on the bus with a Mets fan friend,we were wearin red sox caps…some guy came up to us with a knife and told us we better take our caps off.It was freaken u should have seen the look on the guys face!

Only in N.Y. I guess….

Perhaps your friend ( Mets fan ) and the Sox will face each other.

Then again the Mets are fighting for there playoff lives.

I thought the Mets had that division won but things are getting very tight in N.Y.

well dude here in n.y…mets fans and bosox fans have an alliance…if we play in the ws,we plan to come to school with a big sign saying : atleast it aint the yankees”…..the bronx bummers.

hes a bosox lover himself,lol

Yankees, Notre Dame and the Lakers, everyone loves to hate them.

lol.anyways brian,are u ready to celebrate tonight?i can feel it.DA DIVISION!!!

I would love too see it.

Of course it should have happend a week ago or so.

Better late than never!!!

Last time the Sox ended the season playing the Twins, back in 1967.

A great year that brought people back to Fenway!!!

if we clinch tonight,my friend and i plan to wear our sox caps 2moro and throw a small party saturday….for the record our ap bio teacher is a die hard yankee =]

Hey, when I was in kindergarten Eisenhower was president. Ted Williams was finishing up his career. And gsm was pitching in the minors, JK.

if we clinch 2night i’m gonna have so much fun in school 2morrow…i live in new york and the *** yankee fans have been jerks these past couple of weeks

Whoa Softball720 u live in NEW YORK?Me too!

This is not a Cy Young performance, Josh needs to really settle in for the night.
Go Joshua!!! Go Sox!!!

haha and my spanish teacher is a die hard yankee fan


What was it like playing against Babe Ruth in little league? LOL…..

Beckett is not looking good tonight.

Hey Brian,know what I heard?

becketts last 2 outings (including this one) have not been his best….he really needs to pitch better than this in the playoffs

Lol.Softball…I live in THE BRONX.

chman…you win!! w/e GO SOX

Lol great to meet you Softball.Yankees fans can be annoying as ****.

Beckett last time out was good. He went 6 innings and allowed only 1 run.

Beckett has been great and has put himself in a great spot to win the Cy Young.

Beckett must be the Cy Young winner this year.

i agree he should b hte cy young winner but just proving my point he threw 75 pitches in like the first 3 innings against tampa..he has to do better than that

bosox, I struck him out! (yea, in my dreams)

I understand Softball.We do need him to go deep in the play offs for us.

Guys know who is coming to the yankees?

C’mon Beckett, settle down.

If I told you guys who is coming back to the Yankees u guys might all become scared.

wat do u think becketts pitch count is 2night?


It is great to dream!!!

One thing I love when I see old footage is everybody dressed up to go to the game. Now fans look like they slept in a gutter for about a week.

Brian,softball….guess who is coming back to the Yankees next year.I am scared…

home run carlos pena!!! 1-0 TAMPA



Pena is a free agent after the season. His agent is Scott Boras. That guy will be asking for the moon!!!

umm Softball I know u might become scared…but…. :: Dramatic Pause :: DAVID CONE is coming back to the Yankees as their ace! AND I heard Shaq is coming to the Yankees to whip dem into shape!

he should he had a great season

ooo woe was us woe is us right softball?David Cone is returning!Wooooeee was us!

our offense really has to work the pitcher more….make him throw more pitches

YEah guys!How will we beat David Cone next year if we DONT learn to work the pitcher!He might NO HIT us!

and if j.d. had been playing the entire year like he has for the last 2 weeks we would have clinched already

Exactly good point Softball.

Well we have him under contract for a good while,itl be interesting to see how he fairs next year as well.

Let’s go Twins!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!! MY Yanks still can win this division, LETS GO!!!!!!

Yeah, and Matt Clement is coming to pitch for you guys too!!!!!!

y do yankee fans post in here

I also heard that Hideki Irabu is coming back to the Yankees.

well softball,remember what Yankee fans are all about.

I’m just glad JD is finally getting hot. And at the right time.

Yea, bosox, in the old pictures you see guys in suits at the ballgames and smoking cigars. Those were the days. huh?

y can’t they keep a rally going

Itl be alright Softball.Still early in this game.Lets go Red Sox!!!

oh by the way softball,I sent you a message on AOL.Nothing important though.

anyone know whats up with Coco

not too sure.

alright 1-2-3 inning

So softball,what part of new york do you attend school in?

long island

I love seeing the old footage.

