Game 6 is here and so is Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury is in the lineup. He is batting eighth and playing center field. No more Coco, at least not tonight.

Frankly, it was getting a little painful watching Coco try and hit. He looked as lost as I have ever seen a hitter look in October. He wasn’t even making solid contact.

I think Ellsbury is the type of player who can really energize a team. Eric Wedge countered with a move of his own, putting Trot Nixon in the lineup in place of the struggling Franklin Gutierrez.

It could not be a nicer night for baseball. Bill Mueller will throw out the first pitch, marking his return to Fenway for the first time since his departure from the team following the ’05 season.

If you’re looking for more good karma besides Bill Mueller, today happens to be the four-year anniversary of Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS.

But karma won’t play as big a role as pitching. Fausto Carmona threw an absolute gem against the Yankees in Game 2 of the DS in Cleveland. Can the kid do it in this environment? Does Schilling have one more epic October performance left in him?

Here are the lineups:

Red Sox:
Pedroia 2B
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Lowell 3B
Drew RF
Varitek C
Ellsbury CF
Lugo SS


Sizemore CF
Cabrera 2B
Hafner DH
Martinez C
Garko 1B
Peralta SS
Lofton LF
Nixon RF
Blake 3B

Carmona SP


Great news! Ellsbury in for Crisp. The guys at aren’t the only ones who are happy about this move.


I hope this works… a young rookie in for an experienced but troubled Crisp. Let’s just hope Schilling can keep in longer then 5 innings.

And let’s make some noise from here—– GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well tonight I will not be wearing red, I gotta keep it going with the shirt I wore for the Game 5 victory. Plus I will have my #46 Jacoby shirt I just got a week ago under that. I really hope Fenway is like a sea of red tonight. One of the best sites I have every seen is watching Penn St. football games and seeing 100,000 fans wearing all white, employing the “white out” technique.

Lets show Jacobs Field and the rest of the country what Fenway is all about!!!

Roughly 1 hour before first pitch. Can’t wait.
Curt Schilling on the mound in a must win situation, in Fenway ; you gotta love it.

As we all know good things happen when Ellsbury is in the lineup. He will make the bottom of the order alot stronger and if he is on base he’ll make Lugo a better hitter.

Sox bats need to make Carmona work and they will. There confidence was shaken a bit in Cleveland but being back at Fenway it should be a different story. Squandered chances will not be the theme tonight. I have alot of confidence in Schilling. I like what I here from him and he sounds very confident and that is a great thing. Get a early lead and have Cleveland play from behind. Not much experience on the Cleveland side and there is a whole bunch on the Boston side.

Lets go Red Sox!! Boston has experience for tonights game. Lets hope Schillings is unhittable and our bats are alive against Carmona and Co. See you all at game time.

OKay, we got what we asked for, now let’s give them what they’ve asked for. Yelling and screaming doesn’t apply only to the fans in Fenway.

I LOVE the RedSox, the RedSox Nation and I love baseball!!

LET’S GO SOX. … AND don’t forget your candles tonight!

Boston, you are the only only only
Don’t blame us if we ever doubt you

You know we couldn’t live without you

Red Sox, you are the only only only

-That is all.

‘Nuff Said!!

Schilling looked great in the first inning. I also here alot of noise at Fenway, NICE!!!

Time to get the bats rolling!!!



OK!!! Add a chapter to my story: JD Drew, reviled all year because of his poor hitting, connects for a grand slam!!!!

JD, you’re the man !

JD was an average hitter this year. Not a poor hitter. And he had a career .393 OBP before he came to Boston.

Is this a pleasent sight for eyes waiting to see this all ALCS….Bosox up 8-1

Now listen, Curt ( and the rest of the staff ) : all you have to do now is to throw strikes. Not necessarily big fat juicy fastballs in the middle of the strike zone, but various pitches in the strike zone. You don’t have to win this game by yourself.

Just throw strikes.

JD was a poor hitter for most, if not all, of this year.

Sorry to disagree again Arnie, but that is a misconception. His OPS+ was 105, 100 is average. His OBP was .373, which is pretty good. If you take into account the fact that he is a corner outfielder, and the fact that he is paid $14 million then he looks like a poor hitter, but that doesnt mean he was. And he was definitely a poor hitter for two months in particular (May and July).

