Game 1 of the World Series

Get your game on, everyone. It’s Fall Classic time. Definitely a buzz in the air.

Lester is all but certain to pitch Game 4. The only thing that would prevent that is weather.

Ellsbury hitting ninth with the lefty going and Tek will vault J.D. and hit sixth.

How would you like to be the Rockies and not play for eight days and then step into the box against Josh Beckett? The man is simply locked and loaded right now. He struck out the first four batters he faced, making Josh  just the third pitcher in World Series history to start a game in that fashion.

And Pedroia goes deep to lead off the bottom of the first. My colleague Bill Ballou would be the first to point out that a homer that starts the bottom of the first inning is not truly a leadoff homer. At any rate, that was the 18th time there has been a leadoff homer in the World Series. The last? Johnny Damon, I think you might remember him doing that in Game 4 of a certain year in St. Louis.

But Pedroia became just the second player to do it in the first inning of Game 1 of the World Series. The first? Don Buford, for the Orioles on October 11, 1969.



Let me be the 1st tonight to say, Welcome to the World Series. I wish that each and every one of us that are Brownie Point Regulars and True Nationers, were there, in Fenway, cheering on or guys. How awesome would that be??

Have a good one, everyone.
GO SOX !!!!

Lineups in progress:
Light your candles, put on your uniforms. Jeff do what it is you do.



DP the power hitter !
Rockies, meet the AL ROY.

I swear if Pedroia doesn’t get AL R.O.Y., it’ll be highway robbery.

Holy smokes… 10-1

That layoff hurt Colorado’s pitching more than anything else.

This is now getting to the point of diminishing returns. Beckett has been sitting around a long time. If I were Tito, I’d be giving serious thought to going to the bullpen and maybe bringing Beckett back for the 4th game.

Why is Beckett pitching?

What’s his pitch count?

Seventh inning, why is Beckett still out there on a cold, wet, night? Besides that, I think the less the Rockies see of Beckett, the better.

Pitch count in the 80’s right now.

Well we all know baseball is pretty big on the psychology of the sport. Perhaps he’s out there to pummel the Rockies into complete submission?

I mean the less they see of Beckett the better but man oh man, he’s been dealing since day one of the post season.

Well that was one heck of a beat down on the Rockies.

Regardless, Game 2 is HUGE. The team can’t let the Rockies win one at home and bring the series back home to Coors Field.

We saw how it all got tough at Jacobs Field.

I agree. Game Two is key. It would be nice to head to Coors Field with a 2-0 advantage.


Ellen,all of us at fenway would be amazing.I cannot beleive this.This has been an awesome ride so far,lets go Red Sox!

Love the outcome of the game. Acouple of months back a couple of the bloggers were ready to fire Magadan, I think he’s done a tremendous job!! Go Sox.
Josh looked fearsome. Let’s play game 2!!!!

Someone felt I was arrogant yesterday? What do you think now?

Everyone has to put 2 things into perspective. 1) The gap between the American and National leagues may never have been as wide as it is now. The National League is a joke, plain and simple. Francis ERA of 4.22 in that joke league is an even bigger joke. 2) The Rockies starting pitching may be the worst ever in the World Series. I could care less whether a couple of the guys had a few good games in the playoffs. Their stats this year are lousy and their career stats are even worse.

I stick to my original estimate… RedSox in 4, possibly 5.

Well, we all hope you (rayman) are right of course — but actually the Rockies hit Josh pretty good last night, just not in succession, but hard hits, doubles, couple near home runs, so I think their offense is pretty tuned and perhaps primed to jump on lesser pitching.

I suspect we are going to have to continue to out hit them from now until Becket’s next game.

If only Schilling can convince himself that this is Game 6 (not Game 2) I would be more certain. When is the last time Schill has won a Game 2 in the post season?

I really like the SOX approach, none of this matters, not even the past game, the past inning, the past at bat — look at last night, 10 two out runs scored.

They definitely have the right approach — try to capitalize on each moment, pitch, at bat.

The Rockies guy pitching tonight is very wild. Look for a ton of walks agin… and then a few knockout punches.

