Make some noise

It’s obvious that certain Red Sox players think that the Fenway crowd can be a little more boisterous than it was in the first two games of this series. Jacobs Field was by far the rowdier bunch. I think that the Sox feel that fans have lost a little of their passion since 2003.

Well, Jason Varitek wants to hear you.

"We’re going to need our crowd, every bit of it," Varitek said.
"Whether they feel like it or not at a point in the game, we need them
to feel like it."

Does anyone remember when Larry Bird used to do this exact same thing in the ’80s? I know the crowd always came out in force behind Larry, so I imagine they will behind Jason also.

And the Red Sox are encouraging fans to wear red to Game 6. So paint it black, all of you!

Schilling sounded fairly confident heading into tomorrow, and is there any pitcher besides Beckett you’d rather have in this spot? Carmona has blazing stuff. Can he control it?

I suspect Ellsbury is going to start Game 6 in place of Coco, but we won’t know that for sure until Saturday.

Until then, all the fans should rest up their voices and get very rowdy in Game 6. The Captain wants to hear you, and so do his teammates.




Speaking of weird and unusual rituals during/after/before games, I’ve got one.

In game 1 of this ALCS, I remember that the ‘pen was creating some music out in CF. Delcarmen had 2 water bottles, shaking them, Timlin and Lester were snapping, and Paps had some drum-sticks.

At that moment I found half consumed bottles of water and Lipton Green Tea in the fridge, and began to use them as Delcarmen was.

Now, whenever the Sox come up to bat I shake them, they are my . . . . . “rally bottles?”

I started in GM 1, but didn’t continue in 2,3 or 4, but picked it up again in GM 5.

Don’t blame me for the not so great fortune of the Sox in those games!

Ian, I hope that Francona gives Ellsbury the nod over Crisp.

RSJones, I will add the rally bottles to my list. Couldn’t hurt to do as much as we can to bring the Sox good luck!

Ian, please take off the gloves and give us the scoop on the Crisp situation. It’s laughable at this point. Can Francona do it one more time?

rsjones: Rally bottles huh? I’ll see what I can do while at work tomorrow.🙂

So to all of my fellow Red Sox Nation peoples, wear some red tomorrow folks.

I know I will even at work🙂

Is this the game that Ellsbury takes over in CF for good?

Crisp has value as the 4th outfielder for next year and he is cheap enough to have trade value.

Fun to argue this one:

Beckett + Lowell vs.

A. Sanchez + Hanley Ramirez??

Coco couldn’t get the bunt down during game 5 and that might be the straw that broke the camels back as they say. I think Crisp’s failure to do so will be his downfall.

I would definetly agree about the crowd at Fenway.

Parcells told the Foxboro/Foxborough crowd after the Steeler game ( the game Bledsoe hit Terry Glenn on the first play for a T.D.–sorry Jeff ) to make more noise for the Jacksonville game–A.F.C. Championship game. Good to here the Captain mention the crowd. Make some noise there Red Sox fans!!!!

Campbrice, so far : advantage Sox by a mile. Although Sanchez and Ramirez are younger and are yet to get to their prime so you never know.

As for the crowd, i agree. I think that the ” place ” ( the field, the Monster, the old style stands, the history … ) is more intimidating than the crowd itself, at least lately.

Anybody who’s ever been to Fenway will tell you that the constant buzz that you hear and feel in the stands is somewhat impressive but the players need more than that right now.

GO SOX !!! And GO CROWD !!!

* HAVE yet to get …

Francona openly said that coco cannot get the bunt down is an obvious indication that Ells is starting CF tonight.
Jeff, rsjones, pacol keep doing the unusual rituals until the WS is over.

I do firmly believe that good fortune is going the Sox’s way from here on. The Tribe had it in Game 2, 3, 4, and early Game 5.

Cant’t wait until 8 pm.

Hopefully the right Fenway crowd shows up tonight. It’s up to the fans to dictate what kind of homefield advantage there will be, especially with an emotionally-undeveloped pitcher on the mound for Cleveland.

I read that before Game 2, one of the Boston players predicted Carmona would crack as soon as the crowd got on him, and sure enough, he did. That’s why it is crucial for the crowd to get behind Boston tonight and get in Carmona’s head early.

Schilling’s numbers in his second time pitching in a series are staggeringly good, so I’d expect nothing less from him tonight. Plus, if you saw his press conference, he is well-aware of the pressure that’s on him tonight and that’s when he pitches his best, whether he’s 28 or 40.

If we can win tonight, I think tomorrow will be a bit easier. Who ever gets the Rockies I think will win the series, no team can stay that hot forever and the layoff will hurt. Not to mention I don’t think the Rockies staff can contain either line-up. Tonight’s huge, you will hear me all the way from the west coast, im in red and ready to go,…7 hrs till game! Make noise people, we are due some major breaks too!

I meant Cant contain either line-up….oooops

Brian, I have a feeling that the Steelers are going to give the Patriots their strongest test of the season when they play later this year. I’m a lifelong Sox and Celtics fan, but my loyalties have always been with the Steelers in football! I’m not ready to shift my focus to the Celtics and Steelers though. All my attention is on the Red Sox. I want to see a Red Sox Nation celebration at Fenway Park after Game Seven!


This series is set up for a perfect storybook ending.

The Sox lose game 2 they should have won, then get overmatched in games 3 & 4. Down for the count, they turn their luck around in game 5 behind their ace. Before game 6 the Captain exhorts the crowd to get behind the team and help them out. The savvy old veteran Schilling, past his prime but still a battler, gives his best in game 6. On to game 7, a tense affair in which Dice-K redeems himself pitching a gutsy game, making big pitch after big pitch, and the Sox go on to the World Series!

That’s what I am looking for these next two games.

If the Sox rally to capture the ALCS, there will be free unlimited burritos at Arnie’s restaurant!

Well lets hope Francona does the right thing tonight. I truely believe that the boys will win tonight and then on to tomorrow. I already watched fever pitch today and now I’m listening to Sweet Caroline getting siked up! Lets have a 2004 repeat!!!
Go Sox

Steelers and Colts will be the Pats biggest tests but the Pats will pass both. The Steelers is at the razor and that is going to be trouble for the Steelers, sorry to inform you Jeff but something tells me you already know that. Recent history of the Steelers and Pats is all Patriots!!!

Great too see Ellsbury in the lineup tonight. He will add some juice to the bottom of the lineup. It’s about time Francona put him in there. As I wrote earlier with Crisp’s failure to get down the bunt, that was it. Of course Francona will say otherwise. I’m just happy that Ellsbury is in there.

Good one, Jeff.

Looks like it is official. Ellsbury is starting in CF tonight, batting #8, Coco’s normal slot.

About 3 hrs before first pitch.
Hopefully Schill will show Fausto Carmona that there’s good stuff …… then there’s postseason- good stuff.

I heard the comments that Garko supposedly made about the RedSox and Fenway yesterday so I looked it up, google Scott Petrak, this guy thinks he pulitzer material!!!

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