Cigars with the brim hats.

Players working during the off-season. Pumping gas among other jobs.

oh cool.I assume you play softball,lol.I certainly hope I am right.


Sweet.I play baseball.

Pedroia should be rookie of the year

worst case i just hope they tie it up and he gets him out and beck gets a no dec. he’s been too good this year to end it with a loss. he’s gotta have the cy locked up but still.

Manny isn’t that bad as a number 2 hitter…with Lowell in the clean up spot that might not be such a bad order for the playoffs

I agree Kinny.

He has been swinging a good bat from the number 2 hole softball.I think it looks good to go.

the only thing is Youk hits much better from the 2 spot than anywhere else in the line up…so where would you put him

hmm alright,back to clean up Manny!Lol

for some reason I never liked batting clean up…

CHman: Im ok, but I’d be doing a WHOLE lot better if Josh would get his “footing” tonight. and the LOB’s are higher than usual this game it seems…..
Thanks for asking!!!

Ellsbury’s out?? His ankle maybe?? He hit the ball off it a couple of times in one inning….

Your welcome Ellen.Well hopefully Beck can settle down into a groove and give a couple more innings and we can eventually build a strong rally.

Josh just doesn’t have it so far tonight, and it gets going to get late early!!!

So softball your a newcomer to this blog.Am I right?

o mi goodness

Come on guys,we cannot lose to BOOF bonser.

C’mon Sox!!


don’t know what’s gonna happen with this game but it’s why this team worries me in the postseason. they just can’t seem to put together a good long string of games. what’s their longest winning streak this year? 5? this lineup is too good for that.

bosox. got a new strategy for tek. he needs to learn how to lean into the strike zone a lil better! prob won’t drive in any more runs but at least it won’t be an out.

I was wondering about you smckinny lately. You were being postive. The real smckinny has stepped up. I was worried about you…

Lol.Kinny this game is very dissapointing so far,but we still have innings left.We can still build a rally.Especially with the top of our line up due up next inning.

multiple personality disorder bosox. i’m taking med’s for it though. ha! saw that on house i think. you might wanna leave that kool-aid on ice. seriously though is there a good team in the history of b-ball that’s made more pitchers with losing records look better than this one.

Well it is embarassing that we are losing to BOOF bonser but we can still rally.I understand you 100% though Kinny.

The kool-aid is on ice and I can’t wait to uncork it. lol..

I thought you were off your meds after being positive for about 10 minutes….lol…

Go Deamon Deacons!!!

They got lucky last year, should have enjoyed it more…Football that is!!!

Lol havin a good time Brian dude?

Look at Rincons freaken ERA!Lets come back!

YES! LEts go Red Sox!

Always a good time here…

The kool-aid is going down very good tonight!!!

Sox will win tonight!!!

uh yes they did. not a wake fan. but i am an erin fan and knew that game would be on ESPN. just remember hold the cork twist the bottle on the kool-aid. course you’ll prob have to wait til sat nite for that.

I agree Brian.Our offense isnt going to just give in.


You love watching the Sox struggle don’t you?

Your one of these fans that always said the team is jinxed. It’s the curse of Babe Ruth. Dan Shaughnessy anyone? Smckinny anyone???

no. quite the opposite actually. don’t believe in curses. i believe in execution or lack of as the case may be. and they will not win tonite. minn has 6-9 now that’s the weakness of this team. of course tek could get a HBP again.

:: Steps between Kinny and Brian ::

Always have to rip Varitek…

Great too see Okajima tonight!!!

He hasn’t pitched in almost 2 weeks!!!

Oki did well.

Definitely a positive for us heading into october to get Oki back and pitching like okajima should.



I can here you cheering for Varitek….

There is alot of noise out of the Wnston-Salem area…



I’ll get it right….

Varitek with the BLAST!!!

ooo man oooooooo man,hows things over there Brian?How about you Kinny?lol

If D-Ped comes through,we are good.

C’mon D-Ped!

Single gives us the lead!

cmon D Ped give us a Bill Mueller moment!

Well we came close,I have a feeling we will have a classic David Ortiz Moment in the bottom of the 9th.

