Rolling the Dice for Game 3

Which Daisuke will it be tonight? The guy who fired a 1-0 shutout at the Indians here at the Jake in July or the guy who was wobbly in his first postseason start last week.

Matsuzaka seemed a little cheery at his press conference yesterday. He seemed confident, which is a good sign. He likes to pitch important games, and this is one of them.

Whichever team loses tonight will be feeling it in a big way entering Game 4.

Early game thoughts:

Dice-K looked very sharp in the bottom of the first.

That was a huge missed opportunity by the Red Sox in the second. Garko falls down on the job — literally — on Drew’s grounder to first to give the Sox bases loaded and nobody out and they get nothing? Varitek’s flyout was too shallow to get Manny home. And Coco hits the ball probably in the only spot where he can hit into a double play, right at short, and close to the bag.

Dice-K didn’t look so sharp in the bottom of the second. His 93-mph heater to Lofton was right down Broadway and Kenny knew what to do with it. The ball barely cleared the wall, and J.D. Drew just couldn’t get high enough to bring it back in. 2-0 Tribe. Now that lost opportunity in the top of the second really stings.

And talk about bad luck. Ortiz leads off the fourth with a double and Manny hits a single right on the nose, only it hits Ortiz on the leg on the way to the outfield?

On the plus side, Matsuzaka’s bottom of the fourth looked like his sharpest so far.


wow, i’m glad that tek and crisp can really get it done with the bases loaded and no outs. i’m so glad that both of they are playing tonight.

There’s no other way to say it. Bases loaded, nobody out, absolutely pathetic. Dice-K better be on. He looked good in the first.

i take back what i said about wake pitching tom nite. at least i won’t have to watch tek bat! i don’t know how you can spend 140+mm and have 4 guys at the bottom of your lineup this bad offensively.

I wonder if Tom Brady can hit a baseball.

I guess Coco plays all the way to the bitter end… Maybe Ellsbury will learn how NOT to play in the Majors while watching Crisp. Need to look at the bright side.

Lofton’s first home run with Cleveland this year.

well there’s the payback-2 runs for The Tribe

you know dice is gonna give up 2-4 runs min. bottom line is worst case this game should be tied. once again the back of cleve’s lineup produces for them and boston’s doesn’t.

this game has the feeling of some of those against TB where they were facing very avg pitchers and just couldn’t do anything. of course they are playing 4-5 against 7-8 offensively. pedroia looks like *** at the plate as well in the post season.

I agree smckinny, Pedroia has been slumping badly recently. Crisp has been non-productive. Although I know we’ll never see it happen, that’s two reasons to gived Ellsbury a shot.

well Pedrolia is a rook, but the others have no excuse.

Right now the bottom 4 from Cleveland are hitting .400, .364, .500 and .200.

The bottom 4 for Boston are hitting .250, .091, .300 and .111.

Maybe they’re due for a break out.

On the other hand I don’t expect Yuke, Ortiz, Manny and Lowell to keep up their pace.

Left handed hitters just CANNOT lay off tht low inside pitch. I wonder why? Dice-K escapes, but is once again throwing a lot of pitches.

That was a big K

We all know Ellsbury should be in the lineup. He certainly would look good leading off and in r.f.

Crisp has played a great c.f. so I would rather see Ellsbury in r.f.

Pedroia is really struggling at the plate.

smckinny–Your right about the bottom of the order. ZERO PRODUCTION from 6-9. Someone from 6-9 needs to step it up and soon. We can’t always rely on the big boys all the time. They need help as well.

Bases loaded and nobody out and you get no runs. Varitek and Crisp, swing the bat with some authority. This is Jake Westbrook not Bob Gibson out there.

Everytime I see the big wall in left at the Jake. I see Tony Pena hitting that homer against Zane Smith, around 12:30 a.m. A stride down memory lane, not a good one. I was happy for Pena though, one of the nicest guys to wear a Boston uniform. He actually smiled when he played in Boston, very rare back then.

Great start to the inning, Oritz going the other way. Nice approach by Oritz. Great eye by Ramirez here. He is locked in and we have seen this many times.

What TERRIBLE baserunning by Oritz!!!! My oh my!!!

Lowell trying to send one to Gund Arena!!!

Time for Drew to do something!!! Go the other way there J.D.

