ALDS — bring it on

Who is ready for some PLAYOFF baseball? Doesn’t it feel like after missing out on October last year that it’s been a while since we’ve had a playoff game in this town?

Fenway will be rocking behind Beckett Wednesday night. I think it’s going to be a good series between two teams who really play the game right. That said, I think the Sox are healthier and have more weapons, so I think they will win the series.

Having an ace like Beckett is a huge weapon this time of year, and Dice-K and Schilling also have the capability of taking over a game.

The decision to leave Wakefield off the roster was a tough one, but you can’t have him coming out of the bullpen unless he’s been in truly dependable form. Let’s face it, Wake has been kind of shaky ever since this back thing started bothering him at the end of August.

So maybe he uses this time to rest up, get well, and he’ll be ready when and if the Sox need him in the ALCS.

I personally like having Lester out there in the ‘pen. If one of the starters does get roughed up, Lester can give you some really good innings if he’s commanding on that given night.

This spread-out schedule really helps the Boston bullpen. Papelbon could conceivably pitch all five games in the series if it goes that far. How will Francona handle the eighth inning? Gagne? Okajima? Delcarmen? Timlin? I think he’ll play the matchups and go with what he thinks works best on each night.

Anyway, it’s weird to have no baseball at all today. That was one awesome game last night! I’m happy for the Rockies. It’s baseball the way it ought to be played. What heart by both teams.

Well, I’ll be a blogging fool throughout the playoffs so keep coming back for updates. And I have a sidekick blogger on this postseason. His name is Kevin Youkilis. Be sure to hit Youk’s blog on a daily basis. He’ll be updating after each game. And he posted his preview today.




Ian, it really is GREAT to have Post Season Baseball in the RedSox Nation again!! Last year really kind of, wait, no not kindof, it really s##uc*ked. But we’re back and, YEAH WE’RE READY!! Like you said, BRING IT ON!!!!

Oh and PS Ian.. You say it was wierd not to have any baseball today.. I’m already beginning to feel the withdrawl symptoms. I’m really surprised that there are no rehab/withdrawl centers for this! OOH, I think I just found my new line of work.

I always suffer a mild depression at the end of baseball season. Once the playoffs start I’ll feel better. But it’s a long time til spring training.

The Sox are poised to do well and this could be a great run for them.

You think Tek has some nagging injury no one is talking about, and that’s why the 3rd catcher? Hope not.

Well, someone is making sentinel look smart. Way to go!! Not easy to do!

Sox in 4.

I think he’s probably just tired. How many seasons is this for him on his knees for appx 125 plus games??? I’d have lost my edge years ago, guess that’s why they don’t call me Captain, huh?? i think it’s just fatigue (Ihope).

Hey Ian, how was yesterday’s celebration?? “Dirty Water” Tessie, Sweet caroline??? I didn’t get to see it, don’t have NESN yet! MUST’VE BEEN HOT!!

Oh Arnie, Thanks for the good thoughts, keep ’em coming!! lol
I appreciate it. Ellen.

Can anyone estimate when the actual game is going to start? Official start is 6:37 ET, but I’m sure there will be introductions and some fluff. 6:50?

After we clinched,I listened to Dirty Water by Bronson Arooyo,i liked his version.


I agree about post-baseball depression and withdrawal. Fortunately, there is plenty of news to talk about in the hot stove time, and I will continue to write daily posts related to baseball and general sports at Sox and Pinstripes when the baseball post-season finally ends, but I do severely miss the daily routine of gearing up for a game, watching it, writing about it and talking about it. Hopefully, when November arrives, all of Red Sox Nation will be buzzing with the euphoric high of winning a World Series, so that will help the off-season pass more rapidly. At least the Celtics are contenders again, so there will be a pleasant diversion until spring training rolls around. For the time being, though, I am going to savor the playoffs and then hopefully the World Series. This is the time of year when I first became a Red Sox fan – 1975 when the Reds and Red SOx played in the World Series. I am from southwest Ohio, and while everyone else was rooting for the Reds, I was 7 and captivated by Fenway Park, the Red Sox and exciting young players like Carlton Fisk, Fred Lynn and Jim Rice. I haven’t been the same since. Last year’s post-season just wasn’t the same, even with the excitement of St. Louis’ surprise.


It feels good to be a Red Sox fan right now huh…i want to back comments here on Bring it on!! Just wanted to show my support to these great and beloved Red Sox. GO SOX!!

