Win or go home

In Game No. 170, that is what it has come down to for the 2007 Red Sox. They have their best pitcher going, maybe the best in baseball. They have an offense ready to break out. But will Sabathia let them?

I’m surprised that the national talk shows seem to be rattled by Manny’s comments yesterday. I was standing right next to him when he was talking and it was pure Manny. He’s just a relaxed individual who was reminding people that this is baseball — not life or death.

As a regular e-mailer just typed to me, "Surprising? I
knew he didn’t feel pressure, have known that from watching him from
the beginning. So what? He’s a big, gifted kid, and I hope he keeps
having fun for another two weeks.

No lineup shakeups tonight.

Pedroia 2B
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Lowell 3B
Kielty RF
Varitek C
Crisp CF
Lugo SS

Beckett SP

More later.


guess ol tito didn’t look at that was pretty funny though.

rizzo. based on the photo’s i saw he can’t have too many bad memories! she’s actually gonna be performing about 20 min’s from my house next week. might have to check it out!

I never even heard of her until today. What is she a pop singer? Hey I’d go to the show too. Just wear earplugs or headphonesπŸ˜‰

Pedroia still leading off?

No Ellsbury?

Well it’s either loyalty or a need for change that’ll win this battle.

I hope for Tito’s sake loyalty wins out tonight.

As for Manny, just like Ian said, I don’t see what all the “hub-ub” is about. Seriously, it’s just Manny being Manny.

As for the whole candle thing, I need to actually find one, but I think I’ll just wear my lucky Red Sox visor instead. Bought it at the end of 2003 for like $5 and the branding said “ANNCO: Since 1918.”

Weird that as I wore that in 2004 they won.πŸ™‚

I hope to see another W for Beckett tonight.


I would rather have Ellsbury in center over Coco. Coco is one of the best CF’s in the game, defensively. But Ellsbury is also good defensively, and will be good in the future. And if Drew were moved to center, he too could handle the position, not as well as Coco, but probably well enough. And CF’s have more value than corner outfielders, so Drew’s overall value would increase too. I would take Drew or Ellsbury over Coco offensively, even with Ellsbury’s rather small sample size at this level. Therefore, unless it was against a lefty, like tonight, then Ellsbury and Drew would get the nod, for me anyway.

I meant in general Ellsbury over Coco, I didnt necessarily mean tonight, as it sounded, against Sabathia.

I strongly feel that Ellsbury should be in the starting lineup and I felt that way when the Sox were playing the Angels. When he plays, good things happen. It is very obvious to everyone. Only person it isn’t obvious too is Francona and his opinion matters the most.

Jumping out to a lead is very important in this game. Putting the pressure on!!!

Well, here we go. Game time quickly approaching and I’m in my uniform (as usual), candle at the ready.

See y’all later!!!

I beleive Ellsbury should be our lead off man.We need a catalyst to get on base and steal bases and make trouble for the opposing teams pitcher and defenders…Not to smash Pedroia,but he is not the catalyst we need,he also has been swinging too anxiously.Ellsbury could be the key to us making trouble early for Sabathia.I see Ellsbury as being the perfect guy for lead off hitting.Certainly better than Coco Crisp or JD Drew.

Woop, I found a candle. I should try this. And it’s red as well…wonder if that might help?πŸ™‚

Baseball superstition…gotta love it!

Obviously i wanted to see Ellsbury in too. But hey, maybe Coco can wow us and pull a Coco-special like he did with his triple in that rally vs the Yanks back in April.

Great way to start a rally.

Game time, RSN. GO SOX !!!

Time to go watch the game, all I can say is this is what we have been playing for all season. 169 games so far boils down to 1 tonight. If Josh is on and the bats even show up a little bit there will be baseball at Fenway this weekend. Schill on Saturday, he knows how to throw a clutch game when the stakes are high.

I also read an interesting stat. The team that was down 3-1, forced game 7’s 14 times. In those game 7’s, they were 10-4. Get the series back to Boston and we will have the crowd on our side and not have to deal with the towel-wavers anymore.


Youks the man!!!!



Back Back and its gone!!!!!!

Way to ManRam

What kinda run was that ?

YOOOUUUKKK!!!!!!! Nice way to start!!!

May I suggest “stupid”?

Stupid run I mean

Why didn’t Ramirez run into Marintez like a linebacker is my question. In my book, if you want a win this game, you knock the catcher to next week in that situation. Unless I’m missing something, in a situation like that, it’s a perfectly acceptable play. Am I wrong?