Ortiz, Mann and Lowell are trying to do too much because of a lack of production from the bottom 4

Man they just cannot keep giving up these run scoring opportunities

Cleveland fans are more into the game than Boston fans. They are making alot of noise at the Jake tonight.

Fenway was very quiet I thought.

Drew didn’t come thru, no surprise there.

Dice-K needs to keep the Sox in the game until the offense can get untracked. They need to get to Westbrook. He’s probably the worst pitcher they’ll see all night.

Westbrook is not throwing like a 6 game winner tonight. Good movement and life on the ball tonight.

Time for 6-9 to step it up and this would be a good spot to do so.

This game is moving quickly. Sox need to get moving! A little production from the bottom right now would be good.

i don’t think they’re going to. they’re just having one of those games they had sooo many of this year. they basically have 4-5 off weapons and if they’re off it’s see ya. i don’t care who they’re facing. can someone please explain to me WHY tek calls so much junk/offspeed stuff with a guy who has a 93+ fastball? i know ya gotta mix it up a little but that’s why he gets behind so often IMO he throws way too much offspeed stuff out of the zone early in the count. you use that stuff when you’re ahead.

Is Westbrook in contention for the Cy Young award?

These guys make it too easy for Westbrook-none of the 3 even tried to get his pitch count up.

bosox. westbrook is not that good. and not tonite. boston’s approach at the plate is just redicuously bad. they stand there ( except for manny ) and take pitch after pitch and let him get ahead. then they wind up chasing close pitches and not getting anything on them. they should speed up the games and once lowell bats put 3 outs on the board and go on. kind of a mercy rule.

man if I see another ground ball by the Sox offense I might get upset. This is horrible. The bottom half of the Sox lineup *****.

They *******. Go Sox!!

Things are NOT looking good for us so far tonight. Somebody in the Sox Lineup needws to shake things up and start kicking butt!!!


Dice k needs to keep his pitch count down this inning and try to get through 6

smckinny, I know you’re not doubting Tek’s ability to call a game. This the man who pitchers come to this because they’ve heard about how great he calls games. Curt Schilling who it was widely known called his own game because he never trusted a catcher enough for him to do it for him let’s Tek call the game. Trust me Tek knows what he’s doing and has a reason behind it.

*this team

I don’t think anyone here is given Westbrook any credit here. He is pitching very well. Good movement on his ball. That being said, they still could knock him around for a few runs.

If Dice-K gets out of this jam, Boston has a little mo on there side.

Time for Dice-K to be taken out. The big boppers are coming up!!!

I could be wrong, but I think that pretty much did it. I don’t see the Sox scoring four runs tonight.

I don’t like the idea of Dice-K pitching against Hafner here.

That was a great attempt by Pedroia. WOW!!!

Hafner was safe, barely!!

Pedroia showing you there that he could play s.s. if he had to. He was one in the minors and at Arizona State.

gosox. uh, yes i am. you got a guy with a 93-95 mph fastball and you call 75% offspeed stuff IMO that’s just stupid. he’s a great catcher, defensively, but his pitch calling tonite is just plain awful. especially when anybody can see dice is struggling getting his offspeed stuff over. when you have that kind of fast ball you use it to set up your offspeed stuff not vice versa.

Too bad, Dice-K didn’t pitch badly. The Indians hit some good pitches, especially that last thing by Martinez.

Francona is really rolling the dice this series… Starting Wake, instead of 2 times with Beckett?

Crisp and Drew to the bitter end?

Varitek is one of the worst all time with the bases loaded… why not put him down in the 8 or 9 spot where its much less likely to be bases loaded?

At least he yanked Dice-K before it was too too late.

This is going to be an uphill battle for sure.

Dice-K with a very poor performance!!

Ellsbury should be in the lineup. Ellsbury leads off and could jumpstart this team. His energy is a good thing!! When Ellsbury plays he makes things happen!!

I agree with you Brian about Ellsbury, but disagree on Dice-K. He didn’t pitch badly. He gave up some hits on good pitches. That thing to Lofton was a gopher ball, but Lofton is one of those guys you’d never think would hurt you like that. I’d give Dice-K a B- for his effort.

Top of the order, top of the sixth. The Sox need to do some damage this inning.