Love the Sox chances against the Angels.

Sox in 4 games…

Yankees in 4 games…

Cubs in 4 games…

Rockies in 5 games….

Lackey has gotten smoked at Fenway. If things go poorly for Lackey early. He’ll think to himself, here I go again at this place. Don’t let Lackey feel comfortable, make it difficult for him. If he is on the ropes go for the T.K.O.

Sox in 4
Yankees in 4

Cubs in 5

Phillies in 5

Against the Angels, you can’t put men on base each inning and still hope to win this thing. Too many speedsters on their line up. Same old recipe : throw strikes and play good defense. It’s usually the case when JB and Schill are on the mound. As for Dice-K in game 2, we’ll see.

I’m not afraid of Lackey tonight, though. If we own one ace in the bigs, that’s him.

Oh, and please …… hit in the clutch.

LAA can run and steal. But they can’t steal home. Good pitching and good defense will stop the running game. We do not want to see a leadoff walk turns into a run (throwing error) without the benefit of a hit. Let them steal but don’t throw the ball into the center field.

Good luck against the angels.

Start Cash instead of Varitek to cut down LA’s running game.

I’m bummed that Wake isn’t on the roster – and why bother having Mirabelli as a backup if there’s no Wake??

i wouldn’t nece COUNT on lackey’s struggles continuing. wake owned TB over his career at their place until the last he faced them and got lit up. those things always turn at some point. plus he knows with his team at less than 100% he needs a good one. that tends to inspire the better ones. boston needs to be at their best ( i.e. aggressive ) 1-9 offensively.

Sox get ahead early and that can slow down the Angels running. They don’t want to run themselves out of the inning. We all know the Angels love to steal bases. Does anyone hit and run more than the Angels?

agree with that 100%. they ( ana ) don’t have a great deal of power so if you can get a decent lead on them early it’s much more diffcult for them to come back. assuming you don’t give them a lot of free passes.

also lackey has struggled because typically he has gotten down early. i think the later/longer he stays close the more confident he becomes.

Jump out of the gates quick and take away Lackey’s confidence. If the Sox let him go deep in the game, it will be very interesting for sure.

Something tells me tonight the Sox bats are going to be alive and well.

i hope so. first game in a 5 game has a lil more significance to to me than a 7 game. a lot easier to split 4 than win 3 of 4. especially against their starters.

All it comes down to is clutch hitting. Beckett is not going to pitch a shut out. I hope he does tonight. He’s gonna give up 2-3 runs. The Sox needs to score runs for him. The Sox left too many LOB.

007, true about the hitting. more specifically in my mind for hitters 6-9. top 5 as a rule don’t concern me. they have an off nite occasionally but i’ll still match’em against anybody’s with a healthy productive manny. when they’ve struggled this year the majority of time it’s been due to that bottom 4’s inability to hit. that’s why they’ve been so inconsistent off IMO. if they get production from those spots they will/should win it all. if not they could lose first round. ana doesn’t have a great deal of power but they are very balanced top to bottom in their order. another eason you really have to limit BOB’s.

Smckinny – I disagree that the Sox bats need to be aggressive. You can get to Lackey by taking the close pitches, running up his pitch count and generally frustrating him. If they swing early at an early stage of the game and give up easy outs, he could get on a roll.

oo7chow, I agree with you totally. Sox need to hit in the clutch!!! We all know Boston has runners on constantly but will they hit when guys are on base.

One silly question for anyone of you. For those players/ pitchers who didn’t make it to the playoffs roster allowed in the dugout or bullpen? I saw Tavarez (in the photo)at the pitcher’s fielding practice yesterday.

brendan, trying to run up a pitch count, being patient, etc is fine for some guys. i.e. guys with control issues. lackey ain’t that guy. he’s pretty much around the plate most of the time. you go up there taking pitches all nite and you’ll be hitting from behind all nite and get a lot of strikeouts as a result. not to mention you’ll allow him to hang around and gain confidence. you’ve got to beat him. he won’t beat himself IMO by giving up a lot of free passes. boston IMO is much better offensively when they’re aggressive at the plate. hit first walk second not the other way around.

According to the weather reports, it’s going to be about 70 degrees and cloudy for game time. Hopefully that’s accurate and there’s no rain.

The number one way to stop a team’s running game is to get a lead early. Then they can’t afford to be as aggressive because outs become more precious as the game goes on.