Hey, if Lugo gets another 3 hits, its in the bag.

rayman, you’re not arrogant but were overly confident before the game. As a Sox fan, I hope you’re right and most likely you are.
Let’s see how the August call up pitching tonight for the Rockies. Jiminez looks awesome on the paper. But can he control the 100 mph fastball? If the Sox can hit Sabathia hard, I don’t see why the Sox can’t hit and knock out the kid early.

I have the pleasant feeling that JD and Lugo will do even better b/c of their experience playing at Coors Field.

Why is Mirabelli (not Cash) on the roster?

Well, Gagne pitched a scorless inning again. Two games in a row.

As Jeff suggested, is it nice to celebrate the first WS win at Fenway since 1918? We may have to throw away a game or 2.

I hope your crystal ball is working — sounds like your counting on Jimenez turning in a Fausto type performance:

Jimenez post-season so far:

1.59 ERA in 11 1/3 innings,8 walks, 11 strikeouts. Walks high — but ERA still great — but have not faced the SOX.

As much as its nice to win (and I can’t believe I am going to say this) — I hate to see other teams fold or not perform up to their abilities — although its definitely more intense, there is nothing like two teams playing their best, and victory earned, not handed to you (or given away by you) by inferior performance or folding under pressure not directly induced by your opponent.

007chow: of course I just know you are kidding about throwing a game away !!!! to win at home !!! it was only 4 games ago, that we lost our 3rd straight against Cleveland.

Now that this is the last series, the best route to victory is the shortest route, no downside to early victory, celebrate the earlies 4th victory possible — there may not be another one.

Of course I was kidding. The 4th win may never come.
I like the the Sox approach to hitting last night by taking pitches and not swinging at bad ones. That said, tonight is the crucial game for both teams. The Rockies came in looking for a Fenway split. If the series is tied 1-1, we don’t want to go through the Indians experience again.

Let’s see which Schil shows up tonight. Even if Schil falters, hopefully the Sox bats will back him up.

Don’t know much about baseball but a huge Sox fan, Acacia Cugno, does. She is recovering from double lung transplant (see Things have been up and down for her. Any way to figure out how to send her a message from the Sox team?

I really wouldn’t expect Jimenez to stick around too long. He’s young, volatile, and doesn’t have great control of his fastball.

Once the fans get in his head tonight after his first couple of walks, I can see this thing snowballing and him getting knocked out before the 5th.

Matt Holliday thought the crowd was so loud last night in the 1st that he called timeout to try and silence them during an at-bat. The next pitch, Beckett blew 97 mph heat past him for strike 3.

rayman:I said your statement, not you, was bordering on arrogance, and my thinking is just that you should never take anything, anyone, or any team for granted. Just about ten days ago we were on the receiving end of a terrible beating. I would just rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised.

..and I don’t debate your prediction, just its presentation.

sarahsmom: you might have success by going to Schilling or Youks blog. I don’t know how much they are paying attention to them this week, but it’s worth a try.
I hope that I can speak for all of us here and tell you that the prayers from The RedSox Nation and Brownie point bloggers go out to her for a full recovery.

Ellen: Thanks…I will try out your suggestion…but especially…thanks for your prayers…sarahsmom2u2

007chow: yep, I suspect “Sox bats back up Schill” may be the required recipe for tonite and probably for the next three games – to win them.

I’d like to agree more with Zachary and Rayman, but really its still counting on pressure causing these guys not to bring their A-game (pitching wise). Its hard to know whether Cleveland never brought their A-Game the last three games, or whether we just beat them down to a B or C game, probably a little of both.

The closest we came all post season to beating an opponent on their A-game pitching-wise, was game-7 for the first seven innings. Game 2 (Schill/Fausto) was extra innings, but neither pitched well – so that wasn’t an A-Game battle. All other victories/losses (either way) have been marked by sub-peak even sub-par pitching on the side of the losing team.