You could see Varitek taking a step back to the dugout on that curve before the HBP lol.

You wouldn’t think that in the 2000’s, plate umpires would still fall for the framing actions by the catchers. Martinez “stole” a strike on the first pitch to Coco.

If anyone has a phone to the dug out in Cleveland please call Francona and tell him loyalty goes only so far and get COCO out. We need Jacoby badly. Or just smack some sense into him with the phone

We just got robbed by the Indians (pun intended)

Thats a HR we can’t catch a break!

As it turns out, no damage done, but what the heck is Manny thinking about?

Hey Shane, I have the number to the Red Sox dugout, I’ll try to get through to Tito.

I did not think that was a home run. That padding actually caught the ball on the top of the wall and brought it back to the field. If the top of that wall is painted instead of having a pad on it, the ball bounces the other way into the stands. I don’t think the umpires have a choice but to call it the way they did.

Yeah i think so too. If that yellow line is part of the wall, then it’s not a HR, even if the ball actually hit the top of the line.

* top of the WALL

Crisp ***** can’t even bunt..PLEASE get him out

How pathetic was that bunting effort by Crisp? Then Lugo, absolutely pathetic. I don’t want to hear any **** about negativity. How can even the most loyal fan not be negative about that. A freakin major league baseball player can’t get a bunt down. Coco is lucky I’m not managing because he’d be gathering splinters right now.


Man that was so non-clutch — Coco and Lugo — with all the world watching — I hope we can somehow pick those two guys up, rather than they bring us down in the end.

If COCO gets that bunt down, Lugo’s out is an RBI out. Oh well top of the order next time around and Becket looking good so far.

Crisp at the plate looks totally lost, shaking his head. He is a batter at the plate playing without any confidence. More reasons to play Ellsbury.

It looked like a homer for Manny. Nice hustle by Manny, standing at 1b. Oritz was hustling, why couldn’t Manny?

Beckett looks real good, it looks like he has found his groove. Let’s get these Boston bats going.

I’m calling Tito right now!

The phone is ringing….

Hey Brad, it’s Garry, I’m doing fine thanks. Hey, is Tito available to talk for a minute? Thanks!

Tito, it’s Garry ….. yeah, I know, how can a major league player not be able to get a stupid bunt down? Which brings me to my question. Did you see that web site, You did? You voted to start him yourself? You voted 1200 times under different names? What was that you said about f’n Theo? Tito, you’re not making any sense.

I think he hung up on me!

I painfully have to say it was not a HR. Pedroia can’t catch a break either. he is hitting it hard. We need to get back to Boston. Im going to gm 7 if there is one!!!!!!!!Go Sox

lol. Akihiro, it is not Francona who failed to get the bunt down. It was Crisp. Blaming Francona about a player not executing the fundamentals is ludicrous and indicates you haven’t a clue about the game. It is pathetic that Crisp failed to drop down a bunt and then struck out, and Lugo followed with a double play. They are the ones to which you should direct your anger. Anytime you resort to making up childish names to describe a player or a manager shows that you lack the intelligence to carry on a conversation. For that, you should be just as embarrassed as Crisp and Lugo.

I agree that Ellsbury should start, but I also understand why Francona went with Crisp against an imposing left-hander like Sabathia. It is unfair to expect Ellsbury to deliver against Sabathia, especially when he is a rookie who has sat on the bench for most of the post-season. Perhaps Ellsbury will start if there is Game Six against Carmona.

Thanks for the attempt on the phone call. Come on ManRam.

can we please catch a break

Jeff, it would be a challenge for Ellsbury for sure to hit against CC. But if he goes 0-4 the Sox have lost nothing and at least he can and will bunt and beat the ball into the ground to try to get on base. Crisp is hapless, even as we found out in a bunting situation. For a kid, Ellsbury has proven to be a cool customer in tough situations.

Big at bat here lets see if the sats work


Sox squander a chance…

Huge for Beckett to keep mo on the Sox side!!!

I agree that Crisp is hapless, Garry, but I understand why Francona started him over Ellsbury against Sabathia. If the Sox win, perhaps Ellsbury will get a shot in Game Six. I somehow doubt he will, though, since Francona likes to stick with the veterans.

Lofton is up there looking for a walk.

I think if Boston wins tonight, Ellsbury will be in the lineup.

Beckett is old school for sure. Ask Ryan Howard about the incident they had in Clearwater, March of 2006. There isn’t enough mustard in this country to cover that hot dog Kenny Lofton!!!