I know that the pitching by Dice-K has been “less than stellar” by far tonight, but we also need for the bats to really wake up. I know we’ve had the bases loaded, and I know smck’s opinion of Tek. We need EVERYBODY’S BAT tonight, wit no exceptions we’re down 4-0, but that’s not an unrealistic comeback,.. hmm what so y’all think???

I agree Dice K had a poor performance-he didnt go 5 innings and the pen is going to get abused.

gsm i’d agree. he didn’t pitch bad, he didn’t pitch great. 4 runs is about what you’d expect. granted i would have thought that would be after 6/7 but still. bottom line is if you get shut out by jake f-in westbrook you deserve to lose. pitiful offensive display thus far.

this team just has the most amazing ability to make very avg pitchers look like HOF’s.

I agree smckinny, worst case scenario should be Sox trailing by two right now.

C’mon everyone, lets cheer for Manny……….

what a terrible call on manny

that was BS!!! it was a fkn walk and bases loaded!!

at least when Beckett pitches again the Sox will win.

it was a horrible call but they happen. that’s ball game boys and girls. does anybody feel good about wake pitching tom nite? i’ll be schocked if he makes it past 4. cannot believe beck isn’t going. huge mistake IMO.

I looked at that bad call as giving Manny another chance to hit. He hit the ball hard, but unfortunately, right at Perralta. Those kinds of calls you have to look at as opportunities.

Well guys,there goes the end of our season.Good night guys.

I would give Dice-K a D. He didn’t even make it thru 5 innings. A poor performance. This the playoffs, series tied at 1-1 and he Dice-K laid an egg.

I think Ellsbury will be in the lineup tomm night. I just can’t figure out why he hasn’t been in there yet. Whenever he plays good things happen. We have seen it since early September with him. Anytime someone scores from second base on a wild pitch, he did that back in late June. He makes things happen.

Sox had a chance there with 2 on and 1 out. Ramirez ahead 3-0, just goes to show you how good Westbrook is throwing. Ramriez was ahead 3-0 and he didn’t get the ball out of the infield.

This bottom of the order is coming up, time for these guys to wake up. Enough is enough, no production and no good at bats among them as well. Everything is hit very soft. Make the outs loud for crying out loud.


The end of the season?

Are you feeling o.k.?

Come on now. How could you say that.

Very disappointed in you chman.

The good news is that there are only 11:20 left in the first half of MNF. Then we can watch Patriots’ highlights again.

Time for the bottom of the order to pick it up.


You must be thrilled with Wakefield going. No Varitek tomm night!!!

I just want to see Ellsbury in that starting lineup. If he is in there, good things will happen.

Tek is up. Im thinking double play…

I think the Patriots just scored another t.d.

Pats scored one late because of Wade Phillips comments, saying there wins are tarnished. Dumb thing to say there son of Bum.

Never awake a sleeping giant!!!


I can’t believe your boy just hit a homer. Did you call him and give him some motivation!!!

Crisp needs to get on, create some havoc out there on the basepaths.

Let’s go Coco!!!

I know bad calls are part of the game. Look at how one can change a season. The Rockies final score in the one game playoff is a good example.
C’mon, Sox, let’s see some baseball we can cheer about!!

What the…

‘Tek just hit a HR?


Wakefield is pitching tomm night. These guys on Fox just don’t get it.

Crisp hanging tough, chased ball 4. Swing at strikes.

Nice job Varitek, breathe some life into these guys

Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco, Please sit Coco.

Yeah Brian, Peter King reported that on HBO, but then King said Phillips denied saying it. Then to add insult to injury, the Pats let Echols run it in.

Tek with a bomb.

chman: You really need to quit it with the perma-depressed Red Sox fan bit😛

We’ll be fine; I think last game’s wonky ending still hasn’t worn off and Westbrook clearly has made the adjustment from the Yankees game. Fantasy owners (e.g. myself) were ready to bail on him and then he redeemed himself in the second-half. He’s good but his erratic record doesn’t help his cause.

So we ran into the good Westbrook tonight. Stinks.

Time for Lugo to steal second.


You made me laugh!!! Good stuff!!!

Rayman: Coco says quit begging and **** you! Strike Three.

In Coco’s defense though, with the inconsistency of the umpire behind the plate, he almost had to swing at that pitch even though it appeared to be a foot outside.

