World Series time

Sox and the Rox. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Just like that, the Red Sox crawled off the edge of a cliff and rallied back to beat the Indians, outscoring them 30-5 in the final three games.

It almost seemed too easy, didn’t it? Obviously Beckett changed the tone of the entire series.

I must confess I have not scouted the Rockies just yet. I get so locked in on this team that I don’t have much time to watch the National League.

But that will change in the next couple of days as I’ll get locked in on this series.

Beckett in Game 1; What does everyone think for Game 2? Wakefield. Schill?

We’ll find out tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m honestly pretty tired tonight. I’ll be back with some more energy tomorrow.



Well certainly if Beckett wins game 1,there should be NO problem with starting Wakefield in Game 2.It all depends.Our chances with Schill in game 3 sound good.The Rockies will be a tough challenge,this series might go 6 or 7 games.As tough as the rockies are,I beleive our team can do this.Lets go Red Sox!

I’m sorry but count me OUT as one of the people who wants to see Wakefield going in Game 2 and Game 6 (if necessary). He has been inconsistent and pretty much awful for the past month and a half, so why are they forcing the issue? Because he has experience? He was injured and didn’t come back as the same pitcher afterwards.

If Wakefield is so ineffective pitching in Colorado and they refuse to let him even throw in Colorado, pencil Lester in for Game 4 at Coors and let Dice-K pitch Game 3 (and Game 7, if necessary). Lester put up some good innings against Cleveland in relief and the Rockies haven’t ever faced him.

All I know is I don’t want a Game 6 going back to Fenway, with Colorado up 3-2 and the championship riding on Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball. These are the reasons you start Curt Schilling in Game 2 and possibly Game 6, because he is a playoff stud who is lights out when pitching postseason games at home. With Beckett and Schilling going in the first two games of the series, you have a very real shot at heading into Colorado with a 2-0 lead. With Wakefield pitching Game 2, you are leaving Beckett zero margin for error because God knows what the knuckleball will be doing on any given day.

I think you have to take your best shot at winning the first two in Boston. That to me means Beckett and Schilling. Then you make decisions of the rest of the rotation after that. I think if you split or lose the first two games, you think hard about brining Beckett back for Game 4. If you win the first two, you throw Dice-K in game 3.

I’d like to ask all of you to bear some thought for us Sox fans over here in Britain. With the playoff games starting at 8pm with you, 1st pitch doesn’t happen over here till 1ish. So I’ve just done the only logical thing I could do; Booked off Thursday & Friday so I can watch the WS without any worry of being half dead in work the next day.

All I’ve gotta say now is bring it on.


All I know is that Wakefield pitching at Coors could be a disaster.

i’ll grudingly admit that over the course of 162 REGULAR season wake is a pretty good value in todays market for a # 5 starter. however, under absolutley no circumstances should he see the field in the playoffs IMO. it’s just an unnecessary risk when you have a healthy lester. all pitchers can be volatile i suppose but wake takes it to a whole new level.

Bad idea to start Wake in Game 2. Wake will then faceoff with Umbaldo Jimmeniz who holds hitters to a .228 average and throws nearly 100 mph fastballs.
Ask yourself a question, if the Sox faces an elimination game, who would you rather see pitching, Schil, Dice K or Wake? That’s your answer.

I’m glad to see that pretty much everybody agrees on the matter of Wakefield taking the ball in Game 2 (and the subsequent consequences if it were to go to a Game 6) but do you really think Francona won’t start him at all?

In a perfect world, Wakefield’s back would be nagging and he would be left off of the playoff roster for Tavarez. But Tito is too loyal to not start Wake, so where will this be? I have a bad feeling it’s going to be Game 2, in which case you’re only giving Dice-K one start vs. potentially two for Wakefield.

To me, this makes zero sense. I understand, alluding to what smckinny said, that Dice is a wild card when he goes out there but I’d rather have Matsuzaka out there throwing 94 mph and getting beat than a gimmick pitcher throwing 68 mph who brings along the bat of Doug Mirabelli for the ride.

Don’t get me wrong, Wakefield is an incredibly valuable member of this year’s team and his 17 wins were huge, but that’s where his contributions should stop. He is not a playoff pitcher, as evident by his career postseason numbers and the fact that not even he knows what type of pitcher he will be on a given day.

First Wake needs to take the series off and let Lester start and have Tavarez on the roster to pitch in long relief of Dice K when he only goes 5.

Secondly, regarding the whole “When and where will Ortiz play thing”. Would it be possible for Lowell to play short? Granted you will lose some range defensively with him there and Ortiz at first but they will more than make up for it in offense. Ortiz played first in 04 and did a good job (no errors). You could bring Lugo in later (like Coco) for defensive purposes. You have the pitcher hitting 9th which is basically the same as Lugo hitting there.