This ump is really squeezing Beckett.

Crisp is hapless and clueless and he keeps on shaking his head. His body language speaks volumes to me. Crisp as a pinch runner late in the games and that is about it. His lack of fundamentals, he couldn’t even put down a bunt!!! There are pithcers that can do that!!!

Josh Beckett has proven he is the definition of an ace. He is on top of his game. He isn’t bothered by anything!! He has matured beyond his years!!!

Please a break

What is Lugo doing? I’m not sure that Pedroia gets Sizemore, but the runner would be on second instead of third.

What the hey is Lugo doing???? Even if Lugo makes the play, could he throw Sizemore out? NO!!!

It would have been close with Pedroia making that play.

Oh wow…

That entire 5th…my heart was going nuts.

Beckett for MVPπŸ˜›πŸ™‚

The Sox desperately need to giving Beckett some breathing room. Can someone at the bottom of the order please deliver in the clutch, or get on base period!

Beckett has really stepped up. Do we know what he said to Kenny?

Ok, time for the bottom of the order to finally come thru and turn this whole series around — now!


I guess you and I were thinking alike. Not too mention every fan of the Red Sox. Lugo was trying to do too much. There was very little chance he would have thrown out Sizemore. Pedroia could have, even then I wonder.

I thought Cabrera was going to throw that bat a mile after striking out.

It is time for this bottom of the order to get something going. Time to bust this game open and get it back to Boston!!!

Beckett has thrown about 65 pitches. He could go eight innings tonight.

I think Beckett said to Lofton. I was in the 6th grade when you started playing in the big leagues. lol…

Without a doubt, Ellsbury should be the starting center fielder in 2008. The Sox should be able to get a solid middle reliever, or perhaps an extra starting pitcher, for Crisp, who has trade value because of his defense and his track record in Cleveland. He hasn’t done much at the plate in Boston, but perhaps a National League team would take a chance on him. Of course, hopefully Crisp has two more weeks left in his Sox career and does something – anything – in this post-season.

Pitch count with Beckett tonight is a non issue.

Get this game to Papelbon is the game plan. Beckett to pitch into the 8th and have Papelbon come in and take it from there!!!

gsm52: That phone call skit you made was hilarious.πŸ˜€

Yeah Brian, great minds think alike.

OK its comedy now! Can’t we PLEASE PLEASE get Crisp out! I think Pedroia could have got Sizemore.

I think you could get a middle reliever for Crisp and that is about it. If you did get a starting pitcher, it would be more of a back end of a rotation guy. Unless you packaged him with something else, you might be able to get a decent starter.

There will be a few teams next year that will need a c.f. Crisp will probably tear it up and hit .300 while playing in the N.L.

Hapless, helpless, hopeless, hitless …… Crisp/Lugo ….. clueless.

Looks like we are going to have to do this the hard way — tension seriously mounting.

How about just freaking PATHETIC!!!

They should do what Rudy Stein did with the Bad News Bears, lean into one. That is the only way those 2 are getting on. Sabathia could pitch right handed to the bottom of the order.

If Tito doesn’t take Coco out, and EVEN if we win this, he’ll still get yelled at.

Coco should be in there; his body language isn’t helping.

Ellsbury should be the starting c.f. for game 5 of the A.L.C.S.

When he plays good things happen. He brings it!!!

Hafner in this series looks clueless. Boston has done a great job against him.

Pitch count doesn’t matter with Beckett. Get it to the 8th and if he gets in trouble, Papelbon will be in.

Web MD is a naked man…Why does Fox do that?

Now that is weird!!!!


you are absolutely right. My anger should be directed to those players that don’t execute. I just get emotionally carried away sometimes and I do find some of Francona’s decisions rather frustrating. Your comments just caught me offguard because I’ve never personally attacked you but you felt compelled to attack me. I’ve never had a bad word to say about you so please exercise that same high road. GO SOX!!!

Top of the order coming up. Time to stretch this lead.

Pedroia will lead off for the 4th time. Usually they say the leadoff hitter only leads off for 1 time, leading off the game. Not the case tonight but then again with Lugo batting with 2 outs, it will happen.

Beckett and his 9Ks are making even Schilling look like a small-time postseason pitcher.


Top of the order in the 7th. Since C.C. struggled vs Youk, Papi and Manny so far, i got good vibes. Especially if DP can get on base.

Pedroia has been hitting rockets all over the place. His stats are bad, but he has played well.