We caught a big break with no Gary Matthews Jr. in this series, especially considering all the ground he covers to make up for the slow-footed Garrett Anderson. Reggie Willits looked completely lost in CF last time the Angels visited Fenway. Also Matthews Jr. is one of the only power threats in that lineup, which makes this series all the more attainable for the Sox.

I personally think Matthews Jr. is just scared to come back to Fenway after he claimed fans yelled racial slurs at him from the stands in an interview, and then got booed mercilessly everytime he came to the plate thereafter. Either way, you won’t hear me complaining.

Sox in 3 (a la 2004 ALDS) AND a perfectly set rotation for the ALCS.

007. i’m pretty sure if they’re on the 40-man they’re allowed on the field. well field meaning dugout/bullpen.

I agree with the aggressive approach to hitting against Lackey. He’s going to be around the plate (averages about 2 walks per nine innings) and if the Sox don’t go up there looking for a good pitch to hit, they could find themselves hitting from behind in the count. The big reason for those games where the Sox appeared to be asleep at the plate was that they were hitting from behind in the count. I don’t think you can do that with Lackey.

Beckett is a shining example of how much better pitchers are when they pitch ahead in the count. You just have to compare this year and last. The teams that have the most success against Beckett are the ones who look for that first good pitch to hit. I think the same would be true for Lackey.

“2007 REALITY CHECK”…..a must read for RSN

red sox are gonna lose the series for sure:

1. lackey pitches strikes.

2. boston lineup except for ortiz & lowell is awful.

3. look for manny to lose his touch in the series, hopefully career.

4. everybody in the Angels can hit, & can hit in the clutch

5. Boston starting pitching is disgusting, josh has to be ahead (in count) to win. everybody else is a loser, dice-k can’t handle vlad & co. and schilling is due for a loss in his next start, that’s it

6. california is a well rounded team, hitting & piching, they will sweep boston, and win at home in.

7. redsox will not be here next year.

8. 2008 manny (injury-prone, lazy baby) ortiz wants to play elsewhere now, bored with RSN. francoma must go, his philosophy is not accepted here anymore. lowell should go to seatlle, help ichiro win over there.

9. youk is a good guy, but a terrible performer. look for my next blog on how terrible youk is, an old fashion scrub.

no merit no game, no #’s to impress.

10. angels is a very consistent team day/in-day/out

11. red sox so inconsistent, so weak, so slumpy, so lack of talent used properly, too many stars no input (except papi & lowell), manny is MLB’s cry baby, and youk is the most pathetis of them all, he has his own site (look for my next blog on a full report; titled “youk is yucky in the majors”

i really want to go on & on, with boston’s flaws but i got other things to do now.

go angels, sweep them hasbeens out of 2007 post season books.

truth hurts doesn’t it, well thats why i labeled it as a reality check’

As for working the count, Sox are the team that took the highest amount of pitches in AL and i don’t see them changing that approach for the playoffs.

Strike thrower or not on the mound, they will work that count. It’s their style. If Lackey wants to take advantage of that by throwing some big, fat, juicy fastballs in the strike zone … he’s dead.

No redsoxloose, you have nothing else to do.

Kevin Youkilis (good guys finish last)

10 reasons why Yucky lives up to his name

1. Never batted above .288 ever.

1A. struck out his only AB in the 2004 post play.

1B. 200 strikeouts in 400 games, worst MLB record.

2. Never had over 83 RBI’s in a year.


3. Never hit over 16 HR’s in a year.

4. Never been an All-Star

5. Never will goto HOF never

6. Only MLB player who posts himself Blogs, looking for positive feedback (signs of low self esteem here)

7. can’t mix his name with others in lineup, no stats no clutch nothing

8. horrible @ 3rd, awful @ 2nd, so-so at 1st. can’t run in the OF, don’t know where to put him next maybe as catcher, ya need 4 don’t ya.

9. no speed, no power, no clucth, no hitting, disgrace with the statistics. yes nice man, wrong line of business.