One thing I would bet, is we won’t see as poor of pitching (especially in relief) again in this series as we did last night. Its got to get better from here on out for the Rocks — if we do continue to pound them, then you have to admit, we hit our stride just at the right time, and are just intimidating and pounding the opposing pitchers into poor performance with our offensive game plan and strategy — don’t swing at anything that isn’t over the plate, work the count, etc.

The umpiring at the plate this post season has been thankfully much better and noticeably more consistent than the regular season.

Looks the post seasons umpires bring better performance as well.

The home-plate umpire last night (not recalling his name) definitely had a stingy strike zone on the high-side (it seemed to me, not calling anything remotely high) but at least he was consistent. Although I have to admit, I thought at times he was trying to keep the Rocks in the game, giving more latitude to Francis than to Beckett. Of course, I am not biased at all — but I couldn’t believe he did not call a few more strike threes for Beckett.

Clean officiating is so necessary — lets hope it continues.

Coupla quotes about a coupla subjects:

I think it was either Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine who was once asked if he was insulted that he wasn’t named as the Game 1 starter in a World Series, and his reply was that Game 2 is more important. If you think about it, it really does make sense. It can mean the difference between a team going up 2-0 against the opponent, splitting the first two, or going down 0-2. Game 1 is certainly big, but it’s only the first game and recovery from a loss is much easier, from a psychological standpoint.

Then there’s the quote from Earl Weaver this year, when he was asked how many games a manager can win for a team. His answer? “Zero. But I can sure lose you five or six games.” That’s a tough spot for anyone to be in. Once you set your lineup, it’s up to the players, and they get the credit for a win. Almost any PERCEIVED influence a manager has on the outcome of a single game is bound to be negative.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, and I hate to risk jinxing the Sox, but around the 5th inning last night I couldn’t help but wonder if any team that has gotten to the World Series by sweeping either one or two teams has ever then been swept in the Series. Just wonderin’.

I thought the home plate ump last night was god awful. He called pitches AT LEAST 6 inches inside, outside, or low a strike. I just don’t understand why they can’t just call the zone correctly. We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t get a guy sitting 2 feet from the plate to call a strike a strike and a ball a ball. The RedSox had at least 3 or 4 examples where our guy shook his head and left the box or started toward first for a walk (Tek, Pedroia, and Lowell immediately come to mind). Even Beckett’s strikeout looking in the first was about 4 inches outside. I saw a few strikes there were almost completely off the Fox K-zone thing… nowhere near the strike zone. That’s what makes last night’s game so laughable… the Rockies couldn’t throw a strike even with the huge strike zone.

I hate to break the news to everyone, but Mirabelli is a much better hitter than Cash. Have you seen Cash’s career stats?

I think its clear that all of our veterans are very comfortable at the plate right now… and our young guys are stepping up as well. We usually take a dip after delivering a big beating… let’s just hope we stay focused and make this guy pitch tonight.

I have to agree with rayman about the umpiring. And not just last night. Downright awful, for both teams. It’s like the home plate umpires have no “game plan”. I mean, in his mind, an umpire has to commit on what is a strike and what’s not. Ask the players, they will all tell you : it’s not really the accuracy of the call, it’s the consistency.

This pitch is a strike and that one is a ball ? All right.

Now keep it that way from 1st to 9th inning, and for both teams.

Ian, is Papi taking fungo at first base during practices ? How is the knee ? I still can’t believe Youk and Papi won’t be in the lineup at the same time for 3 games in a row.

ellen. no worries. i just like talkin junk about tek. i realize he’s a valuable guy on the team in many ways. but the fact is the last couple of years he’s been painful to watch with RISP. some of us think all sox players can do no wrong. some are a lil more critical. it’s all good. that being said i really can’t believe beck gave up a run last nite. i think he’s running out of gas! ha!