I didn’t attack you, Akihiro. You will never find me calling anyone a name because I think we can all communicate without resorting to that. I grow tired of reading these childish names that bloggers write when expressing their displeasure for a player (like Francoma, Judy Drew, Gagme, Lugnuts, etc.). Surely, people have enough intelligence and class to be able to just express their displeasure in a mature manner. I am just as frustrated with anyone else about Crisp and Lugo, especially, but when I don’t care for someone, I just say it. That is all it takes.

Man, we need a clutch hit here.

Hey Manny, did you see how Youk did that? He’s on third.

I would agree with you gsm about Pedroia. His avg. is low but he is hitting the ball hard. Unlike Crisp and Lugo!!!


Great to see the Sox get some breathing room!!!

I would like to see Cora in for Lugo and Ellsbury for Crisp!!!

Good solid contact by Youk. We need to at least get this runner in from third. It would be nice to blow the game open.

Here we go. Bats are alive

Manny would have been on second base and it would have been a close play.

Sabathia again couldn’t get it done in the playoffs. He had a solid regular season but hasn’t risen to the top during October!!!

Time to hack away at this Tribe pen!!!

I know Brian, Cora’s .246 average looks pretty good right now, and he’s a much more heads up player in the field than Lugo ever thought of being.

Could it be? man baseball is fun — at least we are making a great game of this, however it winds up.


I wish that had been a HR but a long sac fly will do. You rock Papi!

4-1 on the board is much better than 2-1.

This has got to hold up for us — we may not score any more runs this game — Bentacourt is in — we haven’t faired to well with this part of the Cleveland pen.

Hope Josh has two more innings in him — don’t want to mess with too many variables at this point.

I have always had alot of confidence in Lugo but these games here he looks totally lost at the plate. I think Lugo still thinks it is June. He chases that pitch off the plate all the time. He has no plate discipline. Crisp, well Ellsbury should be in there for sure.

Get it back to Boston, that is all I can ask for. Take there chances from there.

Bettancourt has been nasty in this series. When he comes in, nobody reaches.

Here’s my rules for game 5; 7th inning on: no Gagne, no Lopez, no Del Carmen. Oki, Pap, maybe Timlin. Make them beat our best.

The top half of this line up is doing great!! Let’s hope Beckett hangs on.

RedSox will be stupid not to resign Mikey next year.

Time to sit this hot dogger Lofton down!!!

NO GAGNE…..NO GAGNE….Oky then Pappy all the way!

You gotta love Beckett’s old school mentality. Older pitchers like Gibson must enjoy watching him pitch. Beckett is not afraid out there!!!

Gagne should just stay in the lockerroom. Even the sight of him is bad karma

Beckett is throwing 95-97 from the stretch with a slide step delivery ….. AMAZING!

6 more outs — and we get to watch baseball on Saturday !

10 K’s for Beckett. I think that we need to keep Beckett in for the next inning.

They should never give a pitcher an error on a play like that. When a ball is hit back at you, the first and natural reaction is to straighten up which is why he didn’t get down on that ball. It’s also very tough to figure out the speed of the ball coming back at you. Line drives are easier because it’s all reaction.

That is impressive, Garry. Beckett throws just as hard from the stretch as he does the windup.

I agree, Beckett should start the next inning.

So do you take Beckett, who’s been great, out after 96 pitches and give it to Oki, or let Beckett go 8 and go straight to Paps? It’s a tough call, but my instinct is to get it to Oki now rather than have him possibly come into a runners-on, high-pressure situation if Beckett struggles in the 8th.

Drew—-Ground out to second or K. If he will take out kilt why not coco

Then again, I’m watching Gameday, which blows and doesn’t give you a sense of pitcher’s stamina, velocity, etc.

Beckett in 8th then Enter Pappy!!!!

Wow got lucky there. I think Crisp must have pictures Francona in nasty situtations!

I can only say “WOW” Lugo

Now that was funny

ATTABOY!! Lugo, that’s all we’re asking for. Nice bunt!!

Even after 96 pitches, Beckett is the best pitcher in the park right now. There’s no reason to believe he’ll have problems in the 8th. He’s the man to get the Sox through the 8th. If he’s over 110 pitches after the 8th, I go to Pap.

Shane’s comment

Have Beckett go thru 8 innings and Papelbon for the 9th and it is off to Boston.

Cleveland let this one go back to Boston and they will regret it.

DP needs a fly ball. We need to get one run out of this.