The reason if Francona starting Wake in Game 2 is ostensibly that he cannot pitch in a mile high stadium. The fact is Wake cannot pitch anywhere in postseason. If Francona insisits on starting Wake in Game 2, I would limit him to 4 innings even if he pitches 4 perfect innings and let Lester takes over from there on.

i understood the logic of pitching someone other than beck in game 4 against cleveland even though i disagreed with it and especially with wake. i have no idea what the logic would even be of pitching wake in a game 2. you go with beck, schill, and dice k in 1,2, and 3. worst case scenario:

beck pitches game 5 on 4 days.

schill pitches game 6 on 5 days.

dice pitches game 7 on 4 days.

i’d still give it to lester in game 4 at coors. there’s just no need to worry about wake pitching there when he doesn’t have to. they have another/better option IMO.

I don’t believe Francona will let Lowell try out at SS in the WS. I’d like to see Alex Cora at SS for a change. Most likely Youk and Ortiz will platoon at 1st. Ortiz won’t see Jeff Francis at Coors Field. If Francona decides to rest Lowell, we will see Youk at 3rd.

As a die hard Yankees fan, my hat is off to the Sox for a superb ALCS. Hate to say it but I don’t think my Yanks could have gone 7 games against ’em had we made it that far. Good luck w/the Rockies. Hope it goes 7,makes for a good series. Yankees had too much going on during ALDS to think about doing the job at hand (winning). Our chiefs know how to really screw things up. Good Luck Sox

So Wakefield is inconsistent but Jon “walk the park” Lester isn’t? I think people are focussing only on Lester’s three innings against the Indians. Well if Wakefield had only pitched three innings against the Indians people would have been clamouring for him to start. Three innings is not an indicator of how good a Lester start will be.

The fact is I think people look at the box score and don’t see how well Wake pitched against the Indians. A couple of very bad breaks (double play ball and the dropped catch by Youk) and it all would have been very different. So I am fine starting him Game 2, and if it doesn’t go well use Lester in Game 6. Dice K hasn’t had one solid, non-laboring start this post season (Game 7 was a mammoth effort but even then he got some good breaks) so I’m ok only starting him once.

Also, I think Lopez should be replaced by Tavarez (or maybe Corey). The extra long man is good in case (i) a starter gets shelled or (ii) it goes to extra innings. Lopez will not likely be used in any close situations so his replacement can always pitch whatever mop up/damage limitation role Lopez would have had anyway.

Well i will play devils advicat. If you pitch Wake you can screw up their young hitters for the next game or two , because thier is nothing good coming from facing a knuckle baller . Your timing gets screwed up and the next pitchers fast ball looks ten times faster . Pitch Wake game two mess up the rocks for game 3 if he doesn’t pitch well put in Lester. O my wife is from Colo this shall be fun . LETS GO REDSOXS

……Especially considering Wake pitched 8 innings 1 run game against the Rockies in June. Tough call.

I don’t think it matters who starts when. This team will find a way to win.

I’m trying to get tickets to Sundays game. The Rockies website had a total melt-down yesterday, so no tickets got sold. A friend of mine is a Yankees fan and he wants to take a friend of his who is getting ready to ship out to Iraq. Then me and my business partner(who will be cheering for the Rockies). We’ll all be wearing different hats.

yankeefan_1, thanks. You are a true baseball fan. Hopefully the Sox will represent the AL East well.

Go Sox!!

Brendan, your logic doesn’t make much sense: you claimed that if Wake doesn’t deliver in Game 2, you can just as easily replace him with Lester in Game 6. But before that, you dubbed Lester with the middle name of “Walk the Park”.

In other words, you are comfortable putting two games into the hands of two separate pitchers who nobody is completely sold on? Why even pitch Wakefield when you don’t have to?

There are no two ways about it, right now Lester is the better pitcher. Dating back to September 1st, check out their stats:


33.1 IP, 13 ER, 31 H, 31 K, 18 BB


29.1 IP, 33 ER, 44 H, 19 K, 9 BB

Wakefield has no business starting Game 2 when you have two bonafide postseason aces at your disposal. If he will have such a problem pitching at Coors then he’s probably not worth using. You have to win your ballgames at home first and foremost.

The Rockies comes to Fenway looking for a split. Game 2 is the game the Rockies can conceivably win regardless who’s pitching. If Wake is pitching Game 2, I would limit him to 4 innings even if he pitches well. Let Lester comes in for 2 innings and Timlin/Delcarmen, Oki, and Paps wrap up the game.

Let’s face it. Wake is in the twilight of his pitching career. His bad performance since September is excusably attributable to back injury. In reality, Wake is ineffective injury or no injury.
His soft knuckleball can fool the hitters the first time round, but not the second time around the batting order.

Zachary – I wouldn’t want to put Lester in for Game 6 but it’s an option that might have to happen if Wake struggles badly in Game 2. I like Schill in Game 3 on the road and in a possible Game 7. I don’t like the thought of pitching Dice K twice because he seems to be really struggling.