2007 Team Payrolls
No. Team Payroll

1. New York Yankees $ 189,639,045

2. Boston Red Sox $ 143,026,214

3. New York Mets $ 115,231,663

4. Los Angeles Angels $ 109,251,333

5. Chicago White Sox $ 108,671,833

6. Los Angeles Dodgers $ 108,454,524

7. Seattle Mariners $ 106,460,833

8. Chicago Cubs $ 99,670,332

9. Detroit Tigers $ 95,180,369

10. Baltimore Orioles $ 93,554,808

11. St. Louis Cardinals $ 90,286,823

12. San Francisco Giants $ 90,219,056

13. Philadelphia Phillies $ 89,428,213

14. Houston Astros $ 87,759,000

15. Atlanta Braves $ 87,290,833

16. Toronto Blue Jays $ 81,942,800

17. Oakland Athletics $ 79,366,940

18. Minnesota Twins $ 71,439,500

19. Milwaukee Brewers $ 70,986,500

20. Cincinnati Reds $ 68,904,980

21. Texas Rangers $ 68,318,675

22. Kansas City Royals $ 67,116,500

23. Cleveland Indians $ 61,673,267

24. San Diego Padres $ 58,110,567

25. Colorado Rockies $ 54,424,000

26. Arizona Diamondbacks $ 52,067,546

27. Pittsburgh Pirates $ 38,537,833

28. Washington Nationals $ 37,347,500

29. Florida Marlins $ 30,507,000

30. Tampa Bay Devil Rays $ 24,123,500

Posted by: | October 24, 2007 04:39 PM

Lets see how the series shakes out. How many

Buying a championship-classless

ellen. i will also ack that tek has had back 2 back really good games.

And knowing you can taunt a fan base anonymously like a cheap man … priceless.
Right, loser ?

I would be more than happy to say it on national tv. You Boston faaags dont intimidate anyone. Its not taunting, its stating facts backed up by factual information. Hey, I know it ***** to admit. Its like a guy driving around town in his corvette living in a million dollar home, and then finding out he robs banks for a living. Its not impressive if you didnt earn it. Are you against a salary cap in baseball? Why? Not only would it make the game fair, but it would stop the players from making WAAAAAAY
too much money (A-Rod). There is no reason for a baseball player to make so much.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

That’s not the truth. That’s just simplistic thinking.

Look who’s at the top of that list. Do you think the Sox could compete in the AL East with a 75 million $ payroll? Think again.

As for player salaries, it is simple supply and demand. There are about 600 MLB players in the entire world. That means the good ones are an unbelievably elite group. Hence the salaries.

Your analogy is way off the mark and is a downright foolish statement. Learn a little about business and economics before you embarrass yourself.

Hey rsox, we’ve been spit at before and by better, lesser people. (does that mske sense?) and it’s like the others, (fagan,redsoxloose) their teams are out playing golf and the like, while the SOX and the Rox are hard at work in the Series.
It just looks like we’ve got another one of “those” on our hands. We just need to stick to the positives and support the RedSox, our guys, just like we have for years!!!

Game 2 is more important for the Rox than for the Red Sox. The Sox know they can comeback and if they split at Fenway all they have to do is win one at Coors. Not where they’d like to be, but they know they can do it. But if you are the Rockies and you go down 2 games to none you pretty much have to sweep in Denver to have a chance at Fenway. So, pressure is on the Rockies.

You’re right, Ellen. But i just can’t stand that kind of behavior.

Back to baseball, i’ll ask this again : Ian, or anyone, is Papi taking fungo at 1st base during practices, to see how that right knee would react ? How’s it going ?

…and I think by his email name there is a little paranoia going on…

mlbfixed’s egalitarian, socialistic thinking has no place in the competitive free market economy.
I just believe that this is a mismatched WS as raymen suggested. But I will reserve my final judgment until after Game 2 to see who the Rockies really are.

Looking at that list, one notices that 3 of the 8 teams that made the playoffs are in the bottom half of the list, and fourth one is almost at the midway point. And to put a finer point on it, the team with the biggest payroll in the majors got beat in the first round 3 games to 1 by a team with a payroll one third as large.

As Mel Allen used to say, how about that?

Baseball players, like all other professional athletes, are entertainers, just like rock stars and actors. The only reason they make the money they do is because fans keep buying tickets and watching games on TV, and the owners can thus make large enough profits to pay the salaries. It’s a business. If we the fans didn’t care, then the players wouldn’t get paid. Don’t blame Alex Rodriguez for making a lot of money. He’s among the best at what he does, and therefore gets paid what the market will bear.