A bunt?!? I thought we were physically incapable of executing those (c.f. Coco Crisp, 4th inning). And I thought Lugo was physically incapable of getting a hit (c.f. Julio Lugo, all season).

Come on Pedroia, now.

I hope you are right bosoxbrian, I very much hope you are.


come on kevin, be the greek god of walks again!

or hit a hr, i don’t care.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Youuuuuk rips a Grand Salami here?

Or maybe even Papi


I think you get Timlin or Okijima warming up right now.

It looked like Josh was staying warm for 8th inning but with that lead, i think we’ll see Timlin.

Joe Buck needs to open his eyes and see what is unfolding in front of him. He just said IF there is a game 6 on Saturday…………!

Nope, i was wrong. Josh will pitch the bottom 8th.

Time to bring Gagne in !!!

Well, the Indians have had two 7 run innings…. I am very confident there will be a game 6, but I’m not ready to jump to that conclusion yet.

Maybe now we can let Beckett sit. Once Schilling makes way for game 7, I think we need to give the ball to Beckett for game 7.

Brilliant managerial move. Ellsbury in left.

I don’t mind Becket starting the 8th — what’s wrong with a few more pitches, but we should have someone ready — I know Papelbon needs work, but with a 6 run lead, I almost would rather the Indians get as few looks as him as possible — until he is really needed.

s2cq, you’re kidding, right ?

Nope. Dice-K for crucial game 7 would be a bad move. Besides, Beckett will be on 3 days rest.

Next time they put the camera on Beckett, notice he is not even breathing hard. Remember that look and compare it with Schilling when he next pitches. This kid is in phenomenal shape. He is an absolute horse. What a freakin effort by this year’s CY YOUNG Award winner!

2 days rest, actually. The game will be on Sunday, so that would give him tomorrow and Saturday.

Beckett COWBOY UPS!!!! Way to lead the troops.

I agree with s2cqdb, though, that if we do win this series (possible, but still HIGHLY DIFFICULT) it’ll be because Beckett brought us here. The man is a beast.

My bad. You are right, 2 days. Wishful thinking on my part. But seriously, does anyone trust Dice-K in a crucial game 7?

NOPE. I ask this question…..Lester Game 7

Well perhaps we will see Ellsbury in Game 6…perhaps.

I’m a bit worried that the day off may disrupt our team’s momentum, but then again, we’re playing back at home.

So who knows…

Not really, s2cq, but the best thing about game 7 is that almost everybody’s available to pitch and contribute. That could be a 5 or 6 men effort. Lester could serve as a ” 2nd starter ” for that game.

That is, if Schill can win that BIG game 6 on Saturday.

Shane: I have heard rumblings about Lester starting Game 7. So we’ll see.

Dice-K’s done for the season, IMHO. Unless he can become the WBC MVP again, I don’t see him getting out of the 4th inning anymore. I don’t know if he’s ever pitched in relief, but if he has, they should consider it and have Lester take the ball in Game 7.

Perhaps that’s why he was out there in Game 4 pitching; to see if the aberration he had in Game 2 was just that: an aberration.

Personally, guessing Tito, it’ll be Dice-K, but we’ll see…


This game couldn’t have possibly gone any better…. we grounded into 10 double plays, the umpires cheated us, we left 23 guys on base, and Crisp did everything humanly possibly to play the worst baseball in history… and we are still slaughtering the Indians at home.

The only thing Crisp hasn’t tried yet is to curl up into the fetal position and weep like a baby at the plate. We all know that Francoma is completely in a catatonic state of coma to keep playing Crisp… but maybe Theo or John Henry will step in finally. He can’t hit, he can’t walk, he can’t even bunt with 2 men on and nobody out. He is a complete vegetable and it couldn’t possibly be any more obvious. After 900+ wasted at bats in a RedSox uniform, I think we have finally seen the end.

rsox_34: I was thinking the same thing about Lester coming in and pitching as a “2nd Starter.”

However, Tito must not bring him in with runners on base. It’ll just add more pressure to the kid and he needs to be brought into the best situation possible.

My plan: use one of the middle relief guys for the rest of the inning that Dice-K (assuming he starts) leaves, and have said reliever finish the next inning depending on how quickly he gets out of the jam he inherits.

Then pitch Lester.

rayman94: I just hope Theo & Co. step in and talk to Tito about starting Ellsbury. Coco’s confidence is already down in the dumps, so not starting him just gives him time to get his timing and hitting eye back as long as he’s getting extra work in.