Joseph, I was an advocate of signing Drew, and I think he will justify his contract starting next year. I have defended him time and time again this season. That said, you can quote all the stats you want, but as I have written before, stats don’t tell the whole story. Drew has been a POOR hitter for most of the season. He was signed to knock in runs from the No. 5 spot, not to get on base via a walk or a single. So, yes, Arnie is right. He has been a disappointment this year. Of course, his five RBI tonight will erase that disappointment if the Sox win this game. I know your blog has “statistician” in the title, but don’t make the mistake of relying too much on numbers. The game is much more complex than the story numbers tell.


Let’s put it another way. If I hire someone to cook for me but he insists on washing dishes then he is not doing the job. Or let’s refine it, I hire this guy to line cook but he preps instead. In that circumstance he is a poor cook.

JD did not do the job the Sox hired him for this year. End of story. Well, except for this game!

Another point on how baseball is not a game that you can tell the value of a player solely by stats is whether or not a player makes productive outs. So often this season, Drew has struck out, popped out or hit a routine grounder to second base in situations where, at the least, they needed a fly ball. Once again, I reiterate that I am a Drew advocate, but it is inaccurate to say he was not a poor hitter for most of the season when he did not knock in runs, and he did not do the little things to produce runs. That said, I am ecstatic about Drew’s performance so far tonight.

yeahh drew!! i’m so proudπŸ™‚ as royce clayton put it “he just won the love of the fans” (not an exact quote because i forgot it lol) but he did try to erase a season full of terrible memories haha

let’s just hope that curt can keep them down….

Only on a Sox blog. Here our team is up 10 to 1 in a crucial game and we are arguing whether Drew was poor or average. Too funny!

And Jeff I understand that it is more than numbers, but the walk is still undervalued by many, because it is simply not exciting. He is a career .252 hitter between the 7th and 9th innings throughout his career. He has a .253 average over his career with 2 outs and RISP. He has a .253 average in “late and close” situations. So what were you relying on thinking that he would come up big in clutch situations? Everything I heard about him from people who had watched him before the signing was how frustrating he was to watch. That he would continuously fail when the game was on the line. That he would watch the third strike go by frequently. And the Red Sox were wrong for asking him to bat fifth. After the first game I saw this year, I said they should bat him second.

And what is your definition of a poor hitter? Lugo had more RBI’s than Drew. Does that make him a better offensive player than Drew was this year? RBI’s are based on opporunities. I choose to look at on base or slugging or whatever. And yes, I understand rolling over and grounding out to first, or watching the third strike go by. I watched the games too. But so much of his failures were condensed into two miserable months. He was not worth the money, we all agree on that. But a [poor] hitter? That is inaccurate. Lugo was a porr hitter. Erstad was a poor hitter.

Seems like Schill’s night is over. Nice stint. Hopefully Sox will be in the WS so we’ll see him pitch again in a Sox uniform.

Even with a 12-2 lead, am I the only one who does not even want to Gagne’s face? That guy is just bad karma. I worry that he will jinx Game 7 in advance.

I meant “see” Gagne’s face…..

Lugo is another guy I hoped the SOx would sign, and I was happy about it when they did. Yet he was a poor hitter in the first half. He was very productive in the second half. Still, at least he knocked in runs in the first half. You’re missing the point about Drew. He was signed to give the Sox some pop in the No. 5 spot, which they lacked last year. Lowell’s numbers are what the Sox wanted and expected from Drew. And he had more than two unproductive months. Next season, I believe he will produce like he did last season with the Dodgers.

As bad as he was, Lugo WAS better than Drew this year. No question. Even when he was zero for forever he drove in runs with groundouts. It is difficult to overrate RBI’s. Drew did not get it done this year, why is that so hard to see?

So Jeff – Do you think Red Sox will resign Lowell?

Here you are folks – Game 7 is now official!!

A grand slam from Drew tonight, I have seen it all. Bottom of the order does the job, great too see.

I am very confident of the Sox chances tomm night. This lineup tonight was incredible. The Indians lack of composure showed early in the game. Boston has to come out swinging again and if they do the Indians are in big trouble. It is great to be a Red Sox fan.

It’s crazy how the Sox beat up the Indians’ best pitchers but then have problems with the relative no names.

Ellsbury was 1-5, but the one hit was a difference maker in a clutch situation.

A nice solid outing by Schilling. I was a little worried early on. He got away with some poor pitches but then settled in nicely. No freaking walks. That makes all the difference in the world.