Well said, 007 and Rob.

I thought it might be a good idea to remind “Mr. Fixedmlb” himself that some of the Red Sox greatest contributors to the team’s success in ’07, most notably in the postseason, are none other than the likes of Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis. Yes of course, Manny and Big Papi have both been amazing, but let’s not forget about our rookies! And our master of domination, Josh Beckett, is a bargain IMO for $10 mil a year. Yes, the Red Sox have overpaid for some of their players, but baseball is a business, plain and simple. There always seems to be someone milling around our “Red Sox Family” trying to find diferent, lame ways to bring us down. After last night’s game, however, that is close to impossible to do! I hope all of you are doing well, and we are cheering loud and clear from way out here in So. CA! Thank God we are all safe during this very trying time out here with all the fires. We were lucky that we didn’t get the call to evacuate. We missed the evacuation area by about 2 miles. All our prayers go out to the victims of the fires…and here’s to the Big Schill having a stellar performance on the mound tonight at Fenway…

I love the argument about how the teams with the most money should win. I always hate it when they say it about the yankees and now we gotta hear it from some hit and run poster. If you’d look at the top fifteen teams you’d see that only five made the playoffs. Hence throwing money around doens’t mean anything. Furthermore, if you want your team to spend money, I got an idea, support them. Look at the list and you will see that the payrolls are very similar to the top attendance. A team dirives revenue out of attendance which leads to merchandising ect. So Kansas City don’t complain that your payroll is $67 million but your putting 10,000 people a game into the seats. Support your team. That is what New England has done for the Sox over the years which increasing attendanct, advertising and TV revenue. Why should we reward Texas with a salary cap when they don’t support their team? Why should Yankee, Red Sox, cubs ect. fans be stuck with a cap because Texans care more about the Texas Tech or Cowboys? There is a system that plays to the lowest common denominator it was called communism, ask the Soviets about how that worked out. If you also look at WS winners over the last few years small markets have won ie. Cardinals Arizona and Florida. Robnbet I think you said this better, but it is a business plain and simple.

IMO the money issue can be summed up by one thing. the twins have the wealthiest owner in baseball. maybe all of sports. yet they rank in the bottom half of that list. point being don’t blame owners more concerned about winning than making money. they’re all gonna mke $$ anyway. some are just willing to risk a lil more to do it. boston hasn’t won anything YET. but if they do it’s because they were willing to invest in it with no guarantee of an ROI.

Connorgrace: I always LOVE reading what you post!! You take on the subject (and the writer) and nail it with accurate, succinct and easily comprehended text.
When you’re talking about fans who don’t support their hometown teams, look at the one where I live: The Marlins. The owners REFUSE to put ANY money back into the teams, only into their collective pockets. One game this year, they set, what I think could be a modern day record of only having (appx) 375 “fans” in the stands. I bet the T-Shirt giveaways were easy that day!!! People ask why I’m not a Marlins fan, since I was born here. I just tell them that when I was growing up, we had no baseball team here and I (as you all have read a million times) watched and listened to the Sox games with my Dad. And on top of all that, I wouldn’t want to be a part of a “fan base” that is based on bandwagon jumpers!!

I was born a Soxfan, I live as a Soxfan, and I will die a Soxfan, hopefully after many more World Series Rings on our guys fingers!!!

Ok, back to game 2 tonite — something silly something sober!

First (silly) NESN has chosen the music track from Pirates of the Caribbean for its background music in coverage — major cool — I love that “take it all with brass” music — its a great sound track. Way to go NESN in striking the perfect tone to take this series.

Second, (a sober reverse, sorry) I don’t see how Schil can beat the Rockies unless we score a ton of runs (8 or 9) again — I suspect the Rocks are going to hit Schill hard tonite – hopefully right at our guys.

In 2004, we all know Schil gave up game 2 in the ACLS and then came through in Game6 (bloody sock) and then came through again in Game 2? of the WS against STL, not repeating a early poor game 2 performance that year. So maybe he can do that again.