I don’t want to put out two pitchers who nobody is completely sold on. But it has to happen that way. There are three possible games that will not be started by Schill or Beckett and I am not completely sold on whoever pitches any of those games.

And as has already been pointed out: (i) Wakefield, who the Rockies have rarely seen, will be getting a completely different look after the power pitcher Beckett, and (ii) the one time te Rockies did face him, they struggled badly.

To say he is not worth using at all because he would struggle in Coors in unfair on him. It is the type of pitcher he is. He would not struggle in Coors because of his ability, it is because of the way he pitches.

brendan. you kinda lost me there. doesn’t his ability directly relate to the way he pitches? i mean he only really has the ability to throw 1 pitch. so that’s what he does. it travels about 68 MPH and dances around. it’s effecetive 50% of time more or less. personally in a short series i’d like a lil beter odds. i don’t care what park he pitches in.

bottom line to me is IF wake pitches game 2 it’s like he’s ( tito ) going out of his way to make sure he pitches and i just don’t get it. of the 5 starters in terms of PITCHERS, i.e., guys who can throw more than 1 pitch effectively, he’s easily the weak link. plus his playoff record with boston is like 3/6 with an era close to 7. lester can’t be any worst. even tito has said he’s the hardest guy to manage he’s ever seen because there’s no pattern to what he does and big inn’s just seem to come out of nowhere.

We don’t know Wake is certainly pitching in Game 2.
It will be fun to watch the young players like Troy Tulowitsky, Matt Halliday (little older), DP, and Ellsbury in the same game. On second thought I’ll leave Lugo in the lineup for Game 345 becuaze of his experience playing at Coors.

I admire your class Yankees fan 1.Thank you.See blame Steinbrenner for your team not making it paST THE first round.Beleive me,he ruined the team and continues to do so with his mini me’s in charge now.Good luck to you guys next season.Anyways,yeah ok IF you start Wake in game 2,make sure Schilling gets the ball in Game 3 and Dice in game 4,but then depending on the situation,toss Beck or Lester in game 5.PLZ DONT START WAKEFIELD TWICE.

Oh and Yankee fan 1,its great to see that there are still baseball fans out there with some respect for other teams.Feel welcome to blog here all you like.

yes, as Jeff said the Red Sox fans should be grateful that we have better ownership, front office, and field management than the Yanks.

Absolutely right.Amen to that 007chow.

I think starting from next season on,Wakey should be in the Pen.Hed be quite a weapon out of the pen.Lets say our rotation assuming Schilling is resigned would look like this:
1. Beckett

2. Schilling

3. Dice-K

4. Bucholz

5. Lester

So I think we should resign Schilling and place Wake in the pen next season.

Because I feel like we’ve exhausted the Wakefield issue, what would everybody do with the possible three games at Coors without a DH?

To me, you don’t sit Big Papi because there’s a tough lefty on the mound. Maybe if this was game 120 out of 162 during the regular season and you want to give him a blow, but come on, it’s the World Series and he’s the most clutch October hitter in baseball right now. I don’t care if he plays 1B without a glove, he has to be in the lineup.

Then again, Youk hit .500 against the Indians and set it up for the big boys…BUT there won’t be one of the big boys (Ortiz) in the lineup if Youkilis ends up playing 1B. And you will downgrade overall without Mike Lowell at 3B and protecting Papi/Manny.

It’s really going to be interesting to see what Tito does. Playing Lowell at shortstop almost seems like a great idea except the Rockies put the ball in play and can run, so can Boston afford any letdowns on defense?

I guess worst case scenario is you have Youk pinch hitting in the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th inning for the pitcher and hope for the best.

To me, that seems like a waste of his talent and current hot streak, but what are you gonna do?

That’s Tito’s problem. I am happy as long as DP and Ellsbury are playing each game.

zach, I doubt Lowell could play shortstop. He might be the other guy on the Red Sox besides Papi who is slower than me. I’m thinking he would have zero range.

Like I said on the other post, if someone has to sit, and someone does in Colorado, it has to be Youk. You can’t sit Papi and given the choice between Youk and Mikey at third, you have to go with Mikey. Youk makes a formidable right handed hitter coming off the bench which we now do not have, and a great late inning defensive replacement for Ortiz who doesn’t hurt the lineup that much if Ortiz’ spot were to come around again.

You’re right, it’s the World Series and this is no time to rest players. They have four months to rest.

Another interestig issue, is what do you do with yuke in Colorado? Papi plays first and you can’t sit Lowell. Can he play right? I doubt it. As much as this blog has an aversion to JD he’s still not a bad right fielder. So what does the batting order look like? I guess Jakoby bats 2nd? JD 2nd? Can’t bat Jason 2nd and I don’t want to see julio anywhere but 8th. I hope we are up, because I really don’t like the lineup (as much) with Yuke on the bench.

Actually, Yuke started 18 ganes in left field last year. No errors. So he has to play right field. Should be interesting.

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