10. youk is yucky ! thats why he can’t win.


i will always make time to let give the RSN a reality check.

youk is yucky, ya’ll know it too, he is a disgrace w/ them stats.

don’t ya’ll feel the burden when he is at bat, he is probably the sole reason(s) why you’ve lost so many games this year. he probably leaves runners in scoring postion all the time

tell me if this sounds familiar’

“runners on the corners” with two outs, bottom 9th youk strikes out.

or how about’

“youk leaves lowell and papi on base again” -inning over

or how about’

youk pops it up, game over boston eliminated ADCS

LOOSE your entire post is all but total garbage, and they are not the California Angels, (maybe in your day) they are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

and LOOSE< who are your “favorites” include averages OBP batiing with risp etc.. Let us know where you players fit into the playoff picture.

PS, this must be fagan again. Maybe Ian should look into it.

LOOSE>ADCS????? That must some new post season championship.

Don’t waste your time Ellen.

When someone says “Manny Ortiz”, “ADCS” and “that’s why Sox lost so many games this year” ( with the best record in MLB ! ) you know right away that he’s a complete dork.

ADCS must be the name of his medecine.

see RSN is so weak, that they pick on the blog-writer, but cannot draw a single conclusion to the points i made.

What shame, if RSN can’t defend those points, then they also know that they are true.

and not a sinlge word from any of you, about youk- cause it’s true his # are a disgrace to MLB.

and now you wanna ask me, who i am, well let me hold off by telling you when you lose to california angels.

yeah i said it again & again california angels, california angels.


did not understand what you said either :”That must some new post season championship”


ellen. don’t humor it and maybe it’ll go away. as for lackey. sure if he’s a lil off ( not likely ) you take pitches eraly. but if he’s throwin strikes you have to be singing. i’d rather swing at 3 decent pitches rather than look for 1 perfect one to hit against a guy like him. plus guys like him and beck typcially get a lil more generous zone because of their rep.

make that early and swinging. dam. i hadn’t even started drinking yet. could be the problem.


must some that new must That new post some that new season championship that must new that season must That must some post championship that new That must season That must some new post must championship some new post That must some new post season championship

championship That must some new post season championship

brendan. think positive. if they swing at early pitches they may get early hits as opposed to “early” outs.


are insisting that ump’s favor guys like josh in their strike zones,

so now ya’ll cheat too, never knew that.

You guys are right. NO fuel no fire, right??

Ellen ,
Best of luck with your upcoming surgery . You will be my in thoughts ..take care


Thanks K. The thoughts are appreciated.

redsoxloose, what time does the short bus come to pick you up for special ed? Make sure you strap your helmet on tight so you don’t bump your irregularly shaped head!

redsoxloose, don’t call yourself a blog writer. You’re not.

You’re a pathetic loser that has nothing smart to say about baseball and nothing else to do than going on other fan base blogs and doing some trash talk *********.

Attacking Kevin Youkilis for no reason is weak and cheap. The guy is a .288 career hitter with a .383 career OBP. And unlike your 1st baseman, he’s not on steroids and he actually can catch a baseball.

And no, the points you made don’t deserve a single conclusion.

He’ll go away if the Red Sox win.

honestly the one thing that worries me about tonite is beck being too jacked up. he hasn’t pitched in a playoff game in 4 yrs. and arguably never in an environment like fenway. i know NY was the series and it’s pretty electric but that was a looong time ago.

where is your confidence;



career .280 (everything to laugh at) two-eighty (i can beleive you think that is OK, in 2007 MLB. oh btw, my neighbor’s boy is three and can catch better than youk did at 10.


No. i wont go away cause the sox will lose-


what happened? cant defend the sox, Talk Stats,,,,i’m sorry i guess you tried checkin stats but to no avail.


i will not pick on you anymore, sorry did not know. I honestly appologize for anything i may have said

So Ellen, did you finally get that laptop ? I guess we’ll know if we see a post from you in the next week.

Again, take care.

No laptop yet but hopefully one in the works. Don’t worry I’ll make my self heard, even if I have to ask my husband to take dictation over the
Rockies 3-0 3rd inning in Phillie, and it’s so boring I’m surfing channels in between, the TBS Broadcasters have put me to sleep for years. Even when the Braves were all that was on down here (after the birth of cable) I wouldn’t listen to the broadcast. I thought Fox was going to have the American League, but it’s listed on TBS tonight. Well at least we have our Sox to keep us awake. I’m going to go and check the weather report for the game tonight.

I went on and the forcast through saturday looks pretty good. Sunday and Sunday night showers expected and that’s the worst that they are predicting so far. Everybody keep your fingers crossed!

You’re right Redsoxloose – I used the word if, ergo I am not confident, ergo we will not win.