If we do get beat tonite, it could be a repeat of down 3-1 by the time we return to Becket. I don’t have the faith in either DiceK or Lester (no consistency or endurance by either two for quite a while) to get a W unless of course we out slug them.

The Boston bats need to stay hot and carry this series — other than that there are only 2 Ws I think we can be reasonably counting on without a good deal of runs.

smck:??ROI?? I’m not sure what that is. Probably very simple, but….

I expect a very strong outing from Curt Schilling tonight. He knows this could be his last outing at Fenway and he would like to go out on top. I do believe this game will be decided late ( not just with time ) but late in the game. The Rockies have gone too far to just fold up for tonight’s game. I expect a very tight game, of course a Boston win.

Pedroia and Youkilis are just on a tear. Ever since Pedroia hit that double in game 5 against Cleveland, he has really been one tough out. It’s amazing to think he just finished his rookie year. I’m very glad that he is in a Boston uniform. This just in Boston didn’t buy him did they? That is what you would label good scouting!!!

Was Ortiz bought? Any team could have had him back in 2003. He was signed in late January.

Was Beckett bought? When you have a good farm system you can make trades like the one they did and got Beckett.

Of course they have a high payroll but at least the owners go out and spend it, unlike most out there.

Royals go out and spend 55 million on Gil Meche, nothing but a average starter. Too many cases out there like that. If you have some $$$ to spend doesn’t mean you know how to spend it, does it?

dg: I agree that the bats need to stay white hot, I also think that the Rockies will be coming at us hard tonight. I was thinkng today that it’s too bad we cant use the overage over runs from last night for tonight, lol.
I can’t say enough how much belief I have in this team, here all year we thought that they didn’t have the spark or the chemistry that they had in ’04, but after Millars Pep Talk, Billy Baseballs First Pitch, and Millar giving the Lineup, (among other things, I’m sure) they sure are firing on all cylinders. Somebody make sure that the sparkplug is in place tight tonight, it’s one hour til 1st pitch and I’m off to make dinner and put my uniform on!!

In case I don’t make it back, please think POSITIVE, and light your candles, etc. and remember…




This isn’t the Tour De France. They start fresh all over again.

Can’t wait for tonight’s game! The Rockies won’t be as bad as they were yesterday. The layoff was in play, but now I’m sure they’re awake. I’m real interested in seeing how this Jimenez kid does on the big stage. He’s got some heat.

Hopefully the Sox take it tonight and can head to Coors 2-0. Huge game! Go Sox!

RSN West

RSNW: great link, thanks!!!

On the front page it says: curt schilling gave the redsox a commanding 2-0 lead in the world series. ??? the game starts in 30 minutes

What it says is that they are “looking to take a commanding 2-0 lead”. I know, the print is very tiny!!! (at least for me!)

Okay, time to go. Time to listen (not) to Jeannie, Kevein and the other butt. First Pitch arounder the proverbial corner… Let’s Go Nationers! Positive, positive positive!!!
We are the the collective 10th man on this squad, and what we do is important. Keep cheering these guys on!



Where does it say that bendavis? I’d like to see it for myself. Speaking of starting in 30 minutes, its kind of pathetic these games start at 8:37. I mean it was bottom of the 5th at 11:00 last night. I didn’t realize we were playing on the west coast again. Major League Baseball needs to get their act together and put these games on at a reasonable time like 7:05 or 7:35. They play the entire year at those two timeslots, but then in October they force them to play baseball until 12 or 1 in the morning. And with these 2 pitchers this game is likely going to go till then.

rizzo:see my previous post. After the headline read the paragraph t the right (very small print) it says “they ‘look’ to take a commanding 2-0 lead.”

Ubaldo Jimenez …. very talented young pitcher, fears nothing, throws lasers and tends to be erratic sometimes. It sounds familiar, it reminds me of someone ….. but who ?
Oh yeah, i got it : Fausto Carmona.

Sox beat him twice.🙂

My bad, they didn’t beat Carmona twice. In game 2, they lost in overtime, but they certainly wore him down early in the game.

First pitch in about 10 minutes. GO SOX !! GO SCHILL !!