Good signing or not, JD Drew did the job tonight, and regardless of anything that’s happened up to now, that’s what’s important. It was nice to see for a guy who’s had a tough year.

Overall, a good solid **** kicking by the Sox. They need to bring it forward to tomorrow night and keep rolling. I’m really hoping they won’t have to go to Beckett in relief. Dice-k is due for a good one.

Dice-K, man, circumstances offer you the chance to become a Fenway hero. Take it.

I would be surprised if Lowell was not back in Boston next season. Congrats to J.D. Drew. He has taken a lot of grief from fans this year. He deserves some kudos!


How much has the momentum shifted? Gagne has a CLEAN inning! That shows how much. The Indians were on their heels. Hope the Sox can keep it that way.

Good job Schill, JD, Youk, Dustin, Gagne and all the boys!! Go Sox!!

Jeff – I thought that resigning Damon was a no brainer after the Red Sox won the world series when infact they could not make a deal. I just hope that does not happen with Lowell.

I was stunned with it was mentioned that Dice-K starred at his locker for 30 minutes after his last loss — with the media starring at him. I had no idea that happened and I can’t imagine the pressure Dice-K is under. I only wish Francona would go with Lester instead of Dice-K. He is just broken as a player right now. Let him rest.

Its because he cost the Red Sox fourteen million dollars. Because he is JD Drew. He was poor in comparison to what you expected him to be. I don’t care what he was signed as, and yes I expected him to drive in 100 runs too. But he was an on base machine before they signed him, and yes he drove in some runs too. But A) OBP is valued more than slugging is. B) He only drove in 100 runs once.

And back in 04,’ which was clearly his best year. He drove in 93 runs while posting a .436 OBP. That .436 OBP is much more meaningful when trying to find out what type of player he was than those 93 RBI’s. Same thing goes for that .569 slugging percentage he had that year.

Guys let’s lay off Drew a little bit. The Sox just lit up the Indians tonight and we’re arguing if J.D. had a good year or if he was a good signing. All I care about is how much he contributed tonight. If this propels the Sox into the series and he helps them beat Colorado then his ENTIRE 07 regular season will be forgotten. Just like if Dice-K pitches a gem tomorrow his whole season will be a distant memory. I am 100 (well maybe 99.9) percent confident in the Sox chances tomorrow. They have all the momentum and breaks are starting to go their way. At least 4 or 5 things happened tonight that would not have happened earlier this week in Cleveland. I doubt we will see Sabathia tomm and if they do he won’t be too effective. Cleveland was afraid to use him on 3 days rest against NY so now on 2 days why expect him to be good? He has also never pitched in relief.
Look for a Matsuzaka (5 or 6) to Beckett (2 or 3) to Pap (1) tommorow night and expect baseball at the Fens on Wednesday.

I like Drew and have been defending him all year. Some Red Sox fans, and any fans really tend to jump on players when they are struggling. So while it seemed as though everyone thought that he didn’t care because he showed no emotion all year. I backed him up. Saying that I don’t know whether he cares or not, but that no one knows for sure (And he never stopped hustling). And about his performance, when he was struggling I knew he was a better player than that. Some fans threw everything he had ever done out the window, because they didnt like the [one] season they saw of him. But I am finished venting. I hope Dice K can come out and pitch well tomorrow.


I was so pleased to see JD work that count to his favor and zone in on a pitch.Imagine,if the BOTTOM OF OUR LINE UP could do all this…WOW!I have a feeling Dice K will do something special tomorrow….just a funny feeling…

Am I the only person that think that Dice-K only needs to keep us in the game (i.e. I’ll take 7IP 1~2R)? Because striving for perfection sometimes make it worse…

My apologies for starting the Drew debate. I was trying to put a little positive spin on it because after all the critizism(which I was part of), he came up huge for us. To me it was ironic that it was JD who got the scoring started, and it has followed the script of the last 2 games perfectly. I’m glad for him. And I’m glad for us, too. So I’m going to let go of the arguments and if ya’ll want to think he was great all year, or average, or whatever, fine by me. He was great tonight when it really counted.

One game to go!

Big Schill indeed. Seriously. IMHO, his career numbers get overshadowed by what he has done in the post-season. And with that, I think he’s getting super close to eventually getting into the HoF. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, but the way he handles the postseason is nothing short of amazing.