Something tells me…

i’m happy for tek. i think it’s too lil too late though. the fox guys are right. why are you worried about schill and dice for 6 & 7 when beck could get the rock 2X and still pitch 7 on reg. rest. stupid move. once again managing for a future that may never get here. if they lose this game this series. is prob over. i have 0 confidence in wake tom. and no way they beat CC and carmona i don’t think. i agree with everybody. coco needs to sit. but that won’t happen either. franCOMA is back! TOO loyal to his players and not looking at the big picture.

Bellichick is fond of Echols, the kid is from the Naval Academy. Bellichick grew up in Annapolis and his father coached there for years and years. Bellichick wanted to get the kid in the endzone but the main reason is what son of Bum said. He said it I’m sure, not a smart comment. Saying there wins are tarnished!!! The Pats put 48 on them, when was the last time Dallas allowed that many points in Dallas?

Time for Pedroia to get it going, he should be hitting with Lugo on second base. Lugo to steal, let’s hope.

i can here this umpire ****-ing all the way from cleve to NC! manny and coco both got robbed but that’s the rub of the game i suppose.

smckinny: Didn’t the announcers mention something about the HP Ump’s inconsistency?

I think Beckett should throw in game 4. Biggest thing for pitching on 3 days rest, is the mental aspect of it. Beckett has done it. That is the biggest hurdle. When your out there this of year, adreanline takes over.

It really is a moot point because Wakefield is taken the mound for game 4 tomm night. No doubt about it.

Yeah Brian, BB is close to the Academy and I was glad to see him get the kid a chance.

I think Lugo should have been running. Worst case, he gets thrown out and you have the top of the order coming up. On the other hand, with the way Pedroia has been hitting recently, maybe it’s better to get him out of the way.

bosox. he is but he SHOULDN’T is the point. i don’t think any other mgr in baseball would do that given being down 2-1 and knowing wake’s inconsistency

Pedroia hung in there but was overmatched in the end.

Another good thing with Ellsbury in the lineup is Pedroia would hit 2nd and the pressure would be off a bit. I think the kid is really pressing and needs to relax a little. He obviously is pressing, white knuckles up there.

A 2 run game, Sox have some life. Cleveland’s closer isn’t exaclty intimadating.

pacol. they did. but actually they were saying he’s got a rep for being more of a “hitter’s” umpire as far as strike zone. guess he’s trying to prove them wrong!


They’re not down 2-1 yet.

Don’t give up on this one.

The Fox announcers will be yapping about tomm night as well. So why talk about it tonight? To me that is a topic you hit tomm night.

Beckett also only threw 80 pitches his last time out. However, if he was lifting weights before tonight’s game, there’s no way he’s pitching tomorrow.

Funny how baseball has evolved. When I was pitching, weights were absolutely taboo for pitchers. You stretched, ran and stretched some more and did everything you could do to stay flexible. In fact, the terminology used to be a pitcher was “libering up”.

he won’t play ellsbury. he should but he won’t. gsm. good point re pedroia. he is gassing it pretty bad. of course other than 2-3-4-5 who isn’t?

Make that “limbering up”.

Bring on Borowski… probably the worst reliever of all time to have 40+ saves. The guy is a joke.

We still have Ellsbury on the bench… so never fear!

I have never bad-mouthed Varitek, except for the obvious point that he is horrendous with the bases loaded. Not sure why?

bosox. in my mind this game has a direct reflection on tom nite. they’ve shown 0 life off tonite and IF they don’t win i’d say the odds are 75/25 they’re down 3-1 after tom. look at wakes post season record. it’s insane to pitch him down 2-1. worst case you put beck on a pitch count and send him out there.

My two cents:

Sit Pedroia and Coco and play Cora and Ellsbury.

Never hurts to try something new. And particularly with Ellsbury being great at leading off. Pedroia’s shown he’s tired and can’t leadoff anymore.

Rayman: I don’t know if Borowski will come out. If Wedge knows what he’s doing (which I assume he is), he’ll throw out Perez and Betancourt.

At least, that’s what I would do. Pull out the vice grip I say and put a cap on the game.

I’m hoping Borowski comes out but I feel like that won’t happen.

I’m sure smckinny you thought Westbrook would get lit up tonight.

I would like too see Beckett pitch tomm night but the bottomline he isn’t going to.