While the ball that hit Tavarez was high, it was over the plate. I just don’t think you should be allowed to take your base if you’re hit by a ball that’s over the plate.

Such ****, Willy Tavarez hit by a pitch cause he was practically sitting on home plate…

A rare mental lapse by Schilling, not covering 3b.

Rockies get a run early, that is exactly what they wanted to do.

I wonder if the Red Sox can take advantage of Jimenez being a little amped up early. Something tells me with this long 1st inning, Jimenez might struggle with his control.

I’m on ESPN’s GameCast since MLB’s GameDay keeps locking up on me; how’s Schill looking physically?

Like does he look worried, etc.?

Cause it seems like he’s having trouble getting out of the 1st inning…

If you get hit, you take the base. That is how it goes sometimes.

Schilling looks like he always does out there, very confident. His confidence is always high, especially when he is on the big stage.


How come you can’t watch it on Fox?

Bosoxbrian: The cable’s out at home😦

And for some reason I can’t get local channels either😦

err, grammar error: cable is INSTEAD OF cable’s

Yeah, pet peeve of mine I broke😛


That ***** your cable is out, bad timing!!!

Raj, i wouldn’t say Schill looks worried, but his fastball velocity is worrying me !🙂

86-87 mph instead of 89-90 mph.

It’s been out for like 3-4 hours now.

Granted I only wanted to watch the WS tonight, but still, I miss my Law & Order reruns🙂

Um…what happened to our hitters’ patience?


I was thinking the exact same thing? lol…

There talking about Tulowitzski and his favorite player is Jeter.

Here is a great trivia question, who was the last player to wear #2 before Jeter?

Current Colordado third base coach Mike Gallego. Just a fun fact I thought. Tolowitzski is one of these guys like Holliday is going to be around for years and years. They can just flat out play, of course they’re great hitters!!!


Cable is back!

And I get it back just in time to see Schill induce a double-play.

Seems like he’s settling down perhaps?


Jiminez looks overpowering tonight and has excellent location. Sox can’t fall too far behind. Schilling has to be sharp.

Schill’s fastball is back at 90 mph. He looks stronger and meaner. I like that.

Jiminez a little shaky that inning. Schill needs to stay tough. Big inning here with 2-3-4 coming up.

Hits or outs, fair or foul, the contacts are better and Jiminez is wilder. It bodes well for the rest of the game.

Ah yes, great minds rsox. Top of the order next time through. Jiminez has thrown a lot of pitches the last few inning.

The key still remains with Schill’s staying sharp.

And i think he will, gsm. Schill and Jiminez aren’t going in the same direction right now.

Right on rsox, good inning for Schill.

Wasn’t McCarver a pretty good hitter? I don’t see how. He hasn’t guessed right or call a pitch right yet tonight. He can’t even recognize a pitch once it’s been thrown.

His “best” comment to date is : Manny Ramirez has been totally ineffective with 2 strikes so far this postseason ! I couldn’t believe it !

O.K. we’re leading, folks. Now if Schill could just stop putting the lead off man on base each and every inning, that’d be great !🙂

Cause other than that, he’s been very effective so far.

Schill was being too fine with Helton. Might have been getting a little tired.

Tito made the right call to bring in Okajima. True, Schilling only went 5 innings and threw just 83 pitches, but just a bit of an off inning and it’s a tied game or the Rox are leading. You have to really play this out by out, unlike last night, for example. So I say Oki for the 7th, Timlin 8th and Paps 9th? Sounds good to me.

McCarver did make a good point. Having Lugo bunt was a waste of an out, especially on a 1-0 count. Ellsbury should have been running. Then Lugo should have tried to go to the right side.

So who coined the phrase that Youk is the “Greek God of Walks?”

Talk about fouling off pitches…😀


The Sox have not made the Rockies pitching staff pay for all the walks tonight. They haven’t had that key two out hit that has been there for the past three games.

New blog post by Ian, so I’ll see y’all there.


Well, o.k. let’s move there.

Please, somebody call the ASPCA, Boys II men were beating dogs during the break, or at least that’s what it sounded like!!

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