Champagne on Dice?

First things first, Clay Buchholz will not pitch again in 2007. The Red Sox weren’t crazy with how he scored on the strength tests conducted by the training staff. With his long-term future in mind, the team will get his focus shifted on next year instead of this October.

No celebrations last night, just a flat-line of an evening with Beckett absent his fastball command the Red Sox absent the big hit in the late innings of the filthy offerings of one Joe Nathan.

So now it’s Dice-K’s turn. I feel like he hasn’t had his signature moment in a Red Sox uniform yet. Maybe tonight can be a start of something if he can pitch a gem for the first time in a long time and the Yankees lose in Baltimore and the Red Sox can, as David Ortiz has been saying the last few days, "get our clubhouse a little dirty".

Dice-K has been much better in his last two starts. Something tells me this is the night where he puts it all together. Let’s face it — they need this guy come October.

By the way, did anyone notice that Ortiz is absolutely obliterating the baseball right now?

And for the second day in a row, i’m dressed casual in the event of champagne spraying everywhere. Last night it was jeans and a golf shirt. Today it’s khakis and a little nicer golf shirt. You have to be prepared, right?

More later,



Lately its been hard to get a word in edge wise, with the numerous comments and disscusions on this blog, but I hope for all to go well and for the Sox to pull off a win tonight.

Papi is downright destroying the baseabll evey AB. If Ortiz did not get injured and was hurting I think he and A-Rod would be in the MVP race, not just the latter leading outright. I heard on Sportscenter that Papi has four 4 hit games this season, he has 14 for his career. Wow, he is hitting well, huh.

I would assume that Ellsbury and Moss have AB’s against Slowely is the Minors, because the Re Wings and PawSox are in the same division. Can anyone find their stats under that catergory.

The American league is set. ESPN Matchups:


Yanks v. Tribe

Sox v. Halos

Any thoughts, about matchups etc?

AS for the National League I’m rooting for the Rox and Cubbies if the get in.

Did anyone notice that Ortiz passed A-Rod in OPS? So much for anyone even thinking of saying Ortiz has an “off year”. If he had guys like Ellsbury and Pedroia hitting in front of him all year (and a “normal” Manny hitting behind him), he’d have 140+ RBIs easily. As usual, he won’t get the recognition he deserves in the MVP voting… but I guess we’re used to that now.

Oritz had a down year in H.R.’s only. He didn’t have as many game winning hits but it is very fair to say we were spoiled in the last few years with Ortiz.

Sox need a big hit late in the game in October. Oritz will deliver for sure!!! Nobody wants to face him with the game on the line!!!

I would love to see a Cubs vs Sox World Series. That would be the ultimate. Of course 2003 it looked like it was going to happen but we all know the story there. So close but yet so far.

I’m still having trouble digesting Varitek’s strikout last night. I don’t have any beef with his performance this year (.250+ ave. and 16 homers for a guy that plays 80% of the time is good enough for me). Its just painfully obvious that he has a problem hitting with the bases loaded. .207 average over the last 4 years (doesn’t even show the brutal number of double plays). I had absolutely no confidence whatsoever that he was going to get the run in… all the stats back it up. Can anyone think of a reason why we didn’t pinch hit someone with more speed and less likely to strike out?

I can think of many reasons:

1. He is the captain and Tito is quite obviously a player’s manager.

2. He hit a homerun in the previous inning to pull Boston within one run.

3. Who would you prefer pinch-hit? Bobby Kielty? Doug Mirabelli? Alex Cora?

I agree that it didn’t look good at the time, even with the bases loaded and one out, but Francona’s hands were pretty much tied in that situation. I guess he could have went to Youkilis but even if he isn’t 100% and I would rather have a player who has been in the game hitting as opposed to a player coming off the bench cold with an injury.