Alright fine if you want some responses, here you go:

* Lackey pitches strikes – the last time he faced the Sox, he threw strikes as well. In fact, he gave up absolutely NO walks. Impressive, right? Well not really beause he also gave up 11 hits and 6 runs in 4 innings;

* Youk’s fielding – get over it, you’re wrong. He set the record for consecutive errorless games by a Red Sox first baseman and beat the streak by something like 50 games. In fact, me might have this record still going, I’m not sure.

* Never batted over .288 ever?! He has two seasons in the big leagues, you make it sound like he’s been around for ever. But you might be interested to know that there is more to baseball than average. There is also OBP which he ranks highly in. He also took the sixth highest pitches per AB, wearing pitchers down for others.

* Josh has to be ahead in count to win – great! He’s only be getting ahead in the count all year to rack up more wins than any other pitcher in the major leagues.

Whatever, if you want some more arguments, you just be sure to let me know.

I think that the errorless game streak is still active.

Soxloose, no I didn’t list stats because you wouldn’t understand them. If what you have posted here is the extent of your baseball knowledge, I knew I would lose you once I mentioned the words “batting average”. I had to use little words that you woud be able to get through your oblong sack of bone and tissue you misleadingly call your head.

not two yrs try five, (and your a fan i gotta educate you, how long he has been playin in the majors

cano in two years has passed all his stats, YES in TWO years.

OBP is ****, casue them crappy sox cant bring them in, thats the truth

what good is OBP with no runs to compliment it, eat your dogs with no toppings, flat out raw,

The reason why yucky is decent @ first is because people like BILL BUCKNER messed that position up so BAD, boston can never never, never scrw that up

lackey beat ya’ll

you know it. becket looses to lackey tonight


your feedback was very lame, incorrect (look him up, FIVE years in the majors, career avg .280, no shining moment, no allstar, no nothing to look forward to, but dont tell that to him, his self esteem is already low

i’ll tell ya more later, go watch them lose now

Well what I should have written was two full seasons. Even then, as you say “look him up, FIVE years in the majors”, you are wrong. He had 208 ABs in 04, 78 in 05. And he played two full seasons after that. That’s four seasons. But like I say, two full seasons.

So is he good at first or bad at first? I’ll let you make your own mind up on that before you decide so you don’t go contradicting yourself again.

No, idiot, not five.

Youkilis is in his 4th season in the majors, his 2nd as a full time player. Do your homeworks before posting ****. And no, Cano hasn’t better stats in all department. Youkilis has a better OBP than him for the year and for their career.

By the way he also has passes Posada, Damon and Matsui for their career OBP. But i guess that doesn’t count since it’s not brilliant for your guys.

You’re a fan, it’s a shame i have to educate you.

And the way Giambi plays defensively, you shouldn’t talk about a guy like Buckner. Torre had to remove him, he was embarrassing himself.

Brendan, you just beat me.

Hey sintinel, loose, or whatever you’re calling yourself today. Trust me, the people here draw a lot of conclusions from your posts. They are just too polite to share them with you. I on the other hand, am a rude SOB, so I’ll share my one and only conclusion. You’re a freakin idiot, you’ve been a freakin idiot all year, and we’re glad you come here because it gives us all something to laugh about. The jokester is a joke. How sad.

For the rest of you Red Sox fanatics, let’s pull for two things. First, let’s pull for Ellen as she gets ready for her surgery tomorrow. Ellen, here’s to success tomorrow, and a complete and speedy recovery. We’ll all be thinking about you. Next, let’s pull for the boys tonight. At this point, there ain’t nothin to it, but to do it!

Well said.

Agreed – good luck Ellen.

what type of **** is that, 2full, what was he doing the other two, oh i know, coma-(worst manager in ball) sat him out casue he needs some rest, like weeks at a time

look understand something, OBP means nothing, if you DONT SCORE THEM IN<<<<



dont even go on matsui, even in his off year,injured n’ all he still hit 25 hrs, something yucky will never do in his lifetime.

buckner or giambi,,,,i would have to go with giambi, AL MVP comeback palyer, ALl Star, even our worst are allstars here,,,,yeah even our worst all better than the league.

youk will never be an allstar,

self esteem must be shaterred

i will tell you more truth tomorrow, meanwhile i hope your pathetic sox lose and will examine why, and if youk goes 0-4 ya’ll should admnit he ***** offensively,

i only like papi and lowell, everybody else is no-name garbage, manny was good but trade him for someone more conssitent

in 5 hours you’ll be cry’in and saying my email to each other, yeah loooooooooose

They have stranded more runners in baseball because they get more people on base than every team in baeball. That does not mean they score runs. They have I believe the second highest runs total in the AL.