Win or lose tonight this team has shown a lot of resilience this year. They let the bad things roll off their back and come out the next day ready. I like this years Sox. They aggravate me sometimes but they always bounce back when they need a win. Sorry, smckinny, but it’s true!

Tek’s coming up huge, he’s like a cat out of his crouch behind the plate.


Where are you?

Varitek with the blast and you disappear.

If Varitek struck out with the bases loaded. You would be all over him.

You can’t pick and choose!!!

There we go there we go with Papi coming here comes the papi moment i predicted!

walk off!!!

No moment there chman. Ortiz is the winning run though. Nathan was smart, he stayed away. Now he’ll go after Lowell, hoping for a double play.

either way brian…i got have feelings…

*have good feelings

That was not a strike.

The catcher was set up outside and had to bring his glove across home plate. Bad call…

Maybe this is JD big moment!

or not…Tek will have a chance,where is kinny?


Your pal Varitek is up in a big spot!!!

In his career not very good with the bases loaded.

Tonight what happens????

Kool-aid time!!!

pass some kool aid here dude!

OK scmkinny, Tek up bases juiced. Hero? Goat?

o come on!


Nathan doesn’t look very good tonight.

Nasty slider!!!!

Varitek hits the homer and smckinny doesn’t come on here.

He strikes out with the bases loaded. He’ll be on here in about 2 minutes!!!

o come on,bases jacked with one out and no runs.

We’ll get ’em tomorrow!

That pitch to Youklis was sitting there on a platter.

Doesn’t that sum up the Red Sox season.

Bases loaded with 1 out, tying run 90 feet away and the winning run on second base. They end up doing nothing!!!

get ready brian

TEK is the goat again. All he had to do was hit a f*&8ing fly ball. Tito should have pinch hit for him. The guy just can’t hit with men on.

we will win tomorrow


Where are you????

Getting ready for the Deacons game???

The division will come down to the last game.

Nathan’s fastball had no zip to it.

His slider is just nasty!!!

He did hang one to Youklis but he didn’t do anything with it.

Youklis to me is hurting for certain!!!

Haha Sox lose Yanks win 2.0 games back. Go Yanks!!!

Yanks played there AAA lineup and still won.

No Posada, Jeter and A-Rod…

Even when the Yankees give the game away they win. I guess they were destined to beat the Devil Rays tonight. The Yankees mystique is ever impressive.



Where are you?

Varitek with the blast and you disappear.

If Varitek struck out with the bases loaded. You would be all over him.

You can’t pick and choose!!!

Posted by: | September 27, 2007 10:07 PM

Please don’t try and tempt fate again!

I know this is probably way too negative in my thinking, but the Yankees have a series against the worst team in baseball. They have a good chance to sweep, especially given no Guthrie or Bedard. If they do, that means we have to win two of three from the Twins – not exactly a given.

brendan. yeah another solo effort for ol capn choke. i mean tek. comes up with the bases loaded though and WHIFF. couldn’t even make a productive out. they gotta try somebody else in that spot in the order.

you’re correct about the yankees. they know they have a legit shot now so they’ll go all out. i’ll be surprised if they lose this w-end. and with wake pitching tom the sox better get tonite and sunday. you can just never count on a-thing with wake. well there is one thing. you don’t have to worry about tek batting with MOB! that’s prob worth a couple of runs itself.

bosox. nope erin was doin the football game last nite. ha! i’m really not a wake fan. i don’t pull for or against them actually. but if they get her to town more often i might become one.

Wow, I was unable to watch the end of the game last night, my medicine made me sick not the game, but when I left, there were only like 285 posts. Now there are over 400??? As I said WOW! I’ll get around to reading them all this afternoon.
But before I do, I just want to say WE WILL DO THIS TONIGHT!!!!

oh well they caught a break with seattle beating cleve again. i don’t see cleve havin too much trouble with KC though. boston needs the last 3 IMO.

ellen. i get that feelin every time tek grabs a bat with MOB so i know how you feel. it is hard to watch. ha!

The Yankees are not going to be going all out. They have a player managing the last game and will continue to rest their regulars as they did last night. With Mussina going and then pettitte for 50-60 pitch count and a rookie the last game, what exactly gives anybody the impression the Yankees care?

these days that’s like about all you need to beat balt!