With bases loaded, you have at least to get that run in with an out. Bases loaded with 2 outs, ideally I’d like to see Ellsbury at the plate.
Too bad Cory probably won’t make it to the playoffs roster. Cory is the man (together with Delcarmen, Timlin) for the 7th, Oki for the 8th. Please no Gagne unless with at least 3 run lead.

bosox. my guess is the yankees, like most people, with beck going already had last nite chalked up as a W for the sox and figured best case they’d be 3 down 3 to go. not much of a chance. that didn’t happen. you may be right. if they sit their big guys tonite or tom obviously you were. i’ll be pleasantly surprised if they do.

how is the AL set. IF the yankees and sox wind up tied would the div winner not get ana? that would be NY.

rayman. you can dissect it all day. tek just plain ol *** with MOB. there’s no rhyme or reason for it. i think it’s 90% mental and 10% mental. he knows how much he’s struggled the last 2 yrs with MOB and it’s gotten in his head. that said tito will never pinch hit for him unless he’s hurt. and zach has a point. do you really wanna see bobby f-in kielty up there in that sit? thx again theo. solid move!

Tek looked horrible on the first two pitches in his last at bat, but he came back and had a good at bat and struck out on a very tough pitch. That low inside slider gets Ortiz, Drew, Ellsbury, Cora and about any other left handed hitter. It is the most difficult pitch for them to pick up and follow. I can’t fault Tek for that one, he just got beat, and that happens.

OK, Ortiz is pounding the ball now and everything is grand. What happened to the bad shoulder and the bad knee and the bad everything else? Must be PFM (pure f’n magic). The real truth is that he’s not trying to pull everything out of the park. He’s hitting more to left center and he’s twice the hitter when he does that. Think about it, he hit a lot of homeruns over the monster, including the game winner against the Angels in 04. He has great power to right field, but he’s not a pull hitter and when he tries to be, that’s when things start going bad.

You’ve got to be kidding me with Bucholz being shut down although I was fairly certain that was coming. I didn’t list him in my post season roster in the othe blog. Personally, I think it’s BS. Strength tests? For a pitcher? You’ve got to be kidding me. There is just no way that 20-30 more innings is going to make a difference in this kid’s career, but it could make a difference in whether or not the Sox cash in on what for them has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Too bad, for Bucholz, for the Sox, and for us, as fans. Strength tests …… what a freakin joke!

Now for the good stuff. The Sox enter the post season in relatively good health with a fairly well rested pitching staff. I think they are better off than any other team in the AL at this point.

I really like Manny batting 2nd. He’s seeing good pitches and Mikey is doing a good job backing up Papi. Move Ellsbury to leadoff, Pedroia down to 8th and you’d have DP, Lugo and Ellsbury hitting in front of Manny which isn’t so bad either. Of course, that will never come to pass because Manny has to hit fourth cause Tito thinks that’s the way it should be, and come post season, Ellsbury will be gathering splinters and doing the Dave Roberts thing when we see Manny, Coco and JD in the outfield.

if they get in the phillies are the most dangerous team in the NL. if they had just a lil bit of pitching they would be really tough. if they played the yankees i’ll bet the avg score would be 10-9.

I’ve been watching Mike & The Mad Dog lately and if you think Francona’s got it bad with Boston fans, you haven’t heard Mets fans complain about Willie Randolph.

And if people think “Francoma” is an accurate name for the way Tito manages, I don’t know what kind of nickname you could give Randolph but it wouldn’t be pretty. He is probably one of the worst in-game managers in baseball.

I personally wouldn’t want to see the Rockies if they miraculously get into the playoffs, especially if you buy into the hottest team generally going deep into the postseason.

gsm. the strength test thing is BS. i don’t know what the cut off for pitchers is in terms of whats considered a full year in the bigs? is it based on innings or games or both? i know they obviously have an organizational philosophy to try and keep top prospects in the minors until 24-25 yrs old in an effort to have them for 6 PRIME years prior to free agency. i agree with you on ortiz as well. seemed like early in the year he was trying to pull e-thing and manny was trying to hit e-thing to right.

well i never said tito was the WORST in baseball as far as in-game mgrs. but there are not too many behind him IMO. the rockies to me are a mini version of the phils. just not quite as dangerous. good off but very suspect pitching. in this 11 game streak 8 of the W’s have been against Fl and LAD’s. not exactly stellar comp.


Reported that Boston’s young right-hander is being shut-down because of SHOULDER FATIGUE.

F’n great, I guess all the Theo and Francona bashing we joined in or intiated was misguiding.

WE (management and the fans) pushed the envelope for innings pitched.

They were right by limiting him, we were wrong by pushing him.

At least we have Byran Corey, I guess.