If we can force game 7, I think Dice-K should be kept on a VERY short leash and let Beckett back him up on 3 days rest. I think after tonights atrocious Coco showing, Ellsbury could start game 6.


We officially have game 6 gsm52

rob8569: Dice-K better be on a super short leash otherwise Red Sox Nation may just implode.

As much as I love Tito as a manager, he needs to stop having his loyalty get in the way of any logic.

But first thing is first: Will real Curt Schilling please stand up?

And show us how he helped us win it all in 2004…

What’s more of a joke? A-Rod always getting MVP over Big Papi… with A-Rod then shriveling up in the playoffs and Big Papi coming up big?


Sabathia likely to win the Cy Young over Beckett (from the rumors I have heard)?

Good plan Pacol. Maybe that won’t be necessary, maybe Dice-K will wow us.

Rob, that would be 2 days rest. Game 7 would be on Sunday. I don’t think we’ll see Beckett again in this series.

By the way, is it Paco 1250 or Pacol 250 ? Just curious.πŸ™‚

See Brian,looks like my predictions might happen.Beck and Schill come through for us,and we squeeze out a game 7 win somehow.We are 1/3 of the way there.yes I was ridiculed at school,but all I responded with was :”I Guarantee you,MARK MY WORDS,there WILL be a game seven Saturday night!”
Beckett continues to inspire me.

2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 Saturday it is boys!!!


Its an insult if Beckett doesnt win CY Young. See everyone saturday

rsox_34: It is PacoL250 but you can just call me by actual name I post when I’m not feeling lazy or am typing out long post.

Me = RajπŸ™‚

As for this win, tomorrow night, when I head to work, I can rub it in my boss as he’s a Yankees’ fan. Heck even if we had lost, I still would have told him we made it past the first round.πŸ˜›

Work should be fun…πŸ˜€

What stinks for the season MVP and Cy Young awards is that the postseason doesn’t count.

But hey, A-Rod IMHO, deserves the MVP. Without him, the Yankees wouldn’t even have sniffed the playoffs.

Even if you tell Yankee fans you made it further than them,they will find some way to annoy you.Trust me.

If the Sox do force a game 7 they are NOT losing it. Dice-K would start, Wake if he gets into any trouble and then Beckett for a 1999 Pedro-esque type of situation. Remember the team that is down 3-1 and wins games 5 and 6 is 10-4 in game 7.

Game 6 is the key here. Schill/Carmona is a mismatch on paper but in terms of who is a better pressure pitcher it is not even close. We all know Schill’s resume. Carmona is the guy who blew 4 straight saves last year and who knows how he will do in a hostile environment like Fenway. He didn’t do to well in Game 2 there.

We are 1/3 of the way there. Beckett was filthy tonight. I believe he has overtaken Santana as the best overall pitcher in the game. I am so glad the Sox have him locked up for another 3 or 4 years. Not sure of the exact number but they are going to be relying on him for October’s to come.

I feel we might have this.Lets keep the faith.I love the message Kevin Millar left behind before the game,haha it was a good one.

Bad karma — just saw Manny and Lugo acting all cocky on post-game moch interview — that kind of pride always does you in, the “pride goeth before the fall kind” — I am sure the Indians will see that — and fire them up big time — good move — arghh.

dgneubert: Manny is a big kid plain and simple, and Lugo is his sidekick along with Tavarez. It’s like the 3 Stooges.

If something was supposed to fire up the Indians it was supposed to be his HR blast the previous game and then his interview afterwards.

That didn’t happen now did it?

If the Indians are fired up, well so are the Red Sox as they’re coming back home to ye olde Fenway park. We as fans gotta rattle the Indians. We’ll let ’em know we’re there without towels but with our screaming fanaticism.πŸ˜€

Pitching, pitching, pitching. It’s so obvious the Sox problem. When they have someone they have confidence in – Josh, they win because they aren’t in the catch-up mode. They take their time at bat and wear a pitcher down. Then enter Schilling or Dicey-K and suddenly they are under tremendous pressure to catch up. They swing at everything and fail. Beckett is the Luis Tiant of the 2007 Red Sox. However, the Sox do not have another good starter. All the rest are shaky. Schilling has to be unstoppable to give the bats confidence to win.

Incidentally, Crisp and Lugo play excellent defense so when they can’t hit, they can hold the team together defensively. I just pray that Gagne never pitches again for the Sox. He’s lost enough games already for them.

Will the Sox win Game 6? Schilling will make that call. If he gives them some good innings the offense will take care of the rest — if not, we’ll we have 2008.

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