Sit Drew and play Ellsbury.

bosox. i’m not bad mouthing tek. he’s been a great member of this team for a long time. but facts are facts. he’s usually a great def catcher and IMO he’s totally mis-manages dice-k. too much junk early in the count. and he is for the most part horrible anymore with MOB. i thnk it’s jsut age catching up with him. happens to the best of em.

Okay I’ve been wanting to get this out for two days now:

*** was Tito thinking (if thinking at all) in putting out Gagne for Game 2? He has shown he CAN’T be trusted with the game on the line.

Why not throw a long-reliever out there to be safe?

And why isn’t Tavarez on the roster for the ALCS? Gagne should’ve been out, Tavarez in.

Late mini-rant, but it had to be done otherwise I would have exploded.😛

Borowski saved 45 games in the regualr season. He’ll be on the mound in the 9th if the Tribe have the lead.

bosox. actually i didn’t. like i said earlier this team has an amzing ability to make avg pitchers look great. i’d have felt better against CC.

smckinny- All you do is bad mouth Varitek, don’t say you don’t.

Age is catching up to him. His bat seems slow in the last year or so. He provides so much leadership on that team and you underestimate that. Listen to what former players say about him.

This mathcup with Youklis and Bettancourt is great, it sure was during game 2.

Wake’s chances of success are about the same as Dice-K’s were. In fact, at least he’s been here before. I don’t have a problem with Wake tomorrow night. To me, the guy who should be available and is not is Bucholz and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Youk = foul ball machine.😀

Youklis went fishing and came up empty, nasty pitch though.


Don’t get me started about Bucholtz. They sure could have used him during game 2. Shoulder fatgue, PLEASE!!!

Ortiz hits a line drive every time… some days they are just not going to fall. When they don’t, we usually lose.

bosoxbrian: Eventually leaders retire or take time off. Unfortunately, ‘Tek’s getting there.

The idea of getting Posada sounds more appealing because he wasn’t a full-time catcher until late in his career. But I severely doubt him coming to Boston.

Bettancourt is definetly one of the best in the game.

He was in the Boston organazation as a s.s. All those years ago.

Posada is not coming to Boston. Varitek has 10 million coming to him.

I’m worried about tomorrow’s game not because of Wake but because of Byrd’s last game against Boston.

6.0 IP with a 1.50 ERA.

Although he gave up 9 hits…

bosox. i don’t bad mouth him. i’m just being honest. or at least giving my honest opinion. leadership/intangibles don’t put runs on the board. this one’s over. all i’ll say is they better put up 6-8 tom nite to have a chance IMO.

bosox. and no i don’t think they’ll light up byrd either. he’s the type of pitcher that gives them problems because they want to outlast guys. some guys you got to attack. he’s one of them.

I’m worried about Wakefield. Sox bats should get some good wood tomm night.

When was the last time Wakefield pitched a good game? It has been quite a while. It has been forver and ever the last time he took the mound for a game.

His start at the Jake last year was a JOKE. Bard was trying to catch him and Wakefield got lit up. I think that was the last game Bard caught Wakefield. The troopers picked up Mirabelli and the rest is history.

A 2 run game and the Sox have a chance. Of course all year the Sox didn’t come back on the road, maybe the playoffs.

If the Sox lose and they are feeling sorry for themselves they will lose whether it is Byrd or Ian pitching.

If they are down by 2 runs in the 9th, they have a shot.

Why does Fox show a naked body with the WEB MD report?

That is strange to me.

bosox. the only prob i have with it is it’s a naked guy!. as for tek the best ex i can give you is this. jim rice was my hero growing up. and his lst 2 years he absolutely *******-d. it cost him the HOF. not the tek was ever a HOF’er but bottom line is he’s not anywhere near the player he was offensively and unless they surround him with a few better weapons it will continue to stand out.

put it this way i’d have more confidence with tek up at bat, bases loaded, and 2 outs in the 9th than i do with wake tom nite. it’ll have to a 10-8 type game for them to win.

I can’t believe our season rests on Wakefield tomorrow. God I wish we could just go back to Beckett.

I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night. Good night folks.

well that was an absolutely pathetic game offensively for a ML team. so many missed opp’s. they managed to make westbrook and brorowski look great. no easy task!