Bucholtz being shut down because of arm fatigue. Are you kidding me? Pitchers of years past must want to puke!!!! These guys would pitch for years and years. Now they have limits on them, that are just insane. The Chamberlain rules, now the Bucholtz rules here. I’m not in favor of it. Welcome to baseball in the 21st century!!!


You must be sick to your stomach!!!

I really thought Bucholtz was going to be a part of the post-season roster. Again, what was I thinking?

He was the Key to the post season.

Cy Young is rolling over in his grave, as are Walter Johnson and the other classics of old. While Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson are feeling the same way you are Brian. This is just plain awful.

Calling all pitchers, yes you Diasuke Matsuzaka, step up.

Okay I’ve vented, LETS GO RED SOX, RSN!!!

bosox. those guys from “years ago” weren’t getting 5mm+ signing bonuses. it’s a diff era. due in large part to your boy billy beane IMO. if boston had injuries to the staff i’ll guarantee you he’d be pitching in the playoffs. but why take the chance when you’ve already got arguably the best MOST RESTED overall staff in the game. i actually see the point. they will need bats in the playoffs. their pitching is as good as it can be already.

rsjones. can you put in a call to tek’s bat? i know he hasn’t talked to it much lately.

bosox. yankees are at FULL strength tonite. still think they don’t care about the div?

Nice play on words Ian! But it can be taken another way as well. He can well afford the Champagne for the team, the fans, the City and Probably every one on Brownie points as well!!!

I posted this bon the last one in error..
Just a few of my thoughts:




Anyone else feel like I do??

More heavy metal for Papi!!!

I could care less who the Yankees are using tonight. Bring back the ’27 Yanks for all I care. Sox need two wins and exactly ZERO Yankee losses. So who cares if they help the Sox or not. Just means Boston will celebrate tonight and not SAT or SUN.

I don’t think the Yankees care about the division. They’re not going to go all out. If they cared about the division. During the week in game #1–Tues. night vs Tampa, they wouldn’t have ran some of there rag tag arms out in the game. Of course last night they wouldn’t have sat Posada, Jeter and A-Rod. They know there chances of winning the division are NONE!!!

My boy Billy Beane? What? He is certainly one of the best g.m.’s in baseball but he certainly isn’t one of my boys. John Schuerholtz maybe.

Beane of moneyball, I’m not a fan of that thinking at all. No running and no bunting!!! What kind of thinking is that?

I know that years ago they weren’t getting the $$$$$ as they do now, stating the obvious. Of course that is how baseball is now. Not for the better!!! It is what it is though.

This just in, you can’t have enoough pitching!!! If you think Boston does, you are dreaming!!! Bucholtz would look great coming out of that pen in the playoffs. Like Papelbon did back in 2005. Game 3 vs Chi. White Sox Papelbon was untouchable and that was a team that won it all a few weeks later. I thought Bucholtz could have had that kind of impact. Of course this year’s team is alot different than the 2005 team. Remember Matt Clement attempted to start game 1. The series was over when he took the hill that afternoon!!!

Bosox: I don’t know how old you are or how long you’ve been a Sox fan, but I’m 48 and have been a Sox fan all my life. I think that given the Yankees start this year and the resurgance after the ASG you probably noticed something: YOU CAN NEVER NEVER, EVER COUNT THE AYNKEES OUT!!
I’m Skeeeered, very skeered.

Next season I’d like to see hte 2007 pennant hanging in OUR outfield, not theirs.

There is no way Francona is going to pinch hit anyone for Varitek last night. Come on guys think for a split second!!!

You could count out the Yankees for most of the decade of the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

Ever since the mid 1990’s, you can’t count out the Yankees. No way!!! If you do, your not thinking.

That being said, there chances of winning the division are NONE!!!

Yeah, but there is still a great chance the Sox will face them again!!!

First time all season the Twins have seen Dice K and he looks real good tonight.

The Sox need 3 starters if they want to do anything.

Dice K will be the starter for game #3. Let’s hope this start is a springboard for the playoffs.

I think they will face each other again. We as fans wouldn’t want it any other way would we?

1999 when they met was kind of a joke. We all knew the Sox chances of beating them were slim and none.

Ever since 2003 it has changed of course!!!

When Don Orsillo speaks I always think. He must have cheated to get thru Northeastern!!!