And Beckett is headed that way…

As for J.D., I will admit that even though I pulled for him all year, I was quite frustrated at a certain point in the season if I remember correctly. However, I for one never felt he didn’t work hard at his craft. Just because he is cool and seemingly detached from us fans doesn’t make him a bad player. In fact, I’d say that is a strength. For him to come up big like he did this Game 6, was just so great for him. Especially after that, when he came up to bat, Fenway just cheered like they normally would. It was nice to see him coming through and essentially wiping away the regular season. πŸ™‚

Somehow, like chman712, I’ve had this funny, special feeling about Dice-K tomorrow.

And tonight, Big Papi and Manny weren’t really in the game so to speak. Yet, the rest of the order got the job done, and that was awesome to see. Especially DP. I really think this was a tiny microcosm of the regular season for Dustin; bad early on, super awesome after the slump. If he keeps on hitting, that’s just got to be awesome.

But let’s not get ahead ourselves folks. Game 7 is going to be hard no matter what. Westbrook was tough on us and I don’t expect him to do any different.




Well Raj,only time will tell.

penwhale: Exactly. All Dice-K needs to do is keep us in the game and not put us in a hole. That is all we can and should expect.

Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

Still, something tells me that at least part of the person who was the WBC MVP will show up. And that can’t be good for the Indians.πŸ™‚

I just thought it was ironic that JD Drew had his break-out night in a game in which Trot Nixon was playing right field!?!?!?!

Game 7 — and we face, shall I say, “nemesis”, or at least concerning trend this year, a pitcher with a losing record!!

Hopefully since we have faced him before, and he already shut us down once, we can reverse this trend.

We should be able to score runs tonite!!

Gotta run!

BIG news story re Paul Byrd and HGH. On Espn it is being reported that he purchased somewhere close to 25,000 dollars worth of the “stuff”, not sure of the time span.
Tonights game is in the hands of Matsuzaka, let’s hope that he has success against this Cleveland lineup. Josh has publicly announced that he will be ready for relief innings (if called upon). I hope we don’t need it, but nice to know it’s there if we do. Wake did the same thing in 03 or 04.

as i’ve said previously. it they don’t bring schill next year theo should be fired! there’s not a better FA pitcher out there. if you’re gonna pick between him and wake it’s just a no brainer IMO.

ellen. i think they said the timeframe was ’02-’05 and i pray they don’t get in situation where wake pitches tonite. or again this year for that matter. much rather see lester either tonite or HOPEFULLY game 4 of the WS. what i’d REALLY like to see is ells lead off, ped hit 2nd and youk hit in the 7 spot.

as far as lowell goes there was an article on fox the other day that said word out the boston camp is they won’t offer him more than a 2 year deal so he’s prob gone if that’s true. somebody will give him 3-4 i’d bet.


The time span they are talking about is between 2002-2005 for Byrd.


Some strong words if the Sox don’t bring back Schilling. I totally disagree with you. Theo should be fired? Come on now.


Why would you have Youkilis hit in the 7 spot? The guy is hitting .500 against Tribe pitching. I would agree with you about Lowell, if the Sox don’t go beyond 2 years, he’ll be gone. I think Lowell could end up in Philly. If Lowell does go I would like to see him stay in the A.L. and comeback to Fenway and get the standing ovation the guy deserves. He has been class from day 1. Guys like him don’t grow on trees. He even is friends with A-Rod, how many people in the game can say they are friends with A-Rod? I would say not too many from what we read.

What will Dice-K give the Red Sox tonight? Talking about a mystery. He has a chance to dominate with his stuff or maybe go 5 innings and allow 4 runs. Dice-K and Wakefield are like a box of chocolates.

smckinny–I’m with you, I don’t want to see Wakefield pitch tonight. Next time I want to see Wakefield pitch is game 4 in Denver and even then maybe not.

bosox. the firing thing was a joke. but i mean it is a no brainer. what FA ( this year )pitcher is better than schill? you know the rotation next year will likely be: beck, dice, lester, buch, and ? why anyone would want wake for that last spot over schill is beyond me. as for youk hitting 7th. you answered your own question. he’s hitting close to.500 tek’s hitting .180. i just think it would balance the lineup a lil better.