Eh something tells me that you weren’t old enough to see Bucknor play.

GSM: THANK YOU sooo much!! That’s a sweet and kind sentiment. Thanks!!
I can’t wait for tonight, I hope Beckett is rested and READY!!, as well as the rest of THE BOYS!!

I can watch game one from home, but Friday nights game could be a problem, I’m not sure if the hospitals cable system carries TBS. If they don’t I’ll just make sure that they give me enough to be TOTALLY out of it during game time. Otherwise I’ll be suffering from SOX withdrawl.

Time to go gear up for the game, back in a while!!!


Who is this clown redsoxloose who doesn’t even know how to spell L-O-S-E? If you’re going to rag on Kevin Youkilis, get YOUR facts straight. The main reason he was not on this year’s All-Star team (he was hitting .330 — top 5 in average in the league when the ballots were being cast), was that he played a position that was accorded, on the RedSox team, to a real fan favorite — Big Papi. When the extra balloting went on, the Red Sox had a devastating reliever named Oki Doki who netted that position. Get your facts straight boy.

And why are we criticizing a player who racks up 15 HRs, 80+ RBI’s and an average over .280 each year?

Do names like Michael Cuddyer, Miguel Tejada, Carl Crawford and Vernon Wells mean anything to you? If I’m not mistaken, Wells just signed a contract extension in excess of $8 Mil. per year, and his numbers this year are dead on with Youk’s. Boy, give me more guys with stats like Youk’s, not fewer. You’re going to tell us that even if the Sox get past the Angels, they won’t get past the Yanks in part because the Yanks have a solid infusion of young talent like Melky Cabrera. Maybe you want to check Melky’s numbers…..OOOPPPS!!!

I would agree with you that Youk’s second half was not as outstanding as his first half, when he was close to the league lead in batting average, and helped get the Sox 20+ games over .500 by the All-Star break, particularly when Manny and Big Papi started out slowly this Spring. You can’t expect all of a team’s players to perform superlatively over an entire year, ‘cuz when they do, its called induction into the Hall of Fame!!!

I expect that Youk, JD, Julio, Coco and Tek will all catch lightning in a bottle and have a rousing play-off run. As a Cleveland-area resident, I am hoping that the Indians bounce the Yankees, not because I am afraid of the Yanks, but because I want to go to one or more games in Cleveland to watch the Sox roll over the Indians.

Regardless of what happens during the play-offs redsoxloose, you need to get a life other than trying to aggravate long-time RedSox fans.

Go Sox — Youk, how about making this weenie crawl into the corner by producing a couple of game-changing hits tonight?

Geared up, ready to go,
LET’S GO SOX, I LOVE OUR SOX. This is what makes it soo much fun being a fan of the game and a BOSTON REDSOX FAN.

LET:S WIN!!!!!

Great thoughts dbenajmin!!!
Well said by another Died in the wool, loyal member of the RedSox Nation>>>

What was that he was saying about YOUUUUUK!!??? Yeah buddy!!!!


Lackey is leaving a lot of balls out over the plate.

Lugo needs to be on his horse. He needs to be running ………. you’ve got to be kidding me with that call.

I have 3 words for you

Bad call


Freaking umpiring has been horrible. These guys are guessing.

TBS is as horrible as the umpiring. How can you let a commercial run over the start of an inning? No replays on close plays. No high definition…… and these guys are as bad as Joe Migrane and that other bozo in Tampa.


Nobody is worse than our great friend Joe Migrane and his partner with the perm Dwayne Staats. I do agree with the coverage, missing a pitch in the playoffs. NOT GOOD!!!!

Beckett looks great tonight!!! He looks extremly confident, throwing that fastball on both sides of the plate. He is a true definition of an ace!!!

I do agree with you gsm about Lackey. Alot of pitches just sitting over the plate. His confidence at Fenway is way down!!!

TBS actually just introduced their new channel in HD in time for the postseason.

Big Papi, bye bye.

Lackey is done.

NOW< that’s what I’m Talking about!!!!!!!

Great 2-3 punch !