How could the Yankees care about the division when Pettite is on a pitch count for 50 to 60 pitches tomm night. On Sunday they might start David Cone or Sterling Hitchcock.

Dice-K is again showing sings of weakness here in the last couple of innings, when the leadoff man gets on.If he let’s more than one man on let’s hope that Francona pulls him in before he blows another game. Let’s get the bullpen up and not wait until it’s a crisis. Let’s not leave him in so that he can get credit for a win. Pull him!!!

bosox:YEAH!!! O would. They have owned us this year and last!

If the Bosox lose tonight and the Yankees win you will see how serious the Yanks are!!! I’m not too sure about Franconia.

… mistake “I would”

Dice-K is showing signs of weakness? What tipped you off, his ability to not allow a runner past 2nd base or his pitch count of 85 through 6 innings?

In other words, I disagree.

Oh God Dice gave up a run. Can’t wait to see how many people post insults

Also note just as I hit “post”, he gives up a homerun to Morneau but as I finish up this he picked up his 7th strikeout.

Here we go again. Let’s get Okajima and Papelbon up and throwing.No one else. This should be Dice-K’s last inning. Let’s hope he gets out of it without anymore damage.

Okajima probably won’t be going tonight.

OKay, siesta time for matsuzaka. I guess this is the inning this game.

Good outing by DiceK. Unlike Beckett he finished the year strong. It was more important for him to finish better than Josh anyway.

All the American League meaningful game scores are very interesting tonight. I’ve got the mlb scoreboard up. VERY INTERSTING………

Here’s an unpopular opinion: let Dice-K finish.

Top of the ninth-time to bring in Papelbon to start the inning.

David Ortiz can do no wrong

Down to 1. Win tomm or Sun. Anyone still worried about the Yanks? No reason to


Game Ovahhhhh!

Rizzo, while I agree that the division should be wrapped up, when we have Wakefield going tomorrow and the Yanks are playing the Orioles, anything is possible.

I wonder what the protocol is for the fans at Fenway. Do they wait for the Yankees game to end in case they lose? Or do you assume they will hold the lead and be able to celebrate with an outright Boston win tomorrow night? Who knows.

I will always worry about the Yankees, Rizzo. Like I said, becareful, some very strange things can happen in the Post Season… lets see, 1 team goes up 3-0 in the ALCS, the other team seems to be TOAST. That “other” team then comes back to win 4 straight. Not many stranger things have happened but…. I still worry. I would rather worry and have it come out ok, than to think we’ve got a walk in the park, and LOSE!

zcah: I heard Remy say that they are putting the Yankee game on the “JUMBOTRON” after our game for the fans at Fenway.


I meant ZACH

Best record gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs, right??
QUESTION: What happens if Teh Indians and the Sox tie for best record?? Does total wins between teams determine who gets it???

did everybody LEAVE????

bosox. you just can’t admit your wrong can you? it’s okay. i’ll do it for you. the yankees were/are playin the %’s. had beck won last nite they basically had no chance hence their AAA lineup. tonite/tom they do. hence you’ll see their ML lineup. if they have a chance to win tom pettite will go 6 re of a pitch count. otherwise it is pointless.

w or w/o bicholz the pitching for boston is not gonna be any better. the 2/3 inn’s he would go here and there are pointless in terms of taking up a roster spot in the postseason. they already have the best staff. pitching will not decide the p-offs. boston, ana, and cleve all have comparable pitching. off will decide who goes to the series.

ellen. if boston and cleve tie boston wins due to head to head record. thats the first criteria/tie breaker.


I told you Ortiz would end up with 35 homers!!

You said I was nuts…

and billy beane is a mkt genious. nothing more. all he has to worry about is scouting. anytime they suc-k he can just blame it on small mkt, no money. he didn’t take the sox job cause he didn’t want/couldn’t handle the pressure.

i don’t think i did. i said it was unlikely. glad you were right and i was WRONG. see it’s not that hard.

bosox. if the yankees aren’t concerned/interested in/about the div why did their A team start ( still playing BTW ) tonite?

yee haa! balt comes back!!