Ellsbury is in the 8th spot and that adds a nice hitter at the bottom and it also makes Lugo a better hitter. You don’t put Youkilis in the 7th slot, come on now. You don’t break up the top part of the order, not in a game 7.

Perhaps the Sox have some ideas of a trade for a starter. For some reason everyone thinks to get a starting pitcher you have to do it thru free agency. There farm system can fetch a starter thru a trade perhaps. Different ways to do it.

I don’t know if your joking or not, personality doesn’t come thru the computer. I kind of thought you were joking but then again I don’t know you from Adam.

Why in the world would you put Youkilis in the 7th slot?

That to me makes no sense at all and you call Francona names.

i just hope dice has a quality start. 6-7 inn’s and 3 ER and take your chances. i just hope they can get to westbrook early and take some pressure off dice. IMO when he gets in trouble is in close games and tries to nibble too much instead of challenging guys.

They had there chances against Westbrook in game 3 and didn’t cash in. Tonight at Fenway will be a different story. I would agree with you about Dice-K, he nibbles too much. If he gives up a big hit, he gets down on himself quick. Dice-K’s issues are mental, between the ears. After game 3 he sat in front of his locker for an hour. He hasn’t had a Dice-K moment yet, perhaps it will be tonight. Here’s hoping!!!

bosox. you know adam? ha! ells is gonna be the lead off hitter next year why not now would be the way i’d look at it. plus his speed at the top is a plus. he’s hitting in between two guys who are hitting well below .200. seems like a waste to me. actually i’d just like to see somebody/anybody hit 7th what can actually present a threat to make solid contact.

oh. and i would wager that at some point, you inc, most everyone on this thing has called tito names! usually deservedly so. but other than pitching wake in game 4 he has mostly pushed the right buttons in the playoffs.

Is there any eveidence of me mocking/critizing Tito? Can’t recall?

Even if Matsuzaka can’t give us a solid outing tonight, we have Lester/Wakefield in the LR postion, and Delcarmen/Okajima/Papelbon to close the game out. WE’ve also proven that we can hit Perez/Borowski, the latter not a surprise, LETS GO SOX!

With the way Pedroia’s been picking up his BA, why mess with it now?? He’s just NOW started hitting again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I don’t call Francona names. I wonder about his descions just like everyone else on here but I refuse to call him names. The one player I have called names is Drew, I am guilty of that. I would love too see Drew do well but his lack of production during the year drove me nuts. His same old look as well. I wish Drew would hit .300 20 homers and drive in 100 runs and score 100 runs.

Everyone knows Adam don’t they smckinny? I’m sure there is a Adam in Winston-Salem somewhere. lol…

Ellsbury is in a good spot right now, why change the order? It makes no sense, it is game 7.

Next year Ellsbury leadoff and Pedroia in the 2 spot to start the season. Pedroia has been making solid contact, his outs are not soft.

There is only one person on this team that I’ve criticized, we all know that it’s JD. But I also begged all year for him to prove me wrong. Well, he is finally starting to do so, and I for one am thrilled. I don’t have to like him, I DO however have to cheer for him to do well.
I’d never criticize Terry, he has to take orders too, so it’s never just on him when things go bad, never just his genius when things go right!

ps, speaking of JD’s ever present sullen look and demeanor, did anyone notice him grinning form ear to ear in the dugout last night?? He CAN smile, wow. I think he had a night that just might turn things around for him. Come on JD keep proving my early season crticisms WRONG!! I would love it!!

Francona is the right guy for this team. A players manager. He does a great job juggling the ego’s and keeping everyone happy. He takes the fall alot even though it is not his fault.

I have wondered if he was sleeping in the Toronto dugout, when Gagne was in obvious trouble and Papelbon was available. I also wondered some other times if he was sleeping as well. Not a easy job to manage the Red Sox, everyone is an expert and whoever is in the dugout is known as the dumb guy.

like i said. i’d just like to see somebody hitting directly behind JD and lowell who presents more of a threat. ells, youk, ped. i don’t really care who. they won’t change it though. it’s all good. maybe tek will have his monthly big game tonite!

if you guys think i’m rough on tito you shold hear me talk to my friends! ha! guilty as charged in callim him names when IMO he deserves it. just my way of venting. i also give credit where credit is due though. i consider myself brutally opionated. no it’s not an easy job but he gets compensated pretty well for his troubles. personally i think he’s too much of a player’s mgr.

He’s not even in the top 5 as far as paychecks go!!!