Rice had that elbow issue towards the end of his career. His last couple of years were pretty bad. He might get in the hall of fame, a borderline case. Perhaps thru the veterans commitee.

Tomm night’s game is HUGE!!!

All the pressure is on Boston!!!

Time for the Sox to Wake up tomm night.

2 runs against Westbrook, pretty bad.

well to my knowledge wake has never won a big game in his life. i guess optimisticly speaking he’s due. in fact he’s 12 mos pregnant! sad part is there’s just no reason for it. tito just being stubborn.

I’d say pitching Beckett tomorrow night against Paul Byrd is a guaranteed victory.

Instead, Wakefield is pitching and nobody, not even Tim, knows what’s going to happen.

A sure win vs. a toss-up when you’re down 2-1, and we’re going with the latter.

bosox. i’d like to think so but i doubt it ( rice ). there’s a huge diff between a .299 lifetime avg. and .300. he was the absolute man for 8-10 years though. the monster prob cost him 100 or more hr’s cause he hit those low line shots that would go forever.

zach. no such thing as a “sure win” but the odds with beck are def greater. it’s called giving your team their best chance to win. that’s your boy tito’s approach though. always manage for later. never mind right now.


Westbrook pitched a good game, his sinker was working well with 14 ground outs.

Don’t under estimate Borowski. His bloated era this year came from 3-4 innings in which he gave up 14 runs.

And Betancourt is lights out.

To restate that, Borowski had 3 outings in which he went 1.2 innings and gave up 14 runs-that’s what inflated hisera.

Wow… this a another FRANKBONER OR WHAT???? Please play Elbury and for god’s sake ….start Beckett next game. With Wake pitching, that means we have a 50/50 shot of going down 3 games to 1 in the series. That’s Frankboner managing for the long haul…only that we are 2 losses away from an early exit. If we lose this thing…the turning point will be when francboner put GAG-ME in the 6-6 game having spent the bullpen before its time.

I like the idea of starting Wakefield tommorrow versus Beckett. There’s always a risk going on short rest, particulary with a power pitcher like Beckett. If he only lasts 4-5 innings, Cleveland are into Boston’s pen again in mid relief and that is not a good thing for Boston. It would probably cost the series.

If Wakefield does lose, Beckett comes back on full rest for a win, and Shilling goes next and likely for a win-not that bad of a strategy. But, if Wakefield wins, Boston’s in the drivers seat. Even if he pitches badly and burns the pen, Beckett goes the next game and can likely go 7-8 innings and get to the short relief guys.

Either way, I think it’s the right strategy.

And then hold your breath for Dice K in game 7!

Frankboner must be tight with RS front office. Because I compare letting Wakefield pitch game 4 instead of Beckett a faux pas on the level of the Gravy Ladel incident re: leaving Pedro in too long. All of RSN were not second guessing then…we were screaming at our TV’s as when we saw Pedro come out for the 8th. Unless Beckett is injured, this is our season right here. Pitch the hot hand. Ladies and Gents…the Sox have to win 3 out of the next 4 in order to advance. I would feel better having our Cy young guy possibly pitch 2 of those games.


I don’t know if you heard the same inteview I did. Near the start of the game Tito was asked abut going with Beckett for game 3. His answer was Beckett was quite sore from his previous outing and even if he did want to go with them, the chances of being able to were very slim.

The real problem, is Boston needed to win tonight with Dice K on the mound and he didn’t deliver-period. If Boston lose this series, it’s because of this outing tonight.

I don’t know about any one else, but I thought he’d do much better than he did.

Alright I took a time to calm myself down.Dont let us win tomorrow.If we win tomorrow,we got Beckett going game 5 and Schilling going game 6,and game 7….we have EVERYBODY going game seven.Lets worry about game 4.

Tomorrow is undoubtedly a crucial game, but I agree with Francona’s decision to start Wakefield and save Beckett for Game Five. The Sox bullpen is effective (with the exception of Gagne, and occasionally Lopez), so as long as Wakefield gives the Sox six strong innings, they should be fine. Of course, they have to actually score against Byrd instead of wasting multiple opportunities, like they did tonight against Westbrook. You have to tip your hat to Westbrook, though. He pitched a great game.


The problem won’t be with the amount of innings Wakefield pitches, the problem is going to be the amount of runs he allows to score in those innings. You don’t want to be down too much going into the 7th, 8th, and 9th inning vs. Cleveland.