A lot of conversations/writings tonight!/.

where are those yankees fans now!! c’mon baby!!

tied 9-9 in baltimore

extra innings, rivera blew that save big time

Another ? I am right/wrong, do we/Cleveland have the better record head to head??
Please answer/reply. lol sorry smckinny I love/like you but I couldn’t resist/not write

Nice start by dice-K tonight. Definitely much-needed. Hopefully he can give the Sox three solid starters in the playoffs. Perhaps Wakefield can turn it around and make it four.


Ellen, Boston won the season series with Cleveland, 6-2. How’s your back, by the way?

bosox. rivera pitchin the 9th. what is he 90 yrs old? nah the yankees have no int in winning the div or getting home field. you were right all along. i’ll bet they forfeit. mercy rule is applicable isn’t it?

ellen. no problem/worrries. i app the humor. and what jeff said. although i got a feelin they need to win tom and sunday to make that relevent.

thanks for asking Jeff, surgery scheduled for Thursday (10-4)11:00am. I appreciate it.
Sm: wow those initials could be dangerous!! i get such a kick/laugh out of everybody here, especially my self, I can be such a blonde!!!

bosox. your right. you can’t have too much pitching. but, my point was boston has as much pitching as they will or can have this year. buch was never gonna be in the rotation. or a factor for that matter. that was obvious. so whats the point of him taking up a roster spot for a couple of inn’s here or there?


If Pettite is on a pitch count for tomm night, how could the Yankees care about the division? Also on Sunday, they’re going with I believe Don Larsen to start that game.

Also with Ohlendorf pitching 1 inning with the Yankees ahead. Think about it for a moment.

I don’t think it is being right or wrong. I give my opinion and you give your opinion.

Are the Yankees going to just sit everybody, NO!!!

His couple of innings here and there could be the difference. if he had arm fatigue, why did he do some throwing on Sunday afternoon at Tropicana Field.

They are babying there investment, that’s all. I am on record and saying I disagree.

ellen. NOTHIN wrong with being a blonde IMO. well at least tek won’t have to carry the team again tom! whew!

With this 100 pound Ramirez on the hill, the Orioles should win this one!!!

All of the Yankees scrubs are in right now (subs for A-Rod and Jeter, plus Posada is out) in extra innings, guess Joe doesn’t want to win the division THAT bad.

The Mets lost to the Marlins, out of first place and now behind in the wild card, what talk about falling from grace!! Weren’t they in 1st right from day 1???

I’m sure the information is a pure relief to Jason!!lol I still “gotta love him”!!

Yeah talk about those Mets…my buddy is VERY MAD, heh.

Baltimore, FTW!πŸ˜€


bosox. how do you know he’s on a pitch count? have you talked to torre? i got a feelin that will depend on many factors. couldn’t agree more about opinions. that’s what makes this fun. and hey don’t have many options for sunday. clenmens is hurt. and everybody else is on a sch. again they are playin the %’s. if boston wins tom they prob won’t play any starters sunday. if they don’t they ( NY )will do all they can to win.

Thank you zachary. At least someone is paying attention!!!

I can’t believe some people think the Yankees are trying to win the division.

They realized when they lost back to back games on Mon and Tues, there chances were ZERO!!!

The Yankees have talked about it already.

Actually between tears the other night, Torre told me. LOL…

Imagine Kevin Millar could be the guy that puts Boston as the division winner.

Some of this stuff you can’t make it up in sports!!!

You go Millah…


With this Yankee loss, I don’t know if they will be able to go on in the playoffs.

A team that was battling for the division and they lost a game like that. Count them out!!!

Just kidding folks!!!

Hey smckinny,

Did I make you laugh???

bosox. the yankees will prob rest their guys now! enjoy your kool-aid. still gotta beat out cleveland though.

bosox. you always do.


I’m not dreaming am I?


Let the mini-celebration begin!πŸ˜€


I don’t think it is vital for the best record. I thought it was vital for them to win the division. of course they should have done it about a week ago or so but that is how it goes!!!

Yankees will take Cleveland in 4 games anyway!!!

Did anyone see my post at 9:52?? Take a look!


WOOOOOO! take that all the doubters…seattle has sox pride πŸ™‚

this just in tek still ***-s. actually bosox i like cleveland. 3-2. sabathia is tough and they’ll see him 2X if nece.

Great to get the AL East title. One more step in ending Yankees breaking rights. The Sox are playing well at the right time. Hopefully Wakefield can right himself with a solid start tomorrow. I feel good about this team heading into the playoffs.