Zach, TBD has Hi Def? I don’t see it in my Comcast Lineup.


Mikey Freakin Lowell …… the Sox have GOT to resign him.

Hey this set of announcers isn’t all that bad!!! I can deal with them.

I want Rem-dawg and his “Homer Inning”.

You’re right Zach, I found it. Thanks!

Becketts sure looks good since the 1st. What;s that 13-14 he’s set down?? He’s only thrown 13 balls and has 37 strikes!! You go, Joshua!!!

No problem gsm, now if I could find a solution for TBS running commercials too long and missing the first pitch of every inning we’d be in business.

How about Josh Beckett? Pretty much unbelievable so far. Only 51 pitches through 4 innings and 12 straight retired. I’d like to see the Sox add on a couple more runs and then put it on cruise control for the rest of the night.

Yeah, I love Remy and Orsillo! Orsillo is calling the National league games, I think the Cubs D-backs.
keep going Sox!

Actually Ellen, Orsillo called the Phillies – Rockies game this afternoon. I saw the end of it. He’s very good. The Sox could lose him to a National company.

Yeah Zach, but I’m seeing those commercials in stunning high definition now. LOL!

Brian!!!!! Jose Mota? Where’s Tina?

Josh is pitching a gem. Keep it rollin’, 3 innings to go.

It would be a shame to break up the Remy-Orsillo team, but if the money’s there who can blame him??
I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the game tonight.

i’m not supposed to have anything after midnight so I’m have a coupl (or 9) beers David’s grilling a steak, we’ve got bakers in the oven.

This, so far is a GREAT NIGHT!!

Vlad should have been called out on the pitch before the hit. A much better pitch than either the one Youk or Manny was called out on.

Okay, the Sox have rested their bats long enough. Let’s have a 1-2-3, and then bat, to work, ooops pun intended.

Beckett looks very strong but why push the issue. I’d go get Papelbon right now to start the ninth.

Is there depth in outfield or what ?!

So much for LOOSES Lackeypredictions, I wonder where he is now??? I don’t imagine he’ll be around much tonight!!!
GAME OVAH!!! Beauty of a game pitched by Josh and backed up by some very early and powerful bats!!!!

RSN, we’re leading 1-0 ! Good job everyone. JB, Youk and Papi my 3 stars.

Good luck for tomorrow Ellen. I guess the stay will be a little easier !?

Hey, is this broadcaster a relative to Reche Caldwell? You see those eyes?

Hey, would someone tell me where redsoxloose disappeared to. Didn’t he vanish about the same time as Youk’s home run in his first AB vanished out of Fenway? Youk, a home run, Big Papi a 2-run job. Beckett (Mr. Overlooked Cy Young) a super-stellar performance. End Result — Sox up 1-zip. Alls right with the World. SOX ALL THE WAY!!!!!


thanks rsox! I’m really glad that there is no game for us tomorrow, I’m just worried about Friday. Like I said earlier, if I can’t see the game Friday, they better knock me out!
I really appreciate all the great thoughts that y’all have sent my way, it says a lot about the RedSox Nation Family!!! Thank you all!


Just awesome…😀

The only thing really meh about this game was that the TBS broadcast just stinks. I’d rather have it on FOX…and I never thought I’d say that.

And yes, the umpiring was horrible, but we worked around it so I guess that’s okay. Still, some of those calls were just downright awful.

And who the heck is this redsoxloose? Man get your facts straight. I won’t deny the Red Sox have left so many RISP, but seriously, at least attempt some research before posting, sheesh.


Josh Beckett was AWESOME!!!!

He had all his pitches working and was in complete control the entire night. His 3rd shutout in his career during the playoffs, WOW!!! Talking about a money pitcher!!!

A true definition of an ace is Beckett!!!

Ortiz’s homer put the game out of reach!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to give my congrats, but congrats to Rem-Dawg for winning the RSN Presidency.

Hail to the Chief indeed!😀


If the announcer dropped the ball like Caldwell, I would say he could be related!!!


You said where’s Tina? I say where is Erin Andrews. She did some work for T.B.S. in the past!!! Of course she is with E.S.P.N.

Ellen how are you?Enjoy the game?Well guys,brave Sir Beckett is just fantastic especially in Post Season play!Make this 2 back to back CG shut outs in the post season for him.we are off to a great start.Come on lets go Dice K.Lets keep rolling!