As hard as it is to admit, pitching our injured, inconsistent 41 year old knuckleballer as opposed to our 27 year old staff fireballing ace is the right move, but it’s not the one everybody wants.

Rain is in the forecast tomorrow, I won’t be crying if the game gets pushed back another day because then you absolutely have to pitch Beckett on regular rest.

But who knows, maybe Wakefield has been saving up for a really strong performance and will surprise us all. He was so good for that month-long stretch before the injury, hopefully he can re-discover that form. I’m just not too optimistic tomorrow’s game is going to a 2-1 victory.

The Sox should start Beckett on 3 days rest, because that would allow him to pitch a game 7 on regular rest. If he wins, they only need a win from Schill or Dice-K in games 5 and 6 in order to get to Beckett in game 7 with 4 days rest. And then, they’ll be playing the Rockies, who just won their game against the DBacks.

I am indifferent as who should pitch tonight. I am sure Franocona and JF know better than we do. The key remains that the Sox has to hit and score runs. Scoring two runs wasn’t enough even if Beckett pitched.
Bases loaded with none out and could not score, that’s pathetic. A key hit would change the whole complexion of the game. Sigh……

Kenny Lofton’s HR could easily be a long flyout in Fenway.

Saturday night’s loss was disappointing. Last night’s loss was painful. Other than the bases loaded 1st inning, Manny’s grounder headed into outfield hit Ortiz and the ump’s questionable calls hurt hurt hurt.
The loss was largely due to lacking of hitting and bad breaks. Dice K’s ineffectiveness didn’t help but not the main reason for the loss.

DP was struggling at the plate but his defensive plays were spectacular, couldn’t ask more of a second baseman.

Ellsbury, the sparkler, must play. Give Kielty a shot at the right field, can’t be worse than Nancy.

I really am disappointed with last nights loss. We, as fans, can 2nd guess the coaches nd management as much as we want, but the fact remains that Wakefield will start tonight, and as fans all we can do is watch, hope, pray and cross every available appendage. Hopefully Wake will be bring his “A” game tonight with plenty of flutter and Cleveland will not prevail!!!!

Drew is 3-11 this series, not exactly lighting the world on fire but I don’t think Bobby Kielty would do any better. In fact, I know he wouldn’t. Drew is a better hitter and plays a better outfield, you keep him in the lineup.

I just want a blowout win tonight. I have been too stressed watching these games lately, I think I got spoiled with the Angels series when every game seemed to be under completely control. Our top of the order is going to have to produce even more tonight without Varitek (yes smckinny, he’s still a better option at the plate than Mirabelli despite what you may think) in the lineup.

Boston- 9

Cleveland- 4

jeff. totally disagree. that bullpen ain’t gonna stop wake from getting shelled before they get called. and you know tito never has a short enough leash with wake. plus the sox offense tends to struggle against guys like byrd IMO. i know it’s gonna happen but i still cannot believe they are essentially putting the series, IMO, in wake’s hands. has he ever won an “impact” type game? this the exact situation piniella screwed up for the cubs against az. and tito is doing the exact same thing. he even came out in the same inn of the previous game. forget about it being the right call for tonite. why would you not want certainly your best pitcher and arguably baseballs best going in game 7, if there is one, on normal rest. it makes no sense whatsoever. and just like pinella his rationalle amazes me. pienella was worried about game 4. how did that work out? they want to make sure they get that extra day for schill and dice in games 6 and 7. and that beck could pitch game 1 of the series. tito i got news for ya. lose tonite and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll have the rest of the winter to rest after this week. it’s set up where beck would face byrd on 3 days and westbrook on normal rest in a potential game 7. most cases that’s 2 pretty solid locks. instead you match him up for one game with CC at cleve. oh well enough venting. if they don’t hit any better tonite than they did last night it’s irrelevent anyway. no matter how good or bad wake is.

zachary. i agree with you about drew and tek. unfortunately that says more about how about how bad mirabelli is than how good tek is. as for your prediction IF wake and co. hold cleve to 4 runs or less i’ll gladly admit i was wrong. becasue if they can’t score 4+ off westbrook and byrd they deserve to go home.

gsumner. boston had more hits, drew more walks, and left more MOB. they’re situational hitting is what killed them. not great pitching IMO. cleve got the clutch hits boston didn’t.

the lack of production at the bottom was bound to catch up with them at some point. you just can’t keep playing 4 against 7-8. that’s happened the last 2 hopefully the top gets hot again tonite. a lil help from pedroia would be nice as well!