Vince – as smckinny says, you don’t need to care to beat Baltimore. You just need to show up.

Just double checked the splits and Varitek is batting .207 with the bases loaded over the last 4 YEARS. That doesn’t even reflect the number of double plays he’s hit into. Last night was a chance for 2 people to be heros… 1) Tek, and he obviously failed… and 2) Francoma for maybe pinch-hitting for him… maybe Cora would have been a better choice (contact hitter, better speed). I was pretty sure Tek would strike out or hit into a double-play. Oh well, just another close game that we should have won. 12 left on base.

I do believe that the outcome hinged greatly on that one pitch to Lowell in the ninth that was at least 6-8 inches inside. I just hope I see the day where we get these obvious problems addressed. If managers had just 1 challenge per game, that could have been avoided. Hard to believe a pitch that bad would be called a strike in that important of an at-bat. Horrendous umpiring.

That pitch to Lowell was insane. It is physically impossible for the catcher to take a ball close to the groud, that far inside and for the ball to have passed through the strike zone.

While Varitek is somewhat to blame (he should not have swung at the 0-1 pitch), the pitch that got him was completely unhittable.

Why would the Yankees go all out. No reason to. They went all out to put themselves in the playoffs. Now the Yankees need rest. Give credit when it is due. The Yankees were left for dead by most folks, including Yankee fans. They did one heck of a job to get in the playoffs. No pressure on the Yankees when the playoff starts. That to me makes them a very dangerous team in October!!!!

last nite was all on tek and beckett. that throw to the plate after he cut off ped’s was comical. i think they had the guy with a good one. tek. bless his heart. he just cannot hit with MOB as has been noted repeatedly. sad thing is last nite he didn’t even need a hit. just a well placed out. and the pitch tht got him was a foot inside so yes it was unhittable. shouldn’t have smung there either. i don’t think you’ll ever see replay in baseball. not on balls and strikes anyway. possibly on fair/foul detrmination because that’s more cut and dried. balls and strikes are much subjective.

There will NEVER be replay for balls and strikes. The games are long enough. Imagine if there was replay in baseball. A Yankees/Sox game would take 2 days!!!

Why did Beckett cut that off?

I assume Varitek must have told him not to. There was a chance he might have been out at the plate.

Remember Ramirez a few years back when he cutoff Johnny Damon’s throw. That was the best!!! A great Manny moment, one of the best!!!

No way that pitch was a foot inside. It looked to me like a splitter over the plate that the bottom completely fell out of. It looked a strike all the way until the end. I think that would have gotten nearly every major league hitter on a 2 strike count.

How does this team expect to beat the Indians, the Angels, or the effin Yankees if they can’t even beat the Twins?


bosox. why would the yankees go all out? 2 lil things i like to call div title and home field. their tied with ana right now. if they tie boston they get the div and in all liklihood HF against the angels. not to mention HF against boston if they meet. i think these teams prob put a lil more stock into HF adv than you seem to.

brendan. that’s why ( one reason why ) there will never be replay in b-ball. i thought it started inside and broke further inside. and as many pitches as i’ve watched him take right down the middle i couldn’t believe he swung at it.

bosox. you have to assume tek told him to cut it. it was cutting towards 3rd. either way if he ( beck ) makes a decent throw home the guy is still prob out. it’s amazing to me how many times pitchers make bad throws to bases when from the mound they can throw it to a 6 inch window when a guy is batting.

It’s cliche to say that the Sox has to have timely hit to win a game. The Yanks beat TB’s best pitcher without its big hitters playing.
It appears that The Sox has to win 2 out of 3 against the Twins to clinch the title. It’s likely that the Yanks will sweep the Orioles. I hope not.

The Yankees could care less about the divison smckinny. They sat Jeter, A-Rod and Posada last night. They will sit more stars this weekend. The Yankees did there job, they go in and they did it with a few games to spare. As I wrote earlier, no pressure on the Yankees and that makes them extremely dangerous. If the Yankees cared about the division they wouldn’t have sat there big guns last night. For some reason smckinny you just can’t see that!!!

these are just a few of my thoughts:




anyone feel like I do????

bosox: I beg to differ about the Yanks not caring about the division!! or at least the Yankee fans, that way if they win thay can laud it over the RSN year after year after year……

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