All we gotta do is beat the Angels,then beat the mess out of the Yankees in the ALCS and then beat whomever the NL has.

Hey, I didn’t know that Remy won the Presidents race. That’s awesome!! Way to go Jerry!!!!
Ch: I’m doin ok, thanks for asking. I REALLY enjoyed the game.

Well guys I’m going to try and get some sleep now. Thanks again for all your well wishes!! If you all are here in the a.m., I’ll jot a note before I go, if not we’ll talk soon.

See you soon! Ellen.

PS!! Will someone please take over my Cheerleading duties for a few days??, But don’t get too used to it, I’ll be back and in uniform soon!

I wish u nutting but the best Ellen.May the Sox continue to win. For :
I Pledge of Allegience to the banner,

Of the 2007 World Champion Red Sox,

And to the greatest team for which it stands,

One Nation,

Under Ted Williams,

Indivisble with intensity,

And justice for Beckett!

Thank God the umpiring didn’t come back to hurt us. That call on the Lugo steal may have been the top 3 worst of the year. The tag was LATE and he COMPLETELY missed him. The strikeouts to Youks, Manny, and Lugo weren’t even close. I really thought Manny was going to get tossed.

We all know the size of Big Papi’s balls… Get out the brooms!

Ooo yea Rayman!lets crush Anaheim!

Hi folks!

What a great game by Beckett!

And look, Youk with a homer and double. Maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise, he got some much-needed rest.

So, speaking of Youkilis, I have a theory about why his numbers have gone down in the 2nd half the last 2 years. The way he plays, with so much intensity, I think he just gets himself exhausted. Over time, he will have to learn to pace himself and stay fresh for the 2nd half. Anyone out there care to comment and tell me if I am wrong about that? I mean, Youk gets himself so worked up about things. And he will throw himself into the stands if he thinks he can catch a foul ball.

I also worry about Ellsbury hurting himself the way he plays. Ya gotta love their desire but sometimes I cringe when those guys have no regard at all for their body.

Anyway, that was an instructional video on how to pitch today by Josh. He was unbelievable.

And “loose”, keep posting but make your posts a little shorter. The entertainment value is better in smaller doses. And use spell check, please. Did you go to public school? You make a fine argument for school vouchers.

Ellen, good luck. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Go Sox!!!

Lets go Red Sox!!!Well guys we had a great game,but we still need 10 more wins,then we will definitely talk more.

Orsillo going to a another, nationally-based broadcast to do announcing? No way. I can’t begin to imagine it.

Honestly, him and Rem-Dawg have the best announcer chemistry out there. Plus, it just seems he loves working for NESN. I could see him do more post season stuff but still stay at NESN, however.

Case in point, Rem-Dawg has occasionally done Saturday games on FOX as the color commentator.

So I hope we of RSN don’t lose Don to some nationally-based company. If we do, at least hope it’s not TBS…

Sorry, when I think TBS, I think the occasional Braves baseball and syndicated comedy sitcoms.


Beckett pitched a brilliant game and the Bosox came to play ball. However, one piece of advice for Francona is that whenever Crisp or Lugo get up with first and.or second base occupied with none out they should be required to bunt–no excuses. Further, whenever either one of them come up to bat and no one is on base, they should take at least one strike i.e., no first ball hitting. Their job is to try get on base and the more they make the opposing pitcher work, the better- again, no excuses.


Boy, was I plesantly wrong about Beckett – he wouldn’t pitch a shut out.
Two defensive driving catch of the day by Crisp and Ellsbury.

Just a thought, why not play Ellsbury in the center and Coco runs for Manny in late inning? Coco is unquestionably a good defensive player albeit a weak arm. But his AB is a waste. This way you have a solid defemse at left and center in late innings.

Where is that Loose guy?

Soxloose, where are you? I thougt you said you wouldn’t go away. I guess you went back to your little cave after every prediction you made went against you. What a retard.

To redsoxloose:
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Red Sox Win!

G’morning everyone, Nice day in RedSox Nation, isn’t it?? I’m on my way now. See y’all later!
Oh, BTW. I’ve got my Sox T-shirt on, my other one is packed, and I have my cap and RedSox bear with me, I think I’ve got it all covered. Keep goin Sox!!

In case anybody cares, redsoxloose hangs out at Bombers Beat (Bryan Hoch’s blog). And yes, it really thinks “lose” is spelled l-o-o-s-e. How pathetic.

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