You will win few games when your starter only goes 4 2/3 innings and give up 4 runs, regardless. Particulary from a guy you have 100 mill invested in.

I agree the situational hitting was poor, particulary from the bottom 4; but this loss is on Dice-K-more than anyone else.

Be great to see Indians/Rockies series as the BIG BUCK Teams fall to the wayside.Great for baseball!!When will they ever learn money is not the answer.

Lets face it…Pedroia needs to get on base. He’s a rookie and I think he’s trying to do too much. He’s not as patient at the plate in the post season than he was during the regular season. We all knew that Dice-K was going to get hit and let in a couple of runs. The offense was shut down by Westbrook’s sinker. I don’t think I saw a sox hitter lay off of it. And when the sinker ball is hit, it’s more than likely a ground out or a short pop out. We’ll see how Byrd is, if the sox can get to him early enough and take the game off of Wake’s back, they’ll have a good game tonight. And for the person above me who said the bottom four isn’t producing…what was Drews 2-4 and Tek’s two shot?

gsumner. it doesn’t matter how many inn’s your starter goes at the end of the game. or how much you have invested in him. what matters is how many runs were allowed. 4 isn’t bad against a ML team. whether he lasted 4+ or 7+ they still only scored 4 runs. dice-k certainly wasn’t great. he wasn’t bad. he was average. boston had plenty off opp’s against westbrook and failed miserably at the plate. it prob should have been a no decison for dice but could have easily been a W with a lil help from the offense. and the assist he got from the pen.

mnweaver. won’t get into their futility for the other 2 games. but last night drew was actually 1 for 4. the other time he was OB was an error. in total last night they were 3 for 14 ( .215 avg ) with 7 men LOB. i’d say that’s pretty unproductive as a group. and tek is now 2 for 14 ( .142 avg ) in 3 games. again, very unproductive.

let’s hope wake can actually pitch good tonight :-\

the bottom of the lineup has really been frustrating lately. but, they’re playing up to their true characters.

I personally was not as angered by Dice-K’s performance as some.

Obviously that 2-run shot he gave up to Lofton was just a get-me-over fastball to jump ahead in the count but Lofton was all over it. Aside from that, I thought he pitched decently.

Okajima went 1.1 innings last night, I’m sure he’s available again tonight. He looks to have regained his “first half” form, a lot of swings and misses at the Okey Dokey. Also, Timlin and Delcarmen looked great in their innings.

It just goes to show you what our bullpen can do when given a lead. Now the key to tonight’s game is having a lead going into the 6th and I like our chances to tie this thing up.

I agree with smckinny and zachary that Dice-K did not pitched poorly. Just a little run productions (one run or two) for him and little break, who knows he may pitch into 6th. Of course he went too deep into counts too often.
Poor Dice K took all the blame himself. Oh man, I stll can’t over the bases loaded and Manny’s grounder hit Ortiz debacle.

We know Wake is going to give up at least 4 runs. If the Sox cannot score 4+ runs off Byrd, the Tribe deserves to face the Rox in the WS.

gsumner, what in h*ll money has to do with last night’s loss ?
While i agree that Dice-K wasn’t stellar, this loss is on the lineup more than on him.

Zachary, i wish we could see the ” well-hit ball ” avg for both teams ( and both starters ) last night. You know that stat you talked about this summer, at least i believe that was you. I bet Cleveland staff’s stats line wouldn’t be so shiny.🙂

What i’m saying is Dice-K wasn’t that awful and Westbrook wasn’t that great, although i agree he pitched better than i expected. I know we’re in October and you have to be at your best, but it’s still possible that the Sox lineup, for some reason, simply had a bad day at work.

no way that loss goes on dice. just like beck in game 1 did against hafner. he threw one bad pitch to lofton. it was a fastball but i still say tek calls too much junk early in the count when he pitches. ultimately beck gave up 2 runs at his yard and dice gave up 4 at theirs. not bad and not great. but it combined with the pen performance was certainly good enough to win with some decent AB’s.

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