Congrats Sox Nation, you guys earned it.

But the playoffs are another story!

Beware of storm clouds to the south of Boston!

I like Cleveland’s chances against the Yankees as well. It will be a five-game series, in my opinion.

ellen. you do know he ( millar ) struck out with the bases loaded right? who does that remind me of? hmmmmm?

I meant, Yankees bragging rights……..

Yeah winning the east has paid of HUGE the last couple of years!!! Get real

Yeah but>>>>>>> he sure put it to us!

Hey, just tuned in, and I find out the Sox are AL East champs! Congratulations to all the Sox players and anyone who works for the Sox! And congrats to all my fellow bloggers, one and all!!!

And for one night I ask that everyone here be POSITIVE and not criticize our Sox! Not even Drew! Give them all a mental high five. And be happy.

Jeff, as much as I’d LOVE to agree with you, The yankke fans will (in their own minds) have bragging rights … “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND” (credit given to Buzz LightYear there)

Ellen, they will only have bragging rights again if the win the World Series. Right now, in the 21st century, they are the AL version of the Braves – close but no cigar. They are still one of the best teams in baseball, but they are going to have to win the big one again to have bragging rights.

Congrats to Red Sox Nation,

As a Yankee fan I’m definitely disappointed but know when to give credit to a solid team. I’m looking forward to the playoffs but I have to tell you, the Yankees are still poised to win it all in 2007!

Go Yanks!

But Jeff, in the minds of the majority of the Yankee fans (Vince excepted and a few others) “they’ve won 26 world series”.. yadayada yada yada ya. Even though we live in the present, they still continue to bring up the WS rings. I don’t hold it against them but it just gets old…..

I am sure ted is celebrating somewhere in a cooler.

Ted???? Maybe I missed that one.


It has been a long time ch!! I am absolutely OVERJOYED!!!!!
This is one regular season i won’t be weeping in front of the TV on the white tile!! See y’all tomorrow, G’Night all!! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE OUR REDSOX.


Anybody see Manny during this whole celebration?

For those who don’t get NESN, you’re missing out on an awesome on-field celebration with the fans.

Congrats to everyone in RSN from the players to the fans and everyone in between ! Now let’s go get that ALDS.

Are you kidding me? The Red Sox have only won one crown since a gazillion years ago, and the Bronx Bombers have won FOUR WS titles since only 1996. Please.

all i know is katherine tappin looks really hot covered in beer and champagne. zach. manny’s prob gettin a massage. he marches to a diff beat as we all know. glad he’s there though.

Funniest moment of the night: Alex Cora, clearly bombed out of his mind, overtook the audio booth at Fenway and started playing “Sweet Caroline” over the PA system while the woman in charge looked on helplessly.

yup,Ellen its a great great Day!

Hi guys, first time poster here. Just got home on Monday from another great vacation in New England. I was lucky to be at Fenway to see Big Papi’s walk-off homer against Tampa Bay, the atmosphere was amazing.

I’m back here in Scotland now and have to content myself with watching the games online (and staying up late, 7pm for you guys is midnight here). Congratulations to the Sox on winning the AL East, it was worth staying up for.

Incidentally, the last time I was at Fenway was September 2004, also against Tampa Bay, and we all know how that year ended. Hope it’s a good omen.

Good luck in the playoffs.


Welcome to the blog Spex: Good morning fellow RedSox Nationer!! That’s a long way to go to see our guys!!
It’s a wonderfully RedSox kind of day isn’t it?

It sure is. I feel like i’m 50 pounds lighter !


Can’t count on the Angels to knock off the Yanks this year, plus the Yanks are 6-0 against the Indians this year (yikes).

I still rather face the Indians in the first round over the Angels, most likely post-season scenario is an replica of 2004 with reversed positioning — I believe in 2004 we had a 10-8 record against the Yanks, with Yanks as div champs and SOX as wild card — This year exactly the opposite.

Angels v. Sox / 5 game set

Beckett v. Lackey GM 1

Schilling v. Escobar GM 2

Weaver v. Dice-K GM 3

Wakefield v. Saunders GM 4

Sox win ALDS 3-1, Schilling loses a close one.

You have to like our guys in the ALDS, especially considering Lackey’s issues at Fenway and our finally healthy squad.