Has anyone seen the article about the Sox and Fenway by Scot Petrak?? Google and check it out. Fox reported that last night the article had ben taped to all clubhouse doors. Sudden impact!!!

As a Yankee fan, whose team got blitzed by the Tribe, I’m quite impressed by the way the Sox have come back against Cleveland.

If Boston wins, it deserves to go to the World Series.

However, if Cleveland wins, then it deserves to go to the World Series instead.

Kudos to the Nation people, but please give me a break re Schilling. He deserves all the credit in the world. When it gets to crunch time, he’s always a stalwart. Too many Sox fans (and the media too) rag on him because he “lost” his stuff. You try hitting his splitter!

I’m not decided who to root for in the series. I’d like to stay with the American League and go with Boston or Cleveland, but the Rockies’ magical season is very appealling.

Hey where has Yankeevmm (vince) been??

Vince, while the Rockies recent run has been great, the law of averages has got to show up here for them soon. It catches up with everyone sooner or later.

ellen. i’m not sure where he ranks but if you believe what you read he makes 1.7MM per. not too shabby.


Last I heard Vince was taken classes at Quinnapac in a rubber room. He has dissapeared, is that a surprise? If the Yankees were here he would be everywhere.

I think the long lay off will catch up to the Rockies, 10 days off is a long time this time of year. Boston or Cleveland will have the advantage.

Let’s all put the Rockies run into perspective… 2 words… NATIONAL LEAGUE! You can give two four year olds a nerf basketball and they could have a thrilling, competitive game. The National League is a joke. The RedSox will win tonight and then give the Rockies the slapdown of a lifetime.

Francona is compensated very well. Don’t feel bad for him. Francona in elimination games are undefeated, very impressive. Scoring early is the BIG KEY tonight!!!!

I will give the Rockies more credit than what most people will. I just think 10 days off in October is not a good thing but then again who thought in September they would be in the World Series. When the playoffs start they were definetly the team to beat in the N.L. and they showed why they were. They went 7-0 in the playoffs and different players have stepped it up thru the playoffs. Remember they went into Boston ( I know a while back ) and beat down Beckett and took the series. That was the only game where Beckett got hit hard all year.

Rockies to me are the Marlins of 2003, a team that is hot at the right time. A very dangerous team!!!

Whoever plays the Rockies will have there hands full. Back in 2004, everyone knew the Sox would steamroll the Cards. A year ago everyone thought the Tigers would beat the Cards and that didn’t happen.

bosox. he’s had some pretty good pitchers going in those games. but his demeanor does work well in THOSE situations and the teams tend to repspond for him. i wouldn’t discount the rockies too soon. they did put a beat down on the sox earlier in the year as i recall. i do agree with ellen though. the percentages will catch up with them you’d have to think. that and boston’s staff is/would be much better than any they’ve faced lately. of course so would cleve’s. what would scare is fogg and francis are alot like byrd and westbrook in terms of approach and that’s what this team has struggled with. just hope they get that chance.

Francis is a front line starting pitcher. After him I am not impressed.


Your pal Varitek is 4 for 9 with a homer against Westbrook. Can’t you feel Varitek getting involved and coming up big? I can, can you?

my REAL issue is i’ve watched all three W’s in this series at the same bar/restaurant. now i’ve gotta go back there tonite! oh well, just a sacrifice i’ll have to make. almost football time. have a good one boys and girls.

bosox. i REALLY hope it doesn’t come down to that. i’ll be honest. i’d prob have more confidence in wake starting game 7 than tek coming up big at the plate! so that’s a big no. i’ll be pullin for him to prove me wrong though.

I didn’t say Colorado isn’t going to be tough, all I said was the law of averages has to come up here pretty soon. Anybody agree??

Whoever the Rockies play ( of course I think it will be the Red Sox ) will have the advantage. I think 10 days off this time of year is not a good thing.

I hope that we as RedSox fans and Nationers don’t start jumping the gun here. The Sox (and us) have a tough game ahead of them. We’ve can’t get over confident. Myself, as fan I want to remain “quietly confident” instead of starting to brag and get ahead of myself.
I still BELIEVE and will put on my “uniform”,light my candles and swear like a sailor tonight. My sister-in-law and her daughter are here for tonight, I hope they have earplugs and aren’t easily offended by my language but, oops oh well too bad if not!!!