I don’t know that Wakefield goes in Game 4 (if necessary), it all depends on the amount of days the division series is played in. I personally don’t think it matters who wins because both the Sox and Indians are going to choose the scenario which has their 1-2 punch go twice, if needed.

It would be really nice if Boston could just win tonight and ensure homefield advantage through the playoffs, that way they can rest some players on Sunday.

Apparently both Manny and JD weren’t at Fenway last night for the celebration, can’t say I’m surprised but hopefully they’ve got a couple more to be a part of this season.

For game 4 out west it is either Wakefield or Beckett.

I love the Sox chances against the Angels. Lackey has gotten smoked at Fenway in his career. Escobar has given the Sox problems though. He is one of the more under-rated pitchers in the game. Not much of a closer but a solid starter for the Angels.

Schilling will be facing the Angels for the 4th time this year.


I thought the Sox weren’t going to celebrate if they won the division?

It doesn’t matter why Manny wasn;t there, but you can be sure that the media will get a hold of it and blow it WAY out of proportion. You know they love to stir the siht.


Your a 1000 % correct….

Brian, I know you’re the resident “I told you so” member of this blog but I what I said was that I was surprised at how crazy the Yankees went after clinching a playoff spot, especially considering their usually professional demeanor. It’s not a bad thing, I just compared it to Boston’s celebration when they clinched a playoff spot down in Tampa.

That said, I don’t think you’d ever find George Steinbrenner slapping fives with the fans and getting doused in champagne like Theo was last night. That celebration in Boston last night was unlike anything I had ever seen.


I just got a kick out of it the other day when you said the Sox wouldn’t celebrate like that.

Why would the Sox go all out after last Saturday’s win?

They had the division on there mind.

You said the Sox wouldn’t celebrate. I read what you wrote and I called you out on it. I give my opinions and you give yours.

You sound so proud of yourself.

Alot of personal shots there zachary, are you sentinel in dsguise?

I would go with Beckett,Schilling,and Dice-K. I would not count on Wakefield except in relief if we are ahead or behind six runs. If we are ahead 6 runs and he walks two people I would pull him.Ditto with Lopez and Tavarez, assuming they are on the playoff roster.

If I needed a fourth starting pitcher, I would go with Lester and be prepared to pull him when he begins to lose control.

The exact sequence of starters would be based upon our wins and losses.

For relief pitching I would stick with Timlin and Delcarmen for mid relief and Okajima and Papelbon for late inning relief.Only if the game is well-won or assumed -lost would I depend on Gagne.

no way wake starts a game in the postseason. they wouldn’t wanna take tek’s lethal bat outta the lineup in a must win situation! at least i hope there’s now way.

i think after 13 yrs of trying a lil celebration was in order. just hope they’re not too hungover to play well tonite.


I hope Wakefield gets going tonight. He’s hit or miss as you know. There is no go between with him.

It looks like Dice K might have got himself ready last night. Perhaps a springboard for the playoffs. Dice K’s first start in the playoffs is a place he is very familar with. He came up big there in March of 2006, let’s hope he’ll do the same in October of 2007.

Playing ball hungover is always a good thing!!!

Zach: no disrepect intended here, but this year I REALLY think that the Yankee’s deserve to “go a little crazy” after clinching a playoff spot, no matter what their normal demeanor is. They came back after we had a 14 1/2 game lead. That’s not a spot that they are used to being in. For anybody to come back from that kind of defecit, especially remembering how depleted their pitching staff was, is really something to go ALOT CRAZY ABOUT!
Don’t forget I bleed RedSox- Red more than almost anyone here but I have to give credit where it is due.

smckinny, okay now…. Did you think I wasn’t here??

Well, David Wells knows about playing under the influence, huh?? Or atleast that’s what he was reported to have done.

No paranoia here or anything, but it always seems strange that when I come on everybody else leaves.

Wells said when he threw that perfect game against the Twins, he was shall we say tipsy. Wells talked just to say something. I was so glad last year when Boston dealt him.

Ellis threw a no hitter many years ago and he said he was on LSD.

So if the Sox are hungover, not a bad thing!!!


People are scared when a female starts talking about sports. You know how some men are!!! LOL….

New Blog on now go to next one for rebutt/

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
– Jordan Shoe

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