I’d put good money on the AL team in the WS. I agree that the Rockies are hot, very hot. But the Sox and Indians are good, very good !

The 1-5 hitters of the Sox and the 1-6 of the Indians are a cut above what the Rockies have faced so far in their postseason run. And the 2 pitching staffs are better overall as well.

One might say that sometimes being hot is better than just being good. But i think that it’s safe to say that IF the Sox win tonight, we’re talking about a pretty darn hot Sox team as well, don’t you think ?

I know it’s the wrong sport and all, and also it’s a 6-0 team v. a 0-6, but MAN are the Pats putting a hurting on the Dolphins. 35-7 near half with the Pats threatening? They’re unreal/Dolphins blow.

To stay off topic for a second, diavolomaestro, I’ve got Tom Brady as my Fantasy Football QB along with Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth. I had to auto draft since I was at work when the draft took place and I have an underperforming running game. Just imagine the points I get for Tom Brady, lol.

Anyways, back to Game 7.

Funny thing, baseball superstition. I did that whole candle lighting bit and had my other Red Sox visor next to said candle from Game 5. Funny I did that last night and we won again. Interesting eh?πŸ˜€

IMHO, there is no way we see Borowski or Perez tonight. Both pitchers got batted around and even if the Indians are winning, expect to see Betancourt holding his own out there. Their bullpen is ready to go as well with Mastny, Lewis, and Betancourt. However, I will say we have an edge there because we have 3 starters ready to relieve if need be in Beckett, Wakefield, and Lester; this being on top of the bullpen we already have.

I’m with Ellen completely on this one. As fans, lets be quietly confident at home. However, those of us actually going to the game, rattle those Indians for us, will ya?πŸ˜€

As for the Rockies…let us worry about them when it’s time to worry about ’em.



Is anyone out there surprised that the Pats are DESTROYING the Dolphins?? I live in So. Fla. and EVERYBODY down here knows the the Dolphins s*uck, I don’t even watch pro ball but still know this!!

I’m going a little further with this superstition thing today. I had to get a new candle, mine are almost burnt out. I went shopping the other day and couldn’t find “red socks” anywhere, soooo, I bought a pair of REALLY long white sport socks and 2 boxes of RED dye. Now I’ll have the Red leggings, cool huh???

Ellen– You need therapy very soon. lol….

If it works go for it!!!

As much as the Dolphins are my favorite team, Tom Brady is also my fantasy QB and my team has more to play for the Fins. As much as the Pats have a shot to go 16-0 the Dolphins have a better chance to go 0-16. Before today they played the easy part of their schedule and went 0-6 in it. At least they will have the pick of the litter next April.

I can’t believe how down some ppl are about Wakefield. Did you guys not watch the first 4 innings of Game 4? Did you not see the ball tip off Wake’s glove allowing an additional 6 runs to score?

You talk about Lowell being a consummate professional, is Wakefield not? He has been with this team longer than anybody and still had a ton of success this year. He could be in this rotation till he’s 50 as a 4 of 5 starter IMO. I hope they sign Schill but Wake really should be a starter next year. All he did this year was win 17 games with a mid 4 ERA. Not bad for an AL east back of the rotation starter huh?

I like the idea of Wakefield being back next year. He’ll make 4 million and give the Sox a GURANTEED 200 innings. Most teams have to pay guys millions for several years to get that production.

I just don’t want Wakefield on the mound tonight if the game is tight. Wakefield coming out of the bullpen, I would worry for sure. A risky proposition.

If the Sox win, chances are he’ll get the nod for game 4 and I don’t have a problem with that.

Let’s not get carried away and say he’ll pitch until he is 50. Chances of that happening are ZERO. I do agree with you rizzo when you say he has been class his entire time. He has been the ultimate team player.

Let’s get these bats rolling early and drive in some runs and give Dice-K some breathing room. I would love too see Dice-K pitch with a lead.

It’s almost a relief to see our deadbeat Drew and Lugo back to their old selfs. I don’t know if I could handle a world with these guys making 9-14 Million a year and actually contributing. Next thing you know I’d have pigs flying through my windows. Thank God we are leaps and bounds better than these other teams for 4-5 GIDP per game might actually hurt us.

We have to keep Mike Lowell, a great asset, without his runs we would have to have gone another game. NO A-rod, not a team player, just an A-hole. Keep Shilling!

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